Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice – #PropagandaWatch

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The propagandists are in overdrive shoving “climate grief” down our collective throats. And the next step in that indoctrination, the acceptance of climate eugenics to atone for our climate sins, is almost here. Join James for this week’s important edition of #PropagandaWatch dissecting the dangerous lies that are being pushed in the name of the environment.


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  1. “Mother Nature Demands Child Sacrifice – #PropagandaWatch”

    This was an exceptional #PropagandaWatch.
    I’m glad James repeatedly emphasized in Bold, All Caps, font about the gravity of this propaganda machine that is barreling towards us.

    insidious definition
    ~ intended to entrap or beguile
    ~ stealthily treacherous or deceitful
    ~ operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect

    The BirthStrike video underscored a characteristic which I have been noticing with many people.

    I interact with one or two hundred people a day. These are adults, but the mental “common sense” & “think things through” maturity of many of them are on a grade school level. A simple “Park Here” sign sometimes gets some wild results. Or an individual brings kitchen trash or fishhooks, steak knives and broken glass wrapped within a bag of clothes as a donation for a charity.

    Fortunately and also unfortunately, I’m over 65 and will say my mind, plus they have been indoctrinated to follow authority figures.
    I often give them the firm “school teacher chide” and sternly put them to work fixing/sorting their car load of mish-mash loosely scattered donations. I have even “made” some folks work for hours.
    It’s exhausting. I don’t like giving demanding orders, nor correcting others.

    • Wow! The dumbing down has been so successful, it is scary!

  2. “The Department of Energy’s Creepy Recycling Mascot” made me think of this recent story…

    Jeffrey Albert Tucker & China & recyclables
    “‘Clever trade move’: Residents in US city fear pollution spike after China bans waste imports “
    Be sure to watch the 3 minute video in the link, and listen to what Tucker has to say.

    Beijing’s move to crack down on waste imports may be part of the ongoing trade war with Washington, RT has been told.

    China, the largest buyer of recyclables from the US, banned 24 types of solid waste from being imported and placed tougher restrictions on the ones it continues to accept.

    The move left the recycling industry and authorities in a number of US cities struggling with the disposal of plastic, paper and glass trash.

    As the result, the trash, instead of being shipped to China, is now taken to landfills or burnt. Locals say it creates pollution, negatively impacting the health of residents.

    “I have to take off my hat to China: it’s a very clever trade move,” Jeffrey Tucker, the editorial director at the American Institute for Economic Research, told RT, adding that Beijing “would never admit that this is part of the trade war.”

    • The complexity created around the issue of trash is incredible.
      I’ve been involved locally with a small group trying to … well, I don’t know what the end goal is since some 99.8% of population don’t have the flimsiest idea about what’s going on nor are they inclined toward getting involved.
      At best, we can be a small splinter in someone’s side. At worst, we’ll be simply brushed off to the side and fined.

      At any rate, EU trash (pardon the pun) mafia syndicate has formed strong bonds with the local trash scum and are instituting a system so costly and inefficient that there won’t be any business like trash business for decades to come. It’s an epic swindle with 99.8% staying none the wiser.
      Handling trash “properly” will be about 10 times more expensive than handling it improperly while the end result will probably be the same – trash will get buried somewhere instead of being handled as efficiently as possible through simple means.

      This issue has really proved beyond reasonable doubt how these state cronies are completely useless and hopeless.

      Nobody is considering that:
      – we don’t need this much single use plastics
      – transport outputs pollution too
      – trash needs to be taken care of locally

      • Interesting.
        Here in the states, often trash collection has a mafia history (e.g. New York City).
        I gotta admit that the business plan of collecting garbage is a winner…it is a “long term contract, a repeating sale” which most city folks can not avoid. Extortion of sorts.
        As far as garbage…I wish they’d collect the politicians and not recycle them.

        Of “Blockbuster Video” fame, Wayne Huizenga started with a trash truck and built an empire called “Waste Management”. No one gets that wealthy unless they pulled strings.

        • Here the state has mafia history. Except that these guys are worse than the mafia.

          The current issue is that some interests in Germany through Jaspers and various other EU institutions are using the vertical power structures to further their goals of wealth distribution and institutional entanglement.

  3. I must admit that I found the 1010Global teleplay very funny in a Monte Python or V for Vendetta sort of way on the surface, and also because – under the surface – it unintentionally and unambiguously revealed the pitfalls to Climate Fascism. Clearly not as it was intended by the sponsorship, but since it did give the lie to Eco-hysteria, the backlash in my estimation, was a response to the breaking of a taboo, not to the presentation of absurdist violence, which is after all the stock in trade of American “entertainment.”

