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by | Jan 28, 2024 | Videos | 143 comments

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In case you hadn’t noticed, has just undergone the second facelift in its 17-year history. It’s pretty straightforward, but for those who are wondering, today James takes you on a tour of the new site and some of its new features. We’re still tweaking and fixing things behind the scenes, so if Corbett Report members do notice anything, they are invited to log on to the site and leave their feedback in the comments below.


  1. I don’t like it.
    The original format was much more pleasing to the eye, and much more easily navigable.
    Please go back.

    Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

    • I hate to be negative. You’re probably proud of your new baby. But this website is an eyesore (like, it makes my eyes hurt). The colors are horrible, both ugly and too US/patriotic.

      Is your calendar broken and you think it’s April 1?

      • Its about time you updated. Looks much better. Cleaner and hopefully easier to navigate.
        And please hurry up with the fake news awards. One of my favorites. I hope its nice and long

    • Oh Bill Pritting, – You’re not the type always wanting things “like they’ve always been” or, are you 😊!?

      I like this website…thanks James 👍

      • Here’s an issue I just notice. While playing your video I submitted a comment. But the video stops playing and I have to start it over. Can that be fixed. Thats pretty annoying having to restart the video after posting a comment

    • Way too much color for me 🙁 Being a Boomer here but I liked the nice clean look over the bright colors. That Said its Mr Corbetts site so I guess if he likes it thats all that matters.

      • I agree, a bit too flashy. But that’s the style these days. It will appeal to a younger crowd.

        I prefer compact, simple and easy to read, but it’s his site. It’s easier to to add comments! And the information is most important.

    • Too busy, too flashy, too commercial looking and to sanitized and non-pleasing to the eye.

      If this is being done to attract new viewers I think that it will not work.

      It is just too commercial where the other was basic, authentic in design and viewing pleasure: three parts to the puzzle.

      In the future, you might wish to run a prototype first, for it looks like most people just do not like it as well.

      Be careful, for this is a classic business mistake to fix something that is not broken.

      • I agree with your sentiments weilunion.

        “Be careful, for this is a classic business mistake to fix something that is not broken.”

        In this case, James has told us that the site was broken. That was the reason for the update.

        BUT …

        What I would have much preferred was an update that started from scratch, recreating what we had before. Or if possible, simply fixing all the broken parts (much easier).

        And while that was being done, sure, give some of the visuals a fresher look.
        But not a radical change such as what we have now.

        James has always prided himself in being a maverick, marching to his own tune.
        This new site design is following the ‘trendy’, ‘busy’ look that are a dime-a-dozen today and not functionally intuitive or efficient.

        • It is his site, no matter who subscribes, so he will do what he wishes.

          But this move to chrome plated aesthetics is both unnecessary and visually a blackeye.

        • When things get broken in wordpress, things get broken.

          • @mkey

            I just had wordpress charge me for some upgrade to a “WordPress Starter” package (formerly WordPress Personal) for my old photography blog page (without my requesting any type of upgrade).

            I don’t know if that is due to something being “broken/glitchy” or it was intentional, but I am not happy with wordpress at all right now.

            • Giving any credit card info to these people is always problematic. Best to use prepaid cards, where possible.

    • Lol Bill…. You might have to go through the whole video again, he literally indicated multiple things that were broken in the old site and needed to be upgraded to be able to work 🤔

  2. Congratulations! I hope you’ll be wearing blue and red stripes to coordinate with your new object of devotion, although I think you were signaling your imminent departure from your old sweetheart in the photo shoot.

  3. You and Harley did a great job reorganizing the page, making navigation easier and the page less “busy.”

  4. At first I wrote this:
    I agree with the first two “return to the old”.
    My guess is you wanted to simplify but the color scheme is cold and uninviting, and the layout (saying this well-meaningly and with a punny smile) is cadaverous.
    Stay free, then safe.
    And thanks for your consistently Voluntaryist stance.

    • Right. I can’t even get past the colors to evaluate the rest of the site. If the colors are fixed I think I could look at the navigation. I do appreciate that, as jo-ann said, it looks less busy. I don’t like clutter, so that aspect is an improvement.

      The colors should literally take a few seconds to change if you have a proper CSS. New hex codes. Done.

  5. The new structure is a big jump but okay, will get used to it in time. However, have to agree, colours are overpowering, off-putting.

  6. I think I like the new site.
    It’s just that I was used to the old one and I’m becoming a little of an old dog.

    The clips of website romance! You can be funny and sweet 🙂

    What a lucky japanese lady, I guess 🙂


  7. This is some fucking bullshit! James is just another provocateur/shill for, now!
    I hope the Spin Doctors sue you for all you’re worth!

