Episode 382 – Your Body, Their Choice

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Podcasts | 161 comments

Stripped of its contextual baggage, the phrase “My Body, My Choice” makes a compelling rallying cry because it conveys a fundamental truth that we all innately understand: I have the claim to my own body and what is done to it. So why, then, are we being asked to believe that when it comes to vaccinations during a declared pandemic it is “Your Body, Their Choice”?

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Board of Health – September 23, 2019 – Part 1 of 2

Toronto Public Health’s Strategy to Address Vaccine Hesitancy

Union Pacific Railway Co. v. Botsford, 141 U.S. 250 (1891)

Schoendorff v. Society of New York Hospital (1914)

Jacobsen v. Massachussetts.

Forced Vaccination: The Tragic Legacy of Jacobson v Massachusetts by Barbara Loe Fisher

Jacobson v Massachusetts is “one of the most important pieces of public health jurisprudence

Buck v. Bell

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World

Del Debates Dershowitz

State Bar Association’s Health Law Section Report Calls for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination, Standards for Allocating Ventilators and Personal Protective Equipment

How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – #PropagandaWatch

New COVID-19 restrictions will be needed for anti-vaxxers

WHO: Anti-vaccination campaigns threaten global health

Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? | The Social

But that’s called the death panel and you’re not supposed to have that discussion.

SAGE working group dealing with vaccine hesitancy


Amid COVID-19 Vaccine Race, Sabin Vaccine Institute and the Aspen Institute Release Report on Vaccine Hesitancy; A Call to Improve Vaccine Acceptance (Gates funding)

Reducing SARS‐CoV‐2 transmission in the UK: A behavioural science approach to identifying options for increasing adherence to social distancing and shielding vulnerable people

Your Body Is a Bioweapon

Anti-vaxxers Stole ‘My Body, My Choice’ from the Abortion Rights Movement

Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2

Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Safe, Generates Immune Response

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Adverse Reactions In “More Than Half” Of Trial Participants

Interview 1555 – Rosemary Frei on How the High Death Rate in Care Homes Was Created on Purpose
Toronto Board of Health Motion on Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy April 8, 2019

Mandatory vaccination bill defeated 22-20

New Zealand Public Party – what we stand for

Make Americans Free Again

Press Release – Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court

Interview 1563 – Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude

“…And Then There Were None” – FLNWO #41

Episode 107 – Lessons in Resistance: Non-compliance

Your Guide to Surviving A Crisis


  1. Thanks, James. Very informative. And scary. (And I’m from Massachusetts!)

    Here are some of the vaccination sites I read and watch daily:

    Children’s Health Defense
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
    Del Bigstreet
    Polly Tommey

    I am joining Children’s Health Defense because I would like to align with an organization that has experience and resources. They have been litigating against vaccine injury for years. Also, I have watched some terrific interviews with Bobby Kennedy, Jr and Polly Tommey (who’s son was vaccine injured about 20 years ago).

    Bobby Kennedy has come out quite vehemently against Fauci and Bill Gates agenda.

    I am sorry to say that I had never given much thought to the vaccine controversy – I am older and don’t have children. Got my flu shot every year for the last 10 or so like a good doobie. Then covid hit and I have watched videos on all of these new sites, in addition to my daily Corbett, and learned quite a bit about vaccines. I am going to do everything I can NOT to be vaccinated.

    Right now I am full of anxiety because of what the potential consequences of not capitulating will be. Added to the depression that has mounted over the past few months at being one of the only people I know who does not wear a mask (and I come from a big family, many of them local who do not agree with me). Going into stores feels like girding for battle.

    I really really hate it and am having a “stomping my feet like a 5 year old” day. But I will take a deep breath and carry on.

    On the bright side, I suppose I should be happy. As one of the only people in town who does not wear a mask – I am finally a member of the 1%!

    I wish my bank account reflected it.

      • Thanks for the correction!

        And sorry my comment is posted twice.

    • Pro Vaxers: all misinformed or uninformed, and/or not experienced. Thinking by belief.

      Anti Vaxers: Many WERE Pro Vaxers. All are either skeptical(hesitant), informed about actual vaccine science, or have seen for themselves, their family or themselves, damaged by vaccines. Thinking by reason.

  2. Thanks, James. Very informative. And scary. (And I’m from Massachusetts!)

    Here are some of the vaccination sites I read and watch daily:

    Children’s Health Defense
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
    Del Bigstreet
    Polly Tommey

    I am joining Children’s Health Defense because I would like to align with an organization that has experience and resources. They have been litigating against vaccine injury for years. Also, I have watched some terrific interviews with Bobby Kennedy, Jr and Polly Tommey (who’s son was vaccine injured about 20 years ago).

    Bobby Kennedy has come out quite vehemently against Fauci and Bill Gates agenda.

    I am sorry to say that I had never given much thought to the vaccine controversy – I am older and don’t have children. Got my flu shot every year for the last 10 or so like a good doobie. Then covid hit and I have watched videos on all of these new sites, in addition to my daily Corbett, and learned quite a bit about vaccines. I am going to do everything I can NOT to be vaccinated.

    Right now I am full of anxiety because of what the potential consequences of not capitulating will be. Added to the depression that has mounted over the past few months at being one of the only people I know who does not wear a mask (and I come from a big family, many of them local who do not agree with me). Going into stores feels like girding for battle.

    I really really hate it and am having a “stomping my feet like a 5 year old” day. But I will take a deep breath and carry on.

    On the bright side, I suppose I should be happy. As one of the only people in town who does not wear a mask – I am finally a member of the 1%!

    I wish my bank account reflected it.

  3. Overall, I found #382 to be a well-balanced, well reasoned perspective; a forthright invitation to a multi-leveled conversation on what it is to be human. Well done! I have sent it to over a dozen people and have invited them to the conversation.

    Just a note…The “behavioral” side of things, from my perspective, is based on, and enjoined, by one of the main effects of fear (and its’ attendant: anxiety). That is that fear/anxiety is used to cause, or provoke the disconnection in the psyche that occurs in its’ presence. That essential disconnect shears one from self-reliance, trust of one’s own powers to understand; it cuts one off from trusting oneself to endeavor to learn, think reasonably and rationally, and deters one from seeking deeper understanding while trusting oneself to know what is good for oneself. Hence those-who-should-not-have-power invite the psychologists (who are not psychologists, but are the imps of the dark forces of anti-reason, anti-love, and anti-human forces) to step into to insure that fear will be attached to all their dark maneuvers to keep fear at the forefront, leaving the frightened quailing in darkness, seeking the rider on the white horse to rescue them from….themselves.

    Anther powerful podcast James. Well done, and thank you!

  4. Another extremely important topic regarding the push towards forced vaccinations is the idea that they (they being the MMS, WHO, CDC, NIAID, Gates, Fauci, etc) want you to believe that a vaccine is the only solution, and it most certainly is not.

    The truth is, this “pandemic” could’ve easily been curbed if there wasn’t an insidious agenda behind it. Cuba and Kerala, India are two excellent examples of how homeopathic preventative treatment have been utilized successfully.

    To date, there have been 87 COVID-19 related deaths in Cuba (population 11+ million) and 38 in Kerala (a state in India, population 35 million). What do they both have in common? In Kerala, the state has dispersed millions of doses of Arsenicum Album 30x to their population as a prophylactic treatment. In Cuba they’ve done the same, the only difference being that their homeopathic prophylactic treatment is in the form of a cocktail, called PrevengHoVir, which has Arsenicum Album in it.

    What about the latest scientific research showing the tremendous efficacy of licorice root, andrographis, scutelleria, cistus incanus (drink as tea for preventative treatment), melatonin, liposomal vitamin C in treatment for this disease? The list goes on.

    You don’t hear about it, you won’t hear about it, because it goes against the agenda. Instead we’re stuck in a battle over bodily autonomy over a vaccine that will prove far more detrimental than we can imagine.


      Quoting nbowers…
      To date, there have been 87 COVID-19 related deaths in Cuba (population 11+ million) and 38 in Kerala (a state in India, population 35 million).
      What do they both have in common? In Kerala, the state has dispersed millions of doses of Arsenicum Album 30x to their population as a prophylactic treatment.
      In Cuba they’ve done the same, the only difference being that their homeopathic prophylactic treatment is in the form of a cocktail, called PrevengHoVir, which has Arsenicum Album in it.

      What about the latest scientific research showing the tremendous efficacy of…
      licorice root, andrographis, scutelleria, cistus incanus (drink as tea for preventative treatment), melatonin, liposomal vitamin C in treatment for this disease?
      The list goes on.

      • Thank you for posting this. It’s very helpful to know what alternative treatments and preventatives are available.

