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For the better part of a century, the image of a uniformed policeman stopping citizens on the street with the words “May I see your papers, please?” has been shorthand for a tyrannical police state. But here we are in COVID-1984 where this is happening on a daily basis in many places around the globe. This week on #SolutionsWatch, James talks to Dan Dicks of about his own experience at such a travel checkpoint in Canada, and what it shows us about how non-compliance can work.

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    • The right most story from the fourth URL is, to a great extent, a forgery. In the original video male cop is grappling a female offender and we get to hear a man shouting and interacting with the cop. However, the same scene recorded from across the street shows that there was no second man on the scene.

    • This may be an unpopular opinion, but people really should not be that scared of cops…. there are some evil one’s but the majority are just aholes at worst.

      All these very public arrests look like a psyop to make normies terrified of politely refusing to go along.

      The vast majority of police anywhere in the US I’ve been are NOT going to go all Rodney King on you unless you really invite it…the VAST majority of people who get whacked up by cops are dong something stupid.

      Cops are humans too… not always nice one’s, but humans.

      • +1 from me, and it’s not an unpopular opinion, I agree. This is true from my experience with cops, as a ‘temp’ cop (intern) and as a citizen. The challenge is to hold your own when confronted with the ‘sharp edge’ of the sword so to speak. But cops don’t do a thing, they are after all just tools for the law(s). When you talk with detectives and more senior investigators it’s a whole different story. The street cop / beat cop is often a rookie. The legislature and courts are where you want to be in case troubles arise. Not cops. That is the sharp, armed, angry, frontline edge. Be kind and gentle, polite etc. But never weaver. Great video, RSS’t the PfT site with feedly

  1. As we know, the system that underlies our society basically works by doling out punishment for dissent and reward for cooperation from the top of the pyramid to the bottom.

    Maybe this whole NWO Davos-Scheme is a test ballot for our ‘leaders’ to check how much systemic enslavement (and punishment instead of rewards) we ‘normal people’ can stomach before too much of the system gets endangered by widespread violence. In that case, we are in the midst of the negotiations and it does not look too well for our party so far…

    • Interesting idea and quite possibly not far from the truth. In the early days of Covid-1984 I considered the possibility that it might be a dry run for when a real pandemic comes along – it was clear to me that it wasn’t what we were being told – but the devastation left in the wake of this ‘practice session’ changed my mind fairly early on. Too many people have suffered and died. Not from the virus of course, but from the myriad other effects that lockdowns have caused. I feel that we are being tested though to see how much we will take. It won’t be too long before some scientist or other suggests walking backwards can reduce the likelihood of catching the virus and then getting together with their mates and laughing at CCTV footage of people doing exactly that – whilst queuing for their fertility treatment; sorry I mean vaccination. ?

  2. I very much applaud the non-compliance that Dan has shown here. And that’s the easy part of it …
    It is very hard do do it oneself! It does take courage! Please be aware that it certainly is a terryfing situation, and it does require real courage to prevail.

    So, the lesson to be learned is
    1) be aware that you will always be scared
    2) be aware that it takes courage not to cower
    3) in order to be courageous on must be determined
    4) in order to be determined on needs to accept that on IS GOING TO BE hurt

    There is no fight with no injuries.

    • Indeed, one must accept the possibility of injury and even death depending on the country. Some countries have military that wouldn’t hesitate to kill civilians.

      At a certain point, people either want their freedom or chose to live as slaves. If you think about it people pay for their own enslavement via taxes that pay for the police and military.

      Canadians should refuse to pay their taxes, like Americans should. Mass non compliance could work. We are funding our own demise, but it’s hard to stop funding it because most people have a regular job and that’s how the eat and feed their families.

      • Chomsky tried to organize people not to pay taxes in the 1960’s and it did not work. Nor will it.

        The IRS can make your life worse than any police officer, save murder.

        What the video should provide evidence for: is that divided we stand as one, only united can we hope to stave any of this.