  8. Oh James you have really gone and done it now.
    mkey on 01/26/2024 at 6:28 am
    Is it possible to enable comment notifications? I rely on them heavily to locate new comments.

    generalbottlewasher on 01/28/2024 at 8:30 am
    Mkey you are shit out a luck. James never liked that comment box on why? Who knows ,ask Ted Coppell. How would you know where a question or response or anything pertinent to your reporting was penned. You will have to keep pen and paper lists,notes,reminders. All for an editors petty dislikes. Grrrrrr! You are an NPC in their eyes. A distraction to their story. Open is now closed source news.
    This may or may not be the final word. Who cares who would know unless they were just stumbling around in the dark and trip over it!

    Ok well maybe I’ll just blame it on the phone app jeez Louise no body nowadays has a PC it’s all phones..

    • No comment box,?

      Oh my I must have gotten off at the wrong station 🚉. I don’t recognize anything! Not one little thing. Why don’t they put signs up in English in this damn country!
      When I find the comment box I’ll know who still up this late at night and maybe find out where I am.HELP!

      generalbottlewasher on 01/28/2024 at 11:38 am
      Well you’re no MBP. up there,, General Yeah that’s the real world where everything matters, Joyceian. Joyceian ? The new, the way things will be in the future; modern.
      Why you may ask, what!. You got off the train to Lyon at the Agle, Switzerland station . Go get a cog train ticket. Go up to Leyzin and ski a few days. O k.
      A book ? I’m no Oracle I’m Ulysses, or James Corbett is Edmond Dantes. Which is it Ice- Pick? QFC
      With all this change? Yeah you are gonna respond yeah , let me see, Storm and Shipwreck
      The island, the Conflagration , The News from Algeria?
      The comment box was how I confirmed a live feed. Yes it was annoying sometimes and acted as a social note board, helping relieve the anxious stresses we must encounter along the way to enlightenment. So is that as scary as coming out of the closet, on anything. Time will tell. So the editor brings the news,is this tales of Hans C. Anderson or those Grimes fairy tales .? Shall we discuss it? Like a board meeting with the investors? I think I will go play a round and think a boot it. Nice course in Agle. Care to join us?

        • Well Jimbo!
          Problem solved !
          We have left the club house and missed you, Your long hours are beginning to pay off. Lots a new subscribing reporters.
          Progress on a very difficult subject,…of… comments!
          The box was found, notifications were there,!
          Well done, results may vary, post and reply the news responsibly.
          Thank you Corbettsan

          • Well, gee, #AllsWellThatEndsWell and being able to comment here via my iPhone X (SE &/or ten) after somehow navigating around a Google wall which “required” my giving my phone number, I’m
            again a relatively #HappyCamper here in cyberspace during these #bestAndWorstOfInterestingTimes. #Ty4Reading #HappyHashtagging.
            #CREATORS (Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer) Candidate for #AlachuaCountyFloridaSchoolBoard. #Vote4LAW

  9. this site was pure. remember? then he got got sponsored by the betting apps. and became best buddies with a bunch of UFC fighters. and taylor swift started twittering about his NFL acumen. a very long and crazy road indeed. james corbert! the greatest sports analyst of all time.

  10. I liked the old one, I like the new one!

    Anything I need to click on is clearly indicated on the first page, and it seems easy to search for things. I like using Odysee, and I can now click on James’ channel easy.

  11. Stripe wants to track me on every page.

  12. Far out, angry mob. It looks cool to me i can find what I want, all good. stay happy.

    • Totally agree. I liked the old site and I like the new site. And I don’t know why he has attracted this angry mob.

  13. Old was better…easier to grasp, less distraction, more straightforward, less gimmicky-trendy. New feels like a distracting filter and bothersome complication to the real business at hand.

  14. I like the “new” look website. I didn’t mind the look of the old site. all that matters to me is it’s functionality.

  15. Site looks good, don’t listen to the haters. I swear there are people who can’t get through the day if they don’t find something to bitch about.

    • What a silly comment. “Haters”? People are offering their opinions and reasons to the website. I guess if you are against war you must be un-patriotic too.

      Binary thinking. This is the problem, not the layout of the website.

      • Seriously. James asked for our opinions, we gave our opinions. Then some people opt to be childish and adversarial about it. FFS.

  16. Great Stuff James!! Keep up the great work.. and I do think allowing free access for all helps to spread the word.. and ultimately will get you more money. Thank you for all you do and everyone that supports you guys!! I would like it if you could accept some BCH.. but that is just me.. for now.. hehehe.. Cheers!!

  17. I’ll be honest: when I saw the site with giant Bibi head all over it, my first impression was that the site was hacked. I even checked that my bookmark was still pointing to the right location. That’s mostly because of his head, but also due to the “patriotic” color scheme.

    I generally don’t like “new” designs, I guess just getting old. Typically, these new designs involve a less functional user interface, which I often find quite triggering.

    The “new? Start here” landing page looks great. That is going to be very useful to people.

    Are tags completely gone? If yes, I believe that is a mistake and should have been improved upon instead of removed.

