My First False Flag Theory

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So I recently recalled my first false flag theory, formulated as a joke in response to a junior high school homework assignment. What was your first sign that you were an outside-the-box thinker? Chime in in the comments below.

1993 Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Election Ad

Nardwuar vs. Prime Minister Jean Chretien

CBC covers the “face ad”


  1. James,
    What your story tells me is that you were smarter than your teacher, even as a 13 old.

    My early indicator as a future skeptic to the official narrative was probably when I discovered that the Santa Claus story we are told by our parents when we are young was a hoax. After I understood that, I quickly ruled out the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. I figured this out much earlier than most kids.

  2. I remember asking my grandma, who was heavily focused on politics, if she thought the Monica Lewinsky stuff might just be an effort to make Clinton appear more human and relatable, as that’s how it appeared to me at the time.
    She had a stunned look on her face and began shaking her head almost immediately but she did so without confidence and while contemplating if they (dirty politicians) might actually go that far. A couple seconds later she said no and that was the end of it.
    At least she thought about it.

    To this day, I wonder if the scandal might have been a 5D chess move.

  3. SE Q’ld Australia was a wierd and wonderful experience in 70’s and 80’s. Politically, and with complete control of the police, it was ruled by a Peanut farmer from Kingaroy (Wakka Wakka for hungry black ant), called Johannes Bjelke-Petersen. More commonly as Bejelke-Joh. His uncompromising conservatism (including his role in the downfall of the Whitlam federal government), his political longevity, and his leadership of a government that, in its later years, was revealed to be institutionally corrupt, made him one of the best-known and most controversial political figures of 20th century Australia.

  4. James you were a very bright student in your understanding of the world. Insight into the workings of others can come in more ways than can be imagined. Clairvoyant, metaphysical and keen observation and everything in between. How do you describe it?
    The false flags are probably a tactic for those who are determined to ” win”. In “winning” , at my level of interpreting the world I have come to question a ” win for the people’s cause” as a false flag. That is probably do to the mess TPTSB have made of our controlled existence. Epstein is a recent example. Did the law and order crowd win one there?
    Just as Jack Ruby killed the killer of Kennedy I knew then at 6-7 years old the fishiness was a big false flag. The delivery system was not to be trusted. Why I knew baffled me for years, since I was “just a kid”. The Baptist had a saying, ” from the mouths of babies”. Why that shook the establishment will be an ongoing dialog.

    Did anyone ever layout the scenario in a political science white paper , to determine the effects it generated and how to use it in the future? I have a feeling it got some psychopaths attention in the P.R. firms in Ottawa, N.Y. or Texas. Just a feeling.
    One last thing, you have never shown a swimming beach in all the scenes you have shot outdoors. Do the Japanese have public beaches or is the geography not available? On an island.

    • Have now seen ” CBC covers the “face adds”. Marketing magazine, yea it got a lot of attention on subject.

  5. I’ve reached as far back into my increasingly degenerating memory as possible only to realize that I’ve always been a naive, trusting dumbshit. To my credit however, when smart phones first came out and every body I knew had one, I remember sitting on the steps of my front porch experiencing a sort of epiphany: that this convenient, fun technology was designed to get us addicted, thus making the next installment (which I later learned was an actual thing called transhumanism) the no-brainer, next step towards our slavery and ultimate death-to-self. Maybe I can thank The Twilight Zone for this undercurrent of a realization. As a kid, I remember experiencing the thrilling twist of irony watching the episode where aliens land on earth with all kinds solutions for mankind, specifically how to alleviate mass-starvation. In an act of transparency and goodwill, they handed over one of their books to be deciphered by cryptologists worldwide who discovered much later that it was actually a cookbook called “To Serve Man”.

    • How much you wanna bet that that scumbag director was guilty, to a greater degree, of the crimes he delighted in punishing? Though I’m sorry your sister suffered that cruel humiliation, you learned a priceless lesson that clearly governed the rest of your life; knowledge and wisdom applied. You’re the wise one!

