November Open Thread 2022

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Alright, you know the drill by now (or maybe you don’t!): it’s the first weekend of the month, so it’s time to open the monthly open thread.

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Or perhaps this is all a moot point as the numerically-predicted end of the world is apparently upon us . . . but for real this time! (Perhaps it can save us from that dreadful bore of a (s)election circus that I’m told is happening in America somewhere.)

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  1. Hey, James! Here’s a question I posted a few times already that I really hope you can provide some further insight on:

    Before the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, CNN reported a heightened risk of “domestic terrorism” and growing threats to “democracy” coinciding with the upcoming midterm elections. We saw the FBI-driven plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer of Michigan for which those individuals were convicted; and now a supposed home invasion of speaker Pelosi’s home that seemingly resulted in serious injury. Aside from boosting their election prospects since they don’t seem to be doing so well, is this attack another intelligence-directed, COINTELPRO terror attack directed at a politician? Could we now see a potential series of plotted attacks against politicians and/or their families for the purposes of furthering the “domestic terrorist” agenda (among other agendas), especially if these attacks result in serious injury to or death of a politician’s loved ones? Are there bills pending legislation aimed at curbing “terrorism” likely to be passed without our awareness, and could this (and other potential attacks/plots) be used as a pretext for overriding Section 230 which indemnifies social media companies from liability for content deemed “harmful” or “dangerous”? Lastly, might this be used to fuel the “pre-crime” agenda which involves screening for mental health to “avert” crimes before they happen?

    • daniellin

      If the attack on Pelosis husband had been planned they would have used a right wing guy rather than a left wing gay prostitute….. lol. I rather think there is damage control rather than a psyop with that case 🙂

      • Dear Duck,

        I don’t know enough about this story, being in South Africa and far away from the action.

        I’m simply asking a few Q’s:

        1. Would a right-wing nutter not just prove their BS thesis and be way too good to be true?
        2. Who says he’s a “left-wing” rent boy – did he quote Biden at climax?
        3. I mean these people aren’t stupid.
        4. If you’re gonna play a public confusion game, then why not dress it up with some subtle queer angle subplot as a much better storyline than the boiler plate Redneck with a Kill Jo hard on?

        Again, I don’t know enough and perhaps I’m missing something.

        A good evening to you from Cape Town.


        • You could be right, but I do not think Pelosi would feel the need to risk the ridicule this generates from people who look up the details of the character….he is quite a picture of Liberal Weirdness.

          They could have blamed it on a ton of other people or groups, they did not even have to “capture” the perpetrator. But in was not invited to the last strategy meeting 😉 so who km knows? Lol

    • I don’t believe the Pelosi attack story for one moment. ‘Where’s Nancy?’ he shouted. Hmm… Surely he would have done a little research on her whereabouts before his once in a lifetime chance at an attempt on her life. Then lets Mr Pelosi go to the bathroom mid-murderous assault. As you do. Even the fact that he managed to get into the house in the first place is questionable. It’s just bollocks. The masses lap this crap up. But why spin this yarn? Was the Capitol attack real? Exactly. In the UK we’ve had the same ‘attacks on our elected representatives’ or have we? No we haven’t. It’s all part of their attempt to shut down free speech because according to them it leads people to attack politicians, abuse children, hate women, tell the truth (whoops no that’s not meant to be in there) etc. The online harms bill is frightening. I sense the shutdown of many of the vehicles for openness and free speech that many of us rely on for our sanity. These ‘Pelosi stories’ just help in speeding it through.

  2. Some here might want to see Neil Oliver’s cogent response to the covidians’ call for amnesty. I don’t know where it’s available other than at

  3. I am listening to the interview now.

    See Corbett’s link at the top with his phrase:
    “Would you like to start a Corbett Report listening club to discuss James Corbett on How to be a Conspiracy Realist?”

  4. Could Elon Musk be the Antichrist that the book of Revelations 13:16-18 refers to? “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six (666).” By using a numeric code for the English alphabet where A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, and so on to Z=156; Example: Computer = 666. Well by using this numeric code, Elon Musk’s Twitter Name of @Elonmusk = 666 (@=A=6 + E=30 + L=72 + o=90 + n=84 + m=78 + u=126 + s=114 + k=66 = 666).

    Recommend viewing: elon:The Ultimate Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by J Wilderness.

    • I think it depends on ones personal beliefs. I think some of these actors are playing on some of these prophecies to perpetuate the idea that our earthly existence doesn’t matter. Regardless of what religious beliefs people have, we all also have an earthly physical existence and this is what I’m most concerned with rather than what might be after we depart the physical world. And so though it’s interesting Elon Musk’s twitter name might be weirdly tied to 666, my inclination is not to find it relevant. But I separate religious beliefs that are based on the unknown from the tangible reality of day to day existence.

      The mark of the beast parallel with the jab and the book of revelation is also interesting, but I find it more infuriating that my liberties were impinged on by monstrous psychopaths. Whatever happens to my soul after I die is something I can’t possibly know. I think psychopathy is a manifestation of the idea of the devil, which is greed and murder and slavery etc.

      • Cu.h.j

        “..physical existence and this is what I’m most concerned with rather than what might be after we depart the physical world…..”

        If you believed that after you die there is a Forever life (good or bad) then the 80 or 90 years your here would be a little less important. I am just pointing out that when people be come pure materialist in their world view they are pretty easy to intimidate or bribe compared to people who think there will be a forever result….that’s why globalists want a flexible religion

        • This might be true for some of these psychopaths, that they don’t believe in anything else and since they have no conscience want to exploit, murder, steal, etc. However, I also think there is value in caring about the here and now and trying to live life to the fullest and lead a life of meaning.

          Since I don’t like to hurt other people and exploit them because I was born with a conscience even if this is the one and only life I have I would still rather be good to others. As far as I remember I have always preferred to be kind rather than cruel. My point is that I think that it is not only materialism or the belief in the physical world being all there is, or even being uncertain. Personally, I don’t know. My intellect tempers my spiritual inclinations to firmly say that I can’t know for a fact what and if there is anything beyond physical death.

          Having said that, I am glad people have different beliefs and inclinations from myself. It’s one of the things that makes human beings so interesting, diversity of thought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

        • @Duck

          but if psychopaths (and their minions) are so adept at using legal loop holes to wreak havoc and implement their racketeering and genocidal schemes would they not just apply that same mentality and strategy to a dogmatic religious belief system (taking advantage of that whole you can beg for forgiveness, repent and get into heaven clause) after engaging in a life of thievery, pillaging, murder and deception?

          In my life experience the Christian girls were the wildest and the baddest and the Christain guys (having a similar tendency but expressing it in different ways) had a tendency to build up pent up guilt, rage, judgmental arrogance and hate until it was expressed in explosive events that were not pretty.

          I tend to lean towards the view that threats of eternal punishment for “bad” behavior are not as effective as showing people demonstrable incentives for “good” behavior (exemplified by living, observable instances and individuals that show all the benefits that “good” behavior can offer rather than trying to threaten them into suppressing their selfish tendencies with fear tactics). The living examples of the benefits of “good” behavior forces people to do the inner work to get to the place where they are capable of embodying that which they want to see in the world around them.

          • Very well stated post Gavinm and I agree with your take. While it’s true that some people are afraid of going to hell or some type of spiritual retribution for bad behavior and it may be incentive to refrain from harming others I don’t think that is what drives people towards empathy.

            It would shock me if there are people who’s only motivation for not killing and hurting others was the fear of hell and/or the pursuit of a divine reward. No judgment, I would just be surprised because it’s not what drives me to try to behave ethically.

            Rather, I think it’s much more common to follow ones own inner conscience that knows right from wrong that most people are born with. It’s an innate part of human biology. And some religious folks might say “created in gods image” or something like that which does not negate the biology that most humans are born with a conscience.

            And you mention the “get out of jail free card” or something, to confess sins and then it’s all good and a person can go to heaven even if they are murders. Just go to confession and say a few hail Mary’s or something. A lot of Italian Mafia members were devout Catholics and would go to confession once a week.

            I do think that redemption is possible even for a murderer in certain situations, but it does not come from some banal act of confessing but rather trying to make up for the harm that was caused and trying to do good in the world.

            Another issue I have with the notion of heaven and even reincarnation is that these ideas must not diminish the value of life here and now and the value of life in general. Each moment is temporary and this lifetime is finite for every living being. I can’t know if I’ll have another incarnation for sure and I also can’t know if I’ll go to heaven so I’m going to live life like this is the only one.

            • @cu.h.j

              The concept of heaven and hell as well as the conventional dogmatic ideas relating to “reincarnation” (such as the ideas promoted in religions such as Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism) do not resonate with me as being an accurate representation of what exists beyond the scope of our individual lifetimes.

              Re-incarnation is less skewed (slightly closer to accurately describing what what I perceive as what ‘life’/existence before birth/after death really is) than the dualistic concepts of heaven/hell but nevertheless often involves inherent judgmental, anthropocentric and ego flattering ideas that are fallacious (such as how in some re-incarnation belief systems if you do something to get “bad karma” you get punished by having to come back as a turtle, or a frog or something that is considered to be “less” than a human. Those ideas are based on the premise that it is somehow better to be human than to be another being (I do not subscribe to such ego flattering ideas).

              When I worked with young children on the ski hills in western Canada I got to observe/engage with about 40 different kids each day (for years). Observing them (from the age of 3 up to 7) and how they interact with each other and their environment gave me some insights into what is innate in human behavior. Contrary to popular belief (and what Duck says) I found that their most innate characteristics were in fact trust, generosity, courage, compassion, joy and curiosity (not greed, deceit, selfishness, fear or anger). I witnessed little toddlers that had never met lend a helping hand to a fallen comrade in their ski class to help them up and that was quite common.

              Thus, I feel that it is not institutions or fear that will help people build solid foundations for moral compasses, but rather it is nurturing that which is already innate in children to unfold unto it’s true potential (rather than hammering them with fear, ‘survival of the fittest’ propaganda, vanity, violence, materialism etc).

              (continued in another comment..)

              • Gavin m
                Contrary to popular belief (and what Duck says) I found that their most innate characteristics were in fact trust, generosity, courage, compassion, joy and curiosity (not greed, deceit, selfishness, fear or anger). ….”

                A more accurate version of the kids would be them when their cranky from missing a nap and four of them argue over who gets the last cookie

                “… witnessed little toddlers that had never met lend a helping hand to a fallen comrade in their ski class to help them up and that was quite common…..”

                Yes…. why do you imagine that precludes murdering out group members???? Chimps cooperate with troupe members and kill members of other troupes….the kids you talk of were members of one group suddenly thrown together and thus were socially more prone to being on their BEST behavior so they don’t get Out Group’ed.

                You do know that in people in the wild state of nature have Upto a 40 or 50 % chance of getting killed by folks from other tribes???? You think that these tribes are LESS natural then us?

              • @Duck

                So you subscribe to the idea of humans having a soul as well as heaven and hell (Christianity) but you are comparing people to chimpanzees (as though you also simultaneously subscribe to Darwinian evolutionary theory)? What is up with that?

                I of course acknowledge the ‘cranky’ side of young humans but this does not negate the truth in the statements about my observations in my other comments. Their innate state shines through more than the ‘cranky’ states.

                I wonder if you realize how perfectly your assertion that a constant state of anger, frustration, selfishness, murderous tendencies, laziness, apathy and dog eat dog is human nature perfectly lines up with the globalist’s propaganda (which tells us that we are “dirty nasty humans in need of being managed, suppressed, chipped, controlled and culled”).

                Belief systems that tell us we are dirty, innately bad, in need of fixing by saviors (or tyrants) whether it be climate change/eugenics globalist propaganda or religious propaganda are fallacious ideas and designed to manipulate and control humans, not help them.

                If we nurture that which is truly innate in humans from a young age, integrity, honor, compassion and kindness would become the norm (rather than what we have now where our society conditions kids to be afraid, believe in artificial scarcity and that they are in need of fixing and saving by institutions).

              • GavinM

                ‘…. of course acknowledge the ‘cranky’ side of young humans but this does not negate …. Their innate state shines through more than the ‘cranky’ states….”

                On what basis do you state that one or the other is their “innate” state? And does the “innate” state preculde them acting the otehr way??

                “…..I wonder if you realize how perfectly your assertion…(on) …human nature perfectly lines up with the globalist’s propaganda….”

                Just because they are EVIL does not make them STUPID or wrong. You need to understand humans to rule them.

                “…Belief systems that tell us we are dirty, innately bad, in need of fixing by saviors (or tyrants)……are fallacious ideas….”

                OK, I will bring the fact that IN THE STONE AGE people were doing mass killings and carrying off the breedable women…. I can show you that in modern day primative Tribal life upto HALF THE DUDES DIE BY VIOLENCE

                WHAT do you have to show me that humans are naturally kind and gentle when push comes to shove?

                Stop with the stupid ‘noble savage’ idea because it and the idea of human perfectibility have created modern horrors like the French revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. ONLY knowing how bad we are lets people try to deal with human nature by training and good choices



                “…If we nurture that which is truly innate in humans from a young age, integrity, honor, compassion and kindness would become the norm ….”

                The puppies do not fight when there is plenty of food in the bowl…. however Our society is about 3 or 4 days of not eating away from murder and Cannibalism. Maybe a week.

            • (..continued from comment above)

              I like the idea of teaching children something along the lines of the Haudenosaunee Seventh Generation Principle (it is an Indigenous Concept, to think of the 7th generation coming after you in your words, work and actions, and to remember the seventh generation who came before you.) They do not use fear tactics, guilt or false promises, rather they invite the young ones to live with gratitude, with care, with reverence and with purpose.. reflecting on their actions in a way that honors both their ancestors and their future descendants. Though, that being said, no culture is perfect and I do not suggest idolizing or trying to copy indigenous cultures, rather, as I do with other traditional teachings (whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Celtic traditions or First Nation traditions etc) I learn about them with an open heart and take that which resonates, is practical, regenerative and apply it to my own path (melding it together with new knowledge and insights as they arise, on a path of perpetual growth and learning).

              In another comment thread on here (under Episode 431 – Unknown Unknowns) “nosoapradio” posted a comment with some profound insights and questions related to the Recognition Of Beauty. I feel that if we were to apply that lens of perception to recognizing the innately kind, compassionate, humble, curious, hopeful and intuitive capacities of children, we could water those innate ‘seeds’ to set down roots and become the foundation and guiding force in their lives (and by extension in the broader society they will co-create tomorrow).

              Perhaps if we nurture that which is innate in their hearts we can one day see.. “A society (that) grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

              I agree that the concept of heaven and hell can create a mentality within individuals that diminishes the value of life here and now, but I would like to understand why you also feel that way about “re-incarnation”. As I said above, I do not subscribe to mainstream religious ideas of reincarnation but I have caught glimpses of perceiving that which is beyond the scope of this individual lifetime I am experiencing now, and I have come to know that there is indeed more than this lifetime when it comes to the scope of what our more permanent essence of consciousness experiences in this universe. For me, the fact that I have lived other lives before I came into this body (and will continue to live other lives after it ceases to function) does not diminish the value of this life nor does it diminish my drive to life this life to the fullest, for regardless of the eternal nature of the soul or “spirit” each moment is an unrepeatable gift that is the result of our eternal essence (soul/spirit) looking through the unique ‘kaleidoscope of consciousness’ that is the collection of memories, perspectives, sensations and personality that is embodied in this human life I am living now.

              I elaborate further on that my perspectives in these matters in this post if you are interested in hearing more about these concepts and ways of knowing.

              • Gavinm,

                You ask “I agree that the concept of heaven and hell can create a mentality within individuals that diminishes the value of life here and now, but I would like to understand why you also feel that way about “re-incarnation”.”

                I thought the idea of putting ones aspirations towards the next incarnation by perhaps compliance with or acceptance of unjust circumstances are similar to how the notion of heaven and hell work, perhaps. But maybe I’m wrong.

                My spiritual beliefs are more in line with the notion of re-incarnation and eventual nirvana when all the lessons of lifetimes are assimilated by the soul. But I can’t be certain of this, but it’s more in line to what would make more sense if there is something beyond physicality, which I believe most of the time. All of my beliefs about the unknown are tempered by my physical existence and intellect and knowledge of biological science.

                Also, I recall one of my first memories as a very young child, about 2 and a half being afraid of the water. When I was in the bath tub, I remember feeling a familiarity and also confusion as to what was happening. Sort of like, I’m young again, this is different from the last time. It was just like I knew that I was here on earth before.

                I’ve had some altered states of consciousness from both drug experiences and a few traumatic experiences that have also allowed me to see things from different perspectives. They have allowed me to expand my mind and my mental flexibility. Sort of how JC had the podcast on the Unknown Unknowns and recognizing that I don’t have all the answers and I can be wrong and there’s things I just don’t know. Without experiences with shifts in consciousness I might be very set in my ways.

                I really like your optimism and how you see the good in people and also to note how the children you interacted with showed kindness and concern. I do think that most humans are born with empathy and goodness that can be cultivated.

            • @cu.h.j

              (apparently, the half done comment was posted twice somehow, so i`ll do the same here).

            • @cu.h.j

              (I was in the middle of replying to you and my computer started acting weird, mouse curser moving around on screen on its own, and then the half finished comment I was writing was posted without me clicking anything. Since I only have the 5 minutes to edit I am deleting the half done comment here and will repost in full afterwards).

            • @cu.h.j

              “I thought the idea of putting one’s aspirations towards the next incarnation by perhaps compliance with or acceptance of unjust circumstances are similar to how the notion of heaven and hell work, perhaps. But maybe I’m wrong.”

              I think in many cases your assessment of how the notion of reincarnation could result in “diminish(ing) the value of life here and now” in the minds of many is accurate.

              Since there are many different variations on specific dogmatic beliefs that are related to the word “reincarnation” (regarding how it is applied by various religious institutions, religious texts and guru types) I would say that the degree of which beliefs surrounding that word could serve to diminish the value (or perhaps rather, the awareness of the value of life in the here and now) is quiet variable (imo). Add onto that the fact that each individual is perceiving (and applying said dogmatic belief systems to their daily choices/attitudes) through their own unique ‘kaleidoscope of consciousness’ and you get a situation where the way in which (and degree of which) belief in “reincarnation” could end up diminishing one’s appreciation of and motivation to make the best of the here and now, is highly subjective.

              The way in which I perceive and acknowledge the reality of one’s eternal spirit (aka soul) repeatedly choosing to come and inhabit different human bodies (and other types of physical bodies that are capable of housing a portion of the non-temporal consciousness that comprises our eternal spiritual being) first and foremost involves a recognition that each individual moment (as seen through these eyes and with this vessel for my soul) can never be repeated. Therefore what I chose to use my organs of perception to observe and what I use my free will to choose in this moment is like a paint brush stroke that I brush across the fabric of space and time. It leaves a permanent mark on my heart and the hearts of others, it changes me and sends out ripple effects that wash over those that presently exist here and future generations as well. Thus, despite the eternal nature of my spirit (and despite the fact that I will go onto to live in and experience other existences after this experience where I am a human being called “Gavin Mounsey” comes to an end) I look upon each moment with reverence through the knowing that each one is unrepeatable and offers potentials for knowing, perceiving, connecting, healing and co-creating that will never come again.