    Probably safe to assume the new comment functionality, one without notifications is here to stay. I expect that will inevitably reduce interactions with other members.

    • The cover is not that important to me, the book is.
      Rock on, James!

    • I didn’t notice that and I had always checked without a notification, so never used that particular function. But I think if others are using that function, it would be good to put it back. There are some very rich comments here that I have learned a lot from.

      Thanks for mentioning this.

    • I actually like the look, but I agree the tags will be sorely missed if they don’t return in some form in the future.

      • Couple of things:

        1) In the mobile view, the social icons disappear. They do not re-appear even when you force the desktop view (I am using cromite, a chromium fork on android).

        2) I had already noticed that you didnt update your ipfs backup site for quite awhile. But in the new design, the ipfs link is nowhere to be found. Have you dumped it? (Would be a pity if you did)

    • The post character counter is still broken, “gcllCounter is not defined”. Maybe time to fix this 10+ year old bug. This is very easy to fix, if you think you need some assistance with that, I’ll gladly help.

      Something as simple as the following will update the character counter according to the current input and will mark the count as red once the character allotment has been spent. This javascript just needs to added anywhere on the page inside a script tag.

      function gcllCounter(e) {
      let i = document.getElementById(“commentform”).getElementsByTagName(‘input’)[0];
      i.value = 3000 – e.value.length; = (e.value.length >= 3000) ? ‘red’ : ”;

    • This JS will restore link generation for comments, that is, dates will be clickable again. Many site member made good use of this functionality. This is a very quick and easy fix. Could be made nicer, but probably not under 5 minutes.

      let c = document.getElementsByClassName(‘comment_date’);
      for (let i = 0, i_max = c.length; i < i_max; i++) {
      let a = document.createElement('a');
      a.href = document.location.origin + document.location.pathname + '/#' + c[i];
      a.textContent = c[i].textContent;
      c[i].textContent = '';

      • “This JS will restore link generation for comments, that is, dates will be clickable again.”

        Also FIXED! 🙂

    • Someone has been working overtime behind the scenes. 🙂

      “Probably safe to assume the new comment functionality, one without notifications is here to stay.”


      Although it is a bit wonky. Instead of saying:

      If A New Comment is Posted:
      – Don’t subscribe
      Subscribe to all new comments
      Subscribe only to replies to my comments

      it says:
      – Don’t subscribe
      – All new comments
      – Replies to my comments

      Now if only you can resuscitate the code you wrote to make it easier to add special formatting to comments, that would be cool. 🙂

      And while you are at it, add code to change the comment font to Times New Roman?

      • It can be done obviously, but it’s quite a time investment and I’ll rather wait for the situation to stabilize.

        But, in regards to your request, I can help you in a few extremely simple steps.

        1. download and install “dark reader” browser extension. It’s available for all major browsers.
        2. you can choose to turn off the “dark” aspect of it, completely
        3. click the “more” tab, choose your font and confirm. It should work immediately.

        • Thanks mkey. Dark Reader has some potential.

          As for the fonts. Is it possible to adjust the Font size or kerning?

          • Dark Reader allows custom styles to be set. You need to switch over to static and press the little orange icon.


            Once the editor opens up, you can paste the following in there:

            body {
            font-family: Times New Roman;
            font-size: 17px;
            font-kerning: none; /* auto normal none revert unset : your mileage may wary */
            line-height: 1;

            When done press apply and you should see the effect immediately.

            I also put in this little extra

            .comment-body { padding-left: 0; font-family: Helvetica; } /* this allows more space to be used by comments */

            I tried killing the scroll thing, but it does not appear possible to do via CSS. Seems to be a wordpress feature. At least if it could be disabled on inital site load, that would be perfect.

            • Thanks mkey that helped a lot.
              But not sure why I immediately lost the
              formatting after I pressed ‘Save’ for this reply?

              Now the formatting returned again!
              So still not clear with what is going on.

            • Also how can apply this Dark Reader font change to ONLY the CR site?

              Currently it’s doing it to all sites I visit.

              Is there a setting for this?

              • You need to press the “only on corbettreport” button.

                For me the inputted styles are permanent. Buut dark reader is probably not the best extension out there for this exact purpose.

  18. Maybe if you’d spent more time on Classic Corbett™ site maintenance, and less time writing novels about big game hunting in India, you wouldn’t have had to make #BigSiteChanges, which both confuses And frightens me.

    The temple tiger, and more man-eaters of Kumaon
    by Jim Corbett

  19. I hope this is a bad joke?
    Search field with medium-to-dark-grey font on black background

    • Totally agree with this, as an ex graphic designer Ridiculous font colour on black background defying the basics of easy access to users

  20. I see a bunch of crybaby’s nitpicking about website aesthetics and not functionality. If something doesn’t work properly, it can be fixed without whining. For what James does and what he brings to the table for people craving for the truth and honest journalism, be thankful he’s here and desires to bring a quality platform to present it all. He charges pennies compared to lame-stream media sites. Thank you James for all you do and for sharing your passion with us all. It’s plain to see you are always working behind the scenes, even when it doesn’t look like it, on your passion to present the truth in an easily digestible format. Once again, sir, Thank You!!

