Episode 426 – Who Controls the News Controls the World

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 38 comments

I noticed a funny thing when browsing the propaganda newswires lately: all of the stories about the Queen’s death said the exact same thing! What’s going on here, and why does it matter? Join James for a wild ride through the history of newswires and the formation of the fire-induced collapse hypothesis as he explores the dictum Who Controls the News Controls the World on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.

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Fox5: World mourns Queen Elizabeth II

ABC: ‘A stalwart’: World mourns Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

WIS: ‘A stalwart’: World mourns Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

WLBT: ‘A constant in my life’: World mourns Queen Elizabeth II

centralmaine.com: ‘A stalwart’: World mourns Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Mass Media: A History (preview and course notes)

Mass Media: A History (purchase).

Sinclair Broadcasting Under Fire for “Fake News” Script

Episode 350 – History Is Written By The Winners

The Triumph of the Official Narrative: How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11


  1. I guess mr Corbett did not see the meme….
    Biden did comment, his condolence letter said “Dear queen…sorry you died. I will miss your music.”
    🙂 lol

  2. some day James may knuckle down and study Guy Debord, “Society of the Spectacle.”

    the article linked below may be unsympathetic to some in its overall perspective, but an important observation is made (among several) rebutting the view that “data is the new oil”. The inflated “market” valuations of tech stocks like Google etc. are really wagers on a future of electronic slavery.

    Much of the surveillance and control technology we are increasingly subjected to, for instance, is explained by a lazy, half-baked sort of analysis as the desperate search for »clicks« and »data«. If this were true, the consumer power of the population thus assumed would have to be large enough for their differential purchases to justify– to make profitable – such massive outlays of capital. Yet this is occurring as the broad masses, even in the West, see their purchasing power shrink exponentially. Again, down the rabbit hole somewhere, all this surveillance and data is »profitable« not because of a real capitalist market, but because someone (government and »private« intelligence agencies) is buying it for its utility in exerting direct control. Data is not the »new oil«: the »new oil« is the massively expanded capacity of the ruling class to exploit you by using the data, directly and indirectly, which they have accumulated about you. We, and our collective, impending enslavement is the »new oil«.


  3. Cu

    You are correct I think, that’s the plan. But I do not think that are near as able to do it as they think.

    The problem is getting useful work out of NPC slaves reduced to retard status.

    A pink hair face tatted tranny, or an obese teen with his face glued to a phone is not going to generate wealth for rich people to steal. The cattle have got foot and mouth and even the farmers gonna go bankrupt.

    As Chris Knowles says such people as we are currently pproducing won’t be the ones fixing powerlines or the sewers when they break.

    Who is going to run the control grid when most of the gofer class are psycho medicated incompetents ? Who will produce anything or keep things running when 50% of the people are mentally ill?

    • thanks Duck.
      current experience suggests the system can continue to function on the backs of a (relatively) small minority of productive/capable people.

      • cu

        You can certainly get by with far fewer folks then before, but there are limits. The weirdos are not just a drain on things, their an active menace and when you staff your system via Loyalty Testing rather then ability you end up breaking the system that keeps you in power.

        While a fat scowling feminist with anxiety disorder can murder people with a drone how long do you think she will be up for face to face crowd control when its NOT a bunch of white soccer moms who fold the first time you pepper spray them?

        Threatening to sic the FBI on parents for protesting school boards , or going after political opponents is not what you see from competent regimes. The management class are getting much dumber- they can not even conceal how much they hate normies anymore and I really do not think the Russia (or the Trump) thing is going the way they expected so they are having to spaz out way more then a competent manager needs to.

        Looking at technology itself, as Chris Knowles says at SecretSun blog, there IS ALMOST NO NEW TECH…. almost everything we have today was demonstrated at “The Mother Of All Demo’s” (Its up on youtube) 50 years ago. Innovation has ground to a halt.

        I dont know how old you are but my PC of 2000 and my PC of 2000 really do not do anything different and software is getting LESS usable but way more bloated- more code to do THE SAME- and the people making it are mostly cutting and pasting stuff together.