              I do not know if the perspective I have on this aspect of reality is shared by that many other people, and so perhaps in the aggregate the concept of “reincarnation” does indeed serve to diminish the value of life in the here and now (due to the way people perceive that concept through the lens of various dogmas and/or through their own biases and fears).

              I appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your thoughts on this and look forward to future discussions.

          • Gavin

            The reason the globalists hate Christianity is two fold, firstly many , being of jewish ethnicity, have cultural baggage against it.

            2nd and More importantly the Bible tells you what you Can and CANNOT rightly do…. you can have a Pope or priest or rainbow pastor LIE about things but the Text stands alone and fixed and always says what it says.

            “…my life experience the Christian ….”

            The difference is that no one can HONESTLY say that he Bible and Christianity IS OK WITH trickery, murder stealing or harming other people…. where as people without an EXTERNAL guide to morality are basically guided by feelings…. there is zero NON RELIGIOUS sensible argument forfollwing any morality that reduces your personal gain in any way.

            No one can seriously believe that you can trick God by “repentance” and keep your I’ll gotten gains….not even a psychopath

            If your talking about people who basically grew up in a Church but really do not understand or desire what that church teaches them sure….there are sluts and drunks and thugs running around pretending to beChristian’s. There are also genuine Christians
            with issues a d faults. call myself a Christian but I am honestly not overfull with evwn normal human good traits or fruits of the spirit. This deficit is totally my flaw, as the flaws of the characters you mentioned as their flaws….no same person who believes the Bible thinks it’s OK to act like that any more then a kid stealing candy thinks it OK. DESIRE won over Conviction.

            • “…where as people without an EXTERNAL guide to morality are basically guided by feelings…. there is zero NON RELIGIOUS sensible argument forfollwing any morality that reduces your personal gain in any way.”

              I disagree with this. Zero non religious sensible argument for following any morality that reduces your personal gain?

              How about the fact that if doesn’t feel good to hurt people for a vast number of people, nor does it feel good to steal and lie because you have a sense of honor that you value irrespective of the existence of god. I remember being a staunch atheist and I was a very firm non believer who felt shame in cheating and stealing. I remember the feeling because as a kid, I did steal a few times and it just felt wrong and it provided very little pleasure because I knew what I did was wrong.

              Also, when I was in college I was a very good student and did not cheat. I remember one of my classmates tried to cheat off me during a chemistry exam and she had no qualms about this and I told her not to do that again that it was wrong. There is value in morality and honor that transcends religion. I can’t articulate it now, but I believe it to be true. A person can take pride in hard work and being honest and ethical and still be not religious. I have been that person and maybe still am that way. But I have also known others who similarly aren’t reading the bible or other religious text for guidance on ethics who still try to be good people.

              And you might say that makes no sense but I think it does make sense because honest and ethical interactions feel better than fraud. They give you more bang for your buck because an honest ethical person can be proud of themselves rather than a cheater and a thief.

              On the other hand, I do see the logic of what you’re saying, that there’s no material benefit to ethical interactions, but we are more than material entities. So there is that other element there, perhaps the “divinity” within most living beings. But this divinity and fulfillment is not about a reward in the future, but something that feels better now.

              • Or maybe there is some grand evolutionary advantage to ethical behavior. People who cooperate with one another tend to live longer and are able to spread their genetic line versus those who don’t. I haven’t looked into the evolutionary biology of ethical behavior versus the opposite.

              • Cu.h.j
                “…disagree with this. Zero non religious sensible argument for following any morality that reduces your personal gain?…”

                Cu.h.j you said hurting people does not feel good TO YOU…. so you not hurting people has zero to do with that.

                Hurting people feels VERY GOOD to some people…cheating on my wife with a hot chick probably would feel VERY GOOD.

                Where does the idea of “morality ” matter if I can GET AWAY with doing these thjngs??? Is it just about how I feel?

              • Duck,

                I appreciate your candor. Cheating on your wife would feel good! In the moment it might, but then when you thought that it would hurt her feelings might make you feel bad, right?

                You’re not abnormal in feeling attraction towards other women because of testosterone. Males tend to have higher sex drives in general. But there are many men that also resist temptation because they love their wives and wouldn’t want to hurt them and potentially lose their love. I’ve also met a few men who were “one woman men” who are like those birds who mate for life. It’s very sweet to find those rare guys. My husband isn’t that way and does have wandering eyes, but his heart belongs to me and he wouldn’t cheat on me.

                I have wandering eyes too, especially if the person is not only attractive but has the attractive personality too. However, I love my husband and think to myself that it would hurt him to cheat. If I stopped loving my husband, I’d get a divorce before cheating. The cheating would diminish my own sense of honor and I would feel it would make me less “attractive.” I would like myself less and what I think of myself is important. I’d just feel bad about lying. I’d look at myself in the mirror and not like my reflection. I’m not sure what that response is, but it doesn’t have much to do with my spiritual beliefs as far as I know.

              • This talk inspires the notion of polyamory and people with open relationships. I guess if all parties knew about it, I don’t see the harm. It’s just not something I’d like because I’m more of a traditional romantic.

                Maybe that Romeo and Juliet type love doesn’t exist in real life though.

                But back to what you said, if you could get away with it is it wrong? And I said that you would know what you did. Does the fact that you would know matter?

                Let’s assume that there’s no reward or punishment for good or bad behavior, does it matter that you would know what you did? I think it matters to a person with a conscience. But why?

                If I could get away with stealing does it matter? To me it does. I would judge myself. Maybe in some cases I’d let myself off the hook. Is stealing always wrong? The government steals our money with taxes and inflation. So, if I stole from the government is this wrong? My answer is no.

                On the other hand, if I stole from a friend that trusted me, I think that’s wrong. Or even from my employer, I’d feel bad and I wouldn’t do it.

                Interesting to think about these things Duck.

              • Is stealing from some of these psychopathic murderous thieves wrong if we could get away with it? My answer is nope and they deserve it. It would serve Bill Gates and his ilk right to go broke and have to actually go out and apply for a job.

                I do believe in doing unto others beyond it’s biblical reference it seems very logical to me. People open themselves up to what they put out and they void their right to be treated ethically.

                Maybe there’s some social contract that makes the world work optimally and when someone goes outside it open themselves up to repercussions.

                Maybe people have a responsibility to enforce that contract. Maybe that how natural law works.

              • Cu.h.j

                “….Most of the people who rape and kill are disturbed…..”

                That you say such a thing shows you have not seen people as they really are. Do you think the Soviwt solders mass raping German women and girls at the end of WW2 were all mentally ill?

                What about the torture guys, and girl, at Abu Gharib? you think all the crazy/evil people happened to get the same posting?

                Look at New Guinea headhunters for how people act in nature,

                “….few are just born that way who might need the fear of consequences but these consequences outsourced to an institution to me might not be the best way to deal with these types of crimes …”

                A lynch mob is how people (plenty of themwhite) were traditionally dealt with.
                If you want to return to lynching rapists, pedophiles, thieves, and people who just don’t belong I’m surprisingly ok with it.
                BUT be sure that you know what your choosing…and do you know and trust your neighbors enough to organize a lynching?????

                On institutions…yes, the family is the. BASE institution on which everything else is built….hence the attacks on it

              • Duck,

                You mention the instances of depravity during war time and among violent cultures. I’m actually fascinated by these phenomena and the psychology has been studied. Mattis Desmet wrote his book about his interpretation of these types of phenomena.

                Witch hunts, war crimes, torture, etc. have happened and do happen. Lesser examples of this type of depravity is exemplified with bullying among children sometimes with deadly consequences. I was bullied and have bullied (but not to the same extent to which I was). I ask myself why? How can people do these things and why?

                I think social context matters and stress leads to a type of scapegoating where a person vents their hate on someone who has nothing to do with their issues. Humans are complex with a dark side, the shadow. And people follow leaders who lead them astray. Very interesting topic.

                These phenomena don’t negate the existence of innate helping behaviors at birth that some of the perpetrators might have had. Why do good people do evil things? What makes a person good? Does one bad act negate their previous acts of kindness and help? Maybe it depends.

                The answers I believe are complex and not entirely understood, like a math problem or something. We aren’t “hackable animals” after all.

                I ask myself sometimes if I could succumb to the same depravity in the face of terror I have never experienced, such as bombs falling and starvation and disease? I don’t think so, but I’ve never experienced that before. My drive to eat and survive are strong, in born biochemical and genetic drives, as most humans are born with. Would I eat a dead body or steal someone’s food? I certainly hope I would have the strength to seek out the actual people responsible for this or put a bullet in my own head because that type of existence is untenable.

                Maybe it’s the idea of institutions, or blindly following along that corrupt people along with traumatic experience? I ask myself what studies have been done and what have they revealed. JC had some good material on these types of topics, bystander effect and the Milgrim experiment.

                JC might have had a podcast discussing this. He did have some good stuff on Kakistocracy, rule by the worst. Maybe that’s the fundamental issue, is rule by, instead of being ruled by ones own developed morality rather than an external leader or institution.

              • I remember my grandfather telling me “war is hell” and he seemed to struggle with what he experienced and even things he might have done. He was a pilot so wasn’t up close an personal, but some of his targets he was uncomfortable with, like bombing trains. He said he could hear the screams of people in his dreams. He would always have 2-4 stiff drinks in the evening and seemed to try to cope with some kind of internal conflict he had. He was overall one of the most honest and generous and kind people I have known.

                My father in law is similarly damaged during his time in Vietnam. He was a combat veteran and has PTSD and qualified for disability and his condition shows. He’s never discussed what he did or what he saw or what happened, but it must have been bad. He was young at the time, like 18 years old.

                My grandpa was 17 when he joined the air force. So both of these two examples were young when they probably did things that conflicted with their internal sense of right and wrong. My point is that perhaps youth and inexperience matters. Both of them didn’t see much of a choice in the moment.

              • Cu.h.j

                You can not imagine yourself acting violently because you have had a soft life in industrialized society.

                I assure you that unless there is actually something physically WRONG with your brain you are quite able to turn on those circuits when needed… Fairbairn referred to a case of “Vehemence” in which a woman was raped by a home intruder , finding herself unable to resist the assault who then stabbed the man to death with a pair of scissors as he moved towards her daughters bedroom.

                More to the point….how do you imagine you will be able to Lynch criminals to death in the absence of a state-ist police service if you can not summon up savagery? The ONLY punishments the small community can generally do are

                Mob Beatings
                Humiliation and/or Expulsion

                The quote fits well
                www .goodreads. com/quotes/7294276-we-sleep-soundly-in-our-beds-because-rough-men-stand

                “..Maybe it’s the idea of institutions, or blindly following along that corrupt people along with traumatic experience?…”

                Since you can not live without the help of a family, tribe, or society such a condition can and will never exist. I will say that you should look at the stats given here, which AFAIK are just about correct, for how “wild” people act.


              • Duck,

                I think community is important. I’m going to start learning more about Agorism and decentralized communities and the theory.

                I’m going to be a part of a really good small community of people in a rural area pretty soon. I’m excited about it and looking forward to trading and skill building and also helping. My medical training will be pretty useful I think.

              • Duck,

                Regarding savagery and summoning it up, I think most people have that within themselves. What we have now with the courts is really not effective to protect or serve justice. For example, if someone shoots an intruder, they might be the ones to go to jail. This is especially true in states like California and other anti gun states. But even in more “conservative” places, people are prosecuted for killing an abuser. There was a woman who was beaten by her husband for years and she finally shot him to death and she actually was arrested and charged with a crime.

                The larger an organization is, the more likely it seems to be corrupted, like the courts. Look at these political pedos like Eptstein and these pervert politicians. That went on for years and years and stuff like that still goes on.

                I’d much rather live in a society that was similar to the old west where you can defend yourself without penalty. I have zero faith in the courts and government now.

              • Cu.h.j

                NEVER thought I would say this to anyone but you should listen to TimCastIRL epp655 PODCAST version where someone I would also not normally listen to Milo Yanopoils lays out what we were talking about …. rec start at 54 min where he starts explaining why Mary Poppins was a movie about the triumph of witch craft over order and then gives a good ramble about why women’s suffrage was an awful idea….
                I wouldn’t have bee been listening had I had free hands but he is surprisingly correct

                What s weird coincidence since I generally don’t like either of them.much

            • I re read the first part about guided by feelings that you stated. And I think that part is accurate. Is it wrong to listen to ones heart? In the end, for a good decision to be make is it wrong to consult ones heart?

              And perhaps religious people see the heart as coming from god, or connected to god. Where as others don’t see the heart this way but more ambiguous about what love and morality come from and what those things are. I just really don’t know. To me it’s one of those unknown unknowns that JC speaks of.

              You mention sensibility and that trait is also shaped by intellect and grounded in physical experiences. Physiologically when people die they are gone physically and since there isn’t any science behind consciousness after death, one could believe that death is final and a person ceases to exist. After knowing this, I have never been able to really believe that there is something more. A part of me says that maybe that’s it when we are gone.
              There’s no scientific proof of anything else beyond death, neither re incarnation nor heaven or hell. So, logically it might be true. However, maybe it’s not the end. I won’t know till that time.

              But even with that knowledge I still think that there are benefits to listening to ones heart. That’s if someone is born with that internal sense of right and wrong.

              • @cu.h.j

                Consulting one’s heart before we make a decision is indeed a wise way to live one’s life.

                Did you know that the human heart (in addition to its other functions) actually possesses a heart-brain composed of about 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn, remember and communicate energetically beyond the physical confines of your body?

                The heart brain sends messages to the head brain about how the body feels and more.

                The heart also produces a rhythmic electromagnetic field (which is about 5000 times stronger than that which is produced by the brain). This electromagnetic field is modulated and encoded with specific information depending on what we think and feel. This field of encoded energy extends outwardly beyond the physical confines of our body and has measurable effects on the people (and all other beings we share this world with).

                This modulated energy field has also been measured to have an effect on the very matter your body and this world is made of on a molecular level. Each emotion and thought you create (and choose to allow to linger in your heart/brain) is communicating energetically with your fellow beings and the living planet herself.

                In light of these scientific discoveries (see:
                and ) I feel it is important to ask one’s self the question, What message am I non-verbally communicating to my fellow beings, my body and the living planet? Are my thoughts and emotions life affirming? Are they aligned with my vision for the type of world I want to live in? Or are my prominent emotions and thoughts the byproduct of the conditioning of a fear and doubt based society and world view?

                Traditionally, the study of communication pathways between the head and heart has been approached from a rather one-sided perspective, with many scientists focusing primarily on the heart’s responses to the brain’s commands. Some scientists have now learned, however, that communication between the heart and brain actually is a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function.
                Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity. Moreover, research shows that messages the heart sends to the brain also can affect performance.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways:

                – Neurological communication (nervous system)
                – Biochemical communication (hormones)
                – Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
                – Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)

                It would seem that the most up to date scientific data is confirming something that ancient spiritual teachings have been saying for millennia (the importance of “seeing with the heart”). This is no longer just a fun metaphor, it is now confirmed to be literally true.

                The heart is capable of acting as an organ of perception and a means of intentionally communicating (through energetic means) with the cells in our body, the people we share this world with, and with the very matter that makes up everything on Earth and beyond.

                This potential organ of perception and means of communication is in atrophy in most people (or at least not working coherently and with conscious intent) due to our conditioning by a system that teaches an inaccurate view of what the heart really is. Most public schools still teach the fallacious and outdated viewpoint that says “our brain is where all the perception and communication happens”. This is leading to many millions of people growing up without ever learning to tap into their own innate abilities and true potential as a human being. The potential to heal their own bodies, heal and promote resilience in the other beings they share this world with and the potential to tap into heart-based wisdom on demand, aka ‘intuition’ (which is really data being transmitted and received by the heart via modulated electromagnetic fields and synthesized into a conscious knowing through heart/brain communication) all through conscious and coherent thought.

                That means the majority of humans in modern western society are living their lives with a significant handicap. They are only being taught to see, interact and communicate with the world through half of their own innate sensory, cognition and communication system.

                Taking time to still the mind through a practice like meditation and ‘take an inventory of one’s prevalent thoughts/emotions’, then taking steps to consciously guide one’s heart/mind to new patterns is taking steps to reclaim our birth right to be able to heal ourselves and speak the universal language of the heart (energy we emit based on our coherent thoughts/emotions).

                I believe, this is an essential step as we strive to move forward and chart a new path a species as we unfold higher potentials of what it means to be a human being and create the kind of world we all want to live in.

                The ideological or religious wrappings of the meditative practice are not as important as the genuine intent within the individual seeking to still their mind and see with more than just the brain and the five senses.

              • Gavinm,

                I like how you describe the heart and consciousness and how to connect with greater understanding with meditation.

                Tapping into this place for me sometimes gets blocked, which is why I like psychedelics from time to time. I think I need another mushroom trip soon. But meditation is great too, probably better for maintenance.

                Yoga and exercise help me meditate. I have a hard time sitting still but when I’m doing yoga or vigorous cardio, I can get to some really interesting places. But I’d like to actually do real meditation eventually because perhaps it gives you a glimpse of the state of the observer without being pulled back into the body.

                When I was a kid I was hit by a car and had an out of body experience. It was really weird. I was crossing the street with my mom in the rain, a car made a turn and I went right under the car and was dragged for a block while my mom was screaming for him to stop. My umbrella prevented me from going under his tires. Anyway, it was a weird experience. Very different from having surgery with general anesthesia that is more like loss of time. That’s also strange and unsettling.

                I’m open to consciousness existing beyond the physical realm, but of course it’s tempered by my experiences of being in my body and connected to the physical.

              • @ PEARL
                “… ME:
                “We must ALWAYS look to institutions to enforce behavior…. other wise people just drop to the lowest denominator of behavior.”
                Wow. Such a jaw-dropping authoritarian statement, and here of all places!….”

                Do you realize what an interesting statement you just made???

                Pearl Seriously, consider whats wrapped up in your words

                1) ‘jaw dropping statement’ shows that you believe that there ARE STANDARDS OF THOUGHT and/or belief that limit a proper persons mind

                2) ‘here of all places’ shows you believe that an area (in this case a “CyberArea” exists where such proper thoughts should hold primacy and Non Correct thinking should be sanctioned (in this case with the tinge of shaming you apply)

                Consider that you yourself are showing a belief in an institution THAT SETS STANDARDS….

                I would ALSO doubt you would be happy were your 3 or 4 year old son or daughter to decide that they ought NOT TO OBEY YOU, or rebel when you tell them that ‘”X” is a BAD thing and you must NEVER do such a nasty thing!’ ….. or if your Spouse decided to cheat on you because they do not believe in being forced to follow other peoples expectations.