    • Would nbowers and homeremedysupply please provide sources or links for the Arsenicum album and licorice root, etc., studies?

      An additional easily obtainable and inexpensive preventative and remedy for early stages of infection is quercetin, taken with zinc. It has been tested in vitro, and there are currently clinical trials in progress. Preliminary labratory trials have already shown that quercetin, like the much politicized hydroxychloroquine, combines with zinc and carries it past cell walls, where the zinc disables the virus. An M.D. and medical school prof who treats Covid-19 patients in intensive care has a series of videos on Covid-19 posted on YouTube as well as on his own web site, MedCram. Here he explains clearly how viruses replicate in cells and how chloroquine and zinc disrupt the replication process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7F1cnWup9M (1:31 – 14:30). Here he explains how quercetin, like hydroxychloroquine, works together with zinc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE4_LsftNKM&feature=youtu.be
      (from 1:20). Hydroxychloroquine is available only by prescription and has side effects for some people, but quercetin is a natural OTC remedy. If quercetin is sold out, EGCG, a compound extracted from green tea, is believed to work with zinc much like quercetin.

      We won’t hear about any of this from WHO or the CDC.

      • Hi Mutig,

        I hear ya about Quercetin acting as an ionophore for zinc. Typically, one wants to take Quercetin with Bromelain (digestive enzyme) in order for it to better assimilate into the body. Besides EGCC, there might easily be other natural substances which act as an ionophore, but have not yet been published nor studied.
        (I have experience in the Vitamin/Supplement field & Environmental Sciences.)

        I need to update this…

        The SUB-THREAD leads to other SUB-THREADS on these type of Alternative Covid Health discussions.
        A recent addition of Melatonin is very, very interesting.

        A few things not yet listed are the above “nbowers comment”, the Midland, TX Doctor using Butecinide, Ivermectin successes, and more.

        My personal favorite “Covid Treatment” is “Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapies”.
        At the bottom of the NEWS WEBPAGE of Dallas For Safer Water.com you will see a plethora of applications, videos and links. (even for animals and Dentistry)

        You can always search Dr. Mercola or Green Med Info for references and further information to find studies.

        Some companies may offer valuable links or information.
        Boiron is a famous homeopathic company based in France. Their ‘Flu-like Symptoms’ Oscillococcinum has been a real winner over the years. It is pretty amazing stuff. Most U.S. drug stores carry it in the “Flu Aisle”.
        “Dr King’s Natural Medicine” is another company.

        Remember, homeopathic applications focus on identifying the correct symptoms. It is a different technology than nutrient based supplements.

        I have witnessed homeopathic remedies used specifically for plants. I was impressed when the maker showed me how it affected grapes and their taste.

        • Please excuse the late reply. Is anyone else finding that mundane things like account login problems, with PayPal and such, now take days and days to resolve because “Due to the coronavirus . . . ” customer service is almost nonexistent? It’s not the most egregious aspect of the circus, but it’s becoming a frequent intrusion into the normal pace of life.

          For years I have been treating myself successfully with homeopathic remedies for occasional tennis elbow and knee and shoulder issues, and I even identified my constitutional remedy accurately, I surmise according to the results. There are no competent homeopaths in this area, so I am on my own. I am not familiar with flu remedies, since I have not had a viral infection of any kind for more than two decades. At the first sign of scratchy throat or if a virus is going around I take 4 – 6 grams of vitamin C, and the viruses up and leave. I continue for two or three days just to be safe. I will look into the homeopathic flu remedy. We have been all but promised a “second wave,” or perhaps it will be a different virus. We are due for another designer virus, aren’t we? So it’s probably a good idea to have multiple defenses.

          The reason I asked is that everyone I know has bought the “there’s no cure” and “there’s no immunity” lines and are certain that they are in danger of contracting Covid-19. I am preparing a list of links to information about immunity, supplements, and alternative in-hospital treatments, because this is what people are mainly willing to hear. An acquaintance has changed her eating habits, has gotten over her solar phobia (I am in Japan, where nearly everyone is convinced that exposure to UV causes certain death), and is taking vitamins C and D as well as zinc and quercetin/bromelain because I explained that these things boost immunity and protect from viral infections. However, I also convinced her that masks do not provide protection, so now she doesn’t want to leave her house. I will have to mention the sunshine, fresh air, and exercise topic again.

          Some of the people on my email lists perhaps will also be interested in immunity and supplements, but I will have to provide chapter and verse, or the response will be rolling eyes and “in your opinion.” Perhaps some of them will go on to my links to other issues. Who knows? It might plant a question mark in some minds. After all, that’s how we all began to wake up.

          I was surprised to see Dr. Mercola and GreenMed Info mentioned in the same sentence. Their approaches seem to be completely incompatible. I’m not sure what to think about the German New Medicine. It’s a lovely theory, but I haven’t yet seen anything convincing. I would like them to explain why a person bitten by a mad dog is the only person in the community to go mad, while everyone else has been exposed to the same food supply and environmental toxins.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VxOJDr_orwFejahkgmJwmb8vVVypC5w/view?mc_cid=271f919a2b&mc_eid=6d61f42042

        mutig the above link provides a 45 page pdf on COVID-19 protocols, treatments, new peer reviewed studies with sources, etc. Extremely valuable information, more than I could ever present on my own. Dietrich Klinghardt is a world renowned doctor with invaluable information regarding Sars-Cov-2, or anything health related, for that matter. I believe he is also a warrior for truth and transparency, a much needed advocate at this time. Enjoy

        • Unfortunately a couple of the slides are in German, but 95% are in English.

        • Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

        • Thank you for bringing my attention to Dr. Klinghardt again. I had set him aside for the time being, since I had read something that suggested that he was allied with German New Medicine. I don’t remember the source. I have now checked his Web site briefly, and I see that he accepts that microbes can cause disease and are transmittable, although he is not allied with Rockefeller medicine either. There is very interesting information in the list, but I have to ask whether this PDF document is actually a compilation by Dietrich Klinghardt. There are fragments of articles without author or source cited. This seems to be inconsistent with Dr. Klinghardt’s work. And some of the information seems to be incompatible with his views. For example the health director of the state of Kerala in India was indeed credited with keeping the infection rate low initially, but the situation has reversed dramatically (perhaps as a result of her policies, if natural herd immunity was prevented?), and she has locked down whole villages. Such a policy is not advocated by Klinghardt. Who is actually the compiler of the list?

    • You make an important point. Don’t let the zombie direct the narrative.
      One of my personal favorite lines is “please don’t try to draw me into your paranoid delusions”.
      Then I attempt to shift the conversation and discuss the deceptions.

    • It being a hoax isn’t what disturbs me so much. It’s the complete submission to it’s stated non-lethality and the blatant inflation of the stats. All of which go unquestioned. When you have”health”officials saying that dying with covid is the same as dying of covid, and practically no one questions it;then we don’t have a leadership problem. We have a follower problem.
      I’ve known for years that we have a sizeable percentage of the people who base their opinions on what they like to believe, but I had no idea they were the majority.
      This bothers me more than covid being a hoax. More than the blood to come. These believers aren’t true human beings. Not in the classical sense. They are but beasts who have abandoned logic. Abhore freedom. Embrace ignorance. I have had to realize that I never knew them at all. That I’ve given too much credit to them. These are the things that bother me the most.

      • I’ve also noticed in my infrequent trips to town, that it is the middle class which has bought into this the most. All groups are saturated with this vile belief, but the middle class is the group which has bought into this system the most. Their entire identity is wrapped up in this belief system. They’re the group most entranced by the shiny butterflies the system offers. To realize, to themselves, that covid is anything other than what the state says it is would endanger their self-identity. And the ego will fight to save itself. They cannot see, because to see would be death to the ego. Which they interpret as death to themselves. In a very real sense, this is a spiritual war. And humanity is in serious trouble.
        But don’t take my words as to doubting the outcome. Liberty will win. It’s just the price will be unimaginable.

    • Agreed, yes, but most of these “covid treatments” are generally good for boosting health. Well, not chloroquine and the likes, but still. Besides, with these soft issues, I’d say, it’s easier to broach the topic with firm believers. Still incredibly difficult, but nevertheless easier.

      Like every other truther argument this one has many layers as well.

    • So pointing out that there are indeed effective ways to improve general health, boost immunity, and protect against all infections is to negate the narrative isn’t it?

  5. We only win when we do give up. This is an incomplete truth. We need a viable strategy to win. In my experience, the public debate is only for show. The decision was predetermined. But it makes the dissenters feel as if they had an impact. However, widespread dissent, across a wide variety of venues, is effective. The state is a stupid beast, and it can’t fight across a multitude of fronts.

    By the way, if they mandate vaccines, 99% of those against it will comply.