    (I think this PR event may have inspired the film-makers of “The Square” which came out in the last year or so, for what it’s worth, though the film sort of goes to great lengths to reveal the obvious about the art world and PR in general. The film itself maintains the very alienation it seeks to criticize.)

    Though I appreciate your indignation at all things Climate Fascist, James, and I’m highly persuaded by the case you’ve presented over the years, despite the hard work you’ve put into it, discovering that case is like finding a needle in the haystack for the uninitiated. Most people couldn’t fathom it on their own, especially if they harbor normie opinions about everything else. And here’s where I have a slight concern… you have to appreciate that the snark may effect an antifasciaproboscomotomy [nose-removal-despite-face, thankyouverymuch) on the matter of persuasion and revelation, to which all good and true journalism aspires.

    As politics in our age is mostly about how individuals identify with leaders, parties, ideologies, icons and causes, I can say with relative certainty, that nearly all climate change concern at the grass route level is motivated by love of the environment, love of nature, love of humanity, and concern for future well-being, both personal and collective. (They’re lacking a love of wisdom, which is their downfall here.) Their love is derived, at the experiential level, entirely from good intentions, assuming self-preservation qualifies as one definition of good. For people to expand their concept of self-hood to include the macrocosmic gestalt, which is represented by “the environment,” on some level this indicates some kind of psychological progress. (Of course when it enables totalitarianism, we feel the rub.)

    If we survey the ‘climate change denial’ side of the isle, on the other hand, the vast majority consists of oil-oligopoly supporters who generally believe that a toxic world is acceptable, IF profit is to be gained. Most of them are incapable of even recognizing the fundamental integrity and interdependence of natural systems or their position within them, which is a primary instrument of manipulation by the fraudulent, however true the notion. Most of the “climate deniers” are heartless Greenspan-aping ideologues or religious fundamentalists who wish to expedite their glory through any image of armageddon.

    ALL of them, as you have well illustrated, are being duped. And the considerate ‘good guys’ who put people and the environments that sustains life ahead of profit and death, have been clearly weaponized against themselves and their better angels.

    The authentic, critical, and philosophical climate-change skeptics, such as yourself and the few people who support and contribute to your research on the topic, as guests and audiences, are rare in the over-all media and political eco-system. Is this a topic which you could somehow address, by way of making peace with all the well-meaning people out there who suffer from extreme and near ubiquitous gaslighting? I think such a document would be an ideal introduction to the topic and an olive branch to increase awareness and to right wrongs.

    I may be in error, but I don’t think I’ve seen such an acknowledgement in your work, something that attempts to get through to the true believers, who’s primary weakness, after all, is the horrible crime of meaning well.


    • Well said, Skip. Intelligent, educated people are being duped by this climate hoax because the perpetrators are appealing to emotions, bypassing logic. Tapping into the logical part of the brain is more effective with a soft, gental approach. I like your idea of extending an olive branch. I think that would work for people.

      • Thanks scpat. I appreciate your praise and agreement about taking a sympathetic approach, but I don’t think I agree with your dualist summary.

        The climate hoax is full of logic and it appeals to highly expert specialists. Most of the true believers are PhDs at the top of their fields. The ruse is perpetrated by the manipulation of feedback loops, claims to authority and specialist framing, all of which prevent a general audience from gaining a reliable field-awareness of actual facts and of true history.

        James’ work on the subject has successfully restored severed or occluded through-lines of history that have been rendered invisible or insignificant by mainstream gaslighting in order to successfully entrain the masses into the image of false hysteria.

        The appeal to emotion and emotion itself are neither superior nor inferior to appeals to logic or reason itself. Both tools are easily and regularly instrumentalized to effect nefarious goals and the manipulation of public opinion/perception. In fact the duality itself appears to be a residue of our culture, rather than the residue of brain chemistry.

        The conventional RightBrain/LeftBrain characterization of mind can be improved to recognize that the LeftBrain processes information Spacially and the RightBrain Temporally, so that the interaction has the left spacializing time and the right temporalizing space. In such a framing, it is the integration or phase-locking of the hemispheres that allows a mind to measure and cope most effectively.

