#NotMyPresident? #DrainTheSwamp? The REAL Revolution Is Already Here

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So you say you want a revolution? Well don’t worry, it’s already happening and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the political game that the ruling oligarchs entice you to play once every four years. As the radical decentralization transforms the economy and finance and manufacturing and the media itself, the only question is whether or not you’re taking part in it. Yes, the revolution is happening, and no, it will not be televised.

Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Solutions: 3D Printing

Anarchy in Action: Spontaneous Order

Dear Government, Deliver Us From Freedom

P2P Solutions: An Open Source Investigation

Solutions: Freedom Cells

Solutions: Agorism

Solutions: Make Your Own Media


  1. Trump usurped the anti-establishment movement = 3D printing will save us???

    You’re an anarchist James? So, I’m assuming you don’t pay rent or taxes then?
    You don’t use public transportation either? You grow your own food? You live off the grid?

    Not sure I’m following what you’re saying here.

    There’s a revolution happening based on technological advances, much like how the invention of gutenberg press led to the age of enlightenment, right? Ok, I get that, but how does disenfranchisement relate to a new era of monetary policy and politics?

    • The revolution that is occurring is the rapid obsolescence of government in the face of technology and markets. Government is outdated, and technology could and should eventually take over much of the bureaucracy that hinders our advancement as a civil, voluntary society. Markets change so rapidly now that government intervention can be plainly seen as having a negative impact on the lives of everyone.

      The internet alone has loosened the stranglehold that the media had on information exchange. The rockefeller/rothschild elite were able to buy all newspapers and tv news outlets, but they can’t possibly wrangle in the distribution of information on the internet.

      Even the NY Times, one of the original oligarch-owned newspapers in America is whining about the fact that they have lost their monopoly on truth:


      Naturally they spin it like anyone who believes anything on the internet that is contrary to their narrative of events is insane, but we know better.

      We have to keep pushing these ideas forward and working towards outmoding government in every way. I work in software, and would love to some day write applications that replace government bureaucracies. Just think of how many useless government jobs could be replaced with code. How many senseless tasks performed by government employees who collect better than market benefits and pensions paid for by the productive class through taxation and funny money could be automated.

      So mock the ideas all you want, and you’ll only be part of the problem, but the revolution will roll on without you.

      • I’m not mocking at all, I’m simply asking legitimate questions.

        In other words show me how you do it! How can we not pay rent or taxes to governments, whether it be municipal, Provincial or Federal?

        How can we not use public transportation or trains, planes and automobiles on tax paid roads?

        Grow my own food…no problem, that I can do, but since I live in Canada, climate here is temperate, so I enjoy being able to buy fresh strawberries in January at my local grocery store at a good price (ie transportation).

        • How does paying taxes put strawberries in the store? You don’t think that if we didn’t pay taxes, roads just wouldn’t be built? You don’t think that the mutual benefit of having roads to get workers to their jobs, to get strawberries to your shelves wouldn’t compel private entities to coordinate efforts to build roads? Not only build them, but build them more efficiently.

          Its very easy to sit there and say you can’t change the system because taxes and roads…

          Taxes don’t grow food, build roads, provide for your family, or do anything even remotely productive but feed a juggernaut of power hungry control-freaks who might just throw you an inefficiently built over-priced road built through the transfer of wealth if you toe the line. Taxes and government also aren’t required to have a currency that enables easy exchange of goods and services. A free market allows competing currencies and methods of exchange.

          People could do all of these things without the need for a government that rules over us, invades our privacy, transfers our labor to the wealthy elite and converts it into violent oppression of foreign nations. But god forbid we think it out and try to do it outside the government monopolies, that would require active participation that goes beyond watching 30-75% of our paychecks disappear each pay period. Its an uphill battle since society as a whole has a gun to its collective head in the form of the state. We passively allow our lives to be dictated by self-appointed masters. We need to take back control of our own lives and there needs to be a massive rejection of the state and its machinations.

          Its not to say that under government we don’t accomplish anything. In spite of corruption and a heavily flawed system, we have built civilization together. It can still be credited more to spontaneous order and cooperation than our system of government.

          I don’t have a concrete answer for ‘how we do it’. No one is going to hand that to me, or to you, we have to figure it out on our own. We have to fight against a constantly growing state and ever dwindling freedom, and wherever we can, replace bureaucracy with free market solutions. Corruption has grown gradually, over a very long period of time, and it will take just as long or longer to eradicate it and rebuild, and we have to start somewhere, and chip away and rebuild one piece at a time. No magic wands.