        This pic (from Secretsun) kinda shows how the current management class thinks


        • opps…. i should have said “My PC of today and my PC of 2000”

        • I would tend to disagree with your assertion that tech progress has ground to a halt. They are just keeping their tech and lifestyle advances secret now. All these UFOs being seen are just billionaires kids going to visit their cousins throughout the world to eat babies and praise Satan together. UFOs, Submarines that can dock underwater, as well as human/computer integration are probably in full practice among elites. They just don’t let us serfs have any new tech.

          • Palama

            Lol…. stoner trust fund kids in the UFOs made me grin.

            But seriously, if they had any super fancy tech they would have used it, probably on us. They probably don’t even have computers much better then what industry and universities have….if they do have cooler toys those toys are not practical enough that they use them.

            What tech do you think is actually new and original in the last ten years?
            What do you do on your computer you did not do ten or 20 years ago? The internet was working better and was more interesting 10 years ago then todsy….actually I think 15 years ago was the sweet spot

            Their doing c
            Lewis and Clark on us…. show off the fancy air rifle and the Indians think every white man has a repeater rather than a musket

            • Interesting thoughts Duck. I was wondering something along similar lines, like is some of this hype about this advanced tech and push towards biodigital convergence just a bunch of science fiction pipe dreams or a psyop all together. Computer tech and programming and quantum mechanics is something I know very little about. It’s sad because I could have actually learned some programming when I studied biological sciences decades ago. I would have learned some old school Fortran but still would have known more than I know now.

              My husband knows more than I do though and does work in research labs, and he thinks some of this stuff is hype. He got an interview with some company that was working on quantum computers and he wasn’t impressed. Having said that he’s no genius expert in the field.

              And there have been mathematical geniuses like Von Neumann who worked with DARPA who could have developed something advanced if it was possible. There are brilliant minds that have capabilities beyond what even the brightest minds can come up with. So I don’t want to make presumptions about stuff that I might not know, or ever be able to understand. Good not to underestimate your enemy.

              What I think is odd is that these stupid slow annoying “self driving” cars have been in the research phase in the rotting city I still live in for much longer than I thought they’d be before an actual working model has been put on the market. So maybe there are some real hard limitations to what they can actually do, or what any advanced technological society can do with the elements that exist on earth.

              I certainly doubt that the tech they are trying to develop in biology works as they say it can or would even be possible. Like how the Alzheimer’s plaque hypothesis turned out to be bunk. I suspect human beings will be far too complex to understand for the things they want to do. Even though what I know is outdated and new stuff has been discovered like gene editing, that doesn’t work as they want it too, hence the risk of cancer.

    • “…I really don’t care for this obsessive use of the word “retard.”…”

      Luckily I do not care what you think…. so I guess we can both be happy 🙂

      Everyone can be happy as long as the world is wide and long.. at least until the retards destroy food production

      • Thanks Duck, reading that gave me my first smile of the day.
        But if Ian keeps turning to starboard it may not be my last!

  4. Thanks James. A very important subject indeed.
    You mentioned you would be following this up with more examples, terrorist-related.

    If you do, I would urge you to add the Christchurch mosque shooting to your list.
    It is classic example of a false flag shooting (most of the world is unaware of this ) and the blatant suppression of information by New Zealand authorities, forbidding the broadcast and viewing of the actual footage recorded by the gunman.

    • I saw the footage, they had it up on bitchute. Only thing that looked off to me was people just laying in a lump while he shot them without more screaming and wiggling….I have seen stuff wiggle and run when shot plenty of times. But people do weird things when scared.

      The real issue with that is not if it’s real or not but why it requires everyone to get personally upset and surrender their weapons to the disapproving faced woman in a muslim head wrap. It’s not even like she was attractive or anything.

      It’s just people giving in to the threat of looking like they don’t care….which honestly most people really do not.

      • “The real issue with that is not if it’s real or not but why it requires everyone to get personally upset and surrender their weapons to the disapproving faced woman in a muslim head wrap. It’s not even like she was attractive or anything.
        It’s just people giving in to the threat of looking like they don’t care….which honestly most people really do not.”

