Interview 1504 – New World Next Year 2020!

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

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Corbett Report’s 2019 Story: Preventing “Legitimate” Protests From “Morphing Into Riots”

Media Monarchy’s 2019 Story: The Scientific Dictatorship Isn’t Just Here, It’s Already Mundane

Corbett Report’s 2020 Trend Prediction: It’s the End of the Internet (As We’ve Known It)

Russia Must Build Own Internet In Case of Foreign Disruption

Media Monarchy’s 2020 Trend Prediction: Wont Somebody Please Think of the Pediatric Political Props?

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  1. Nothing good ever comes quick. If virtue can become a reality than what you said should ring true for 2020 James. Hope you can be that source for education, work and growth for that internet that represents freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness. Regardless of it being the truth or not. , the idea that its not censored by Big Brother is a grand idea. Truth will out the lies and equilibrium will return to virtues. Spontaneous outbreak of kindness . The real question is ” compared to what?” Where do we begin to return too? All new is really exciting. Lots of work ahead and you and Pilato are just the untapped resource that can help this side of the screen be engaged. I would rather be an extension of real interaction than a viewer of TV show characters nudging you to act like them.
    Bless your families and good tidings for tomorrows to come.

  2. The internet is a historical anomaly.. any one predicting it would have imagined the French Minitel system. I really don’t think that it was imagined fully by those who were building it for Tecnocratic control of resources.. Clifford Stoll predicted most of the problems it could create in Silicon Snake oil even though he predicted it wouldn’t be a thing for most people.
    In his ‘cuckoo’s egg’ Stoll told a story of government paper pushers who really had zero idea of how much things had changed and didnt take his warnings of soviet hackers breaking into systems.

    I think its time for anyone who cares to buy Harddrives and mass store anything they want to have available in 10 more easy free music and books

    • Hi, John,
      I am sure you will know some of these but posting for others too the internet archive has millions of books and magazines (Fortean times…good for a grin) as well as a huge amount of software…. mostly old DOS stuff (run on DOSBOX even on an old PC)
      You can download a ton of books of all kinds AND a ton of Audio is Zip archived there too. ALL THE BOOKS YOU CAN EVER READ….. all the out of copyright books and some magazines- you USED to be able to downloads then en-mass… I got a whole years worth in a kwix database (first title was a Victorian Porn novel…. which probably says something about human nature, lol) THIS program (Windows/linux and mac) will scan a website and then save it into a folder – you can grab many websites and they will be listed in the INDEX page which you then follow to access your locally stored offline version of the site… Dont try to use it on Google or any huge site but it will work for smallish websites.

      On storage you can either buy Hard disks and install them via Sata cable to your mother board inside your PC OR you can get USB3-to-Sata cables off amazon t run them from the outside of your PC case. OR you can set up a RAID storage device so that even if you loose a drive the others will recreate it.. if you just use individual drives remeber ONE COPY IS NO COPY!!
      You can buy NAS units but their kinda expensive, or you can do them on an old PC.
      And the good for 1000year optical disk (regular optical disks are kinda meh on longevity…)

      Also… LOL…just for fun, BBS’ing, actually I read dr’s in some places use them to keep track of the AID’s they still use these because the governments there are too poor or lazy to keep track of the phones.

      Here.. WAY WAY Less then ideal but easy to do…endless OS
      or just get the OS

      ALSO… get a thumbdrive or burn a CD of Puppy-linux so you can access your loose drives on an old PC.

      Look up internet archive ‘ambassador at large’ Jason Scott on Youtube for a few interesting talks on internet history.. likes to hear himself talk but if your into computer history

      Also… This was a good book on the subject

      • BTW you can move the entire folder saved with HTTRACK and put it on another PC and have it work just fine… at least on Linux.

  3. A brilliant year-end show gentlemen. My sincere
    thanks for your combined and courageous example of
    cultural leadership. I for one, am following
    your tail lights through the daunting blizzard ahead.