          • L., you are unduly pessimistic. you said that: “No one is going to hand that to me, or to you, we have to figure it out on our own. We have to fight against a constantly growing state and ever dwindling freedom.”

            1. You do NOT have to figure it out on your own. You have company and inchoate friends everywhere, such as on this blog site.

            2. Walking away is a step by step process. Each little step of using technology and what is around you is a victory on the journey. Going Galt is not a simple thing like boarding an airplane to Colorado. Each day you are presented with opportunities to go down the path. Get rid of the smart phone, throw the TV into the trash, collect at least some rainwater falling outside your window. Build a potato tower. Add a layer of insulation to your hot water heater buy a solar panel and an electrical box to connect and provide PART of your hot water with your own sunshine from your existing place. etc

            3. Dont fight the state. You DONT have to fight and SHOULD NOT fight. The state will never figure out your little steps of walking away but each such step is a little F*** U to the system and is the most effective protest of all.


            • Thanks for mentioning potato towers, I newer heard of that method and I find it fascinating. There’s a zillion ways to do stuff like that.

          • “How does paying taxes put strawberries in the store? You don’t think that if we didn’t pay taxes, roads just wouldn’t be built?”

            — When we go to the pumps and fill up our cars with gasoline, a percentage is taxed, and that gas tax goes directly towards paying for our roads. It’s either that, or we’d have to pay individuals a toll in order to traverse their private roads on their land, and we’d be subject to price gouging by individuals that would be immune to prosecution since it their land and they could charge whatever they wanted, in fact, they could even be racist if they wanted to and charge blacks twice as much, and that too would be legal.

            As far as strawberries, or any fresh fruit/vegetable or fish/meat, roads and refrigeration are needed to transport to market these goods all over the world within hours of being cultivated.

            Where I live, our growing season is from May/June until Aug/Sept, that’s it. During the Fall, Spring and Winter months we get our lettuce or our greens from places as far away as California, fresh clams from Indonesia, strawberries from Mexico etc…

            In other words, in order to maintain a balance diet year round, which is imperative to our health, we need highways, railroads and planes to bring these foods to market.


            You said “private entities to coordinate efforts to build roads?”

            –For small countries like Cuba, that may be possible, however for super states like the US or the EU, absolutely impossible without government.

            Railroads as we know them wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the Federal government and/or robber barons. First, they made sure the industry was standardize. Tracks were to be a certain width, bridges a certain height etc…which led to the first transcontinental railroad, which then led to standard time.

            Otherwise, each state would have had different track widths, meaning we would have had to switch trains every time we crossed state lines, not very practical and time consuming, and each city would have had local time based on the sun at high noon.

            Not sure if some of you guys have thought this through, but we live in an extremely complex world.

  2. Why are you saying internet and blockchain have been brought to us by “them?”

    These guys may control the hardware (which is very decentralized,) but they do not control the internet. Hopefully the internet in the future will lose this last bit which is in its way to complete freedom. Networking is very affordable and given peer to peer web technologies already exist I can imagine complete decentralization in relatively near future. Of course it won’t be easy to lay some new cable lines all across the globe, but on a more local scale you could partially replace the internet in matter of days.

    Imagine having a smaller town of about 10 thousand souls. It would be pretty cheap and efficient to establish a local area network in which, thanks to various free software, one could have decentralized sites ran by locals, social networks, media and whatnot. This network of a few thousands computers could support its blockchain which would allow for trading in locally available currency. Provided you manage to gather various people from all faces of life, there isn’t much that would be out of reach.

    The state could basically do f*ckall about these activities, they’d practically have to invade the place and burn it with fire, hoping nobody catches on to endless possibilities which show themselves when things are (at least being attempted to) done right.

    Things can be done differently but we have to realize the jail from which we’re trying to escape is in our minds.

    • I must say that I am in line with nosoapradio on this thread, but appreciate mkey’s vision on the matter.

      When it comes to cryptocurrency, the internet, and decentralized networks, we must keep in mind some critical factors. 1) Computers access the internet by IP address which is a scope provided by ICANN (IETF, etc.). 2) The Internet operates over Telecom channels (Wired/Wireless). At some point, it will be possible for these factors to become corrupted as with anything. With ICANN foregoing it’s contract with the US Government, there is certainly some uncertainty with the direction of ICANN and it’s policies.

      I sense that TPTSB (The Powers That Be?) already have mapped out complete control of the Internet. I sense that much progression of the world is quite mapped out. We are only going along with the illusion that we are contributing members toward the direction of our states.

      Anarchism is quite ideal, but unrealistic when you think about global trade. Perhaps people will eventually want to reel back their lives from this technocracy, but I doubt that is even a consideration for most.