    • Mandatory vaccines are a line that will have me go dark. And ugly. Once they start openly killing you, talking times are done.

      • Likewise, I may not win, but I can leave them with regret that will last the remainder of their pitiful lives…

        • Just choose your battles and don’t be a Rambo. The enemy is a collectivist. Stupid and cowardly are their traits.

          • Today is my 39th wedding anniversary and will mark the first time in over three weeks, (since the latest mask mandate), that I will attempt to conduct commerce by going out to dinner with my wife. I have made reservations for outdoor seating and was told that I don’t need a mask unless I have to use the restroom.
            The restaurant is located near the newly opened Saint Petersburg pier with it’s million dollar tarp of many colors. Where multitudes of antisocial distancing mask wearing morons will be tromping about.
            I look forward to an interesting evening.
            Hopefully I will not end up like the 73 year old guy from Ontario. But I will say this. If I do end up like that fellow. There will be no ambiguity about whether or not I was shooting back.

            • In these times, that doesn’t sound odd at all! Happy Anniversary. Hopefully without the fireworks.

            • Have a great evening!
              I am sure the wife is looking forward to it.

            • A little boring video of our evening out. Had a very nice meal outside 400 Beach after a refreshing downpour. Our waiter, the brother of my former apprentice was our waiter and he was excellent. (He needs a rerig on his new boat). He arranged for a bouquet for Jen and wouldn’t bring me a bill. I forced a hundred bucks on him after Jen and I both emptied our billfolds.

              This was the first opportunity I had to check out the 1.5 million dollar fishing net.
              Really not impressed with the rigging. Engineers, sheesh ?

            • Nobody got into your face while ignoring social distancing rules, yelling at you as their masks go down their chin? What a ripoff.

      • Our time is coming soon. But I figure you feel it as well.

      • When it comes to mandated forced vaccines, I expect many violent refusals.
        I’m not getting one while I still breathe.

    • I have never understood how anyone could find school more important than health. But I’m being an armchair quarterback here. Also, I find my attitude hardening now. It’s so obvious that the time for blood is coming. My attitude is changing accordingly.

    • School is not worth it. I hated school and was bullied and tormented. I guess it made me a stronger person but kids can do very well in life without it. Homeschool is an option. Moving to a less restrictive state is an option. Finding a viable community that can sustain itself independently with its own economy and health care is an option but requires a lot of effort and thoughtfulness.

      I understand why people think school is vital for children but I am not sure anymore especially if people have to inject potentially harmful drugs into their kids year after year after year without a scientific reason for doing it. It’s voluntary slavery just like taxes and I am guilty of it too but no more toxic chemicals for me. My body has said no and I have to listen to it this time. It’s wrong to accept this like murder and slavery are wrong. Rape is wrong and in a way that is what this is. People must say no.

      • I think you’re right they will try to shun and penalize people. I also think that there will be many people that vociferously refuse and make strong logical evidence based arguments against being shunned including withholding taxes. People would have to be morons to take an experimental drug with very little testing. I bet there will be lots of doctors who refuse too.

        I’m going to call an attorney tomorrow to find out what legal options may be available. I sent a message online but their law firm was swamped so they never got back to me.

        • Logical arguments won’t work with people who don’t speak logic. You can’t outsmart stupid people, you have to outstupid them.
          These cretins are driven by emotion and authority. They refuse to believe that the state is the enemy. How can reason play a role in their minds. Especially since they voluntarily gave control of their minds to the state. If I was wrong, they wouldn’t be wearing masks.

      • If they did it for school, despite their misgivings, they have no principles of their own. Moral cowards. Sorry, but I consider them scum. Sacrificing their own children out of fear of being socially ostracized. With parents like that, their children were already doomed.

  6. They already own the minds of most. The body is easy to own after that.

  7. https://youtu.be/bemUSjfFAfY

    Really graceful has a new video which is quite relevant. Would you even notice if you were living in tyranny? For most, apparently not. Couldn’t help but notice that the 3 mottos of 1984 are ours.


    One local brave warrior in the fight for informed consent on vaccines is…
    Jackie Schlegel, the Executive Director of
    Texans for Vaccine Choice (TFVC)

    Texans for Vaccine Choice

    We promote the preservation of personal liberties and informed consent by opposing measures to limit vaccine choice rights or discriminate against those who exercise such rights…

    Our Focus
    is on advocacy and education, which takes the form of fighting against patient discrimination and holding public and private entities accountable for accurately representing vaccine laws and exemption rights.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I should mention “informed consent”.
    It means that the patient should be “informed” about risks associated with vaccines or healthcare regimens.

  9. I know exactly how you feel. I am experiencing it EVERY day.

    It really doesn’t do me any good to read my daily dose of Corbett, offguardian, Catherine Austin Fitts, Sheri Tenpenny, et al because I get lulled into some kind of sense of everything is OK. I mean, not really OK but on it’s way to being OK because all these people and all the commenter’s on their sites pretty much feel like I do.

    Then I go out my door and CANNOT BELIEVE IT. It just gets worse every day! It’s mid July and EVERYONE is wearing a mask! Kids playing ball! I just want to cry.

    Tonight I came home and our apt building has received yet another 2 memos from the landlord reporting that tenants have been reported NOT wearing face masks in common areas (the stairwell and the laundry room) and reminding us it is the rule in our town. THANKFULLY our town has a note at the bottom of it’s flyer stating that people who would be medically harmed by wearing a face mask should not wear one.

    I emailed the management company to let them know that.

    I just keep wondering where I can move to.

    I feel all alone, too. But hey, I came into this crazy world alone, and I’m goin out the same way.

    It would be much easier to just go along – but honestly, I just can’t.

    • Thanks, 9tH, same to you.

      I have one friend who feels the same way that I do. She lives in CA which is under the rule of Newsome and it’s pretty dire. She has two high school age kids and doesn’t know what she is going to do because she won’t let her children wear masks and have to adhere to the other horrid restrictions being placed on students and teachers.

      Anyway, she and I are very grateful that we have each other to speak to and vent, and ultimately bolster each other.

      The ostracization (is that a word?) from family and friends is very upsetting to me. But, hey, I think of all the many men and women in history who stood by themselves for their truth/s in spite of what their family, friends and peers thought. And if they can do it, I can do it.

      Perhaps I should start a zooom support group for people who are experiencing what some of us on corbett are. Some place we can be as face to face as possible and share some upbeat suggestions.

      Now that I have put it in writing I guess I’m going to have to investigate.

      • That’s a great idea actually. Sometimes it’s nice to meet new people, form new alliances, and find out who your real friends are. I was surprised to find out one of my “enemies” at work was against the lockdown and not a paranoid germaphobe and now I see him in a new light.

      • We are not alone. I guarantee that though many people prefer to comply, there are also many who are complying but grating over it. Our adversaries would like us to remain isolated, and most of us feel that way. However, there are many who are wanting to do something about this situation. Here is one case I have come across and joined, hoping we can make a difference. Pam Popper has announced a national campaign to fight back in a united way. Will it work? Won’t know until we try. Here is the video announcing the plan that came out over the Independence Day weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtqf0Cl86QY&t=937s.

  10. I always wondered if his arrest story was for real, or just something to enhance the wuhan story. Or is the Lieber story the real story and they came up with the virus to take the attention off of it. Those crazy globalists – it would be just like them.

    There is a fellow named Joseph Farrell who has a site called gizadeathstar. He is very in to the Lieber story. He might have some info.

    • Yes. I have thought he’s either the story, a distraction or a patsy.

      Harvard is a sketchy place. Catherine Austin Fitts has some stories about their endowment fund and investments.

      His arrest so close to the outbreak is very coincidental.

  11. In Germany there is the new Party “WIR2020” that has as its first obligation to push back all the corona-legislation as false. Based on real scientific facts. This party has a stony road to go but gives us hope.

  12. Why is nobody asking the obvious question: If the vaccine protects you from getting the virus if you’re exposed to it, how could you be harmed by someone who’s not vaccinated?

    • Bingo! Let all the normies have fun getting the needle and then they can all breathe easy.

      James I think this was your most important video of the past few months and the topic will likely be at the forefront of the news for at least a year or more.

      I’d like to address a few points from the video.

      I’d first like to dismiss the statements made at the opening of this video by
      Gord Perks of Toronto’s Board of Health (and may have to do this in person in the coming months) where he said that our bodies have never been autonomous
      biologically (trades bacteria, viruses, genetic information) with other human beings all the time. Organic pollutants bombard us from birth to death from the chemical industry etc.

      Then he jumped right to vaccines saying they are no different.

      Well Gord yes, they are different.
      We may not have a choice whether to breathe in certain pollutants in the air when we go outside each day but we certainly can and do have a choice whether someone invades our body by injecting it with foreign substances.