        Yes it was real. That’s why I said “false flag”, rather than “fake shooting”.
        Not sure what you meant by getting upset to “woman in a muslim head wrap”?
        Didn’t understand your last line either.

        About the operation. It was billed in the MSM as a lone white supremacist terrorist shooting.
        However what it was in fact was a false flag conspiracy shooting.

        If you study the Tarrant video carefully you will note the following.

        At least three ‘handlers’ at or near the first mosque.

        Tarrant parks his car at the side of the road a minute’s drive from the mosque.
        He waits for ‘handler 1’ to appear walking along the sidewalk past his car.
        This is his cue to proceed with the mission. He then drives to the mosque.

        He is greeted at the mosque by ‘handler 2’, a man wearing a bright orange jump suit who guides Tarrant to the correct lane to park his car.

        As Tarrant approaches the front doors of the mosque and begins shooting, no vehicle can be seen parked near the entrance. As Tarrant is leaving the mosque a few minutes later to retrieve fresh ammo from his vehicle, a car can now be seen parked just to the right of Tarrant as he leaves the mosque. Inside is ‘handler 3’. Tarrant points his gun at the vehicle but then backs off and walks to his car.

        As Tarrant is returning to the mosque through entrance 1, he sees ‘handler 3’ begin to drive out of the parking lot. Instead of shooting at him, he lets him leave and walks further down the road to entrace 2 of the mosque, avoiding any confrontation with the handler.

        Tarrant hadn’t quite finished his job shooting inside when he got a call on his headset from ‘handler 2’ to rush to the front of the mosque. Tarrant ran quickly to the front entrance, saw two people in the distance running away and shot at them.

        As Tarrant walked back to his car he pans his camera back and sideways. If you play the video here in frame by frame mode you will see ‘handler 2’ hiding near a tree (close to where the two escapees had run by). The one Tarrant hit was 24-year old Ansi Alibava. She fell to the ground nearby and was wailing when Tarrant walked towards the lane where his car was parked.
        He shot her dead at close range and proceeded to his vehicle.

        • Fawlty Towers

          “..Yes it was real. That’s why I said “false flag”, rather than “fake shooting”…”

          Sorry I miss understood you, 🙂 my error, just that most folks talking about suppression of footage that I’ve seen are using it to support a narrative of “All fake”.

          “…Not sure what you meant by getting upset to “woman in a muslim head wrap”?…”


          The headline is “…My job is to make people feel safe’: Jacinda Ardern says it was an ‘obvious decision’ to wear a hijab as she grieved following the massacre of 50 Muslims…”

          which is kinda the point I am making… the use of women making emotional appeals and using guilt/shame to attack those that do not go along with whatever agenda they are pushing…

          They had the same phenomenon with the massive coverage of the photo dead kid washed up on the beach trying to cross from africa (into spain?? I cant recall off hand)…. there was an almost identical photo of a south american kid drowned trying to cross the US Southern border. It literally looked like they’d dug the same corpse out a freezer and posed it, lol…would not put it past them.

          Its a good way to get women upset, which is good to scare the majority of men into keeping quiet about the issue because they dont want women to say they like dead kids or some such garbage.

          “…Didn’t understand your last line either…”
          I said : It’s just people giving in to the threat of looking like they don’t care….which honestly most people really do not.

          Sorry , I hope my prior statement cleared up what I meant.

          I know that while it is rather sad a lot of muslims got shot up its NOT actually a real reason to up end all of society.

          I would assume most people are also not ACTUALLY stupid enough to think thats a good way to make laws, but they fear being shamed for their ‘heartlessness’- their weakness to social pressure is the problem

          If people internalize THAT idea then Tarrant being an actual terrorist or a government drone does not really matter. Your right about how they want to control what you can see but the only thing WE have control of is our reaction

          • Thanks for clearing that up.

            To me the big take-aways from Christchurch were:
            a) The govt. created a false flag terror event, ultimately aiming to confiscate firearms.
            It worked like a charm.
            b) The govt. ordered New Zealanders not to download/watch the video. The citizens obeyed like the sheep they are. No uprising nor outcry/objection.
            c) New Zealanders haven’t a clue what really happened and how they were played.

