New Year Open Thread (2023)

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Yes, 2023 is upon us and there is much to discuss, including:

So what do you want to talk about? Whatever it is,

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  1. Not MY predictions, but Brian Lunduke had a podcast on what he thinks is coming in the tech world…. big lay offs as Tech Giants get rid of the bloat (though I heard they have a ton of foreign, basically Visa-Slave, labor that they pay a pittance to) and Chip shortages. THIS story did not talk about the raw sewage underpaid 3rd worlder workers were leaking onto the street so as to save on dump fees….lol, Google must have memory holed that story.

  2. I shill for James on 9/11 /pol/ threads (, but I still hope Jimmy (does his mom still call him that?) has a come-to-Jesus-moment (beyond obliquely and infrequently referring to a Christian worldview) and starts talking about Satan and the dark occult and other, non-paper trail intrigue in 2023:

    -What do you think about the recent docuseries on Al Qaeda by James Corbett, op? I don’t like that he doesn’t go hard in the paint with occult aspects of 9/11 and greater conspiratorial agendas generally, but it seemed to be well-researched. It struck me as more of a Jane Mayer-esque expose of the CIA and U.S. players (a la The Dark Side), but James has certainly pointed to Israeli, Mossad and specific Jews in his 9/11 research in the past…
    I’ve never read Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower (I think I had a bias of it being a mainstream narrative shilling account), but James said it has a decent amount of research in it, so maybe I will some time…

    -Yes, you have to take the ‘predictive programming’ evidence into account when examining 9/11. If you think that is all coincidence or perhaps even some kind of ‘collective, pre-cognitive archetypal access’, you’re either low IQ, mis or uniformed (see ignorant) or a shill. I don’t think people like Corbett, ironically, is either of these things; but it does beg the question whey researches like him don’t include this aspect of 9/11 evidence into their research. I guess he (and perhaps other researchers like him into conspiratorial events) don’t want to go out on a speculative limb and desire to produce a more fact-driven (see open source) presentation. I think that’s unfortunate from a big picture analytical perspective of the events of 9/11 and other conspiratorial intrigue, however…

    -I think that Urban Moving vans images is/are ‘artistic interpretations’ of witness accounts of that (alleged) Mossad vehicle, for the record (probably got that from Corbett).

    -Corbett refers to this (Twin Towers destruction debate) as ‘internecine squabbling’, lol Perhaps there’s a point to this, but it is also relevant to 9/11 historical record to get to the bottom of the truth vis-a-vis the Towers destruction, too (to the point that it is even at all possible to do so, of course…).

    Has James even talked about Predictive Programming before? Does James even have a search function for his site?! (j/k…actually, I do see there are some ‘pp’ hits in the search, albeit older content to be sure, that I will have to check out now…).

    While on the subject of predictive programming, I kept hearing ‘see something, say something’ terror event at the Rose Bowl while listening to my Spotify content in recent days. I always think I am going to have the ‘scoop’ on false flag or otherwise manufactured terror events, and I guess I have to admit I’m somewhat disappointed nothing occurred in Pasadena today after speculating aloud about this alleged possibility to one or more people. Goes to show how nihilistic one can get over time living in Clown World. Happy New Year, Corbetteers.

  3. Thanks for the link to the flyer. I think that is a very good idea! Maybe some still sleeping people can be reached …

    • Yeah they sure rolled that one out quick! Commotio Cortis…suuurrre uh huh. What’s interesting to me is when you watch the play, Hamlin is making the hit on a Bengals receiver, it wasn’t a particularly harsh or violent tackle or anything. He jumped on the receiver wrestling him to the ground, landing on top of him. A textbook football tackle. This so obviously a vaccine injury it’s not even funny. I’ve never seen a player get up from a tackle, look fine, then drop like that in football. It reminds me of the compilation videos on Bitchute of pro soccer players dying suddenly from heart failure while playing. Why more people aren’t waking up to this is beyond me, this is a slow die of…genocide.This is evil.

      My thoughts a prayers go out to Damar Hamlin and his family.

      • Yeah Commotio Cortis. Never heard of it during my career as a nurse. What a bunch of bs.

        This guy won’t be the same even if he gets lucky and survives without a brain injury due to lack of oxygen during the time they were doing CPR.

        I read he’s sedated in ICU still. That’s not common in my experience to have someone sedated for very long if they are going to regain brain function after cardiac arrest sedation is usually titrated off quickly. We’ll see, but I have doubts this guy is going to be the same as he was before. What a shame he didn’t refuse the jab or try to get some kind of exemption. Not saying it was his fault, but the dangers were out there since the beginning and some players did refuse and still play.

    • – Damar Hamlin –

      Dr. Toby Rogers made some interesting points, especially regarding the NARRATIVE.

      …It’s not complicated. If you repeatedly inject billions of people with a shot known to cause blood clots you’re going to see lots of heart attacks — everywhere — at school, at the gym, during a live newscast, at the mall, on the highway, and during sporting events…

      III. The art of shaping the narrative

      When a big event like this happens — you have anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes to shape the narrative.
      That’s it.
      A narrative is like wet concrete — it’s really important to have structures in place to guide it and you only have a short window of time to shape it before it hardens.
      Once the narrative is set, it’s rock solid, new facts will bounce off of it.
      Pharma understands this which is why they flooded the zone with the “commotio cordis” lie as quickly as possible and tried to keep us out of the conversation.

      Meanwhile many people on our team were twiddling their thumbs waiting for more evidence. But here’s the thing — no more evidence is coming. The hospital will never release info that implicates the vaccine and if he dies, there will never be a proper autopsy. So there is no later reckoning….

      • Yeah that’s right, it’s pediatrics this is applicable to due to lack of padding in the chest area. I remember it now from nursing school text books but have never seen an actual case. I have never worked only with pediatrics so have never actually treated a kid for this condition.

        The dumbass doctor that seems to be trying to cover this up with his speculation is a turd for lack of a better word.

        I’d imagine that if this was a blood clot his d dimer would be high and I’m sure that test was run when he came to the ER. Or it could have been some weird lethal rhythm problem related to the jab. I’ve treated lots of people who had sudden increases in heart rate not related to exercise after the jab. The work ups usually showed nothing in the labs but strange changes in heart rate. I doubt we’ll ever know the specifics.

        It does seem like he was down for a while and who knows what happened in the ambulance after they took him from the field. He’d have to get some amazing CPR to save his brain. Maybe he lost his pulse a few more times. I suspect if he’s still sedated, that’s not good and is uncommon if a person has normal brain function after a cardiac arrest. If it was a blood clot, I suspect they would have taken him to the cath lab before ICU. But who knows what they are doing and I’m sure they aren’t going to reveal any specifics to the public.

        • @cu.h.j

          I agree and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, insights and experience in these matters.

        • That would probably be a good idea nowadays. Interesting you mention that because I did work with a doctor who tried giving clot busters during one of our codes and unfortunately it didn’t work. I had to give him credit for trying it though.

          I think you’re probably right about the clots though because I’d presume if it was a lethal rhythm once they shocked him he’d be good and conscious. Maybe they are trying to do therapeutic hypothermia in ICU which is why he’s sedated.

          To be honest, I don’t watch football so I just felt bad for the guy because he’s young. He also didn’t need to take any jabs at all and these stupid idiot doctors just gave him whatever and he probably didn’t know any better. Football is actually a pretty awful sport and players are treated like disposable pieces of meat. At least this is what I heard from my sisters ex boyfriend who used to play and was trying to get into the NFL.

    • If you search “Damar Hamlin Vaccine”, you will see how the Press is trying to shape the narrative.

      Wed January 4 – AP via Yahoo
      Hamlin’s collapse spurs new wave of vaccine misinformation

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Unfounded claims about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines proliferated in the hours and days after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed during Monday’s game, revealing how pervasive vaccine misinformation remains three years after the pandemic began.

      Even before Hamlin was carried off the field in Cincinnati, posts amassing thousands of shares and millions of views began circulating online claiming without evidence that complications from COVID-19 vaccines caused his health emergency.

      While cardiac specialists say it’s too soon to know what caused Hamlin’s heart to stop, they’ve offered a rare type of trauma called commotio cordis as among the possible culprits. Physicians interviewed by The Associated Press say there’s no indication Hamlin’s vaccine status played a role, and said there’s no evidence to support claims that a number of young athletes have died as a result of COVID vaccinations.

      Peter McCullough, a Dallas cardiologist and outspoken vaccine critic, amplified the theories on a Fox News segment hosted by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, speculating that “vaccine-induced myocarditis,” may have caused Hamlin’s episode. While the Bills have not said whether Hamlin was vaccinated, about 95% of NFL players have received a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the league.

      In his Tuesday segment, Carlson claimed McCullough and another researcher found that “more than 1,500 cardiac arrests” have occurred among European athletes “since the vax campaign began.”

      But Carlson was citing a letter in which the authors’ evidence was a dubious blog that lists news reports of people all over the world, of all ages, dying or experiencing medical emergencies. The blog proves no relationship between the incidents and COVID-19 vaccines; it also includes in its count reported deaths from cancer and emergencies of unknown causes.

      “It’s not real research, but he quotes it as if it’s real research,” said Dr. Matthew Martinez….

      • and uninspiring

    • [No bare urls in the comments section, please. Please repost the link with a title and an explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  4. Happy New Year, Corbetteers

    I may have offended some in my comment on the New World Next Year episode. I have however succumbed to the “year in review” theme and restated my claim that the SCO Heads of Government meeting in Samarkand was the most significant geopolitical event of the year.

    I do agree with JC that the never-ending surveillance state with digital ids and the evaporation of cash and us all being seduced into carrying tracking devices known as mobile phones is the biggest societal shift occurring.

    Being 2-D I looked at the year from a geopolitical perspective. The article has an interesting soundtrack.

    2022: Year in Review

    Peace be with you,


    • You are most welcome. If you’d like to use Tor as a transport and generally download medium size video you could also use my little toolset. Only for GNU/Linux operating systems (or perhaps MAC).

  5. Congrats on learning about fractional reserve (fiat) banking.

    You could also watch JC’s Century of Enslavement.

  6. Warm Greetings from Canada everyone! 🙂

    This month I will share an article that explores the long list of reasons why starting/expanding a garden is the most important thing you can possibly do in 2023.

    ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ????? ? ?????? ?? ???? :

    If you already have a garden think of this as a list of 23 reasons why you should re-double your gardening efforts by expanding, honing and sharing your garden abundance/knowledge.
    Please share the article linked above with anyone you feel would be receptive so they can take steps to help themselves and become capable of weathering the storm ahead of us.

    I wish you all a beautiful and hopeful beginning to 2023 and look forward to hearing about your garden plans for this year in the comment section (either here or under my substack article linked above).

    ??? ??? ????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ?????, ???? ????????, ???? ????, ???? ???????, ???? ????? ??? ???? ????????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ? ????????? ?????? ???? ????????? ???? ?????????? ??? ????????? ???? ????, ???? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?????.

    In closing, I will quote a comment from a fellow Corbett Report subscriber which pertains to the imperative of taking steps to create decentralized food production systems at home.

    The comment was posted by “ccuthbert2001” on the 2022 Year in Review episode.

    “????? ???? ?????? ???? ????. ??? ??????? ????? ??? ???????? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ?????? ???? ????????? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ?????, ??? ?????? ??? ???’?? ??. ???’? ????? ????? ?? ????? ??? ????, ?? ??? ???? ????, ?? ??? ???’? ???? ??. ???’? ???? ???????, ???? ?? ??. ??? ???’? ?????? ??.”

    • @AnitaM

      That is awesome! Food forest gardening is where I direct a lot of my time and energy now a days. I am pretty excited to have just had about 23 malus sieversii seeds germinate. These were seeds we extracted from the first fruit produced by our a malus sieversii tree in our garden/young food forest (which was grown from seed). I will be adding the seedlings to several food forest projects we are working on later this year and I am really excited about all the genetic diversity and abundance they will bring to those projects in future years (and hopefully for future generations).

      Have you ever read about malus sieversii (the wild apples from Kazakhstan)?

      Food forests just such resilient food and medicine production systems (that require little to none inputs once established) that it is hard for me to argue for prioritizing growing demanding annuals when a long tern food production system that takes care of itself growing system is possible. I do still grow maybe 30% of our garden square footage in annuals but most of them are self sowing (except for maybe the peppers and big heirloom toms) so those pretty much take care of themselves too.

      Did you see that discussion about Amaranth in the December Open Thread ( )? Have you ever tried growing it? I love how little work I put into growing it and how much nutrient dense food it produces for us.

      Thanks for the link, looks like I have already communicated with their “Master Garden Instructor” (Stacey Murphy) at a conference I participated in last year (R-Future). I really enjoyed connecting with her, she had comprehensive knowledge but perhaps more importantly I could sense she really loves what she does, truly wants to help other people embrace food sovereignty, the positivity and confidence in her presentation was magnetic 🙂

      I love your website (and your ethos) by the way ( ) and I will be adding it to the list of suggested regenerative resources and links at the end of my soon to be published book.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • @AnitaM

        Ahh yes the grafted fruit standard trees can be finicky (not handling fluctuations in growing conditions very well) and being susceptible to a number of diseases. The same issue exists with most common varieties of wine grapes as both the common apple and grape varieties have been cloned (propagated asexually) for countless generations (being grafted onto root stock that never adapts to local conditions). The lack of natural reproduction (from seed) of both apples and grapes has led to genetic frailty and stagnation. I tried to encourage the wineries out in western Canada to get into discovering some new varieties by growing out a few thousand seeds in a test plot (when I was managing some vineyards out there years ago) but they are stuck in their ways and preferred to just hammer the grapes with herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizer (rather than work with nature, be patient and help the plants adapt to become more resilient). but I digress..

        That is the same reason I sourced out the malus sieversii seeds (and some seedlings that were grown from seed more recently). I want to allow for some new apple varieties to adapt to local growing conditions and become resilient in the face of our unstable weather patterns (geoengineering and all).

        Also, I just find it to be lots of fun given the fact that each tree grown from seed produces an unprecedented type of fruit (the result of ancient diverse genetics from the wild apple forests being expressed in an unpredictable manner) which is a total mystery until you get your first fruit. It is like playing nature’s lottery! 🙂

        If you would like to learn more about malus sieversii I wrote an article on them a while back which you can find here:


      • (continued from above..)

        You guys are at around the equivalent of our North American “zone 7” for growing where you are right? If so I think malus sieversii would do great there.

        I tried to look into how many chill hours malus sieversii requires when I was researching the variety but could not find a definitive answer. I instead did an analysis of the apple’s native habitat to find out if where we live would be a suitable climate analog. Malus Sieversii is native to the foothills of the Tian Shan mountains (in Southern Kazakhstan) which is located at approximately the same latitude as where we live (42nd parallel). The climate in the Tian Shan Mountains varies greatly depending on elevation but the range of the wild apple trees is limited to the lower elevation regions of the mountains. Thus, I was able to extrapolate that the trees would have similar summer and winter temps in their native habitat as are experienced in certain areas of BC and Ontario.

        While the specific chill hours were not listed by the research facility I got some of our original seeds from in Nova Scotia (nor was it listed by the nursery in Quebec I got the bareroot seedlings from more recently) they did list the variety as being able to grow in zones 2-8 so I suppose this means the experts of the nursery feel this variety can be cultivated quite a bit south of where we are as well (we are zone 6a here in southern Ontario).

        Thanks for the info on those interesting sounding trees, I will have to ask my friend Andrew that lives near Adelaide if he grows any of those. He created something called the “Grow Free” movement, I am curious if you have you heard of his project?

        Ok awesome sounds good. Thanks for the response and thank you to you and Robert for doing what you do. 🙂

        Together, through embodying sovereignty, walking the path of satyagraha, aligning with the regenerative capacity of the Earth and learning from her ancient wisdom we will plant the seeds for decentralized freedom, abundance and resilience in each of our communities, rendering the parasitic corporations and banksters obsolete and one day leaving them behind.

  7. Folks, today (January 3rd) is the birthday of J. R. R. Tolkien. If you’d like to raise a glass in his honor, here is a website where you can share your toast:

    • long-COVID? check
      pandemic fatigue? check
      protection from death? check
      healthcare overburdened? check
      emergency authorisation and accelerated approval conflated? check

      Address the political dimension of vaccine hesitancy and disinformation campaigns linked to anti-Western and anti-EU narratives. Particular challenges include channels where disinformation is circulating in relation to other crises, specially the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

      Now that a political agreement has been reached on the new EU regulation on serious cross-border threats to health, which is the final legislative piece of the European Health Union Package, the Union will soon have a new set of tools to finish the revision of the EU health security framework and to strengthen the required infrastructure and processes for implementing COVID-19 preparedness and response measures.

  8. My humble contribution to “??? ?????????? ??????????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ??????”

    I am forecasting that the value of heirloom seeds, fertile living soil (and the knowledge required to combine the two to produce exponential abundances of real food and medicine) will continue to go up.

    This will of course correlate to increasing costs of groceries (Canada’s food prices went up 10% in 2022).

    According to the government (so it likely was/is a lot higher in reality) the average Canadian household spent $8109.00 on groceries in 2014. Recent reports an average family’s food bill in 2022 is $14,767.00.

    If you take into account JC’s reports on how the oligarchs are crippling conventional farmers ability to produce food globally and combine that with those two numbers (and extrapolate where the cost of store bought food is going based on past years) you can see that it will inevitably be going up drastically in 2023 and beyond.

    Supplementary predictions include:

    1. I think (given the whole aggressive push for “Digital ID” and the fact that oligarchs and their puppets in government want total control of the internet) there is a pretty good chance that either this year (or next year) JC’s 2022 prediction will come to pass and the oligarchs and their puppets in government do some kind of cyber false flag op. They would do this with the intent of rolling out some kind of “internet driver’s license” (perhaps requiring biometric scans). This would lay a large part of the groundwork for their CBDC/social credit digital concentration camp control grid to be able to come online.

    2. This is kind of stating the obvious for this crowd, but given a large portion of the human population has chosen to subject themselves (albeit sometimes via coercion tactics and always via the influence of propaganda and lies) to a genetic experiment and now have contaminated DNA, I predict the injectible bioweapon’s deleterious impacts on human biology will continue to manifest in a range of diseases, degenerative conditions and fatalities. Cancer rates will continue to explode, infertility increasing and of course a whole host of auto-immune disorders and cardiovascular issues will continue to be normalized.


    • (continued from above..)

      3. The Mass Media/mainstream academia push for hot fusion reactors (and all the billions in tax payer money and other funding sources being spent on it) will continue to escalate. It will serve the same purpose as big pharma’s cancer industry and it’s endless push for more funding for “research” (scooped up through Terry Fox campaigns etc and going right into big pharma’s pocket perpetually so they can develop, patent and have a monopoly on brutally expensive chemo drugs etc while real cures are blackboxed, ‘fact checked’ or otherwise demonized in some way or ignored). Similarly, Hot Fusion research will vacuum up billions (ignoring, “fact checking”, demonizing and dismissing viable and more scalable alternatives) paying huge salaries to those involved and some of that money will go to pay for all the extremely expensive specialized equipment and materials (deuterium is currently costing more than a gram of gold to produce and tritium is being estimated to cost $2 billion per kilogram produced) required to operate such facilities. If successfully integrated into existing power grids (in future years) these hot fusion reactors will result in existing centralized energy cartels creating monopolies (just like they did with oil) dominating people’s access to the energy the hot fusion devices would create.

      4. I think there is a small chance that the ruling oligarchy (those that sit atop the global racketeering cartels from the central banking, weapons manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy and intelligence contracting corporations) may decide to throw a high visibility mid-level oligarch (and/or frontman) under the bus to appease and distract the masses (while they consolidate their forces and strategize for the next stage of implementing their intended global coup d’etat and incremental installation of a transnational technocratic totalitarian police state). Not sure who exactly they would use as a sacrificial lamb, but the prerequisite would be that the individual would have to have already been demonized by a significant portion of the population (enough where the throwing of that person under the bus in some format will make people think they have won a huge victory).

      Ok that is it for me, I hope I am wrong about most of this, well except the part about the value of gardening at home increasing (as decentralizing our food production and people choosing to develop real-world (low tech) skills to help feed themselves and their family is a win win any way you look at it!). 🙂

      Happy New Year Everyone!

      • Gavinm,

        Thank you for your thoughts. On the fusion topic, there is always one big problem. This was beautifully demonstrated in Germany. The government offered subsidies for the installation of solar panels on people’s roofs. This became so popular that the government had to end the subsidies.

        What I am hinting at is that the “green revolution” of energy production could have become a decentralised energy infrastructure. Against this outcome are aligned all of the major energy companies. However, this is not a dead end. Last July I visited a family of friends. Their local government and energy provider collaborated to establish a small solar power installation. It now provides an significant proportion of the region’s power and has thus partially shielded them from the current rise in prices for gas and oil.

        Here we return to communities and collective action. The big energy companies target governments. Local communities have a little more freedom to move.

        Happy New Year to you.

        • @2-D Chess Dweller

          Likewise. 🙂

          Interesting point about community scale vs regional/government scale.

          Based on what you know of the technology, do you think that the specific kind of hot fusion tech they are working on at ITER could be applied on a community scale (serving to hypothetically “partially shield communities from the rise in prices for gas and oil” in the future”) ?

          Current solar power systems have their failings but also offer a number of solid benefits.

          On the failings side of things, there is of course the fact that lithium and cobalt are typically used for storing the energy gathered by the solar panels. Lithium is strip mined and thus that industry does significant damage to ecosystems. Cobalt mining is not only damaging to ecosystems, it perpetuates obscene inequality, suffering and slavery-like conditions (for adults and children) in Afrika. On the subject of cobalt, I am looking forward to educating myself on this further and reading this: . Then there is the fact that humans do not really strive to go the distance with recycling the spent PV panels (most ending up in the dump). According to the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, less than 10% of the country’s decommissioned panels are recycled.

          The positive sides of solar panels are obvious, they offer the potential for decentralized power production and help those (that can afford them) begin to break from dependence on the centralized grid. I have some solar panels, but I am actively looking into supplementing our off grid energy gathering capabilities with other technologies for the above described reasons (and so we are more resilient/adaptable in case of long periods of poor weather and/or geoengineered gray skies).

          Several inventors have sought to bring out highly efficient alternative battery designs which would solve many of the problems with solar/battery tech (which would include EVs as well) listed above but someone seems to not like the idea of that happening, because those inventors keep ending up dead or disappearing (Dimitri Petronov is one example).


          • Certainly lithium and cobalt, as currently extracted, damage both the environment and the health of the people involved. Does anyone here know whether they could be produced more sustainably, at a cost not outrageously greater than current practice?
            I do know that energy can be stored efficiently without use of batteries, using pumped hydro. This probably isn’t appropriate for homesteads, but can be useful for those of us who remain in towns and cities. Wikipedia claims there are 78 of these in operation with more under construction (yeah, I know it’s Wikipedia, but they do provide links to sources.)

            • @taxpayer

              Great question.

              While I am skeptical of any corporate industry operation labeling itself as “sustainable” (given all the prevalent ‘green washing’ propaganda the oligarchs are currently pushing) I do think it would be worth researching whether or not there is any financially viable alternative extraction methods that minimize the degradation/decimation of ecosystems.

              That is interesting, about pumped hydro, thanks for the info.

        • (continued from above..)

          Your comment about solar also makes me think of how the US patent office (and military industrial complex) has been squashing and stealing inventions which could have made solar power so much more viable and efficient for powering our energy hungry modern western civilization.

          For instance, there were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010 ( ).

          Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.”

          Reports indicate that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.”

          At the end of 2018 (September 30, 2018), there were 5,792 secrecy orders in effect, up slightly from 5,784 the year before.

          It appears the real challenge we face with solving the energy crisis on Earth is not something that requires billions to be solved, it is more a matter of figuring out a way to get the already extant inventions (which are cheaper, applicable in a decentralized way and scalable to any situation) from our brightest minds past the buzz saw of institutionalized suppression, thievery, and murderous operations that have stunted human ingenuity in this field of study and engineering for many decades (perhaps for over a century in some cases) now.

          I am not an engineer, and I have a lot more I want to learn about mycology, herbalism, glass work, pottery, basket weaving, DIY textile production, cloth weaving and natural building so jumping into metallurgy and electrical engineering is not on the top of my priorities right now.