      Apples and oranges really Gord.

      … this business about legal precedents

      Borrowing from the colorful language of Oliver Wendell Holmes if I may,

      just because a team of imbecilic judges made a ruling
      a century ago does not mean that citizens generations later should
      be compelled to follow and suffer from their idiotic ruling (Jacobson v. Massachusetts).

      Life and circumstances today are a world away from those of the early
      20th century. Times change, people change, and laws must adapt accordingly.

      • points continued…

        Let me cut down the argument made from Australia in the recent op-ed by Raff Ciccone June 16, 2020, once and for all (concerning restrictions for anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated) .

        Case numbers are going down in most countries now along with death numbers.
        In the U.S. despite rising case numbers (due to rigged test counting protocols)
        death counts have been steadily declining.

        The earliest, the most optimisitic of the vaccine pushers can foresee a vaccine come to market is sometime next year.

        Where is the logic that would allow citizens to partake in everyday life activities from now until next year, but not from the day going forward when a vaccine is released?
        If citizens truly threaten the lives of others, shouldn’t they all be kept locked up until the day a vaccine becomes available to them?

        I’ve been able to shop locally through the most devastating time of the pandemic, without a facemask and ignoring most social distancing protocols.
        Our cases numbers and deaths (Canada) are now negligible.

        How is it possible that we were not only able to survive and mingle amongst each other without a vaccine all this time, but have the virus virtually disappear?

        Yes James that “self-identified pro-vaxxer balked at the idea that she is going to be asked or forced potentially to inject themselves with an untested, or not adequately tested experimental rushed vaccine”

        but I don’t think you noticed what this ‘self-identified pro-vaxxer’ said shortly after, which basically nullified her opening statement.

        She said that if the majority took this (untested rushed) vaccine she wouldn’t hesitiate to jump on the bandwagon and take it too!

        And furthermore she added that she would basically shame others who didn’t take it!

        She said she “hates that person who basically is kind of like ah, you know I’ll let everyone else deal with the vaccine and then they’ll protect me, I think that person is morally bankrupt.”

        • And yet that same imbecilic idea is swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the masses of asses.

    • If my memory serves me (correctly) I think I read somewhere recently, when your question was posed, that if EVERYBODY does not get vaccinated it prevents “herd immunity” from developing.

      I’m sure if you search-engined your question you would get a good number of MSM reasons why we ALL have to get the vaccine in order for it to work.

      • You’re correct that is what the medical industrial complex says it prevents herd immunity if people aren’t vaccinated en masse. But what they don’t tell you is that for many diseases there are other ways to get herd immunity and also that there’s no need for a Covid vaccine or a flu vaccine.

        The flu vaccine is completely bogus that realization changed my view of vaccines and motives for pushing them plus negative reactions to them.

    • The entire premise behind the vaccine is absurd.

      If it were the case that the virus was indeed a killer virus as was first told/sold to us, and we were seeing millions and millions of people dropping dead like flies all around the world, then perhaps a safe and effective vaccine might be considered (assuming one could even be manufactured).

      But this is not the case.

      The virus has proven to be very weak and impotent overall, killing the same number of people who die in a bad flu season.

      The fact that the WHO, CDC and governments around the world have been able to continue with the same scripted mantra since April:

      “Sorry fellow citizens, life will not return to normal until a vaccine is developed”,

      and get the populace to buy into all the while, despite the morbidity numbers screaming out “You’re liars!!!”
      shows just how ignorant and acquiescent the general public is.

      • Yes that’s what the media portrays and I think for the majority of people that may be true. However I have been talking more to folks not wearing masks and to my surprise there are more people who know what’s up…the hyped up panic and quick vaccine.

        If people who are aware of this scam form a unified and vocal opposition we can stop this. But it will required community building and taking a risk.

        • factchecker

          You’re right hope isn’t a tactic but without it why do anything at all? Why go on?

          Forming economies outside of the mainstream is a tactic and so is a loud and vocal “no” to the vaccine. There is a large body of scientific data that supports the fact that the vaccine is unnecessary and harmful. That data exists. We can use it to refuse.

        • Fact checker

          Standing up means refusing to comply with the vaccine. Getting an attorney if it’s presented as a requirement for work. Having a second source of income available if that doesn’t work. This is for me as an individual. I would be willing to join a movement to resist. And for me I don’t think I will be required to get a vaccine I think I will win.

      • cu.h.j says:
        I have been talking more to folks not wearing masks and to my surprise there are more people who know what’s up…
        the hyped up panic and quick vaccine.

        Ditto here.
        A lot of folks are aware of the charade in some form.

    • But there is always hope and possibly for change. That possibility exists. It is a logical alternative-non compliance. The “mind virus “ is that there is no choice no hope that leads to learned helplessness.

      I don’t think JC would even bother with his work and this website if he thought we were doomed. That’s what “they “ want us to believe.

      People have a choice and to say no and refuse like the guy did with the smallpox vaccine…he didn’t get the vaccine. Thus I see hope there.

      Have you ever just refused and argued with someone and got your way? I have many times. I work in a hospital and people say no all the time and when people speak up they usually get their way. I see it all the time. A strong no and the willingness to fight can lead to victory.

      My point is that there’s a lot of negativity and defeat expressed with this last report and I think it’s a good idea to shift that.

    • Fact checker,

      I couldn’t reply below there was no reply button. I think resistance takes practice. So does efforts without hope. I work in an emergency room and go to “heroic measures “ to try to save someone’s life even if the odds are stacked against them. I do this a lot and sometimes I think it’s futile but now and again I will be actually help save someone’s life and that’s when I realize that trying is important.

      Sometimes people have to stand up to the bully and go against their own inertia and fear. We as humans have that capacity and that’s what I am going to do. I’m not going to wallow in despair and eek out another day. No way.

    • cu.h.j says:
      Have you ever just refused and argued with someone and got your way?
      I have many times.
      I work in a hospital and people say no all the time and when people speak up they usually get their way.
      I see it all the time.
      A strong no and the willingness to fight can lead to victory.

    • The reason why “everyone” has to take the vaccine is because the weakest among us can’t take it and we have to risk debilitating injury … to help the weak? The weakest argument in the playbook, but emotional appeals sound delicious to people with 30 second attention span.

    • It will be the same pat reply that any vaxxer gives when you point that out about any vaccine. Hurr-durr, something, something, herd immunity blah blah….

    • Just because they’re coming for us doesn’t mean they’ll get us. If they come for you, you should go for them. That’s them initiating violence. You have a duty to fight back. Not just a right. A duty.

  13. There are a lot of Corbett Report Members here from Australia.
    I can tell, cuz ya’ll talk funny.

  14. There are fair few showing up on the freedomcells.org map for Melbourne, just need to select “Find Members” from the menu. I’m guessing most of those people would be against mandatory vaccination.

  15. This is a good point regarding Dersh.

    I was very surprised that he debated Del Bigtree (on Del’s show Highwire), and I just read that he is going to debate Bobby Kennedy, Jr. about vaccines.

    There is definitely something going on. But there is always something going on so I suppose it’s just one more crazy-making cog in the wheel.

  16. Fighting corona fascism on grounds that society cannot breach bodily autonomy is not well founded.

    Any society must be armed against psychopaths and morons that exist among us and always will. But such a power has to be wielded extremely cautiously, it should have legitimacy from +90% of people.
    I know it sounds horrible for someone inclined to individualism, but there is no society without rules and utopia cannot be materialized.

    I think idea of individual as bioweapon, germ-vector must be resisted and fear of germs. If this paranoia persists, with time we will be deprived of some basic needs and joys in our lives. At that time transhumanists will have perfected artificial wombs, so procreation will not be affected.

    I say, fuck the life devoid of exchanging body fluids!!

    We risk every day of our life and it has to be just like that!

    Well, even that kind of reasoning doesn’t work with paranoid normies, yeah, I’m overreacting.

    What to say…don’t give up.
    A song from ’86, what an anthem for our times.

    Is there anything (to move us)

    Lyrics included, goolag translate makes decent job.

    Is there anything to move us
    We are not afraid in the water up to the throat
    Hunger is stronger than any truth….

  17. Anecdote – Civility & Maintaining Humanity – No Mask

    On Tuesday, July 14th, I had to go to another part of town to pick up my completed 2019 IRS taxes from the accountant. He has been my accountant for 20 years, and has some high profile “seen on TV” clients. We are friends. When I dropped off the packet of papers at his doorstep a few weeks back, I included a check to him for more than his usual fee because 2019 had more complexity to it. When he called me for the pickup, I asked how much more I owed him. He told me that he would waive the extra fees this year, but not next year. We argued about it, with me insisting that I pay him the extra. After much back-n-forth, he won.