    • Well, Spyder, considering I am professionally quite critical (part of my job description, even if people would like me to shut up most of the time) regarding software (web, at that) development I have to say that your comment is off the mark. Especially considering site functionality which has been reduced in at least three considerable ways. So yes, people are “nitpicking” about functionality.

      Additionally, some very old bugs have not been fixed (the post character counter, a concrete example). That is, of course, not to say this bug won’t be fixed, but when something is not fixed for 10+ years, it kind of sets a trend.

      I wasn’t mentioning this previously as I understood James was doing a lot with the resources he had at hand and considering the previous attempt to upgrade the template smelled of rebellion (the whole comment voting thing lol) I didn’t find it appropriate nor relevant to raise these issues. Even though it did cause quite a bit of confusion among people posting too long comments as broken site functionality was allowing them to do so. Which only meant James needed to do more manual work, approving comments and whatnot.

      However, now that there is a professional doing something with the site and from one professional to another: this work just does not cut it.

  21. I can’t get access on the new website to my dashboard as a paid up yearly member (Oct 7th 2023) I have tried averything I can think of but nothing has worked. How do I access my account?

    • I noticed my dashboard said that too. I’m donating via Substack since I can use my credit card via credit union instead of Paypal.

    • I had the same problem – I think. It said: Current account is not linked to a donation. Than I logged out and logged in again. Then clicked on profile and suddenly he recognized me.

      I really like the new site. – People who don´t will eventually get used to it and over time forget what the old site looked like. I hope. 🙂

  22. I think both versions are good. I think the color scheme is fine on the new cite. I don’t associate red and blue with the US flag. The old color scheme was a little easier on the eyes though, less bright and jarring.

    I like that the font is a bit larger and comments are more readable. I am a person who tends to like continuity. But for new members, the new cite may be more appealing. The content continues to be exceptional and inspirational.

    • correction site, not cite.

  23. Well,
    deep subject
    All those Tigers and wonderings around Cody Canal. Gives a gentleman the willies. A lesson in superstition.

    Sunday morning cup a coffee news in hand and Gell- Mann ottoman resting the elevated feet in splendid repose. Life moves forward.. To take away our constant sorrows and petty irritations we look around viewing other pages. The ones we just read fading into the past. What did we gain? Well I will offer up a voice from the new world that addresses some of the angst our poor editor has put forward with good cause. Pay attention to Richard Grove here for a minute. There are more important things than a comment box.There are examples of but in, solutions, agency and integrity in communication. It takes a village..

    And for that second cuppa…

  24. Hello James, after reading some of the comments I just had to say…WOW!! honestly your new site is perfect, I couldn’t care less about the color choice or anything else the ungrateful people are complaining about. I’m grateful for the news you provide and very thankful that you care about how easy it is to access on your site. Thank you for all that you do! And keep up the outstanding work.

    • I don’t think constructive criticism is ungrateful. Some people have more tact with feedback than others. I think James has a “thick skin”. I think he values feedback and considers it and makes his own creative choices.

      The color scheme feedback was mentioned more than once. The blue appears more violet now and I like that color a bit more. Maybe it just looks different to me now.

      Bright colors may facilitate/ “cause” eyestrain or headache in some people, so it is an important consideration.

      • Yes cu.h.j , I do know James has thick skin, and I think constructive criticism is a great thing, however… people do need to be respectful, and many of them missed the entire point of the new site being updatable and upgradable and focused on the color scheme (which I find to be perfectly fine) but to each their own. I just wanted James to know that some of us watching and following him respect the fact that he cared enough to create a new, more functional site, and that not everyone cares about the color scheme, or anything else that he’s still working diligently on polishing up.

        • Yeah, some of the comments were rude and probably wouldn’t be made in a face to face conversation. I thought the old format was fine and the new one is fine too.

      • cu.h.j.
        Thank you for noticing that word, ungrateful.
        That was an odd turn a phrase.
        My encouraging and grateful communication is fallen into the dreaded “Q” of moderation so I’ll repeat it here for I’m sure it won’t appear till tomorrow.
        Richard Grove , some words of wisdom.

    • Welcome to Earth. People here have their opinions. After you settle in you’ll get used to that fact in no time.

  25. Looks good. Can you post a link to the company that made this? I may want to hire them.

    • Have you watched the video? Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

  26. How are we going to know if someone replied to our comment??

    Ironically the color choice is the same as the upcoming SuperBowl contenders and Icon….Purple..Ravens/Red..niners.