  6. Hi James, my first goes way back to the Jack Kennedy hit. I was an American high school senior at the time. Of course, like most other Americans, I was traumatized by the event and was watching the news pretty constantly as the hit occurred on a Friday. I remember Lee Harvey Oswald in custody claiming he was a patsy, and I had read enough crummy detective stories to know the meaning of the word. And then you have Jack Ruby walking up to him and shooting him with a snub nosed .38 at point blank range. Hmmm. Patsy…. no trial. That’s when the wheels started to click for me. Of course, like 9/11, there were so many holes in the official story that by the following year I was an expert conspiracy theorist of the Kennedy murder.

  7. That’s a good question.
    Going back in time (that’s a long bus ride) I guess my first realization that This One Is Not Like The Others (insert catchy jingle) was the feedback I got from girls as a youngster in school. The finest compliment they bestowed on me, on a regular basis, was “You’re weird.”

    And pearl, that one is a killer episode. I have the complete DVD set in my collection. In season 4 there is an episode with Robert Duvall called “Miniature”. One of my personal favorites. If you are a big Twilight Zone fan, there is a book you may enjoy. As I Knew Him- My Dad, Rod Serling, written by his daughter.

    • And I thought I’d seen every episode; obviously not! I may just borrow it from the library and get up to speed. Remember “Night Gallery”? The one where the heartless woman washes a poor spider down the sink, and when she returns the next day, there’s a slightly larger spider in the sink, which she also kills? If you know Serling, you get one guess how that one played out.

  8. How The Deep State is using Trump as their Trojan Horse
    By: Simon Leland
    Written 11/03/2015; edited and Published 11/15/2016

    In this commentary, I’m speculating that the deep state’s goal for Trump is the breaking up of the current political systems both domestically and internationally for the purpose of uniting it all under a more global structure. If you understand the concept of the “Deep State” then you understand that the deep state does not lose elections. However, if Trump is so anti-establishment, than why did the deep state select Trump?

    A few reasons; First, Trump shares the same moral values (or lack thereof) as the deep state and he is both predictable and controllable. If you understand the psychology of pride, then you can easily predict Trump. If you understand the psychology of greed, than you can easily control Trump. These are the two main “values” that drive “The Donald” in a nut shell. Secondly, Trump is exactly what America has been begging for, an anti-establishment candidate with enough wealth to do and say what he wants without regard for the media backlash. Does Trump’s character accurately represent America? Well sadly yes more than we’d like to admit, especially the up and coming generations of America.

    I believe the science of psychology and particularly group psychology have become the number one weapon that is being used by the deep state. I also believe that reverse psychology was the weapon of choice when convincing the American voters that Trump is NOT one of the Elite. According to Oliver DeMille, “He did something very simple: he talked off-the-cuff, like the regular people. He made regrettable gaffes and misspoke from time to time – more like a high school football coach or a construction crew foreman than a polished banker, lawyer, or doctor. He called names, pointed fingers, talked back in bombastic tones and used colorful language. Nearly every time he went on TV or gave a speech he proved that he wasn’t one of “them.” In fact, this very behavior made him one of the most despised presidential candidates ever—in the eyes of the political class. It made the college-educated embarrassed to support him, and it made Millennials loathe him as a virtually monolithic block. To the regular people, however, it did the opposite. It gave them hope. He acted like one of working class. Their response? “Who cares”. At least he’s not one of them.” And they elected him.”

    Over the last two decades the existing power structures have continued to grow in size and scope to the point that the deep state has grown it’s self into a corner. These power structures, namely the US, NATO, European Union, including foreign trade agreements and the invisible hand of Israel have consolidated more power to the point where they almost have created gridlock between each other. Not that their goals are in conflict, or that they are in opposition to each other but there political structures are so big and cumbersome they cannot easily integrate much more beyond their current state.