    This fella, in his late 60’s, is one of the neatest, most immaculate specimen of the male species whom I have ever met. He lives in a house once owned by the Mayor of the City, surrounded by 100 year old live oaks and a creek. When you walk inside the house, it has white carpet (despite all the oak leaves and debris outside). Display cases packed with perfectly aligned collectibles and antiques adorn the entry and first sitting areas. It ain’t no place for a men’s poker game.

    This guy is in fantastic physical shape for his age, donning muscular biceps and erect bold posture in his casual chic attire.
    However, weeks ago when I first called him, he told me in detail that he was terrified of this Covid virus. He doesn’t venture out of the house, except only to pick-up groceries at the parking lot delivery where the groceries are placed in the trunk. I grasped his perspective, even though it is not at all mine. And, in his way, he wants to control his own life. I respect that right of control, and his right to his own views.


    • (…continuing…)

      When my accountant called me for pickup of the tax forms, I quickly spoke first about protocol. Typically, in the past, I would go into his home, while we sat down and he would review the papers with me face to face. Then, I would write a check to him and sign documents.
      This time, I proposed that he just set the paperwork out on the front porch in the ziplock bag which I previously had provided. Thus, I would not have to enter his home. He brightened up over the phone and told me that he would leave the documents for me to sign outside nested in an envelope along with a pen. I told him that I would bring my own pen. I could feel the relief over the phone. After signing the documents and leaving his neighborhood, I had these imagined mental pictures of him using latex gloves to pick up the couple pages which I had signed.
      In this new era, intense “fear of the terrorists” still exists, but 2020 style.

      In Texas, the governor has essentially mandated that everyone wear a mask. Texas Emergency Management has even encouraged that folks wear a mask inside their own home.

      After leaving my accountant, I dropped in at his nearby Kroger to stock up on groceries. No mask on. As soon as I entered, I went up to the first Kroger employee I could find, a cute, petite middle-aged black lady who I recognized from 2008 when I once shopped at this Kroger.
      I smiled and asked, “I am exempt from wearing a mask. Do I need to talk to the manager or someone?”
      Her eyes grinned back (the mask covered her mouth). She cheerfully says, “Nah! Just ignore anyone who gives you a dirty look.”


      • (…continuing…)

        I went about my shopping. It took some time, because I was going to fill my cart. I hate shopping in this “mask wearing era”. Everyone had masks on around this 20,000 square foot store. I did notice one employee come out maskless from the back room and then quickly slide her mask up to her face. Another Kroger deli employee went out of her way to ask if I need help. I could tell that she liked the idea of “no mask”. Upon checkout, I couldn’t quite read the expression of the cashier. I wasn’t sure if she was perturbed or not.

        As I was rolling out my cart towards the exit, the first Kroger employee I encountered upon entering, the petite black gal, ran over to chat.
        She pointed to the two 25 pound bags of sugar and said, “I guess ya gonna make lemonade or do some bakin.”
        I told her that I was going to use the sugar in my garden to kill some weeds and grass. I will be preparing the Fall garden. She asked all kinds of questions about it, and I explained that it rots the plant roots because of the high bacteria growth, just like sugar can rot the teeth.
        She said, ”Oh! That’s gud! No kemicals. They bad fur ya. I is gonna tell mea neighbor.”
        I told her that I remember her being at this store in 2008.
        She said, ”Yea, uh-huh. That’s right. Been here 12 years. Yea, uh-huh.”
        We cheerily wished each other a fine day as we went our separate ways.

        We know that the “Mask Psy-Op” is part of the greater agenda, a preamble in body control.
        A host of major U.S. retail chains will be (are) requiring masks on all its customers. Walmart, Kroger, Best Buy, Starbucks, Costco, Target, Apple Stores, CVS Pharmacies, and more.
        If I can’t persuade the store to let me enter as “exempt” (masks are bad for my mental, physical, and cultural health), then I will don a mask. After all, it is private property.
        BUT, if I end up wearing a mask, I will have signs. I will definitely showcase my signs. I haven’t quite figured out what to say in a short sweet, easy to grasp concept which invites mental juices.
        “The Art of War” – Sun Tzu

        • Homey , got a question that is not part of this conversation. What’s the name of the clinic and its address in Dallas that has the blood therapy? Thanks.

          The nearest one I can find is in Weatherford ok. Dallas seems closer for me. Tulsa has blocked out all internet listings for clinics here or in Ok City. Strange huh?.


            I hear ya. It is difficult to find places using general search terms, such as “Integrative Medicine” or “Ozone Therapy”.
            Most likely, there are some places near you in northeast Oklahoma.

            Any Medical Practitioner who offers “IV Therapies” (IV Vitamin C or other nutrients) usually will offer Ozone.

            However, some places which offer “Ozone Blood Therapy” do not also offer the UBI (Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy)(Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).
            In my opinion, the UBI dynamically helps to cover the bases and is easy to perform in combination with Ozone.
            I’m personally a strong advocate for UBI.

            Here is what is listed for Oklahoma regarding UBI at this website…
            However, there are other facilities not listed, because of different manufacturers.

            A fella to call who is very willing to help, is Micah Lowe at SimplyO3.com. Phone & contact at his website.
            He knows the field, including UBI.
            I bought an inexpensive Ozone Machine from him.
            His Father, Tom Lowe, knows the field of UBI and you will see YouTube videos with Tom explaining UBI.

              • “Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapies” – VIDEOS.

                At the BOTTOM of the NEWS WEBPAGE of Dallas For Safer Water.com you will see a plethora of applications, videos and links. (even for animals and Dentistry)

              • Homey thank you! Gonna take a couple days off and thought that would be a fun thing to do. Got to get out of this Marxist run town for a little break. Got a ton of anecdotal stories to share too. All are about the hypocrisy of this scam. Its just too nutty to believe.
                On the old ‘ hampsterwheel’ now and out of time to contemplate any meaningful message. Just a big thank you. I got no search but google Gestapo and it wont give. You are alright Tex! You gonna need a bigger hat.

              • Homey, the area clinics/chiropractors want on average $300.oo fee for a pre-consult, lab work and tests (?) some days later will administer the UBI for an additional $220.oo .
                The lab work, bothers me the most in this town. The tests (?) are a red flag. There just isn’t a walkin clinic in NE OK.
                A huge hypocrisy that I can give blood to the plasma dealer and get paid by walking in the door but not Ozone dealer that I am paying. Marxism in Medicine.

              • Sorry, GBW, I should have mentioned that most Integrative Doctors will do a pre-exam and blood tests prior to Ozone and UBI. It is standard.
                My Doctor charged me $500 on the first exam /blood work.
                After two years had gone by without me seeing him, he again ran some blood work on me, and of course did a minor health physical check-up, which ran near $240.

                G6PD or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase testing is standard blood work for these therapies.

        • Mandatory Facemasks and other questions MD answers LIVE

          In this video dr. Andrew Kaufman and Richie from Boston discuss how any corporate places of business that allow public access to their shops are not allowed to enforce anything on their customers nor are they allowed to discriminate.

          Supposedly, there were some internal documents circulating in Wallmart where the staff has been instructed not to deal with anti maskers as that was considered to be overwhelming for the staff.

          Probably something worth looking into.

          • I have to say, for the most part I have not been bothered by staff for not wearing a mask.

            When asked I say that I have a medical issue and everyone just says “OK”.

            Except my bank manager. He said I would have to go to a bank that has drive up. I never do that and never will. I said “it is only a mandate, not a law”. He said “this is a private institution”. Such a twit.

            I said, “Fine, I’ll leave. And take my money”. And I did.

            Most young staff at stores really, I think, just don’t care. They hate wearing the bloody things themselves.

        • HRS, cool “Anecdote – Civility & Maintaining Humanity – No Mask

          it had occurred to me to do the sign thing as protest, so reading your words brought a big grin. however, realistically i cant do it, hv tested physical tolerance, put on my I am being FORCED to wear this mask & within a couple minutes… shortness of breath, dizzy.

          last time i went to sprouts, the greeter had run outdoors for something & i walked right in, maskless of course, once again everyone else wearing one, sigh. fairly busy morning, overall ppl seemed more relaxed than b4. at checkout my favorite cashier, she gets whats going on & we did a bit of conspiracy chatting…

  18. Here in the UK it seems unlikely that the Government will mandate vaccines immediately. As James discussed in an earlier episode (can’t remember which one) through immunity passports it seems more likely that they will “offer” the vaccine.

    We might postulate that the “offer” will be entirely voluntary but through a system of punishment and reward for businesses left standing (corporate owned of course) access to services, employment and basic goods will be limited based upon your immunity (vaccine) status.