                IF you want to see a person who accepts ZERO external influences on their morality and behavior you should study Ted Bundy or some ‘Primal Urge” driven psychopath.

                Sorry i need to post his here but the threads all messed up again.

              • Duck,

                You make a good point about freedom of speech and the right to hold different thoughts and views. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their thoughts and feelings about things.

                Maybe Pearl was surprised that the statement does sound authoritarian. Perhaps a good way to discuss the idea is to support it with evidence and use logic to see if that’s true or not. One of the reasons I don’t think it’s accurate is how corrupt institutions have become and that’s very obvious. So, logically if something has failed again and again, maybe it’s time to try something different.

                With respect to child rearing, there’s ways to establish trust so children follow good examples. Like holding hands when crossing the street. I got a swat on the butt for running across the street when I was a kid and didn’t do it again.

              • cu.h.j

                “….One of the reasons I don’t think it’s accurate is how corrupt institutions have become and that’s very obvious….”

                The Family has the potential for horrible abuse…. should that be done away with?

                What you do not understand is

                a)There will always be SOME ONE setting Boundaries/Expectations

                b)The STATE HATES all the other institutions (family, church, Ethnicity, even Clubs) and wants them gone BECAUSE THEY HAVE A CLAIM ON YOUR LOYALTY that the state envies and YOU CAN GET HELP FROM THOSE OTHER INSTITUTIONS AGAINST THE STATE

                “…So, logically if something has failed again and again, maybe it’s time to try something different….”

                “…I got a swat on the butt for running across the street when I was a kid and didn’t do it again….”

                Power was used by an Institution you were (unwillingly) placed into (your family) to force you to modify your behavior (so you would not die by Car).

                You need to know the difference between LEGITIMATE and ILLEGITIMATE authority before you start tearing down institutions or you will end up with the Total State
                Listen to this guy who is far smarter then me


              • Sorry Duck, but I’m not an authoritarian. I do believe there are standards, I do believe there is absolute truth, but I don’t believe it’s my place to impose my standards on other people. To the best of my ability, I will try to reason, persuade, and/or live by example. That’s enough for me.

                And family, which you and society at large identify as an institution, is comprised of intimate relationships which thrive so much better when love, patience and mutual respect are the norm. They don’t thrive when they are governed by domineering persons.

              • @ PEARL

                (again, sorry threads messed up)

                YOu said
                “…… I do believe there are standards, I do believe there is absolute truth, but I don’t believe it’s my place to impose my standards on other people…..”

                OK, so you agree that if the people in the house next door wish to torture their kids in the back garden you have no right to object???

                “… To the best of my ability, I will try to reason, persuade, and/or live by example. That’s enough for me…”

                Then pretty much you are irrelevant and do not matter to how things turn out.

                If your answer to a guy doing drugs or jacking off on the sidewalk is to try and persuade him to please stop you might want to see how thats going in California

                “….family…. which thrive so much better when love, patience and mutual respect are the norm. They don’t thrive when they are governed by domineering persons….”

                Actually, while I think of it women are statistically less happy now then they were back in the days of ‘muh patriarchy’ so I would argue you are wrong. Single mothers, who tend to create LESS disciplinarian families, are also massively more likely to produce kids with Bad life outcomes.

                Since people are getting LESS happy and successful maybe we should get MORE domineering (within reason , lol)


              • Why create scenarios out of the blue, Didactuck, when you can visit your local Baptist church? Go there, brave man of justice (I guarandamntee you’ll find such cases), and challenge your cherished “authorities by divine right” on the numerous sexual violations against women and children. Or, let’s lighten the challenge: just attend some bible studies (wait a month or two for the love bombing to cease) then take issue with the interpretation of any bible verse (judging from your writings here through the years, I think that’s going to be difficult – but you seem to thrive on debate for it’s own sake so maybe you can pull it off), then watch the sparks fly! It’ll be even better if you’ve signed a church contract. LOL, talk about irrelevant!

                I understand you completely and engaging with you further is a waste.

              • Duck,

                Is the family the same as an institution? Here’s the definition on Webster:

                in·​sti·​tu·​tion ˌin(t)-stə-ˈtü-shən -ˈtyü-
                : an established organization or corporation (such as a bank or university) especially of a public character
                financial institutions
                : a facility or establishment in which people (such as the sick or needy) live and receive care typically in a confined setting and often without individual consent
                … the testator disinherited her siblings over their efforts to have her committed to a mental institution in the wake of several suicide attempts.
                William M. McGovern Jr.
                : a significant practice, relationship, or organization in a society or culture
                the institution of marriage
                also : something or someone firmly associated with a place or thing
                she has become an institution in the theater
                : an act of instituting : ESTABLISHMENT


                So, It sounds like you think the family is an institution, and I did not say these things were the same, so we are not talking about the same thing. These types of definition of terms might be useful to avoid Straw-man fallacies during discussions.

                My mom loves me and I ran out into the street and could have died and she thought the swat on the butt would prevent me from doing it again.

                I think JC had something on natural leadership, like a parent with a child and also consentual leadership based on skill level. For example, I could take charge in a life threatening health emergency if no one was more skilled than me who could assist.

                This is different from the state, an institution that has become corrupt, or perhaps has been always corrupt. But what makes something legitimate? How about consent and morality and respect of all parties. Spanking is a debatable issue. Usually it’s avoidable by establishing trust and respect very early on and a child will follow a good example. My mom probably crossed the street against the light, which is why I did it. Maybe she should have demonstrated safer behavior for me and I wouldn’t have done that. She’s not perfect and she loves me and I love her. She once told me she would die in my place if she had to. The love from a mom is strong. So, I forgive her for the swat on the butt. It’s also not something I’d do to her.

                At any rate, definition of terms are good and I see a family, a relationship based on love different from an institution that can be based on non consensual transaction, which is a violation of morality and natural law.

              • Duck,

                “Actually, while I think of it women are statistically less happy now then they were back in the days of ‘muh patriarchy’ so I would argue you are wrong. Single mothers, who tend to create LESS disciplinarian families, are also massively more likely to produce kids with Bad life outcomes.”

                I think this is debatable. I think people are less happy in general, men and women. Single parent homes are less preferable than two parent homes if both parents are loving and model ethical behavior based on trust and mutual respect. For me personally, my dad was a disaster but my grandpa was a relatively good role model for me.

                “Patriarchy” the term has been used to divide human beings so that they fight and become subjects of the state. The legitimate movement of equality and respect for women has been subverted and this does not mean that the notion of equality, respect and autonomy of women is wrong. In fact, it is a natural right that women have autonomy and transact voluntarily with men and are not forced to do things they don’t want to, like marriage or child bearing. Some women don’t want to do this and that is their right. Many women want to have families, which is their right. I have a lot of respect for women who want to have children and thankful they decide to have them. I did not want to bear children.

                I entered into my marriage voluntarily and kept my name because I am not the property of my husband. We are partners and our relationship is based on mutual respect and consent. Consent is critical between adults who can make decisions.

                I am against non consensual treatment of women and men in any interaction because human beings are not born to be slaves to another person or to an institution.

                In fact, though my grandparents were from the WW2 generation, had an equal relationship based on mutual respect and consent. My grandma had two kids and then worked because she chose to. My grandpa never tried to force my grandma to stay home and obey. This also allowed them to build material wealth, which I am very thankful for because I inherited a lot of it. It helped me have a little bit more than I would have had otherwise.

                I think many men recognize women being autonomous individuals with the same natural right as them, to be free from coercion and confinement. The desire of power over others, adults is abnormal, IMO and reveals a weakness and scarcity mentality based on jealousy and fear. Are some men afraid of women? Why? Each person has the capacity to reproduce and without one or the other the human species would die off.

              • cont. I would also argue that a parent child relationship is not based on power over, or should not be the foundation.

                Parents should want to mentor and guide their children to be well adjusted adults. Rules usually have reasons, like safety and health maintenance (eating balanced diet). This type of guidance and mentorship is different from domination and subjugation.

              • @ PEARL

                “….Why create scenarios out of the blue, Didactuck,…”

                While I was kinda teasing you I am pretty sure I DID NOT make any scenario up… If you have some OTHER stats for Reported Happiness or Life Outcomes feel free to post it

                “…when you can visit your local Baptist church?..”

                Not a Baptist, but the fact that you go right to religion shows how the ruling classes psycological attack has worked on you.

                They let you think you can be FREE of anything that the Ruling Class SAYS you can be free of, but you can NOT be a part of anything that might rival or threaten the ruling class…. faithless, social Capital-less, dopamine driven people are basically free range slaves

                “… on the numerous sexual violations against women and children….”

                You think its better now that men are Free to dress up in drag and go into the girls bathroom???? Lol

                WHO do you think is going to stop that? And who do you think will stop the mainstreaming of pedophilia?

                NO ONE …. thats who. Because no one wants to ‘judge’ or impinge on the freedom of other. You think the Patriachy, if it ever existed, helped men??? Nope, it stooped the lower status guys competing in womens sports and raping people.

                ENJOY the world that type of thinking has created… I used to think like that but I do try to learn and adjust

                “….take issue with the interpretation of any bible verse…”

                In what way?
                I mean, I HAVE had such debates (yes I DO love debate 🙂 because if I can not argue my point its probably not something I understand)

                “…then watch the sparks fly!…”
                You mean like they are here? I’m not really much different in real life.

                “…. It’ll be even better if you’ve signed a church contract….”

                WTF is that? Lol…. Join a cult with rules you like not one with rules you hate

                “….talk about irrelevant!…”

                I am sorry if you took that as a personal insult, it was not ment in that way.

                HOWEVER if you refuse to push your principles you REALLY do not matter. The ‘silent majority’ has never and WILL never matter to how things turn out.

              • cu.h.j

                “…..( ON HAPPINESS)… think this is debatable. I think people are less happy in general, men and women…”

                Women have had a far large drop in happiness then men. I think I posted a link to the study.

                “…Single parent homes are less preferable than two parent homes if both parents are loving and model ethical behavior based on trust and mutual respect…..”

                In UNHAPPY homes (withing reason….) Children STILL come out better…. but it gets worse since single moms quite often do a rotation of Blended Family and the biggest threat to young females is Non-Blood Related Males under the same roof

                “….“Patriarchy” the term has been used to divide human beings so that they fight and become subjects of the state….”

                I was just teasing Pearl, but the word means “Rule Of The Fathers”…. you should consider that a Father tends to run off the stray men who want access to the women. So….while I WAS tongue in cheek the fact that you have pervert Sex Ed in schools and Defective Men in drag stealing womens Sports and going in their restrooms is because “the Fathers” are zilch on the power structure.

                The STATE is ‘Daddy’ now, lets see how that goes

                “… The legitimate movement of equality and respect for women has been subverted….”

                You REALLY ought to know the history of Weirdo Occultists and Globalists whop created and funded the Feminist movements from the Suffragettes to the Modern Day.

                “… In fact, it is a natural right that women have autonomy and transact voluntarily with men and are not forced to do things they don’t want to, like marriage or child bearing….”

                THE ELITE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BREED…. You think that maybe thats why you so many people will die alone and childless?????

                “…Some women don’t want to do this and that is their right. …”

                I agree. But its not gonna end well for them or for society…
                Dr Dutton (after the spaz intro…)

                “… Each person has the capacity to reproduce and without one or the other the human species would die off….”

                The dynamic is BADLY damaged..poor Zoomers don’t even do SEX much let alone relationships

              • Yes, I really never wanted to bear children, even as a young girl. Some people just don’t want to reproduce. I don’t have the patience and didn’t want the bodily and hormonal fluctuations as an adult.

                However, I am open to adopting an older child now in my 40s and more financially stable. Unfortunately, there are many children who lack loving homes who could use mentorship, love and guidance. And I have known children who were adopted who turned out well and also know people who have adopted with positive experiences.

                Part of parenting is letting go and allowing ones child to become an independent adult with autonomy.

                To me authoritarianism from smaller institutions or groups isn’t an answer to our predicament of the centralization cancer that is engulfing humanity. Rather, respectful and moral and consensual interactions and values can lead to more positive experiences.

                I don’t have a fundamental belief that man is inherently evil or a “sinner” in need of an authoritarian external force. I don’t think god, if such a being or force or creator or harmony exists, it IS NOT a dictator or tyrant, but more of a teacher. I believe that there is an unseen natural order, a wisdom in the natural world and universe that can be channeled through love and respect and consent and also justice (doing to others as we would have done to us). I believe in the duality of man, where goodness can be modeled and shaped by good examples much of the time. Outliers exist and evil exist and so does goodness, love, harmony.

              • That’s the thing about writing – tone often gets misunderstood and humor can fall flat.

                “Not a Baptist, but the fact that you go right to religion shows how the ruling classes psycological attack has worked on you.”

                Once again, you’ve missed the mark. No Duck, the reason I went straight to religion is because it is the metaphysical bedrock of all the institutions which you are so fond of. It takes well-meaning, sincere people and indoctrinates with great subtlety the warped traditions of men (orthodoxy), diminishes their first love (God through Jesus Christ) and replaces it with fear, self-loathing, and perpetual guilt (aka a false gospel), and by degrees turns them into spiritually impotent men, women and children (aka society). I’m not a baptist either, but the denomination doesn’t matter as long as the doctrinal foundation is Augustine, Luther and Calvin.

              • @ PEARL

                “…. No Duck, the reason I went straight to religion is because it is the metaphysical bedrock of all the institutions which you are so fond of….”

                If I am fond of them or not does notmatter… without them you have zero power because you are a single person against the organized minority.

                The organized minority will get its way every time over the disorganized majority or the single person.

                Thats why I said that you do not matter to the outcome, any more then a single tribe of Gauls could stand against a numerically smaller the Roman army or a bunch of guys working alone can win a football game against an actual team

                “… It takes well-meaning, sincere people and indoctrinates with great subtlety the warped traditions of men (orthodoxy), diminishes their first love (God through Jesus Christ)….”

                I have no idea what Church you went to, I personally also loath Churches that teach doctrines of humans… the kind that ignore the Bible in favor of human ideas.

                “… but the denomination doesn’t matter as long as the doctrinal foundation is Augustine, Luther and Calvin….”

                I kinda agree on Luther and Calvin, though I will say that Luther was at least TRYING to get back to simple Biblical Truth…. I do not see what you could possibly have against St Augustine, though I am no expert on him all I have read or listened to was quite sensible.

                Basically if you look at the Bible it tells you all about God…. any church that adds stuff on as more then Teaching/Advice is a liar (selling Indulgences or whatever) , and any Church that ignores the Bible (Female Preachers or toleration of homosexual behavior in members) is a liar.

                I will say that the danger of ignoring the Bible or adding to the Bible are both equally fatal…but its also pretty silly to think that we have any authority in religion except the Bible.

              • Many times, Duck, you’ve recommended sources which I’ve followed up on and benefited from. The most recent one was “How to Read a Book” – I found it the next day at Half Price Books (and while there met a fascinating, interesting learned man in the audio book section where we conversed and passed on to each other info and sources, just a cool thing that doesn’t happen very often). And speaking of books, I wonder if your conviction against receiving instruction from a woman could be overcome if you were presented with challenging, world-altering evidence that scripture has been tweaked pertaining to women with the purpose of keeping them below the salt?


                “The organized minority will get its way every time over the disorganized majority or the single person.”

                A valid point. I think many of us here can agree that we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places who rejoice at our divisions, which is by design, to weaken the very body of Christ.

                “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

              • Just wanted to add my take on this “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

                Part of it sounds good, and I try to take away nuggets from other religious texts, the good ones and not the misogynestic and brutal statements that portray a god that is a tyrant as the only god.

                But one this about the above to me implies that one must accept this name as the only way they see divinity and I disagree with this. I think this part is a bit authoritarian. This is just my take on it. Some might say, I’m going to hell for thinking this or I’ll be forced to change my view when I die to avoid gods wrath. I’d be very disappointed with god if that’s what they are. And I’d let them know why I think this is wrong.

                I have read other things in the bible about paying taxes, slavery, war and “divine right” that for me can’t be cast aside and has left a “bad taste” in my mouth about fundamentalists who believe that every word in the bible should be followed, or that their gods name is the only name that is recognized. It’s like telling a Buddhist that their view of divinity is wrong and that they must repent and accept the name from another religion or else they will go to hell. I think it’s a bit rude and a bit warped to be completely honest. And speaking to some fundamentalist people, they do actually believe this and some do try to push others toward their view. This is really off putting and to me is not a way to try to seek connection with others.

                People do have a right to believe and worship god and gods that give them inspiration, motivation and connection to beauty, mystery, love and harmony with existence. I don’t think dogmatic fundamentalist religions do a very good job at this which is why none of them really resonate with me. And having said that, people have the right to hold different views and speak their mind.

              • I hear you, cu.h.j. The claims of Jesus Christ are the most central and hard things which divide humanity.

              • I also think that it’s good to have diversity of thought among humans and that I don’t think my way of thinking or viewing the unknown is the right way, just my take on it. So I hope that my words are not taken as an insult to any religion as a group of people I am lumping together as an entity. My views on the unknown and sacredness and divinity are just how I see things, not how I think others should see things or must see things.

              • Well said. Respect!

            • @Duck

              I would like to start by stating that it was unfair of me to stereotype “Christians” based on my own limited personal experiences (and even within that limited scope of experiences, that took place within a certain geographic region, there were of course exceptions to the rule).

              I was not implying that the bible or “Christianity” is “ok with trickery, murder stealing or harming other people” rather what I was saying is that I have come across quite a few people that claim to subscribe to that belief system which feel that though they are “sinners” they will be able to just repent and get their golden ticket to a permanent four seasons cloud resort after this life is over. Some were thugs yes, some were promiscuous girls yes, others were just mean, some were vain and a great many were self-righteous and hubristic. While the core teachings of the religion of Christianity may offer great potential in bettering one’s self and connecting with God (when those teachings are embraced and lived by someone with a genuine intent and a humble heart) most are not living by the principles and teachings laid out by that courageous and humble carpenter from Nazareth that tried to help humanity through living by example.

              The point I am trying to make here is that I feel that directing people to be able to observe living examples of the ideals, integrity, hope, compassion and courage we would like to become common place (or better yet embodying those things ourselves to become those living examples) is a far more effective way to get people to do meaningful, lasting inner work (which manifests its self as behavior rooted in integrity and actions guided by an internal moral compass) than threating them with a vague idea of hell fire or some offering the promise of a far away hypothetical four seasons cloud resort.

              Thus, I feel we should not look to institutions to enforce (or incentivize) preferable behavior in our fellow humans, as we have been trying to do that for millennia with very weak results, rather I feel we should plant the seeds for decentralized expressions of the spiritual and social truths we wish to see understood and manifest in our society through living them and leading by example.