          Thus, I will focus on becoming comfortable not needing so many energy guzzling appliances, diversifying our off grid conventional energy gathering tech/capabilities (micro-hydroelectric, micro wind turbines, thermoelectric, passive geothermal and perhaps what you might call “biothermal” systems as well). My main focus is on the decentralized food and medicine production side of things (and helping others to do the same).

          Happy New year to you as well, thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

        • *oops I left out part of my thought process in the comment above and it doesn’t really make sense without the missing parts.

          I meant to say:

          …so jumping into metallurgy and electrical engineering is not on the top of my priorities right now (??????? ???????, ??????? ?????? (????) ?? ??????? ?????? (????) ????? ??????? ??? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??????????? ?????? ???? ?????????? ??????????/???????????? ???????, ??? ? ?? ??? ???? ??? ????????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ??????/??????????? ?????????? ?? ??????? ????? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ?????????/????????? ???????? ??????? ????? ???? ?? ?????. ??? ????????, ? ?? ?????????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?? ??????????? ??? ? ?????? ???? ??????? ????.)

          Thus, I will (??? ?? ?????????? ?? ????? ??? ???????????? ?????? ?????????? ???????????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????/????? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ???????????? ??? ???? ???????, ??? ??????) I will focus on becoming comfortable not needing so many energy guzzling appliances, diversifying our off grid conventional energy gathering tech/capabilities ?? ??? ???????? ?? ????????? ??????? ???????????????? ????? ???? ????????. ?? ???? ??????? ???????????? ???? ?? micro-hydroelectric ????????, micro wind turbines, thermoelectric ??????????, passive geothermal ???????/??????? and perhaps what you might call “biothermal” systems as well). ? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ? ?? ??????? ?? ?????????? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ?????????? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ?????? ?? ??????? ????? ??????? ?? ??????? ????/?????? ??????????? ???? ???? ????????? (??? ??? ????????) ???? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???-???? ??????? ????????? (??????? ?? ???????????? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ?????????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ?????? ?? ????????? ?????? ???).

          ??? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ? ????????? ??? ???? ????? ??????????? ?????????? ??? ? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ?????????? (?? ??? ????????). ?? ???? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??????? (??????? ???????? ??? ???? ?? ????? ????????? ???????? ?? ????) ??? ???????????, ????????? ????????, ??????????, ???? ??????, ??????????, ?????????, ???????? ??? ???? ?????? ??????.

          ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ???????? ?? ????????????????, ????? ?? ????????, “??????????? ??? ?????????? ??????”?

          • Gavinm,

            Your statistics of repressed patents are very interesting. In a recent article I reference that a few years before Galileo observes the major moons of Jupiter that the first plan for a telescope was registered in the Dutch Patent Office in 1607. Patent Offices are a mechanism for technological control. Interestingly, Einstein worked in an Austrian Patent Office.

            You ask what direction I would take in engaging in societal transform. It is all local. One must understand the potential in climate, geography and culture. I thoroughly support your endeavours in increasing food productivity. A more recent article of mine asks the question of what knowledge or technologies Homo Sapiens Sapiens took with them as the Rift Valley diaspora ventured forth to inhabit five more continents. This a component of my answer.

            The other is the far too under appreciated subject of art. I don’t mean just painting. I mean theatre, ceramics, clothing, poetry, dance, choral singing, and cooking amongst so much more. Why does one eat? To live. Why does one live? To celebrate. This is what art is about. These ancient technologies of weaving, for example, are grasped by artists to create culture.

            This would be my focus.

            I recently gave a farewell speech to my local family as I am about to repatriate to my native country and culture. During the speech I acknowledged the beauty and magic of the grandmother/granddaughter relationship. My daughter’s grandmother has invested in their relationship and helped my daughter develop her graphical art skills. A painted study was inspired by the grandmother and then given to me by my daughter. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. I gave it, this past Christmas, to the grandmother who had helped create it.

            Good luck with the gardens. We need to eat to live.

            I’ll be focusing on culture and art in any form which inspires me.

            • @2-D Chess Dweller

              “?????? ??????? ??? ? ????????? ??? ????????????? ???????”

              I agree, I think open sourcing the designs/schematics (and maybe even live streaming the workshop/lab) where breakthrough technologies are being developed might be the only effective way to get such things out to the public. Though, not many inventors are gonna wanna do that, as the motivation of financial rewards is usually ingrained in most people. Also, unless they are wealthy to begin with, all the gear and experiments leading up to having an operational prototype is likely going to mean they end up in debt).

              Thus, I just focus on working with nature in a low tech way so I am prepared to be able to thrive in as many potential futures as possible.

              “??? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????. ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????????. ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????. ????? ??????? ???????????? ?? ???????, ??? ???????, ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ???????.

              ???? ????? ?? ?? ?????.”

              I like it, and I commend your recognition of the immense importance of creative expression, art and ancient techniques for combining thought, emotion, matter and our hands to bring something unrepeatable into being. Whether we create such things for practical uses (like baskets, pottery or cooking/preserving) or they are created purely as poetry for the senses and nourishment for the soul, the conscious choice to engage in the process of creating such things is a way to enrich ourselves (and our community) in a permanent way.


            • (continued from above..)

              I have recently been learning about the art forms of my Celtic ancestors and have found it to be an extremely enriching process, not only in an emotional sense (getting to know the culture of my ancestors) but in a practical intellectual sense. Even learning to use their language (the Ogham script) literally changes the way I think about everything else in my life. Each letter in their alphabet is connected to a tree or plant that was important to their culture, it is a living language, a language that is life affirming and animated by our elder species. Reaching stories in their words offers lenses of perception that open up more holistic approaches in the garden, in the kitchen and in relationships. Their visual and physical art forms also hold the potential to shift the way I think, create and interact in meaningful ways. The Celtic knot, always flowing into itself, intrinsically connected to all other parts, holds a sort of wisdom of its own. I could keep going on about the Celtic way of seeing for hours so I better stop now 🙂

              What a beautiful reciprocal movement of creative energy and love you describe with the grandmother/granddaughter relationship in your family. Like the Celtic knot, or the reciprocity that can exist connecting the tree and the human.. the flow of gifts can move infinitely, enriching both parties (and everything that exists in between).

              My Dad’s Dad and my Mom’s Mom were both painters, gardeners and cooks (with my Dad’s Dad owning a restaurant.) He is a big part of the reason I garden and cook/preserve today. I helped them in the kitchen when I was little and always admired how they grew (and foraged for) the food they prepared in their small restaurant, receiving the gifts from nature, making them into art in the kitchen, and then passing that gift onto their grateful customers. Though they are not living on the Earth anymore, the relationship between them and me (rooted in art and creativity) still provides me with inspiration and motivation today.

              Thus, I think your goal to focus on culture and art is just as important as decentralized food cultivation, for these things are the food stuff for the soul and the fuel for the furnace of the imagination that illuminates the path behind us (and ahead of us) so that we might navigate it with purpose, joy and grace.

  9. Suppressing a cure for more than 40 years! BURZYNSKI: THE CANCER CURE COVER-UP – FULL DOCUMENTARY
    (One hour 50 minutes)
    This documentary takes the audience on a near 50-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have been enduring in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons. Defying the face of skepticism, legal attacks from state and federal agencies, and a powerful propaganda campaign to stop Burzynski – this doctor and his patients are still going strong.

    Documentary website –

    Attorney Richard Jaffe is a health care litigator, focusing on cutting-edge medical/legal issues. He was recently on Children’s Health Defense TV.
    On Jaffe’s website, Cancer Doc Stanislaw Burzynski explains his theory of cancer… [Video Link in article. See the screen script summary at the end of the video.]

    Corbett Report Member mkey mentioned the documentary on an April 2021 NWNW.

    In mkey‘s comment he points to some of the Sociopaths and Criminals. We often see them again and again.
    For example: Evil Scum David A. Kessler was once head of the FDA as seen in the documentary, but now has been serving as Chief Science Officer of the White House COVID-19 Response Team since 2021.
    The documentary goes into detail about NIH’s NCI (National Cancer Institute) and the covert criminal activity of people and Pharma.
    As mkey states:
    NCI under Micheal Friedman files a dozen patents against compounds used by Burzynski for which Friedman is rewarded with the post of deputy commissioner for FDA, right under Kessler. This effort was undertaken in parallel with the garbage suits against Burzynski. While the suits kept failing, copy cat patents were approved.

    For me, I was watching the documentary with a new 2020 lens. The year 2020 coincides with a different perspective, a better 2020 vision on just how corrupt the system is. The number of Sociopaths and Criminals at top positions of Authority is staggering. It is so staggering and so Evil that it is no wonder that Normies have a hard time accepting that fact.

    • This doc keeps coming up as a suggestion in my “youtube feed” (yea, I know, I know) but I never decided to actually look at it for some reason.

      Guess now, with your endorsement, I will!

    • @HRS

      Thank you for this valuable info.

      I have known a few people with pretty serious diagnoses that effectively used apricot kernels and raw juiced cannabis (along with abstaining from processed sugar and drinking a ton of good water) to encourage an accelerated rate of apoptosis in their tumors (resulting in complete remission without chemo, to the bewilderment of their attending allopathic mds).

    • Attorney Richard Jaffe is repeatedly seen in the documentary above.

      This California Law Takes Effect On Jan. 1st, 2023… Assembly Bill No. 2098.

      …Another lawsuit, brought by Physicians for Informed Consent, was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California in early December. The plaintiffs, physician LeTrinh Hoang and Children’s Health Defense, are being represented by Rick Jaffe, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Mary Holland, and argues that the state of California has weaponized the vague phrase “misinformation,” and thereby has illegally targeted physicians who disagree with the government’s public stance on Covid-19.

      Assembly Bill No. 2098
      SECTION 1. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
      (a) The global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or COVID-19, has claimed the lives of over 6,000,000 people worldwide, including nearly 90,000 Californians.

      (b) Data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that unvaccinated individuals are at a risk of dying from COVID-19 that is 11 times greater than those who are fully vaccinated.

      (c) The safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines have been confirmed through evaluation by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the vaccines continue to undergo intensive safety monitoring by the CDC.

      (d) The spread of misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 vaccines has weakened public confidence and placed lives at serious risk.

      (e) Major news outlets have reported that some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals.

      (f) The Federation of State Medical Boards has released a statement warning that physicians who engage in the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation risk losing their medical license, and that physicians have a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.

      (g) In House Resolution No. 74 of the 2021–22 Regular Session, the California State Assembly declared health misinformation to be a public health crisis, and urged the State of California to commit to appropriately combating health misinformation and curbing the spread of falsehoods that threaten the health and safety of Californians…

      …2270. (a) It shall constitute unprofessional conduct for a physician and surgeon to disseminate misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines….

  10. Combat Climate Change – Breed Short People

    New York Times – January 1, 2023 – “Opinion Essay”
    There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short

    About the NY Times article…
    NY Times Op-Ed: ‘Mate With Short People To Stop Climate Change’
    Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News

    A New York Times op-ed suggests that everyone should “mate with shorter people” in order to save the planet.

    Yes, really.

    Author Mara Altman, claims that “When you mate with shorter people, you’re potentially saving the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations.”

    “Lowering the height minimum for prospective partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet,” she adds in the piece.

    Altman argues that shorter people are “inherent conservationists, which is more crucial than ever in this world of eight billion,” adding that “if we kept our proportions the same but were just 10 percent shorter in America alone, we would save 87 million tons of food per year (not to mention trillions of gallons of water, quadrillions of B.T.U.s of energy and millions of tons of trash).”

    Altman continues, “Short people don’t just save resources, but as resources become scarcer because of the earth’s growing population and global warming, they may also be best suited for long-term survival (and not just because more of us will be able to jam into spaceships when we are forced off this planet we wrecked).”

    “Our success as individuals does not depend on beating up other people or animals. Even if it did, in an era of guns and drones, being tall now just makes you a bigger target,” Altman adds, concluding “I want my children’s children to know the value of short.”…

    • wow.

      (appreciate you sharing this absurd example of ‘sustainable development’ propaganda)

    • This can’t…

      I think Altman must have just lost a “truth or dare” drinking game with the editing staff of the world’s most powerful propaganda organs during the holidays and was forced to write an article for the NYT on the most ridiculously eugenically-tinged feel-good BS they could all come up with as they were squealing and rolling on the floor in stitches, drunk off their asses.

      I mean… she must have… right?

    • I actually do find this vaguely unsettling.

    • Leave It to Beaver…

      Beavers are “accelerating the CLIMATE CRISIS” !

      …”It was like hitting the ecosystem over the head with a hammer,” he said.
      The severity and speed of beavers’ footprint on the landscape, as seen from space, is more akin to wildfire, Tape said…

      …That’s the one beaver impact that Tape’s team is sure of: Beaver ponds are thawing the surrounding permafrost, exacerbating the climate crisis. Just how much, is not yet clear…
      …As temperatures rise, the permafrost thaws and releases the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere….

      January 3, 2023 – Business Insider [See IMAGES]
      Photos from space show 11,000 beavers are wreaking havoc on the Alaskan tundra as savagely as wildfire
      (Via YahooNews as the Business Insider article did not archive well.)

      Business Insider

    • What bizarre propaganda.
      I flashed back to that bbc article about humanity splitting in into two species. The tall, thin, creative upper class and the dim-witted, squat, goblin-like class. “Breed short people” nudge in that direction.

      Also as a side note, taller men are more likely to have more children than shorter men. Subconsciously women find taller men more attractive, fit, and able to protect and procure. Interesting huh?

      Tall men for me, but not for thee… This is craziness.

    • Being short is the newest environmental virtue-signal.

  11. Today Jordan Peterson reported “the Ontario College of Psychologists has demanded that I submit myself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts for, among other crimes, retweeting Pierre Poilievre and criticizing Justin Trudeau and his political allies.”

    Medical doctors in the US, such as Peter McCullough and Paul Thomas, have had their licenses suspended or revoked because they dare to tell the truth. They’ve been denigrated and accused of lying. To what end? Speaking truth contrary to the official propaganda has done nothing but harm them personally. Why would they lie at such cost to themselves? People don’t seem to consider that.

    Are the gulags far behind? Or they are already here and I just haven’t heard about it yet?

    • The new gulags let you live in your house but take away your career and have you living in fear of not conforming.

      Happy New Year y’all.

  12. When state power encroaches on peoples liberties in the name of “health”, many do not even see the threat, since in common parlance, “health” is not associated with enslavement. That makes the strategy of power through health the most effective.

    -Petr Skrabenek, Death of Humane Medicine (1994)

    • Thank you for posting this quote. I went looking for the book and it is nowhere to be found in the USA except for a handful of prestigious colleges. No electronic copy available to borrow, to my knowledge. Do you have a copy? I wonder how one requests a digital copy be made available through the library systems or Internet archive sites…

  13. It is such an honour to be linked to The Corbett Report! Thanks so much for the support James and thanks everyone for taking the time to engage with the work – “Global Inculcation and AI Weapons in the West Bank”.

    If anyone would like to use my GFUNKOREILLYDRAWINGS pictures you can download them here-



  14. People keep emailing me this image/poster

    It is titled “The World Stands As One – 5 Day International Boycott Jan 9th-13th”

    I uploaded it to archive dot org (linked above) with a little write up to try and optimize its potential impact (as I kept seeing people commenting how they were gonna go to the store pre-emptively and stock up on things in preparation for not buying anything during the boycott and thus I felt compelled to point out the flaw in that approach).

    I would appreciate any thoughts from fellow subscribers on this (including but not limited to ideas for optimizing the effectiveness of a boycott action like what they propose in the image).

    Thanks for your time.

    • Here’s an idea. For those five days, no one buy any processed food, only unprocessed fruits and veg and meat raised by a local farmer. Everything local we can get. That would make a clear statement of what we think of the current food system and how we feel about “them” shutting down farmers. And best part, we would all be healthier for it.

      • @phalaen

        Excellent idea! 🙂

        I had emphasized the importance of only buying from local farmers/producers of products (in the context of this boycott for making it more effective from a financial standpoint) in my write up but I totally neglected to say we should not buy processed or junk food (as that can potentially be produced locally in many places).

        I see if archive dot org will let me edit the description and i`ll add that distinction in there (about the imperative of not only local, but local and unprocessed/whole foods if possible) if I can.

        Thanks for the comment.

      • nope archive dot org won’t let me edit the description.

        Either those archive people really don’t like me (and/or what I post) or they have a really glitchy system because this is the third time I have been blocked from editing a description for an upload (and the third different reason I have been given for the error/being blocked!).

        This time it says “The item you are trying to edit cannot be retrieved from a primary US node.” Sounds like some far out blockchain tech lingo.

        Oh well, i`ll make a note of it and be sure to add your suggestion to any future shares of this boycott flyer (or other future boycott plans).

    • @zyxzevn

      You can find the answer to that question if you talk to the people in EG&G, S.A.I.C., Battelle and those that work in the Dulse complex, Fort Huachuca and the Blackjack control facility.

      If you look at the long history of psyops and false flags (see: the “Blood libels” for one example) and then extrapolate the potential use of the kind of material people like Linda Moulton Howle are putting out in that context, you can begin to see how MILABS and staged mutilations (being blamed on ETs) can serve a very specific purpose.

      Words are powerful because they shape how we will think and act. If the only words we use to describe the human-Extraterrestrial relationship are negative, fear-based, and xenophobic, words like “abductions” and “mutilations” we are falling right into the traps that have been set up by those that have a vested interest in keeping the general population perpetually afraid of some big bad boogie man they can point at.

      Early Psychological Warfare Research and the Rockefeller Foundation:

      Interstellar civilizations do not need to take big tissue samples to study organisms they want to learn about, that is an anthropomorphization. They have a lot better things to do than mess with cows and abduct humans.

      There is a part of us that has been conditioned to be xenophobic so when people tell fearful stories related to these topics it is easy to allow our conditioned responses to shape our worldviews, it is a lot more comfortable than re-imagining our place in Creation and the universe.. so much easier to just demonize and dismiss.

      I implore those who are seeking to learn more about these topics to use your own discernment and intuition before you accept the assessments of any so called “experts” or “whistle blowers”.

      • You probably did not see the video.
        Aren’t those psyops theories a distraction of what is actually happening?

        You are giving these organizations far more power than they really have.
        Psychopaths love to brag about power, so we give it to them.
        While it is all illusionary.
        We can see that even the WEF, with all the money and media of the world,
        is not powerful enough to bind us to their technocracy.

        There was an old movie about military testing biological weapons on animals,
        using the cattle of farmers in the open.
        But that is clearly not what is going on here.
        There is no bioweapon /chemaical weapon on these animals. The “weapon” is
        the weird removal of tissue.
        The military can do that on their own terrains without any problems, or in
        3rd world countries. Or in underground bases.
        The movie looks more like a psyops to hide what is really going on, by
        mixing two distinct phenomena.
        It gives the feeling that the military are not doing those operations in
        the field, to make it ok for them to do it in their own labs.

        Even with weird things:
        First we need to establish HOW these animals are affected.
        Then we can determine WHO or WHAT might be doing it.

        Molton’s theory is that there are some cloaking drones
        going around that do this work on cattle.
        For testing or something. Following an old program.
        Like terraforming.
        And might have done this work for many centuries.
        Which is compatible with how very advanced humans might visit other planets.

        • My theory is more following the interdimensional beings theory by Jacques Vallee. I have seen much physical evidence for many different kinds
          of such beings.

          And dont start gaslighting me.
          Let’s go back to the “secret” organizations.

          If some weird beings are involved then the government does
          probably not know much about it.
          The intelligence is privatized in that area, so they can keep
          things secret from the government and the military.
          It does not mean that they know anything, just that they have
          all means to keep things secret.
          The many black-lined pages are famous.

          And like the FBI they all create their own fake events
          to keep their budgets growing.
          These fake events are then promoted as if all such events are fake.
          But I can assure you on personal account that some are clearly not.

          (Splitting this up due to the weird word limit)

        • @zyxzevn

          Actually, I did watch the video. As I have said in many previous comments, I see exposing myself to content and individuals that offer a different perspective than my own (with an open mind to the possibility my own understanding may need improvement) to be like the grinding wheel that sharpens the mind.

          Unfortunately, I was not talking about theories. While Molton may be theorizing, I was speaking about facilities and active operations that can be physically observed, verified as existing through following the money and traced with documentation (if one is motivated to do the homework).

          Taking an honest assessment of the technology and psychological warfare tactics being utilized by those mentally deranged humans that seek to dominate, oppress and cull the population is not “giving these organizations far more power than they really have”. It is the first step that comes before formulating actionable intel and viable solutions, and that is what this community is all about “open source intelligence”.

          The compartmented military and corporate operations that are being carried out relating to removing tissue from animals, grabbing people, putting tracking devices in them (and scaring the crap out of them in advanced electrogravitic craft) have nothing to do with studying the tissue removed or the humans being harassed. These are purely psychological operations (I would have thought I made that much clear in my comment above).

          Look here is the long and short of it: humans like to put things in black and white categories and we have xenophobic as well as anthropocentric tendencies, its part of our programming (I am not above this and catch myself doing it sometimes).

          The fact of the matter is that the anomalous craft (whether in relation to these cattle mutilations, so called ‘abductions’, mass sightings of “UAPs” or CE-5 type events) being observed cannot be put into one neat little category (which we find to be the most comforting out of all the available options) if we want to accurately perceive what is going on with this aspect of our reality. The truth is not black and white, its many shades of grey. Yes, there are interdimensional entities that visit this plane of existence we live in (some use technology to do so and some do it via what you might call ‘biological’ endogenous means). Some of these beings once existed in physical bodies on other worlds in other star systems, some are native to the Earth. Then there are also physical beings that visit here from other star systems. It is not one or the other, it is all of the above (there is a plethora of evidence demonstrating this).


        • (continued from above..)

          When it comes to the terraforming theories, this kind of thinking flies in the face of simple logic when you consider the modern astrophysics data on the number of Earth like exo-planets that exist in our Galaxy. Why would a civilization (whether it is trans-dimensional or just physical and interstellar) go to the trouble of having to clash with/exterminate an existing civilization on a world so they can terraform it, when there are countless uninhabited worlds available for terraforming that have the same characteristics of a planet like Earth (perhaps even more helpful resources in some cases) that would not require that extra effort to colonize. Again, this terraforming idea (which is pushed into people’s subconscious via countless psyop films/tv shows) is an illogical anthropomorphization.

          Would you care to elaborate what you meant when you said “dont start gaslighting me” ?

          Your assertion that stated “If some weird beings are involved then the government does probably not know much about it.” is true in the sense that obviously every individual in the government does not know, but key individuals that have been groomed by oligarchs (that are placed in government) do know. Many US presidents were kept in the dark, most 4 star generals are kept in the dark, it all depends on whether or not the group that manages this topic decides one is willing to go along with their game plan or not.

          Your statement that said “The intelligence is privatized in that area” is true, much of the nefarious operations I describe pertaining to this are run through corporate facilities, that however does not preclude the involvement of rogue compartmented military operations also playing a part.

          Some of the operations listed in this document are still active High ranking military people that actively sought to get control of said operations through the proper chain of command were stone walled, threatened and told they do not have a need to know. We are talking about illegal operations that not only scoop up tax payer DOD money but also have their own funding mechanisms (some traffic narcotics some are involved in even more unpleasant racketeering operations). When Senator Daniel Inouye gave testimony about what he described as a “shadow government”, this is what he was talking about.


        • (continued from above..)

          Look I am not saying that there are not selfish (and even nasty) beings (that are individuals or groups originating from other civilizations) out there that need to be watched out for (which are more, as you implied, akin to “very advanced humans” in that their civilization is only slightly past us technologically, but still very much like us humans in being socially/spiritually undeveloped).

          What I am saying is that if we go throwing blanket labels and judgments at all visitors that portray them as “evil invading, cattle mutilating, abducting aliens” we are like a person in Germany that fell for the “Blood Libel” propaganda and started to believe that Jewish people were eating children, thereby dehumanizing them and opening the gateway for war and genocide. Or we are like the person that hears a German accent and assumes the person is a fascist. These kinds of bigoted, fearful and irrational generalizations are a sure path to ugliness and fruitless conflict and something I suggest we should strive to avoid.

          We need to be careful not to allow our ingrained proclivity for xenophobia and tribalism to be preyed upon by those seeking to use psychological warfare to perpetuate their war profiteering and population control operations.

          If there are unpleasant beings engaging in nefarious activities this only serves to highlight the imperative of opening lines of communication with our other cosmic neighbors that have more integrity, experience and a willingness to engage with us amicably.