    However, I think this could be an opportunity. If they don’t mandate that all must have the vaccine, then almost overnight they will have created the unvaccinated market.

    The unvaccinated will still need goods and services but, if it is not a legal requirement for providers to bar the unvaccinated then the potential exists that a whole unvaccinated ecosystem could emerge.

    If the corporates ban unvaccinated entry to their cafe chains what’s to stop me opening an unvaccinated welcome cafe. I would say vaccinated also welcome but beware unvaccinated coffee drinkers dwell here.

    Why not health services for the unvaccinated, mobile stores, unvaccinated friendly domestic services, unvaccinated hotels, electricians for the unvaccinated, unvaccinated free schools etc etc etc.

    Why not whole unvaccinated communities using crypto as a means of exchange, crypto based unvaccinated pubs and even libraries?

    Of course this all depends upon the scope and nature of the legislation. Perhaps such businesses will be outlawed. But that won’t diminish the need or the market. So perhaps the time will be ripe for an unvaccinated counter economic society existing in parallel to the vaccinated slave farms.

    This is of course pure fantasy but I think we would be foolish not to be awake to this possibility.

    Just a thought

    • Yes, I see this as a viable possibility! An economy outside of the vaccinated, an unvaccinated market, like the “dark web” sort of.

      I have certainly engaged in economic activities outside of the mainstream economy. I think it’s awesome. This dire situation presents an opportunity.

      Thank you for posting this.

      • I agree.
        A new “counter culture economy” may emerge from all this shake-up.

      • Yes, the unvaccinated Speakeasy.

        You’ll have to say the magic password to get in.

  19. If you are OK with the state enforcing mandatory vaccination then don’t waste your time watching the above. If that’s not OK, you must watch this. The campaign to roll out mandatory vaccinations is underway and without a strong counter argument developed from an understanding of the facts relevant to the vaccination agenda you may only have your wishes and desires to defend your position. This is happening unless we do something to stop it. I for one will not willfully receive anything this corrupt state wants to put into my body.

    I wonder if there’s a way to test to see if someone has taken a vaccine? I may have to do a different search but I haven’t found anything specifically mentioning that form of testing. My thinking is if the powers that shouldn’t be are pushing an agenda for mandatory vaccinations, we should encourage them to include mandatory testing of compliance and that they and their children should be the first to demonstrate their commitment to protect society. I suspect many would find reasons to exempt themselves and their loved ones.

    • If you are ok with mandatory vaccines, you probably aren’t watching this video.

  20. We don’t have to be against “the common good” to ask: is it truly a vaccine? Katherine Austin Fitts makes the point that vaccines are developed to benefit health. An injection into the body might be something completely different. Wouldn’t it be wise, considering those involved in the development of the “vaccine”, to demand proof that it is a vaccine and not something more sinister. We should demand clarity. A simple search for “Who Is Bill Gates?” might help. Get it out there for everyone to understand. If we are being told that we live in a democracy then we, the people, must take the responsibility. Only psychopaths and very young children don’t understand ‘the common good’. Perhaps ironically, those are the sort of people we allow to make our decisions – behind closed doors.

    • She makes an excellent point about the new “vaccine” mechanism of action via mRNA being experimental and a form of gene therapy/genetic modification. Traditional vaccines are supposed to stimulate an immune response via a weakened virus or protein but there are other ingredients in it that have actually caused harm to people and so there is a valid concern that even traditional vaccines may be doing more harm than good.

      I was not aware of the vaccine court or the fact that there were so many adverse reactions. In fact, if I never had a reaction outside of the “normal” side effects from them, I may not have ever questioned them. The vaccine that is most obviously unnecessary is the flu vaccine that is barely effective and this is pushed every year on people, regardless of their risk factors for flu. Covid is probably going to be the same thing, another yearly vaccine pushed on the public even though most people survive Covid.

      Another question for doctors would be: why inject unnecessary chemicals into the body for a disease with such a low lethality level and that may not even work to prevent the disease? This basic practice of injecting chemicals year after year when they might not even work is ridiculous. I see this all the time, people who get their flu shot come down with the flu. Might as well just get the flu and avoid the chemicals.

      • It’s a bit cheeky (himself) “and other health experts” expecting billions of people to go along with their mandates whilst so much other information is being ignored. Perhaps we should lock them down, for the ‘common good’, until we can open the discussion up more. As for borrowing money with interest attached to survive meanwhile, perhaps that needs looking into for the common good too. But that’s not up to him or the other health experts. It’s up to us.

      • Each year is’s based on a guess of what strains might show up during the season so it’s not designed on a strain that is constant. So effectiveness varies from year to year. In 2016 and 2017 the flu season was horrendous and many people who got the shot got sick with flu particularly elderly-I witnessed this in the ER where I work.

        Pub med many have some better studies but here’s something I found about effectiveness in elderly which flu is more dangerous https://www.mdedge.com/jcomjournal/article/158749/influenza/mmwr-current-flu-vaccine-does-not-protect-elderly

        Look up adverse reactions and Gillian Barre syndrome from flu vaccine rare but when it happens this is life altering devastating condition.

        Also Dr. Fauci admitted flu vaccine can make people more vulnerable to Covid.

        I’m not saying they can’t be developed and available but for many people these yearly vaccines are inappropriate.

        • this guy i knew who was in his 70’s got the flu shot in 2017, then became sick with the flu — three weeks in hospital with pneumonia.

          when i was a child i got vaccinated for small pox twice b/c i was naturally immune, no scars. however, when i stepped on a nail & got tetanus booster i became extremely ill — spent a couple weeks in bed, during which my temp spiked to 105 degrees, dr said never get another tetanus shot, could kill me.

          in my twenties decided i will never get a flu shot & havent. now in my 50’s, im not getting the corona bologna vaccine, will do whatever is necessary…

          • Ask your doctor to write an exemption because of your reaction to tetanus.

            • will see if medical exemption works w/ vaccine, or if it works at first then not later, ive got several chronic health conditions. after masks were made mandatory here, the co-op where i shopped for groceries at initially let me in w/out a mask & i didnt hv to claim medical. however, at the beginning of this month i received email notice ppl wouldnt be allowed in w/out mask, & if you had medical condition would hv to call in order to pick-up in front of store. sprouts still lets me inside w/out a mask b/c i claim medical exempt, at least they did last week, who knows how long it’ll last.

        • I agree that the lack of coverage of previous flu seasons, particularly 2017 that was very severe here in the states indicates that this Covid pandemic is hyped up and exaggerated.

          The issue I have with the flu vaccine is that it is often presented as life-saving when there is a lack of data that shows that. The most accurate statement, I think would be that it may protect some people from death or severe symptoms, but won’t protect everyone and in some may be substantially harmful and debilitating.

          Substantial harm may be from anaphylactic shock (can happen with any medicine) or neurological symptoms like Gillian Barre or other possible issues that aren’t studied enough (my opinion), like potential autoimmune reactions. The latter is what I worry about for myself since I have had more than one abnormal reaction to them that caused me to refuse them. As a nurse, these are pushed on us or else we have to wear a mask for the whole season (5 months). I chose a mask for the last 3 seasons rather than take it. Who knows maybe that’s why I haven’t got COVID, because I skipped the flu vaccine, or I’m just healthy and my immune system is just fine without genetic modification by Moderna.

          I have no problem with companies making vaccines and marketing them, but when they become compulsory I take issue with that.

      • In fact, Fitts will not call them “vaccines” anymore.

        She calls it injection fraud.

        She did a great interview with Mary Holland from Children’s Health Defense recently if you can find it.

        I never knew anything about vaccines either until this whole covid thing happened. Silver lining, because I just joined Children’s Health Defense and am going to support Polly Tommey of Autism Centre in Austin, and Pam Popper who has started Make America Free Again with the vaccine issue the main focus.

        Polly Tommey does not call what happened to her son, or other children, necessarily “autism”. She refers to it as “vaccine injury”. I had no idea how prevelent it is.

  21. I’m not in your area, but I agree with your view on how people who are rightfully concerned about safety and efficacy are treated. The challenge is not allowing their opinions to affect one’s psyche. The problem is when these people try to affect the livelihoods of the dissenters. That’s what can make voicing opposition more challenging. But health is so precious and once that is ruined the consequences can be devastating and life-changing. I think opposing this is worth the consequences.

  22. This scenario en masse is untenable, in this subscriber’s opinion. That doesn’t make it much less relevant since they have a number of ways to make Refusenik’s life very difficult as long as he remains plugged into the system.