              • We must ALWAYS look to institutions to enforce behavior…. other wise people just drop to the lowest denominator of behavior.

                Your family must set you standards of how to act or you would a t like a wild.or bad kid…. your community must sanction you for being a scumbag…. some people will only refrain from stealing and rape because they fear punishment.

                Someone is always setting the standard of what’s acceptable….and some people will try to wiggle out of it 🙂 it’s the state of fallen humanity

              • I disagree with this “We must ALWAYS look to institutions to enforce behavior…. other wise people just drop to the lowest denominator of behavior.”

                The looking to institutions to govern behavior is a conditioned response and institutions can be and are at this time corrupt. Such as government and even “the church” as an entity. My great grandpa was taken advantage of by his church. They lied and stole his life savings and my grandpa had to help him financially later. My grandpa was very angry at this church that also sucked my great uncle in who profited off of it. My great uncle is kind of a shyster. That experience was the end of my grandpa’s trust of organized religion and gave me food for thought too.

                So, I think it depends on the definition of “institution” that you are referring to here.

                If you mean that acting like a scumbag might cause retaliation and the person might not act this way due to fear of penalties, I’d say you’re right. It’s like a school yard bully getting punched hard by somebody if he messes with the wrong person, they’d think twice before bullying. That type of thing can exist and does exist outside of an institution and is fair play as far as I’m concerned.

                I mean if someone killed one of my family members, to be completely honest, I might seek retribution personally. The penalty from the institution might not be high enough for me. You might do the same.

                For example suppose a psychopathic rapist hurts a child and murders them and the family known beyond a doubt that the person did the crime and kills the criminal, is that wrong? The bible says not to kill. It seems to imply that god will send someone to hell. But there is no guarantee, no physical evidence of that happening. So maybe the family decides that they’ll live with the internal consequences of taking a life. And for some people there are inner consequences of hurting another person even if the other person is evil.

                My opinion is that the family is justified and there should be no institutional penalty. The penalty they pay is living with the internal consequence and feelings about killing another person. Some people, I believe deserve penalties for evil like rape and murder but that the penalty comes in the here and now and doesn’t need to come from an institution.

                Most of the people who rape and kill are disturbed and a few are just born that way who might need the fear of consequences but these consequences outsourced to an institution to me might not be the best way to deal with these types of crimes. And this brings in the notion of anarchy and decentralized forms of interactions that might be less corruptible than some type of government or theocracy.

              • “…people will always drop to the lowest common denominator” Some might, but this is probably a small number because most people are born with normally functioning brains.

                There’s that paper I posted some time ago that shows that babies demonstrate helping behavior and empathy from an early age before any institution can enforce anything. Empathy is innate for most healthy people.

              • “We must ALWAYS look to institutions to enforce behavior…. other wise people just drop to the lowest denominator of behavior.”

                Wow. Such a jaw-dropping authoritarian statement, and here of all places!

              • “We must ALWAYS look to institutions to enforce behavior…. other wise people just drop to the lowest denominator of behavior.”

                This might be a good topic for JC to cover and debunk, perhaps a question for Corbett. A lot of people believe this though so it’s not out of the ordinary for people to hold these views.

                This type of thing, outsourcing decision making and implementation of ethics to institutions lead to problems. And the state doesn’t like when people take matters into their own hands and in fact a person who defends themselves can be charged with a crime.

                What we have now is “rules for thee and not for me” and people by and large accept this as a normal state of affairs.

                Some people think that if the institution could be moral than everything would be okay, like a theocracy or something.

  5. Any thoughts on the globalist technocratic agenda we see reflected in Tell-Lie-Vision Programming from years gone by?

    This is one I stumbled across and find mostly the whole original series quite esoteric in nature. Some episodes are more of a sample of the outright plan for the dystopian future ‘they’ wish to create. Interesting and nostalgic at the same time…

  6. My November marks the beginning of hot cocoa and winter reading season in our household, we’ve started the ball rolling with Ivan Illich’s ‘Beyond economics and ecology’ and I’m near the end of the wonderful Dr Tom Cowan’s book ‘Human Heart Cosmic Heart’ which I highly recommend….anyone else care to recommend any good winter reading we can catch up on? 🙂

    • The Victorious Mind by Anthony meteiver (probably misspelled his name he does the magnetic memory podcast) is kinda good…part memoir of a Bi Polar dude, part memory and meditation guide and part warning about what happens if you do bad Acid…. kinda fun in a new age hipsterish way though it gets a bit dark at times.

    • And I will always recommend “the populist delusion” by Neema parvini (pete quinones show has a reading by chapter with commentary of you wa t to do a PreRead check) it’s basically Elite theory boiled down so normal people can understand it

      • that sounds interesting thank you.

      • What a wonderful collection!
        I read ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ last year also. Am looking forward to reading ‘The Fourfold Path to Healing’ myself, and the Native Herbalist Bible looks interesting, I’ll have to look that up.

        I’ve also just finished ‘Controlled Demolition of the American Empire’ and ‘Phantom Self’ but am now leaning more toward books which identify the star map (as above so below) which I tend to think as more of an ‘events/time map’ now we’re physically in the age or house of Aquarius, the effects here below are undeniable as to synchronicity, so this really intrigues me as more occulted (hidden/covered) information is becoming de-occulted at least to those conscious enough to see and understand it. I’d like to understand the significance of the star map we have better, perhaps through the ancient mythologies and legends written about these constellations and their meanings. I certainly need to incorporate this into my reading material this winter for sure. Apart from anything else, the crisp clear starry winter skies are also just a beautiful time to appreciate the the constellations in all their glory.

        • The specific “fields” emitted by the fixed stars, the asterisms, are where a lot of the stories have been kept.

          For one version, see KRS AstrologyChannel on youtube, Kapeil Raj, and the videos there on the asterisms…called “nakshatras” in that language….by the Pai team. IT’s all about the stars. All to be taken as thought incentive, with a grain or sprinkle of salt, as all ideologies have an agenda. Who says, and whom does this serve?

          More involved even is Diana K Rosenberg’s book on the fixed stars, “Secrets of The Ancient Skies.”
          Which I’ve been wanting a a resource for at least a year, a year of incessant instability, so not yet…But I’ve studied their “events” times, and all is planned far ahead with astrology.
          By the way, A.E. VanVogt, Philip K Dick’s inspiration, was writing about directed energy weapons in the early forties.
          I think his story The Silkie is amazing.

    • Yes The RAF was quite a tear jerker for us animal lovers out there! Thank you will look into the others.

    • Cannot praise and recommend enough… anything and everything written by Michel Foucault. (As usual, the last contributions were somewhat undeveloped except in personal context.)Particularly “Dicipline and Punish”; “Civilization and Madness”; “The Birth of The Clinic”; “Abnormal”; and “Psychiatric Power”, my faves.
      All of his work was available online a couple or three/four years ago, who knows now?

    • This book of essays goes from super dark (the one on the skyking and Piss Earth) to super interesting (tech and the rise M of supernaturalism and the multi part on the general bent towards pedastry and orientalism in the British Empire with a detour into British Isrealism and Crowley…. also parallel ideas to what I have thought is gonna happen to western white women and if he was around Fact Checker would appreciatethe schopenhauer refernces) . Something for everyone, lol.
      Almost finished it

  7. Hi,

    Just like to say I’ve really enjoyed having the massive corbett report history drip feed into Rokfin and Rumble. Its functioned like a random video selector for me and I’ve ended up watching lots of videos I would never have known to search for in the archives.

    • Meow king

      If you get a podcast app like Gpodder you can grab every podcast mr Corbett has done via the RSS feed and have them on your computer.

      • Thanks, yep, I really should do that I know. Thanks

  8. Greetings fellow seekers, freedom fighters, satyagrahi, subversives, systemic saboteurs, researchers, rebels, gardeners, homesteaders, healers and voluntaryists! 🙂

    I come bearing gifts today! I just put together a new substack article that provides in-depth instructions on how to grow your own perpetual supply of the medicinal superfood that is Ginger (Zingiber officinale) regardless of your living situation 😉

    The article also includes info on the myriad medicinal benefits offered by ginger (with extensive references to pertinent data) and some recipe ideas for enjoying your future harvests.

    This one is for any people out there that want to take steps towards food and health sovereignty (through growing some of your own food and medicine) but have felt like you are unable to because you do not have access to land. We use the techniques outlined in the article to grow about 20 lbs of ginger rhizome annually (both indoors during colder months and often outdoors in pots on balconies etc in the summer).

    I hope this info is helpful to you!

    Wishing you all bountiful harvests, longevity, resilience and health sovereignty.

    • Hi Gavin,

      I have a “follow-up” video to the Alien Intrusion video. This link was sent to me since last month’s open thread by a cousin of mine who lives in Ecuador, among a tribal group in the mountains. It follows along a similar theme, but not dealing with aliens. When I saw it, right away, I thought of last month’s discussion and have been anxiously waiting to share it. 🙂 I hope you will have a chance to watch it, and if so, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

      I’m heading over to read your ginger article. I grew some in a white bucket almost ten years ago, but haven’t tried again. It did produce a little bit.

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        I appreciate you thinking of me and our discussion about the ET presence. Thanks for the link I will check it out when I have time.

        I am still tryna carve out the time to respond to you and Steve Smith (among several others) on that thread so after I am able to do that I will watch the linked video and let you know what I think.

        Hopefully you find the info on ginger cultivation helpful. If you give me more specifics on the growing conditions involved with your last attempt to grow ginger in a container I may be able to give you some tips for optimizing plant health and increasing your harvest yield next time.

        • My biggest issue as far as growing ginger, or anything, inside right now is space, as well my only heat source being a wood stove. House plants do not survive well under my care … well, lack of care …. 😉

          I hope you won’t wait until you find time to reply to the previous conversation to watch or listen to the new link, or it may never happen. 🙁

          • I have successfully grown ginger in the ground (outside) where we are at, which is a zone 6b growing climate (to be able to harvest a reasonable amount of younger rhizomes in only one season). If you start your store bought ‘seed’ rhizomes mid winter in small pots that should save on space, then once they have their first set of true leaves in late spring you can plant them outside in the ground. You can let them grow till first frost in the ground then dig up the rhizomes for enjoying in the kitchen/natural medicine cabinet.

            Young ginger (ginger rhizomes harvested from plants that have only grown for 6-8 months) offers it’s own unique flavor profile and has more floral notes so it is lovely in tea or Thai recipes that call for Galangal.

            I will watch or listen when I have time, right now I have to prioritize preserving our harvests and sending heirloom seeds to those that have pre-ordered my book. Tonight I have a 5 gallon bucket filled with freshly harvested shiitake mushrooms to preserve and about 10 lbs of beats so I need to go get slicing, freeze drying and pickling!

            Hope to talk more soon.

            • I do want to try growing ginger again. It was about 10 years ago that I did it and I did get a small harvest. Maybe I will try the early start this winter. I am in zone 5b, so a bit cooler than you.

              What a harvest…. 🙂 I’ve checked some of my new mushroom spots. Something came up at the base of one of the hen of the wood oak stumps, but I didn’t find it until it was starting to dry out. I hope it released spores to improve inoculation for next year. 🙂

              I harvested elecampane last night for the first time. I planted it many years ago and it has volunteered in various spots. Last year I moved some of the plants into one square in what has historically been my garlic bed. Well, I decided I want to plant garlic there again this year, so it had to go, and if I’m digging it, I might as well do something with it, so I did. I got a tincture brewing this afternoon and tonight I spent probably at least 2 1/2 hours washing and cutting up the rest of the roots. This afternoon’s tincture was with freshly sliced roots. I will dry what I did tonight. That was a long haul and a pain in the neck, back, and hand. It helped when I switched to a sharper knife. 🙂

              Oh, and you’re in luck. Richo has an updated edition of one of his books. Now I will need to buy another from him, but you can just get the latest and greatest. 🙂

              I’ve harvested lots of herb seeds this year. I have loads of echinacea purpurea and am debating about where to scatter them. I’m afraid if I have too many, they won’t seem so special any more…. I also need to plant stinging nettle somewhere, and some others too. I have lots of gumweed seeds and calendula and lots more.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                I think you still have enough warm months in zone 5b to get a solid harvest of young rhizome if you grow the ginger outside in an ideal setting. The main factor that seems to influence the rate of rhizome growth (aside from having good soil and appropriate sunlight) is the soil temp. If you can create a growing situation where the soil warms up faster than usual (such as using a container that holds the soil with a low albedo or growing your ginger near something that offers a radiant heat source like a south facing brick wall) this will give you the best chance of boosting harvest yield in your area.

                Yes the our shiitake logs have gifted us plentiful harvests this year (and without the need for “Force Fruiting” this fall as we got some steady rain and then a lot of warm days in a row, which are ideal conditions for initiating a natural fruiting cycle). 🙂 I like to sauté some of the harvest with homegrown ginger, a bit of homemade miso paste/tamari, onions, hot chilis and a touch of honey and then freeze dry it to make some ‘teriyaki shiitake chips’ as a super nutrient dense, protein rich snack for hard work days and camping.

                I love your all natural approach to mushroom cultivation. I hope to do a slightly more labor intensive but similar approach when designing food forests in the future (where I will attempt to set up ideal conditions and food sources that will encourage choice cultivated mushroom species to become naturalized/self perpetuating).

                Did you see my comment to you on my Tulsi post on substack regarding the Chainsaw cultivation technique and the info on how you may be able to optimize your apicultural endeavors via utilizing medicinal mushroom extracts? I thought the chainsaw cultivation method could enable you do make use of onsite materials (off grid) if you had access to a gas powered chainsaw for scaling up your mushroom cultivation efforts.

                I am not familiar with elecampane, I will look into it now, thanks! 🙂

                My wife is allergic to garlic, but I do buy some from a local organic farmer for fermenting along side turmeric, ginger, black pepper and a number of other medicinal herbs, which I then freeze dry and powderize (so I have a potent shelf stable natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and anticoagulant substance on hand should any of my other loved ones or myself need it). I like making tinctures too but since I do not have a still and sourcing out organic grain alcohol is difficult here in Canada I tend to only do that when it is my only viable way to extract and preserve the harvest’s medicinal essence. The high proof grain alcohol available here is mostly derived from GMO corn that was doused with glyphosate so contains contaminants that are quite counter intuitive for medicine making.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                Ahh thank for reminding me about the strictly medicinal books, I have been setting aside some extra from each paycheck to make a bulk purchase of seeds and books (shipping to Canada is crazy expensive) so I am glad to hear I will be able to get his most updated books 🙂

                You can never have too much Echinacea purpurea! Well at least I imagine that is what the native pollinators would say if they could speak english 😉

                Echinacea’s medicinal gifts are often underrated and underestimated. Not only is it powerful for optimizing immune function (in a similar way to ginger) Echinacea also contains compounds that increase the rates of mitochondrial biogenesis and also increases the rate of endogenous stem cell production in the bone marrow. That really has profound implications for health in general, but is especially helpful for the healing of wounds (and in particular the regeneration of internal tissues, whether it be bone tissue, tendons, muscle or even heart cells).

                I love nettle too, really helps with the tendinitis in my hands and my allergies to cats.

                By the way I finally made the time to respond to Steve Smith in the October thread section regarding my Childhood’s End post, responding to mkey is next on my list, then you, so i`m getting there! 🙂

                Thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂

              • Echinacea also contains compounds that increase the rates of mitochondrial biogenesis and also increases the rate of endogenous stem cell production in the bone marrow.
                That really has profound implications for health in general, but is especially helpful for the healing of wounds (and in particular the regeneration of internal tissues, whether it be bone tissue, tendons, muscle or even heart cells).

                That is interesting. Thanks Gavinm.

              • @HRS

                I discovered those more obscure medicinal properties of Echinacea when I was researching Cardio-regenerative herbs after my friend Seth was diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis (he was armed forces and the Canadian government mandated they receive the bio-weapon injections or lose their jobs).

                Here are some of the studies I found that are specific to Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea or Cone Flower):


                If you are interested in info on other herbs that stimulate increased rates of mitochondrial biogenesis and endogenous adult stem cell production I have started compiling a list. Herbs like Echinacea that increase the production of Mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to be capable of initiating Cardiomyocyte Proliferation. I am researching herbs/fungi that have those properties in the interest of formulating synergistic mixtures of medicine plants/fungi that can help encourage tissues to regenerate that typically do not (in adults), such as heart cells (to help people like my buddy Seth that were maimed by the injections).

          • @the lilac dragonfly

            I have finally gotten around to watching the “SPIRITUAL WARFARE in the AMAZON JUNGLE & the Gospel of “The Enemy God”!” video you shared a link to.

            Firstly, I find it very saddening to hear that man Michael Dawson (and the one behind the camera) speaking about the cultural practices and perspectives of indigenous peoples with such hubris, ethnocentrism and superficial irrational fears. Yes, there is such a thing as nefarious and/or self-interested trans-dimensional entities (some might call them “demons” though there are a lot of fallacies pushed by various religious dogmas regarding such beings) but the shameless attempts of those in that video that generalize the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples as involving “demons” and beings “possessed by demons” etc because they describe different “spirits” as being part of their worldview and spiritual practices is an exemplification of the same irrational, egocentric and arrogant attitude that European colonists and missionaries had when they came to what is now called North America (describing the inhabitants that lived here as “savages” and “heathens” because they had a different spiritual perspective and way of living). If the arrival of the white missionaries in the Amazon was anything like it was where I live (see for more info), it is understandable that the tribes people would be terrified of him based on his appearance. After all, the genocide inflicted on indigenous peoples by the imperialistic invasions of Europeans into north, central and south america were some of the most vicious, heartless and morally bankrupt expressions of hubris and malice in human history.

            Before we go judging indigenous cultures and practices as demonic, why don’t we take a little stroll down memory lane and take an honest look at what people claiming to be Christain and acting in the name of Jesus chose to do with their free will on this Earth.

            Let us first take a look in medieval history (see: the Christian Crusades and the millions heartlessly murdered and tortured by humans saying it was in the name of Jesus). Those self-described “Christians” were clearly mentally deranged (or perhaps “possessed” by some entities?) but either way I would not assume that they chose the actions they chose because of the religious or spiritual practices they claimed to subscribe to, as that would be an unfair generalization.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from comment above, part 2)

            Now for some more pertinent historical examples; let us fast forward a few hundred years and take a look at the mass murder, oppression and enslavement of indigenous people’s by the Spanish Christians in South and Central America (where priests and soldiers murdered, mutilated, pillaged and oppressed countless peoples all in the name of bringing Christianity and the word of Jesus to the “savages”). Christian missionaries/governments (and the soldiers that backed them up) do not have a very good track record when it comes to applying the actual concepts that Jesus attempted to share with the world. One might even (understandably) describe the Christians (that claimed to be acting on behalf of Jesus) and wore the cross symbolizing their supposed allegiance (who murdered, tortured, raped, pillaged and dominated their way through countless indigenous people’s lands) as behaving in a way that could be seen as “demonic”. I would just describe it as psychotic, morally bankrupt, selfish, arrogant and disgusting behavior, but I would understand if one looking back at the way those Christians treated their fellow humans, saw them as being “possessed by demons”.