            “I would assume most people are also not ACTUALLY stupid enough to think thats a good way to make laws, but they fear being shamed for their ‘heartlessness’- their weakness to social pressure is the problem”

            Well let’s unpack that a little.
            If the terrorist act was not a false flag event, then many New Zealanders might be justified in thinking an unarmed populace is a safer way to live.

            But seeing that the act was a false flag event, IF New Zealanders knew this, they would be outraged and never permit the govt. to take away their firearms.

            • Fawlty Towers
              “….if the terrorist act was not a false flag event, then many New Zealanders might be justified in thinking an unarmed populace is a safer way to live…..”

              If you give in to that way of thinking it’s just a question of WHEN you will become a chattel of the state, quickly or slowly. While people like to think the US has a gun issue unless your offing yourself or living in some immwr city poop hole your pretty safe. I have seen less violence in the US then any other country I’ve been in, though I stay out of anythingnorth of Missouri or west of Colorado. It’s way safer then London is these days.

              Not really a big reason for New Zealanders to be terrified if even a couple hundred people were getting killed a year….I bet the death by car accident every year is MASSIVELY higher then the mosque shooting. The average person in the US has significantly more chance of dying from appendicitis then in a mass shooting based on the numbers.

              To be honest the best way to avoid terrorism is not letting muslims in in the first place…. 😉 the numbers actually support that idea. I used to walk the same street in Woolwich where they cut off that guy’s head. No one started wanting a muslim ban, lol,because the risk is pretty small.

              I got scared by the coof because I did not have good date. We have good data on terrorism and it’s a low risk

              • I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best person to give an opinion on gun rights. 🙂
                Traditionally it hasn’t been much of an issue here in Canada compared to the U.S., but given the craziness of the past couple of years around the world, with military forces being deployed at a moments notice, I could understand people feeling safer with guns at their ready.

        • I think about how I was rather scared back at the start of couff…. they played on my predilection towards fear and caution very well. That’s my failure I guess.

          I am still convinced that they were tracking toilet paper purchase to see where the propaganda was working best the way a dr watches a barium swallow or hippie long hair showed how well the counter culture was working

          • I knew the scamdemic was off right from the get go. I didn’t buy into a single line of their ever-changing narrative. Nor did I ever obey any of their mandates.
            So no fear here. 🙂

            • I’d have to say that my biggest tip-off was the way the narrative was being delivered by medical/government officials and the MSM.

              It was billed right from the start as a deadly virus that was poised to take over the world.

              BUT… the messages coming from the lips of health/government officials and the MSM didn’t jive with something that should be mortally feared by all.

              They were reading scripts as poor actors. The messages weren’t coming from the heart. They were offering pseudo-sincerity with crocodile tears. If it was genuine they should have looked panicked.

              Yet strangely, the masses bought into it, hook line and sinker!

            • Fawltytowers

              It was the videos of china that got me worried. That and I’d been reading non fiction about the coming plague or the hot zone and such for 20 years. I guess I was well primed lol

          • I didn’t fall for the scamdemic probably because I saw the lack of a pandemic at my hospital or at least something that was exaggerated significantly. And I’m also not a germophobe by nature and never have been afraid of disease.

            I was also very skeptical of anything on CNN. That’s how I knew it must be some type of scam.

            But I have believed in climate change in the past and fallen for that fear porn or rather guilt porn.

            Its interesting for me to consider individual tendencies towards fear of different types of things.

            I note much more mask wearing among Asian Americans mostly Chinese. My neighbor who is Chinese told me there is a fear of respiratory disease in their culture. But I wonder if its just a cultural tendency to obey authority.

    • Jacinda Ardern at the UN promoted universal censoring of information that it can get away with labelling as mis- or dis-information. Now a NZ Coroners Amendment Bill is moving to censoring what it cannot label as mis- or dis-information.

      Next will there be a Bill giving powers to be restricting more FOIA info?