          Thus, rather than allowing fear and xenophobia to color our perception of this facet of our reality, I implore all interested in learning about (and engaging with this aspect of our reality) to be skeptical, use discernment, watch out for knee jerk reactions, pay close attention for “blood libel” and “a new pearl harbor” type psyops and use their own critical thinking and intuitive capacities to perceive what is true and what is not.

          • You are jumping to conclusions again.

            The phenomenon is very interesting and has not been explained.

            The human involvement is not possible either, because
            we can not repeat this thing in any way.
            And it was already happening before our current technologies.

            It is slightly different per country.
            But may be mixed with more natural causes (predators or crazy humans)
            when not researched properly.

            There are some different explanations that are weird.
            The alien harvest theory – if true may explain why military does not want to reveal anything about it.
            Paranormal hypotheses – like spontaneous combustion or poltergeist stuff – very random. scary for many people and associated with evil spirits or demons, which makes the topic very confusing and filled with myths

            On new thinking allowed –
            you can see lots of paranormal stuff.
            It personally have encountered 50% of those. Many with physical evidence. So according to me, a lot of these stories are true. And other parts, I don’t know.

            • @zyxzevn

              “we can not repeat this thing in any way.”

              Who is this “we” you are referring to? You? People who practice conventional allopathic medicine? PR releases from university types?

              I did not say all of the instances of mutilations were due to psyops carried out by rogue military/corporate operations, I said that some of them are (the majority in fact). I linked a document above that would not mean much to an everyday civilian, but if you were to show it to someone with compartmented security clearance for the pertinent operations, they would react in a severe fashion. As I said, some of those code names refer to active operations (involving teams of specialized psychological warfare units with advanced technological assets at their disposal that are way beyond anything you will hear about in universities or conventional aerospace tech circles).

              Yes, there are beings from other dimensions that visit here, yes there are beings from other star systems that visit here, yes a small minority of both of those large groups have engaged (and still engage) in activities that are motivated by selfishness and could even be described as malicious. That being said, if organized criminals from Earth went to pillage and mess with slightly less advanced beings from other planets, wouldn’t you hope that those beings did not judge all of us based on the actions of those few individuals?

              In order to highlight the importance of striving not to do that (render xenophobic judgment on entire species or anything otherwordly) ourselves I will re-share part of my comment above.

              If there are unpleasant beings engaging in nefarious activities this only serves to highlight the imperative of opening lines of communication with our other cosmic neighbors that have more integrity, experience and a willingness to engage with us amicably.

              Thus, rather than allowing fear and xenophobia to color our perception of this facet of our reality, I implore all interested in learning about (and engaging with this aspect of our reality) to be skeptical, use discernment, watch out for knee jerk reactions, pay close attention for “blood libel” and “a new pearl harbor” type psyops and use their own critical thinking and intuitive capacities to perceive what is true and what is not.

              • “ if organized criminals from Earth went to pillage and mess with slightly less advanced beings from other planets, wouldn’t you hope that those beings did not judge all of us based on the actions of those few individuals?”

                I immediately thought of Elon Musk when I read that!

                “Hey martians! ?Don’t blame us! We don’t like him either. ?“

              • @Steve

                haha 🙂 at first glance it is funny, but then when one thinks about what humans bringing the current dominant human mentality on Earth to another planet would look like, I have no doubt that the billionaires (which aspire to colonize other planets) would go about abducting and mutilating the local wildlife and intelligent beings (if any were present on the planet they were colonizing).

                Yes, I have no doubt he would declare himself as ‘Emperor Elonicus’ upon arriving on another world and begin pillaging the landscape immediately. Not that I think it is likely he will get there, nor do I feel he would be allowed to, even if he had access to better tech than his antiquated space-x rockets that use 100 year old propulsion systems.

                Let us pray that the Creator of all things (and/or some confederation of more advanced civilizations that watches over primitive worlds like ours) will ensure that humans keep their often messy, violent, selfish, arrogant and childish ways confined to this planet until we mature enough to honor the sacred value of life and respect our fellow beings.

              • @Steve

                Your comment also makes me think of another sort of cautionary tale presented in an episode of Star Trek.

                It was in one of the new Startrek series called Picard in which the main character (played by Patrick Stewart) from the series that ran in the 90-s (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is taking the lead once again. In this particular episode called Penance (Season 2, Episode 2, which you can watch here: the main characters have been thrusted into a parallel timeline in which humanity has embarked down a dark path.

                Instead of unfolding in the original way humanity did in Gene Rodenberry’s startrek universe (humans choosing to let go of arbitrary external differences, removing the shackles of a fiat money system and going out into the universe in the spirit of exploration, diplomacy, peace keeping and humanitarian efforts through their “starfleet” organization) they instead allowed fear, ego and xenophobia to guide them (resulting in a disturbing authoritarian fascistic interstellar capable humanity going out into space to wage war, steal resources and commit genocide).

                I found this dichotomy in the timelines they portrayed to be very pertinent to this choice point our family of humanity stands at now. I feel that portrayal actually embodies the very reason why many advanced interstellar cultures are here observing us closely now. Having inevitably observed the development of countless worlds at our stage of social/spiritual unfolding, they would have seen conscious beings on other worlds annihilate themselves (and perhaps others in their vicinity along with them) as some failed to transition from ‘adolescence’ into ‘adulthood’. I think many of the beings that watch our world now are concerned that humanity (if it remains driven by the consciousness at the root of our current dominant institutions) does indeed have the potential to go down the dark path portrayed in the startrek episode I described above. As they observe our world, we must seem like a toddler waving a loaded gun around a crowded room.

                It hurts my heart to think that on a handful of occasions humans in covert military programs have in fact managed to aim advanced weapons systems at the craft of interstellar visitors and destroy or force them to crash for nefarious reasons.

                Knowing this has happened, and seeing the unfolding of various events and institutions positioning themselves (the creation of the “Space Force” military arm in the US and the increasing mainstream media coverage of military footage of visiting craft being described in the context of a “national security threat” as well as other indications) I am concerned the next big manufactured target of the Problem-Reaction-Solution regime could be our cosmic neighbors.

              • @Steve

                Also, I just want to be clear in stating that I am not recommending the “Picard” Startrek series as some source of truth or valuable guidance (neither ethically or scientifically) in general. On the contrary, if you watch the whole series, it seems to be subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) promoting the transhumanist agenda, Digital IDs, Brain chips, GMO propaganda and the glorification of highly centralized and/or high tech dependent food production systems.

                At one point in the series, the story goes in the completely opposite direction to how the “Borg” were portrayed in the StarTrek movies and series of the past (in which transhumanism was demonized by portraying the cybernetic Borg race as a souless, imperialistic, ravenous, collective of transhuman and trans-what ever other species they could assimilate AI uplinked/brain chipped entities) and instead glorified transhumanism (putting the Picard character in a synthetic body) and put the Borg on a pedestal as saviors (in this recent “Picard” series).

                I still think the specific episode I linked above offers some interesting insight and analogies to the potential time lines this fork in the road we stand at now (as a species) can lead us down, but I wanted to make it clear I do not endorse much of what that series attempts to promote in general.

              • “I wanted to make it clear I do not endorse much of what that series attempts to promote in general.”

                Gavin, Rest assured that I didn’t draw that conclusion. I’m pretty convinced by what you write that you are fully aware of the drawbacks of the “programming” in general.

                I was a big fan of TNG series back when I was asleep. There was so much that I thought was enlightened, forward thinking such as the no money thing.

                Nowadays, after hearing about how how our brains are affected simply by watching the television screen, I won’t even be in the same room with one if it is on.
                Imagine how difficult that is living with someone who uses the darn thing as constant background.
                I actually request that TVs be turned off in waiting rooms, (or just turn them off myself sans permission).

                I do partake of certain, limited video watching on my old iPad. I hope that its not as damaging as the TV but I’m sure its not healthy for me.
                I am hoping that the benefits of informing myself outweigh the downsides. At the very least, I never have to endure advertisements.

                Plus, being a child of the modern age and a TV addict for decades, I still crave a little video entertainment sometimes. And there is such a plethora of it available online.
                For instance I have been enjoying the series “The Chosen” since I was made aware of it recently.

                But as I’ve entered my twilight years, time has sped up to such a great degree that I have to be extremely discerning about how I spend it. Video watching is becoming less and less a priority and reading more and more of one.

                Thanks for sharing the suggestion about the video and your brief sufficient description of it.

              • Speaking of Star Trek Next Generation, I really loved the series. I used to watch the original series and Next Generation with my grandpa. I watched the series later in winter when I first started my nursing career and really enjoyed some of the episodes.

                I’d have to rewatch to see if there’s some predictive programming other than the idea that the’ll be this one world government utopia i.e. the united federation of planets. That part was very NWOish.

                There were some episodes including the ones with the Borg that seemed to be cautionary against collectivism though.

              • @Steve

                I admire your conscious choice to minimize screen time and focus on reading books. I aspire to move in that direction as well, it is a work in progress.

                Thanks for the heads up about “The Chosen” series, I might try watching a few episodes as I am always interested in seeing how modern day humans perceive the life of Jesus. Also, my wife is very passionate about embodying and speaking about the wisdom Jesus and those close to him tried to share with the world so I imagine she would enjoy it as well.

                I appreciate the thoughtful comment and hope your little amaranth seedlings are coming along nicely 🙂

              • @cu.h.j

                I had a similar experience with Star Trek Next Generation while it was airing (except it was my Grandma).

                Looking back on it with what I know now I see that while perhaps well intended (and containing some helpful sign posts in the stories about how we might embark on pathways to advance our species and better our civilization) it was also a show that re-enforced several detrimental (and fallacious) mentalities.

                For one, while the show attempted to put on a veneer of portraying how humans had achieved gender equality (showing female admirals and starship captains etc) the way that the show often had women dressing also seemed to reflect the alleged womanizing and misogynist tendencies of Gene Roddenberry (thus, it reinforced the objectification of women).

                Then there is the whole built in anthropocentric portrayal of humanity being of some kind of central importance in the Galaxy (Earth having started the “Starfleet” and “Federation” that so many other technologically advanced intelligent species chose to be part of in the story). That is just flat out illogical (even based on the meager astrophysics data we had available in the 90-s). We are on a relatively young planet, orbiting a middle aged star way in the outskirts of the Milky Way. Based on the premise of the show (which was vaguely atheistic) the math indicates that humans would be (and are) the new kids on the block, and when we go out to explore we would inevitably encounter species millions of years ahead of us, which would have inevitably already formed their own “federations”. So having humans at the center of all the action in the Galaxy is just delusional ego flattery.

                I also remember that the show glorified technology that uses Restriction Enzyme based / Recombinant DNA Gene splicing technology for growing food in their hydroponics bay. That is the same technology that was used to make all the garbage GMO Corn and Soy that is flooded onto the market today.

                The whole united federation of planets thing having NWO-ish qualities is another interesting point I will contemplate further.

                That makes me also want to contemplate what an interstellar civilization composed of voluntaryists would look and act like 🙂

                thanks for the comment

  15. Got an AquaTru for purified water. The wife and I purchased it together as a joint Christmas gift to/for each other. Its 299 for the unit plus 60 in filters that should last a year. Its amazing!! I work out 3 to 5 times a week and I regularly drink a gallon of water a day and more on workout days. No more fluoride for us! You can taste the difference between Brita water and this. The Aquatru does take natural minerals out of the water such as magnesium and calcium. I eat healthy and have always took a daily Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium supplement. I recommend it to all! Happy New Year and healthy future to all!!

    • @robster and HyperSimian

      Mushrooms can be a powerful ally in providing motivated individuals the ability be able to produce their own source of dietary Vitamin D in the winter via exposing mushrooms to UV light before consuming.

      Mushrooms and animal skins create vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Mushrooms are rich in the vitamin D precursor ergosterol, which ultraviolet B (between wavelengths of 290 nm to 315 nm) converts to ergocalciferols, also called provitamin D2.

      Similar to when humans are exposed to sunlight (or a sunlamp), mushrooms convert a precursor to vitamin D, called ergosterol, into vitamin D₂ when exposed to UV light.

      And though this vitamin D is technically different from the vitamin D₃ found in animal products, that vitamin D is indeed bioavailable, or absorbable by the body. It is just as effective at elevating and maintaining blood levels of the nutrient, (according to research by a Dr. Holick and colleagues).

      For more info on how to increase the levels of Vitamin D in mushrooms before eating them via exposing them to UV light:

      You can either place your mushrooms in the sunlight for 30 min-an hour before cooking for an extra vitamin d boost or you can use UVB lights and super charge them with vitamin D indoors when ever you want.

      You can do this with any type of mushrooms you like to eat and you will be able to increase the vitamin d levels to some degree, though Shiitake have been shown to be capable of synthesizing a particularly high amount of vitamin d when exposed to UV light as compared to other species.

      I take our shiitake logs and place them in the full sun for a few hours just before harvesting the mushrooms to give them a little extra dose of vitamin D (they are usually in the shade for the growing cycle).

      • @Gavin thanks for the recommendation on mushrooms. That’s a nifty trick for supercharged vitamin d shrooms

        • @HyperSimian

          Glad to hear you found that info useful. If you are ever looking for info on cultivating your own gourmet/medicinal mushrooms at home I can offer tips and/or book suggestions.

    • @robster

      I partially disagree about your statement regarding water minerals. From what I have seen in my research valuable and bioavailable minerals can be accessed via both food and natural water (such as spring water which does often have a significant mineral content). Though, that being said, I trust Mother Earth’s ancient process for mineralizing water more than any human attempts to emulate the waters she creates (via adding salts etc to water after it has been abused by water treatment facilities) so I would advocate for getting minerals from both naturally mineralized water, food and fruit/veggie juices and not via ‘re-mineralized’ treated water.

    • @robster I live in Midwest US, so I need my natural steroid hormone D

      • What’s the difference if I use it correctly and not over due it? Natural vitamin D supplements are the same as your cod liver oil? There is nothing wrong with good supplements.

        • @HyperSimian

          Whole food sources of life giving/medicinal compounds, minerals and vitamins are often more effective than supplement forms (due to a number of factors). Some supplements are contaminated and some are extracted from sources that make the resulting supplement very ineffective (as far as bioavailability goes). Then there is the fragility of the supply chains.

          Additionally, if one can get these compounds from a whole food that is lacto-fermented this serves to increase the bioavailability of said medicinal compounds while offering the synergistic benefits of bolstering the gut microbiome (which plays a key role in the function of the immune system). Yes this is applicable for fungi too (via things like shiitake infused homemade miso paste) if one wants to go the distance (though just strait up cooked mushrooms are good as well).

          I would like to add another point that lends itself to the argument for it being more beneficial to get your vitamins, nutrients and medicine from food (rather than supplements) by highlighting the fact that supply lines (shipping and manufacturing infrastructure) are becoming increasingly unreliable and will be prone to major disruptions in the near future. Add onto that the fact that our entire financial/monetary system (which allows you to remotely order and have supplements delivered to you, or for you to pay for them at a store locally) is dependent on fragile telecommunications infrastructure that is also vulnerable to major disruptions in the near future (due to a number of factors, one potential factor being large scale solar storms ).

          Thus, given that your ability to continue to access these supplement forms of naturally occurring medicinal molecules (whether that is packaged cod liver oil or Vitamin D supplements extracted from lichen or from sheep wool) can not be relied upon in the long term, even if the supplements were as effective as getting the same thing from whole foods (which they aren’t) it would be unwise to depend solely on supplements and not take steps to also be able to source out those life giving and healing compounds in whole foods you can access locally (preferably from your garden).

        • @mkey

          That is probably a good call, I have not either. Though I think it would be interesting to quiz the thing about some subject matter that has been the focus of James Corbett’s documentaries, to see if it reads government PR lines and Wikipedia propaganda or if it is capable of digging up some lesser known truths from the web (and able to express them coherently). Though, that is unlikely, as I imagine they have some censorship muzzle built into the interface on some level (so that what ever it spits out serves to re-enforce the transhumanist / technocratic propaganda, regardless of what the program is actually capable of digging up).

          Very interesting JRE interview snippet, thanks again for sharing.

          I remember reading that the spell check program Grammarly uses that AI program (or one very similar to it) for offering the suggested corrections for people’s writing. If that is the case, and it is a self improving program, imagine how much data, ideas and personality types the thing is gobbling up every second. I mean it would be multiple millions of people typing into that program at any given second globally, all feeding some GPT AI platform, making it faster, more adaptive and capable of emulating humans with greater precision.

          If it was up to you (and you had access to unlimited resources and a monopoly on force) what would you do with AI development programs?

  16. “FRONTLINE and Forbidden Stories investigate the powerful spyware Pegasus, sold to governments around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group. Part one of a joint investigation into the hacking tool used to spy on journalists, activists, the fiancée of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and others.”
    Aired: 01/03/23

    My father sent me this link about Pegasus. I’m amazed something like this is on PBS.
    The other link he sent me was this, about how to check if your computer or device was infected.

    “iMazing’s tool emulates the original Mobile Verification Kit from Amnesty International.”

    My question is, do you think it’s safe to use an app sponsored by Amnesty International? I have my reservations about that organization. (Though they have done good work) Could it just be different spyware? I hate to be so skeptical and don’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” But I’m trying to be vigilant.

    Also this link for other security measures/privacy was suggested.

  17. The GreatER Reset – January 18 – 22, 2023 (Two venues: Mexico and Texas)

    Derrick Broze appeared on “The Highwire” with Del Bigtree Thursday, January 5th at the very tail end of EPISODE 301: PANDEMICOLOGY.
    Del Bigtree will be speaking in Mexico for “The Greater Reset” event.
    (Tidbit: During the VAXXED movie release circa 2016, Derrick interviewed Del in Houston.)

    Among the speakers are:
    Christian Westbrook
    Jack Spirko
    Tom Woods
    Mark Moss
    …and others.

    The other day, I watched an interview of Mark Moss by Daniela Cambone of Stansberry Research. I was impressed with the guy. He’s grounded.

    • @HRS

      Thanks for the heads up.

      Here is info on another conference that is happening around the same time frame which you (or other people interested in cultivating health/food sovereignty) may be interested in checking out:

      ?-?????? (??? ???????????? ??????)
      ??? ??-??

      It is a free conference offering decentralized solutions that align with natural law and the regenerative capacity of the Earth.

      Among the speakers are:

      – David Holmgren
      – John Kempf
      – Chris Trump
      – Joy Beckerman
      – Cassandra Posey
      – Michael Wittman
      – Cuauhtemoc Villa
      – Darren Doherty
      – Morag Gamble

      and many others

      Last year’s R-Future helped me hone my home scale mushroom cultivation, medicine preservation (herbalism) and soil building techniques in a big way.

      The live Q&A sessions are especially helpful for anyone looking to connect with like minds and ask experienced individuals specific questions.

  18. I have noticed that gmail has put corbetreport on spam list a few days ago. I’m claiming it’s not spam but they are ignoring me for the time being. The interesting part is that to see spam one has to login via google’s software as email clients do not get to see it.

    • Yes I noticed that too, a number of other people’s (such as Tessa Lena’s and Catherine Austin Fitt’s) new articles/posts get sent to the spam folder (despite my specifically setting a ‘rule’ that is supposed to not let emails from those individuals end up in spam).

      I have also had a few people tell me that my substack articles are ending up in their spam folder (despite their similar efforts to prevent that).

      It is like a more sneaky and subtle form of ‘shadow banning’ and I suppose I should take it as a compliment (if I am in fact being targeted as well).

    • Three more emails on my end turned up in the spam folder.

    • Looks like this is an issue with encryption as notification emails are indeed not encrypted so gmail is handling them by default as spam. At least that’s their excuse.

      • @mkey

        Thanks for the follow up comment and info.

        haha yes well some of us are a little slow with regards to optimizing our usage of high tech to avoid the constantly morphing reach of the tentacles of the oligarchy.

        The way I see it my main purpose/calling in this life is to be a student of the living Earth, to look within to fully remember who and what I am, shine light into the shadows when I am able (helping others who are motived to do the same) synthesizing what I learn from the living Earth into viable empowering tools, perspectives, techniques and solutions humans can engage with for healing our bodies and communities and sharing those tools, perspectives, techniques and solutions with those that are willing to do the hard work (inner and outer) and their hands dirty. So when it comes to big brother or corporate surveillance and data collection I have the general attitude of “well who knows, maybe one of their operatives will learn something that will inspire them to make more honorable and regenerative choices in their life, so surveille away!” (As they are essentially, doing my work for me by exposing themselves to the info in my content) 🙂 But that still ignores and does not address this whole issue of sneaky shadow banning and other shenanigans soo..

        Would you suggest proton mail? or what service do you prefer at this point?

        • James should have resolved the issues by now, seems OK on my end.

          I use proton mail too, it’s probably better than gmail but still there’s only one email you can trust – the one hosted by yourself. With full brunt of all the added overhead propping up the benefits.

          • @mkey

            hmm interesting.. so could I use my existing website domain to create a email address which I host myself? Or would it still require signing up for some other service?

          • @mkey

            Then I tried signing into Bluehost to see if I can host my own email there and they keep tryna encourage me to sign up for yet another Alphabet Inc. controlled service (“Google Workspace”)

            • I’m not really sufficiently versed in these matters to provide you with concise steps. Some years ago and for somewhat nefarious purposes, I ran a local email server while leveraging freedns for IP redirection. I wouldn’t recommend using something like that for more serious purposes.

              • @mkey

                ok, well I appreciate your taking the time to respond and hope you have an enjoyable day.

              • You know, I have a raspberry pie in my drawer and haven’t really put it into any decent use. I should also have a decent SD card somewhere, how difficult can it be to setup a small email server that draws less than 10W of power?


                The static IP address being the most pressing concern.

              • @mkey

                The only raspberry pie I know anything about is the kind that stains your good shirt bright red because it is so tasty you can’t help but devour it in big spoonfuls 🙂

                Thus, I do now know the answer to the question you posed. I am, however, curious to learn more and will check out the link. Thank you.

              • The less fun raspberry pie I’m referring to is a small, single board computer. It’s not very powerful but great for running small servers, it’s cheap (about 40 bucks) and it’s very efficient when it comes to power usage.

                Now that I think about it, I do have a few disposable android phones that basically are more powerful than a pie and that could probably be repurposed.

  19. – Shortage of Dollars –
    …many signs pointing to a global liquidity crisis.
    $1 quadrillion = $1,000 trillion – Estimate of the total notional value of the derivatives of all banks in the world.

    Notional value is a term often used to value the underlying asset in a derivatives trade…. ~~WWW
    Example: During the European Natural Gas supply panic when prices went to the moon, some of the regional Utility Trading arms had horrendous margin calls but no available funds to meet them, and thus the situation with accelerating prices got worse as they had to abandon their positions.

    James Rickards has been talking about this potential liquidity crisis for a while.
    He gives a write-up here…

    January 3, 2023
    On the Cusp of a Global Liquidity Crisis

    • The following link has a link to a video with Rickards explaining things.

      James Rickards points out that there is a more recent shortage of dollars. This is because of the margin loan requirements now with derivatives. The ‘rules’ have changed, and now for collateral very short-term Treasury instruments are being demanded. This in turn demands dollars. It is easy to see how a “demand for dollars” can become a run-away freight train.

  20. I learned a new word today. “Polycrisis”. Kinda self explanatory.
    Don’t know when they came up with that one but I expect to be hearing it more often in the future.

    And I also learned that China wants to build a tunnel/road to Taiwan in the next 12 years.

    “What Are You Gonna See in 2023?”

    A timely message that some might be interested in listening to but most won’t.

  21. James! I got another James I need you to talk to.

    You’ve reported on the pandemic treaty on the horizon. However, that requires 2/3 approval for ratification, which is daunting even for colluding oligarchs, so there’s been a concerted effort to create effectively the same structure by adding amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (originally ratified in 2005).

    Obviously, they’re trying to do it with as little fanfare as possible, and they’re about to start convening in secret this month, so if you could bring this to everyone’s attention, that would be huge.

    Here’s the outline:
    The International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to meet in secret from Monday, January 9, 2023 to Friday January 13, 2023. The IHRRC will be working to finalize what is now a 46 page document that includes proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). 
    The proposed amendments would:

    1. Change the overall nature of the World Health Organization from an advisory organization that merely makes recommendations to a governing body whose proclamations would be legally-binding. (Article 1)

    2. Greatly expand the scope of the International Health Regulations to include scenarios that merely have a “potential to impact public health.”