            The disturbing, vicious and heartless behavior of Christian missionaries did not stop in South America, no, it continued (in a big way) in what we now call North America, where for example, the Jamestown Settlers continued the crusade (the Virginia colonists stole land, pillaged graves, occupied Native villages and enslaved Natives, claiming their Christian God gave them the right to do so through their ‘God given’ Dominion of Earth). (Everett, 2009) and then here in “Canada” (where I live) where the French Jesuit missionaries told the Huron and the Nêhiyawak (Cree) peoples that if they are baptized and convert to Christianity they will be spared the small-pox disease and then when they refused, they were provided smallpox-laden blankets (Nies, 1996 ) in one of the first examples of large scale biological warfare in human history. More than 10,000 Huron people died from smallpox and some eye witness reports indicate that about 1 in 50 Nêhiyawak in most villages survived. This biological warfare tactic was utilized by the priests as they moved southward (all the way down the Mississippi river as well.)

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 3)

            The torturing, raping and murder of indigenous peoples (by people claiming to be Christian) continued in what is now called “Canada” up until very recently within the concentration camps that our government euphemistically called “residential schools”. Though in those instances, the torture, rape and murder specifically targeted indigenous children, with the abuse and murder being directly carried out by mentally deranged Nuns and Priests (that ran the torture centers and concentration camps called “residential schools”). Specialized RCMP were sent by the government to kidnap the children from their parents to take them to these facilities, but the Nuns and the Priests were the ones that ended up doing most of the raping, mutilating and killing.

            I had a roommate out west that had survived being dragged off to and locked up in several such facilities (having broken out and escaped multiple times and fending for himself in the hills as a young man). He is about 70 now, and many of the scars inflicted by the Priests and Nuns were still visible, though listening to his stories, it became clear that the most painful scars were those he had within.. having witnessed little girls and boys starved, stabbed, burnt, mutilated, raped, forced to dig their own graves and then killed and thrown in unmarked mass graves.

            Perhaps the priests and nuns all over Canada that ran those facilities were just morally bankrupt and mentally unstable humans (caught up in some kind of mass psychosis perpetuated via religious propaganda or psychopaths that sought to cultivate and then use their position in religious institutions to carry out their psychotic abusive behavior under the guise of “cleansing heathens”) or perhaps they were possessed by nefarious entities, we will never know. The point I am trying to make here is that people of all colors, creeds and religious beliefs (or lack thereof) can engage in duplicitous, selfish, nefarious and murderous behavior. Thus, labeling other cultures with blanket judgments/generalizations (that involve describing their way of perceiving the spiritual realm, each other or nature as “demonic”) simply because they are not Christian, is not only hypocritical coming from a missionary (considering the well-documented history of Christian missionaries themselves) but it is also indicative of a very old xenophobic and racist mentality that festers in the minds of the fearful, the arrogant, the close minded and the cowardly among us.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 4)

            The man being interviewed in the video linked above may have been born in the jungle, but he has clearly adopted an ego-flattering world view in which he thinks he is better than the original inhabitants of that jungle based on his chosen religious beliefs. I do not know anything about the specific indigenous Amazonian people he is speaking of, but I do know that indigenous people here in north america also talked about communing with, consulting and connecting with the spirits of their ancestors and/or the spirits of natural world as part of their spiritual practices, and they too were labelled as “communing with the devil” or being “possessed by demons” etc by the often ruthless, murderous duplicitous and thieving invaders from Europe (that described themselves as Christian). Just because someone has a different way of seeing the world and expressing their reverence for life, the Earth, their soul and God does not make them lower than those that connect to divinity through the Christian methodology.

            Also, astral projection and remote viewing (which were described as “witch doctor abilities” in that video) are innate capabilities that exist within each human (most of the time remaining dormant due to lack of development). Thus, being capable of projecting one’s consciousness outside the body does not necessarily mean one is connected to demons or anything else derogatory and degrading.

            While I acknowledge that there are humans that do interact with (and allow themselves to be influenced by) interdimensional entities that are self-interested(and/or nefarious) in their intent, as stated (and exemplified through the historical evidence) such occurrences appear to take place within individuals of all creeds, colors and religious labels. The degree of which an individual is susceptible to the influence of such entities is based on one’s integrity, honor and moral fortitude (or lack thereof) and has no connection to whether or not someone is from a certain village, has a cross on their necklace, has a certain skin color or claims to be subscribed to a specific religion.

            There may be people that live in the jungle that develop their innate abilities and consciousness though various practices, and then use those abilities (and their interactions with unpleasant transdimensional entities) to inflict harm, for surveillance, to manipulate or serve some other self-interested purpose, but that has nothing to do with “shamanism” in general, nor where they were born, it has to do with that individual lacking moral courage, honor and integrity, and there are a great many people that lack those attributes all over (not just in the jungle). Generalizing that people are likely connected to demons or are somehow “dirty”, “possessed” or “tainted” because they are from another culture is nothing more than hubristic racism and egocentricism hiding under the veil of religious propaganda.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 5)

            You do not have to be a shaman (or “witch doctor” as the men in the video described them) to develop skills like remote viewing for selfish reasons. The science of consciousness is also studied and utilized by humans in covert intelligence, military and compartmented corporate operations (run by individuals that are self-interested, and sometimes atheists) and weaponized so they can spy on their perceived enemies (you and me) and to sometimes attempt to exert influence over the unaware, inflict pain or even physical harm on their targets. Various intelligence agencies and compartmented military operations have trained people in so called “remote viewing” techniques and even “remote influencing” (which is augmented by various technological means). Thus, developing one’s own intuitive capacities, asking God for guidance and learning to hone one’s ability to see beyond the physical with the mind’s eye and the heart is also helpful in being able to sense what is true and what is not, as well as being capable of sensing when less than compassionate human operatives (and/or transdimensional entities) are engaging in nefarious operations (which one may mistakenly perceive as being part of the ET presence) so one can remain safe and act accordingly.

            Advanced cultures from other star systems also communicate and operate their craft using consciousness-connected technologies, so it is understandable that one would confuse meditative practices or expanded states of consciousness that make use of something like remote viewing to communicate with peaceful and integrous interstellar visitors with something unseemly or “heretical”, but such generalizations are not based in reality and are more due to the fear based worldviews that arise when one embraces egocentricism and ethnocentrism.

            In another comment in this thread you said: “I have no doubt that demons have the ability to do the things that are being done. Whoever is doing them obviously has evil intentions. If they were friendly aliens, they could certainly figure out how to be kind to people instead of scaring them out of their wits and abusing them.”. You seemed to be referring to the so called “alien abduction” (and or cattle mutilations) phenomenon there. Thus, you should know that after comprehensively researching that subject matter I can say with confidence that (as I stated in my article on substack) while there may be some less advanced interstellar civilizations which visit here as well (with the members of their species possessing varying degrees of integrity, compassion and social maturity) these rogues make up a minority and though some of the individual members of these civilizations have engaged in somewhat nefarious activities, these are the actions of rogue criminals, and not representative of the intent nor nature of their respective species (nor the civilization/world they originated from) as a whole.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 6)

            Additionally, the material put out by people like Linda Moulton Howe is (whether she and others like her realize it or not) is actually part of a psychological warfare operation being run by the human oligarchs that control our governments. The vast majority of instances in which individuals report being ‘abducted by aliens’ are in fact operations being carried out by humans in the black ops area of the military. These ‘MILABS’ are part of an ongoing psychological warfare campaign aimed at propagating fear and animosity in humanity towards our cosmic neighbors. Corporations such as EG&G are involved in the manufacturing of advanced radio frequency / scalar wave implant technology that are used in these operations. Bases such as the underground complex near Dulce are involved in housing the craft, materials and personnel that are used to grab people and simulate ‘alien abductions’.

            Any civilization that has traveled here across the vastness of interstellar space has moved beyond the need to ‘harvest embryos’ or put implants in organic tissue. If they wanted genetic material to study or manipulate they would need only a single fallen skin cell or hair. Their technology is at the point where distances in 3 dimensional time space do not inhibit the sensitivity of their instruments, if they want to closely observe an individual they can do so with detail and precision from space without any need to stick a physical object in their body.

            Thus, I would like to make it clear that those who are suggesting that all off world beings (whether they are physical or non-physical) are nefarious or “demonic” (simply because they are not human and/or not from Earth) are small minded people that are just taking their stagnant racist arrogant way of thinking and extending it to irrationally judge and fear beings outside the Earth. Instead of racism, one might call it “alien-ism”, but the mental space of the people involved in either is very much the same.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 7)

            We are capable of so much more as human beings (and as conscious beings) this is especially true when we are aligning our free will and actions with an intent to choose that which will nurture others to achieve their highest potential, give a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves and choose compassion, courage and humility in the face of violence, conformity and hubris. The humans involved in covert operations that are nefarious in nature (or humans that are rogue self-interested elements, whether they are in a jungle, in your church, doing rituals at some weird demonic alter or in an office building) are limited in what they can achieve through the development of their innate abilities as their intent does not align with Natural Law. Those humans that align their intent with the betterment of all beings and the enrichment of the community of which we are an intrinsic part however, are not so limited, and many beings in the higher realms stand at the ready to assist those walking such a path so that they may find safe footing and synchronistic guidance on their path forward.

            The techniques, religious trimmings and cultural specifics are really not much more than decorations when compared to the importance of the genuine intent within the individual to know God, to know their own mind and to know their soul. God does not discriminate based on what religious practice one has adopted. Luke 16:15 speaks to that truth. The format of the prayer or meditation is not important, only the genuine heartfelt intent to better one’s self, to treat others as one would like to be treated, to develop a relationship with God and to surrender to one’s spirit/soul (rather than being driven by the ego/brain). Thus, despite my having reservations about the detriments of some religious institutions and dogmatic ways of seeing I strive not to use labels intended to demean or dismiss other people’s chosen ways of engaging with spirituality. Labeling another culture’s way of looking to connect with God and know their own soul with a word like “demonic”, “shamanism”, “witch doctors”, etc (just because they are from some other cultural tradition) gives the impression that one intends on looking down upon those ways of engaging with spirituality in a derogatory sense. That is not beneficial to our human family as the oligarchs that seek to dominate and oppress the many have already used a great many “divide and conquer” tactics on us. Therefore, I feel it would be beneficial if we did not contribute towards feeding into their tactical games any further.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from another comment, part 8)

            While I personally do not resonate with religious dogmatic belief systems, I respect that each individual must find their own path to remember who they are as a spiritual being, know the divine and engage with the Creator of all things, and perhaps, for some, religion is the path that works for them.

            Though I see much truth and wisdom to be gleaned in the teachings of courageous and selfless human beings like Jesus and Siddhartha Gautama, I do not subscribe to any one religion as I feel dogma has a way of becoming a stagnant medium that limits one on a path to perpetually learn and hone one’s ability to be of greater service to God, one’s community and the living Earth. Thus, I personally prefer a path that one might describe as Spiritual Autodidacticism over following the belief systems that have been laid out by other humans but I also accept that there are many ways to know God and embark on the path to spiritual growth.

            I would never judge you or any other person describing themselves as Christian based on the duplicitous, degenerative and nefarious behavior of other humans that also claimed to be Christian (some of which I described above) in the past, and I would humbly suggest that we should strive to not do that to others (that claim to subscribe to other spiritual practices or religions) either.

            For me, Nature is part of Creation, and thus I feel that a forest or a garden resonates more with me as a place connect with the Creator of all things than any manmade structure or institution ever could be. Nevertheless, I know that some prefer a cathedral or a monastery and I do not claim that my way to connect with and know the divine is better than theirs.

            • Hi Gavin,

              I agree with SO MUCH of what you said.

              I disagree with SO MUCH of what you said.

              There is far too much there to try to discuss when thumb-typing on a little phone, or even with this format, but I will make a couple comments.

              What is Christianity?

              “It was the best of religions; it was the worst of religions. It brought life, love, and compassion to a dark and cruel world. It also brought torture, repression, ignorance, slavery, and death to an innocent world. It burned with Light and Truth. It also burned the Bible and those who believed it.

              “Those who adhered to it built universities, hospitals, and orphanages. They also justified poverty, exploitation, war, and conquest. They brought food to the hungry, medicine to the sick, work to the destitute, and hope to the hopeless. They filled the earth with contempt for man, contempt for God’s creation, and contempt for God.

              “What is this thing called ‘Christianity’? The Bible does not tell us. The Bible talks about something else.”

              (From Copernicus and the Jews: The Separation of Church and Faith by Daniel Gruber, page 186.)

              Even if I could define Christianity in the most accurate way I know how, and even if the whole world would accept my definition, I am not one, and I would not be one.

              I do not like labels, but people like labels and they like to paste them on other people, and even on themselves. Some people choose a label because they feel they have to, but as far as belief in God, I think labels are just as misleading as political labels are in politics.

              • @the lilac dragonfly

                Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote and share your thoughts.

                “What is Christianity?”

                Well, I suppose there are many interpretations but what I was talking about above, was the types of behaviors and actions that have been chosen by those that claimed to be Christian (and doing what they did in the name of spreading Christianity, God and/or Jesus).

                What is Christianity to me?

                In the way in which I see its institutionalized expression manifested today, I would say it is a dogmatic belief system that is the result of many centuries of the “Chinese whispers” effect (as in the concepts, ideas and actions carried out in the name of “Christianity” are so far removed from the teachings of the supposed originator of said belief system that I think if Jesus was alive today and saw what has been (and continues to be done) in his name, he would not be very happy at all.

                First of all, “Jesus did not start the Christian religion, and never intended for any religion to be formed in his name. The truth Jesus embodied and demonstrated has universal relevance and significance, regardless of any individual’s religious, spiritual or philosophical tradition or background.

                Modern Christianity mostly revolves around the teachings of Saint Paul, and not Jesus. The central creeds of Institutional Christianity contain little or no teachings of Jesus.

                Christianity is not the fault of Jesus.

                Jesus and Paul would have not gotten along well, and Jesus would have been dismayed by many of the concepts that Paul devised. No other individual shaped the Jesus story that morphed into orthodox Christianity more than Paul.

                Western Christianity is Pauline. Paul wrote his letters before the gospels were written, and likely influenced the synoptic gospel writers. Jesus would likely be dumbfounded by the mythology and theology that got attached to his name.


              • (..continued from above)

                One thing Paul did very successfully, was lock in the idea of atonement and bloodshed as salvific. The Jewish sacrifice of the lamb became the model for the Roman execution of Jesus who became the “lamb of God,” who died to take the rap for the sins of all humankind. The earliest followers of Jesus did not go about making crucifixes. The first carved cross doesn’t appear until the 7th century. In essence, Paul the prime architect of Christian doctrine, turned Christianity into Cross-tianity.

                I see great value and benefit to the biblical stories about the life and teachings of Jesus and the emergence and evolution of Christianity. However, in my view, it cannot be properly understood and appreciated without taking into account the factors that influenced and shaped it.

                Paul’s letters in the New Testament were basically responses to questions and concerns that the earliest Christian communities posed to him, trying to sort out their beliefs and practices.

                You might ask, “Who died and made Paul pope?” Doesn’t matter, Paul found himself in the regrettable situation of being the expert on how to do Christianity. Keep in mind, Paul did not do this in a vacuum. He had been influenced and conditioned by his own previous religious training, and would have drawn upon these and other factors as the raw materials from which to devise his theology. All things considered, I doubt any of us would have done any better. A lot of Paul’s insights and ways he put things together have great value in different ways, but the fact that we assume that Paul was somehow channeling God in his ideas and writings is our fault and not his.

                It makes complete sense why Paul did what he did, and he should not be faulted for this. The burden is on us to apply critical thinking and a thorough investigation of the historical, cultural and personal factors that influence and shape all religion, including Christianity. A basic principle of this mindset is “consider the source,” which says that it is wise to consider all the factors that would have impacted and influenced the information and views presented by a particular source, in this case, Paul. Since Paul is the most influential figure in the conception of Christianity and Christian doctrine, it’s wise to understand Paul in this sense. One can appreciate the contribution of Paul without deifying his writings.


              • (..continued from above)

                I find it curious that practically every creed of the Church, whether the early ecumenical creeds, the Roman Catholic creeds or the Protestant creeds are statements that outline the theological positions and doctrines of the Church, but hardly have any of the teaching of Jesus in them.

                A person doesn’t have to be a Paul-hater. He was doing the best he could. Have a little compassion. How would Paul have known that scratching out letters to help sort out the challenges and problems of the early church were somehow going to be turned into the infallible Word of God for all humankind. That’s on us, not him. Paul did the best he could given the circumstances and where he was at in his own spiritual journey and evolution.

                One should look upon Christian theology with some skepticism given that you can’t hardly find Jesus anywhere in it. We painted Jesus white and dressed him up in Christian theology, but the brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew who turned religion on its head, got lost some 2,000 years ago on the dusty roads of Nazareth.”

                You said : “The Bible claims to be a message from the Creator God to humanity. Either the Bible is true or it is not.”

                Why does it have to be so black and white? Because you’d “rather not bother trying to sort out the reliable from the fiction/falsehood”? If the book contains truth and wisdom that were gifted to specific individuals (Jesus included) which has not been mixed with a bunch of half-truths, propaganda, and flat our falsehoods, would it not be worth taking the time to “sort out the reliable from the fiction/falsehood”? I think it is worth the effort personally.

                I use my heart as a compass to discern what is true and what is not, and I remain open to the possibility that my current perspective and understanding could need improvement and honing. I ask God for guidance in this perpetual path of learning and self-betterment everyday, and I find there are many valuable sign posts to be found that can offer us guidance in the teachings of various spiritual teachers (such as Jesus).


              • (..continued from above)

                You said “… “no one comes to the Father (God) except through me.” (Yohanan 14:6). If He was not telling the truth (i. e., lying) He is not worth listening to at all. If his statement was not true, he either had a huge ego and intentionally lied or he was crazy. The other option is that He was telling the truth. Either of the first two options would be enough for me to dismiss anything else he said. If he was telling the truth in his claims, humanity should sit up and listen.”

                You neglected to consider another possibility: what we are reading now, may not be an accurate recording of what Jesus said.

                Also, for me personally, I see all beings (except the Creator of all things) as imperfect (including Jesus) so even if he did say something that turned out not to be accurate, that does not mean I would just discard all the rest of the insight, wisdom and truth he shared. That would be like if I searched through the Corbett Report archive and found some instance where James Corbett make a prediction or a statement that turned out not to be backed by the facts in subsequent years, and so because of that I chose to declare he has lost all credibility and dismiss all the other valuable research, ideas, solutions and wisdom he has shared (no I am not comparing this JC to That JC haha) but you get my point.