        As our social system created by our specialist meritocracies and aptitude maximization regimes (SAT’s anyone?) have winnowed human experience into ever deeper, narrower cognitive crevices (people who perceive life through their careers and ignore all other domains of knowledge and experience) our society is severely lacking in generalists and polymaths who are capable of total field awareness of any particular subject. The internet in its use has done much to challenge this tendency, but the internet as a weapon has done much to flush out all hidden cognitive potentials for ever-more-invasive forms of control and management of thought.

        It’s a thought,

        • Skip,
          I agree with you that there is logic involved in the arguments of AGW advocates, but the logic is built on top of false premises. It’s bad science, if we could even call it science. I would bet most AGW advocates couldn’t even formulate a scientific argument about how exactly humans are causing the earth to warm. Sure, they could recite the propaganda that the MSM spews, but that’s about it. The largest driver of the AGW hoax is the emotional aspect that appeals to so many people. People enjoy the feeling of banding together to defeat a common enemy to protect their fellow humans.

          • Scpat,

            I think your position contributes to the further alienation of well meaning people. Asking them to appeal to a better science, implying that their current science is bunk, or to recognize how their emotions are gamed by PR, assuming that your emotional maturity transcends status markers and group solidarity induced by mass media of ALL sorts, are not helpful methods for getting them to see more clearly that they are playing into a hand that seeks their enslavement.

            Simply asking them to look clearly at the financial origins of their thought-leadership, however, and to review the historically poor forecasting ability of their chicken-littles, on the other hand, may allow them to see for themselves that they’ve been hood-winked. James’ strategy is mostly great and effective to the relatively small audiences that receive him, since he does both of these things so well.

            It’s James’ exasperation and indignation which I consider to be self-defeating presentational affects that work against the persuasiveness of his case, while in fact indulging the smugness of climate skeptics – both the good kind, like you who presumably sees the ruse, and the bad kind, like wall-street types who wish to see an increase in toxicity because, well, PROFIT!

            These are issues of intellectual fashion, not issues of mere emotion. Emotion is personal, whereas fashion is a matter that concerns the herding of social animals. We each suffer and benefit by this quality of our social behavior, and no amount of smugness can liberate us from the tendency. Though a healthy dose of disgust for conformity can be a virtue. Most of the AGW crowd is reassured that their position is so morally correct exactly because the position of most who hold the other position are so morally bankrupt. This is demonstrably true.

            As to the implication of jerks who generally deny climate change: toxicity is not good and should not be embraced, regardless of climate fluctuations. However the For-Profit-Against-All-Else crowd champions toxicity by sylogism, at least. So when we find ourselves doubting man-made climate change – from a simple sociological parsing among fashion-groups – we automatically find ourselves standing among kleptocratic and oligopolic banksters, at least until finer definitions are asserted.

            As another great Canadian, Marshal McLuhan once quipped, ‘moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity.’ This applies to Rachel Maddow and Dick Cheney, as much as it does to James Corbett, (gods bless him,) when he loses his cool over kids wishing to breathe clean air. My goal is to appeal to his respect for those people who, by virtue of their gullibility and fear of fashion-faux-pax, frustrate him so, so that they might have the opportunity to hear his earnest appeal and see how goofy the Emperor’s new line looks when warn by the consumer proletariate.

            tl;dr: Make peace with the (fashion) police; they don’t listen to naked ravers.


            • I don’t see myself as smugly standing on the moral high ground with my nose in the air. You seem to view my “approach” that way, though. My original points were about how I view emotion versus logic, not in how I would try to convey the ideas I believe in, to other people. You are focused on the delivery of ideas to others. That is definitely very important to focus on. I agree with you though that a calm, fact-based delivery is better than a riled-up one.

              • Yeah, sorry if I appeared to be sizing YOU up, and more-so if that’s what I actually did. I was disagreeing with the position you were presenting, ie that we have the hard facts on our side alone. The experts who preach and regurgitate this stuff are indeed working with facts; they just aren’t aware of themselves and the institutions they’re unwittingly standing with, so the facts are cherry-picked and hyperbolically arranged.

                I am focused on the delivery, you’re right. A spoon full of honey helps the immune system fight off sugar and petroleum-based medicine, as it were, ie. the medium is the massage, and all that.

        • Well said, manbearpig. I think this fairly characterizes most of the proverbial field. These are not stupid people, but they do suffer from isolated and discrete stupidity.

          Paradigm-blindness, fashion-blindness and mirror-blindness are real things. Failure to acknowledge them by the critic renders most criticism incapable of being constructive, because directing arrows at their image usually amounts to killing the messenger, and so being mistaken for a jerk.


  4. The loss of insects is due to ever increasing pesticide use, including pesticide-ready crops. It is not because of climate change.
    Climate change scare does really hurt the environmental movement….