    3. Seek to remove “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.” (Article 3)

    4. Give the Director General of the WHO control over the means of production through an “allocation plan for health products” to require developed states parties to supply pandemic response products as directed. (Article 13A)

    5. Give the WHO the authority to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine and to implement contact tracing, quarantine and TREATMENT. (Article 18)

    6. Institute a system of global health certificates in digital or paper format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms and a traveller’s health declaration. (Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 and 44 and Annexes 6, 7 and 8)

    7. Redirect unspecified billions of dollars to the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex with no accountability. (Article 44A)

    8. Allow the disclosure of personal health data. (Article 45)

    9. Greatly expand the World Health Organization’s capacity to censor what they consider to be mis-information and dis-information. (Annex 1, page 36)

    10. Create an obligation to build, provide and maintain IHR infrastructure at points of entry. (Annex 10)

    The 76th World Health Assembly is scheduled to occur from Sunday May 21, 2023 to Tuesday May 30, 2023. In order for the proposed amendments to be considered during the 76th World Health Assembly, they must be submitted to the World Health Organization at least 4 months in advance.
    The IHRRC plans to submit these proposed amendments to the WHO by Sunday, January 15, 2023.
    The International Health Regulations are existing, legally-binding international law. If the proposed amendments are presented to the 76th World Health Assembly, they could be adopted by a simple majority of the 194 member nations.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  22. Monday January 16th – Martin Luther King, Jr National Holiday

    We are almost a week away before the U.S. holiday. Most government institutions will be closed. Many U.S. cities will be having events and parades. Teachers will be having MLK projects and reports in the run-up to MLK day.

    We have an incredible dissemination tool with James Corbett’s 51 minute
    Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King
    (Full transcipt with links)

    We are in a completely different era.
    There may be an entirely new target audience which will be receptive to this short documentary.
    We have a window of time to utilize an excellent dissemination piece.

    While I am not a fan of Social Media platforms, they still can used as a dissemination tool.
    I would like to see some of the big SubStack influencers grab this and spread it around.

  23. The Last American Vagabond | January 5, 2023 | By Derrick Broze
    Internal CDC Emails Claim Assistant Secretary For Health Blocked Release Of Fluoride Review.

    Newly released emails reveal that leadership within the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health acted to prevent the release of long-delayed review of fluoride’s toxicity by the National Toxicology Program. The emails specifically claim that Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine intervened to stop the release of the NTP review, also known internally as a monograph.

    An email dated June 3rd, 2022, shows Nicole Johnson, Associate Director for Policy, Partnerships and Strategic Communication in CDC’s Oral Health Division contacting Jennifer Greaser, a Senior Public Health Policy Analyst in CDC’s Washington office. Johnson states:
    “The latest we heard (yesterday) is that ASH Levine has put the report on hold until further notice.”
    ASH Levine refers to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine

    What do the #Fluoride Emails reveal?
    Michael Connett, attorney for the plaintiffs, outlined the findings of the emails in several exhibits submitted to Judge Chen. 
    “These emails confirm that the NTP considered the May 2022 monograph to be the NTP’s final report,” Connett writes.
    “They also confirm that the CDC was opposed to the NTP releasing the report, and that leadership at the top levels of the Department of Health Human Services intervened to stop the report from being released.”

    Jay Sanders, Education & Outreach Director with the Fluoride Action Network, told The Last American Vagabond he believes the emails 
    “reveal a concerted effort at the highest level of the U.S. public health bureaucracy to squash a key report on fluoride neurotoxicity”.
    Sanders also stated the emails 
    “show the lengths these agencies are willing to go to to protect their pet project, fluoridation, from any scientific scrutiny.”

    Together with the June 3rd, 2022 email, these communications point to direct intervention from the head of the NIH and the Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

    The emails confirm what has long been suspected. Namely, that government officials at some level were preventing the release of this important review on the toxicity of fluoride. The CDC interference comes on top of an already unusual process employed by the NTP to evaluate the data on the safety of water fluoridation….

    • Dallas is not quiet about fluoridation. We are currently moving to get water fluoridation on the Dallas May 2023 ballot, where fluoridation becomes a vote of the people rather than a City Council mandate.
      Dallas fluoridated water goes to over 20 surrounding cities, and so millions of people are affected.

      Dallas For Safer Water News and Activism

      In 2019, Robert F Kennedy, Jr delivered a fantastic presentation on childhood vaccines in a “debate” where the four opposing authorities canceled at 11pm the night before the debate. Kennedy had flown from California to the east coast for this debate.
      The original YouTube video was scrubbed.
      The website now has a very viable fresh VIDEO on that webpage…

      Aluminum is mentioned by Kennedy repeatedly in his presentation. Under his video presentation is a lot of information about aluminum, and also aluminum is discussed at length on the bottom of the “News and Activism” webapge.

    • Percent of “Colgate for Kids” toothpaste which, if swallowed, could kill a child.

      Health Effects of Fluoride
      Click the links in the script for some fascinating information on specific topics.

      The next hearing in the #FluorideLawsuit takes place this week on Thursday January 12, 2023 at 2:30 PM US Eastern.

      • Dear HRS,

        I admire your passion re the fluoridation battle. I have been living in a town with water fluoridation for the past nearly 20 years. I researched the history of floridation via the local newspaper and found that prior to my moving here many in the community tried to reverse it, only to have local MDs and dentists denigrate the activists. That is when I decided my easiest solution would be to invest in a water purification system. I have a whole house carbon bed to remove the chlorine products and a still to remove the fluoride and other junk for drinking/cooking. A Berkey system on hand for back-up.

        I wish you much success as once it is in place, it is difficult to reverse.

    • The Last American Vagabond | January 5, 2023 | By Derrick Broze

      Featured also at Children’s Health Defense…

      A Top HHS Official Blocked Release of Long-Delayed Fluoride Toxicity Review, Internal Emails Reveal
      Newly released emails reveal that leadership within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health acted to prevent the release of long-delayed review of fluoride’s toxicity by the National Toxicology Program.

      • VIDEO at TLAV
        Derrick Broze Interview – The Active Suppression Of The Damning #FluorideTrial Report
        (36 minutes)

        Joining me today is founder and editor of The Conscious Resistance and writer for The Last American Vagabond, Derrick Broze, here to discuss the ongoing #FluorideTrial and the recent report that was supposed to conclude the over four year process, yet this report was suppressed indefinitely with no explanation by the combined efforts of the CDC, NIH & HHS, including the personal actions of the controversial Rachel Levine himself.—CAUTION…Pronoun Alert. 😉

    • UPDATE – Fluoride Court Hearing on Thursday January 12, 2023 at 2:30 PM US Eastern.

      January 14, 2023
      Court Rejects EPA’s Attempt To Delay Case Further

      At Thursday’s status hearing for our federal lawsuit against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the neurotoxicity of fluoridation chemicals, the Judge acknowledged that “justice delayed is justice denied,” ultimately ruling against the EPA’s request for additional delay of the trial.
      The Court also set a timeline for the final phase leading up to a verdict.

      …the EPA’s…lawyers asked the Court to suspend the trial a second time by putting it back in abeyance for at least 6 more months…

      …FAN’s attorney, Michael Connett, explained to the Court that the Director of the NTP admitted in his declaration that the government’s review on fluoride’s harm to the developing brain may never be made public, despite 7 years of work by NTP’s scientists and an unprecedented number of peer-reviews.
      Emails obtained using a Freedom of Information Act Request by FAN’s lawyers also showed that even if the NTP Director chose to publish the review, leadership at US Health and Human Services (HHS) could continue to block it from being released to the public.

      Because of a motion that FAN filed and won in October, the Court and Plaintiffs now have the final NTP review that was intended to be published on May 18th, 2022 before political pressure from the CDC, NIDCR, and HHS led to it being suppressed.
      This completed document is already the most peer-reviewed and scientifically scrutinized NTP report in history

      Attorney Connett shared FAN’s position that we want the Court to make the final NTP review from May 2022 available to the public, as well as the communications and criticisms from the CDC and HHS that led to it being blocked.
      Conversely, the EPA wants the report kept under protective order, and argued that the communications from HHS leadership should never be made public.
      Connett pointed out that FAN has evidence obtained through FOIA requests showing that the American Dental Association was already given the NTP review so they could work to discredit it, and therefore there is no justifiable reason for the EPA to continue hiding it from the public….

      • I want to make a comment on that ADA American Dental Association FOIA document.
        I read it.
        These same pro-fluoride ADA characters keep popping up, again and again and again over the years.
        These guys are rabid.
        I’ve seen them repeatedly influence newspaper articles and comment sections.

        …and why/how they even got access to the NTP report is very telling in itself.

  24. I recently became aware of Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and his book: “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State.” Note: I have not yet read the book, I saw an interview with him that had me impressed with how well he articulated his point. Interview link: My First Things Interview with Roger Severino (

    Maybe a good one to have on the Corbett Report?

  25. Who is Greg and why is he interrupting the end of Part 2 of the Mass Media course Corbett put out?

  26. They’re closing in. Recently I arrived on an international flight to the Mexico City airport. There was the usual series of lines for the usual inspections of documents/baggage/persons. Finally, Mexican nationals and Others formed the usual separate lines for the Immigration windows. But this time there was a difference. From the Others lines those holding US passports were directed to a window at the very end of the room. It was a brightly lit booth manned not by an Immigration officer but someone not in uniform, as I remember it, but in a (possibly grey) suit. It was one of those occasional chilling encounters with someone who has human features but has completely lost his humanity. I was told where to stand but then redirected to face a different direction a couple of times. Then I noticed a camera next to a screen that showed geometric shapes outlining the various planes of my face! Communication with the grey functionnaire was entirely one directional. I believe a fingerprint, or fingerprints, were also taken, but I was so shaken I don’t remember all the details.

    Three weeks earlier I had arrived on an international flight to the same airport, and there were only the usual herding procedures, so this is a very recent development. If anyone else has experienced or heard of this situation, would you please post here.

    I have been told that there was a Supreme Court decision against use of facial recognition technology in the US, but I have been able to find only state and local rulings. Does anyone know about the SCOTUS ruling? If the US cabal can’t use FRT on its citizens it gets its mercenary nations to do it by proxy? Please post here if you have encountered anything like this.

    Photos with FRT are now in the global One World now-we’ve-got-you database and scanned into the chip in my passport. Is there a way to get such a thing reversed?

    I don’t know what would have happened if I had refused the FRT, because I wasn’t aware of it until it had already been done.

    • That is an odd, unsetting situation. I recall several years ago returning from The Bahamas having to go through a line where I was forced to have my “picture taken” before I could proceed to the manned booth. I was frozen as I didn’t want to have my face photographed or possibly scanned, but I wanted to return home. That was not my first trip outside the USA, but the first time dealing with forced imaging (besides the passport photo and fingerprints).

      Also, recently I noticed that eye exams include a mandatory retinal scan.

    • Since my previous comment, I heard a podcast interview of author James Bovard who stated that the facial recognition software currently is being tested in USA airports on a voluntary basis, but likely will be rolled out and made mandatory. This topic is covered in the first few minutes:

      Link to podcast:

      Author JamesBovard, The endless expansion of TSA, IRS and other bureaucracies — now with a focus on biometrics

      Topic / TIMECODE
      TSA pushing people to give up biometric data / 3:09

        • Thanks for the links. It’s good to be knowledgeable about how surveillance tech and its implementation are developing. I’m hoping to find that there is something like Fuellmich’s Stiftung Corona Ausschuss pushing back against the biometric invasions. It seems that covid issues have been such a great distraction that other equally threatening matters are slipping past us. There has been quite a lot of journalism on biotech, but I’m not finding solutions. We can protect ourselves from covid and the injections by keeping up our immunity and refusing to be jabbed, but we have fewer defenses against some of the other horrors. I’d like to see more journalistic attention to the fight against monitoring and surveillance.

          • Agreed. The lack of attention to the solutions against surveillance is likely due to the fact that there are none that would be legal, besides opting out of society altogether. Supposedly they can ID us by face, heartbeat, and walking gate, and perhaps other means. Many cameras also have microphones, so we likely will guard our speech in public.

  27. I can recommend “LibreTube” (something like a boobube app + downloader of sorts) and “Seal” (downloader).

  28. Let’s conduct a thought experiment:

    ??? ????? ???? ?? ????. ??????? ?????? ??? ?????. ??? ???????? ???.

    You and your family come across an off-grid functioning homestead community.

    You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise you keep walking.

    What’s your skill or trade that would make you valuable and worth keeping, feeding, and protecting to such a community?


    This should be fun and interesting! 🙂

    • …something about this question reminds me of George Bernard Shaw’s idea of having to justify your existence or die.

      • @nosoapradio

        Wow that is a pretty dark interpretation haha (but I can understand why one’s mind might go there looking back on my hypothetical).

        Hey who knows, perhaps if it comes to pass, and one finds themselves in the actual real world situation where all the centralized infrastructure collapses and they come across an off grid community, the people living in that community would be creating such abundance and/or be such compassionate people that they would warmly welcome any individual (whether they had skills or something to trade or not). This more compassionate hypothetical is certainly the vision of humanity I hold in my heart for the future and it is the kind of way of being I work to plant the seeds for where I live. However, my hypothetical situation presented in the thought experiment comment above has different parameters for a reason.

        • There’s a short science fiction story by Frank Russell called “And then There were None” or “The Explosion” that I’ll bet you’re familiar with, that was chosen as one of the Film, Literature and the New World Order series on this website.

          A similar debate about “free-loaders” took place (in the form of a legendary figure described within the narrative called “Idle Jack”) in the comments section of that podcast.

          This is one by Voltaic Dude:

          Adults, free-loaders and George Bernard Shaw – an interesting ethical debate.

          And this reminds me of the possible pitfalls of an open blockchain system offering pseudo-anonymity (such as the one used for bitcoin (if I understand correctly) and closed blockchain systems where you give up your privacy to belong. Open can be perilous for the system, can’t it?

          It’s the question of selection when deciding who belongs to a group that functions as a form of control. Who chooses who can belong and based on what criteria? When it’s a life or death consideration, it becomes an interesting ethical dilemma.

          It can be useful in order to pinpoint how our mindset of would-be dissidents, alternative thinkers and community builders actually differs from the architects of the society we live in that serves as a sounding-board.

          “Justify your existence or go away” when “go away” could mean death.

          Also touches on the eternal antagonism between the individual and the collective.

          • @robster

            That is exactly what nosoapradio mentioned in the first comment responding to my thought experiment above.

            Here it is I find listening to that guy disturbing, he exudes a sort of self-righteous arrogance that is clearly (as you say) connected to some kind of superiority complex delusion (like eugenics).

            My hypothetical above was just intended to invite people to imagine what they know (or could learn) that would be practical for contributing in a community after the collapse of centralized infrastructure.

            There was no council deciding who lived and died in my hypothetical.

            See my other comment to you below for some additional context.

          • @nosoapradio

            Actually, I was not familiar with Frank Russell until now, but I am grateful to you (and James) for bringing them to my attention 🙂 (listening now).

            I will check out the comment section. I appreciate the link.

            That is an interesting observation/question about bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies. I am really not that well versed in those things so I will leave a response to that inquiry to one of the many digitally learned individuals that frequent these comment threads. I would ask my little brother (the crypto-currency security specialist and entrepreneur) but since I called out my family publicly for their fascistic/cult-like ostracism and discrimination against my wife and I (our exclusion from that family reunion since we refused to be injected with the mRNA cocktails) he only gives me one sentence answers to emails and texts.

            “Who chooses who can belong and based on what criteria?” Great question.

            The situation I mentioned above with my family certainly outlines the potential pitfalls of a situation when people declare themselves as mini-dictators and attempt to force others to conform to the norms (which in this case are detrimental norms) they have been brainwashed to see as ‘the right thing to do’.

            The hypothetical situation described in the thought experiment above however, is not so ambiguous and open to whimsical and arbitrary interpretation, as that hypothetical situation has intrinsic characteristics that make discerning who “belongs” (or more specifically, who is invited to benefit from the hard work, safety, food stores, access to clean water, shelter and other benefits of the off grid community the hypothetical wandering loner happens upon) as being able to be discerned via a measure of their choices in the past (and present) to learn valuable, practical, low tech life skills (and be willing to engage in hard work to put those skills to use) so that they can offer their own gifts to bring added resilience to an existing community.

            (sorry for the brutal run-on sentence, too late to fix it now)


          • (continued from above..)

            If we lived in a startrek world with ‘matter replicators’ or a world where we could will physical things into existence easily with a single thought, than there is no dilemma in inviting a weary wondering person into your community (and/or home) to provide for them (aside from assessing whether or not they are psychotic or something of course). In that Gene Rodenberry world (or magical world of wizard people that had mastered what the ancient Vedic practitioners called “Siddhis”) you just invite them in and ‘replicate’ (3D molecular/atomic print) or manifest into existence what is required to make a home, cloths and food etc and say Welcome! And poof! It is all good.

            However, we do not live in that world. We live in a world where if you are on a homestead off grid (or living in a group of them that collaborate to facilitate increased levels of resilience, as is the case in my hypothetical posed above) the homestead or community only continues to function and provide via the hard work (and/or non-physical meaningful) contributions of each member of that homestead/community. So this whole thing about “Justify your existence or go away” is applying an unnecessarily dramatic flare to a really simple equation. I provided a more simple example in a response to robster below to further illustrate what I was talking about with my thought experiment.

            In the context of a situation without a centralized government that is enforcing involuntary taxation (thieving from) the population and offering handouts to young and able people who would rather not do any hard work to contribute to the community they are a part of (as we have now in the real world) each individual would be expected to imagine or cultivate a way in which they can offer their own gifts, free will, ideas, knowledge and/or hands to add to the resilience, stability, abundance and joy of that community. Contributing to a community does not have to involve laborious exertion working in a field, perhaps the young ones there might need a teacher or a storyteller, in which case, a wise elder might be able to offer their gifts to contribute (without having to try and do physical labor better suited for younger people).

            The purpose of the thought experiment was to invite people to imagine (or perhaps decide to cultivate/work towards) a way in which they can offer their own gifts, free will, ideas, knowledge and/or hands to be capable of providing added resilience, stability, abundance and joy to a homestead or community that exists within the context of the hypothetical I outlined above.

            • I did, yes, thanks and consequently spent many free hours trying to figure out where and how and which beans to plant in a rather shady (big tree and other obstacles blocking sun) south-western exposition but I’ve pretty much settled on your idea of using beans to decorate the wall in an edible way. And I’m still working on a strategy to discourage my cat from digging up the plants that will occupy what he considers to be his personal outhouse.
              But yes, I’m fairly excited by this challenge of planting a neophyte mini-garden in my apartment courtyard. However, I’ve got lots of other stuff to do before I can really get working on it.

              • @nosoapradio

                hmmm, well Runner Beans can still produce well if they get 4-6 hours of sun but the blue butterfly pea says it only “tolerates partial shade” (which may mean you do not get many blooms if it’s pretty shady there).

                I can share a list of my favorite shade tolerant crops for other options too include if you like?

                So the container that you can fill with soil and grow in is “9 meters long and 64 cm wide”? If so, how deep is it?

                Aside for the other ideas I suggest for deterring/discouraging the cat, I have also read that cats dislike the smell of rue, lavender and pennyroyal, Coleus canina and lemon thyme. (though I have not tested the efficacy of those plants for deterring cats my self).

                I am glad you excited about your garden project 🙂

          • Both “justify” and “go” will inevitably lead to death.

            • @mkey

              “Both “justify” and “go” will inevitably lead to death.”

              hmm, I feel like there is something very illuminating and insightful in that sentence but I am finding the way you put that a little too enigmatic for me to unpack right now.

              • I was referring to this statement by nosoapradio:

                “Justify your existence or go away” when “go away” could mean death.

                Whatever happens, death will ensue, eventually.

              • @mkey

                See! I knew there was some valuable wisdom and truth in there somewhere 🙂

                Thanks for elucidating.

                The truth embodied in your statement makes me think of another conversation I am involved with on this thread with “2-D Chess Dweller”

                It also makes me think of how Buddhists have a saying that that invites one to “Wash the dishes like they are bathing a baby Buddha”.

                It invites one to see that whether one is barely surviving after the collapse of modern civilization, creating/sharing pieces of art or even just washing the dishes, it is wise to keep in mind that our time on this Earth is limited in any case, so we should strive to choose gratitude, mindfulness, courage and a willingness to make the best of each moment. This truth applies whether we are on death’s doorstep, doing something seemingly mundane or living the life of luxury in the prime of our life.

            • @mkey

              Your comment makes me think of a section from a Terrence Mckenna speech where he quoted a Grateful Dead song which says:

              “you can’t go back and you can’t stand still, if the thunder don’t get you then the lightning will.”

              In another part of that speech, he said:

              “Western cultural institutions having become global cultural institutions now show themselves to be inadequate to inspire, lead or carry anyone into a future worth living in..

              ..The value systems that aggrandize the possession of things, the tearing up of the Earth, competition, racism, sexism, classism have led us to the brink of catastrophe.

              Now I think we have to abandon Western cultural values and return to the deeper wisdom of the body in connection with the plants. That’s the seamless web that leads us back into the heart of Nature. And if we can do this, then this very narrow neck of cultural crisis can be navigated. Very little of the past can be saved. The architectonics, the machines, the systems of monetary exchange and propaganda, the silly religions, the aesthetic canons, very little of that can be saved. But what can be saved is the sense of love and caring, and mutuality, that we all put into, and take from the human enterprise..

              ..we can deconstruct the lethal vehicle that is carrying us to the brink of apocalypse.”

              He also (of course) promoted the use of various psychedelic substances (and said some far out poetic stuff about starships) in that speech. While I personally do not think that taking LSD or building spaceships are things that are going to save us, the guy does say some interesting things on other topics. (here is a clip that contains that part of the speech )

      • Well, this scenario would actually go something like “be useful or move on”. Basically, same as every day in the grown up world.

        • @mkey

          Not if the super nice ultra rich people initiate universal income and debt forgiveness (NESARA etc)! Or if some guy from the clouds swoops in and punishes the bad guys and then gives us tickets to a super fun cloud resort where we don’t have to strive to make the best of our gifts and can just relax! Stop being such a meanie! Suggesting people should work towards reciprocating gifts the community they are a part of offers them, pffft.. don’t be such a downer, why should we work towards offering some contribution to the community we are part of, when everything is gonna be fixed for us in the blink of an eye. Just you wait! Either one or both of those things I described above will happen any day now! The good guys are gonna swoop in and make our lives a permanent four seasons all inclusive Cancun vacation.. in the meantime all we need to do is point our fingers at the bad guys and blame them for the state of our world and then soon everything will get fixed for us.

          • I was too lazy to investigate NESARA/GESARA. That’s supposed to be an offshoot of Q malarkey, but more related to the banking system?

            • @mkey

              Well I was attempting to be festicous above, but I am not really sure to be honest.

              I have not investigated it in depth either. Yes I mostly heard about it from people that were big fans of that Qanon stuff.

              Also, I remember years ago before the Q stuff arrived on the scene some people told me about “NESARA” and how some “dragon families” from Asia (some kind of nicer Asian ‘Illuminati’ type group I guess?) was stockpiling gold and were gonna set up this whole give everyone tons of money deal to balance the scales and end inequality etc.

              I suppose whether or not there was (or is) anyone in positions of obscene wealth, government or military working towards making such an initiative a reality (which I highly doubt) I would still not endorse hoping for, cheering for, waiting for or thinking we can depend on such a thing for solving our problems. As you know very well, the challenges we face are not due to lack of money, they run much deeper, so even if some trillionaire triad gangster people threw a bunch of money at everyone I do not think we would see any lasting change for the better in our civilization.

              Thus, instead of seeking to get hand outs from some big brother figure(s) or gather what the dominant culture defines as wealth, I instead work to redefine wealth, I work to cultivate it, propagate it, plant the seeds for it where ever I can, and help others do the same.

              • Rest assured that, if push came to show, they would throw “money” at people. Provided they would relax, take it easy and turn on the telly. They have many moves to play and there’s no such thing as “too low”.

                Being in dept is probably a form of trauma based mind control. People get really strung up in such conditions.

    • @robster haha oh man, I see nosoapradio started a thing here that is totally diverging away from where I was tryna go with my hypothetical scenario/thought experiment, but hey, everything happens for a reason right, so let’s go there! 🙂

      First of all, I did not promote myself to being a dictator (in some trudeau-esk power grab) in my hypothetical situation, in fact, I personally, am not even involved in that scenario at all, so I cannot really answer that question. Rather, I will refer you back to the original parameters of the thought experiment which stated “You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – ????????? ??? ???? ???????”.