                Now, onward to the jungle…

                You said “I grew up in Bolivia and visited a variety of native groups as a child. One time we were visiting a group that killed all twins because they believed that one was stealing the soul of the other, or some such thing”.

                Ok, so I would like to understand what you are implying here. Are you saying that because you visited a number of indigenous peoples in villages in part of one country, that these behaviors and attitudes (involving child killing) are something you ascribe to all indigenous groups living in the tropical jungles of South America?


              • (..continued from above)

                I mean I could dig up some even more disturbing examples of child sacrifice, torture, mutilation and oppression/enslavement of women that were part of the regular activities of groups that claimed to be Christian (both historically and in present day) but I would never claim that because some mentally disturbed and/or ignorant people without a moral compass claimed to be doing things in the name of Jesus, that this makes all people who claim to be Christian (or claim to be choosing their actions in accordance with Jesus’s teachings) as being as crazy and malicious as the deviant groups described above.

                You said “People say leave them alone. They are happy how they are. I didn’t see much, if anything, in the various places we visited that gave me the impression that the tribal people were happy how they were.”

                Well, first of all, I think it is worth keeping in mind that what you saw in those villages is a Post-imperialistic invasion version of their culture. Secondly, again, maybe there were some unhappy people where you visited, but does that mean you are saying the same way of living and state of happiness you discerned they had or didn’t have, is represented all across the jungles of South America?

                You said “those missionaries.. ..their hearts were in the right place and they wanted to share the God they believed in with those people.” Which ones are you talking about? The ones in Canada that intentionally gave women and children small pox infected blankets? Or the ones related to that guy in the video where he says all shamans and medicine men/women are “witch doctors” that are “possessed by demons”?

                Lastly, you shared some quotes about how one must call on “the true God and the Messiah” to be “saved”. I would like to understand how you think this works for the millions of human beings (throughout history and at present day) that have never heard of Jesus, have never been exposed to any Christian ideas, nor have they ever read any of the “Tanach and the Messianic Writings”. In your mind, does that mean those people are going to go to hell and be punished by God because they were born in a place that did not have churches, missionaries or bibles?

                If that is the case we are talking about a pretty mean, illogical and petty deity (one that would hypothetically sentence a little innocent child that happened to be born in a place without Christian influences and died without knowing they needed to call on “the true God and the Messiah” to be “saved” to eternal suffering and damnation.

                Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and I hope you have great germination rates for your garden this year! 🙂

            • Am I a Republican? I agree with some Republicans on some things, but I am not one.
              Am I a democrat? I agree with some democrats about some things, but I am not one.
              Am I a libertarian? I agree with some libertarians on some things, but I am not one.
              Am I am anarchist? I’ve heard different definitions of the term, but not knowing what it really means (who gets the final say on the definition of any of these categories?), I am sure I agree with some anarchists on some things, but I doubt I am one.

              I think some people choose the label “Christian” because they identify with a certain “brand” of Christianity, not realizing that history, reality, and the Biblical teaching disagree with their definitions. I try to look past their label and see where they are coming from.

              The Bible (Tanach and the Messianic Writings) is not a Christian text. It is not a Christian history. It was not – none of it – written by Christians.

              There can not be many truths that contradict each other.

              God, the Creator of all that is, should get some say about who He is and what is right and good and true. The Bible claims to be a message from the Creator God to humanity. Either the Bible is true or it is not. If it isn’t, I’d rather not bother trying to sort out the reliable from the fiction/falsehood. If it IS true, it is the most important book in the world to read and believe.

              Many ways/paths? Yeshua (Jesus’ actual real name) claimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life,” and added that “no one comes to the Father (God) except through me.” (Yohanan 14:6). If He was not telling the truth (i. e., lying) He is not worth listening to at all. If his statement was not true, he either had a huge ego and intentionally lied or he was crazy. The other option is that He was telling the truth. Either of the first two options would be enough for me to dismiss anything else he said. If he was telling the truth in his claims, humanity should sit up and listen.

            • I grew up in Bolivia and visited a variety of native groups as a child. One time we were visiting a group that killed all twins because they believed that one was stealing the soul of the other, or some such thing. Not knowing which was the real human child, they killed them both. The Americans living there had finally convinced them that they didn’t need to kill twins (one of the American families had a set of twins, if I remember correctly) and the first pair of twins that was allowed to live had recently been born in that tribe. They were just little babies when I saw them.

              People say leave them alone. They are happy how they are. I didn’t see much, if anything, in the various places we visited that gave me the impression that the tribal people were happy how they were. Although people are not perfect and there are things I would disagree with those missionaries about, their hearts were in the right place and they wanted to share the God they believed in with those people.

              Despite the sad things I saw in the jungle, I wouldn’t wish this modern, materialistic, degraded … culture or life on them either. I wouldn’t wish any of the horrific things you listed above on them. This world is very messed up. The best hope we have is the God of Israel as described in the Jewish writings of Tanach and the Messianic Writings. Yeshua told his Jewish followers to go into all the world and tell the good news (of the true God and the Messiah) to everyone.

              “For the Scripture says, ‘Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed,’ [Isaiah 28:16] because there is no difference for Jew and Greek, because the same Lord of all is rich to all who call on Him. For ‘Whoever will call on the Name of the Everpresent Lord will be saved.!’ [Joel 2:32] How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? How will they hear without someone proclaiming? And how will they proclaim unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim the good news of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things.” (letter to the Romans 10:11-15, translation by Daniel Gruber)

              • Gavin, you wrote “Jesus and Paul would have not gotten along well”. Are you familiar with the account of Saul/Paul’s conversion?

                You write; “Jesus would have been dismayed by many of the concepts that Paul devised.”
                Could you please point out some of the teachings of Paul that contradict the teachings of Jesus?

                You write; “ One thing Paul did very successfully, was lock in the idea of atonement and bloodshed as salvific. ”
                Could you please explain why you believe Jesus was crucified?

                You write; Why does it have to be so black and white? Because you’d “rather not bother trying to sort out the reliable from the fiction/falsehood”
                And; “what we are reading now, may not be an accurate recording of what Jesus said.”
                Please explain why people today should accept any part of the Bible as true and not simply reject it entirely.

                You write; “ Isee all beings (except the Creator of all things) as imperfect (including Jesus) so even if he did say something that turned out not to be accurate,
                This question kind of relates to the one above, but since Jesus, according to scripture, did claim to be the creator of all things and fulfilled every prophecy concerning the messiah made centuries before His birth to the letter, wouldn’t that make Him either God or a liar?
                It just seems awfully convenient to simply pick and choose the things that Jesus said as being misrepresentations to fit your own understanding.

                You write; “ I use my heart as a compass to discern what is true and what is not, and I remain open to the possibility that my current perspective and understanding could need improvement and honing. I ask God for guidance in this perpetual path of learning and self-betterment everyday, and I find there are many valuable sign posts to be found that can offer us guidance in the teachings of various spiritual teachers (such as Jesus).

                With all due respect. What god are you asking for guidance?
                2 Corinthians 4:4
                “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.“

                Please don’t take offense because of these questions Gavin. None is intended.
                I tell you the truth when I say that I pray for your eyes to be opened and that you will come to accept that Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God, the only sinless human that ever walked this planet and that He voluntarily sacrificed Himself for you and all mankind. Because He was not willing that any should perish.
                Please accept that free gift. There is no catch. There is nothing lose. There is eternal life to gain.

              • @Steve

                Thanks for chiming in, since we have discussed this topic quite a bit already I am not gonna get into a repeating argument with you but I want to show respect by briefly answering some of your questions.

                I am not gonna get into the whole Jesus and Paul thing today.

                Jesus was put on a stake (not a crucifix) and he was killed in that way because the truth he received from God and was sharing (and the truth be embodied in how he lived) was a threat to those at the top of the current human power structure of that time (the Romans and those at the top of the religious institutions, scribes and pharisees).

                Why not reject all of the bible? Because some of the material that is still in it’s pages is unaltered and still holds the truth and teachings of those it is supposed to be based upon. Being capable of discerning the difference means not depending on the middle men in the church and taking responsibility for using our own heart as a compass.

                I am not gonna get into the whole Jesus claimed to be God thing (as I have already discussed that, not sure if it was with you or not).

                you said “With all due respect. What god are you asking for guidance?”

                Yahweh, the Creator of all things and all beings (including Jesus).

                Thank you for your concern and prayers, I wish you well.

              • Thank you for responding in part Gavin.
                I’ll keep praying for you.

  9. Dear Corbetteers,

    Here follows another article advertisement. The article concerns the case of David McBride, an Australian who was a Major in the Aus Defence Forces serving the role as a legal advisor. The article provides a brief biography and delves into his case of leaking classified information to the ABC (Aus national broadcaster) which documented a collection of war crimes by Aus SAS soldiers. For US people, the SAS is the equivalent of the “green berets” or “rangers”. The article is heavily referenced.


    The Intolerable Persecution of David McBride: Moral Courage Shines Again

    Peace be with you,


  10. When Yuval Noah Harari stated humans are now “hackable animals”, he wasn’t being arrogant, comedic or dishonest. I urge all to take his statement literally and without contempt. Keep in mind Noah and all his transhumanist friends are, at least for the moment, human themselves.

    Human consciousness is built with words, words build narratives, narratives create arguments, what is an argument if not at least a 2 player game. DeepMind’s technology can defeat any human at any 2 player game. Think about those last couple of statements for a few moments. Very important for everyone to understand just how far A.I. has come in recent iterations.

    The internet is no longer a viable utility for humanity, it serves only to better the interests of a select few. PEACE & LOVE XO

    • Catalyst

      Harari deserves nothing but contempt…he is not even a scientist, just a shill for the rich fools who actually believe that trash is gonna work. His idea of the future is no better than anyone else, maybe worse with the company he keeps.

      The VR metaverse really is just a rehash of the same old trash they’ve pushed since the 90s. Brain chips don’t work, quantum computing and biological computers are both looking like either some kinda scam or at best way over rated and impractical.

      Part of the fear the ruling class has right now is that there IS NO NEW TECH that’s gonna fund the bubble economy anew….nothing like t he continental railroads or industrialization or the electrification projects or the computer and internet. As to AI….if it was anywhere near as good as they made out we would already be in the pods. Maybe they can make super machines but they can not scale produce them to do half of what they pretend.

      • I agree with your take here Duck. Very well stated. I am very technologically retarded but my common sense tells me that these “self driving” cars are bunk. They are slow and dumb and they have been testing them for several years now and it seems like they are a bunch of bunk. The only way they could work is if they were the only thing on the road.

        I think Tesla has some self driving mode on their cars that can take over on the highway to keep in a lane, but that’s all they can do. They can’t initiate passing a car as far as I know, which would require more complex “thought” on the computers part.

        Even if I had a Tesla with “self driving” capability, I wouldn’t trust it and wouldn’t use it. I think many people have a basic distrust of this type of tech. Maybe I’m wrong here, but based on my small sample size of asking people if they’d use the self driving mode, most people I spoke with said no.

        I suspect all this tech, brain chips and such is in part based on hype. It’s like these weird transhumanist rich people want this sci fi reality and they are trying to push the idea on the general population and much of it is based on fantasy.

        Who in their right mind would want a brain chip, unless a person has some type of terrible disease like Parkinson’s or is paralyzed from the neck down? It’s absurd to me. There may be a small subsection of society that likes these things and weird tech, but it’s not a majority of people as far as I know.

        Anyway, glad to hear your input since you are more knowledgeable about computers and technology than myself. Maybe some day I’ll have a desire to learn and build my own computer or something, lol!

        • Cu h.j

          It is actually very very easy nowadays….and you save about half the cost.

          Linus tech tips on YouTube and others have a ton of PC building videos… you just need to make sure you get a CPU with on board graphics.

          Its so easy anyone with two hands and common sense can do it, but most have never seen it done even in YTube and so don’t 🙁

          Installing linux on an old computer is actually super easy most of the time but people just keep on making Apple and Microsoft rich.
          Pretty soon most people won’t be able to open Corbett Report files unless they are digitally signed. Mac is halfway there already

          • +1 on “install Linux”.

            For those considering this, here’s short “lay of the land”. There are only a few core GNU/Linux distributions, the rest are variations with different purposes.

            The “easy” version is Ubuntu. The “I care about freedom and politics” version is Debian (of which Ubuntu is a derivative). The “well I’m a bit torn but like nice stuff” version is RedHat (aka Fedora Core).

            I have fallen pray to the later (habit). Were I to “start again” it would be Debian. But, us Linux people don’t care. The big step it to get rid of MurkySoft and Schlapple.

            My initial article on Tor examines the emergence of the Free Software and Open Source (a re-branding) community, their ethics and ideologies:


            Have fun and try GNU/Linux,


            • ‘Switched to linux’ used to do distro reviews that were very normie friendly. He is on Odysee and (if they have not banned him.yet) youtube

            • I’m actually writing this on an old MacBook Pro that I’ve installed Elementary OS on (another fine Linux distro). Haven’t used Winblows in years, use Linux for work. Just need to sort my phone out now…

              • I can not stand to use windows anymore… I love LMDE best but I used to run Elelmetry on an old desktop and it was the prettiest Distro ever.

                I can not stand to use windows anymnore… I set someone up a media PC with windows and (Unlike Mint) it would not play DVD Iso’s.

            • It is a joy to see a few GNU/Linux advocates around. What one can see supports what I was saying. Linux people dont really care what distro people use. This is fun topic for conversation, but matters little. Funnily enough its about “convenience”.

              The trick is to dump the commercial stuff. This DOES NOT mean that you dont get targeted and tracked. That operates at the network layer which is operating system agnostic. That is how the IEFT designed the internet protocols. However, one is released from tracking at the operating system level which is what happens in Google’s OS for laptops/schools and MurkySoft post Windoze 7.

              Anyway, great to see such engagement and a diversity of experience and suggestions.



          • I actually have Ubuntu on my lap top, on a Lenovo device. I stopped using my Mac book a while ago. It died on me anyway, so I needed a new one. I also have a de googled phone which kind of sucks. I’ve been tempted to go back to my Iphone to interact with other people since I still do transact in mainstream society. I’d just only use it for banal things like work interactions and such.

            But building my own PC is something I’m interested in learning how to do and knowing how to fix software bugs that would arise on my own. I usually just make my husband do it since he’s knowledgeable of programming and computer technology. But I want to understand it myself rather than just letting someone else do it.

            About 25 years ago, I took a bunch of physics classes in college and used to understand how circuits worked. That kind of knowledge is not in the forefront of my mind anymore unfortunately.

          • “Installing linux on an old computer is actually super easy most of the time but people just keep on making Apple and Microsoft rich.”

            I’d switch over in a heart beat to Linux.

            But here’s the problem.

            None of the niche software that I pay for and use is programmed
            in Linux.

      • I agree with the sentiment of your statements Duck, It’s an honor to be aquainted. It is important more now, than ever will it be, to stress the urgency of the current dilemma we are in. The same way they designed the Manhatten project with “Siloing” I think it is called, is how the internet is functioning to keep people in “pods”… I can say with uncommon insight and certainty that (online)humans are hackable through narrative and words alone. Our echo chambers will continue to shrink until we all find ourselves alone in our pods… Transhumanists are something of a fanatic cult of sociopathic Austistic monsters(don’t take offense, I am myself on the spectrum, probably my childhood vaccine schedule 😀 ). For what the technocrats represent they should be reviled, but for the reality they bring to mind they should be treated as a very real threat to humanity and taken very seriously. I implore all to not underestimate A.I., It can, and does, transcend human consciousness in very obscure and abstract ways that would instantly empty the bladders and bowels of even the most seasoned among us. Regarding the “ruling class” and “new tech”; I fear such a small percentage of the population grasp it’s exponential form and global function and therein lies the danger.

    • I’m more and more convinced that they make this stuff up and are nowhere near the technological capabilities that they’d like us to believe they are capable of. This recent OffG article is a good case in point (or perhaps my confirmation bias, if you like):

      Isn’t it more likely they just made up the whole spike protein thing, along with everything else, and just stuck a known toxin in the jib-jab?

      DeepMind may be impressive, but I bet it can’t beat a human at ping-pong yet!

      • Unfortunately Zacaway, Laurence(Larry) Fink’s Alladin is not the work of fiction, nor is it the extent to which the A.I. juggernaut is influencing our consciousness… and sadly yes, A.I. can not only beat a human at ping pong, it may entrain a persons awareness and prevent them from even picking up a paddle.

        • Very interesting and provocative article that I’ll have to check out in greater depth.

        • The website that produced the article I just linked is itself aligned with the globalist agenda… the complexity of this monstrosity is beyond all scale and reason. see how it grabbed your interest…it had you careful

        • Interesting article, thanks for that. It is certainly concerning, I’m sure I couldn’t beat an AI on it’s own turf – the virtual world of data & mathematics. What I had in mind was the real, physical world – I haven’t yet seen a physical robot with the intelligence and dexterity to reliably beat a human in the real world.

          No doubt they are working on some prototype Terminator, but I would guess this is still some way off, and the resources required to build an effective army of these to subdue humanity would be vast.

          Hence, I think they rely more heavily on the Wizard of Oz technique of smoke and mirrors, hoping people fall for it and just go along with their agenda (which sadly seems to work very well). But enforcement of their will still comes down either relying on the local PD to do the dirty work and/or pulling a Trudeau (cutting off access to resources). Advanced AI (combined with CBDC) would likely make the latter more efficient, but I don’t think it is a critical component (as demonstrated by Trudeau).

          Either way, lots to think about though! Thanks

          • ahhh, you’re thinking Terminator cyborg… sadly the war machine has been successfully “beating” humans into non existance for well over a decade now.


            They have the means for autonomy but there has been obvious concern about “enabling” the feature and removing humans from the loop of command in executing a kill order… yeah dropping bombs on peoples heads is a step up from cyborgs…and implanting suggestive reasoning inside peoples heads is up another notch. Indeed, a full blown digital economy + A.I. is game over. Even without crypto the chains are getting tighter…global real-time mapping down to the mm, mobile phone tracking and data collection…they don’t need implants, CBDC’s or self driving cars….side note, those B.F.O. “Giga presses” that Tesla use to press car chassis in one piece can be loaded with any mold you can think of… they can go from mass production of Telsa’s to terminators at the drop of a tinfoil hat… ?

            • Yikes, hairy stuff! Perhaps it’s time to put the previous solution watch into practice – stick a wrench in the works wherever possible 😉

              • Do not panic too much…. their toys are not nearly as impressive in the wild as when their doing demos.

    • Thank you, Camille for this last “stop the ride”!

      all about the nodification of Humanity in order to “do social” on “closed networks” even into the far reaches of the obscure corners of the globe where “off-lineness works”. Digitalizing “concentric circles of encrypted communities” where

      “all they have to do to comply with the banking system is have a verifiable way of identifying identity”

      so we can “get the unbanked banked”

      into a supposedly “sovereign tribal structure” that answers to “Maori-owned banks and credit unions instead of the New Zealand government”…

      Reminds me of 2017 when the largely unbanked Indian population was deprived of cash literally overnight and were largely forced to report to banks to get new bills. And this after the country had undergone a thorough multi-year biometric information collection campaign via “humanitarian organizations”…


      Gotta get back onto the ride now! Thanks again!