      You simply cannot have all of the benefits of a corrupted state without the corruption. And this might be quite outlandish to hear, but the Internet and much, if not all, of technology is the result of our corrupted state. Essentially all progress is made by drawing resources from the public to pursue advances that initially we don’t prefer (gmo…?) or even don’t know about (military created internet).

      If we want to expect that creating further advances in technology backed by ideological systems such as decentralized networks and cryptocurrency will create a better world. Think again.

      We are on the verge of something very dangerous no matter what. And sadly to say, there’s no turning back or turning away. It seems history tells the same story, so I welcome Shiva without shame.

    • Firstly, thanks for mentioning Songdo, I’ll look more into that. There are a few similar cities that were planned for construction, but I don’t think none of them got near completion. Making bombastic announcements is probably easier than actually building these, I guess.

      I can certainly appreciate your position Nosoapardio, it goes without saying that it wouldn’t be equally easy for all people to dump the current way of living, due to countless considerations. Similarly to everything else, there is no one size fits all solution when discussing about building a better tomorrow.

      Never have I stated nor implied (at least not intentionally) that the “Internet” isn’t “state” controlled, it obviously is. HOWEVER, there isn’t one state that’s controlling it, nor is there one Internet. The point I was convening above is result of the fact hardware which makes up *this* Internet is spread across many jurisdictions. Hence, in the current state of affairs a lot more control will have to be wrought upon us (i.e. quite a lot more globalization) before considerably less freedom can be felt by the users of *this* Internet.

      Currently, certain sites are riddled with censorship and privacy issues, but those aren’t much of an issue anyway from my point of view, since I simply do not use said sites. Or don’t use them to a substantial enough degree, large enough as to impose too much on my freedoms, at least as far as I can sense it. If this or any other government wants to record the exact time when and from which IP address a query for “big hooters” had been “googled” I’m fine with that.

      One thing networks do well is decentralization. I don’t want to repeat myself, I will just reiterate: if a group of people wanted to form their *own* local Internet, no governmental entity could do f*ckall about it. Besides applying violence, of course, which would be met by fierce resistance since free people are ready to fight for their freedom.

      The only important thing to take away from all of this is: there isn’t such a thing as one Internet.

      I wouldn’t put various web technologies in the same basket with TV and radio. The later two are primarily propaganda machines, the www is so much more.

      Regarding the 80% sheeple figure, I have two things to say about that:
      1. the real figure is probably closer to 90% than it is to 80%
      2. I don’t give a rats ass about the sheeple

      If people (and that’s one big if) ever choose to start thinking with their own heads on a wholesale level, it’s going to be one very explosive moment since most of them haven’t had one even remotely original thought for the entirety of their lives. I do not know many people in real life whom are intellectually and emotionally strong enough to cope with the reality of the situation. I’d be prepared to drag along some of my family and friends, but as far as the rest of them goes, I’m not ashamed to say, they aren’t my problem and I do not care about them. The writing is on the wall.

      Allow me to elaborate a bit on this statement.

      Currently, the situation is such that over half of my “earnings” are taken by the state directly through layers upon layers of taxation. They would love to take even more, like a nice tax from my unreported income, but I’m keeping that nicely tucked away. State has its way of making economical activity illegal or impossible while the sheeple look the other way, *believing* the economy will get better instead of looking at the core reasons of why it isn’t working.

      Some aspects of the social state are OK in my book, however when I think about how I have to work over 6 months per year so that an ever growing state apparatus can continue to thrive, my blood boils.

      About 7% of my co-nationals are state employed. When taking account of their families and cohorts, we arrive to about 20-25% of total population, people who are taking massive chunks out of everything I manage to earn, providing very little, if anything, in return. Lets add another 25% of population consisting in pensioners, whom have been robbed over and over again of their savings and pensions, which lands us on a cool 50% of population whom are expecting the other 50% (many of whom are work incapable) to support them.

      I won’t derail this topic any further, I’ll just state the obvious: if one needs to ween 50% of population from the succulent state titty, how is a revolution (to any extent imaginable) possible? It simply isn’t. People are willing to go along with the lie because it’s the easy thing to do. So if there’s some solution that doesn’t fit well with 80%, that’s fine with me since I plan to be among the 20% whom are ready to adapt.

      The struggle against the state is actually a struggle against its people. That’s why its so damn hard.

      • “Then, one year, nobody asked for my blessing and the handprint was done without even a mention or anyone so much as lifting an eyebrow.”