      • Do you REALLY think that wasn’t something I thought about??? In the future just don’t reply to any of my posts because you always seem to have some snarky nonsense to blab.

        Forcing one to return is much like supermarket associates who will only give the basic isle to find something…hoping on impulse buy. In this case hoping one will linger.

        Seems like a VERY big thing to leave out of a new website?? Not all of us hang out on the web, others matters are of a higher priority.

        • Sweet lord Jesus, and I thought I was getting old. Earth to ejdoyle, that was a joke.

          • Basic blogging rules:
            ALL CAPS is yelling.
            An emoji 🙂 :-/ :-(designates intent.

            You weren’t joking, I called you on yet another snarky comment and you tried to back out of it with a lie.

            Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability.

            Leave me alone.

            • It “sounded” or seemed like a joke to me. I think it can be very difficult to communicate intent and tone online because we are missing non verbal cues. Non verbal cues make up the bulk of communication. If those are missing even if words are precise someone may completely miss the message.

              He had just mentioned that same issue above noting that it may decrease member interaction and I think it is a good point that notification of a comment is probably an important function to keep on the new site.

              So maybe JC will address some of the issues mentioned.

            • Old man, you are full of shit. Have a nice day.

              • EJ, Mkey, cu.h.j

                This all seems Joyceian. Modern with a Who’s on first vibe.

                The comment box has reappeared in a slightly bent way.,in a new location, limited function but there, way down in the basement, behind some boxes of old comments where The Editor expressed his dislike for comments that weren’t news worthy. No joke.

  27. I wish I could say I love it. It looks and feels boxy, like most sites these days made with templates. The old site had a warm vibe to it; this one not so much. Additionally, this is the first time one of your site videos froze up on me a couple of times. I’m on a wired connection so not sure what that is.

    When I posted this, I got an error message saying that it looks like I already submitted the same message.

    • I think this is fixed now. But you can refresh the page (F5) if the comment text box doesn’t clear after you submit your comment.

  28. I will try to be honest but kind. 🙂
    I already made my first comment in another thread about the site, but will expand a bit.

    I just noticed (typing in this comment box) it is grey on grey. Perhaps these colors could be improved?

    Overall… features etc. OK.
    Visually, specifically reading the text… much more difficult than what we had before. Because of font and font size.

    I believe you had the tried and true (tested) Times New Roman size 12 that is industry standard.
    Now I believe you have Calibri size 15.
    This type/size of font (new) is OK for a headline or just a few words of text.
    But to read comments or entire articles written by you, it is quite simply a strain on the eyes/head.

    Top ribbon showing the “Where you can find me” icons.
    Huh? We found you! We are on your site right now! Why would you want to send us anywhere else to find you again? (Scratches head). 🙁

    Now maybe if a newbie was visiting any of these ‘other sites’ and there was a link to your site, now THAT would make sense!

    It’s not a biggie, but to me this new top ribbon is not a very worthwhile use of valuable real estate space on the home page.

    As for the main menu items. They are basically the same as what we had before.

    I have made up a few comparison photos to help people see both the Old and New site at a glance.
    I’ll start with the header. I think it speaks for itself. The older uses less space, has basically the same content and is more attractive (much easier to read, less of an eye sore. 🙁 )

    The next one compares article text:
    Please enlarge this photo to full-screen on your computer to get the intended effect.

    James ends optimistically with:
    “You’ll get used to it”. I don’t think so.

    • I am personally not a big fan of big blocks of nothing on the top of the page. Sometimes it takes a full screen height of scrolling to get to the actual content. I guess that’s just the way of the world. Much of the design today seems to be change for the sake of change. Or maybe the old horse writing this is getting too old for new tricks.

      James did chose something less obtrusive, but it’s still quite high. 330px is quite a lot. I to preferred the old banner. You make a good point about redirecting visitors to other platforms, does not seem to make much sense. I like the “New? Start here” thing, that may prove very useful to get people going.

      The comment font is Verdana 15 px. To me the font is somewhat OK, even if quite dated. There are much nicer fonts available, kind of strange choice.

      • Mkey,

        I read all the comments at the “62 count”.

        mkey, In my opinion, your comments contain some important input about a variety of aspects.

        e.g. tags, comment functionality and time-stamp link reference, size, etc.

        Re: COMMENTS — from a comment that I cannot link to…
        mkey says “…I expect that will inevitably reduce interactions with other members.”
        —— ——

        mkey says:
        “The “new? Start here” landing page looks great. That is going to be very useful to people.”

        For me, “bird’s eye overviews” are important.
        Myopic is great for tunneling down a rabbit hole, but I first want to survey the broad landscape to assess my area of interest.
        A global map helps in quickly finding an area of interest.

        I do like the drop down menu “Select a post” that we have always had when going to “Audios”, “Videos”, “Newsletters”.

        This is this comment link while in the 5 minute countdown.
        I can’t figure how to identify other comments.

