Meet the Corporatocracy (Video)

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Are corporations using the mask of government to collectivize wealth, selectively regulate their competition and completely subvert government by and for the people? You bet they are, and we have a name for that. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore corporatocracy from Wall Street and the Bolsheviks/Nazis to Government Sachs to the CFR and the International Crisis Group.

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Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith
Time Reference: 01:13

Corbett Report Twitter
Time Reference: 01:59

Corbett Report Radio 079 – Against Corporatocracy
Time Reference: 02:35

What Is Fascism? by John T. Flynn
Time Reference: 05:57

Nuremberg Case #6 I.G. Farben
Time Reference: 09:10

Fritz ter Meer, Auschwitz, I.G. Farben, and Bayer
Time Reference: 12:28

Bayer knowingly sold HIV-tainted Factor VIII overseas
Time Reference: 12:56

Nye Committe overview
Time Reference: 15:10

The Nye Report
Time Reference: 15:12

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy – Antony Sutton on Wall Street and Nazis/Bolsheviks
Time Reference: 23:52

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Time Reference: 29:54

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
Time Reference: 29:56

Wall Street and FDR
Time Reference: 29:58

How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker)
Time Reference: 38:49

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Wall Street
Time Reference: 43:28

Goldman friggin’ Sachs – Gov. Buddy Roemer on MSNBC’s Morning Joe
Time Reference: 43:52

Government Sachs Europe branch?
Time Reference: 44:35

Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs story
Time Reference: 45:03

Socialism and Fascism: A Political-Economic Spectrum Analysis | Walter Block
Time Reference: 48:43

CFR Corporate Membership
Time Reference: 53:45

International Crisis Group – supporters
Time Reference: 55:33

Corporatocracy (This Land WAS Your Land)
Time Reference: 1:00:12



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