  4. Assuming that they have already won means they have already won.
    HAM guys have had stuff like this for a while… and there are ways to do it for phones, you can hardly regulate phones out of eistence if your planning to use them to spy on people- they did it in HAiti


    And this guy at DEFCON
    (The creepydoll network… nice…lol, I like his idea of fitting protestos with a mobile net so they detect new people joining the group to provocteer)

    The issue is that unless its made simple enough for just regular IQ folks to use its not gonna happen… I’m not all a high level teckie type but when I try to explain doing something something SIMPLE with computers like upgrading their own RAM or adding a hard drive they get intimidated about the idea. Our ancestors made their own tools and food and we cant even use the damn tools people Sell us properly.

    • Only a tiny minority are actually interested in the truth… if it wasnt so way more people would know it by now since its just the last few years that the net is starting to clamp down.
      To be honest, if you want to be a ‘threat’ you should start a reading club with a small group of people who’ve known each other for years because somewhere around zero people are going to do anything dangerous in the real world because of what they read on the internet- UNLESS it matters to their everyday lives such as the economy going pop

  5. I loved seeing Corbett’s son’s gift-lapel.
    Made my day.

  6. Arby
    Anyone who just votes for a republican because their ‘right wing’ is not a conservative…. Trumps a New York democrat and that anyone thinks hes conservative is pretty sad. Trump could have run as Clinton2’s vice and no one would have blinked.

    ‘…As for Christmas. It amazes me the way progressives, who, generally, hate God and the Christian Bible, don’t hesitate in the least in ‘using’ (in a bad sense) God (in large and small ways). Let’s see how that works out….”

    The entire movement that currently labels itself as ‘progressive’ is at its heart deeply anti-God because it attracts people who hate the idea of any restraint on their ability to do whatever they like whatever the cost to others… ‘ degenerate moderns’ is a lecture on Youtube by E Michal Jones that goes into some of their life styles… but also they took over a lot of the seminaries (of all denominations) because then they can use whats left of religious authority for their own. That why 90% of churches in the west are a joke, the last head of the US anglicans even said Paul casting out a demon from the possessed slave girl was him being toxicly male and not seeing the beauty in her…

    • Arby
      What I mean by calling hin a NY democrat is that, politically speaking he really is just an old school northern democrat in his political outlook- he is not really ‘conservative’, just MORE conservative then the rest of the democrat party is right now (their kinda going full on commie, like the UK labor party was trying)
      The overton window, the window of whats accepted thought has moved so far to the left that republicans are politically the democratic party of the 1990’s which is why people who think trump is going to do anything ‘conservative’ to slow down the rot in US society are wrong.
      He is a sop to the people who want things to change for the better, a sponge to soak up their energies and the energies of those that hate him and keep people from panic the clock runs down on the republic
      as it says on wikipedia

      ” Noam Chomsky said in 1998:[10]
      The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate. “

      • Hey there Duck-

        Back in the day I read a lot of Chomsky’s books, watched his lectures, and that quote you cited is the one that sticks with me the most. The strategy of that is so basic, so simple. And it’s the simple things that are the most effective.
        Keep people locked in a bowling alley where the only thing they can discuss or argue about is bowling. Bringing up the fact that the mob owns the bowling alley and doesn’t sanitize the rental shoes is off-limits.
        (Nothing against bowling. It’s kind of fun when you’re shitfaced.)

      • Arby
        Communism is and always has been a rich mans trick… Trotsky was related to millionaires and theres a reason that the Koch bro’s dad was hanging about in russia to see the effects of the revolution…he was capitalising on the shake up of owner ship like Ford motor, and a dozen other US companies….
        See attached video-THIS was harder then it used to be to find… with a real actual university historian talking about how Wall Street was behind Trotsky, while Lenin was more of a German deep state plot… it was well known at the time that funding and support for the Bolsheviks was external when they over threw the REAL democratic revolution by force
        The intro is kinda anoying but the info is worth it.

