A Mass Media Reading List – Questions For Corbett #088

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Jackie writes in to ask for another book list, so James obliges by going through the reading list for the new Mass Media: A History online course.

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James Corbett and Liberty Weekly recommend books

James Corbett gives a tour of his bookshelf

A New World Order reading list

A WWI reading list

Another 25 Books You Should Read

Another Another 25 Books You Should Read

Summer 2021 Reading List


Johann Gutenberg: The Man and his Invention by Albert Kapr

The Printing Revolution in Early Modern Europe by Elizabeth Eisenstein

Areopagitica by John Milton [Text / Audio]

Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann [Text / Audio]

Liberty and the News by Walter Lippmann

A Free and Responsible Press by the Hutchins Commission

An Aristocracy of Critics by Stephen Bates

The Gray Lady Winked by Ashley Rindsberg

The Tyranny of Words by Stuart Chase (mentioned in Episode 357  – Language is a Weapon shortlink: /language)

From Gutenberg to Google by Tom Wheeler

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

The Perfect Machine: Television and the Bomb by Joyce Nelson

Manufacturing Consent by Herman and Chomsky

The Network: The Battle for the Airwaves and the Birth of the Communications Age by Scott Wooley

The Invasion from Mars by Hadley Cantril

The TV Delusion: A Psychology of Belief by Simon Day and Joanna van der Leer

Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet by Yasha Levine

Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

Hate Inc. by Matt Taibbi

Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam

A State of Fear: How the UK Weaponized Fear by Laura Dodsworth

Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard


  1. Thanks for another reading list!
    Drawing some kind of conclusion from your mass media series and also staying in line with your solutions watch series:
    Maybe next James (e.g. with Richard Grove) – or the community – could come up with some (easy to check off/execute) recommendation list of real-life (unmediated) experiences, that help you grow (from a freedom and autonomy supporting standpoint).

    E.g. planting and growing an edible plant, visiting a local eggs and livestock provider, cooking a home made 3 course dinner for your loved ones, throwing a party with close friends (no electronic media like smartphones allowed), helping out in your local community (at alocal festivity, care home, kindergarten, school, etc.), renovating one part of your house/appartment, joining a Yoga/mediation course, joining a self-defence course, having a substantial money-free and therefore tax-free (e.g. “black market”) market transaction with another person, going to a concert/play/restaurant, make a hiking trip, doing some outdoor sports, learn to identify five new useful local plants/herbs, shopping for some survival tools at a local store, making a fire without a lighter, discuss with a stranger some wake-up fact(s) about the Covid or 9/11 narrative, etc. etc.

    P.S. Will there be an August open thread this year?

    • The best real life direct experience, autonomy empowering process i know is exploring the Wheel of Consent and playing the Three Minute Game developed by Betty Martin, DC. These are freely available at the Schoolofconsent.org website or in the book she wrote.

      The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin DC. Get a free chapter of the book at http://www.wheelofconsentbook.com/free-chapter.

      “The Wheel of Consent is a model of consent based on, but not requiring, exchanges of touch…When the dynamics are clear, it becomes apparent how they apply to both touch and non-touch dynamics. Indeed, the application to non-touch dynamics may be of greater import.”

      • Great – I will check that out! Thank you.

  2. Joyce Nelson book sounds fascinating. Managed to locate a copy in California for a sensible price – most sellers charging excessive amounts; and very few copies. Abe Books on this occasion, which I am sure is Amazon sadly…

    Thank you for the list. And thank you for your awesome work James. Superb my friend. Really enjoyed your Media Matrix Trilogy – very concise and extremely informative.

    Love and blessings to you and your family.

    Kindest regards,


  3. God, why can’t these CR newbs figure out the dang website!? ?

    Just so we can add to the already voluminous list of books for the reading list, CR members, what is your all time favorite conspiratorial piece of literature? And why?

  4. Just a question to Corbett followers. I told a neighbor, a young guy that now mowes my grass that I would send him some altmedia sites. Other then Corbett Report are there a few other good ones I could forward him?

    Thanks in advance


  5. Speaking about media and Q4C…

    In your 2nd to last video on media there was a scene where
    we could see a green screen, lighting etc. and you were walking off ‘the set’ to the left.

    Given the discussion about the meta verse, augmented reality etc.
    I don’t even know if the set was real/legitimate.

    Which got me thinking.

    Probably 90% of your videos are made with you sitting in your room with a bookshelf behind you. I’m guessing that you are seated with a computer, screen and camera in front of you.

    I’m also guessing that after you record these videos with your computer you send them to Broc for him to work his magic on them.

    Then there are the occasional videos you make in more ‘natural’ settings, where you are out in your car, out in a park, or walking in mall etc.
    For those videos I’m guessing you record them on your phone and then send them to Broc for his editing work.

    And this brings us to the video I mentioned above with the green screen scene.

    It stands out from all the others because we got to see something we rarely if ever see in your videos.
    Meta-verse goggle scenes, behind the scenes green screen etc.

    So my Q4C is could you perhaps do a brief Q4C where you explain how you record all of your videos, going through the equipment you use (including possible green screen), the software, editing etc. (yours and Broc’s)?

    • There already is a solutions watch episode (already quite old), which covers the euipment topic to some extent:
      I think (but I am not sure) that there might have been another episode, where some further/newer infos on that topic might have come up, but I couldn’t find it right away…

      • Thanks Wolfgang that was very helpful.

        Just a few things.

        If anyone has the link to a followup video that James said he’d be doing getting more into
        his actual technical setup I’d appreciate learning of it.

        Also, though James did pretty much cover all the points I asked about above
        the episode was recorded Oct 5, 2013. So almost 10 years ago.

        I wonder if James might be able to give us an update on his video/audio recording setup?
        Hardware and software? If it has changed?

        Or perhaps he did a more recent video covering this?

  6. Jacques Ellul:
    – The Technological Society
    – Propaganda
    – The Technological System
    – The Political Illusion

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