    I’m speculating that the deep state’s goal for Trump is the breaking up of the current gridlock & to destabilize both individual countries (including the US) and the globe for the purpose of re-uniting it all under a more global structure. This breaking up has already begun in Europe with Brexit. The full implications of Brexit have yet to be seen but the de-stabilizing of the status quo has already begun. Phase two, the selection of Trump. Trump’s inexperience and arrogance coupled with his previously stated positions on international affairs and trade agreements very much point to him doing just this. Trump will re-nig on existing trade agreements making them unreasonable to our partners. He will increase our military presents internationally meanwhile lending less support to those same countries that are hosting our military bases. This combination will likely result in more hostility towards the US and a continued “need” for more security.

    Domestically, the Nov. 2016 election has given both legislative houses to the “so called Republicans” effectively breaking the current gridlock between the left and right. In addition, it would be fair to expect Trump to “Rule” as a King. During his campaign he has made it abundantly clear that he intends to get things done… his way. Republicans has moaned and groaned for 8 years as Obama has made every effort to sidestep the legislative bodies. Meanwhile both the House and the Senate have done very little to try and stop him or check his authority. Now that a Republican is in the Whitehouse The legislators will acquiescence even more easily and allow Trump a long leash (the authority to act without them) with the hopes of remaining blameless of the actions taking place. The Democrats will kick and screen and complacently complain that their hands are tied as the minority.

    In the [near?] future, as the US and the world becomes less stable the fear will slowly and steadily ratcheted up by the media. The public demand for more security and international governance will continue. If you are wondering, “How’s it all going to end? Or What major crisis is going to finally cause the collapse of American?”. According to Jack Perry, “There won’t be a major crisis that does it. It’s going to be a slow cascade reaction of crisis and disasters… it has already begun.”

    Looking to history, 25 years ago on Jan. 16, 1991 the beginning of the Gulf War (which evolved into Operation Desert Shield and then Operation Desert Storm and so on and so forth) there were many Iraqi citizens that were overjoyed to see the tyrant Saddam Hussein deposed. Anything to get rid of the status quo. Well 25 years later of nothing but war and blood in the streets, those same Iraqis realize that their country was more stable, and that most people had it better off under the tyrant Saddam Hussein. Now this is not an endorsement for Saddam Hussein. However, if we are to learn from history, we should learn that before we discard the Status quo (the gridlock in Washington and the World), we need to have a plan of what we are replacing it with. Again, this is in no way an endorsement of the status quo. I believe the American Nov. 2016 election was clearly a vote to remove the establishment. American was voting for a change, any change, not a specific intentional change. It can always get worse, and it likely will.

  9. I immediately knew something wasn’t right the day Bush announced we were going to war with Iraq. I said to myself “That makes no sense at all. Why are we invading Iraq?!”
    Then the media just drilled WMD into everyone’s heads relentlessly.

  10. Hello,

    New member here, this seems like as good a topic as any to start commenting on.

    Trying to recall the first specific example of a false flag I came across, rather than the route to ending up at the Corbet report.

    The first example I can think of was actually given by my history teacher at around age 15/16. We were either discussing Pearl Harbor or the Lusitania (I wasn’t paying too much attention!) and the teacher stated that _some_ people believed it was staged/allowed to happen in order allow American involvement in WW1/WW2. This must have been in either 2001 or 2002. Kind of a reverse example to James’ one. I don’t remember it being a big talking point in the class, no one had any follow up questions.

    The second flase flag suspicion I had was after researching Operation Blue Star 1984 Amritsar.

    I would like to try to write a time line of other events, conversations and discoveries that led me here. I think it would be kind of cathartic. It would involve the Hillsborough disaster, the UK MP expense scandals, Snowden and Jimmy Savil. Also, a quick discussion with an aquentance in the pub of all the key 9/11 talking points; it wasn’t until I verbalised to someone in person that I actually understood what I actually believed!

    • Good for you double base. We shall all hang together for our beliefs. It may be a new power structure but it is comprised of the same fears and resolutions as the founding fathers experienced. I know it sounds corny but that’s as simple as can be.