        Stuff like this usually occurs when state resorts to unlawful behavior. Do you remember back when the house voted and rejected the bailout in 2008? These guys firstly follow the rule of law and if that backfires they simply do what they wanted to do in the first place. Kudos to them.

  3. You are absolutely right. I have been working on this a few years in rural Japan and it is surprising how many in the Japanese countryside intuitively know this. I left my K Street office and obtained land in a small island in Japan to pursue small resilient community development. But in a way, the best future as you point out, is an Edo period, baesd on high technology. Because of Japan’s history, Japan may well be the best place to pursue a devolved future free of control by the old paradigm. It is amazing how much more freedom and resources are available in rural Japan compared to an American area.

    I have a local electricity DIY local grid technology that I am building out to make electricity available to others at the community level. Our home is described at http://www.yugeshima.com

    The revolution is potentiated by the internet and many technologies that obviate the old systems of nation states. The old system does not understand and should fade away into irrelevance at the individual level, but only to the extent a person gets a skill and contributes to a small community. Unfortunately however, 95% or so of the people will never get it and the old cities and old national governments will continue to extort and racketeer their way into a prolonged and smoldering dark age future. Only a few will “get it” and form happy, productive communities in an analogous manner as monasteries formed during the dark ages after Rome fell. Most people fell along with Rome and this is very analogous. The future is not all peaches and cream and unicorns, particularly since most people refuse to hear or understand this truth that you present.

    Because of this, small communities need to form in rural areas unmolested by the burning and imploding nation state. Most people will not understand or believe that this paradigm shift is happening, will not get a skill but instead learn a contrived reality game (economics, art history, political science etc) in college to deal with reality and be led around by the elite manipulations of the virtual reality world via their media. It is best not to push too hard to disturb their slumber and narcotic like delirium as they clutch onto their retirement contracts, their investment paper contracts, their vapid college degrees, their political “we great, they bad” Hegelian convictions, connectivity to (and control by) the old elite via their smarter phones, elite control via the internet of all things, control by food stamp vending and electronic monitoring and control of their electronic fiat money.

    I think that a defensive posture of secure communications among small 150 max member groups should be a necessary component in view of the above, but I am too busy to handle that part. I am focusing on energy and need to cooperate with others in that area and welcome communications.

    best regards

    • Marvin,
      I enjoyed looking at your website!! http://www.yugeshima.com

      You might be interested in making alcohol…for a fuel.
      It can be made from seaweed, cattails, or old baked goods, or any number of things very cheaply. There are always indigenous plants which can be used. And the remnants of alcohol can be used to fertilize plants, feed fish and livestock, as natural pest control, etc.

      An anecdote which is currently being done on a large and also a small scale:
      During the distillation process of alcohol production CO2 is given off. This can be fed into a greenhouse to accelerate the growth of plants and to also kill off the bugs. (Note: Greenhouses sometimes will purchase a CO2 machine for this purpose.) The mash left over from the alcohol production can be fed to fish, which in turn can be sold commercially. The fish poop can be used to fertilize the greenhouse plants.

      Example with livestock

    • Thanks for your links guys, I’m ecstatic.

  4. Anarchism sounds ideal, but only in local communities not prone to the state. I don’t think we can defeat the beast unless perhaps we come up with the NWD (New World Disorder). Let’s see… Test #1 Justice for the Anarchist in the NWD. Johnnie kills a man that nobody knows. Someone finds the body, doesn’t recognize the body, so goes on his anarchist way just as well as anyone else. Interested parties become apparent when the body begins to stink. Those people bury the body. Johnnie kills a few other people. I suppose it doesn’t matter until he kills the wrong person. And when he does kill the wrong person (someone who a bunch of people care about), he is dealt with by those interested parties and parties interested with their case. I’m supposing they’ll just hunt down johnnie after they have conclusively determined that he is guilty. perhaps they will give him an option to testify before a chinese monkey. it’s really up to them. perhaps johnnie will have a friend who thinks he is not guilty (even though johnnie lied to him about it) and the friend will defend him to the end. ultimately, the friend couldn’t come to reason with the interested parties of the death, so the friend took justice upon himself to resolve the issue. NOTE – the same storyline took place in the NWO democracy as well. So, go about your way. Nothing to see here. We might all come to the same end no matter what. However, those that are usurped by the good spirits may find otherwise. NOTE 2 – This comment is purely hypothetical about anarchism and doesn’t necesarilly reflect my own views on the matter (as if I had any particulars anyway). I’m interested to hear anyone’s thoughts about Anarchist Justice… law of the land?