      Public submissions are now being called for on the Coroners Amendment Bill
      The closing date for submissions is 11.59pm on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 (less than 13 hours from when I post this it’s New Zealand Daylight Time.

      Seems it would be designed to cope with more work but to cover up any vaccine-associated matters.)

      “The Justice Committee has called for public submissions on the Coroners Amendment Bill. The bill seeks to facilitate better access to justice for families interacting with the coronial system by making amendments to the Coroners Act 2006. The bill aims to reduce the distress caused to grieving families by reducing the time spent waiting for coronial findings.

      The bill would amend the Act by:

      establishing a new position of a coronial associate, which could undertake many of the more straightforward functions, powers, and duties currently performed or exercised by coroners

      making it clear that coroners could record a cause of death as “unascertained natural causes” if they considered that the death was from natural causes and no further investigation was required under the Act

      enabling coroners to decide whether a coronial inquiry should include an inquest

      enabling coroners to issue written findings stating only the cause of death, and not the circumstances, if they considered that there was no public interest in making findings about the broader circumstances.”


  5. This is a wonderful example of how to do propaganda


    Just because I agree with the sentiment doesn’t make me blind to the wonderful use of cadence, starting slow to draw you in and then building while gradually feeding you emotion and then ending by providing a solution for emotional release. I think he deepens his voice somewhat too

    Mr Stack “blackpilled” is the best at deconstructing movies and showing what they message and how they do it. Sadly yes does more livestreaming nowadays but his back catalog of movie analysis is worth checking out. He is on bitchute too

    • Thanks for sharing this one.
      It’s really powerful ;).

      You might also be interested in the fact that Elon Musks Baby Mama is a musician.
      This song might be really related:

      Be carefull, its catchy.

      • Perseus

        It is kinda catchy, has a 70’s Bond movie theme vibe maybe?

        It is kinda weird to me that Bill Gates married such an ugly woman (apparently he was after brains) while Elon Musk picked a chick who looks like she was earning crack money at the Truck stop.

        “….is a musician….”

        I watched a Pastor talking about how Gangsta Rap music basically devalued black lives and debased black culture… your right Music is immensely powerful at moving the mind while bypassing the intellect. And in olde Tymes prophecies were sung.

        Chris Knowles has a rather weird theory on The Siren, which I am not sure I agree with, but I do want to read his secret history of rock and roll one day. His story that Rock and Roll is just a recreation rather then a new thing is fascinating
        ….I ought to dig out “Soul Music” by Pratchett, been so long since I read it i cant recall

        interview in the book secret history of rock and roll, talking about Roman religious festivals as “metal concerts” 😉 Hmn… skimming I re hear the stuff on Ancient Trans in religion


        Funny enough, I read one time that the Devil may have actually BEEN a musical instrument before his Fall, if you read certain passages in certain ways.

  6. Techniques of mental conditioning might be a good subject to review. One example “….dangerous to our democracy,” while the focus is on the misinformation part about social media, the false narrative of being a citizen in a democracy is being peddled. This narrative is repeated so often, it is just an unconscious fact in people’s minds. It is basically sight of hand with ideas. Then you have slogans that compartmentalize “complex” ideas into people’s minds. It is not the ideas themself, this is conditioning the mind to become more compartmentalized over time. Probably why the general attention span has become shorter, smaller boxes in the mind. I have conversations with people that seem like each moment is compartmentalized. Where they might agree with me about one thing, then 30 seconds later disagree with me about the same thing, without the context changing much. Anywho, that’s my two-bits.

  7. “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…”

    We should have a “Feed the World” moment and have all of the Actual Truth Telling Media take turns saying the “THIS” part and have all the various news agencies saying their “is extremely dangerous to our…”

    Or voice over them saying what they should be saying “This is what actually saves our Constitutional Republic” or “This is Democracy at work” or.. This is the First Amendment doing its job, or It is the responsibility of media to ensure all voices are given consideration and to air important views that may lead to a more honest assessment of events. Or… fill in the blank.

    Abuse them with their own words More.

    Out of the mouths of babes.