  11. I was a libertarian from a very very young age. I had a job baby-sitting (which I despised), washing dishes, peddling Red Hots and JuJuBees at the theater, among other things since I was seriously in the fifth or sixth grade. I’d been working for a few years, mostly likely unbeknownst to my dad, when he cornered me in high school and reprimanded me about not having a social security number. I did not argue with him but I was outraged. “The government is going to force me to ‘voluntarily’ disclose to them a detailed list of my income so they could tax a fifteen-year-old?!? WTH?!?” I hated the government ever since. There’s not been a day go by that I was either indifferent to them (out of my mind) or I hated them. My mom not too long after that belonged to a local libertarian group so I learned a small bit about it from her. I did not become consumed with it until I finally got a sufficient Internet connection about the time Ron Paul ran for President in 07′.

    • Furthermore, more to James’ point, I never voted, watched the news, or could bear listening to politicians talk. I did vote for RP in 87′, 07′, and 11′ though. After the USGovt invaded Iraq in 03′ I was so upset I thought I’d better watch the news to see why the story in my head was 100% different than the plunder peddler’s. I watched for two weeks and was flabbergasted that the news was just as I had envisioned Pravda with 24/7 propaganda. I turned it off, through away the television, and let my brain recover from the propaganda of the other shows. It works 400% better now.

      • OH! 911. I’m an engineer. I called BS on that when that first tower collapsed. It’s weird. They claimed they knew it was bin Laden that day because I was scouring the Internet to try to figure out why he’d do such a dastardly thing. I also was looking for blueprints to figure out how they did it. ; )

      • Hi manbearpig – just quickly – what’s “chomskian gatekeeping”

        • WinstonSmythe-

          MBP will explain that quite well, but also see Corbett’s video entitled “Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper”.

  12. Not exactly false flag thinking at the time, but certainly smelling a rat.

    In high school history class, I kept asking why the USG had to drop the atomic bombs on cities? Why not an unpopulated area? The Japanese were already defeated. What was the point other than terrorism?

    Now I’m 95% certain that there were and are no nuclear weapons, except depleted uranium, and that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed, like all the other Japanese cities. The whole thing was a hoax to save the Manhattan Project (Big Science), and to scare the world’s population into submission, which it has done perfectly.

  13. I am enjoying all these anecdotes on this thread.
    It adds texture and color to the landscape.
    Corbett had a cool story, but I sure am glad that he explained the Canadian aspects of politics in that era.

  14. Hoaxes as false flags

    Most of the hoaxes in the paranormal/spiritual world are distracting us from the real stuff. It is quite disheartening to see how easy this is. Probably because no-one wants to be tricked into believing something false. This works both ways.

    In the UFO world, I encountered many obvious hoaxes as an excuse to deny a valid and very interesting phenomena, like foo-fighters.

    The same is of course true for health, where we see happy people being healthy and live longer than the stressed or depressed people.

    The denial and hoaxing gets worse when it combines with technocracy. It pushes a believe that science can study and understand everything. And solve all problems. And to maintain that illusion it has deny a part of the not-so-simple reality.
    Here is a YT-channel that goes into the science of the paranormal:
    And I have observed about 50% of the things they discuss.

    But this does not end there.

    Science can not correct itself

    I noticed that science is not capable of correcting itself, when it reaches a certain level of confirmation and bias. Even with normal physical things.

    For example. NASA’s physics of the sun can be proven wrong on 10 points already. The theories were moderately OK for a generation, but later better observations and better experiments showed different things. The theories did not adapt or change, and stayed fixed. Probably because the theories were now “laws” in the school-books, and no newer generation was capable of challenging the teachers without immense resistance.
    Errors are in the order of 10^6, which is absurd already for plain physics. But the worst case is Quantum Electrodynamics with errors in the order of 10^120. In other words: there is a lot of bullshit in them. It is also quite easy to point the problems out, if you did not follow the complete indoctrination course.