        • Linking is relatively easy with some js. But to tell you how to do that I need to get you to somehow read this comment and the see my comment above where I have some javascript code.

          It’s actually quite simple to apply those with extension such as tampermonkey. Still hoping this site is work in progress.

    • It looks like it was designed by a junior high school student. Really. It does a disservice to the content, making it appear boxy.

      Too linear, no warmth, no feeling of a sense of compassion or belonging just another boxy site.

      I think James does good work and wish he does more.

      But ask yourself, James: What was my goal in changing the website and based on feedback did I meet my goals?

      • I have to concur weilunion.

        Do you want a good laugh?

        At the bottom of the new homepage it states ‘Website by Expand Designs’.

        Click on the Expand Designs name for the good laugh!

        You will be taken to Expand Designs’ website.

        We all know good first impressions are important right?

        What is your first impression when you visit the site that designed James’ new website?

        This is their page (I kid you not):

        Are you ready to take the leap?

        Your business deserves a 2024 makeover. Get stated with a free consultation.

        First Name
        Last Name

  29. I love, love, love, your new website!
    Your material, James, is so much more user-friendly accessible!
    Really a great revamping-job!
    You should be so very pleased.


    I just got my chemtrail-sprayed skies above my neighboorhood pictures post censored/hidden by normies/shills/provacateurs on the NextDoor app. I posted Dane Wigington links to support the ‘chemtrail’/geonengineering ‘conspiracy’. How do Corbetteers deal with these fucking normies and the censorship of Big Tech social media apps. I don’t use Zuckbook anymore, of course, but it’s still bothersome to get your freech censored (especially if you’re supposed to live in a first amendment-protected U.S. of A.).

    Also, chemtrail, geoengineering solid sources request, general. Maybe this is a good time to try out the new Corbett Report site search function(s)…

    • Thank you so much for bringing up geoengineering. I think it absolutely is one of the most important issues going on. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. I found the company “Make Sunsets” and have left them a nastygram. I have called the governor’s office and am finalizing a legal letter to him. But for the most part, even accounts I follow on Instagram that are documenting this worldwide, not a single one of them seem to be doing anything about it. We need to take actions. Any ideas?

  31. Bravo! That’s a hell of a job, thank you. I’m glad you fixed the few bugs and info seems esiers to find. Don’t care about the colors, it’s not my bedroom walls 😉

  32. Great job! It looks really good, bravo!

  33. Marketing to newcomers…

    Again, I want to say that the Documentaries, the large visual graphic images by Broc at the bottom of the Home Page is superb marketing.
    It elevates value in the eye of the viewer, especially for a new viewer who is not familiar with Corbett’s content and the substance it contains.
    Excellent positioning.

    • Homie,
      The greetings you will no longer be able to extend to new contributors, as you extended to me those many years ago, those welcoming remarks are unavailable to new members now, that is what distresses me most. It got lost in transition.
      Yes It’s a work in process and to every new thing the process will have to be newly learned and if elements of past common good are cast off than it will be missed and difficult to accepted. It’s a mystery in need of a translation. I doubt an explanation will be forthcoming. Maybe ,maybe not.

    • Well said. That documentaries section is great. Countless hours have gone into their production and it seems like a great way to keep traffic flowing to them.

  34. Well, one thing I’ve noticed straight away is the pages are loading much, much quicker than on the old site. As for the new look, it’s not the wrapping paper I’m interested in, but the goodies inside!

    Also, Odysee is a very good platform.

  35. Congratulations on the updated site. It looks good. However…
    The new front page I get is different from what you display on your video tour of the new site. What I see at the top of the page is simply the new Corbett Report logo, with a search indicator and a drop-down menu, but no links spread across anywhere on or near the top of the page. The drop down menu works, so it is functional for me, but it looks different from what you show on your video.

    • What’s you screen resolution? The site is now responsive and the menu will collapse somewhere near 960 px width of the browser window. Try maximizing your browser window and see if that makes any difference.

  36. Colors aside, I like it, especially the documentary section. So many wonderful works listed there that newcomers may have never seen and would never otherwise find except via the search bar. But one suggestion, why did I have to go way down here to the end of the comments to write my own? Please move access to the Submit a Comment to the TOP of the comments, or at least a hyperlink that will take you down to the comment box. Thanks!

    • But one suggestion, why did I have to go way down here to the end of the comments to write my own? Please move access to the Submit a Comment to the TOP of the comments, or at least a hyperlink that will take you down to the comment box. Thanks!