    • This is an area myself I have pondered quite a bit. When evil acts occur (and they will), who will be held responsible and by whom? What if person held responsible has a family that doesn’t care about the crimes he committed and are willing to fight over it? That’s how old time family feuds began. How does volunteerism account for this? This is a genuine question/inquiry, not just negative nay saying.

  5. vumxmx, well said, and I completely agree 100%.

    Let me add this, I’m not here to take away from James great work at the CorbettReport, the work on this site is amazing, furthermore I believe everybody should continue to strive for self-sufficiency and become as independent as possible, and it starts with off the grid energy, whether its solar or whatever.

    The system is obviously broken, no doubt about it. More and more people have become disenfranchised with our legal system, our political system, our education system..you name it, the working class can no longer make ends meet while millionaires are now becoming billionaires, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix it.

    9/11 and the Internet are the catalyst that help our awakening and brought us together. A revolution is currently taking shape, a sort of age of enlightenment v2.0. This is a great opportunity to usurp the usurpers, however “Anarchism” isn’t the answer. Anarchism will just isolate us even more from society and make us easy pickin’s.

  6. Mohawk,
    You are absolutely correct about the term “anarchism”.
    A new nomenclature needs to be devised which is more inviting towards the uninformed and which tends to have in itself an easily grasped concept… “People Power” or “Independency” or whatever. “Voluntaryism” and “Agorism” are fine, except the nomenclature in itself doesn’t relay the concept well.(i.e. A person has to research and study what the terms mean, just like the term “anarchism”.)

    Marketing is a valid technology. It is part of communicating ideas.
    Having a well positioned, easily understood nomenclature for “the new revolution” concepts will help in spreading the revolution.

    Example: When it comes to hamburgers, we all get an idea of what a “Whopper” might be. However, I think a term like “Bust-a-gut” burger would be dubious.

  7. https://www.corbettreport.com/notmypresident-draintheswamp-the-real-revolution-is-already-here/
    The REAL Revolution Is Already Here by James Corbett

    …”There is an anti-establishment revolution going on. An yes, maybe one of the symptoms of that is what we saw with Brexit or what we saw with the election of Trump.
    There is something taking place which is seen as a sea-change in politics. But it is not about politics.
    There is an anti-establishment mood in the air THAT IS ALREADY HAPPENING.
    There is already a Movement that is taking place. And it has nothing to do with the politics itself. That is the symptom, not the cause of what is happening right now.
    What is happening right now is the radical decentralization of everything.
    And that decentralization renders the political system itself moot.
    It doesn’t matter who presumes to be “In Charge” of the country or the world if that world is a self-organizing, spontaneously organizing system of free anarchical* relations between individual human beings.
    And those free individual associations are being empowered in ways that would have been unthinkable even 10 or 20 years ago….”

    * Anarchism
    Anarchism is a “decentralization of state control” philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions and interactions; the elimination of the state in favor of individual sovereignty, private property, and open markets, and with a revolutionary form of free-market that focuses on employing counter-economic activity to undermine the centralized control of the state.

    (Reminds me of what we tried to do in the 60’s… “Power to the People”)


    What is life? Life is self-replicating chemistry that competes for finite resources of space, energy and time. Human beings are the relatively complicated temporary vehicles of transmission for our selfish genes. It is an error to ascribe selfish competitiveness as an especially “human nature”, for competition is the nature of life itself.

    – individuals are temporary
    – we have become conscious of our mortallity
    – consciousness requires an appreciation of the concept of time
    – life and competition are inseparable

    Pecking orders are an evolutionary inevitability for social organisms that have achieved consciousness; so too, therefore, are these power systems that so offend. After the existing social power structure is inevitably overthrown another one will creep in to replace it. These systems will continue to come and go in steady flux. Only change is constant; there can be no steady state. We are frightened by the unknown and we live in uncertain times.

    The guy with the biggest mouth and the confidence to shoot it off will rise to the top of the myriad pyramids of our social structures. There they will remain until somebody with a bigger mouth dethrones them.

    (It wasn’t my intention to serve James a back handed compliment but here we are.)

    These struggles are inevitable if competition for finite resources amongst sentient beings is the name of the game.

  9. This kind of thinking is just one of the obstacles that will be surmounted along the way.

    • mkey,

      I fear it may be THE obstacle.

      The Problem acknowledged, the Reaction granted…. it is the inevitable United Nations “Solution” that I watch carefully for and reject vehemently.

      That James is not censoring us lends him a tremendous amount of credibility.

      • Conflicting thought is to be embraced, not shun. I think James understands that perfectly.

        A proper alt media site bent on censorship would shut down faster than you can say kibble. Or it would turn into likes of infowars claptrap.

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