Monsanto Employing Troll Army To Silence Online Dissent?

by | May 15, 2017 | Videos | 8 comments

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New court documents allege that Monsanto is employing an army of internet trolls to literally “Let Nothing Go”–no article, no comment, no social media post is to be left unanswered by these third party proxies. Find out about the court case from which these documents have emerged, the history and context of the accusations, and what it all means in today’s thought for the day.

Monsanto Accused of Hiring Army of Trolls to Silence Online Dissent – Court Papers

Plaintiff Motion in court case – April 24, 2017

Internal Monsanto emails related to case

Monsatan On Trial For Roundup Cancer

Project Censored award for Corbett Report on Monsanto

Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

How To Make A Lobbyist Squirm


  1. Israel also employs these tactics… Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monsanto were subcontracting it to Israel’s experienced operatives. They are all over Wikipedia and all MSM and “alt media” comments sections.

    I remember doing this as a Ron Paul supporter in 2012, so I am guilty as well… Buuuuuuut I don’t celebrate the death of Arab babies or knowingly poison the world population… so a little less guilty. 😛

    • I used to do something similar, on behalf of the assholes of the world.
      Found better venues to invest my energy into.

  2. If anyone has any qualms over roundup is safe or not, I have 100% conclusive proof.

    Roundup is bad for you and the environment because if it wasn’t Monsanto would be using something else.

    If Satan had to choose one of three courses available (only one of which contained vile, despicable things) to do something, what do you think he/she/it would choose?

    Monsanto agents pretty much lie about everything, they’ll always promote misconceptions and false paradigms. Oh, we have to save the children bhuhuhuhuhu while at the same time they actively work on destroying the entire ecosystem.

  3. From Project Censored
    Independent journalists, including E. Ann Clark, James Corbett,…
    …However, as Clark and Corbett reported, a new connection between the journal and Monsanto might account for the retraction, as well as another retraction of a similar study from Brazil that demonstrated the toxic effects on mice of an insecticide that forms the basis of the Bt GMO crops. After these papers were published, the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology created a new position: the associate editor for biotechnology. The journal then selected Richard E. Goodman, from the University of Nebraska, to fill the position and preside over such retractions. As it turns out, Goodman worked in regulatory sciences for Monsanto from 1997 to 2004….

    • These guys should start a gofundme for a SAM site. Or at least get a stinger missile.

  4. Hello ,
    Evidently is it much worse. Sherman county Oregon is suing an organic farm to force them to spray round up or some other toxic non organic herbicide. Azure Standard is the farm. They have been 18 years organic on this 2000 acre plot. Now the county is trying to force them to spray the entire farm with herbicide and then make them pay for it. and here is the latest update

    This is a big deal if you eat Real food. We buy 90 percent of our food from this farm and we live in Oklahoma. It would be devastating for them and us if this can happen to someones long established organic farm. On the facebook page of this farm you can tell the Monsanto trolls are after them. You can also see from this case they are controlling more than the trolls they are paying to destroy any voice of truth.

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