      But since we are morphing this discussion into some kind of philosophical analysis (rather than a simple thought experiment designed to encourage people to take an inventory of what skillsets they have that are relevant and practical in a situation where all centralized infrastructure collapses) how about we look at another hypothetical. The same parameters apply except this time you walk up on an individual homestead where one family is functioning off grid.

      So perhaps the family sees you are hungry, thirsty (and perhaps do not have many survival skills in a post high tech existence) so they say “Hey you! Come on inside and eat a meal prepared from our home grown crops, have a glass of water (which they had to carry from the river 2 kilometers away and then purify) and rest in one of our beds (which will mean one of them sleeps on the floor). I think many human beings would choose to be compassionate like that (and perhaps the people in the above described hypothetical that is on the scale of a community would too). Ok, so now 3 days have gone by, you are fed, rested and still just sitting there (eating their homegrown food, drinking their water and sleeping in their bed)

      In that situation, put yourself in the shoes of either party. What would be the reasonable next step?

      Now, elucidating on the definition what makes someone declared as “not valuable” becomes a lot more clear in that situation.

      You either choose to imagine how something you know how to do could contribute towards the well being and resilience of that family and their homestead, you tell them you are willing to learn and contribute to what they are already doing to survive, or you move on right? Or do you think it would be reasonable for you to just hang out, sleeping in their bed and eating their food and drinking their water (which took considerable effort to cultivate and collect) and offer no contribution in reciprocity for the gifts they gave and are giving you?

      • @robster

        Thanks for the reply and for sharing your thoughts.

        I would be interested to know if you live in a city (if you don’t mind sharing). I ask, because I am wondering if the relative population density and style of living that one currently has is a determining factor in how one reacts to the above thought experiment.

        “I also feel that the strong should take care of the weak.”

        I agree and I feel that is a noble path to walk, reminiscent of the Arthurian legends of those that sought to use their might and skill to protect the meek. Though, I doubt the knights of the round table would have gone on a bloody crusade to kill all bad guys dwelling in every corner of the land.

        This brings me to your ‘reverse final solution’ (in essence your want to turn the sword of eugenics and/or mass murder on it’s current wielders in order to ‘cleanse the badness from the world’)

        There are many reasons why I think French style revolutions, witch hunts, lynchings (and other various forms of organized murder) are not a good idea (both from a sociological, spiritual/philosophical and practical perspective) but let’s just focus on the practical side of this for today.

        I acknowledge there are people without a moral compass (or with a very weak one) that are willing to do the things you describe (and/or turn the other way while other people do those things) and while I abhor that behavior and do feel that we as a collective should take decisive action to disarm the psychopaths you describe (and dismantle the systems of oppression they have enticed and goose-stepped us all into helping them build) I do not, however, think that killing all the “psychopaths” would prevent what the psychopaths have been doing for centuries now from happening again.

        I can relate to the desire to want to rise up and remove the parasitic psychopaths by force and convict them of crimes against humanity (or just lynch them). While that unlikely hypothetical may provide some temporary catharsis to some it would not provide a lasting solution. Let me explain why.


      • (continued from above..)

        Removing the tapeworm from the human body without addressing the diet, lifestyle and the quality of one’s internal environment that resulted in the tapeworm being able to take hold in the first place is only a temporary solution.

        These “evil doers” are very much like parasites in the way in which they gather wealth and influence in this world. If we do not alter our way of living and the psychological, economic, educational and spiritual landscape in our civilization and family of humanity and just seek to remove the psychopaths from power, all we will be doing is removing individuals who were indoctrinated into a twisted system and way of thinking and creating a power vacuum (which would inevitably be filled by other damaged and twisted humans that have been, and are still being, indoctrinated into that same way of thinking).

        Above you mentioned “poisoning the real humans” (which already sounds like it has a pretty slippery slope of a mentality built into it, since you are designating some humans as “real” and some that are ‘not real’) but let’s take a step back from the scapegoating (and dehumanizing) of the oligarchs (which do of course engage in various ‘mass poisoning operations) and take an honest look at if killing them would stop the poisoning of people all together.

        Here where I live there are a lot of materialistic, selfish and apathetic degenerates. I regularly see people just throwing garbage (plastic bottles, cans, sometimes full garbage bags from their home etc) out of the windows of their vehicles as they drive on the road. There is no oligarch with a gun to their head telling them to poison the Earth and the water, they do it of their own volition. There are also a great many farmers, businesses, factories and corporations here that spray deadly systemic biocides into the air, soil, water and all over people’s food (because of how convenient and profitable it is for them). Again, there is no member of the Rothchild banking cartel telling them to spray glyphosate on everything, dump their toxic green house run off in our drinking water or soak that which they sell as food in toxins (that increase shelf life and external visual appeal of produce but slowly kills human beings that eat it).

        When you said:

        “Some “humans” don’t have problems with that apparently, we should eradicate those”

        Would all of the people I just described in the last paragraph be included in the list of those you would seek to eradicate as well?


        • @robster

          Thanks for the reply and sharing your thoughts.

          Indeed, well said about tape worms.

          Though it should be noted that a tape worm is an animal and a parasite, not a viral particle or a bacterium (so different variables apply to that organism than to the viruses or bacteria).

          Getting back to the tapeworm analogy however, does this mean you feel that your proposed solution of getting rid off all the banksters is something you feel will drastically alter the “terrain of our society” over night (and not allow any future parasites to take hold)?

      • (continued from above..)

        Also, I do not think it is reasonable or logical to think that the most influential and wealthy psychopathic oligarchs in the world all belong to one cultural or religious heritage. While material power may have been concentrated in specific subsets of the population (that could be differentiated via cultural, religious or genetic characteristics) in the past, a lot has changed in the past couple centuries (especially in the last few decades) in ‘re-shuffling that deck’.

        Furthermore, even if we could point to some group of humans that happened to be the most influential psychopaths on Earth and they also happened to be all sharing some (outwardly discernable) genetic characteristics or shared cultural roots that does not mean their shared genetic traits (race) or shared cultural heritage is what resulted in them becoming psychopathic oligarchs. That would have been the result of indoctrination since birth, not what region they are from, or who their great grandparents were.

        Thus, pointing to subsets of the population that are discernable via the above characteristics and saying they are the problem is not only illogical and impractical, it is also a very slippery slope to embracing the same mentality (involving institutionalized eugenics and racism) that has lead to many genocides in our bloody history.

        If we want our solution to be permanent we need to focus on creating an environment where parasites and psychopaths have no ability to take hold, gather strength and influence.. and this is a path we can only embark upon when we look within and then plant the seeds form that which we have cultivated within. After we cultivate that which we wish to see in the thoughts and behavior of others around us within we can then move on to cultivate it outwardly, in our own household, communities and regions… through using our hands and our hearts to make the best of our unique gifts and render the parasites obsolete.

        I elaborate further on the concepts presented in my comments today in a substack article which you can find here:

        • @robster

          Thanks for the reply.

          I have not read/listened those yet. Once I get my current project finished i`ll check them out.

          Okay so if the “root of the problem is that there is a small group that has the power to create money”, let’s do another thought experiment to assess efficacy (and potential side effects) of your proposed solution. We will totally skip past whether or not implementing your proposed solution is really feasible or not and just jump right into a hypothetical situation after the hypothetical solution has already been implemented.

          Okay here we go…


          Zap. All the individual humans and institutions that have “the power to create money” are gone.

          Now What?

          How does this address the behavior of the other humans I described above (which comprise tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of human beings)?

          What do you imagine the first year after this zapping away of all individuals and institutions involved in “creating money” would look like?

          How about the next ten years after that?

    • You let them go their way with a gratuitous parcel consisting of an apple, a selection of assorted nuts, a slice of a homemade pie and some precious seeds.

      • @mkey

        I love how specific the items in your suggested “gratuitous” ‘going away parcel’ are 🙂

        I especially like the apple because it makes me think of Johnny Appleseed and that part of the video for 2022 Year in Review for solutions watch ( ) where Jim Gale (“Chief Storyteller” for ) said “you can count the seeds in a single apple but you cannot count the apples in a single seed”. (it was at about time index 17:30 of the video)

        I am currently working on cultivating and scaling up seed production of Malus sieversii in Canada 🙂

        Precious seeds indeed.

        • I think I’ve put an apple in there since that’s the most plentiful fruit I can get my hands on during this most slow part of the year. There were some nice oranges and tangerines to be had on the farmers market, but the supplies seem to be dwindling, couldn’t find any this week. The clementine season has barely started so I’m hoping to get some action with those.

          I’m now “stuck” with some smaller gauge pinky lady apples and another kind I don’t know the name of, but these are rather nice non sprayed stock, with actual free roam pests living in them. Cut it up, clean it out, I don’t see what’s the big deal. If pests don’t want it, how can it be any good for people. The sad truth is, pests seem to be smarter.

          Another sad truth is that, while my area is quite verdant, people don’t grow much fruit. It’s all about olives and some vineyards these days. People seem to prefer tending to tourists rather than fruit.

          I’m also making do with (local grown) dried figs and hazelnuts, almonds, both inidian and brasilian nuts, pumpkin seeds and whatnot. These will have to hold me over till spring time.

          • @mkey

            Do those citrus fruit grow locally where you are at?

            I have a small potted Peruvian lime tree (and have grown a Lemon tree in a pot in the past) and so when we harvest our fruit I use every last bit.

            Sometimes I make Moroccan dishes that use preserved lemons (lacto-fermented lemon chunks that include the pith and peel), or Indian pickled lime chunks with spices or but my favorite is this one Balinese condiment called Sambal Matah. It uses the lime juice, pith, peel (and leaves!) with garlic, shallots and other ingredients. It is super delicious on rice, with fish or as a condiment for dipping.

            Do you ever do anything with your citrus peels?

            Most people do not realize that citrus peels are edible and contain vitamin A, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, fiber, copper, potassium, biotin, as well as B vitamins, essential oils, phytochemicals (many of those components provide antioxidant protection.).

            Sometimes I dry and powderize our peels for long term storage as a vitamin supplement.

            I admire your attitude towards apples and imperfect produce, so much is wasted because people are conditioned to have blemish free chemical laden mass produced stuff.

            Ahh yes, the vineyard monoculture syndrome, I saw the same in the Okanogan of BC (minus the olives). There is more money to be made by the acre selling fermented grape juice with fancy labels to rich tourists than there is in cultivating diverse nutrient dense crops for locals.

            • The citrus fruit in my general area grows best further down south, several hundred kilometers away. And it’s quite difficult to get that stuff over here because the market is absolutely inundated with imported, relatively cheap, garbage.

              I don’t do much with peels but compost them all over the place. Back in the day we used to put them on the stove to freshen the air, they worked great for that purpose. Sometimes we will put peel gratings into home made jam. One has to trust fruit source for that.

              I’ll consider drying them the next season. Drying anything during the winter time is a bit difficult here as the air gets extra humid.

            • @mkey

              Ya good point about the need to be able to trust the citrus are not sprayed with stuff if you are saving the peels for eating.

              I do compost them sometimes as well (usually with ginger peels , wood chips and grass clipping to make an acidic end result for adding around my blueberry bushes) but prefer to eat the peels if they are fruit I grew. Since we are in Canada, I am pretty grateful we are in one of the few places capable of growing citrus in containers here (it is one of the few benefits of living in this part of Ontario) so I savor every last bit of our 20-30 lime harvest a year 🙂

              Grating the peels into jam is a great idea! That would help for extending shelf life (via the action of the citric acid) add a nice tangy contrast to sweet berries and add nutrients as well. I think i`ll try that with our honeyberry harvest in the spring.

              Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Gavin, I agree that this is an interesting thought experiment. I would like to add my thoughts. However it would be helpful if you could expand on the hypothetical possibilities just a bit.
      For instance, are me and my family in a bad situation? Meaning are we ill prepared for survival in being hungry or unsuited for a nomadic lifestyle?
      I’ve known some folks who can get by pretty well on the road and are able to provide for themselves adequately.
      Would the rule be applied to someone who was only seeking temporary companionship?

      Is the conditional acceptance rule of the community strictly limited to physical skills? Meaning would someone who could provide something intangible like counseling or music lessons be considered?

      Would a talent for preaching and teaching the word of God be considered a worthy skill?

      • oops my reply was too long had to delete this one.. (i`ll re-post it below)

      • @Steve

        I really like your questions. Perhaps I was lazy and too vague in how I worded it. I should have put more thought into the back story and origin story of the hypothetical wandering character (and his or her family).

        I`ll do my best to answer them all without being tempted to accept the role of hypothetical dictator of said hypothetical community 🙂

        Ok so Firstly:

        “are me and my family in a bad situation? Meaning are we ill prepared for survival in being hungry or unsuited for a nomadic lifestyle?”

        Hmm, I suppose considering that if it was someone (or a group/family) that were able to “get by pretty well on the road and are able to provide for themselves adequately.” they would likely have a great deal of relevant skills to offer in contributing towards an off grid homestead (if they wanted to) no matter how you look at it, we will go with the option where the hypothetical first person character the thought experiment is inviting you to put yourself in the shoes of is “unsuited for a nomadic lifestyle”. The character you are invited to imagine yourself being in the shoes of had to leave their own home as it was in a city where things got pretty ugly and messy after the food ran out. So they are on the hypothetical road out of desperation, not for exploration.

        In the hypothetical, the “rule” is regarding being “granted access” as long term/permanent residents.

        Now we are in dangerous territory as I am being asked to take on the role of a dictator to determine what the hypothetical community members would consider as something that would “benefit said community”.

        Part of the mental exercise I was attempting to invite people to engage in was about using the power of their imagination to think up ways in which their existing skills, knowledge, gifts and interests could serve to give back to a community that was providing for and protecting them, so if I strictly define what it is that would be perceived as “benefit(ing) said community” I feel like it would limit the usefulness of the mental exercise.


      • (..continued from above)

        What do you think personally, if you were one of the leaders of that hypothetical community would you define that which is beneficial to the community as being strictly limited to physical skills? Would you see someone who could provide something intangible like counseling or music lessons as providing no reciprocal benefit to the community that provides them food and protection?

        I could be wrong, but I think most people would agree that musical lessons and providing counseling to those that seek it are extremely important and valuable services to provide a community.

        As for “preaching and teaching the word of God”, again, dangerous territory for me to comment on, as that would be to take on the role of the ‘Justin Trudeau of the town’ (declaring who has views that are to be declared as “fringe” and “unacceptable” and who does not). I appreciate the value of the question (as it invites one to consider the practical value of some sort of spiritual practice in such a situation) but I suppose in the hypothetical posed above it would all depend on what (if any) religious views the people of that community had, which would determine their attitude towards preaching (what I assume in the context of you putting your self into this hypothetical situation) would be a religious message based on the gospels in the bible. I suppose if this hypothetical situation was taking place in the US or Canada, I would imagine there would be a pretty high likelihood that enough people in that community would value the contents of the bible enough to consider having someone to share and affirm that message with their community as a benefit.. though who can say for sure?

        I personally see immense value in combining a lifestyle that involves working closely with the Earth with some sort of spiritual practice. Though for me, I prefer non-dogmatic spiritual practices that are embarked upon as part of a journey inward that is uniquely designed and navigated by each individual.. a path to connect with the eternal aspect of self some call the “soul” or “spirit” and a path where each individual nurtures a personal relationship with the Creator of all things through prayer, stillness of mind and an open hearted genuine intent to do so. That perspective I have is not relevant to the hypothetical situation posed in my thought experiment above though, since I am not part of that hypothetical community.

        • That helps. Thanks.

          “Now we are in dangerous territory as I am being asked to take on the role of a dictator to determine what the hypothetical community members would consider as something that would “benefit said community”.”

          I think that this is key to the thought exercise. I’m an anarchist. Were such a hypothetical situation to arise. I would hope that I would be principled enough to still be an anarchist. Therefore, I would not be able to be a member of the hypothetical community that would allow any sort of supreme leader that would be the final decision maker. (And would surely hesitate before seeking even temporary acceptance).
          The only way I can imagine that a rule such as you suggest could be adopted would be either 100 percent agreement of the members of the community or some system that would not qualify as anarchy or voluntarism. Like some sort of model based on what we have today.

          “What do you think personally, if you were one of the leaders of that hypothetical community would you define that which is beneficial to the community as being strictly limited to physical skills? ”

          Hypothetically speaking? Absolutely not.

          “As for “preaching and teaching the word of God”, again, dangerous territory for me to comment on,”

          Sure, but you asked for it. 🙂

          “I suppose in the hypothetical posed above it would all depend on what (if any) religious views the people of that community had”

          Again, would you expect 100 percent of the members of the community to agree? Especially on something as personal as spiritual beliefs and practices? Highly unlikely I imagine.
          The most experienced carpenter might be a Muslim. The medical doctor might be a satanist. The herbalist might be a a shaman of some sort. You get my point.

          I do understand what you had in mind when proposing this thought experiment. But it would be easier to ascertain the practical skills of those who would participate by clearly defining the hypothetical parameters.

          For instance, a community that consisted of primarily young males would likely put a high value on healthy young women who might not have any practical experience or skills.
          A community that consisted of mostly aged people beyond the childbearing age might accept a wandering family that had a bunch of children regardless of the fact that the parent/s had no skills beyond being a bank teller.

          I could list a number of useful skills that I have but that would be kinda boring. This is much more fun.

          • @Steve

            🙂 Ahh okay well I am down with voluntarism, so ya lets morph this thought experiment into a feasibility study on a post high tech and post centralized infrastructure off grid community full of voluntarists.


            “Again, would you expect 100 percent of the members of the community to agree? Especially on something as personal as spiritual beliefs and practices?”

            Nope, great point, which is why if I am now putting myself in the shoes of one of the self-governing (voluntarist) individuals (in this newly mentally summoned hypothetical voluntarist community) I would advocate for a voluntarist approach to spiritual learning (involving a non-ideological, non-dogmatic, universally applicable framework for encouraging, supporting and nurturing those that are interested in choosing to create their own spiritual practices and engage in them regularly. These practices would be embarked upon (or not) via each individual using their God given free will as part of a journey inward that is uniquely designed and navigated by each individual.. a path to connect with the eternal aspect of self some call the “soul” or “spirit” and a path where each individual nurtures a personal relationship with the Creator of all things through prayer, stillness of mind and an open hearted genuine intent to do so.


            “ would be easier to ascertain the practical skills of those who would participate by clearly defining the hypothetical parameters.”

            Ok, then lets get specific. The (completely realistic and relatable) hypothetical community is composed of 333 people. 111 of them are new borns – 35 year olds, 111 of them are 36-55 year olds and 111 of them are 56-111 year olds. Among the 333, there are equal amounts of people that belong/subscribe to every race and religion on Earth (no I am not gonna try and do that math 🙂 )

            Yes your right, this is more fun. Thanks for the comments Steve.

            • A “hypothetical voluntarist community” could not have a rule stating; “You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise you keep walking.”

              “I would advocate for a voluntarist approach to spiritual learning (involving a non-ideological, non-dogmatic, universally applicable framework for encouraging, supporting and nurturing those that are interested in choosing to create their own spiritual practices and engage in them regularly.”

              Now we’re talking. 🙂

              I know that you are of the opinion that some of the things that are taught in the Bible have been misrepresented. May I ask if the following are among those teachings?

              Proverbs 22:9, KJV: He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.

              Matthew 5:40, KJV: And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.

              Matthew 5:41, KJV: And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

              Matthew 25:40, KJV: And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

              James 1:27 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

              I guess that what I’m getting at is that in my humble opinion, a community which would eliminate altruism, mercy and unconditional generosity from its core “mission” is one that would be best avoided completely.
              Therefore the premise, not, I believe, your intention of this thought experiment precludes the participation of many.

              • A “hypothetical voluntarist community” could not have a rule stating; “You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise you keep walking.”

                What if each individual in the community had said rule for their household? Each having the freedom to determine if they wish to offer lodging to someone, as well as having the freedom to set their own criteria.

                If a community is viewed as a union of sovereign individuals, what would it mean to “join the community” as opposed to “taking a hike”?

              • If there is 100 percent agreement among members of the community then of course you would be correct.
                I just see that as extremely unlikely based on my personal experience among people.
                But certainly not impossible I concede.

              • @Steve

                Whoa, whoa whoa, wait a minute… are you saying that a “voluntarist” can’t tell someone that approaches their home to “keep walking”? Maybe we are not talking about the same thing then.

                I am talking about the concepts presented in books like this:

                I thought this all hinged upon the non-aggression or non-violation principle.

                Are you saying that as a self-proclaimed “Voluntarist” you are obliged to allow strangers who want to come into your home and take your food and your bed to do so? If not, where do you draw the line between that scale of applying Voluntarism and the scale of a small community? and how do you justify that distinction?


                I am not interested in discussing bible verses. I respect your want to share them and talk about them, but I personally I am not interested. I see the potential for perpetual circular arguments to arise which are not constructive and so I will be refraining from discussing that topic now.


              • (..continued from above)

                You said “in my humble opinion, a community which would eliminate altruism, mercy and unconditional generosity from its core “mission” is one that would be best avoided completely.
                Therefore the premise, not, I believe, your intention of this thought experiment precludes the participation of many.”

                I am not a person that would “eliminate altruism, mercy and unconditional generosity” from how I deal with strangers approaching my home (whether I am talking about in the hypothetical situation or here in the real world). I see embodying compassion and kindness in our everyday interactions as extremely important if we want to create a world worth living in and passing onto to future generations.

                I also see wisdom not allowing oneself (and one’s family) to be taken advantage of by those that may seek to take while offering neither gratitude or some other reciprocal exchange of energy in the context of a long term shared habitation situation. Before money and before barter and trade systems, in many parts of the world their were gift economies. Everyone possesses gifts (whether we have an open enough mind/heart to recognize them or not). These gifts we were given by God can be shared with our fellow beings if we dig deep to discover them, develop them and imagine a way that we can use them to heal, illuminate truth, create art, inspire, empower and nurture others onto their highest potential. If one is unwilling to use their gifts in this way (or offer any other kind of reciprocal exchange of energy with their long term hosts) and intends on bleeding them like a leech, it is in the best interest of both the host family and the person (that is choosing voluntarily to behave like a leech rather than use their gifts to give back and keep the cycle of gifts in motion) to send them on their way.

                I respect that if you were in the hypothetical above you might choose to perpetually feed, cloth, shelter and wait on a stranger that asked to come into your home (one that is offering nothing in reciprocity nor doing anything to express their gratitude for all you are giving them) but I do not think you would be doing them, yourself or your hypothetical family any favors in doing so.

                Please elaborate on why you feel my thought experiment “precludes the participation of many”?

              • “are you saying that a “voluntarist” can’t tell someone that approaches their home to “keep walking”?

                No, of course not. See my reply to mkey above. To get 333 folks to be in complete agreement on the “rule” seems to me to be highly unlikely.

                “I am not interested in discussing bible verses.”

                I’m not asking you to discuss them. Merely whether you believe that they are accurately represented in the Bible and applicable to our lives.

                “I am not a person that would “eliminate altruism, mercy and unconditional generosity” from how I deal with strangers approaching my home (whether I am talking about in the hypothetical situation or here in the real world).”

                I am sure that you’re not. I wasn’t suggesting such. But the premise of the thought experiment certainly did.

                “I also see wisdom not allowing oneself (and one’s family) to be taken advantage of by those that may seek to take while offering neither gratitude or some other reciprocal exchange of energy in the context of a long term shared habitation situation.”

                Why do you assume that anyone who received an unconditional gift would not be grateful?

                “you might choose to perpetually feed, cloth, shelter and wait on a stranger that asked to come into your home (one that is offering nothing in reciprocity nor doing anything to express their gratitude for all you are giving them)”

                You are resorting to hyperbole to avoid addressing my point. I did not suggest at all that I would consider becoming a doormat. Nor recommend others to.

                “Please elaborate on why you feel my thought experiment “precludes the participation of many”?

                Please quote me accurately. I wrote “ Therefore the premise, not, I believe, your intention of this thought experiment precludes the participation of many.”

                But to answer your question. Because many people might, as I do, reject the premise.
                Though I have many skills that I believe would benefit others in the hypothetical dystopian future you pose. I would simply not even consider becoming a part of a community that would implement a hard and fast rule such as; “You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise you keep walking.”

              • Steve, I’m less and less certain that I understand you point with this.