  23. Good luck with that plunging a needle into my arm. I bite.

  24. I am convinced that people will do what they think is best for themselves and their family members if they receive honest, detailed information. Propaganda devices and bullying tactics don’t convince me that so-called non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI’s) being pushed by The Who and the CDC are legitimate – quite the contrary. The same will no doubt be true for vaccines that are rushed into production and then pushed on people unless the “Controllers” change their MO and start appealing to logic instead of fear and anger.

    I invite everyone in the Corbett community to drop in on me at controlsavvy.wordpress.com for a visit. This is the best I can do for now to get my family, friends and neighbors to think logically instead of obeying blindly.

  25. Hi Ahmed, I’m up in QLD but family is down your way. Mum is in a care facility and dad is in Melbourne. I can’t visit either of them without being subject to motel arrest for 2 weeks upon returning to QLD AT MY EXPENSE. If either of them passes away under this despotism I won’t even be able to go to their funerals. Mums best friend can’t visit her as she is smart enough not to have the yearly fluvax so the staff wont let her in. Mum managed to get out when they relaxed the restrictions a couple of weeks back and was able to get some urgent dental and medical work done but now she is locked up again. Not sure what we can do, I try to talk sense to anyone who will listen. In real life a lot of people are suspicious but not enough to actually question the motivations of government or the media. Some are, but not many. Most and champing at the bit to get their brand new shiny free vaccines as a condition to ‘getting back to normal’. Have not seen any mask wearers up this way and if we are forced under threat of huge fines (tax) then I guess I’ll use my bikie bandana. 🙂 Will not be having any BS vaccines unless a lot of cops hold me down and forcibly inject me. For some of our more fiery American brethren, the government took our guns away back in the 90’s so there be no civil war down under. 🙂

    • There’s plenty of deadly weapons outside of guns. All you have to do is take out one cop and you have the nucleus of an army. Suggestion: I like crossbows. Just saying

      • Uh-huh, the nucleus of an army Vs a literal army? I think in our situation Ghandi’s approach of non-violent resistance is the best way to go. I’ll still only be a nucleus but at least I’ll be a live one. 🙂 In an armed society you might have more choices but be very careful that acting like ‘them’ doesn’t turn you into them. 🙂

        • Ghandi would be killed in this society. Personally, I find it a copout. If you aren’t willing to fight for your life, against an enemy that wants you dead,then you don’t have what it takes to survive. Much less win. There’s so many examples of why his approach won’t work that I can’t believe anyone could believe it would. But it’s your choice. Though it’s a chicken shit one. And save your preaching for someone else. By not fighting, you sentence others to dieby the hands of those you could have stopped. The right to self defense is a duty. You spoke as a defeatist in both your comments.

          • Thanks General Patton. Now let me know what I should do if half a dozen armed cops turn up my doorstep. There’s elf defense and then there’s unwise desperation. Together things might be accomplished but standing alone just you picked off easily without changing a thing. 🙂

            • You’ll do as your told. In your first comment, it was we don’t have guns. Then it was not against a real army. Your words mark you as a coward. I don’t care about cowards. I care about free people.

        • I respectfully disagree. I studied non-violence (it was actually a class I took outside of my major in college) and we studied Gandhi and in certain circumstances, this is very effective. Non-violent resistance works well as a tactic when the public can see what’s happening. In this case, I think governments have tight control over public perception. Armed resistance may be very effective to let the government know there will be significant penalties for doing this if they are trying to force vaccines with an army.

          Secondly, an army against its own people may be difficult to implement, after all, the military is human beings and it would be tough to harm one’s own communities. Some may even refuse. Plus there may be members of the military that are on our side (ie no forced vaccine) and there are also veterans outside of the military with significant training who can oppose an actual army.

          In the states, there are some people who are heavily armed and trained and unless the state will drop nukes on its own country, the actual army may have a real problem implementing a forced vaccine program.

          Plus violence is, unfortunately, a natural reaction to a direct threat against survival. This is normal in the animal kingdom that humans are a part of. Just watch some planet earth episodes, there are plenty of violent animals surviving. This is not immoral in my opinion and so the risk of “becoming them” I think is not really applicable in this case. But I agree that violence is not desirable but sometimes it is unfortunately necessary.

          Even Gandhi said that action (including violence) is better than non-action. Thus non-violence must not become non-action and complacency.

  26. I recently started watching Pam Popper, also.

    I have to join formally.

    I am going to watch her live broadcast next Saturday. See if she has more info about different aspects going forward.

    She seems like a force to reckon with.

    • I loved the rational wiki entry! Especially informative as I didn’t know James hid content behind a paywall. Hilarious. First and last time I’ll go to their site. I should probably be upset that they’re putting out such drivel, but anyone stupid enough to buy it and not check it out is probably a lost cause anyway.

      • I was amused until I wasn’t.

        Did you happen to see the talk page? Apparently James is working for the Canadian government.

        • I couldn’t read all of it. I was amused, but it didn’t take the whole article for me to have my fill of it. The good news is that the people who would use that site aren’t the sort who could understand this site. James is just too rational for rational wiki readers!

          • Rational wiki is anything but rational. They think being a skeptic ends at the low fruit of refuting an imaginary God, yet are fine with other authority.

            • They sound like bandwagon jumper types. The moronic cool crowd.

    • That’s just plain low quality.

      • I hope you only mean the the twisted article.

        I refuted most of it paragraph by paragraph.

        Feel free to lemme know if something stands out or if there’s anything I could do/edit on any of the articles. Small corrections/additions, as I’m not going to bother deleting or rewriting the whole thing.

        These days I’m helping WikiSpooks transition from the old leadership to a new one (after 10 years Peter handed it over to Robin), including coming up with some sustainable funding strategies, long term plans, decentralization strategies, graphics, newsletters, etc. Time to take it up another level. I/We’ll be posting all that on TCR soon enough.

        I’m also trying to help get in a good replacement (Amita Kuttner) for Canada’s next Green Party leader since Elizabeth May is stepping down. I’m also trying to help reshape some of the ideas of the party to be more alternative solutions-based, anti-censorship, anti-corruption, and to drop the Carbon Tax scam for authentic action on pollution, etc. I’d like to be her ear to the ground in the conspiracy community and to help her filter the legit from nonsense by feeding her suppressed quality content not on the MSM.

        I may even run Green in my local area, Windsor Ontario, next election. Motor City Canada won’t likely go Green but I could potentially use the platform to push suppressed ideas and call out the rigged systems. But I’m not really the kind of person to run, much less be “leader” of anything. I’m not courageous unless I either know the facts and sources or if it’s just downright wrong and I can point out their hypocrisy.

        • Yes, I was referring to the low quality propaganda. That’s Mexican telenovela type of stuff and I’m sure it likewise has a massive audience.

          • Hey! I loved Mexican telenovelas. Where else can you cram in so much drama in so little time? I actually used to watch them while trying to relearn Spanish. Which was derailed, but that’s another boring story.

            • I had a brief period when I watched them as well. It was some decades back when I was watching a LOT of teevee. The lowest quality stuff back then was Santa Barbara, but it’s completely overshadowed by modern Turkish stuff teevee watchers are being bombarded today.

              • I watched Reina de Corazones. Don’t watch any tv anymore, so I’m not familiar with the Turkish bombardment.

              • I don’t think you Yanks get the Turkish stuff, it’s reserved for EU trash TV consumers. The last that I did watch TV, it was quite evident to me that programming quality dropped quite significantly with influx of certain German private TV stations. Up to that period the programming was quite bad but it quickly turned for even worse, filling the waves with true trash and celebrity worship. Which is just more trash.

                Regarding the Turkish TV novellas, there was a significant occurrence of Turkish names being bestowed on children in my general geographical area. Quite ridiculous, when one thinks about it. I remember how some discussions were sparked on topic of using law to whitelist names that may be used when naming children.

                It takes special brain waves to understand the notion that putting something on the book will affect anything in a positive way.

              • There’s certino shortage of special brain waves nowadays.

  27. Two words nullifies all the BS surrounding COVID-1984
    Koch Postulates

    The so called virus has never been dissected and analyzed using the scientific method known as the Koch Postulates.

    • Not using Koch Postulates or any other industry accepted, lesser/easier methods. It is unscientific to even refer to a new virus until there is proof.

      • What does “new” even mean in this context?

        Germ theory says we all lug around hundreds of millions of viruses wherever we go. How many of them are out there? Millions of trillions? Further, they say viruses keep mutating like crazy.

        In this setup, how can one determine that a virus is “new” without having an incredibly detailed database consisting of millions of trillions of genomes, uniquely identifying specific virus strains and the unfathomable number of their mutations?

        Even if we would assume all of that was given, “new” in this best case scenario simply means “we haven’t noticed it yet”. How does that relate to the zero patient trope?

        Who writes this stuff? Can I stop posing questions?