  3. I made a mistake in my previous post. Even though physical violence might be a result of the test ballot, the system is not endangered by violence. Violence is in fact in support of the system, whether it is directed against it or not. What endangers the system is people waking up and seeing the system for what it is and then refuse to cooperate non-violently.

    • This depends on if people are watching. This wasn’t the case in Nazi Germany where people were shipped off to camps, they went non-violently to their deaths.

      Similarly, countries who disarm themselves are easily bombed into the stone age. It’s a mistake to disarm oneself or be unwilling to fight for ones freedom with violence.

      People are deterred by violence or people who are willing to fight back. Of course, non violent resistance and non compliances (particularly economic non compliance are also very useful).

      If you compare the lockdowns in France versus the US or in other European countries where the population is disarmed, who has the most restrictions?

      I speculate that the police does not want to mess with militias here in the US. Just my opinion, and I may be wrong, but I think the fact that Americans have the means to defend themselves serves as a little bit of a deterrent. That’s why they want to take our guns away, once that happens no amount of non violence resistance will help.

      • I want to also say that talking to people and trying to reach out from one human being to another with respectful non violent communication, as demonstrated in this video is where people should start.

        Many people who work as police are just collecting a pay check like most other people who work a daily grind.

        I don’t mean to say that starting out violently is appropriate. It’s good to try to reach people’s hearts and minds first, but there are some people who can’t be reached. You’ll be able to tell the difference between a normal person and a psychopath pretty quickly. The psychopathic people and those who would kill others because they are just following orders are dangerous and defending oneself against those people is a basic right.

        When I was a kid, I tried to befriend the bullies who were harassing me, but it didn’t work. When I stood up for myself and actually fought back, with violence, the bullying stopped. In short, context matters.

        • Dogstar

          Sadly thats not true, bullies are quite often pretty good at both. If you try to dish out aggression to a cop when he is bullying you the odds are in his favor 9 times out of ten.

          If he is an effective cop he would much rather just bully or trick you into compliance then whack you upside the head or shoot you but unless you have a media machine to canonize you the vast majority of people will support the POLICE over you in almost any physical encounter

          The cop looses support if he is unreasonable or super aggressive… and while they say they dont care not even most cops want to look like ass’s

        • The violence is being perpetrated by the system night and day.

          Those who think they can resist the State with individual acts of violence will feed right into the system of violence.

  4. I had my own little experience of non-compliance already in july 2020. I refused to wear a mask in the train. The railway police came and ordered me to wear a mask or to leave the train at the next stop, which I refused as well. They said, if I do not leave the train, they will report my offense to the authorities. When they had my personal data they left.
    Next thing I got was some form sent home for me to explain why I did not comply and whether I do confirm and admit to have been non-compliant, and some more intimidating humdrum. I refused to answer any of these question and gave them the address of a lawyer instead.
    The lawyer contacted them and said that a judge is the right person to decide about the case, not the police. A few months later, a fine amounting to 300 Dollars (well… Swiss francs actually) arrived. Then I waited abit too long and missed the deadline to lawfully object to this fine. So in the end I just paid the fine, which maybe was a mistake.

    Anyway, for me it was ‘mission accomplished’, because the reason in the first place for me to do this, was so I would in the end have an official paper in my hand which shows that I did my part form the very beginning, while most others just kept their mouth shut and went on to look the other way.

    It was a bit anti-climatic though, since I expected them to throw me out of the train using physical force (like in the TV). I was a bit disappointed that they did not do that.
    Too many witnesses I guess…

    • I am fortunate in many ways. I live in Florida, I am older and people just seem to know to ignore me. I work for myself and my clientele generally tend to be of the independent minded sort. The business had a better year in 2020 than any year in a decade. So it has been rather easy for me to not only refuse to comply with any of the edicts, local or otherwise. But to vociferously oppose them at every opportunity. I posted a sign on the door asking politely that masks not be worn and even made a post somewhere on my Google page. I‘’ve not worn a mask yet for any reason other than what they are intended for. Grinding or other really dusty work.
      I gave up flying after they decided to treat everyone like a criminal. Don’t attend large venues for the same reason.