    Crimes and Conspiracies

    This all lead me to study the conspiracy theories as well. And the obvious errors in the official reports are often very clear. A magic bullet. A perfect freefall collapse. An undamaged passport.

    The funny thing is that in EU most people do not doubt that JFK was shot by criminals that had inside help, but in the US it is too much. Cultural bias is really a thing.

    And with crimes and conspiracies, we also see theories that go too far.

    From contrails-are-chemtrails to NASA-fakes-everything, from mini-nukes/DEW to all-shootings-are-fake-shootings. And these theories overflow the actual logical deduced crimes, with so much bullshit that we can not see the truth anymore. This is also a false flag/ hoax. Not all of these bullshit-theories may be on purpose, but they are pushed by the media to overflow the actual crime-stories. For example, on youtube I see links to flat-earth instead of corbett-report.


    • Solutions

      I think that the problems can be solved by recognizing logical fallacies and logical biases.

      While these do not give a logical yes/no answer, the narratives and bad speculations all have a lot of fallacies and biases.

      This even works in the scientific theories.
      Like: Why do experiments show different things than we see on the sun?
      NASA-Answer: The size is much bigger.
      Logical Reply: Is that really true? And how can we verify that statement?
      NASA-Answer: We assume it is true, we don’t really know. (if they speak truth)
      Logical Reply: What alternatives are there that may also work?
      NASA-Answer: We have not studied alternatives. <- Bias
      Logical Reply: Why?
      NASA-Answer: We have always done it this way. <-Circular reasoning.

      We can do the same thing with crimes, narratives and conspiracies.
      With logical reasoning the discussions might show biases and fallacies,
      without pushing a certain conclusion.

    • ‘…Most of the hoaxes in the paranormal/spiritual world are distracting us from the real stuff. It is quite disheartening to see how easy this is. Probably because no-one wants to be tricked into believing something false. This works both ways.,,,’

      Conan doyle was fooled into believing in spiritism…. and THAT hoax still goes on with the new age religious drive. Houdini was killed for exposing how high the desperate need to believe was and endangering the power that these ideas gave some people… its way older then we know.
      Source ‘the secret life of houdini’ w Kaulush

  15. Not so much false flag per se but my older brother and I bought every I.F. Stone Weekly that came out from a bookstore in downtown Vancouver to read what was really taking place in Vietnam and otherwise.. At about gr 11/12 I got involved with this firebrand peacenik and sat across the road leading to the CAF base at Comox because it was housing nuclear tipped Bomarc missiles. For my troubles I got kicked in the side of the head by a RCMP goon…the asshole split my ear. I got tossed on a bus being underage and told don’t come back.

    the Bomarc missile crisis in Canada:

  16. since i was a child i always have had problems with authority.
    i had and still have a deep-rooted feeling every person should make their own decisions,
    and not act too much on rules forced upon you from any institution ‘above’.
    as a junior in the then tolerant state of the Netherlands i felt i probably lived in the best place in the world.
    my childhood was sometimes diffucult but it was sort of doable.
    when i was in high school i went to the German border a few times on my bicycle to see the mugshots of the Baader Meinhof group, i felt despite their violence i could identify with them.

    and then first Ulrike Meinhoff and later Baader, Raspe and Enslinn supposedly killed themselves in the Stammheim prison in Stuttgart.
    this was the first time i could not believe the official narrative.
    but, i was 17 at the time, it took me a lot of years to see a pattern in so called official narratives…

  17. I suppose experiencing collective punishment at school at an early age was one of the first times I had serious doubts about the system. I didn’t have a full understanding then of why it was so wrong, more of an intuitive feel that it wasn’t right.

    Who needs false flags when you can get away with blaming everyone for what one person has done?