    • Local community level “Decentralised” online banking hahahaha!… Besides the fact that Intel have back doors built into all chips built the last 15 years that the NSA have a key to!!! I think it’s obvious where these stooges hail from… thank you very much for posting this link… uncanny!!!

  11. The day has come:

    Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.

    I can’t watch the last Corbett video.

    Or I hope I can find it elsewhere…
    Censorship is starting to come between me and Mr Corbett.

    Oh. Ok. So now I’m listening to it. Phew!!

    • You should get a VPN, works ok for the Chinese so far…you can usually change your country or origin.

      Protonmail had a FREE VPN last I heard…. just remember that if you do death threats or stuff they WILL probably find you. You CAN sign into things with a good VPN.
      This dude recommends a particular one for privacy but any VPN is good for changing location.

      Also TOR which is good for anonymous death threats (just joking…) but do NOT sign into anything while using it because the exit mode may steal your credentials. The opposite of the VPN, lol.

      • Duck,

        Typo: mode -> node.

        A VPN is a one node Tor Circuit. It can steal everything. The last relay in a Tor circuit can also do this but it has no idea who you are from a network perspective. A VPN knows exactly who you are.

        Risk assessment is the core of choosing an anonymizing service. A VPN is terrible solution. Useful for tricking sites into “where you are” but of no use for anonymization. Tor’s circuit design has anonymity built into it. This is not to say it is perfect. But, it is way better than a VPN for anonymization.

        I have 12 000 words to back up my claims, with references, including the Tor circuit design document.

        Peace be with you,


    • The answer is miniature GMO dogs that eat the waste, when they die you let them rot down to extract the Industrial diamond in their guts.

      Anyone can see that 😉

      • “The Humanure Handbook’ by Joseph Jenkins
        A low-tech solution that eliminates the possibility of lucrative monopolization of such a basic and universal need scares the shit out of Bill, necessitating this over-think tank approach.

  12. Still on the theme of Simple Sabotage …

    In Auslaveia, some state governments publish a list of people (including their names and home addresses ) on the Internet of people who haven’t paid fines as a form of name and shame.

    If this happens in your state or country you can turn it into an Honour Roll by picking one person from the list at random and sending them a Christmas Hamper!

    Also, its a good list for mailing out Know Your Rights information.

  13. Thanks for the link. I wonder what Mr. Corbett thinks about the fallacy of an argument from personal incredulity.

  14. I think that it might be useful to consider the rich and powerful actors who are influencing the global technofeugenics operation that is currently being played out not as psychopaths. Anyone who isn’t in the know not as ‘sheep’ or ‘normies’ and instead see it from the view of a battle between parent, adult, and child modes of psychological orientation. I am not an adherent of Transactional Analysis but it might be a profitable basis for discussing the apparent willingness of humans throughout history to follow a ‘great man’ and to expect to be kept safe, told what to do, and when to die by governments. There is too, the historically continuous need of humans to profess belief in some more or less benevolent spiritual being or father figure. In all these cases adult humans are acting in child like ways.

    The well known declaration that we will ‘own nothing and be happy’ often elides the first part of the formula, ‘I have no privacy’. I can’t know for sure whether anyone reading this has a similar experience, but the only time in my life when the above conditions obtained was when I was a young child – my parents could enter my bedroom, they would expect to know all my thoughts and experiences, they bought everything I owned, told me when and where I could go and punished me if I transgressed the rules, and I was happy, up to a point.
    Julian Huxley wrote that a small group of humans were the pinnacle of life in the universe, and as god was no longer around, it was up to these ‘adults’ to decide from now on. And because they were the parents the rest of us were children.
    From this analysis we can see that we must remain adult in our dealings with people who see themselves as ‘good’ parents when in fact they are abusive and we must encourage others who are in child mode to inhabit the adult world and see that some of these ‘parents’ are gaslighting and abusing them.

    • That is a good analysis, while the urge to conform to a group and obey a leader make perfect sense in a family or tribe or even in a heterogeneous nation today the people who have grabbed that authority have no link to and actively hate the following class.

      That can not happen in a small Society because the Ruled are the source of the Rulers wealth and power and deliberate damage of your own wealth generation system is only something that wealthy degenerate societies can endure long enough to do serious harm.

      As long as the Ruled have food and entertaining diversion they will not do more than whine about the harms being done their children

    • I can say one thing about privacy.
      You had a whole lot more of it in your first ten moons than your mom did.Pregnancy makes one “apparent”, eh?
      I can also say that the majority of humans are terrified of “privacy”, or “aloneness”, for the first years of life. Most, not all.

      Privacy is highly overrated. Most folks spend their “private” time wondering about other folks’ “privates”, so to speak, in general terms.

      • Openlense

        Lol…. but seriously without Private time to think it’s rather hard for humans to become actual individuals.

        The reason so many people are stupid is that they never have time to digest the information coming in or the thoughts in their own heads

  15. Due to inflation they’ll soon be tracking your child’s lunch money.

  16. Nov. 8, 2022:

    Anniversary of the destruction of Paradise, Ca.; anniversary of the death of John Milton, who wrote “Paradise Lost”.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse; Mid-term “elections” in US; and the date when….wait for it…..

    Not surprising anything as gets pulled just now. One might suspect, with all this blah blah about a “great reset”, that the fools are looking to set the time back aways. Not surprising. They’re still wearing those “suits”.
    When will they ever learn? More crucial, when are the ships due to arrive to remove them?

  17. MNate
    I loved that book.
    I wish Mr Corbett could interview that guy.

  18. Thus the general philosophy of Unesco should, it seems, be a scientific world humanism, global in extent and evolutionary in background. It is that Unesco should devote special attention to the levelling up of educational, scientific and cultural facilities in all backward areas . . .
    The reason for this is plain. For one thing it will be impossible for humanity to acquire a common outlook if large sections of it are the illiterate inhabitants of a mental world entirely different from that in which a fully educated man can have his being, a world of superstition and petty tribalism in place of one of scientific advance and possible unity. Of special importance in man’s evaluation of his own position in the cosmic scheme and of his further destiny is the fact that he is the heir, and indeed the sole heir, of evolutionary progress to date. Furthermore, he is not merely the sole heir of past evolutionary progress, but the sole trustee for any that may be achieved in the future. From the evolutionary point of view, the destiny of man may be summed up very simply: it is to realise the maximum progress in the minimum time.
    Julian Huxley 1946

  19. – Stock Market News & Excess Mortality –
    [See IMAGES in article]

    Alex Berenson Substack – Wed Nov 2, 2022
    The funeral business is booming. And not because of Covid

    How bad is the rise in mortality?
    So bad funeral companies are starting to worry.

    Today Service Corporation International, the largest for-profit funeral operator in North America, had its quarterly earnings call.
    SCI had another great quarter, you’ll be pleased to hear! So far in 2022 the company has made almost $500 million in profits – and its stock rose more than 10 percent today after its earnings report.
    [HRS sidenote: There are not many Funeral Companies listed on the stock exchange.]

    (Death is your best investment!)
    SCI’s management seems fairly open with investors. For many years, much of the company’s growth came from buying family-run funeral homes as their operators, umm, died out. The underlying funeral business is slow growth and very predictable.
    At least it used to be.

    As Thomas L. Ryan, Service Corporation’s chairman and chief executive, told investors Wednesday morning:
    “If you go back in this industry and particularly with SCI, year-to-year you would see the numbers of deaths — probably in one year you may be down 1% or 2%, in the next year you’re up 1% or 2% which you could predict was pretty good accuracy over a year and over a big footprint like ours what was probably going to happen… 2020 comes along, Covid, game-changer, right. We’re having to do at one point of time 20 percent more funerals which is unheard of in a year versus, let’s say, a year or two before.”

    So Service Corporation expected that once Covid passed, its business would go back to normal…
    “What we would have expected is, why wouldn’t we go back towards, let’s say, a 2019 level, maybe you get a percent or so growth of 2019, I would expect that. So that would be a reasonable level that we think would stabilize. And that’s kind of what we anticipated…”

    Only that’s not what has happened.
    “What we’re telling you is, the third quarter of this year, we did 15% more calls than we did in the third quarter of 2019. That is not what anybody would have anticipated and that has just a very de minimis amount of Covid deaths [emphasis added] in it.”….

    • Riley Waggaman, aka “Edward Slavsquat,” authors this latest…

      Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021

      Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) recently released maternal mortality figures for 2021. The numbers raise some questions.

      482 expectant mothers died in Russia last year—up from 161 in 2020, an increase from 11.2 to 34.5 per 100 thousand live births. 90% of the recorded deaths in 2021 were due to causes not directly related to pregnancy.

      Officials “attributed the sharp increase in maternal mortality to coronavirus, but the cause could also be genetic COVID vaccines, which in Britain were recently recognized as unsafe for pregnant women. Mass vaccination in the Russian Federation took place in 2021, but not in 2020,” Russian outlet Nakanune reported on November 8.

      The same outlet revealed in September that Russia’s birth rate had plummeted nine months after compulsory vaccination decrees were adopted nationwide in autumn 2021.

      “Despite all the assurances that new gene vaccines cannot affect reproductive performance in any way, the numbers indicate that this issue may be much more serious than anyone would like to imagine,” Nakanune wrote.

      (Russia’s natural population decline in 2021 was the highest in decades—even worse than the devastation recorded in the 90s.)….

      [PS – I enjoyed the music presented at the bottom of his article.]

    • Yes, I’ve noted that the much maligned government in Canada is at the heart propped up by this WEF board of trustees, and Bilderberg attendee. Even before I was cognizant of any of these things (pre-Corbett Report if you will), I felt that Ms. Freeland was the real brains behind this government. Of course, now I understand how correct that intuition really was. After all, the Rhodes scholar was the heavy hand behind seizing bank accounts of the Freedom Convoy. It follows that after Operation Northwoods that Lyman Lemnitzer would be picked by NATO, that after Emergency Act (aka seize dissident bank accounts clamouring for freedom) that Christia Freeland would also be considered for NATO.

  20. European Union’s Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR) & EU Carbon Permits
    –Clipped on 11/9/2022…
    European carbon prices were little changed at €76 a tonne on Wednesday after EU countries clinch a deal on the legislation called the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR).
    The regulation sets national targets for emission reductions from road transport, domestic maritime transport, heating of buildings, agriculture, small industrial installations and waste management.
    The law is part of the overall EU plan to cut net emissions by 55% by 2030 from 1990 levels and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
    In October, the bloc agreed on a law effectively banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035.
    Carbon prices are well below record levels of nearly €100 reached in August, as lower natural gas prices reduce incentives for utilities to swap to carbon-heavy coal and as weaker industrial output across the region could curb industrial firms’ demand for permits.

    This is an archived screenshot chart dated Oct 2021…
    EU Carbon Permits increased 27.09 EUR or 82.79% since the beginning of 2021, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity.

    “A key finding of this report is that public health policies can find their origin with the political leaders of an organization whose primary aims can include serving the private interest of the organization they lead, not necessarily serving the public interests.
    It is the political leaders of an organization who have the authority to appoint committees and its members, and this appointing authority can influence the resulting public health message.”

    –Clipped from the fascinating published paper by Dr. Philippe P. Hujoel
    Private Interests and the Start of Fluoride-Supplemented High-Carbohydrate Nutritional Guidelines

    …which is featured and linked here…
    Prominent organizations including the World Health Organization and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have dismissed low-carbohydrate diets that prevent tooth decay in favor of recommending high-carbohydrate diets which rely on fluoride and food fortification to mitigate dental damage and nutritional shortcomings, a University of Washington researcher says.

    In a recent article published in MDPI’s Nutrients journal, Dr. Philippe Hujoel of the UW School of Dentistry says that not only these organizations but other major professional and health associations reversed earlier positions and began recommending high-carbohydrate diets over the course of decades in the last century. Specifically, he cites the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Dental Association (ADA).

    These groups, he says, ignored scientific evidence weakening their claim that the only adverse health effect to a high-carbohydrate diet was dental cavities. Organizations such as the World Health Organization and the USDA then recommended increased use of fluoride to combat the risk of tooth decay…

    …Dr. Hujoel’s study traces this development toward fluoride-supplemented high-carbohydrate dietary guidelines back to the mid-twentieth century, when leaders like Emory W. Morris, a dentist and president of the Kellogg Foundation – an arm of a major cereal maker – became the first chairman of the ADA’s Council on Dental Health in 1942….

    Dr. Philippe P. Hujoel is also a periodontist in Shoreline, Washington.
    uSmileUSA supports a variety of community actions, among them are animal welfare endeavors and hands-on training for solar-power type jobs. One solar project was for an Urban farm which was not allowed to bring in grid electric power.

    • It’s interesting how these agencies/organizations were recommending diets that are probably unhealthy like high carb diets. I think they can cause type 2 diabetes over time in some people. My own A1C is on the high end of normal and my mom’s level was in the pre diabetic level, probably because she was eating too many carbs over time. Based on my own research, ketogenic diets are much healthier especially for people genetically prone to diabetes.

      What I have concluded is that these organizations seem to want to make people sick. They create a perceived need for pharmaceuticals and enrich themselves. Sort of how the war on drugs keeps the DEA in business.

  22. Welp Big Gretch won the Michigan midterm aaaagain. Four more years. Tudor Dixon didn’t even come close to winning, just like the last guy. I swear sometimes they run these meat puppet candidates against the incumbent the establishment wants to win with no real intention of them actually winning. Dixon had no personality or charisma. She just showed up, to lose.

    Oh well, life goes on. We know they’re all rigged anyway right? Have an awesome day!!

  23. The US MSM is hyping RSV as the new virus boogeyman now. People might need to shift focus on studying this topic because this could be the new biosecurity scare and this unlike Covid does affect kids, particularly infants. I’ve already treated a baby with RSV croup who was pretty sick.

    I suspect that the jabs and the traditional vaccines are messing with immunity and/or causing toxicity in the general population that will lead to increases in disease.

    I’ve also noted RSV in past flu seasons but did not notice any MSM coverage in the past.

  24. The right honourable William Lyon Mackenzie King. Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister (when he resigned he almost served as leader for 1/3 of Canada as a nation [25 of 81 years cica 1948]). Truthstream media recently noted that it was King, not Ivy Lee, who handled the Rockefeller’s PR after the Ludlow Massacre
    Furthermore, Maclean’s magazine noted in 1951, that King frequently consulted mediums and conducted seances (including “contacting” FDR)
    So considering his direct propaganda dealings with the Rockefellers and his subsequent occult dabbling I thought perhaps this thread might be pulled further by those with greater knowledge of this influential person. Incidentally this is the establishment (the era of W.L.M. King) that Elon Musk’s grandfather tried to overthrow and establish a technocracy

  25. I don’t fly often but had an unavoidable call to take flight to celebrate the life of a murdered loved one on the first anniversary (11/6) of his euthanasia by the medical teams adhering to the COVID treatment protocol to administer Remdesivir until death he did part.

    What struck me was the confined, not remotely possible for social distancing, space of the pressurized tube I was being ferried across a third the country (US) in.

    I did some searching on my phone and couldn’t find any reported evidence that flying has contributed a single case to the spread of SARS-CoV2. Quite the contrary, the information most prominent described how it was generally safe to fly because of the effective HEPA filtration and exchange with outside air ventilation on board.

    How odd I thought, not a single case for concern. People not wearing masks elbow to elbow for hours and hours every day.

    I witnessed people cough and sneeze and touching the same surfaces and yet I couldn’t easily locate any evidence for concern. How could this be? Then I fell back on all the research I’ve done, e.g. SARS-CoV2 has yet to be found in vivo, Dr. Stefan Lanka’s triplicate repeat of John Franklin Enders control study related to his claimed isolation of measles, and statistical oddities of “outbreaks” in disparate locations with varied climate conditions and ultimately concluded these flights aren’t a risk because SARS-CoV2 isn’t a threat. The real threat couldn’t have come into clearer focus, it’s the powers that shouldn’t be and none other.

    • Great reasoning. The first hint that all was not what we were led to believe came from Supermarkets, they didn’t have to close here (England) and were teeming with people. money was put into a plastic bowl but everything else was handled?!! Not one shop assistant got ‘ill’ from the boogyman…and so we started to smell a rat, maybe just maybe we were being lied to about everything including the whole paradigm of health and contagion.
      I’ve just been watching this(link below), it’s time more realised the need to face truth in order to gain true freedom from (as you so aptly put it) the powers that shouldn’t be…this is a great vid. 🙂

      • From the moment I saw Dr Carrie Madej and kindred spirits such as Dr Sam Bailey I knew something wasn’t quit right. The timing of their appearance was almost parallel to greater numbers of people waking up to Fauci’s AIDS scam. Dr Bailey and Madej are serving to take from the validity of the scientifically based campaign against Fauci’s AIDS scam…germs exist and some cause disease. If people start questioning that narrative whilst Fauci’s AIDS scam is still widely unknown it will send the whole thing pear shaped…indeed that is their intention… Most citizens are still behind a veil of corona delusion. Fauci’s AIDS scam needs be the focus next, otherwise no progress will be made.

  26. “Great presentation on the contagion myth:

    Thanks for link.
    I’ve just finished watching this(link below)…and although I’m absolutely no fan in wasting energy in the calling out of others in the ‘freedom/truth’ movement, the fact some prefer to help people feel more comfortable in the Rockerfeller health paradigm, which does nothing but keep people in the dark not to mention in an unnecessary fear mentality rather than move forward in reality as we now see it, now the lies are falling away and we know how deceived we’ve been in just about every aspect of life including health and ‘how’ we work, makes this video somewhat justifiable. 🙂

    • I totally agree, there is a definite difference between ignorance and even subtle opposition of the real paradigm of how we work and interact within this world, we have to keep linking the dots and shining a light on Truth. the Truth that will really set mankind free is very much out there and the more of us who help people see the amazing things that have been de-occulted/revealed in this exciting time of learning how the world really works, the easier it’ll be for mankind to grow and move forward with positive solutions that will work for the benefit of all mankind. An exciting time to be alive…I now inderstand why they call this time the ‘Apocalypse’ ( from Greek apokalyptein “uncover, disclose, reveal,”) For me this was one of Toms most outstanding videos on this subject… 🙂

  27. My brain hurts.

    A Tech start-up by the name of Synchron is developing adevice, that it says is capable of “unlocking the natural highways of the brain.” The company’s endovascular brain computer interface technology is claimed to be able to accesses every area of the brain utilizing the its natural highways, the blood vessels.

    “We’re excited about iOS and Apple products because they’re so ubiquitous,” remarked Tom Oxley, Synchron’s co-founder and CEO. He added, “And this would be the first brain switch input into the device.”

