Mass Media Q & A – Questions For Corbett #089

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As promised, today James does a question and answer with some students of his Mass Media: A History online course. From the history of media to our relationship with to an intriguing question about Gulf War embedded reporting that goes in a very unexpected direction, you won’t want to miss this info-packed Q&A.

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Mass Media: A History

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Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch

The Media Matrix

Vinnie Caggiano Odysee Channel

The Dangers of Embedded Journalism by Patrick Cockburn

Conversations with History: Robert Fisk

CNN Fake Newscast Best Quality

DEBUNKED: CNN Blue Screen/Green Screen Hoaxes

The Gulf War did not take place

Hitchens vs. Heston: Gulf War debate on CNN


  1. I was hoping you would dive into Linguistics, how language come about, when, by whom and how its evolved. That to me is where I thought maybe this would go back and talk about that. Without language man would still be stupid for lack of better words come to my mind. Anyway its still great work and very fascinating, I don’t want to take a study course presa, I hear every work you say and can recall them when ever I need to. I couldn’t think up a question, I have hundreds and really didn’t want to bother you , You might think I’m crazy, sometimes I myself wonder…lol… I’m not done deciding or finished reading just your blogs etc. For once I found a subject that interests me a lot and I owe that to you James, thank you,
    I’m not good at communication and never have been so that was another reason to check on your master piece.

    • We have so much reading and thinking to do
      Solari Reports:

      Entrainment Technology, Subliminal Programming & Financial Manipulation
      The CIA, NSA & Google, with Nafeez Ahmed
      Control 101, including list of Movies and Documentaries in PDF Magazine and web presentation., Political Control and Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport

      Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Addiction Expert Discusses Risks to Children from Screen Time and Tech Overuse
      You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth
      Professor Rafael Yuste On Mapping Neurons, Neuro-Rights, And Understanding The Brain: Mind Control Tactics Used on Young People and Children (and Everyone Else)

      Book Reviews: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters by Abigail Shrier, Book Review: Glow Kids by Nicholas Kardaras, Book Review: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

      MORE LINKS: Mind Control Tactics Used on All Ages:The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes, The Minds of Men, James Giordano: Bold New Neuroscience; Brave New Neuroethics?

      See Selections at Best Books for 2020 at the 2019 Annual Wrap Up

      Includes: Secret Don’t Tell by Carla Emory, Book Review: Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control by Dr. John Hall, Targeted Justice, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, Mark M Rich on The Nuts & Bolts of Tyranny, Book Review: Addiction by Design, Book Review:Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction, Interview and Book Review: Microcosm and Medium with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Bright Lights on Black Shadows by Dr. Rauni Kilde, Contaminating the Bloodstream, Dr. Charles Morgan on Mind Control and Vaccines, Dr. James Giordano on Mind Control, Government Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric” Weapons

  2. Journalist I met in country on my tours of duty came back over and over again, not for the story so much but for the high, You’ll never get a high like you get in combat, adrenaline rush, sit around with sand up your ass for weeks some times and then 20 mins of pure terror, bullets flying by your head, soulds like bees, I remember him with our company, his first time in combat situation, he pissed his pants, I put my arm around his should and told him every soldier here pissed their pants one time or another… its addictive James, that rush of seeing death so close.

  3. James: I agree. I am also less interested in the media narratives from any source, but I do like the underlying stories.
    For me, life is about stories. It is always the back story of an event that is the most interesting for the back story shows us human nature.
    And isn’t that what fascinates us all the most? (Well, those of us who seek truth.)
    Why are we here? Who are we? Why do humans do what they do? Or don’t do what they don’t do?
    Stories are what I look for in life. The media is just noise.

  4. – Marketing –
    Personally, I have always been intrigued by marketing.
    Media is the conduit.
    Thus, therein lies a major aspect of its importance.
    Things get kind of blurry because the medium also often employs marketing of itself.
    Things become more cloudy still because the target audience of both marketing and the media also incorporates these mediums into their culture and “identity”.