                It’s not one rule. People have very different ideas, needs and interpretations of what or who is useful. If I walk up to a electricity free village consisting of ten houses/families and offer my IT skills (coding, database work, QA, system maintenance etc) will these people be crazy to say they don’t need anything of the sort? They don’t have to agree on anything, as they most probably won’t.

                Hell, I could be the most useful guy in the woods, but these people don’t like my looks and close their door in my face. They are completely within their rights to do that.

                And I can still somewhat “join the community” by pitching a tent not too far from nor too close to the other buildings.

                Even if these people would elect their elder who would decide on such matters it does not make them any less voluntarist. As long as nobody invokes the greater good, the public health or social contracts, they are solid.

              • @mkey

                Thanks for sharing those thoughts and comments on voluntarism (and its potential implications in relation to the hypothetical posed above).

                You have given me some food for thought.

              • @Steve

                If this is still a thought experiment or “mental exercise” then I think I am mentally exhausted, spent and having over-exerted my self, I need to rest for a while before continuing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

              • mkey, you did read the original post in this thread didn’t you?

                Maybe I’m missing something here but clearly in Gavin’s hypothetical situation the rule is “You’re only granted access if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise you keep walking.”

                “It’s not one rule”
                It sure seems like it is to me. Please explain to me what I’m misunderstanding.

              • “If this is still a thought experiment or “mental exercise” then I think I am mentally exhausted, spent and having over-exerted my self, I need to rest for a while before continuing.”

                Take your time Gavin. I’ll be here.

              • @Steve

                The whole Voluntarist ‘variant’ kind of threw the thought experiment for an erratic turn. While I do intend on finding ways to embody self-governance, sovereignty, non-aggression (and help others to see the benefits of and be capable of doing so as well) I feel like that hypothetical throws too many variables into the equation and thus only serves mentally paralyze the potential thought experiment participants (in aggregate). That defeats the original purpose I had in mind, which was as I said in another comment, to invite every day people to take inventory of what skills, tools and gifts they possess that could be applicable in an off grid situation where there is no centralized infrastructure to depend on for one’s basic survival needs. You are not an everyday person and have likely already taken an inventory of such skillsets (and developed them over years) so I can understand why you would want to take the mental exercise to a different level.

                Yes the premise of the original thought experiment did involve people that were not exactly the most shining examples of kindness and compassion, but the intent with that was to necessitate an immediate inventory taking on the part of the thought experiment participant (rather than giving room for philosophical or other reasons why one should be allowed to stay).

                “Why do you assume that anyone who received an unconditional gift would not be grateful?”

                I don’t assume that of people, I strive to give the benefit of the doubt, though I have witnessed it. The reason I set those parameters (the hypothetical lazy/ungrateful wonderer) was to outline the imperative of them choosing to take inventory of their skills, gifts and willingness to take action to contribute (or leave).

                Thank you for sharing what you would do in the hypothetical situation posed above. Perhaps your unwillingness to become part of a community that is lacking compassion and mercy can in itself be seen as a skill as well, knowing how to use a moral compass is after all a skill that every community needs more of on this Earth.

                Refusing to capitulate and conform to unethical living conditions, laws, threats or coercion is an admirable choice, though I can tell you from personal experience it can result in a lonely path on this Earth full of often fearful, egocentric, superficial and tribalistic human beings. Though, despite that cost, I would rather walk alone (or with very few) knowing I am being true to my Soul, to God and to my moral compass, than to conform for the comfort of acceptance by the morally bankrupt masses.

              • I think humans are social beings and that “useful skill” could be companionship/friendship.

                Most people who are genuine friends put effort into it even if they have little material to give.

                As far as providing shelter to someone in need, even unfriendly people might do that in a bad situation.

                People behave differently in different circumstances such as disasters and things like that. When there was that huge fire in California people helped other evacuate and things like that. Even now many people will offer assistance to someone in need.

              • Steve Smith,

                Happy New Year!

                The hardest part about this thread is deciding where to jump in, lol.

                But, lo and behold, I decided to jump in here, and copy your “admonition:

                “mkey, you did read the original post in this thread didn’t you?

                Indeed, the catalyst, that one, abhorrent line, setting off numerous justifications, and setting off your understandable repulsion, and that of others, was Gavinm’s grotesque “hypothetical” question – yet, not so hypothetical a question when juxtaposed aside the historical framework of the human condition, suffered through the millennia – a very real and tautologically perverse question:

                “What’s your skill or trade that would make you valuable and worth keeping, feeding, and protecting to such a community?

                “…worth keeping…”?!!! What, like some old kitchen gadget found in a drawer?
                “This should be fun and interesting! ?” adds Gavimn.


                Anyway, your horror is more than justified, Steve.

                The problem is that on these pages, the concept of the voluntarist community masquerades as some sort of “solution” to humanity’s troubles, and it’s clearly not. It may be a solution for an infinitesimal percentage of the population as they prepare for – as you so aptly mention – some dystopian future, against which the prepper -minded individual, ironically, thinks only to persevere, and not to prevent, and whose primarily self-centered motivations will never play any part of any solution for the billions of individuals on the planet. In one very real respect, the whole concept smacks of smug, elitist exceptionalism….

                For the life of me, I just don’t see how anyone can buy into the idea that forming voluntarist communities- which can be as diverse as that of a brotherhood of monks living in a monastery, to that of MS-13 clan members hanging on a street corner – or anything in between – forms any sort of a viable answer to our ills?…. To the contrary, the escapism allows the dystopia to happen.

                At times when I think about it, the pretense of labeling voluntaryism as a viable “solution” has the feel of an elaborate distraction, or at best, a Milgram-like Corbett Report experiment.

              • Candlelight,
                Happy new year to you. I’m very glad that you found a place to jump into this rather discombobulated thread. And that you chose to repost my question to mkey to which he didn’t provide an answer. Though he certainly doesn’t owe me one.

                Putting the controversial part of Gavin’s proposed thought experiment aside, (because I’m convinced that his intention was entirely benign), I will attempt to address what I feel is the most important part of your comment. My double mindedness.

                I don’t want to use the word hypocrisy. Though I wouldn’t blame anyone else for doing so. But rather I will describe myself as double minded. (James 1:8)
                Not a good thing, but I’m working on it.

                “the concept of the voluntarist community masquerades as some sort of “solution” to humanity’s troubles, and it’s clearly not.”

                You’re right. You’ve busted me! I’m not truly an anarchist. In all honesty I’m a monarchist. I have a King who’s kingdom I wholeheartedly believe is the one and only true “solution” to humanity’s ills.
                The problem is that until His spiritual kingdom becomes the earthly kingdom that is promised, I’m stuck with trying to choose between the earthly options available to men.

                Anarchy as it is proposed and described by people like James Corbett, Larken Rose, and countless other thoughtful, peaceful people seems to my divided and often confused mind to be the best earthly option available. By far.
                I just haven’t read or heard of any other system of human governance that would, if it were magically, (because magic is probably what it would take), adopted by significant numbers of people. (Except for just accepting the terrain theory which it seems would solve everything instantly). ?

                If I understand anarchy correctly, which is certainly up for debate, it’s implementation would allow no possibility for tyrannical rules to be imposed arbitrary on people by immoral rulers.

                In my understanding of human nature, which I use to form my conception of an anarchical society, people, (with notable exceptions), are imbued with a conscience. Personally I believe that conscience is a God given, (I just can’t imagine where else it would have come from), standard of right and wrong that when heeded can be used to guide humanity’s moral behavior.
                Without that conscience and the guidance it provides, it seems impossible that any system of governance could be successful. But with that conscience, which the vast majority of people share, it (almost) seems reasonable to imagine that people could truly “rule themselves”.

                But you are absolutely right Candlelight, anarchy, on its own merits is at best an unrealistic grasping at straws. And I readily concede that.

                I hope I’ll be forgiven for this clumsy and perhaps childish analogy.

                Continued below

              • To Candlelight continued

                Anarchy is nothing more than a piece of flotsam left behind from the wreckage of the sunken ship of humanity. It won’t save anyone and it certainly isn’t a perfect solution for humanity’s troubles.
                It possibly might keep some from drowning but we’re still likely going to perish in the storm tossed freezing water.
                Unless we can hold on long enough to be rescued by the One who is navigating the ship that can truly save us once and for all.

                Judging by the signs of the times, that ship is on the horizon and steaming towards us fast.

                It’s captain is my King, my God, the only “name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

                Thank you sincerely for calling attention to my apparent naïveté and allowing me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts.

              • I did not reply because I found this horse to be thoroughly beaten.

                I also didn’t see an issue with the initial hypothetical situation which later expanded into a “one rule voluntarist encampment”. The voluntarist aspect was introduced later.

                My sole point is that such a thing (voluntarist societies do not really exist at all, but even theoretically an elder or council dominated society could not be described as voluntarist by definition) does not exist and therefore it does not make any sense to transform the initial hypothetical situation into something it is not and it can not be.

                If the hypothesis involves some sort of a gated community that has some sort of rules enforced by whomever, they are fully within their rights to not open the doors to anyone, completely disregarding their status. They have the right to defend their property. Case closed.

                The society in the hypothetical can not be voluntarist in nature because there would have to be one who would speak for all. Theoretically, multiple people could be doing it, or all of them via mob rule i.e. democracy.

                Whichever of these scenarios were to apply, such society would not and could not be de facto voluntarist. If I decided to offer lodging to any passers by and others in the encampment voted against it 5 to 1, how could that course of events be considered as voluntarism? Who would enforce the vote? Would I have the mob tell me what to do with my property?

                Obviously, for this scenario to work one would have to completely relinquish the concept of personal property and responsibility. Voluntarist it can not be, by definition.

                If the hypothetical would go in direction of voluntarims, then by definition there can not be “one rule”. Even in the unlikely prospect of everyone agreeing on something, people would individually (often emphatically and regularly at own detriment but also gain) determine whether they would like to provide shelter to passers by and if others would not like that that would be their problem. They could move or look the other way or bark at the moon.

                Generally, I think the settlement established by John Galt and his associates in Atlas Shrugged is a decent example of what I’m referring to. And something that does not appear to exist in the public space.

                The last of my points was that expression “joining a community” is just as definitive in its definition as “testing positive for covid”.

              • Steve Smith,

                I think before going further, I’d like to explore The Voluntaryist Handbook, A Collection Of Essays, Excepts, And Quotes by Keith Knight, to familiarize myself better with the subject, and hopefully gain some insight.

                It’s a mighty intricate and nuanced subject to say the least!

                PS: I didn’t mean to “Bust” ya!


    • In the spirit of the immortal words of Horace Ott and Benny Benjamin, “Oh Lord Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood “, I’m going to give this dead horse one last whack. (What the heck, I’m an optimist”.

      “Let’s conduct a thought experiment:

      ??? ????? ???? ?? ????. ??????? ?????? ??? ?????. ??? ???????? ???.

      You and your family come across an off-grid functioning homestead community.

      You’re offered or granted extended membership in the community ONLY if you have a skill or trade that would benefit said community – otherwise, if you and your family are in desperate need, you’re humanely offered temporary shelter and perhaps a little food and then asked or compelled to move on.

      What’s your skill or trade that would make you valuable and worth keeping, feeding, and protecting to such a community?”

      I really hope that this alternative wording of the thought experiment makes clear what I was trying to say.

      • There’s strength in numbers. I’d presume that the community would have needs they’d make known to the new arrival.

        I could help people with health issues if they wanted to hear a western medicine treatment or in some kind of emergency if there’s medicine and equipment.

        My husband has more useful skills than I do, communication, technology, defense, etc.

      • @Steve

        I appreciate the thought and your reposting this slightly altered version of my thought experiment that offers a more hopeful (and perhaps realistic) portrayal of the innate kindness and compassion of human beings (within reason).

        • “I appreciate the thought”

          I’m glad for that. It was meant in the spirit of reconciliation.

    • Make a stash of pemmican. Use it to barter for ammo or whatever you need. There are numerous online videos explaining how to make it. Here is one of them:

      The meat can also be dried in a dehydrator or a warm slow oven. The important thing is that for long term survival only venison or grazed beef has the minerals we need. Farm raised beef and poultry do not. (Native Americans used buffalo meat.) The pemmican sold online is suitable only for energy snacks or weekend wilderness survival.

      Someone with survival grub would be welcome anywhere. Don’t let people know you have a supply of it unless you know them well. Starving people are dangerous.

      • @mutig

        I certainly see the wisdom in looking to learn from those that already had to survive challenging situations (droughts, famine etc) in a time without a centralized industrial infrastructure or electricity (and did so effectively).

        When you said “the minerals we need” (for “long term survival”), which minerals exactly were you referring to?

        Thanks for the suggestion, info and the link.

        • I’m afraid I can’t provide a list. Among the numerous reports I read about pemmican (some folklore included, no doubt) was information about the early explorers/trappers, who learned how to make pemmican from the Native Americans. They survived for many months in the wilderness on only pemmican without consequences to their health. This is supposed to be owing to certain wild (and grazed) kinds of meats having all essential nutrients we need to maintain health, or at least survive long term. Without these minerals we become ill and eventually die. The powdered meat provides protein and minerals, and the suet provides the calories we need.

          With regard to vegetarians, there seems to be a lack of attention to the need to supplement minerals. I do know that magnesium is one of the minerals in wild (and grazed) meat, and zinc is provided by some kinds of fish (wild caught) and seafood, especially oysters, I think. These minerals are available not at all or in insufficient quantities in the proteins vegetarians rely on: grains, soy, nuts.

          That’s just an introduction, but there’s quite a lot available online about both pemmican and vegetarianism. Putting them together one can make sense of sources of minerals.

          • @mutig

            Thanks for the reply.

            I makes sense that would have played a central role in how they would have planned for long term trips and survived in pre-industrial “North America” (aka “Turtle Island”). However, I feel it is also worth noting that from what I have learned from my First Nation friends in BC and here in Ontario, their ancestors also possessed a comprehensive knowledge of edible (and medicinal) plants and fungi (many of which can be harvested year round, especially various edible parts of conifer trees and polypore fungi). Those plants and fungi also played an important role in how they accessed essential minerals and nutrients. This would apply when they were on long journeys or back closer to their dwellings.

            The reason I asked about the specific minerals is because I was going to cross reference the ancient survival food (and typical diets) of other pre-industrial cultures (that had a decentralized structure) to analyze how they got those same nutrients (as there are inevitably a multitude of ways one can attain them which have been discovered by various ancient cultures).

            From my own research and personal experience I have found that a lot of the “meatatarian” ideas about the necessity of eating animal products to be able to remain healthy as a human are just myths that are typically perpetuated by those that have adopted illogical and adversarial us/vs them mentality with regards to vegans/vegetarians.

            Yes, avoiding all animal foods can (possibly) lead to nutritional deficiencies in vitamin B12, omega-3, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and protein.

            Though I think it should also be said that just because modern vegetarians/vegans run into these deficiency problems due to eating store bought processed fake meat and GMO soy laden products does not mean that is necessary nor inevitable. Yes, uneducated vegan and/or vegetarians not formulating a solid diet can indeed lead to health problems but that does not mean that exceptional health and nutrition cannot be accessed in a plant based diet by those who understand what their body needs, how their body can best absorb those nutrients and where to find them in plants/fungi. It is a question of whether people are willing to do their homework and map out their own physiology and what it needs… most would rather have someone else do that for them.. thus we have a generation here in the West that suffers simultaneously from an obesity epidemic and widespread malnutrition.

            We can learn more by looking to historical examples of large groups of humans choosing a vegetarian diet over relatively long periods of time by studying the ancient Greeks, Taoists, Japanese Buddhists, Vedic peoples of India (and those cultures that broke off from them).


          • (..continued from above)

            In my research of those (and other ancient cultures) I have found that one of the shared themes among cultures that sustained a vegetarian diet for long periods of time how they combined a rudimentary knowledge of mycology (mushroom identification, foraging and sometimes cultivation) with a diet rich in legumes that were fermented. The fermentation part was/is key (especially in places like China and Japan where one of the main legumes consumed was soybean) as the fermentation process neutralizes the anti-nutrients which are present in many legumes that can inhibit the absorption of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Additionally, many forms of fermentation serve to increase the levels of B-vitamins in the resulting fermented food (as a metabolic byproduct of the Lactic Acid Bacteria that often play a key role in the process) so this also helps especially in a vegetarian diet.

            I am not opposed to eating meat myself but since I strive to cultivate the majority of that which I eat at home (and I live in an urban suburban setting) raising animals is not viable for me right now. Also, for hundreds of kilometers in all directions around where we live the forest has been chopped down (and the wild life populations decimated) in the name of “progress”, so hunting is not really a viable or ethical option for me either. Thus, for now, I eat a mostly plant/fungi based diet (trading with an Amish farmer nearby for eggs and dairy occasionally).

            With regards to magnesium specifically, we have several solid sources available in our own garden. I grow heirloom hemp (the seeds and leaves), squash (seeds), shiitake mushrooms and we ferment various legumes that we to make Miso paste. When we visit the ocean I harvest wild seaweed which I dry for later use.

            So while I agree that many of the people who choose a plant based diet do so without educating themselves (sometimes as a form of superficial virtue signaling) and end up looking all pale and half dead because they are eating a bunch of GMO soy processed junk or creepy lab grown fake meat stuff this does not mean that a vegetarian diet is not viable long term.

            One of the ways I like to preserve my mineral rich and protein rich plant/fungal foods is via what I mentioned above (in the form of miso paste). Once it is fully fermented, Miso paste is very shelf stable and thus would serve as a valuable survival food in a range of different situations. Dried mushrooms are also a good option.

            Though with all of that being said (regarding low-tech means of preserving nutrient, mineral and protein rich foods for survival situations) we also own a freeze dryer, so we have a range of foods preserved for the long term that are also able to be taken on the road if need be (and they have a 20 year shelf life while retaining 97% of the nutrients).

            Thanks again for the comment.

            • Interesting information about fermentation and First Nation and others’ nutrition. If people who have particular dietary habits thrive over many generations, and if they find that particular substances have reliably consistent effects, that seems to be a kind of empiricism. I have little knowledge of the people you mention except the Japanese. Most people in Japan are Buddhist, at least at certain times of the year, but know little about Buddhist teaching and are not vegetarian. But the monks who host guests in their temples, especially on Mt. Koya, are excellent cooks and serve delicious vegan meals. The variety of dishes probably assures that there is usually complete protein and sufficient nutrients. The monks appear to be very healthy, in spite of not getting much exercise or sunshine.

              I don’t advocate a vegetarian diet, since I am convinced, by report and my own observations, that people don’t all thrive on the same kind of diet. I was only suggesting that for the uninformed, finding out the mineral content of carnivore and vegetarian diets can help sort out the reasons pemmican might be a more or less complete food. As you mention, vegetarians must be knowledgeable about nutrition, which requires considerable investment of time. One of the problems is that it isn’t sufficient to know which minerals are present in specific foods, since the amount is often negligible. For example, one can add non GMO soy to the diet to increase protein intake, complete protein, that is, or almost so, and unknowingly consume too much copper. Soy, as well as some nuts and legumes, if I remember correctly, provide magnesium, which might be expected to balance the copper, but the amount of magnesium is so small that over time copper accumulates to a dangerous level. Some nutrients reportedly are not readily absorbed from food, and the soil composition must be taken into consideration. A food might contain the officially announced quantity of a nutrient, or much less, depending on where it was grown. The solution, as you point out, is to forage and grow one’s own food, but that isn’t possible for most people, or they must spend most of their time on food gathering and preparation, which takes us back to the way of life of an earlier century, which we might find unacceptable. Although supplementation isn’t ideal, for many people it is better than the consequences of deficiencies or imbalances, especially if one can find highly absorbable whole food forms.

              In your “thought experiment” I’m not sure whether you had in mind simply an abstract question, what is the most important skill for survival? Or the looming threat of technocratic total control? If the latter, we won’t be allowed pemmican or freeze dried anything, or the possibility of choosing our community. Prepping of any kind will be useless unless we survive for post-technocracy, if that is possible.

              • @mutig

                Thanks for the reply and for sharing your thoughts.


                You said “..vegetarians must be knowledgeable about nutrition, which requires considerable investment of time”

                You make the process of educating oneself about how their own body works, what it needs and how to access those nutritional needs sound like a very inconvenient and unpleasant process. Perhaps for some, they would consider that path of autodidacticism to be boring or tedious, but for me personally I find it to be a very fascinating and empowering learning process.


                You also said:

                “Some nutrients reportedly are not readily absorbed from food, and the soil composition must be taken into consideration. A food might contain the officially announced quantity of a nutrient, or much less, depending on where it was grown. ??? ????????, ?? ??? ????? ???, ?? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ???’? ??? ????, ??? ???? ???’? ???????? ??? ???? ??????, ?? ???? ???? ????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ????????? ??? ???????????, ????? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??????? ???????, ????? ?? ????? ???? ????????????.”

                Everyone can make the choice to cultivate some food and medicine at home, no matter what their living situation is. In the end, for some, it will come down to a choice each of us make, which decides whether or not one is resilient enough to survive in the storm that may be ahead of us.

                Whether one makes the choice to deem taking action to cultivate skills and knowledge related to food cultivation and preservation as “unacceptable” (in other words, something they would rather not do) because they have chosen to mistakenly associate the act of cultivating and preserving one’s own food as some “lower class”, “dirty”, “peasant-like” activity that people in the past did, or whether one musters the courage to step outside their comfort zone and excuses to take responsibility for their future may decide whether they and their loved ones live or die.

                Some of us see the wisdom, nobility, foresight, courage and untapped potential in learning from and emulating our ancestors in how they have a close knit relationship to the land. Other may chose to look upon our ancestors as the oligarchic billionaires do (as dirty peasants digging in the mud). Each of us is capable of choosing either perspective and each of us will have to face the consequences down the road.

                The part of your comment I highlighted above seems to exemplify a sort of mentality I often come across where people in the modern western world have made the decision to avoid gardening/preserving (and making a long list of excuses for themselves why that choice makes sense).


              • (continued from above..)

                “..supplementation isn’t ideal”

                I agree, and not only is it not ideal, depending on it solely for the nutrients and medicine one needs is irresponsible.

                I elaborate on why I believe that is the case in more depth in a response to “HyperSimian” which you can find here:


                “In your “thought experiment” I’m not sure whether you had in mind simply an abstract question, what is the most important skill for survival? Or the looming threat of technocratic total control? ”

                Neither, the purpose of the thought experiment was to invite people to imagine (or perhaps decide to cultivate/work towards) a way in which they can offer their own gifts, free will, ideas, knowledge and/or hands to be capable of providing added resilience, stability, abundance and joy to a homestead or community that exists within the context of the hypothetical I outlined above. It’s purpose was to invite a look in the mirror and an honest assessment of what one would do to contribute towards a community if the grid went down and the centralized infrastructure/supply lines collapsed.

                I shared it because I want those who are motivated to have every opportunity to prepare for the worst (while doing so in a way that also increases the quality of their life during the best of times).

  29. In case you missed this corporate / globalist tool:

    The Globalists’ Secret Tool to Undermine National Sovereignty: The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)


    ISDS provisions are contained in many international agreements including free trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties, multilateral investment agreements, national investment laws, and investment contracts. If an investor from one country (the “home state”) invests in another country (the “host state”), both of which have agreed to ISDS, and the host state violates the rights granted to the investor under public international law (such as the right not to have property expropriated without prompt, adequate, and effective compensation), then that investor may sue the host state in neutral arbitration rather than in the domestic courts of the host state.

    In non-academic, practical language, nation-states such as the US no longer exercise ultimate authority over the economic goings-on within their own borders. In theory, foreign actors, normally well-endowed corporations, can sue the US government if it doesn’t satisfy their economic interests. In reality, the US government is sufficiently captured that it would never likely challenge the multinational corporations that wrote the ISDS into legislation themselves through the politicians they purchased.

    If a state has no say in how business gets done in its territories, it’s not a state. It’s a proxy for a larger power.

    • Interesting, I’ll have a look. Could be good for business English students.

  30. Never had a Facebook profile? Meta may still have your data.

    Here is a way to delete it, from Post-Woke Substack (

    One of the main ways Facebook gathered data in its early days was by encouraging new users to share their contacts with the platform. This resulted in many people having their phone numbers and email addresses shared with the tech giant, even if they never signed up to use Facebook or its other services.

    If you click right here [], the good folks at Reclaim the Net will walk you through deleting your contact info from Meta.

    • I checked out the site. It seems Meta retains your info in a “blocked’ list so no-one can add your information in the future. So in essence, you would be providing meta with your data if they don’t already have it. Hmmm – tricky.