        RE Democrats, well.. the call for reparations, redistribution, and general urge to grab wealth plays out very well with the uber rich when they end up administering or gettng their hands on the goodies…. just like environmentalism now. There is a reason so many money types are behind that party, as many or more as the other.

  7. Excellent report Jameses. And thanks to you Broc for your mostly unseen contributions in 2019. Great job all.

    The whole blocked internet thing is much too big a conversation for the end-user to assimilate at this juncture. If you remember being inside the ‘computer revolution’ when it began, before Apple/McIntosh, before the internet you will know what I mean. What a mess it was for the end-user when the computer, then the net emerged into the public realm. We’ll have to sort it all out again. Ugh. Not looking forward to that, as JEP noted in his example.

    Funny. The ‘smoking at age 21’ vs. 18 is the exact thing that happened with alcohol during the Vietnam War. Young men under 18 were sent to die but were denied a drink in their own country because they were not adults, yet. “Old enough to die but too young to have a drink.” was the battle cry among the young public who were being drafted and killed at that time.

    Heads-up to Progressives, as they like to call themselves (ROFL). There is a very long path to travel before impeachment of POTUS can occur. The US House can only make a recommendation to the US Senate. Afterward, it’s the Senate that decides, not the House, and only after a public trial, a POTUS defense and a Senate vote to remove POTUS. I predict–not happening. The Senate does not like change, especially when it damns the Presidency. They see such actions as destructive to the office and threatening to themselves–no matter what the House thinks or does. The US Senate has more in common with the imbedded British aristocracy than anyone understands or wants to admit.

    OK, I’ll say it, James. It’s going to be a 2020 SH*T storm, once again.

  8. James and James, Russia has a more free Internet than we do. I know because I have been there 3 times and nothing has ever been blocked except my Hometown Newspaper It is blocked because the town is full of Ultra-Liberal Democrats and the UF History and International Relations Departments are full of extreme Russophobes who have run Coups and Color Revolutions all over the Planet. I tried to have a debate with one of them on the attack of Libya and he wouldn’t do it because I didn’t support the war. I am hoping to run into him again so I can ask if he has been to the slave markets and bought any slaves.
    They are building a wall in their Internet to protect it from the Empire’s NGOs, Regieme changers and Pentagon Hackers to prevent the Empire from shutting Russia out of the WWW and launching a Military attack. The same goes for Iran and it is because the Empire is trying to Regieme Change both of them and attack them in any way it can.
    Additionally, James EP should tell his Millenial buddy to prepare for the riots because Pelosi and her impeachment crazies have gotten cold feet on referring their impeachment fiasco to the senate because public support has dropped in Ds, Rs and Indies. It is sub-50% in Ds and Indies and in the Rs it dropped from 90% to 77%. Even if she does send it the senate might refuse to even hear it and if they do it will fail and both the Bidens will be dragged through the mud along with Pelosi’s son, Adam Schi##’s, son both of whom are on one of the Ukronazi corporate boards. Gainesvlle will probably have riots too.
    You should watch this Duran video that goes through all of this in more detail:
    Over the Christmas and NY holidays you should have plenty of time to watch Putin’s 4hr annual marathon press conference:

    • asavetMD says:
      Russia has a more free Internet than we do. I know because I have been there 3 times and nothing has ever been blocked except my Hometown Newspaper.
      It is blocked because the town is full of Ultra-Liberal Democrats and the UF History and International Relations Departments are full of extreme Russophobes who have run Coups and Color Revolutions all over the Planet.

      Interesting anecdote.
      I consider that anecdotes are often a great way to gain insight.

    • This is an update: the Democrat Harvard-trained lawyer says that Trump actually HAS NOT BEEN IMPEACHED and it has been confirmed that Pelosi had to hold back on it BECAUSE SHE NEEDS MORE EVIDENCE. WTF?
      however this Clown Show is the least of the Democrat Party’s problems because Barr and Durham have been talking to Admiral Mike Rogers, former NSA Director that oBOMBa wanted fired who went to Trump Tower 9 days after the election and told him that there was a Deep State Conspiracy to destroy him. This directly implicates oBOMBa, Brennan, Comey, Hitlary and many others. All of them are F#*KED.