    • Spot on.
      You are right.

      Something which shouts like fireworks and neon lights is the fact that these “climate change good doers portrayed by the media” are NOT ranting about Dow and Dupont and Monsanto and all the chemical companies and the polluting products they make which American consumers buy.

      Like James says: “This is insanity!”

    • Not only that.
      Now technocrats are pushing them to support
      GMO and nuclear power.

  5. Thank goodness James is on our side.
    No covert spy network, no bugs planted on the walls of CIA conference rooms or the trees of Bohemian Grove. Through sheer observation, research and common sense (and an extraordinary memory) James is uncovering the mentality, goals, methods and guarded secrets of TPTB.

    I have a couple of questions (for anyone interested):

    1. If the technocrats are pushing for reduced reproduction, who exactly is so strongly pushing for increased reproduction via ever-growing tax breaks & handouts for those who marry and reproduce most?

    2. This one’s more philosophical: Disregarding the depopulation agendas/conspiracies for a moment, might it actually be reasonable to have a preference that no more humans be born?
    When it’s so easy for a human to be raised improperly from the get-go or later be drawn down the wrong path — the path of needlessly inflicting pain & suffering on others — does it even make sense to produce more humans?
    Why create more beings in a world where the pain & suffering dramatically outweighs the joy? Especially beings who, in addition to having to endure that pain & suffering, will produce a dramatic net increase of it?

    • Pain and suffering has always been a part of life. In fact, past generations endured much more suffering than we do in our day and age. More starvation, disease, and lack of access to utilities that most people take for granted now. Suffering is inevitable, and the emotions associated with it are as important as any other emotions, in my opinion. Without it, joy and pleasure would be undefinable. You can’t experience one without having experienced the other.

      • scpat said: “Pain and suffering has always been a part of life. In fact, past generations endured much more suffering than we do in our day and age. More starvation, disease, and lack of access to utilities that most people take for granted now.”

        Okay, but that doesn’t conflict with anything I said. In fact it helps make my point.

        scpat said: “the emotions associated with it are as important as any other emotions, in my opinion. Without it, joy and pleasure would be undefinable. You can’t experience one without having experienced the other.”

        In order to experience/define/appreciate joy/pleasure, you only need the absence of it; a neutral state – a state of boredom. You do not need pain or suffering.
        Not that it really matters in this context since, if pain & suffering were indeed required in such a way, that too would help make my point.

        • I diasagree with the statement that there only needs to be a neutral state. My point is that “joy” would not have the same definition today if there were only neutral states and positive emotions. Everything in life is relative to something else. Positive feelings and experiences are only thought of as being “good” because there are a set of emotions and feelings we know as “bad”. One cannot exist without the other.

    • I agree with what scpat says.

      “Why create more beings in a world where the pain & suffering dramatically outweighs the joy?”
      This is only your perception (see the end).
      Both suffering as well as joy have no bounds. They are potentially infinite in experience and it is thus not possible to weigh them.
      Having a child will maybe outweigh everything.
      Also you are taking the choice for your future child away how he or she will choose to see and act in the world.
      That is part of the infection of our minds which we get bombarded with.

      In moments in which I ask similar questions like this one, I know for myself that I am over-intellectualising/over-rationalizing. Then is always time for me to step back and get into connection with life and love. (Out of the head and into heart and touch.)

      I will definitely look into the “Overcoming Learned Helplessness” link. You should maybe too.

  6. Ratcheting up the indoctrination of the youth, there is a world-wide student strike this Friday and Sept 27 2019 and my daughters’ high-school decided to participate. The goal is to “pressure” the Canadian and provincial governments to pass laws to force carbon reduction by 2030 and aim for zero-net emissions by 2050. My girls will attend but they are aware of the propaganda and agenda at play. Unfortunately, they are also aware of the social consequences of speaking against this movement.

    I’m of two-minds, I feel the propagandists have effectively won – it is a fait accompli- yet on the other hand, knowledge is changing minds. I hope that the overreach and “anti-humanity” goal of zero-net emissions will wake-up a critical mass that will be mobilized to challenge the alarmist extremists. But time is ticking and the youth are being brainwashed everyday!!

    • Possibly one approach…

      I have been thinking about this dilemma for a long time.
      A possible interim, local level solution is to steer the concern. Steer it towards a better target.

      Rightly so, many folks are passionately concerned about the environment.
      But they are being given the wrong target.