      I believe the ‘submit a comment’ box has always been located at the very bottom of the page.
      The hyperlink to take you down to the comment box (for the computer savvy) is called the ‘End’ key on your keyboard. 🙂

  37. Thank you James for all the work you have done. May God bless you.

  38. As a regular US annual membership member and huge “dyed in the wool” fan of NWNW with J. Pilato, so far I’m loving the new look and means of navigation. I am now far more tempted to go to for your research articles and reports. Yet I agree wholeheartedly with other members who DESPISE HATE and otherwise are offended and revolted by your choice of color scheme on homepage. That’s an easy fix and suggest you do so immediately J. Corbett, as it gives a subliminal message (not your fault by the way) to some that their exists support for the US empire that I know for sure ain’t the case. And believe me this ain’t no trivial matter, as 100% of your audience is enraged with what the US govt. is doing to the world.

    All in all, great work with the new look and functionality. Thank you for what you do best, and apparently webpage color schemes ain’t your forte’

    • mspan,

      You are talking to a Flames Fan, you have no chance of ordering him around.
      But you get my “Nice Try” for all the spunk.
      Also you should know , it’s all his fault cause Icepick has integrity. Vision, hell he learned Jappon lingo like a native not to mention Joyceian lingo as well.

  39. Apparently the old site had become unmaintainable, so James hasn’t the option to return to that. imho the new setup is impressive but I’m going to need some time to become accustomed to it.
    There is one function on substack that I wish had been included here: Ranking of comments. One of the substacks I read typically has several hundred comments within a few hours of posting. I can request that the “best” (as rated by readers) are shown first. I often wish Corbett Report had a similar function.

  40. Goodness! I had no idea there were so many haters that viewed the corbett report. But are they really? I mean are they viewers in the same way in which I am a viewer? Pry not. I imagine someone who has more money than god allows went to the “Haters for Hire” column of the newspaper to try to place a little bit of darkness into the growing mass of light in our world.
    Keep it up James. I’m sure you won’t think too much of the nearly insignificant dark spot. I guess we all need to make a buck, even the hater class.

    • Here’s an issue I just notice. While playing your video I submitted a comment. But the video stops playing and I have to start it over. Can that be fixed. Thats pretty annoying having to restart the video after posting a comment

      • This is because the comments are submitted through a form and the page is refreshed in the process. Modern implementation will submit the comment in the background, load the HTML and refresh the comments section without reloading the page.

        Seems the site is still work in progress so maybe they’ll upgrade this as well. Would be nice, but I don’t see it as such a big deal. It’s just the the whole process is a bit ancient.

    • Infantilism. People are commenting on the new site and if they disagree with you then they are Corbett haters?

      Where does this infantilism come from?

      Oh, yes, societies messaging: binary thinking.

  41. Love the new website James & gang! I have worked a lot in website design and definitely know the css image resizing struggles!! Looks like you’ve ironed out the kinks because the resizing seems to look great on the homepage. Works really well for me.

    And you kept the ‘click to edit’ functionality! Sweet 🙂

  42. Congratulations for the new design! The user interface has a better readability, the site usability is now more intuitive and the overall impression is much clearer. I like it very much 🙏

  43. Congratulations on this huge milestone, the site looks great. Looking forward for upcoming improvements.

  44. Scrolling issues:

    When you click a link sent by e-mail, or you enter it in the URL bar, it goes to your site,
    and does a strange dance.

    First it lands on the correct post immediately. Then instead of staying there, it goes
    to the top of the page, and then scrolls through the comments top to bottom until it finally ‘finds’
    the correct one, again.
    With the ‘old’ site, it used to just pop the comment on your screen instantly, and stay there with no scrolling.

    When you reply to a post (or make a fresh one) after you click Submit Comment, you are taken to the top of the page strangely, and then the page scrolls down slowly until it arrives back to your post! 🙁

    Manage your subscriptions:

    This feature doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

    • Scrolling issue when clicking a link sent by e-mail or entering it in the URL bar seems to have been fixed now.
      It works in Firefox now, my default browser.

      However when I tried entering the address in the URL bar in MS Edge and Opera, it never went to the comment.
      It just stayed at the top of the thread.

      The scrolling after clicking on “Submit Comment” also appears to have been fixed. 🙂

  45. Looks good to me. It’s a nice fresh look. Navigation is smooth.

  46. Congratulations James, The new site is very nice.

  47. I thought you were on Qortal? it looks like you have a site there, its not on your website on the top where you can be found on social media!

  48. Hey James,

    Personally, I am not fond of the new interface.
    It’s looking corporate and the whole red and blue is abhorrent.
    At any rate, I copied all comments and pasted into ChatGPT and here’s the result:

    Based on the comments provided, feedback can be categorized into several key areas:

    1. **Design and Aesthetics:**
    – Negative Feedback: Many users find the new design too flashy, too colorful, and a departure from the original, simpler design. Specific complaints include the color scheme being too patriotic or harsh on the eyes, and the layout being too busy or commercial.
    – Positive Feedback: Some users appreciate the cleaner, updated look and find the site easier to navigate.