  8. Dog gone! I missed it…it wasn’t on my Associated Press Feed… 😉

    The AP Feed had not mentioned the Sept 8th article by Graeme MacQueen and Ted Walter (“The Triumph of the Official Narrative: How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11).

    I appreciate Corbett bringing this article up. I did not know about it. And it synced well with Corbett’s points.


    Our North Texas 9/11 group did have one of those rare occasions where the AP did not completely paint the Truth movement as bonkers. The article got a lot of mileage.
    The 9/11 Meetup group is no longer.
    The following is an EXCERPT from one of the last group emails before the group disappeared from Meetup.com…

    – email EXCERPT –
    …Here is an historical 2011 news story featuring “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Meetup” group which literally was published in papers and news outlets around the world. https://archive.ph/AjyqK or https://web.archive.org/web/20220421224519/https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-from-jfk-to-sept-11-conspiracy-theories-thrive-2011aug10-story.html

    “North Texans for 9/11 Truth Meetup” group truly had a GLOBAL impact with this news story, which by the way, contained this direct link to 911 Truth.org — http://www.911truth.org .
    AOL.com and YahooNews had it as a headline article. It was published in places like Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, all across Europe and America by different news organizations and small town papers. At one time, Google search results had countless pages of different newspapers with this Associated Press article by Tamara Lush.

    BACKSTORY: The Associated Press reporter, Tamara Lush called our group in the early summer of 2011. She wanted to fly out from Florida to Dallas in order to interview ONLY our group for a story about 9/11 Truth. I told her “no deal” unless you also interview some other folks in the 9/11 Truth movement, and gave her some names and contacts. You will see them mentioned in the article. So Tamara flew to Dallas and brought along an Associated Press photographer. It was 100 degrees that summer day on the patio of Barbecs where she spent more than 2 hours listening to our stories.

    Outlets varied the title:
    From JFK To 9/11, Conspiracy Theories Thrive
    From JFK To September 11, Conspiracy Theories Thrive
    From JFK to Sept. 11, conspiracy theories thrive
    From JFK killing to Sept. 11, conspiracy theories thrive
    — 911blogger —
    From JFK to Sept. 11, conspiracy theories thrive – Associated Press
    http://911blogger.com/news/2011-08-11/jfk-sept-11-conspiracy-theories-thrive https://web.archive.org/web/20220421221053/http://911blogger.com/news/2011-08-11/jfk-sept-11-conspiracy-theories-thrive

    Some other “surviving” links to the story:
    https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sdut-from-jfk-to-sept-11-conspiracy-theories-thrive-2011aug10-story.htm l

  10. My two cents worth as it relates to the 9/11 narrative that Mr. Corbett deconstructs in this episode; I think 9/11 was a magic show. Not that people didn’t die or buildings didn’t fall. It was a magic act in terms of misdirection and expected result. You saw the planes hit (you see the girl get into the box). You listen to the magician jabber as the girl discreetly tucks her legs to one side (you see fires and explosions). Then, the grand finale, he saws the box in half! (the towers collapse). What if, like an assassination carried out by pros, there were multiple attacks? Have aircraft strikes, preset explosives, and a directed energy weapon (re: Dr Judy Wood’s hypothesis) all scheduled on the same day. If any one “team” fails in it’s mission, the others will make up for it. We, the audience, are left bickering amongst ourselves as to what we just saw (It was a trick box! No, he used mirrors! etc.) Like the pros they are, they anticipated the audience’s reactions.

    • Well, what happened there is, of course—now all of you must adjust your brains—the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically for a concert. And then die. And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Resurrection. In one moment. I couldn’t do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. […] It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the “concert”. That is obvious. And nobody had told them: “You could be killed in the process.” -Karlheinz Stockhousen

      Don’t forget he was also an Intelligence Agent

  11. Me…personally first reaction “ugghhhh…”

    I find him kinda sneaky and
    Slimy,like some druggie who will shiv you if he finds out your carrying cash. I also find his solutions kinda new agey.

    That is my personal opinion but I don’t know what he is like or listen to him much so I may be I am unfair as well as uninformed

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