      Rather than create a head-on clash of ideas, possibly when appropriate, we can influence people by curving the target, by shifting the focus.
      People can be easily swayed, especially if they find an idea which they can strongly agree with.
      So maybe, at times, saying something like…
      “I understand everyone’s concern, but here is something which we can do right this minute, right now, to make a difference.
      Let’s stop buying all these harmful chemical products, like pesticides and Teflon and plastic bottled water. For example: buy food without chemicals….”

    • Justine.k- if by chance you are of ” two minds” then The Powers That Shouldn’t Be ( TPTSB ) have accomplished their goal. Divided thought always weakens the targets position; that’s propagandas goal. You don’t sound like you believe that is the case at all. Stay singularly sound and united in your thoughts. You sound like you know what’s going on at the front. I encourage you to know the fait accompli is just propaganda and deny TPTSBs supposed authority. You are putting family first and that will drive them crazy.

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I have no doubt about the climate swindle but I have failed so many times to engage parents, sisters, brothers-in-laws to research alternate views of climate change. Thankfully my kids get it but I worry that the propaganda machine will win. It doesn’t change my view and I’m encouraged by the “backlash” of sorts that AOC has received as the bearer of the Green New Deal due to the radical nature of the solution and righteous rhetoric isn’t well received. Hence the overreach of the TPTSB may have the opposite consequence- I sincerely hope.

  7. James !OMG! Now that I had time to view this . You just can’t make this stuff up!

  8. Climate fear-porn is total insanity. It is religion. It’s hard to go against religion. I’m completely unsuccessful on my social terrain.

    Well, no surprise when people are fed with crap like this:

    The true cost of flying – VPRO documentary

    They claim we will fly in next decade or two with electric airplanes, no doubt. The whole thing is pretty inconsistent. But it has co2 (carbon) glue for believers.

    Like with all no-emissions technologies the first question How do we get electricity is not questioned nor answered.
    Experts forgot to mention the most important: current gap in energy density between kerosene and batteries. It’s 12kWh/kg for kerosene and max. 0,5 kWh/kg for batteries (0,2 kWh/kg for tesla batteries).
    Electric motors are probably more efficient, but batteries has to be carried for the whole flight, while kerosene is burned and there is less weight to carry. Jets can also fly on higher altitudes and have less drag.
    Considering everything the gap is even bigger and it is quite possible it won’t close with advance in technology.
    Never mind, developers will still siphon money from state coffers and people won’t mind expecting no-emissions messiah.

    There is a huge concern for environment (religious fervor) in documentary but they forgot to mention sulfur content in jet fuel. There is up to 200 times more sulfur in jet fuel (3000ppm) comparing to diesel fuel (15ppm). It’s probably even worse with marine fuels. Yes, desulfurisation is expensive, not good for economy.

    Looks like acid rain from SO2 (sulfur dioxide) isn’t problem anymore. When I was young it was a problem and we had many other environmental problems too.
    Today youngsters know just carbon and (maybe) plastic as a problem. Carbon (co2) just jumps from everywhere, from every tin-can.

    Politically speaking, Europe will be more united when people can fly all around (just Europe) for few bucks using roaming-free enslavement devices and enjoy into oblivion.

    The other day I saw on pollen calendar (for allergies) that things worsened because of….climate change.

  9. Oh no, I’m not laughing.

    The whole Climate Change thing is a deadly cult.

    Sadly the outcome of Jonestown was mass suicide and murder. I’m sure that was part of an experiment to test the principles for use in the future on a global scale.

    I don’t have any children but if I did, I’d be moving them as far away from civilisation as a could manage. I wouldn’t be gambling with my children’s lives on other people waking up and smelling the bitter almonds in time.

    • Great article, Ian. Just finished it. All the major points of the climate change agenda. Where it came from, how they are implementing it, and where they intend it to go. Essentially all of the things James covered in Why Big Oil Conquered the World, summed up in a nice article.

      • A link from the article you posted on a presentation by an astrophysicist on how solar activity impacts terrestrial temperature:

        Th research she presents is extremely important and if her hypothesis is correct, terrestrial temperatures will begin decreasing in a few years. If this occurs, I wonder how this will change the talking points of the anthropogenic global warming people.

        • Yep Prof. Zharkova predictions are fascinating. What matters more I think is the fact that she has developed the technique to predict solar cycles. Which will be increasingly important I suspect. Shame the IPCC aren’t so convinced about the Sun’s impact on climate. Which is odd, don’t you think? (I’m being ironic there.)