    Regardless, I feel that marketing and also the media can be useful tools.
    It is very obvious that these tools are being used and will be used, but that opens up a whole new question series of philosphical ethics as it pertains to media and marketing.

    • Buddy, I read your comment several times. You had me laughing each time through!
      Thanks for such a great uplift with your humor.

  5. JC responds to the excellent question of whether he has adjusted his approach to his work based on his research into mass media by answering, NO! His work, he states, has always been about the vast divide between that which is verifiable versus the garbage being vomited up by the MSM.

    The same chasm spurred the publications I have made, inspired by Mr. Corbett. There is another reflection though, and that is if one’s advocacy is effective? Am I screaming into a void? The answer comes over time. The clear lesson that I have learned is that whatever audience one has, they detect poor work. They require and value effort. Thus, one’s “success” is actually a measure of dedication.

    This is beautifully echoed in JC’s response to the final part of the first question “what advice …”. It is an internal struggle. One must come to terms with publishing, personally. How much of your time am I wasting? Would you be better served by a walk in the park or reading my article on some subject. Would the audio reading of my article poison that walk in the park? In the end, each individual makes their decisions, but the onus on the “content creator” (fuck, I hate that term) is to do good work.

    Despite my stated intention being to assist people widening their media sources, am I dissuaded by the almost vanishingly small number of references I see accessed from my publications? No. It is but a drop in the ocean, but a drop nonetheless. I am pleased to highlight lesser known sources whom I believe do valuable work? My recent article on “Information War” does entirely that, highlighting Eva Bartlett, Richard Medhurst and others. Its about giving some support to those struggling to maintain an independent media against the state repression of crap like the “Disinformation Governance Board” or the offal one receives from CNN and its corporate associates. (My apologies to offal, everywhere).

    There is, however, a poison which I do deliver, and that is the platform on which I publish. It is a surveillance capitalism enterprise. As I succumbed to people’s wish for notification via email of articles published, I was compelled to publish a piece warning them of the surveillance trap into which they have fallen.

    Again, its about trusting individuals to own their own choices.

    As I have commented to my son, and implicitly to my readership, there are two fundamental studies: philosophy and history. The rest is just mechanics. I cautiously add mathematics as an essential study, despite its undermining by Gödel’s earth-shattering incompleteness theorems.

    • To rate the importance of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, Wikipedia’s article’s “Contents” section must be shrunk to 5 point font or less to enable a screenshot.

      There are 46 parts to the “Contents” section for the article which describes Godel’s proofs that in any formal system there are statements which can be formally made which can neither be proven as “true” nor “false”. This undermines Hilbert’s desire to place mathematics on a sound logical footing.

      For the curious, the problematic postulates are those which are self referential, the simplest and classic being:

      “This statement is false.”

      If true, the statement asserts its own falsehood. The inverse is equally problematic.

      Sorry to bore you with these “trivialities”, but they do inform us about media and communication too. The power of communication is not in definition and formality, but simile and metaphor to invoke the more dominant though under-acknowledged part of our brain, the subconscious.

      Peace be with you,


    • This podcast helped me sort through my feelings about friendships that are no longer satisfying. It’s not that we disagree, which we do, but rather that we can’t discuss anything beyond the weather, sports, vacation.
      . . My old friends can only think on the level of what mainstream media tells them. More and more I sense them as Facebook caricatures represented by avatars they create. Frequently they communicate with emojis. If we crave others and the ability to hear and be heard, this limited communication really inhibits sharing and knowledge of each other. We’re becoming emotionally stunted – and many of us aren’t even aware its happening. It’s deadening.

  6. I’m still working my way through the Mass media curriculum, but today I saw the picture of Hadley Cantrell with the TRIPOD on his shoulder and that gave me a huge smile! I love The Tripod Series! Thanks for all your hard work James.

    • Pkadams

      The Tripod TV show? Off the John Christopher books?

      I loved them too…. As I recall in City of Hold and Led we hear the invasion was via “telling people to go to sleep” on the boxes that carried pictures over great distance.

      I think I saw the whole series up on internet archive

  7. James it looks like Schwab and the WEF have been paying close attention to your Mass Media series and have come up with a solution to the ‘problem’.