      The morons have no power over me. They have nothing to coerce me with or to threaten me with.

      • Good for you! I loved the sign asking for masks not to be worn.

        I had a wonderful trip to the US back in 1992. It is a beautiful country. But, I had to transit through the US to a work trip to Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica in around 2004. They took my finger prints and scanned by eyes. It was at this point I concluded: no more trips to the US.

        Funny story. On that trip it was only at the poorest University in the poorest country that I was able to connect the University to the GEANT (Internet 2) network. I was literally sitting with the students at the outdoor “canteen” reading a book on Border Gateway Protocol and then sitting with the Uni’s top network operator in his office modifying their gateway router to get this done.

        In all the “rich” countries it was politics which stopped any progress!

    • padraig’s 3 minute video

      ”…Where have you been today? Have you been here all day or have you been out and about a little bit? I’m asking the questions! Where have you been today?… …Are you drunk? Why are you slurring your words today?…or have you been out to the bar today?… …I investigate corrupt officials so I’m wondering where have you been today. Have you been here all day or have you been out at the bar?…
      Have you used any drugs today? …
      Does he usually drink on the job?…
      Have you guys ever breathalyzed him while he’s been on the job? Would you submit to a breathalyzer for me right now?…
      …Get your butt back in your office and do your job!….

  5. We need to learn to fall in love with the word NO!

    • A few notes.

      Depending on the state, one has a certain chance to run into a militarized mind shot order follower, turned police enforcer. Many of these guys will know very well how to escalate any situation. If things start getting heated, I’d say we better stick to the old maxim: do not talk to police.

      Also, cameras help a lot, probably a good idea to have them on a visible place so that they can’t overlook them. Order followers, for some reason, typically don’t like cameras.

      James references nazis being invoked in a viral video, based on which I assume he’s talking about the situation pastor Pawlowski was involed in, wait for it, Alberta. My assessment of that situation is that he was escalating because the order follower were not complying when he was casting them out of the church. That’s a very much different situation than this one. Also one for which the pastor paid and continues to pay quite dearly. He’s supposed to appear in court, I believe on Thursday.

      Apparently another pastor, Tim Stephens was arrested and supposedly jailed for 30 days because he dared holding a service. Again, this happened in, wait for it, Alberta. Reportedly, Stephens is the third pastor to be arrested in Alberta.

      I’m not much of a religious nut myself and don’t think that greatly of religion, but the freedom to believe whatever is one of the central tenets of being a free human being.

      • There is an old saying “dont steal..the Government hates competition” that you see applies to religion too as they try to put God out of business.

        A government that wants to BE GOD cant allow anyone to follow any other god, hence the very public arrests to try and make others afraid

    • mkey says:
      We need to learn to fall in love with the word NO!

  6. I think it certainly does facilitate a “happy ending”. People behave differently when they know others are watching. These police officers also seemed relatively polite, not every police officer will be that polite.

    I would strongly recommend cameras when dealing with police encounters. People have to say no though and practice saying no. A polite no often goes a long way.

    • That is why England has 7.5 cameras per 100 people. The US is second and China right behind.

      Yes,people behave differently when watched and monitored.

      That is the purpose of a surveillance state.

      That we now have to assure we have cameras to protect us from the police points directly at the steady collapse.

  7. I agree that it is essential to challenge all attempts to take away our civil and human rights. I would love to follow Dan’s example, but I think it is necessary to do it with backup–a lawyer on call, someone who can follow in a second car, and of course several cameras and microphones. I don’t think people should go off on their own and do this with no witnesses and no legal representation. I don’t know how to get together with other people to do this. In the past I have signed up with a group that was already organized, but just to march, not to do civil disobedience. I am very willing to sign up for civil disobedience–in full knowledge that I might spend some time in jail. However, those who traditionally organize such things are on board with all the restrictions. Disgusting!