      • Many thanks. I’m glad you found it a good read. Have just seen James latest video and am really chuffed he thought it worth a mention.

    • Ian,
      Thanks! That was an excellent read. Excellent.

      • Thanks for reading. Appreciated.

    • Excellent article, cheers Ian

      • No worries. Glad you liked it.

  10. Climate grief? Good grief! THAT’s one creative step in revenue streaming. KMN!

    The NBC ‘news’ report about the mother who has to deal with crying children (the ‘save-the-children’ motif seems never to wear out) because of climate change was totally ridiculous. Her church programmed solution uses the exact tools of cult indoctrination. I’m surprised NBC, in talking-up the children’s grieving story, didn’t mention anything about harmed babies. I mean how is the MSM going to work in incubated babies on cold floors from this point? I jest. I’m sure they will find a way. If hers is not a totally made-up BS story then such individuals are way too fragile to be living on this planet. Bankster/elitist criminals surround them who use pinpoint propaganda to generate huge profits from their fear and grief in order to cement control over the future of their children. Fear, anger and feelings of powerlessness along with happiness, love, hope and life IS life on planet Earth. Deal with it or climb into a hole and pull the ground over you.

    AND that commerical with the exploding non-conformists–that’s not a thinly veiled threat. Nor was it funny. However, leave it to the UK to continue to push the envelope of asperations for the globalists/banksters. Eugenics or not, the 60!? (OMG), BirthStrike people who are not having children because of climate change are doing us all a favor. The genetic pool will benefit. Thank you, ladies.

    Learned helplessness? On the nose, James. This BS climate change narrative is certainly about conditioning younger generations via trauma so to keep them in fear and angst while still inexperienced and without critical thinking skills. Their growth into conformity without the possibility of developing those skills is the great hope of the criminals who perpetrate the ruse.

  11. Thank you!, this encouraged me to work faster on some activism stuff (see the end).

    Regarding the stories. This was one again where I had the impression recently it appeared internationally and locally (nationally).
    What I mean: In Germany they pushed in the newspapers that women should get 50k Euros (sum varies, sometimes Dollars, sometimes 70k) at some age when they got no kid – stayed child-free.
    But what made the most impression in this story: They directly said that they had this from the Club of Rome. You can’t make this up!
    This exploding ad I didn’t know of. It is truly terrifying!

    Hungary the opposite: They want to support their women having children (I believed married, so families) with a credit. This credit they have to pay back less or even not at all, depending on the number of children (I think three is where you don’t have to pay back anything anymore, maybe four).
    This is what the political battle in Europe looks like. Population control grrr.

    I am currently researching the Tavistock myth/narrative and will post a link when I have finished to the corbettreport page where the question on Tavistock was asked.

    (the end)

    After that I will compile video excerpts so other activists can make a video for an one and only video “the most important video on climate change you have ever watched”. It should be about 10-15 minutes.
    I don’t expect that the truly brainwashed will change because of that but it’ll be probably useful for everyone who can still somehow think. Most importantly it will be a tool! A tool for anybody who wishes to show what is going on in the heart of the climate church.
    It will first be in German because the guy who researched all this is a German and all books and clips are from German speaking climate priests (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
    But that’s the important stuff!
    It will only be material from IPCC guys and other priests! Zero material of realists or skeptics.
    No detailed or difficult to understand reports, not hour long.
    It will be about the 15 degree Celsius (pre-industrial temperature 1820/50 AND supposed “optimal” temperature for earth).
    The temperature supposedly much rising the past 150 years (about 0.8-1.5 degree Celsius) up to a maximum ever measured(!) average average global temperature of 14.82 degrees Celsius in 2016.
    Of course we know that this global temperature is nonsense.
    But this supposed rise from 15C by 0.8-1.5 up(!) to 14.8C (not 15.8-16.5 as it then supposedly should be!) means aiming for the heart of the quackery and imposture.
    It’s like with 9/11 and other stories: Most people don’t even know the official account at all.

    • What I forgot. The 2016 Australian movie Lion had also a terrifying sub-plot:
      Australian parents have adopted two kids and the main story is about one of them, an Indian.
      A lot later in the film he is arguing with his parents (himself an adult), stating that he is sad for them that they could not have had a child on their own (taking this as for granted).
      They answer: No, we could have had our own child. We CHOSE not to have a child – because of over-population. I don’t think it was because of climate change too but it was the same narrative: We didn’t need to put another child into the world because we got convinced by some narrative to not do so.

