NATO and Anti-NATO: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

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If you want to oppose the NATO warmongers, you have to back whoever is opposing them and oppose whoever is backing them? Right?…But what does that look like in practice? And do we run the risk of allowing the globalists to marginalize entire peoples’ points of view by seeming to support them? Wrap your head around these and other puzzling conundrums on today’s (bumpy) Thought for the Day.


  1. We need to throw out “What side are you on?” and labels like “anti-this” and “pro-that.”

    Those bifurcations are exactly what propagandists use to keep people away from the human part of whatever you’re examining. We are human beings with short lives that occupy dirt on a planet that is a speck of dust on the cosmic scale.

    The “battles” being fought are generally a giant spectacle so that the battles can continue to be fought without interruption. The people who instigate these battles are sick in the head (on both “sides” of any battle).

    In the end, our imagined self-importance (as Carl Sagan once put it) doesn’t prove anything. I just want to be human, and connect with a few people who will genuinely connect with me.

    We have ~ 75 trips or so around the Sun … I’m just trying to make the most of them.

    So, in terms of the title to the video, the “coin” and the “two sides” are both illusions that only have real consequences on our lives because they are being used maliciously for that purpose.

  2. That is a great Corbett video! …positions are “left” or “right,” “blue” or “red.” … Many are now unable to conceive of what a _________ movement that is not attached to one or the other ends of this so-called “spectrum” would look like….

    In today’s video “Two sides of the Same Coin”, Corbett uses some good descriptives…

  3. How an issue is painted…how an issue is depicted…the representation of an issue…
    I think the portrayal of a narrative is fundamental to many issues (e.g. NATO vs Anti-NATO).

    Example: In the summer of 1980, Dallas, Texas had 69 days above 100 degrees F, 42 of which were consecutive. In those days, air conditioning was not as refined as it is today. The grass was cooked.
    With her job, my girlfriend met many travelers from around the globe.

    We both laughed at this because it was such a false, silly portrayal…Evidently on European TV News about the Texas heat, they were showing video of fire hoses spraying crowds of people on the street and embellishing how people were dying from the heat. Kind of like the concept that as a last resort to keep people alive from the heat, fire trucks would spray crowds with water.

    This was the era when the TV show Dallas with J.R. Ewing was extremely popular around the world. (One Minute)
    In fact, around 1980 Larry Hagman (J.R.) handed me a stack of mail asking if I would mail it for him. He was born in North Texas as was his mother, Mary Martin (“Peter Pan” 1960 movie).
    I currently live just a few miles down the road from “Southfork”.

  4. Hello James,
    at first I was a bit puzzled by your video, because I didn’t understand which point you were trying to make – and I couldn’t remember that you ever before had seemed cryptic (or bumpy^^) to me. However, here are three thoughts I’d like to address as a response, from which I hope you may gain some value:
    1. Essence/labeling.
    2. Focus on thugs, not fellow people.
    3. Ideas/tactics vs. goals.

    I won’t provide links, only thoughts.

    1. As I understand it, at(/until) the beginning of the modern field of psychology, researchers/thinkers tried to find out what was – in German called Wesen – the essence/nature of the human being. Nowadays essence has long be replaced by the concept of personality. Actually you could say, that the opinion is, that there is no such thing as an essence of a person (or at least it is a term that is scientifically not usefully employable). Basically understanding the essence/nature of sth. would mean to understand it in its entirety. Actually it wouldn’t matter if it were a person or animal etc. (We can only observe from the outside and never have the inside.) Put in another way: It’s impossible to know the essence/nature, the concept is dead (at least in science). Now you research and think in the compartmentalizing (looking from the outside) way of personality, e.g. with Big Five/Six, on which you can place scales, collect data etc.
    BUT. This essentialism isn’t even in the slightest way dead in our languages or cultures, and here I come to labeling.
    We talk and think about people as good or bad people, as thieves, traitors, socialists, capitalists, islamists, terrorists, freedom fighters etc. etc. Essentially (;-)) we haven’t quit communicating in an essentialistic way. We talk less about actions or concepts/ideas (for example sbd. stole sth. and we judge this action as bad instead of labeling this sbd. as a bad person (thief); or pointing out that sbd. appreciates the utilization of force as a means to achieve a goal = socialistic concept instead of labeling this sbd. as a bad person/socialist).
    I think you can see why I believe this kind of essentialism/labeling reduces the entire complexity of a person to a binary version – either sbd. is a thief or not, either sbd. is a socialist or not etc.
    A huge problem obviously is to not reduce or aggregate (like in the following paragraph: Thugs, MSM, etc.)