    • Great skit! …with bullet points.

  9. Nusuth ; Im going to have to read the story of Giddion. That fact that aristocrats will fight with themselves, and murder themselves may be the key to our salvation. Divided up the cattle…set the parameters. …what did Giddion do to save his people?
    Very nice idea about Power word.

  10. Well 20/20 has always been a term to express good visual acuity, however we live in an Orwellian world so expect the opposite!

    So I think JC’s prediction of the end (or blinding) of the Internet is likely.

    My prediction for the next decade, combining the predictions of both Jameses would be “The End of Children”

    • By the way, FAN (FluorideAlert.Org aka Fluoride Action Network) is doing its end of year fundraiser.

      A key statistic is Number of Donors, so even $5 helps.
      “Number of Donors” helps in the Public Relations department. It relays the concept that many folks want to end water fluoridation.

    • No Fluoridation in Japan and Why

      The Corbett Report is cited repeatedly at

      At the link below, scroll down halfway on the webpage until you see the headline “No Fluoridation in Japan and Why” along with Corbett’s image.
      On the webpage-scroll-down (towards the top), you will see an interview which James had with Dr. Paul Connett of FAN.

  11. I agree, and as the link you post describes, the TOR network is the brainchild of the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory, MIT and DARPA. Prior to its “deployment” in 2002 or even when it got it’s own Firefox browser in ’08, can anyone know for sure the level of control or the number of compromised TOR nodes?

    Also, members of ‘The TOR Project’ are NSA and CIA connected and they are Snowden clamorers as well.

    I’m speculating here, perhaps they had to cook up that super forensics forum post writing style analysis on Ross Ulbricht so nobody would suspect TOR as being compromised.

    You can learn alot by reading the comments at the end of this page,

    Of course, using all the other anonymity securing technologies correctly, like PGP or throwaway
    drives is a must if you use any onion routing network or VPN or any network for that matter; we are using the government’s hardware afterall!

    Groups of friends can make their own networks with unsanctioned line burying or directional antennas or dead-drops or all three. Provide your own content for your own network or use tools Duck mentioned prior to copy content to your network from others.

    One time I just hooked up a old disk drive full of music and videos to the WWW and gave my friends the IP address so they could download my files from wherever and nobody used it once! So hopefully your friends will be interested enough to use and substantiate your network in the first place!

    I just had an idea! Make unsanctioned mesh networks of hidden servers, drives and lines using off-grid power and leave the connection details buried for the future mindslaves to discover. Corbett has enough content alone to comprise such a network. Make your own nodes of access at universities or parks or wherever!

    I know. I know. I should just do it too but I got too many other ideas 😉 Also, I’m tech poor and I’m more interested in food production; I can’t eat internet.

    Also, remember time-capsules? Talk about decentralized underground networks! Imagine being a 2050’er finding a plasic tube with a bunch of rolled up papers entitled ‘The Corbett Report.’ I’ll probably do this one but if I were Mr. Corbett I would definitely do it and I would be snickering all the way to my grave! Wouldn’t it suck for some EMP technology to destroy all this weak computer tech with no physical backup like printed materials?

    Hey! Has anyone ever experienced EMP effects on technology before? I have not, personally. Well not to my knowledge, I guess.

    I apologize for the long rant reply. Have fun next year! 2020 in February starts the year of the Rat, it should be wild!

    • Hey, can you tell me what’s wrong with Brave browser? I have my own suspicions but have not come across anything about it.

  12. Mr. Pilato’s 2020 prediction discourse was an epic spiel indeed!

    ‘Fake woke kids and their infantalized adult counterparts’

    Spot on.

    Some kid at my slabor job thinks the darkweb is Dtube and the oldies are suprised when I tell them of government corruption of their media sources.