    • F-IW, and Mielia, you set me to thinking. That in its self proves you are effecting action, even if it is at a distance.
      Asking myself ‘ what is the bigger picture here? ‘ so many related subplots intermingle and intertwine that there is the distinct signature of a “CON” game in process. It is large, so large it buggers the imagination. Who has that ‘ largess’ in the world? Lockheed- Martins owner.
      I see the end game and work backwards to understand the many sub- plots and how they direct the ‘marks’ in the desired direction and with agreeable and pliable mindset to arrive at the end goals destination .
      See what you think if the goal is world-wide climate control.
      1. SRM- solar radiation management, Z-man will appreciate the importance of the suns impact on all aspects of climate. And as David Kieth says ” it could kill millions but will save billions of lives”. A two for one.
      2. Hydro cycle control. Directly affects food production, water resources. Population control, economic derivatives markets control ect.
      3. Technocracy Rising ! By the time the Climate Control bureaucracy is established in all the subplots leading up to the world wide ‘ Climate Authority ‘ the technocrats will be well established and their authority will be accepted ‘fiat accompli!’
      Its poster child= one of the most ruthless totalitarian megalomaniacs of all history Lyndon Baines Johnson, who did state ” he who controls the weather controls the world!”
      So it will be bigger than the creation of fiat paper money in its power to control life on earth. Now how do you derail this big game con train? Q4C?

      • I second your question for Q4C, gbw. That’s the kind of far-seeing thinking, questioning, probing dot-connecting we could use more of in this world.

        • CQ , just the ravings of a landscape painter. They* have
          ruined the sky.

          F-IW, they* have ruined the sky and the family.
          Don’t quite know what to do about it, act up?

          * the powers that shouldn’t be

      • generalbottlewasher
        Hey, as in my comment above which I just posted, I would like to repeat to you: Locally it is the easiest to get involved combating Agenda 21 (sustainable development) – at least this is quite possible to my knowledge.
        The channel grindall61 talks a lot about this and much more better shows how he gets involved in council meetings and the like. If you are more the liberal person, the information by Rosa Koire is probably still online, so you might find your way to take action there.
        Sustainable development plays also into what you talked about (weather control).
        But on this subject I would recommend you Jim Lee of climateviewer . com and . org. If his solution is to your flavor, you have to figure out yourself. But he presents one.

        In the long run the most important solution is towards (un)schooling, I agree with FIW. But that would be another topic and much too big compared to such a very concrete form of activism I first wrote on (a tool to show how at the core of the climate church there are only charlatans).

        • Thank you all! I was watching the local spraying just yesterday here as I had the occasion to get a two-for over the four hours I was walking after the golf ball. The walk was spoiled by the game but more so as I viewed the weather modification or SRM overhead. It did rain by the next morning so who knows.
          I agree Mielia that Agenda 21 and 2030 is insidious. My little berg has been ensnared by the Rockefeller Foundation money, buckets of money that the pigs fight over at the trough all the while selling out the constituents. A very select few, evermore building 760sq.ft.highrise luxury boxes downtown and on surplus city parkland. All to house the hivemind technocratic libtard progressives who will serve Macy’s fulfillment center, Amazon, Google, Big Oil accounting, Big Bank and city, state and Fed. guvment. So its an uphill battle that very few want to tackle. Too much fluoride in the water and a constant coal fly-ash heavy metal bombardment from the sky makes Jack a dull boy round here. However, you all give me hope. Tomarrow I will put a another tack in
          ol’ Rockefellers chair just so he knows we are still here.

    • I don’t really need help at this point or at least not concerning this subject. The climate project will be with local/German activists, so nothing international right away.
      If you wanna get engaged, probably the topics Agenda 21 and 5G are easy to get involved with, because they are both gonna get implemented locally and involvement can happen locally here. If you are in the US, there are already some people combating and adressing this. You might find help then there.

  12. As a new parent James passionately asks what is in the minds of these people to exterminate children in propaganda videos.
    The answer is very simply the message of the Talmud, according to which Jews are the master race and everyone else entirely inferior, to the level of animals, and entirely expendable.

    Same thing with all the complexity of the modern state ideological assault on the populations, and how to combat that. Bring down the banking and financial system which alone empowers Talmudic thought in the modern world and almost all the other problems will also disappear very quickly.

    It may reasonably be deduced that the deliberate complexity and diversity of the problems is a strategy to fragment any concerted opposition focus on overthrowing the financial system. So long as that remains in place nothing substantial can or will change.