    2.The focus on (different rivaling groups of) thugs.
    MSM usually reports on the powers that shouldn’t be and the alternative media often too. You may name Putin, Trump and Li Keqiang as different members of rivaling gangs. Each one strives for control of people. And now you can argue on different levels. If you are against Trump (and probably also the institution named US government you believe exists), then it makes perfect sense to judge everything compared to the issued positions of the so called US state department. Vice versa. And of course it is so with Nato too.

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  5. I was asked a while back by my Chinese friend what I thought of China…. I told him that it was run by disgusting commie murderers but THATS THEIR PROBLEM.

    That made him happy, because who wants some dirty foreigner coming over to your house and telling your family how to run things?

    Thing is, that China would not have its present plauge if the Rockefellers and such had not been poking around there messing with other peoples countries.

    Dr EM Jones who pointed out that when people reject Logos they no longer see limits or balance and turn into full on revolutionaries and like the Puritans or some Evangelicals just cant leave other people alone.

    People should just leave the rest of the world alone as much as possible and people will create a society that fits THEM and is the way most of them like.
    I bet most people freaking out about Russia know NOTHING about Ukraine or Russia…maybe not even where they are on a map

  6. Well, people are used to looking for a “prime mover” and in relation to world events (Nato) people of the West are used to seeing the US as the global ruler.

    I think it starts with the whole myth of a “god”. The fact that humans are programmed to believing that there is always something more powerful above them. (One cannot prove the existence of a god or gods, which means that this was probably where they came up with the idea of controlling people with things they cannot see.)

    So given that we “learned” that parents are all powerful, then teachers, doctors, dentists, experts, politicians, kings, emperors, and ultimately a god, it seems logical that people look to the alpha, the one in charge, and take a position in relation to that.

    I think that what you are asking at the root comes down to psychology.

    Remember, humans are just another mammal that by a freak accident – probably through inbreeding – developed (slightly more) rational thought – ultimately it all boils down to the one instinct that rules them all: the survival instinct. Sadly there is nothing more to humans than that.

    • Since

      If it’s true that there is “Nothing more” then why fight globalist slave masters?

      The end result of rejection of God is that man becomes an animal, easily and rightfully controlled by whomever has the right tech to farm people…..atheism is the long slow blackpill of death the rulers have been slipping into your mass culture for a long long time.

  7. Wow! I jumped into the way back machine! Am I correct, that your car is able to depressurize and that’s why it’s difficult to discuss such things “in a vacuum”?

    Seriously, your musings are at least as relevant today as they ever were. I had no idea the content was nearly 15 years old till i opened the Comments. Duh.

    I just watched Dr.Lee Merritt state that we are already in Stage IV-WWIII-The DNA War. The topic started with the more than a dozen US backed Bio-Weapon Labs, in Ukraine, Georgia, etc…talk about CIA backed…McCain, and neocon Graham offering neo-nazis money and guns in 2014.

    Lucky me: no social media, no TV. My wife’s job has her still working from home with an international corporation. I’ve heard often a Ukraine colleague of hers fled to Poland. Yesterday she sounded just like the aforementioned congressional chameleon: “Some one ought to shoot that monster!” No valid passport, no jab, therefore I have to imagine it’s not on my to-do list. My response:
    “Don’t believe everything you’re hearing. Where’re you getting news?”
    “From the Ukrainian woman.”

    So obviously her colleague isn’t blown up or in jail. Working from Poland implies laptop. I have to give Putin a measure of acumen; perhaps it is to quietly take out Bio Labs; perhaps territorial; have to wait to see if it’s NWO or if he couldn’t care less with China watching his six. And he sure took care of Covid…

  8. James,you have been a guiding light, to keep us from falling into lockstep with a sheeple march, either to the left or to the right, the black or the white. I always felt that way, but you have provided us with great articulation and documentation of that position.
    BUT…when you asked should we support a movement, or support its suppression, I wondered how our opinions equate to support. Does it matter what we say on facebook, etc? I think for you, it IS truly important, however most of us don’t have your reach or power, let alone persuasive knowledge and discipline.
    Bottom line; I agree with your position, but does it matter what I personally favor for overseas events? I feel you may be pandering to the smug sophistry and impotence of the Corbeteers. Opining on everything saps our energy.
    That is my opinion (impotent LOL). All belief is neurotic. That is one of my core beliefs. Do I believe in magic? Not as much as I believe in the rise of the kakistocracy.