  18. After nearly 50 years of the Conservative Party running the Province of Alberta, Jim Prentice comes along. His mission (I speculate) was a False Flag to bring down the dynasty and allow the NDP to take over:

    He so enraged Albertans that virtually nobody voted for him and a regime change occurred. What became of Jim a year after he threw the election?

  19. given i was raised-brought up programmed/trained/handled by globalist conspirators, forced to work for affluent psychopaths, its second nature for me to question everything, see half-truths & lies, recognize machinations… both a survival skill, & ‘required learning’ incl this fundamental axiom – “things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden” – hypnotically embedded when i was 5 years old.

  20. As far as my awareness of the homicidal criminality of politicians, two events stand out in my memory as the seeds for my eventually “getting a clue.”
    When I was attending university, an activist friend of mine, probably an anarchist in hindsight, invited me to a screening there of a new documentary called The Panama Deception. It would not have occurred to me on my own to see it. So I need to belatedly thank that guy for planting the first seed. Thanks Pete, wherever you are.
    Then there was Colin Powell presenting “evidence” of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction at, was it the UN? Don’t remember exactly. As I was watching him on the TV there, it was so obvious. That is nonsense. Complete bullshit. He is lying. He knows it, and everyone there knows it.

  21. My 1st conspiracy theory in the world was reading about the holocaust and finding inconsistencies….. my 1st PERSONAL one was writing a story (Pre internet) about a guy interviewing an old nazi who admits that Hitler was just a soviet stooge and the plan was to let the soviets roll over Europe…only stopped by the US atomic bomb at 1/2 of the continent.
    I guess it goes back to reading fortean times ( great magazine)… some are on the internet archive… and holding many wildly inconsistent ideas in my head at once until I realized that fariys and aliens and ghosts could not ALL BET TRUE at the same time and that there must be an over all true pattern in the way the world worked, i just didnt know it yet

  22. But yet the Kennedy family ALSO has a ton of dark secrets… their retarded daughter lobotomized or the perverted sexual carrying on with all the bro’s and Jackie.
    The REAL secret is that people suck…. when we realize that humans can mitigate it by watching each other

  23. Hi James.
    You asked us to share our first conspiracy theories or questioning of narratives that, maybe, set us on the path we’re on now.

    When I was in standard 2 (so grade 4) our teacher asked us a question as part of a “fun thinking exercise”. Sadly I cannot remember the exact wording, but essentially it was comprised of a statement and a choice. We then had to decide if we agreed with the statement. We were given two options:
    1. We could agree with the statement.
    2. We could disagree with the satement and say why.

    I remember the statement being difficult for someone aged around 8 or 9 to wrap their head around, but it just sounded wrong. I kept disagreeing, but I found I couldn’t exactly explain why. Everyone around me was saying yes, but when I asked them why they said yes, the simply pointed to the board and said they didn’t have to say why. It frustrated me because they were deliberately choosing to not think about it; they were simply picking the easy option and refused to give reasons for their choice.

    Partly, that got me thinking that they were wantonly lazy, but it also got me asking more questions, though asking them internally as I began to think I could not trust the other students (or that particular teacher) to engage in proper discussions.

  24. Hi James … I know this isn’t about what you asked, but it is about your astute teenage observation. I am from Canada and a similar age and I remember this ad campaign very well. I don’t think you were that far off in your analysis; however rather than a Liberal party member infiltrating the campaign, I would suggest that perhaps it was a reform party member. The Liberals wanted to win the election, but the Reform Party wanted to destroy the Progressive Conservative party.

    Now that I am awake and aware, I wonder if there was any US (CIA perhaps?) support for the Reform Party, later the Canadian Alliance Party under Stephen Harper. Harper’s plagiarized speech in 2003 always puzzled me ( and I find it interesting that the guy who took the Fall for the plagiarism, Owen Lippert, left to work for USAID in East Asia. I’m skeptical of the plagiarism explanation. It makes me wonder: was Harper (opposition leader) and Howard in Australia given the same script when it came to Iraq? Things that make me go hmmm….

    Thanks for your brilliant content!

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