    • There are no individual solutions to social and economic crisis.

      One should always have a witness that is not a family member when suspecting they might engage in this activity.

      You are right about having a para-legal or lawyer accompany one.

      As to organizing, this will be a challenge going forward for the history of organized struggle has been hidden if not erased.

      • Weilunion

        “..There are no individual solutions to social and economic crisis…”

        I disagree… there are NO solutions to social and economic problems that DO NOT START with the individual and the family.

        I dont care how good the system is, it will fail fast if populated by people who can not rule themselves. Those kind of people will always be slaves

        • Let me paraphrase what you said, “ALL SOLUTIONS START with the individual and the family”.

          Why would that statement contradict what I said or what Weilunion said? You can try challenging cops at checkpoints by yourself. No one will know what you did. It will be a tiny ripple on a flat sea. OR you can join with other individuals who want to do the same thing and come up with plans and organize to protect yourselves and get the message out. The question is, Who is In Control? Is it the party bosses, or is it you and your local group? I prefer the local group. Then you get together with local groups from other regions and coordinate the same challenge or other challenges. Unfortunately, the larger it gets, the more central control is needed and down that path lies government and oligarchs. If you don’t opt for some kind of central control, your challenge remains localized–a problem that anarchists have faced since the Paris Commune. Know your history and try to understand resistance to authority in all the forms it has taken in the past. If you know the pitfalls encountered by slaves and nonslaves you and your family will be much better off when the SHTF. Know what worked and what failed in the past and then you, your family, your friends and neighbors can make waves that will sink the ships that need sinking.

  8. They aren’t allowed to give people medicine without consent especially a research drug like the Covid-19 mRNA injection. But you never know and this is why I have guns. I would probably die in a gunfight but they wouldn’t come out unscathed.

  9. Hi James, this is my first time leaving a message on your website. Thank you for all your meticulous work. I only found your information last year, wish I had discovered it earlier. I always knew there was something not quite right in our world, and your investigative work has shown me the way essentially on what we are really up against.

    As a fellow Canadian living in probably the most sound asleep province – Nova Scotia, the escalation of tyranny here is astounding. A sudden surge in cases prompted us to enter a province wide lockdown at the end of April, and within two weeks our overlord, I mean premier (unelected btw), has stopped none Nova Scotian Canadians from moving here (even citizens who have purchased properties in NS), fined residents for travelling outside of their county, fined at least one church and its attendees, started requiring Nova Scotians (including essential workers) to apply to return to their home province, and the day before World Freedom Rally on May 15th, acquired an unconstitutional injunction and threatened the organizers from promoting any protest.

    As I was contemplating on moving back to my country of birth, Taiwan, touted as the model nation for combating Covid 1984. A sudden surge in cases from community spread for the first time has sent my fellow Taiwanese into a frenzy. The restrictions have moved up to level three in our most populous cities in the north, where face masks are required at all time outside one’s home, with a fine of up to $500 CAD for none compliance. Additionally, contact tracing is now required in most stores and malls in these northern cities, where customers have to write down actual contact information or scan a QR code on their phones. This was done in the beginning of 2020 for travellers from Wuhan to Taiwan. Since it appeared to have worked so well, few if any Taiwanese dare to defy these measures. (Should I mention our digital minister, Audrey Tang (or Feng Tang), is responsible for the development and implementation of the tract and tracing APP last year in Taiwan, who the western media praised as a genius, appears to be a partner or member of WEF) I fear my fellow Taiwanese will be even harder to wake up than my fellow Nova Scotians or Maritimers in general T^T

    • vickyut,
      Thanks for the brief about these two areas of the globe.
      I appreciate it.