    • I like opining thanks very much… 🙂 it helps me work my way through errors. We all need to Unenspell our minds…were that not important theruling class would not be peeing money away on keeping us misinformed

      You may or may not believe in magic but the people weaving public opinion are using the exact same techniques as magicians and shamans to mess with your head…. I have a NLP book that’s literally called sourcebook of magic.

  9. Public-facing politics is 1D, supported by education-by-cliche: “there are 2 sides to every issue,” “survival of the fittest,” “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” “I pledge allegiance,” “better dead than red,” *plants a flag on the moon*, “cell walls are like pumps,” “I’m vaccinated,” “I stand with ____,” and so on.

    No one knows more about this than the major religions. Statism is just a secular religion. Especially where education is for super-specialized & narrow job training.

    The medieval Church knew that the real 3/4D was about property/money (& a monopoly on those dangerous, dangerous books). That’s why it insisted that Jesus of Nazareth owned property. Because if he had not, then neither could the Church.

    Before Christianity, the real debate happened: when Plato warned what would happen if empiricism were eclipsed by rationalism in politics.

    What happens? Civilization runs straight into the arms of rationalism because. . .it’s easier than the playful, hard work we could be doing facing each other & working out what should be done. And who doesn’t want big, tall buildings & shiny things?

    Because sitting back & thinking about a plan & then imposing it is the sweatless alternative. You literally don’t have to get your hands dirty. In authoritarian systems everyone tends to be a rigid authoritarian: from presidents & kings to parents & children. That’s the moral outrage of the state: it corrupts everything human.

    It’s hard though. Everyone will 1D-you when you speak.

  10. Hi James

    This one seems fairly easy, if you are the neighbor of a Superpower, you should stay on frindly terms.
    Since NATO loves the Color-Revolution, this counts double and yes your rights are infringed upon, welcome to reality.
    Russia tolerated the faschist Regime in the Ukraine for a surprising long time.
    I feel bad for the east Ukrainiens the ones in the west are and have been fairly save.

    Stay healthy,stay save


    PS: Ron Unz (not a general endorsment) has a story on how the USA does war.

  11. I appreciate the clever words and thoughts expressed here. I stand with you and the sophists.

    • Well, that made me cry-laugh in the best possible way, no kidding.

      Aristophanes, is that you?


        • In 2011, the following Associated Press interview/article went around the world.
          No kidding. It showed up in Japan and New Zealand and small town publications all around the globe. Plus, it was headlined & frontpaged on internet places like Yahoo News and AOL.

          A DuckDuckGo search still gives amazing results.

          From JFK killing to Sept. 11, conspiracy theories thrive

          …and there’s Hanky.

          More photos here…

          • Actually, the original AP headline was…
            From JFK to 9/11, Conspiracy Theorists Thrive

  12. Thanks for opening up the space to look deeper into this issue.
    For me, the first thing to do is to consciously cast away the pressure to conform or the urge to virtue signal to the team, be it the anti-imperialist team or the Truthers team.
    That will give us the ability to focus more on the actual issues involved.
    For Ukraine, I would think obviously there is real hardship to the Ukrainians brought by the war and yet also the build up of Nazi indoctrination, thanks to Nato. But the bigger picture is that this is probably pushed by the deep state planners, to purposefully give Russia officials a good incentive to follow through the plan to attack at the allocated time for Great Reset Act 2.
    And so if we are not bound to conform to team philosophy, I would criticize Russia for recognizing Donbas independence and giving support so late. And also for resorting to war instead of say, a counter coup option. The war does nothing useful except creating more hatred for Russia, which is probably part of plan. The bulk attention has to be spent, in my opinion, on the connection of Putin to WEF, how the war fits nicely into the timeline, what are the possible agendas, how China fits in.
    If it’s the HongKong protest, I would support the locals and their cause, simply because they are in the right. But then the next thing to do would be focus and pour more attention, as non-locals and anti-deep state watchers, to the psy-ops and the psy-ops personals, to trace their connections and call them out. These elements would only benefit the protest movement in the short term, on the surface level. No matter how the protest turn out, they would end up causing more harm than good.

  13. Historic Record…

    FLASHBACK – Sunday March 6th, 2022
    This July 2017, NATO and Anti-NATO: Two Sides of the Same Coin? was revisited and presented on the Home Page of Corbett Report.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This is a map depicting NATO’s Eastward expansion since 1997.

    In 1955 Soviet Russia responded to Nato by creating its own military alliance of eastern European communist countries, called the Warsaw Pact.

    Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a number of former Warsaw Pact countries switched sides and became Nato members. The alliance now has 30 members.

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