    They feel that independent podcasters such as yourself contribute to ‘online abuse’.

    Check out the recent article published at their website:

    ‘The solution to online abuse? AI plus human intelligence’
    Aug 10, 2022

    They are up to their preemptive strike tricks.
    They begin the article with a caveat.

    “1) The content of this article is the opinion of the author, not the World Economic Forum.”

    So the WEF hires writers to state the WEF’s opinions/goals and then immediately tries to distance themselves from any potential backlash by saying, “Oh this isn’t our opinion it’s the writer’s!”

    Listen WEF, any content published on your site is WEF condoned, or you wouldn’t publish it in the first place.
    So stop trying to play games!

    • They have been outed for the creepy organization that it is. “You’ll own nothing, have no privacy and be happy” that will always be etched in people’s minds.

      The cat is out of the bag and maybe they are trying to do damage control, but the more they try to censor the more guilty they look. It’s like they will undo themselves.

    • Story #1: World Economic Forum Proposes AI to Automate Censorship of “Hate Speech” and “Misinformation”
      …with its link of…
      The Solution to Online Abuse? AI Plus Human Intelligence

      …was part of the recent…
      Interview 1742 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato – Conspiratainment Bingo!

      • Yes I noticed that too.
        I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that we both noticed it around the same time, or
        if James saw my post and decided to check it out.
        NWNW came out after I made my post.

  8. I paid for the course but never got it as I was unable to do the live setup. Is there a link to get what I paid for?

    • Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I’ll email you directly to sort out the details and make sure you get the course.

      • I thank you and find no fault with you.
        I have many, if not most of your instinctual value for liberty.
        If a customer wants innovation in machining methods, I am good at it.___ not nearly as good as presenting widely known liberty ways of leading our lives as yourself.
        I can tell of a great difference between hosers and those who make it all produce. Now, the differentiation is so stark that I only have contacts with the tooling and line people that keep it afloat. It is tough enough to get those in production to see what has up, let alone those that go along with the evil that befalls nearly all.
        I kept my twelve man shop of 20-50 ton machines each without a hiccough in order to supply to 3600 that would croak without us. Contrary to the goomint fifteen thousand millions of scare and manufactured bugaboo by the MSM.
        I have developed a chitin coated hate for those that ride my back
        Some of your postings apply to me on a very local level. You must have to consider those links in the production chain that are not replaceable in any needed timeline. If they jack me around even in the slightest I will send them home with food and pay and leave it to those that haven’t a clue on their supply chain.
        Pardon me as I have to take a call on how he/she will not accept a fifteen percent price reduction, just like hrz Wharton textbook says to react.

  9. I found it very insightful to observe that Sesame Street taught me to watch television.

    It also seems to have taught me to learn from television.

    • Paul

      It’s kinda weird to think sesame street was self conscious in how it wanted to engineer children into having particular attitudes towards race.

      Good or bad, it’s still creepy as hell to think of people wanting to reach into children’s heads and program them without the parents noticing it

      • Was Sesame Street operating on the same woke playbook back in the ’70s?

        • Paul
          With the caveat that I’m going off a TV documentary rather then any deep research yes AND no.

          He was, as I understand it, wanting to program white kids to be post racial and more accepting of other cultures and races then their parents were or would probably have knowingly allowed anyone to do…like I said it’s the “unknowingly” part that’s creepy

          What we know as “woke” today is just the culmination of the elite ideas that the rich have been forcing onto regular Americans. So, in a sense those earlier things WERE the”woke” of the time.

          It’s just that having moved the needle a generation or two back they can movt it more now.

          Feminist and Civil Rights movement weere almost entirely products of the powerful just like BLM and TransRights is today.

  10. Talking about whether media technology is inherently good or bad, and thinking about how the psychology of the mobile phone may have been seeded in our collective subconscious: I am looking at my hideous Samsung phone. It is black. Were it a little thicker its dimensions would be in the ratio 9:4:1. Every time I see it I am reminded of the monolith in Space Odyssey 2001. Is there a connection?

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