    Granted that the (man made) climate change issue is a huge problem and may well be the vehicle for large scale implementation of eugenics, still it remains a diversion. It does not extend to Israel and essentially concerns WHITE-man made climate change, and white depopulation.

    I get a feeling that the Yellow Vests movement in France is essentially focused on the financial system issue. Which is appropriate seeing that the French Revolution was, not the first, but the essential step along the long road to empowering the modern financial system.

  13. The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg, is an EPIC devestating series. If that is all true then all I can say is the Agenda 21 or 2030 has been very successful. The Green, Eco, Sustainable and climate nonsense is like a run-away train that cannot be stopped. We are all so busy looking at the squirrel to see what has and is happening. If only most people were conscious of what is really going on. When they target our children, there seems to be no defence. What is to be done? Only thing I can think of is take all our children out of the school/indoctrination system. I’m so sick and tired of the GREEN everything, its everywhere, even when I log into my bank account a message appears… “go green”…most people just fall for it.

    Furthermore, I just wonder if recycling is a Hoax.. When the garbage truck comes to collet the garbage (there are two bins, one for recycling and the other just household garbage) the garbage truck will tip both bins in the same truck. How is that recycling?

  14. As I was driving in my car this afternoon and heard this story I immediately thought of James and what his reaction will be to it.

    The infamous Greta Thunberg has been nominated as a candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for climate activism!

    Who would have thunk that Thunberg is so popular?

    *I* think a collective two-fingers-in-mouth puke from the majority of Corbeteers is in order. 🙁

  15. FIW, even though I responded to your first comment (with the three links) under the “Green New Deal” article, now that you’ve included the Washington Times link here, I’ll add this:

    Cory Morningstar, who wrote the “Wrong Kind of Green” series on Greta et al, and Christopher C. Horner, who obtained the cache of emails via an open-records request, both deserve to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize before Greta does.

    • Yeah, makes me wish I were still ignorant of the pretend/pretentious elite and the prizes they heap upon one another, FIW.

      Speaking of being ignorant, recently I’ve seen a couple references to ISO 20XX. When I did a search for this meaningless-to-me term, I got a bunch of words that are more gobbledygook: Melee? Super Smash Bros? Hack Pack? What the heck are all those thingamajigs?

      • Got it now. Thanks for explaining, FIW. It makes sense.

  16. March 15, 2019

    U.S. students to skip school in global call for climate action
    (Caution: Vomit Alert – The embedded video will hit the gag reflex.)

    Thousands of students across the U.S. were expected to stage school walkouts on Friday, joining peers around the world to demand action on climate change.

    Max Prestigiacomo, 17, who is organizing a demonstration in Madison, Wis., said there was a real disconnect between what was being taught in the classroom — that climate change poses an existential threat — and how politicians were reacting.

    “The political climate in the States right now is doing nothing,” he told NBC News during a telephone interview. “They’re bargaining with our future.”

    School strikes organized by U.S. children and teens in almost every state call for the implementation of the Green New Deal, a plan championed by Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that would implement a complete transition to renewable energy by 2030.

    Similar strikes are planned in nearly 100 countries…

    …Last month, strikes in Britain saw thousands of students pour onto the streets of London, stopping traffic outside the country’s Parliament….

    • I have to laugh. It’s Spring Break where I live. All the kids are skipping school today, Friday.

  17. Syrian Dusty Boy, yet another victim of the Climate Grief Syndrome

    Isn’t it time for a global Climate Change Combating White Helmets Brigade??

  18. Not surprising how the media cherry pick the first point out of the Brenton Tarrant’s (The alleged Christchurch shooter) manifesto but not the second?

    1.”Were/are you a supporter of Donald Trump?

    As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a
    policy maker and leader? Dear god no.”

    2.”Why focus on immigration and birth rates when climate change is
    such a huge issue?

    Because they are the same issue, the environment is being destroyed by
    over population, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not over
    populating the world. The invaders are the ones over populating the world.
    Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the

  19. If yellow vests would only figure out what they’re actually after, and how those demands relate to liberty, the situation could continue to evolve in a specific direction and as such would be less prone to highjacking.

    • I don’t wonder about what they’re against.

      Lists full of demands (akin to letters to Santa) which can be read online are nothing but socialized psycho nanny state claptrap. Most of it, anyway.

      People wanting free stuff so they could dabble in consumerism a while longer, that’s not how I picture enlightenment.

      To be certain, I appreciate the effort of protestors and admire their resolve, but without having a perfectly lucid idea of what the end goal looks like and what the cost of achieving it will be, nothing good will result from this affair.

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