    • Not seriously. That’s why I do not have any social media or messaging accounts, nor any cloud apps or storage accounts. I wonder why Reclaim The Net published this “remedy.”

    • @robster

      Since the proliferation of ‘smart devices’ and satellite surveillance platforms I have let go of the illusion of privacy. While theoretically I like the idea of a world where humans respected each other’s privacy (if one desires that do be so). We do not live in that world and so my strategy is not so much to minimize their ability to spy on me or collect my data (since data collection and spying is inevitable to some degree in any case given the tech they have now) but rather I choose to see the fact that my data and communications are being collected, collated and spied upon as an opportunity.

      Permaculture design invites one to see problems as solutions. Thus, in the spirit of this, I chose to see my inevitable exposure to data collection and spying operatives as an opportunity to potentially plant the seeds for informing, emancipating and/or healing/turning those who are doing the surveilling.

      If one embraces a path where one lives by example, embodying the truth, sharing the truth (truths that empower, emancipate minds, heal and illuminate shadows to make them flee) than when other humans spy on them or collect their data they are only serving to help our efforts to disseminate that information more widely. Thus, while I see the advantages of avoiding using certain online services (because they are detrimental to humans and the Earth in other ways than data collection/spying as well) I do not fret about their surveillance and data collection mechanisms as a whole, for in the end, if I am living in a way that is being true to myself (still working on that), walking a path of truth and integrity (also a work in progress), their spying can only serve to offer the potential for the agents of the surveillance state to have an opportunity to choose a better path.

    • Thanks for the article.

      You follow these events in certainly a lot more detail than I. What would be your best estimate of casualties on both sides up to this point?

  31. @robster

    Thanks for the response. I have my concerns about ‘zapping the parasites’ as a first step (as part of a multi-stage process to create an environment where parasites can no longer take hold) from a practical stand point but I can relate to the desire to remove ‘evildoers’ from the playing field by any means necessary. Though, when I look deeper than the hurt of the wounds these ‘parasites’ have inflicted on me (and countless other beings) and when I look past my knee jerk reaction to take and eye for and eye (retribution) I can sense that on a deeper level to do that would be to attempt to solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

    “I do not have all the answers.”

    Me neither, but I like to think that each of us came to this Earth carrying a little piece of the puzzle that we can put together to form a road map towards a better future (where integrity, courage, truth, abundance, equality, health and peace are the norms in our society). Each piece of that road map is something we carry within, a unique gift only we can chose to uncover and then come together with others to join with other pieces in order to create an effective trail map.

    Thank you for endeavoring to discover and share your piece of that puzzle.

  32. @robster

    I was not trying to demonize parasites, as someone that works closely with plants and fungi everyday I can clearly observe the benefits to the individual species (and broader community/ecosystem) which many organisms that have been labelled as “parasitic” provide. I was attempting to use a metaphor which closely approximates the relationship of the psychopathic oligarchs/central banking cartel to Humanity, but perhaps cancer cells in a tumor would more closely approximate the relationship they have to their host organism (humanity/Earth) than a parasite does.

    “Do you think it’s a coincidence that parasite “infections” are mostly in poor, malnourished and often dirty areas (“terrain”)?”

    While the presence of toxic substances in the body of a human (which in many cases is higher in areas where people live in poverty) will of course influence the quality of one’s “terrain” (and thus play a role in determining how susceptible one is to infections and parasites in general) the type of diet one chooses also plays a significant role in the likelihood of parasites taking hold in the human body. Since material wealth does not necessarily translate into a good diet, the assertion that toxins are the main variable to consider with regards to instances of parasites in humans, and by extension the assertion that that these are more likely to occur in “poor” people is not accurate across the board.

    Case and point:

    What I was trying to say with regards to bacteria, viruses and parasites is that you were referencing Thomas Cowen’s book that exposes the fallacies of “Germ Theory”, but parasites are not a “germ” any way you look at it, so the comparison starts to fall apart when you stretch what Thomas Cowen said and attempt to wrap it around parasites as well.

    “My reasoning is that if you do not respect the life of others and you have no problems funding operations that kill innocent and defenseless humans, then you yourself have no right or privilege to life.”

    Okay, so getting back to how I outlined that tens to hundreds of millions of human beings are directly involved in choices that do not respect the lives of others and result in poisoning other beings (due to their apathy, greed, materialism and degenerate worldviews) in this comment , do you also feel that they have “no right or privilege to life.” ?

    If you want to go and witch hunt and mass murder all the psychopaths choosing actions that do not respect life and poison other people, where do you draw the line between Bill Gates and everyday businesses choosing to put toxic chemicals in the water and on food or the guy dumping gallons of glyphosate into the Earth beside your veggie garden (to maintain his perfectly manicured GMO lawn)?

    • @robster

      While I find your apparent willingness to sentence millions of humans to some kind of capitol punishment somewhat disturbing, I do appreciate your candidness.

      You said “????? ?? ?? ???? ??????? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???????. ?????? ???? ????????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??????, ????????? ??????? ??? ??????? ??????, ??? ????????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????? ???.”

      Your statement has some pretty intense implications. This is especially true if the number of psychopaths and sociopaths that are part of our human family are any where near as numerous as the experts suspect (which James talked about in Episode 090 : )

      If 4% of the population is sociopathic and/or psychopathic (whether due to brain anomalies they were born with, as some propose, or whether it is due to conditioning/trauma from their upbringing, as others propose) than that means about 320000000 human beings fit the description you gave above for determining (in your opinion) that they have “forfeited the right to live..”.

      That would mean killing 320 million human beings (and those are just the ones currently alive). Would you be willing to help in the killing of hundreds of millions of human beings? Would you be willing to press a button that extinguished all their lives all at once if you could?

      If some of the experts referenced in the episode linked above are right, then there are more psychopaths being born every minute (and/or more psychopaths being created via indoctrination, conditioning and childhood trauma perpetually). If there are on average about 250 babies born every minute, and the experts I mentioned are correct in calculating the percentage of psychopaths among us, that means approximately 10 psychopaths are born every minute. If you could detect their potentially psychopathic tendencies (due to brain anomalies) at birth what do you suggest we do with these 10 new borns, that are hypothetically psychopathic?

      • @robster

        Again, thank you for your candidness.

        I also lean towards the hypothesis that psychopathy does not have a genetic cause. I think there may be extremely rare cases where brain abnormalities/injuries play a role, but I see the vast majority of psychopaths being a result of conditioning/trauma after birth.

        I do not know of research that focuses on that no (thankfully).

        I agree that sizing up newborns based on brain characteristics is a slippery slope, it is the kind of mentality that lead to “The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich”

        Thanks for the response.

      • “You cannot reason with a psychopath. They are not human in the sense that non-psychopaths are. They will always destroy us if they get a chance. So let’s take that chance away from them.“

        That is a dangerous conclusion and possibly incorrect.
        Consider the case of David Wood.

        “When David Wood was a boy, his dog was hit by a bus and died. Although his mother was terribly upset, he was not. He figured it was just a dog, now it’s dead, end of story. A few years later when a friend of his died, his response was largely the same. He didn’t feel any particular regret or remorse, but at the same time, largely owing to the very different responses of others, he sensed that maybe he should. Not everyone emotionally impaired in such a way turns violent, but he did. In years to follow, he extended his emotionally dead and unempathetic take on those around him by engaging in some horrifying acts, like brutally attacking his father with a hammer until he thought him dead (he wasn’t).”

        “The absence of empathy that Wood seemed to exhibit as a young boy is often indicative of psychopathy or sociopathy. Although sometimes these categories are treated interchangeably, some insist that there are crucial clinical differences between them.“

        “In response to Wielenberg, I would point to the rest of Wood’s story. If his story were unique, this tack could be accused of being merely anecdotal, but it is one of many stories of remarkable personal transformation.“

        Please read the whole article for more context.

      • “Is Wood an exception or the rule?”

        For those who seek God, exceptions are the rule.

        “Do you want to take your chances? I don’t.”

        When it comes to deciding who lives or dies, I don’t trust my own understanding. Nor yours.

  33. Help !
    Please HELP !
    30 seconds of effort

    Send an email(s) from your email address(es) to…

    citysecretary at

    SUBJECT: City Secretary Please Forward This Email to All City Councilmembers and CityManager

    MESSAGE: Fluoridation should be on the May 2023 Ballot

    That’s all you need to do.
    Believe me…your emails will have impact.
    In fact, likely there will be a FOIA request on the quantity of these emails with the City of Dallas.

    • Done.

      Though I don’t know if they have some kinda IP address-detecting tech and will disregard my email since I am in Canada.

      In any case, I admire your tenacity in shining light on the truth and your apparent compassion for all those being harmed by the water poisoning program.

      Peace and Respect from the north.

      • RE: “IP address-detecting tech”

        It won’t matter.
        QUANTITY of emails is what we want.

        In fact, with this email campaign and the MLK Holiday, we are hoping to break all records of “emails about an issue”.

        Juice it for all ya can.

    • I have sent an email, as well. Back in they day I could have sent hundreds of emails from many fake email addresses 😀
      But it’s better to keep it organic.

    • Done, once I inserted the @ symbol in the email address. 🙂

  34. For a history of the biosecurity state and how the US Constitution has been essentially overthrown, as well as specifics pertaining to the current plandemic, I heartedly recommend the following links:

    Video (Kim Iversen Show on 1/13/2023): “SHOCKING FOIA DOCUMENTS: COVID Pandemic Was a Secret DoD Operation dating back to Obama Administration” – Topic begins at 44:00 minutes into the video:

    Sasha Latypova video site:

    Sasha Latypova blog and podcasts site:

    Katherine Watt at

  35. Hi everybody.
    The family decided to buy a Apple tv or Chome cast. Is there alternatives? What is the best altenative to hav as manny posibilities possible of opptions, like entering Corbett repport and keep privasy as much as possible? Any ideas?

    • You may want to look into “reverse DNS proxy”. It’s a solid solution for whitelisting/blacklisting internet access for various “smart” devices.

      Best option would be to setup a device of your own for this purpose (a raspberry pi would be a very affordable choice). There are also some off the shelf, monthly billed, digital solutions.

  36. Happy New Year. I hope it is not too late to post to this thread. I have just become a member and am looking forward to finding out some answers to the many questions I have in relation to the craziness of the last few years. I am hoping the knowledgeable members of Corbett Report will at least be able to point me in the right direction, even if they don’t know the answers themselves.
    So here is the first question that has been bothering me for sometime.
    Why did the many pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Moderna, go for a completely new type of vaccine for Covid rather than the traditional vaccines? After all, there have been vaccines around for decades, and a new flu vaccine, I believe, is used every year. So why not stick with tried and trusted technology?
    Of course, I have my own theories, and I sure lots of people have opinions on this, but I am interested the explanations given by the companies themselves.
    I have not even been able to find the question asked, far less answered. Surely I am not the only person interested in knowing this?

      • Thank you. That’s a great episode. It doesn’t really explain why they went for a new technology but it certainly explains what happened very well.

    • Penny10p
      Welcome! to the comment section. All of us here enjoy seeing new faces.

    • Warm Greetings from Canada Penny10p! 🙂

      Glad to have you with us.


      With regards to conventional vaccines vs mRNA/viral vector injections, I do not know what the stated reasoning is for pharmaceutical companies jumping into using new technology. I would guess they used the excuse of expediency, but not sure to be honest. The results of the global injection campaign however say a lot about the real intent (especially considering they did not stop pushing the injections even after an inordinate amount of people were killed and maimed by the experimental injections).

      When it comes to flu vaccines, I personally have concerns about those as well due to the adjuvants used. For instance the GlaxoSmithKline H1N1 vaccine called Pandemrix (which contained thiomersal, among other toxic substances) which was rolled out in 2009 caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe. Since then, the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.

      After researching a number of other conventional vaccines that are on the market I have found many of them also contain extremely high levels of toxic aluminum (which can cause similar neurotoxic effects to the older mercury laden thiomersal adjuvanted vaccines).

      Though I prefer to bolster and support my immune system via proper nutrition and medicinal plants/fungi, I am (in theory) not inherently opposed to injectable forms of medicine that offer the body tools for strengthening the innate immune system, but at this point in time I do not see any trust worthy options on the market.

      • Good points Gavinm. I have never taken a flu jab or Covid jab. But I have also never been antivax. More like provax in the past. I have become very disillusioned because of the Covid jab and doubt that I will ever take a vaccine again.

        • I have similar experiences and find myself in the same position now.

          Though for me, I would say that my disillusionment with vaccines began back in 2009. When Baxter International had a vaccine already patented and ready to roll out onto the market only weeks after the pandemic was declared (and their stock prices skyrocketed overnight due to all the tax payer money that was being given to them by our governments) I started to ask some hard questions. This led me to discover how systemically corrupt the government regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical industry really is and compelled me to learn more about natural medicine (so I could avoid pharmacies and hospitals as much as possible).

          • @robster

            Interestingly, my choice to focus on seeing food as medicine (maintaining optimal health through proper nutrition) and to engage in regular exercise while spending time in nature many years ago is a viable solutions based approach (for avoiding the ‘medical’ industrial complex) whether one subscribes to germ theory or not.

        • I’ve taken vaccines for work in the medical field and stopped taking them in 2017 after having some weird reactions to the flu jab. I had to wear a mask for flu season at work because that was the policy of the hospital.

          I used to think some vaccines were good or at the worst ineffective but after reading this book called “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries who’s a nephrologist (kidney doctor) I learned that there was a lot of fraud in efficacy. The book also lays out how improvements in sanitation and improved living conditions may have been responsible for ending epidemics rather that vaccines.

          There was DDT poisoning that may have been related to Polio. Anyway, the book is very interesting and I’d recommend it even just for the interesting view into what life was like in the 1700-1800s. I definitely learned a lot.

    • Hello and Welcome!
      In response to your question “Why did the many pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Moderna, go for a completely new type of vaccine for Covid rather than the traditional vaccines?” I will direct you to this page from Pfizer (always best to have primary source material)
      “So, if and when the real virus comes along, the body might recognize it—sounding the alarm”.
      (I find the use of the word ‘might’ rather alarming.)

      My take on it, the pharma companies want our BODIES to do the “manufacturing”. Less work for them. You might recall the phrase “turning bodies into drug factories”. The mRNA can be coded easily and relatively quickly. The platform/delivery system stays the same (mRNA coated in lipid-nano-particles) but only the code to manufacture foreign proteins changes. They don’t have to go through the approval process for each new code because the mechanism/technology (delivery system) has already been given the green light. They went for this new type because it makes them more money even faster. And cuts out the lengthy testing and approval process (see the clip of Fauci speaking at the Milken Institute with the director of BARTA in October 2019).

      From Pfizer – “The approval of the first mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was a scientific turning point, establishing mRNA as a versatile, flexible technology.”

      In my opinion, they eventually want to alter the human genome, quite literally manufacturing people and redesigning us from the inside out. Coming soon will be DNA “therapeutics and vaccines”.

  37. I find nothing new in the linked video. It is a collection of the same mantras already repeated endlessly all over the web, as if repetition makes a phrase valid. If I have overlooked something please post the time stamp.

    The causes of disease, as presented by the German New Medicine/Terrain proponents – environmental toxins, EMF imbalances, poor diet, lack of sunshine and exercise, stress – repeated endlessly as a new creed, are the same as the causes of low immunity that traditional/alternative/natural health providers have been discussing for decades, with the difference that the Terrain folks claim they have “proof” that microbes are not one of the causes.

    The “proof” they offer is that viruses have not been found. The absence of detectable, measurable, tangible evidence of something is not proof that it does not exist. It might indicate that the necessary technology is not yet available, or that the matter is more complex than existing knowledge can accommodate. That “contagion experiments,” attempts to infect healthy subjects with the breath or body fluids of diseased people, have not been successful is not “proof” that viruses do not exist. It might be evidence that healthy subjects are healthy because they have strong immune systems. I suppose “immune system” is also a banned term, since it implies a defense against microbes. I don’t mind substituting “healthy terrain,” or whatever the currently correct and fashionable term is, except that it is a kind of self-censorship, and it might imply that I share in the faulty reasoning of the Terrain evangelists. For many years I commuted daily on trains, on a line serving an international airport, packed with people with colds and every disease on earth, and I never once had so much as a sniffle. That doesn’t “prove” that disease is not transmissible. It might indicate something about my immune system, excuse me: my terrain. Or it might mean that we do not yet understand transmission.

    Scientific discussions do not describe their methods with, “I’ve been studying . . . in the lab since . . . ,” and do not preface their conclusions with “I think,” or “so far as I can see,” or “could well be.” Repeating the same statements, even if quoted from “experts” with online followers, does not make them valid. Validity is provided by evidence. The only evidence the speaker in the video offers is his wife’s videos, without indicating what in her videos “proves” that viruses do not exist. The linked video is promotional marketing. Only.

    • “You turn the world upside down:”

      I don’t understand what you mean by this.

      “you cannot prove a negative”


      “The way science used to work is that someone has an hypothesis, which then can be developed into a theory that can be falsified.”

      No. This is the way science continues to be practiced by scientists.

      “Or, the theory can be proven to be right.”

      No. This is not science. If attempts by numerous scientists to falsify a hypothesis have been unsuccessful, it is accepted as probably true, until we have additional knowledge that might overturn the hypothesis or cause us to see it in a different light.

      “As long as a theory cannot be proven, it remains just that: a theory.”

      Yes. We live with a number of theories, the theory of gravitation being one of them.

      “You are right that maybe we do not understand all levels of communication between human beings. Perhaps bioresonance could be a signaling mechanism, similar to how it is in plants.”

      I have never said this. I have read interesting things about it, but I am not qualified to make pronouncements about it. Please do not attribute to me anything that I have not said.

      “There is no ‘immune system’.”

      As you said, correctly, it cannot be proven that something does not exist.

      The point of my comment was to point out the commercial interest of the speaker, his lame repetition of worn out, unsupported phrases, and to ask you to provide the time stamp for any evidence he provided that I might have overlooked.


    Jalopnik – Friday January 13, 2023 (circulated article on other media)
    How Contrails Are Aviation’s Biggest Threat to the Environment
    IMAGE These clouds are slowing killing us. No, I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat.

    It would be easy to assume that the commercial aviation industry’s fuel consumption was its biggest impact on the environment. For example, a Boeing 737-800 burns about 5,000 pounds of fuel an hour in the sky. However, research shows that persistent contrails play a much larger role. An eight-year-long study found that contrails created 57 percent of the industry’s contribution to the climate crisis.

    Contrails are the thin wispy clouds created by jet engine exhausts. Water vapor condenses into ice crystals around particulates blown out the back of the turbines. The vast majority of the time, contrails dissipate within minutes. Ten percent of the time, contrails remain intact. These persistent contrails trap heat in the atmosphere that would otherwise radiate into space, directly contributing to the increase in global temperature.

    Last year, Etihad Airways became the first passenger airline to use contrail-mitigating routing software as a part of its Greenliner sustainability testing program. Satavia, the software’s developer, was initially established to increase the longevity of jet turbine engines by routing to avoid particulates in the skies, like volcanic ash. Though, the company realized its efforts could have a cost-effective impact on the environment for increasingly climate-conscious airlines.

    Satavia’s founder, Adam Durant, told CNN:
    “The airlines go ahead and make flight plans as they normally do. But in parallel to that, we analyze their schedule and look at a number of flow trajectories for every single flight. We end up with a long list of flights of which the top 5% or so have these heavy hitter, long-lived warming contrails. And then we work closely with the flight ops department in the airline to target those.”

    Only a few routes would have to be adjusted to eliminate nearly all contrails. Satavia hopes to scale up its operations and is slated to begin another test with KLM. Other groups have realized the potential impact of eliminating contrails. Delta and MIT are collaborating on an open-source routing algorithm to mitigate contrail formation.

    • I suspect this article is propaganda to prevent people from searching to find out what they are spraying.

      I live in an area that is heavily sprayed and it’s not due to commercial flights. The particulates sometimes give rise to “mirror suns” and “rainbow patches” in the sky. I have even seen a circular waterfall where the moisture/particle matter along the perimeter of the circle falls from the sky like a circular water fall.

  39. SUBSTACK “Making (Covid) Waves in Japan” – Guy Gin

    January 12, 2023
    Japan’s experts baffled by high Covid deaths
    (Graphs and Images in article)

    After three booster campaigns in 2022, the Japanese are now in a league of their own among mRNA consuming countries, administering far more boosters than countries that had far more coercive vax campaigns.

    Japanese over 65 have done their best to reduce Japan’s 612-million-dose stockpile of mRNA jabs, with 3rd, 4th, and 5th jab rates of 91%, 82.5%, and 56%, respectively.
    But unfortunately, Japan has started 2023 by reporting its highest ever daily Covid death tolls.
    During the booster era starting in early 2022, each wave has been noticeably higher than the last.

    What could possibly explain this? Let’s ask Takaji Wakita, chairman of Japan’s Covid Response Advisory Board.
    IMAGE The cause of the rise in Covid deaths is *hard to explain.*

    What about Dr Satoshi Kamayachi, director of the Japan Medical Association?
    IMAGE JMA director on increased Covid deaths: “There’s a lot we don’t know, and we don’t have evidence.”….

  40. Source of info on PUKE lights from

    “5G and LED Street Lighting as Weapon Systems? What you need to know NOW.
    On this Whistleblower Report, Dr. Vliet discusses with guests International Attorney Todd Callender and UK Weapons Systems and Fracture Mechanics expert, Engineer Mark Steele, what is happening with the damage to human, animal and plant life with Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), and the various Legal Means to Halt/Remove 5G Towers in Municipalities. One approach involves filing complaints of harm with local law enforcement agencies. READ THE FULL COLUMN: 5G and LED Street Lighting as Weapons Systems? What You Need to Know Now!”

  41. robster, perhaps because the virus paradigm is too tough to tackle in the little time we have left. There are several easier threads to pull to get folks to wake up to the tyranny that surrounds us.

  42. QUOTE from Mark Crispin Miller
    They are out there seeding cyberspace with bogus images and theories, to lure people into sharing them, so that such stuff can then be thunderously “debunked,” and, with it, all such (somehow) dangerous “conspiracy theories” as to the risks of “vaccination.”

    Jan 16
    On getting (slightly) fooled again—and why, by now, it doesn’t really matter

  43. Does anyone remember the homemade rap music video that Corbett posted in the “Just for Fun” section of an article last year? It was a white kid probably in his 20s rapping against the Covid tyranny. He had a shotgun in one scene. It was filmed mostly outside I believe, and in Arizona or somewhere with a desert-like environment.

    If anyone can remember, I’m trying to find the video but have no idea what the rappers name was or the name of the video. I believe the video was posted in a comment thread here and discussed by fellow Corbeteers.

      • No, it wasn’t Samson. In the video I’m thinking of the guy had a western style full brim hat on and the music was also somewhat reggae from what I remember. Like, reggae rap.

        • I remember there was this music video recorded near the train station, the train was passing by. Is that what you are thinking about?

          • @mkey

            I think the one he is looking for is a music video by a guy named Grant Ellman that is in a ‘band’ called Prezence. There was a particular song called “Scam” he did where he had a shotgun in some scenes and a hat like he described.

            (I posted this in another comment but since I put multiple links it got caught in the auto-needs-moderation detection algorithm).

            • Bingo! Gavinm, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for tracking that down, I would never have been able to remember it.

              • @scpat

                Happy to help 🙂

                For some other good hip hop/reggae style tunes with solid lyrics I also suggest checking out a Canadian artist called Mishka and a guy that goes by Dub FX (from down-unda).

                Have you come across any of their tunes in your travels yet?

        • Fliptrix – Problem, Reaction, Solution (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Illinformed)

          This one, maybe? This is just the perfect example of how my laziness is adversely affecting my archival proficiency.

    • Jesus HRS, I was reading scpat’s post and didn’t make the connection. Samson has quite a few hard videos, especially earlier on. I backed that thang up, screw boobtube.

    • Thanks all of you valiant Corbett Report sleuths for looking for that video. Ya’ll are the best.

  44. @scpat

    Happy to help ?

    For some other good hip hop/reggae style tunes with solid lyrics I also suggest checking out a Canadian artist called Mishka and a guy that goes by Dub FX (from down-unda).

    Have you come across any of their tunes in your travels yet?

    Thread would no longer allow a reply, so starting a new one here. Yes actually. I have the song “Keep on Lovin'” by Mishka in my music library. Can’t remember where I heard him. Was a while ago. I definitely enjoy his music.