  10. Will work for a week until everyone kicks them out.
    They are not allowed to enforce an experiment.
    They break the Nuremberg code already by pushing it on people.
    Is it legal to shoot them in self-defense? It is Texas after all.

    But they will be raising the cases again with those injections.
    (Most people for “covid” in hospitals are vaccinated)
    Because it removes the immunity from immune people.
    And they will blame the free people for it.

  11. westernCivic

    The Catholics got Hollywood to follow the hayes code for a long time by refusing to buy their stuff… we need to stop buying stuff or entertainment off people that hate humans

  12. I will add my kudos to Dan Dicks for standing his ground and not giving in to police pressure.

    It takes a certain personality to pull something like this off successfully.

    I am very much like Dan and would have refused to cooperate with the cops.
    There was a very slight touch of belligerence in Dan’s initial tone.
    I can rebel staying as calm as can be and police appreciate it when you are non-confrontational.

    As has been said, be firm, be assertive but also try to stay as calm as you possibly can.

    I view all of these seat-of-the-pants bogus ‘laws’ from dictators to be null and void and would always treat them as such.

    Locally I don’t comply with face mask, social distancing or lock down measures.
    I will never be tested, take any injections nor carry any digital ID/passport.

  13. Twill take Tony’s advise and wait. Probably a bit longer, like 6 to 8 decades.

  14. I appreciate Mr. Corbett showcasing this Dan Dicks scenario.
    Dan is tenacious. He just keeps at it. For years. You gotta love the guy. I like his white dog too.

    In CONTRAST to Canuck Authoritarian Nazi-style Kookiness…
    TEXAS OUTLAWS MASKS and other cool stuff…
    …Texas government entities are no longer allowed to mandate masks, Gov. Greg Abbott announced in an executive order on Tuesday, May 18th.
    The restriction precludes counties, cities, school districts, public health authorities and government officials from requiring mask-wearing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic…no student, teacher or parent will be required to wear a mask in public schools beginning June 4…

    Government entities that don’t adhere to this new restriction will be subject to a $1,000 fine.

    Because we Texans like to brag…The Governor tweeted this on May 16th…
    * 0 Covid related deaths–the only time that’s happened since data was tracked in March, 2020.
    * the fewest Covid cases in over 13 months
    * the lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate ever
    * the lowest Covid hospitalizations in 11 months.

    A month or so ago, Dallas Dr. Peter McCullough testified in the Texas Senate and told the truth about Ivermectin, HCQ, and other things…and the needless deaths. Things started changing quickly.

    I have this fantasy of a Texas style group video mocking Canadian Authorities each by name, with a New Zealand Haka zest and a turn-about “Kiss My Ass” at the end.

  15. catie,
    Good post on Dallas Deep Ellum (Restaurants and Bars area…nightlife).
    Brock West had a Twitter post about it.

  16. Great job !

    If things get to this point in the U.S. , I would also ask the officers if they are asking themselves why they are trying to enforce such laws and if they truly believe in what they are doing supporting a police state? Ask if they are a military veteran and if they served to support another U.S.S.R.? Getting those involved to start questioning their own actions is a powerful weapon for change and the truth.

    ___ Andrew ___

    • Very good point as well Andrew.

  17. Absolutely astounding what is going on in Canada. I live in Florida and have never ever traveled very much even before Covid, so I am not noticing any restrictions here. I wish I could help more in a “hands on” way by challenging these tyrannical restrictions. I did refuse jury duty and left a doctors office due to mask policy.
    I never wear a mask here in Florida. Great work as always from James and Dan.

  18. My friend who lives near Vancouver sent me this:

    We have travel restrictions currently in place and a friend of mine said a cop sent this to her and told her to say this: “I am out here because the Charter of Rights, our Foundational Law, indicates the Right to Travel free of harassment and applies to all Canadians. Your Oath and the Police Services Act agree. The Charter also gives me the right to remain silent.”

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