Meet John Kerry, Skull and Bones Ambassador (video)

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This week on The Corbett Report we look beyond the mainstream narrative of John Kerry and his background to find the real connections that have catapulted him into the corridors of power. From his billionaire wife to his Ivy League education to his Skull and Bones membership, we examine the real agenda of the new Secretary of State.

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President Obama Nominates John Kerry for Secretary of State
Time Reference: 00:15


Sec. of State Kerry Gives First Policy Speech at UVA
Time Reference: 07:36


Kerry’s 1971 Speech Against the Vietnam War
Time Reference: 08:50


John Kerry mixes up Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
Time Reference: 09:52


Secretary of State John Kerry ‘discovers’ Kyrzakhstan
Time Reference: 10:01


Russert Asks Bush/Kerry About Skull and Bones
Time Reference: 13:55


UF Student tasered at John Kerry Speech
Time Reference: 15:08


McGovern roughed up by Clinton thugs
Time Reference: 17:21


Episode 093 – Digging Up Skull and Bones
Time Reference: 17:52


John Kerry pimps carbon austerity at COP 15
Time Reference: 20:05


Kerry, Karzai make show of unity in surprise Kabul visit
Time Reference: 20:51


CIA buys off Karzai in Afghanistan
Time Reference: 22:04


John Kerry ‘strong evidence’ Syria used chemical weapons
Time Reference: 22:50


U.N. Says Likely Rebels Used Chemical Weapons NOT Syrian Government!
Time Reference: 23:23


Jeremy Rys (and Matt) on Skull and Bones
Time Reference: 25:51


Bush’s Zapata was CIA connected
Time Reference: 25:21


1990s report on CIA drug running
Time Reference: 29:26


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