    Come on! How long has this game been playing! Long, long before I was born for sure!

    So much thanks to the James’ for help spreading the info!

    Two salient James’ jutting from the internet. I’m enjoying the trip but I wish your antagonizers bruised soles!

  13. To James EP: Have the riots started yet?

  14. I don’t really know anything about it, I’ve only heard one of the people involved speak on a few panels, but I thought I’d put this here.

  15. Too bad there isn’t enough good people like you out there online anymore. Fondleslabs and iPads are the reason the luddites took over and caused this reaction and soon-to-be solution, at least in the US, when it comes to the Internet.

    I’d like to think I’m not a part of the problem, being a pretty overqualified chemist who works at the technician level in a paint factory, it’s amazing we still have factories that aren’t industrial/pharmaceutical labs. I quit my job at a generics meds company, I wasn’t supervising the production of products I consider awful, antacids are pretty damn low on that scale, but I left out of principle earlier this year.

    I live in a damn condo which prevents me from doing many of the solutions towards real freedom right now. I’m hesitating on even working long enough to have paid enough of it so that I can get myself a house somewhere that’s mine with a sizeable land, I’m lucky enough that housing is very cheap here but I’m starting to wonder if there is a point…

    I thank both of you, I’m a member of both of your actual informational and educational (and also some good entertainment from JEP), I thank you for all that you’ve done since I discovered the both of you, way back in 2008. But I think what I have in my home to protect me (legally, C&C in Canada is legal, just takes a lot of courses to get a license, maybe it’s for the best, but what do I know, shotguns and hunting rifles are still very much easier to get legally) will likely not be for any intruder or would-be mugger, we don’t have muggers around here…I just know that one day I’ll wake up and the news will be so bad, I’ll disappear, I’ll never let my mind become part of a borg hivemind you can be certain of that.

    Government Issue’s “Wishing” will be the soundtrack of 2020 as hope is circling down the drain…and I’m aware of the irony, I’m a privileged f*** and I would not be able to endure being Syrian or Iraqi or Israeli for that matter, so far my freedom is still secure and it’s not based on ancient allegorical texts that allow me to treat those who are different than me in a lesser way than they do animals, I’m talking of Israel but I could be mention being a Han Chinese who finds himself better than his Cantonese comrades and extremely better than those lesser beasts in Tibet and Xinjiang.

    Wishing we’ll still be here just complaining with the small breaks of joy we still get in a year from now in late december 2020.

  16. Speaking of Corbett’s prediction about hacking narratives that will be coming for the 2020 election, addressed here (queued)…

    Establishment Pundits Go Nuts Over New Russian Hacking Conspiracy
    A CNN reporter took it up even further, preemptively speculating based on literally nothing that any evidence of Biden’s corruption which emerges from the phishing campaign will have been “doctored” by Russia.

    “Russia could leak Burisma emails, and slip in some doctored emails, to harm Biden later on, if he is the Democratic nominee,” tweeted CNN’s Marshall Cohen. “The 2016 playbook all over again.”

    This insanity was seconded and then ratcheted up even further by MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance, whose main job seems to be to push the Overton window of Russia hysteria toward the craziest end of the spectrum.

    “DNC 2.0,” Nance wrote. “To protect Trump the GRU will manufacture and insert Black propaganda, fake emails in a data base Burisma emails to implicate Biden and support Trump. They don’t care if you believe it … it’s all to get Trump to believe it. He’ll destroy America to win.”

    MSNBC analyst and former Obama administration official Richard Stengel, who has openly stated that he endorses the U.S. government propagandizing its citizens, seized on the opportunity offered by this lawless feeding frenzy to advance a completely baseless Russiagate theory, because why the hell not?

    “‘Russia, if you’re listening, hack Burisma.’ GRU has done same thing to this Ukrainian firm that they did to DNC,” tweeted Stengel. “If Trump asked Zelensky on a public call to investigate the Bidens, what do you suppose he asked Putin on a private call? Vlad, do me a favor.”

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