  28. Avoid forced vaccinations using contract law, also known as merchant law or lex mercatoria.
    Josh del Sol, Cal Washington and the InPower movement have been adapting their Notice of Liability to the vaccination issue. 
    InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability

    • I’ll avoid it with my God given right to self defense.

  29. Yes “Vaccinated Welcome Cafe” would be better. Maybe an “enter at your own risk” in small print somewhere on the sign.

  30. I which to claim my free face (nappy) – I’m English don’t you know – I agree you probably won’t be allowed to open your unvaccinated cafe by all of the “authorities” and zealots you mention.

    So how about this? Calls to create a free unvaccinated state? Let’s go the whole hog.

  31. Take note how that shill puppet of big pharma, Raff Ciccone, uses incorrect terminology. “They” keep playing this scam of using terms referring to symptoms or conditions or syndromes, as if they are talking about an actual isolated proven virus. Generally these conditions(AIDS,SARS,COVID-19,etc) are without any actual proven association with a virus, far as I can find out, let alone any connection with a virus not properly isolated nor proven.
    You can not make a vaccine for a symptom, nor a collection of them. A vaccination for COVID-19 is nonsense! A vaccination for a virus so far not even isolated, is a lie.
    How can any law support forced snake oils, to allegedly prevent symptoms, alleged to be caused by unproven viruses? None of this wording and argument made by Raff, actually makes sense scientifically let alone morally. IMHO

  32. The analysis of the four studies “proving” the discovery of SARS-CoV-19 virus has been made, that there is NO PROOF. No SARS-CoV-19 virus has been isolated, only fragments of RNA assumed to be part of a virus, pieced together. Totally unscientific. And when asked, the authors of the four studies admitted that they had not isolated a solitary specific virus. Yet, based on these studies, and the scaremongering caused by the now discredited Neil Ferguson of Imperial College and his forecasting program (which couldn’t come up with the same answer twice using the same inputs, and which was never peer reviewed), the whole world was shut down. So much for true analysis versus perception.

  33. I put up some signs around my town (Kilcunda, Victoria) warning people about the COVID 19 hoax and agenda. My signs were severely condemned by the community and I was told that I am “il-informed” So I guess that means that people who receive their information from The Age, Herald-Sun, Chanels 7, 9, 10, the ABC and SBS are properly informed. Anyone in Victoria who dares to question the motives of Bill Gates is labelled a “conspiracy theorist” rather than just a person who is questioning Bill Gates’ motives. I have watched mind control developing from the 1960’s. I stopped watching television when I was 17 because I thought the mind control was blatant even way back in those days. Now it appears that mind control is seamlessly complete, at least in my community.

    • Nope, it’s the same everywhere, most people I talk to seem curious from the point of view of what they can see with their own eyes but are not conscious enough to accept the possibility that the system is lying to them, now or ever. So they just get angry and defensive and start calling me names instead. 🙂 It’s like living in the Matrix movie at the moment.

      Cliche warning.

      “”The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

  34. Okay, I have an idea. Please tell me how stupid it is before I make a big idiot of myself.

    So the stores won’t let us enter without wearing a mask. What if there were a way to connect with other like minded people in a particular area or town and schedule a mass shopping trip?
    What could the store employees/enforcers do if 15 or 20 vocal, bold people showed up at once and just walked in and went about their shopping. Even if it was only a few bananas or a can of soup.
    They are used to confronting individuals or a couple people at a time. I think that they might be overwhelmed by a decent number of people at once.
    Could work at grocery stores or Home Depot stores and maybe even eateries.

    Any thoughts?

    • I think we’re past that stage. The world has become a dangerous mob. Not to be critical, but it seems we’re all reactionary in our solutions. Myself included. Taking the initiative is always preferable. I will say this though; there’s precious little time left before violence becomes the only viable option. The state fears violence because it knows how powerful it is. That’s how it got power in the first place.

      • Yeah. I get that. Who would have thought that wanting to go shopping without having a breath impeding cloth over one’s face would be reactionary. But I suppose that it has become so.
        I just hate being submissive and doing nothing.

        • I know what you mean. I don’t know the solution either. But I do know many of the elements it will need.

          1- Emotion. Everyone here keeps using logic/fact based solutions. Note how the state isn’t. People aren’t logical. We’re emotional. Every salesman knows this.

          2- Fear- People respond to fear more than any other emotion. It shuts down their minds. Makes them controllable. See state again.

          3- Keep them off-balalanced. This is an old telephone stockbroker trick. Especially for newbies with a script. You say something, and when they raise an objection, you say something else totally different (not contradictive, just different) completely ignoring their objection. They’ll forget the previous. This wears them down.

          These elements are the same as the ones being used against us. Don’t be afraid to be silly and foolish. Your audience is anyway.

          Personally, I don’t give a damn about converting people dumb enough to buy this garbage. We’re way past that. But if you want to,be my guest.

          My personal strategy? Prepare for the worst. Assume everyone is buying this bullshit. Stay out of the limelight and when shit starts flying, figure it out.

  35. The courts often fail to bring justice, but sometimes it works at least to an extent.

    What would you suggest? People have got to try something. An armed revolution is probably the last resort. Do we just go along and complain about it?

    • I don’t think anyone can know that. No one knows the future with certainty. I think it is important to look at things without succumbing to worse case scenario thinking because none of us can predict exactly how things will play out. In my experience things never go exactly according to plan.

      Revolution is entirely possible and winnable. The odds may be stacked against us but nothing is certain.

    • I’ll be declaring a blood feud. Civil ears and revolutions always lead to new tyrants. And it’s inevitable. People have been far too submissive for it to be otherwise. And there’s those who have their lines drawn in cement.

  36. Amazing!
    People have watched too many movies and now are dramatizing them.

  37. BUMP

    Corbett Report’s Your Body, Their Choice link posted
    By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. on July 20th.

  38. Military & vaccines

    July 21st, 2020 – Tuesday
    THE WHITE HOUSE YouTube Channel
    President Trump

    QUOTE by Trump
    “…we are mass producing all of the top candidates so that the first approved vaccine will be available immediately.
    And logistically, we have the military ready to go….”


    • If that’s not a line for someone,then they don’t have one. The military always volunteered my ass for shit. It’ll be the same for all of us. Mandatory volunteering.

    • This is one of the most craziest things I have heard in recent times. Basically, all vaccine maker will make a bundle. Those vaccines that do not pass the “testing” can be shipped off to such places as Africa, India and possibly the middle east. Win-win.

  39. Playing word games to our advantage. Good!

  40. KA-BOOM ! Theresa Tam is Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer. In the
    past she has (famously) suggested that wearing masks in public only served
    to promote a false sense of confidence. Echoing that “No Silver Bullet”
    metaphor launched yesterday by the head-honcho of the W.H.O., our Theresa Tam warned Canadians (today) August 4, 2020, that any COVID-19 vaccine the Federal lawmakers purchase “won’t be a silver bullet”.
    The headline spewed by the CBC (our Federal News Agency) just hours ago reads… “PHYSICAL DISTANCING, MASK-WEARING COULD BE IN PLACE FOR 2-3 YEARS EVEN WITH VACCINE, TAM WARNS”.

    So, we Canadians are to take our tracker-shots, Big Pharma indemnified from ALL liability, and we still get to enjoy another 24 – 36 months of house arrest. But hey, the shots will be almost free, covered by provincial government health authorities.

  41. In the Alan Dershowitz clip, he mentioned a vaccine against cancer, as an example of one you could refuse. His reasoning was that it was meant to help you only.

    But, that’s not what vaccines do, right? Vaccines work on everybody. That’s the point of the whole thing. Vaccines are a general therapeutic that will help the vast majority to overcome, or not contract, a serious disease in the first place.

    Let’s imagine, then, a scenario in which the U.S. government has taken over health care. A vaccine has been developed which will inoculate everybody against the disease. Alan Dershowitz can’t imagine a scenario where, in order to save money on cancer treatments, they could force everybody to take the vaccine?

    Does he really lack that much imagination? “Public health” could be stretched to unbelievable lengths to justify anything. If the logic of the Supreme Court decisions says anything, it says the government can damned well do anything it wants if a plausible public interest can be invented.

    Alan Dershowitz is a fool.

  42. A major question that is never considered is, why is this disease considered so much worse than the flu? Its case fatality rate is on par with the flu. Nobody has ever proven it’s more infectious than the flu.

    So, why the push to make this vaccine mandatory? What’s the likelihood that a successful vaccine can be developed when they can’t develop a vaccine for the common cold, or the seasonal flu?

    This is all so friggin’ crazy. So many questions are left unasked, let alone unanswered. So many unstated premises and assumptions.

    Our leaders are insane.

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