    2. **Functionality and Usability:**
    – Negative Feedback: Issues include videos stopping when comments are posted, missing features like the comment box or IPFS link, and a general preference for the old site’s simplicity and straightforwardness.
    – Positive Feedback: Improvements in navigation and the addition of new features like the character counter for comments are noted and appreciated.

    3. **Content and Community:**
    – Negative Feedback: Concerns over the site becoming too commercial and losing its authentic feel. Some users miss the old comment functionalities and the sense of community it fostered.
    – Positive Feedback: Users still value the content highly and appreciate efforts to improve the site. Updates to comment functionalities and fixes to bugs are also positively received.

    4. **Technical Issues:**
    – Users have reported specific technical bugs like broken character counters and issues with mobile view. However, some of these seem to have been addressed with quick fixes.

    5. **General Sentiment:**
    – While there’s a mix of positive and negative feedback, a significant portion of the feedback is critical of the change, highlighting a preference for the old site’s design and functionality. However, there’s also recognition of the effort to update and improve the site, with some users willing to adapt to the new design.

    • Good old machine lord. Somehow reminds me of that kid who can’t help cheating on exams.

      • By the time I got to the comments section of “Meet the new site”, there were over a hundred of them. I was curious on the overall feedback but I was not going to take the time reading (what turned out to be) the equivalent of 26 pages (or 8K words), specially with the site interface looking a bit funky (with the comment’s replies getting squished to the right), if the good old machine lord can do it for me in a matter of seconds.
        The way I see it, A.I. (or technology, for that matter) is just a tool – like a hammer, or a knife.
        You can build great things with a hammer, and prepare great food with a knife.
        You can also kill with both.
        It’s all about how you use the tools you have.

        • You will have ample opportunity to interact with the machine.

          • By the way, do you know if the site still uses WordPress or some other CMS?

  49. I was trying to locate the 9/11 Conspiracy video to send to an acquaintance, while on my mobile phone. I was not able to locate a search field. Love you and all you do James!

      • a field in which to type a word to search the site

        • I see that my joke fell flat.

          Thank you for elaborating.

  50. Love the new logo and website as well. It must take quite an effort to maintain, appreciate the work you have put in and the partners who have helped you along the way.

    The website looks new and fresh, as much as I miss the old website, like you said, it served its time.

  51. Why is the recent comments section gone James?

    If that question has already been answered, could anyone help direct me to an explanation provided by James regarding why he got rid of the “recent comments” section on this website?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • The ‘Recent Comments’ are back, kind of …

      They have been cut down to five now from seven and they aren’t on the home page (yet).

      They are kind of hidden.

      If you click on a ‘Recent Post’, a “Newsletter’, or ‘Documentary’, you will see them on the right hand side, below the five ‘Recent Posts’.

      Slowly but Shirley. 🙂

      • @Fawlty Towers

        Ahh thank you for providing a map so I can once again take the pulse of the Corbetteer community from time to time.

        I think along with having those on the sidebar of every page, it would be cool to have a separate page devoted to all the recent comments from lets say, an entire week. That way people who get busy in their lives but appreciate the conversation and open source intel shared by the members on specific topics could find out what has been discussed and easily chime in to add their two cents and additional intel.

        I appreciate the thoughtful comment my friend.

        • I agree about having a separate page for all recent comments (failing not having them on the homepage itself). That would be nice.

          As for what we now have, in order to make the recent comments more functional and logical (in addition to the above) perhaps the programmers could make the following change. Present only the most recent comments pertaining to the page they are on, instead of showing a mishmash of comments unrelated to the page?

          So if we are on a page featuring Episode/Interview/Newsletter/Docmentary A then post the most recent comments on subject A.

          Similarly if we are on a page featuring Episode/Interview/Newsletter/Docmentary B then post the most recent comments on subject B, etc.

          An experienced coder wouldn’t have to do much work. Simply have the recent comments box always filtering for the last 5, 7, 8 etc. comments by date posted.

  52. I think the new site looks great. Good job!
    Looking forward to seeing how it plays out when I start using it

  53. Hey folks are you noticing subtle and not so subtle changes to the site?

    Yes it is still in a state of flux/improvement. 🙂

    For example I just noticed that gone is the scrolling to the right on the
    Home Page to get to Recent Posts.

    Recent Post and Newsletter are now static. Yippee! 🙂
    Documentaries still scroll to the right/left.

    Now this one is a little weird.
    I just noticed that the SUPPORT ‘JOIN NOW!’ clickable .gif on your
    Home Page sports the old Corbett Report header!

    Now don’t get me wrong. I actually prefer the old header (although I have been messing around with it on my computer, to get a ‘newer’ improved look with it.
    Just changing ‘The’ in the old ‘The Corbett Report’ to the color red really improves the look. And ‘Open Source Investigation..’ in one color, white, improves its look and readability.)

    But seeing the two, old and new, at the same time is a bit of a clash to the eyes.
    The new header at the top of the site and the old one on the right where it says SUPPORT.

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