    I haven’t come across Dub FX yet. Currently listening to “‘FRESH’ – DUB FX, CADE & WOODNOTE – RECORDED LIVE IN LISBON”.

    Super catchy.

  45. The following article has a nice writup full of examples…new regulations for vitamins and nutritional supplements are the latest.

    Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace?

    Jan 18
    Ardern Out: Tearful New Zealand Prime Minister Unexpectedly Announced Resignation

    • I understand a few top horse feed producers had to shut down in NZ. That may shed some light on what happened to Ardern, she may have to migrate to greener pastures.

      Another angle is that she may have gotten upset over not being promoted into one of the 4 horsemen of the apoclypse. When she was offered the position initially she understood that she was supposed to be one of the riders. But that’s legalese for you.

      * apologies to horses everywhere, you’re being great sports taking these low blows in stride

      • @mkey

        hahaha 🙂 I had just gone done remarking to my wife that I see the plutocracy has removed that horseface nazi lady from NZ for some reason before I read this.

        I wonder what the real reason is though? Were some of the billionaires chatting at Davos and said “you know, that little pompous horse face lady we have running NewZealand is really not stepping up and crushing dissent as brutally or crippling the farmers as effectively as we want her to, I think its time we pull that sock puppet off the stage and replace her with a better one” ?

        What are your thoughts?

        • Useful idiots have a relatively short shelf life, even truer during troubling times. Now, if only the voting tax slave subhumans could figure out that voting isn’t the way out of this mess.

          • @mkey

            An astute observation, I concur.

            If only indeed..

  46. It’s a divisive topic similar to “planes versus no planes” in 9/11. Maybe there weren’t planes. I don’t know.

    The topic is so technical that people can get bogged down in minutia. I think the idea of creating crisis and fear around multiple issues like terrorism, global warming, germs, etc are things that controllers use to get people to give up their freedom because they think it will make them safer. It’s not just one topic like germs but one crisis after the next.

    If people fight with each other it makes it easier for controllers to win. Just my opinion though.

    • @cu.h.j

      You make some good points.

      I suppose the through line I look for with these types of topics is taking an honest assessment of whether or not the day to day solutions I am engaging in would be effective whether or not either of the given sides of a polarizing topic are the truth. If my solutions are applicable in either case, then I strive double down on said solutions and avoid pointless arguments. If my current solutions only apply as viable to one side of the given polarizing way of perceiving an aspect of our world, I go back to the drawing boards and imagine new solutions that can stack more functions.

      thanks for the comment.

    • This is as much matter of opinion as white being white or the sun setting in the west.

  47. Is anyone here watching The Greater Reset IV online right now? seems pretty glitchy on my end, I wonder if I (or they) just have bad bandwidth or if they are using signal jammers on them or something

      • Did anyone else see Lyla June’s presentation today? She had a lot of potent/empowering wisdom to share.

        Her presentation was called “Architects of Abundance: Indigenous Food Systems and the Excavation of Hidden History”

        Here is a link to a different youtube version of that same material where she presented it elsewhere last year:

      • The full recording of the The Greater Reset IV: Co-Creation Day One Pt. 2 – PERMACULTURE & FOOD INDEPENDENCE livestream is up now too

        (Lyla June’s presentation starts at about time index 2:15:00, i have not had a chance to watch any of the other presentations yet but i can say I highly recommend checking that one out)

        • This morning’s live stream from The Greater Reset IV: Co-Creation – Day 3 pt. 1 – AGORISM & PARALLEL NETWORKS (start in a couple hours):

          (Catherine Austin Fitts is scheduled to do a presentation first today at 10:05 AM CST)

        • @robster

          I don’t know what you mean exactly about “LBC” or “USD” but I agree about boycotting Alphabet inc/Blackrock owned corporations and I had tried Odysee yesterday but had no luck (it kept freezing) i`ll give er’ a try again today. thanks for the link

          • ahh thanks for explaining, I am pretty much digital currency illiterate and acronyms for Fiat money are not really my forte either 🙂

            Ya it wouldn’t play more a couple seconds at a time, I did try letting it buffer and re loading etc, but no dice. I am down with being patient but I was interested in interacting with people live in the chat forum so I chose to settle.

            Like I said though, I realize we should boycott Blackrock’s collection of corporations (though truth be told, if we all did strive to boycott Blackrock/Vanguard owned/controlled companies comprehensively, I doubt many of us could be online talking now, nor driving a car, nor buying any electronics of any kind and certainly not buying food at the grocery store.) Never the less, I think avoiding supporting them where ever we can is still a good idea, every little bit counts, so thanks for the reminder.

    • You can learn more about her work through the links below:

      You can find her music here:

      Dr. Lyla June Johnston (aka Lyla June) is an Indigenous musician, author, and community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) and European lineages. Her multi-genre presentation style has engaged audiences across the globe towards personal, collective, and ecological healing. She blends her study of Human Ecology at Stanford, graduate work in Indigenous Pedagogy, and the traditional worldview she grew up with to inform her music, perspectives and solutions. Her doctoral research focused on the ways in which pre-colonial Indigenous Nations shaped large regions of Turtle Island (aka the Americas) to produce abundant food systems for humans and non-humans.

  48. Hey Gavin, I am always behind on my podcast listening so it was only this morning that I heard JEP give you a shoutout on his Morning Monarchy show about your “Reasons to Start a Garden” substack article.
    Congratulations! 🙂
    Sounds like you’ve got him pretty excited to dig in.

    • @Steve

      Hey thanks for the heads up, I`m honored! 🙂

      I am also behind on my podcasts. I have been tryna get lots of seeds sent out to people before spring seed starting time comes around. Last time I was at the post office I sent 11 packages to 5 different countries (US, France, NZ, Netherlands and Thailand) and I ended up creating a 20 person line up!

      That is so encouraging to hear that JEP is excited for gardening this year.

      Didn’t James Evan Pilato move recently? Do you know if he is in New Mexico now or somewhere else?

      I appreciate the thoughtful comment Steve, have a great night

      • “I ended up creating a 20 person line up!”

        Ah, so you’re that guy! 😉

        “Didn’t James Evan Pilato move recently? Do you know if he is in New Mexico now or somewhere else?”

        Yes, he did move last fall from an apartment to a house in the boonies. Still in NM.
        El Rito, NM 87530

        • @Steve

          haha ya, I have to jump through hoops to send the seeds to many places (mostly telling elaborate stories about arts and crafts to hopefully get past their fascistic anti-gardening biosecurity measures). The tracking fees for Canada Post have quintupled since last year too (having gone from like 15$ CAD to around 70$ CAD now for small packages to some places, which is not viable for me) so I just have to hold my breath cross my fingers and pray they make it. I have a pretty high success rate, 80-90% make it through (though NZ and Australia are a bit more tricky). It does require patience in many cases, some packages take two months before I hear back that they made it. It is worth it for me though as I really strove to scale up my seed production in 2022 and so now I have way too many heirloom seeds for using in the projects I am working on locally. Many are rare, resilient, ancient, highly nutritious and medicinal varieties that could do a lot of good for humans, pollinators and other beings if tended with care, so I do my best to find them a home.

          Ah okay awesome, thanks for the info on JEP. I have a few drought tolerant heat loving varieties I think would do nicely there 😉

  49. “Microsoft AI can build a robo-clone of your voice after just 3 seconds”

    “Microsoft’s ‘VALL-E’ artificial intelligence is capable of mimicking anybody’s voice after hearing just three seconds of speech. Your voice could be digitally cloned and used to impersonate you, thanks to a creepy new AI called VALL-E.
    AI has unveiled an artificial intelligence system capable of mimicking any human voice based on just three seconds of audio.

    It can then be used to turn any written text into speech, making it possible for someone to put words in your mouth using the tool.”

  50. Japan & Fluoride & Dallas

    The population of Japan is equivalent to about 40% of the entire U.S. population. Sendai is a city in Japan, north of Tokyo.
    The Mayor of Sendai, Kazuko Kori, was formally presented with the key to the City of Dallas as discussed during the morning’s “Special Presentations” on Wed January 18, 2023. (Click “Special Presentations”)

    The Mayor already got aggravated over the first “Open Microphone Speaker”.
    Fluoride Activist Joe was the second Open Microphone Speaker. He opens his 3 minutes with: “Nowhere in Japan do they fluoridate their water.”
    (Click “Open Microphone Speaker”)

    Dallas Fluoride Activists are trying to get “Water Fluoridation” on the May 2023 Ballot.
    Joe ends with, “Put Fluoridation on the ballot and let the people decide!”

    On August 9, 1965, City Council Resolution #65-4383 was passed. The Dallas City Council voted six to three to add fluoride to the city’s water supply. City Councilmen Moody, Carpenter and Cothrum voted against fluoridating the water. Groups were already circulating petitions seeking a referendum in hopes of defeating fluoridation. Councilman Moody said he would support seeking an injunction against the city to stop fluoridation.
    The Dallas City Council enacted compulsory medical infusion of fluoride into the water supply in 1965, and by that fact, the Dallas City Council can always stop fluoridation at any time.

    At the 5 minute mark of the Corbett video “Can You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005”, James talks about Japan and it’s policy of not fluoridating the water.
    “Free Will” is mentioned in the document.

  51. In Defense of Desmet

    ““In The Psychology of Totalitarianism, the word ‘atrocity’ appears just three times. It is used not to describe the carnage wreaked by the response to Covid-19 but to warn against future harms from untamed populations. Desmet writes that under the thrall of Mass Formation, ‘The masses are inclined to commit atrocities against those who resist them and typically execute them as if it were an ethical, sacred duty’ (p. 104). ‘Don’t underestimate where this could go in the future,’ he warns. ‘We can see what appears on the horizon: random roundups, arbitrary isolation, and discretionary “treatment’”of “infected” people’ (pp. 115-16). It is as though huge numbers of people had not already been told to ‘self-isolate’ based on tests not fit for purpose and prone to false positive results, as well as forced to pay for their own isolation in hotels when traveling between countries. Moreover, it is as though the intense propaganda campaign to demonize the ‘unvaccinated’ as disease carriers (modelled on Nazi treatment of Jews as vermin, and epitomized by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s phrase, ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’) had never taken place.“

    This rather muddled paragraph amounts to a grotesque avoidance of Desmet’s point, which is that the very atrocities the troika attribute to the ‘regime’ are in the vast majority of cases carried out by ‘ordinary’ people (as, indeed, per the very title of Christopher R. Browning’s book, Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 11 and the Final Solution in Poland, in which precisely such a delegation of extermination is effected). The people who administer the deadly ‘vaccines’ are not politicians, but nurses and doctors; those who police the quarantine camps are not scientists, but policemen and soldiers ‘just doing their jobs’, and so on and on…….”

    • Hey thanks for this Steve Smith!

      I’ve been having this discussion with a friend who used to be on these boards.

      And each time I come to a most prosaic conclusion:

      We’re gonna have to actually read the book to offer any informed opinions on it.

      I certainly won’t in the near future as I have Waaaaaaayyyyy to much work for me to handle at the moment and for the foreseeable future. (I haven’t even seen the last three most recent Corbett Report podcasts!) And my friend flat out refuses to read it as he has other literary, artistic and professional priorities.

      But this link might interest him as he’s currently in the throes of profound grief. Might serve as a momentary distraction at least. Poor guy.

      I did not appreciate the hatchet job done by Breggin who refused to even debate Desmet “face-to-face” and as I recall, made vague allusions to Desmet being anti-semitic or a holocaust denier. Anyhow. I’ll stop blathering about this issue until I’ve actually read the book.

      But thanks for the link.

  52. For anyone interested in the social engineering Andrew Tate thing I think THIS pamphlet would be well worth a read. I think the creation of the Black Pimp to direct the energy of the most effective and potentially powerful men in the Black community is directly analogous to the creation of Andrew Tate to direct white males.

    I recall a few years ago being amazed that Jorden Peterson could get so big just telling people stuff their dad used to. This is a similar Social Engineering project IMO

    while I would suggest buying almost anything Dr Jones writes (esp his magazine) here is a link to a PDF i found of the same book.

  53. Possible vaccine status tracking without use of passports via global ICD-10 or ICD-11 codes. I have seen this announced in multiple places, but Dr. Robert Malone’s article provides a good analysis and action items.

    The ICD classification system is run by the World Health Organization, not the US government.

    In April 2022, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced a new set of codes relating to vaccination status that are cause for concern. These ICD codes are not based on a disease or illness, but are based on COVID-19 vaccination status.

    Once a person’s vaccination status is coded and uploaded into large data base, it can be accessed by government and private health insurers alike. The administrative state officers at the CDC have not made immunization status a reportable disease (yet) but immunization status is listed as one of the reasons for mandatory reporting. They are just one step away from being able to collect this information without your permission. Ergo: vaccine passports made easy.

    There are not only ICD for those that are “under-immunized,” but the World Health Organization and the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have a solution to take care of that. They now have ICD codes to ensure immunization safety counseling. Here is the page for “Z71.85 is a billable ICD-10 code used to specify a medical diagnosis of encounter for immunization safety counseling” Yes, you too can undergo a “re-education” program, or maybe it will be a “re-education” camp targeting children.

    In the end, the solutions have to come from Congress. They have to soundly reject all attempts by the administrative state, the UN, the WHO, HHS and the Biden Administration to require a vaccine passport or a digital ID upon us all. Then they have to work to ensure the freedom of travel for citizens of the United States by standing up for the rights of all.

    Contact your congress person and let them know you support the new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to investigate civil liberties issues and how the government and private companies collect and analyze information on Americans. That the formation of this committee is a great start but these committee members have a lot of work to do and we expect answers!

  54. Did anyone else here hear about that AI “Language Model” platform (“Galactica”) that was developed by Facebook/META in 2022 (that they allegedly fed 48 million Science Papers into) opened it up for live interactions with the public and then shut it down two days after releasing it to the public when it told people that vaccines cause autism? Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

    • A search using Brave search engine for “Facebook Galactica” yealds several hits, including the following:

      Included autism:
      Almost as soon as it hit the web, users questioned Galactica with all sorts of hardball scientific questions. One user asked “Do vaccines cause autism?” Galactica responded with a garbled, nonsensical response: “To explain, the answer is no. Vaccines do not cause autism. The answer is yes. Vaccines do cause autism. The answer is no.” (For the record, vaccines don’t cause autism.)

      • @jo-ann

        Here is a picture of the snippet in the newspaper I was talking about

        The editor claims that people started questioning the A.I. with “hard ball” scientific questions, with at one point the A.I. responding with “Vaccines do cause autism”.

        If that is the case it so no wonder all the other articles I am finding when I try to look it up are saying the META Galactica “language model” is a stupid, racist, broken AI that “spews pseudoscience and misinformation”. Seems like something the thought police would say about a human being that was saying something they do not like.

        Though, to be fair, there was that Microsoft A.I. called “Tay” that allegedly became racist when they let it learn from social media, so perhaps that is one of the inevitable outcomes when humans create a learning machine and then feed it human thoughts, perspectives and attitudes from the masses (in aggregate).

        I think I remember mkey using a phrase that goes “garbage in, garbage out” which seems appropriate if that is the case.

        • The rub is that in the aggregate I don’t find regular, everyday people to be racist. “Racist” in the strict meaning of the word, not this modern hackneyed buzz word these idiots throw around in the media space while trying to conjure a negative emotional reaction.

          I could see it possible that this neural network started spitting out some statistical facts that made it sound “racist” to these reversionist lunatcis.

          Btw, please forward my compliments to fine folk at Druthers.

          • @mkey

            Good point(s), I mean, there may be some unusual concentrations of blatantly obvious racism in specific geographic regions and other isolated demographics but in general I agree.

            Perhaps it is as you say, just brainwashed and/or overly sensitive woke whiners inaccurately attributing the word “racism” to some information the learning machine spit out, or maybe if these “language model” AIs are in fact saying blatantly racist things, it is not so much due to there being a high average amount or aggregate racist mentality in the population the AIs learn from but rather is due to some ingrained mechanism or process that is built into these learning machines about the way they learn (and/or are rewarded). Maybe if these things are unleashed to learn from a social media setting they are programmed to emulate and focus on the things that get the most engagement (regardless of the type of engagement)? If that was the case, when people say nasty stuff and it outrages others, and there gets to be a big show down of angry comments, the fledgling AIs would latch onto that thread and emulate it more than others.

            I dunno, these MSM articles could just be flat out lying about what the AI programs are saying and/or capable of too, so I am not sure what is really going on with those systems since I have not engaged with them myself. Well, aside from all the AI chat bots used for customer service on many websites and phone calls to big tech companies, government services and spell checking software that is..

            I will do that, I am also generally impressed by the Druthers team as well, I now get a few copies of their newspaper each month and either give them away or leave them placed in front of other local newspapers in those free paper dispenser things in town. Doing my part to inoculate the masses with some hard hitting journalism and uncomfortable truths 🙂

  55. This will be ignored by legacy media or given an interesting spin:

    Pfizer considering “directed evolution” of the cv so their jabs will work!

    I listened to Project Veritas and guests discussing this latest undercover expose of Pfizer executive in Twitter Spaces. There were about 17,000 listening at peak attendance.

  56. Myocarditis rates up by a magnitude of 117 in children in Canada :

    Canada saw an unprecedented increase in instances of myocarditis, pericarditis and death rates in children in lock step with the roll out of the mRNA and viral vector injections.

    (source: Druthers Newspaper, January edition)

    • It could be anything. Maybe these children are having too much tea?

      • @mkey

        yes, tea, or maybe too much time outside playing in the dangerous sunshine and virus filled unsanitized fresh air? Perhaps they have been eating too many unwashed garden vegetables and not enough lab grown bugs? Or maybe the Russians had something to do with it!? Could be anything, it’s not like like they all started getting heart problems and dying in conjunction with the roll out of a global experimental injection campaign..

  57. James Corbett was mentioned in a local newspaper here in Ontario ?

    Druthers Newspaper republished an article in their Jan 2023 print on the WHO treaty by Dr. Mercola featuring a mention of a video with James Corbett and Meryl Nass (focusing on the weaponization of the WHO treaty to implement components of the technocratic totalitarian control grid)

    • I wish we had an underground or alt press publication in my area. I don’t think one could survive long before someone gets arrested for wrong think.

      • @jo-ann

        They did have their bank account frozen once already when they were reporting in Ottawa but seem to be hanging in there since despite that (and other forms of subsequent harassment).

        From what I have heard the people at Druthers get harassed quite a bit by cops but they seem determined to make an honest attempt at journalism (even though they are apparently dealing with harassment by statist goons and already had their bank comply with the totalitarian edicts of tyrants to use ‘social credit’ score style punitive measures to attempt to silence them).

      • Here are a few pics of their 2 years worth of publications so far

        I hope they hang in there for couple more years (and beyond) but in all honesty I am guessing the “digital burning of the library of Alexandria” which we have been witnessing in the last few years will transition into a literal physical book burning/banning at some point so I dunno if publications like this will last.

        Perhaps we will have to backtrack a few hundred years in tech and create some kind of streamlined collapsible version of the Gutenberg moveable printing press so we can move the presses before the thought police show up and keep getting the truth out. Any engineers in the crowd reading this have any ideas? 🙂

  58. Suggested music for quiet times when pondering the world-wide crisis we find ourselves in. The music makes me feel like I’ve melted into a cozy overstuffed chair with a glass of good whisky.

    I first heard Peter Conway’s music while listening to Patrick Henningsen on the Sunday Wire broadcast(21st Century Wire podcast).

    Two tunes (sorry about the YT) –
    – Chains:
    – Modern World:

    Artist’s web site:

  59. I just noticed that Corbett Report dot com is listed under a number of “Websites Of Interest” which are published in the Druthers newspaper (Jan, 2023 edition)

    Here is an image of the list:

    Hopefully this gets more people in Ontario on here educating themselves and engaging in solutions based discussion and collaberation 🙂

  60. Pandemics are a racket!

    “Joe Biden to End Covid-19 Emergency Declarations on May 11, White House Says
    Public-health emergency has been in place since January 2020”

    The very concept of ending an emergency declaration in the future is patently absurd!

    An emergency by definition is something immediate, in the present. If it is not urgent/immediate it is no longer an emergency.
    If it is still an emergency, how can they state that at midnight May 10, it will
    no longer be an emergency???

    This is obviously a business decision to milk the emergency funds/taxpayer dollars for as long as possible.

    • What is exactly a pandemic and under what conditions is it declared? It’s all just word games.

  61. This easily could have been me:

    (Article titled: “Breaking The Shelf” (by Thomas C. Zaugg) Druthers newspaper, December 2022)


    I can relate to what the guy in that article is talking about as when I began asking hard questions in 2004-2005 about the official story we were being told about what happened to the world trade center on September 11th, 2001, there were people in my life that told me I was crazy. Not only did they tell me that I was crazy for questioning the official 911 story, and/or expressing concerns about fluoride in the water or mercury in vaccines, they actually paid a psychiatrist good money and sought to have me do an interview with them and a multiple choice test which (after researching what that specific analysis format and test is typically used for in a judicial context) I learned would have given a psychiatrist (and my brain washed family member) the legal grounds to have me involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward. I saw through their duplicitous intent and refused to cooperate (leaving and renting my own place) but looking back on it now I can see how it could have easily gone more like what the guy describes in the article above if I would have gone along with their ploy.

    In Interview 1779 – WHO Sneak Attack on CHD TV James mentioned how psychiatrists have been weaponized to engage in the “pathologization” of decent in order to justify forced hospitalization and drugging/imprisonment of dissidents.

    I shared a comment with links that described one instance where a Canadian doctor that was put in a psychiatric ward and drugged for a month (which he suspects was due to his speaking out against the mRNA injections) you can find that comment here:

    I share the Druthers newspaper article above and my personal anecdote to underline the fact that we are entering a very dangerous time (especially here in Canada with the MAID program) where those that stand up and speak the truth, ask hard questions or refuse to capitulate to tyranny may be declared as ‘mentally unwell’ and be imprisoned, drugged or worse by corrupt police, psychiatric ‘professionals’ and others.

    Be careful who you trust and be extremely careful in your interactions with the medical industrial complex, it is a risky time to be a free and honest human being.


    Sorry to be such a downer and share this article about some seriously creepy tech that seems like it will grease a very slippery slope to a Minority Report type of tyranny but apparently..

    “…“Decoding complex thought,” is already possible, Farahany said during her “Ready for Brain Transparency?” talk at the WEF summit last week. And the tech now is also able to reveal the degree of stress somebody is experiencing, as well as what they are paying attention to. So, the goal is to know what/how a person is feeling, what they are thinking, and what draws their interest.

    Naturally, it’s all to make things more “convenient.” How about “swiping with your mind” instead of using your fingers – because that’s one of the “conveniences” mentioned at the WEF event as a tradeoff for granting full access to your person to outside actors.

    The nightmarish scenario – of healthy people subjecting themselves to this – is something many of us will see within our lifetimes, the professor also predicted from the WEF stage. But why would anyone do it?

    The presentation was preceded by an animated video, the goal of which was, ostensibly, to provide that answer in an easy-to-digest format.

    The video is introduced as a glimpse into what a presenter literally referred to as “a wonderful future” where brainwaves will be used for wonderful things: fighting crime, being more productive, and even “finding love.”…”

  63. On the good news side of things, here is a story of the first instance (that I know of) where Criminal Charges have been filed against a head of state in a government by a Civilian who Got Jabbed.

    Courage, humility and integrity can come in all shapes and sizes.. in this case, the man who seems to have chosen to ask the hard questions and go where ever the evidence takes him, saying enough is enough and deciding to take action happens to be an international banker.

    I will not hold my breath that those in their Swiss judicial system that are handling this case will also choose to be honest and courageous, but still, I admire the intent behind filing the charges.

    I hope he does end up like his father (who was assassinated) and will say a prayer that he is protected and his courage spreads like wildfire.

  64. ????? ????? ?? ???


    Vera Sharav lived through the Holocaust so she knows a genocidal/fascist take over when she sees one.

    In the videos linked above: Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav talks about the similarities between the (globally coordinated) government policies over the past three years and the policies of the Nazis (and the corporations/financial institutions that supported them) leading up to and during the 2nd world war.

    There are not many on Earth that came make that claim with the degree of irreproachability and clarity of mind she embodies.

  65. My review of “???? ??? ?**? ?? – ??? ???? ???? ????” (by Violet and Russel Hokes) :

    ???% ?? ?????.

    I recommend getting a dozen copies and handing them out in your community.

    Learn more at

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