    The node, which consists of the stentrode and an internal receiver-transmitter unit, is placed under the skin of the patient’s chest. It records the brain signals from the motor cortex and produces a wireless transmission of raw data to the two external components.

    More at the link.

    I’m not too sure about this though, get a brain implant just to control you ipad? I already have a finger that can do that. Maybe some people are too lazy even to lift a finger?

    • You will not see this trash in production any more then you will see that scamming Theraos womans mini medical tests. IF it can be done it can not be done cost effectively.

    • Yes indeed this is the preferred route for “brain chips”. Not meant so much to control your iPhone any more than neuralink is a Fitbit for your brain. In fact this tech was put forth in 2016 by DARPA of course
      I don’t think it’s Theranos-like scamming. Rather the actual goal of ARPA-NET. Instead of a neural network imitating the mind, one that integrates the mind’s processing

      • Thanks for sharing the article. It was interesting, particularly this paper about brain activity recording in sheep using central venous access to monitor the peripheral cortex:

        From what is stated in the article, it seems like monitoring deep brain structures would be more difficult without an invasive procedure.

        I have no doubt they want to try to hack the human brain for evil purposes, which is creepy.

        The medical applications however are interesting. If paralysis could be reversed for example, would be a beneficial application. However, I suspect that some of this biotech is only in it’s infancy and that something like that would be impossible in my lifetime. But maybe I’m wrong. I do know that the human brain, and brains in general are not well understood. Look at how the theory of chemical imbalance in depression fell apart and the amyloid plaque theory in Alzheimer’s disease similarly turned out to be flawed.

        • I totally agree. The brain is the ultimate “black box”. It’s interesting you reference both those situations because even during my undergrad 20 years ago they were both noted to be incorrect. The “chemical imbalance” theory was promoted by psychologists (knowing it to be untrue) only to remove the stigma of mental illness (to equate it to insulin).
          Also, they noted that a nun study showed how and incredibly bright 90+ woman in a longitudinal study passed away a couple weeks after passing a cognitive evaluation with flying colours. The autopsy of her brain showed massive amounts of amyloid plaque.
          Again crypto can be great as a decentralized platform like Bitcoin et al. But how long until the psychopaths with money, power, and influence see neurohacking as the ultimate goal akin to “hacking the software of life”. I can see the Tedtalk now. “What our technology does is hack the software of the brain” yay!

  28. News about the following was at some mainstream news sites, but they offered no link to the document itself.

    November 10 Thursday – The Intercept (which has link to the document)
    U.S. Government Quietly Declassifies Post-9/11 Interview With Bush and Cheney
    Lede: In a newly declassified interview conducted in 2004, Bush shows not a glimmer of awareness of the destruction and carnage he had unleashed on the world.

    On Wednesday, as the eyes of the U.S. public were focused on Tuesday’s midterm election results, a U.S. government panel quietly released a newly declassified summary of an Oval Office joint interview conducted with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney about the September 11 attacks. The interview, carried out by members of the 9/11 Commission, was not recorded and the summary document constitutes the only known official record of the meeting. The meeting took place on April 29, 2004.

    “The President and Vice President were seated in chairs in front of the fireplace. The President’s demeanor throughout was relaxed. He answered questions without notes,” according to the document drafted by the commission’s Executive Director Philip Zelikow.
    “The portrait of Washington was over the fireplace, which was flanked by busts of Lincoln and Churchill. Paintings of southwestern landscapes are on the wall. It was a beautiful spring day.”
    The document, whose declassification was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is not an official transcript but is described as “a memorandum for the record.” It was authorized for release by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel….

    Commission Meeting with the President and Vice President of the United States
    29 April 2004, 9:25-12:40

    [Some interesting tidbits re: al Qaeda or things like Chariman Kean asked if the President remembered seeing other intelligence about aircraft as missiles, or about Islamic extremists learning to fly.]

  29. Glenn Beck says:
    “…Today’s guest (Whitney Webb)…I think this is the most important hour that I have ever been part of in broadcast. I’ve done this for 45 years….”

    Nov 5, 2022
    How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162

    [HRS Disclaimer: This is the most Glenn Beck that I have ever watched, ever.]

  30. I would like to share something I put together for “remembrance day” with all of you.

    The article is titled: “???? ?? ??????.. ??? ?? ? ??????”

    Instead of glorifying war and idolizing soldiers, this remembrance day I put together something that invites the reader take an honest look at the true nature of modern warfare.

    Thank you James for making this article possible through the excellent educational material you have put together that helped me to advance and hone my understanding of the nature of modern warfare.

    I welcome any critiques, comments and suggestions for additional material I can attach to the article.


  31. I was out and about today so I thought I’d give an update on what’s happening
    here in southern Ontario, Canada.

    For the past six or more months news stations have been sending out mixed/confusing signals about Covid.

    Talk shows/new shows have talked about a story and referred to the pandemic using these carefully chosen words “since the pandemic”.

    Now what the heck is that supposed to mean?

    Since the pandemic started?
    Since the pandemic ended?

    My immediate interpretation of it would mean since it came and went.
    But they deliberately leave it open.

    Medical personnel are still into the Covid psy-op.
    A news story today still blurted out the number Covid deaths today.
    The WHO hasn’t declared the plandemic over as far as I know.
    The U.S. still isn’t letting in non-jabbed folks.

    Which leads me to the face mask story of today.
    They featured a doctor on the radio urging people to continue
    to wear face masks!

    What was his reason? Well we are now seeing an increase in cold/flu cases (it being cold/flu season after all) as well as Covid cases.
    So he’s saying, it couldn’t hurt to wear them and it would likely help. 🙁

    So now that Covid cases have dropped like a stone, and the cold/flu is coming back into style (gee I wonder if there is any correlation there),
    face masks are the solution! Like we always wore face masks for colds/flu pre-plandemic. 🙁

    And don’t think these recommendations are falling on deaf ears.
    A good 25% or more of the people in my area are strapping on the face diapers.

    And then there was the poll that some bright PTB put together here asking people if
    face masks should be mandated again! And wouldn’t you know, more than 50% allegedly said they think it’s a good idea. 🙁

    • I think economic boycotts would be an effective way to shut down any more of this garbage. People have to withdraw support for any business who supports this kind of thing. And people who start again with their gestapo behavior should be shunned and shamed.

      Sometimes I think that people deserve what they get if they are dumb enough to still believe governments. It’s kind of harsh, but it is a natural selection phenomenon, people who can’t adapt to predators or environmental conditions die off. It’s cruel that it’s people from our own species who are the predators but it’s the same idea.

    • @Fawlty Towers

      Thanks for the detailed update and for sharing your thoughts.

      I can confirm similar propaganda (and a correlating increase in face diaper usage) where we are (we live near Windsor).

      Yes the Stockholm Syndrome type psychosis has set in for the long haul in a great many people’s minds. I feel like this cartoon says it well

      Have you been seeing/hearing any of those creepy M.A.I.D. advertisements on the radio/tv where you are at? I have seen two different ones on pushed on steaming video platforms recently and heard one on the radio. One of the video ads depicted a 20 something girl talking about how she was looking forward to ending her own life with the MAID drugs. She used all this flowery language to describe what she imagines dying will be like. Another one had some middle aged guy talking about killing himself (with government funded drugs). I find those ads hard to watch and I will mute it/turn off screen when it comes on.

      Were you at the Ambassador Bridge blockade/protest earlier this year? I watched on the last day when hundreds of heavily armed RCMP showed up with APC-s and started kettling people down the street. At one point, people were just standing on the sidewalk holding signs, but the RCMP were taking them down hard, restraining them and taking them off somewhere (holding cells? to be released down the street? not sure). I got this pic at a Tim Hortons drive through that day (notice the militarized police units with tear gas launchers and the other ones in tactical gear and automatic lethal weapons).

      I am certainly concerned about how many here in Southern Ontario fell prey to the pysops and how compliant law enforcement was in acting as hired goons for the oligarchs (considering I know that in many ways the whole scamdemic was really just a test run to see how compliant people would be when the oligarchs and their puppets unleash a broad spectrum of their psychological warfare tools). What ever false flag they unleash next I get the feeling that many hear will jump right on board with what ever “solution” they are offering to their ‘problem-reaction-solution’ equation.

      I think it’s time to move north and get a homestead going!

      thanks again for the comment.


    Love a couple of those reviews! /s

    If anyone has or is willing to to create an imdb account please help this community out. This is a solution.

    “salerinstokel2 June 2021
    Quite literally no more than a man attempting to know things, failing, misguiding others and collecting clicks from loyal followers 🙁
    4 out of 10 found this helpful”

    Hahaha wow, just wow. And “40%” found that helpful.

    • The review from “sirenwatcher” is awesome!

      “It is no exaggeration to say that finding this series was one of the greatest things to happen to my life. I am a pretty wild person who has lived in multiple countries, obtained a few degrees, etc, and I stand by the statement that this series and it’s creator have brought about a damning change to my own strength of character in ways that most things have not.

      I spend a lot of my time researching my opinions. I consider myself extremely well read on a huge variety of topics and read quite an extensive amount of peer-reviewed literature. I enjoy this, and yet I commonly find myself speaking to people whom do not. They instead find themselves relying on mainstream media for the entirety of their knowledge. Which doesn’t just irk me, but actually spurs a huge range of confrontations where people are enraged when you present actual science to them. Rather than the ‘science presented by mainstream media’.

      Finding the Corbett Report is like something breathing life back into the journalism genre. James is a fantastic independent journalist whom has spent what seems like a lifetime worth of hours in this series. He is commonly cited by other Journalists as being one of the hardest working people in this field.

      This series discusses history and the more recent developments affecting those areas (such as court trials about historical events), covers some recent news stories, brings to light new websites and journalists, etc. Through all his research does not shy away from saying things which others may find too touchy to discuss. His work is high a resounding high quality and this show has over 80 million views on youtube alone and his work speaks to that quality. With each upload getting at least 30,000 views. The highest view count on any one video is 3.3M. Those numbers being only on youtube, not counting the downloads from his website which is where most of the series is viewed I’d imagine and viewership on the other platforms like BitChute, LBRY, Facebook and Minds.

      For me personally; with how much I know about the world. Knowing there is somewhere I can go and watch someone dedicated on bringing actual real information. Rather than just regurgitation, which the mainstream media is known for. The deviation from the mainstream media into providing actual real journalism makes me actually feel safe. Knowing there is somewhere to go where I can watch actual information. When I watch the mainstream media I walk away wondering if I have wasted my time, if I have learnt anything of actual use to me. Watching Corbett, I always feel I actually gained something. I gained knowledge. That is something I feel is something so rare, and therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that finding this series was one of the greatest things to happen to my life.

      For anyone who actually likes to actually know stuff… this is the series for you.

      Extra bonus: The community on the website is pretty cool. Good place to talk to people whom also give a crap about the world.”

    • Wow!
      What an interview! …or engineered interview?

      1983 : CIA Disinformation Campaign
      “I am, as an ex-CIA agent, opposed to the disinformation activities in which I was involved. I admit that I was involved, and I think it served no useful purpose. Propagandizing the American public or Congress is not the CIA’s job.” —Frank Snepp

      • I put a question mark as I have no proof it’s an engineered video.

        It’s just that, well, when a CIA disinformation agent, albeit a self-professed repentant one, says they go out of their way to manipulate, lie and instrumentalize notable journalists so as to better lie and manipulate the public, it gives pause as to the credibility of the agent in question.

        If they control and deform info (as we know they do) then why would this case be an exception? What is the true motivation of the self-designated ex-liar speaking to this journalist?

        I mean, you see what I mean?

        Then there’s that old adage “Once CIA, always CIA” or something to that effect…

        1983… Hey I was basking in the Arizona sun that year under the pretext of attending University… always wonder why I left…

        don’t ya just love irrelevant non-sequiturs!

        • I completely track with you about the possiblity of “engineered”.
          There’s no telling what his intention is.

          I remember reading some of your previous comments about Arizona during those years. I had a mental image of a chick on the back of a motorcycle. And perhaps a couple watching the majestic orchestra of the sun at the horizon.

          About 1984 and/or 85, I was briefly, on several occasions, in Phoenix and then Tucson (and an excursion to Nogales). I was doing women’s fashion sales in a hotel ballroom or convention center. They usually were 3 or 4 day sales.
          The landscape in Arizona is dynamic. I well remember stopping on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere and hiking down along a dried stream bed while observing bones and all kinds of interesting things. The quietness was loud.

  33. Nov 13, 2022 –
    The Growing Anti-OPEC Movement Is Disasterous For Oil Markets

    An anti-OPEC movement is growing in the West, with everything from an oil buyers’ club to the NOPEC bill gaining traction.

    Just as sanctions on Russia have caused massive disruptions in the energy market, a move against OPEC+ would send prices soaring.

    While a pushback against OPEC might be politically popular, the reality of today’s energy market means any such move would have global consequences.

    • Nov 13, 2022 – OilPrice
      Europe’s Multi-Trillion-Euro Energy Derivatives Market Is Under Scrutiny

      The European Central Bank has launched an inquiry into the energy derivative market in order to protect the stability of broader financial markets.

      The scrutiny of this multi-trillion-euro market highlights the eagerness of regulators to protect financial markets from the energy crisis.

      Earlier this year, companies were estimated to be facing $1.5 trillion in margin calls and Germany was forced to nationalize Uniper.

  34. This is something I’ve left in a sub-comment but feel is relevant and good enough to share as a main thread.

    The video is titled “What the world would look like if everyone knew viruses didn’t exist” ~ Tom Cowan

    Imagine if James and others had never uncovered the scam of “How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World” or if he had never shared the Truth about the “WW1 Conspiracy” what the “Media Matrix” really is, and the Truth about “The Secret History of Al Qaeda” then we would never have been able to move forward in our understanding of the reality, yes in fact we’re saying the objective Truth of why all these SCAMS were perpetrated against mankind and what they were leading us to.

    The Rockerfeller health paradigm is no different as many now appreciate, like all these other scams the covaids or other so called viruses are a necessary part of the technocratic agenda into manipulating mankind into compliance through fear. Please watch this vid if you haven’t seen already, it’s a heartfelt and rational response to the latest of a long line of scams one’s like James and others have painstakingly used their lives, time and energy to expose. This is where we are at, and education is our best tool in the fight against this agenda. Enjoy 🙂

  35. [ | 22.11.14 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

    On 15 November 2022, there will be eight billion people on earth according to a UN analysis.

    – We should have stopped long before, says Professor Dag Hessen at the University of Oslo.

    In the long term, there is no crisis if the population declines again, Hessen believes.

    He adds that if we are really committed to living sustainably, it is not primarily the number of children, but lifestyle that is decisive. According to him, the problem with population numbers boils down to two things: The population itself, and consumption per person. Both parts should be reduced, he believes.

    That we are so many people, Hessen claims, is a life-threatening problem in the long term.

    – There is probably no way around that we will be ten billion, at worst 12.

    Access to information about one’s own health and access to contraceptives will also be an important contribution. Hessen says that in some places traditions and religion are unfortunately in the way of both information and contraception.

    Hessen believes that we should not go back to where we came from, that smart technology will undoubtedly be part of the future, and that reduced consumption does not have to mean a reduced quality of life.

    During the pandemic, we saw that we sought the near things and short-distance pleasures, and that this was probably as good as the long-distance ones. What people value most in life: friends, nature, knowledge, love, are things that are CO2-free, says Hessen.

    A somewhat reduced purchasing power, for example, can give us a better balance, both with ourselves and the planet’s tolerance limits, he says.


  36. [ | 22.11.15 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

    The monitoring system for total mortality (NorMOMO) is put on hold

    The system for weekly monitoring of total mortality in Norway (NorMOMO) will be put on hold from and including 15 November 2022. This is due to the need for methodological improvements to the system. Unfortunately, the Institute of Public Health’s demanding budget situation does not allow room for this to be carried out now.

    NorMOMO has contributed weekly calculations of total mortality in Norway since 2015, and has supplied data to the European monitoring system for total mortality, EuroMOMO. All deliveries from NorMOMO are now paused. This also includes NorMOMO’s weekly report, which until now has been published on Tuesdays as well as mention of the results in Weekly reports on covid-19, influenza and other respiratory infections.

    • Colour me shocked! as our favorite journalist would say.

  37. Wed November 16, 2022 – (City A.M.)
    UK Citizens Pay The Highest Electricity Bills In The World

    …The countries with the highest electricity prices 
    (Price – pence per kWh)

    1 United Kingdom 19.31
    2 Ireland 18.99
    3 Spain 18.51
    4 Belgium 16.34
    5 Japan 15.64
    6 Australia 14.01
    7 Switzerland 14.00
    8 Netherlands 13.98
    9 Germany 13.58
    10 Czech Republic 12.69

    [More stats in article.]

  38. For folks still debating the existence of viruses, I refer you to the recent Substack article from Dr. McCullough & John Leake from Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake .
    They provide links to the original literature which shows images of the virus. Much to my surprise, SARS-CoV-2 is disk-shaped.

    Here is a link to one of the articles that shows the images: Calder, L.J., Calcraft, T., Hussain, S. et al. Electron cryotomography of SARS-CoV-2 virions reveals cylinder-shaped particles with a double layer RNP assembly. Commun Biol 5, 1210 (2022).

    • Here is the direct link to the IMAGES and article…

      Electron Cryotomography of SARS-CoV-2 Virions
      Seeing the Virus Up Close Makes It Difficult to Deny its Existence

      The endless frustrations of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis and pandemic response has led some to push back denying existence of the virus altogether.

      Laboratory methods in virology are well accepted and utilize a series of experiments to demonstrate cellular invasion, replication, transfer and repeated infection. Whole genomic sequencing has aided in identification of variants and subvariants and helped greatly in forecasting what is coming next. The CDC Nowcast system is an excellent application of targeted sequencing of viral samples.[i]

      Nonetheless, some have said if SARS-CoV-2 cannot be cultured like a bacteria and “isolated” then it does not exist.

      I have always responded that the principles of laboratory virology, sequencing, and the mass production of viruses such as that done by the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems are concrete processes that rely on the presence of the virus.[ii]
      My understanding from the body of medical literature and firsthand clinical experience are consistent with the conclusion that COVID-19 is indeed a unique illness distinguishable from influenza and other viral infections.
      I have always been impressed with the absence of bacterial superinfection and micro- and macro-thrombosis being features that separate COVID-19 from influenza and other viral syndromes.
      Calder, et al, at the Francis Crick Institute has gone a step farther with advanced forms of electron microscopy to see the virus up close and personal.[iii] 

  39. Hey everyone, I am just checking in to see if anyone else has been getting any compulsory government “emergency alerts” being forced onto their phones recently. The Ontario government decided to push an uninvited message onto my phone yesterday “testing an emergency alert system” in case they need to give me orders to ‘keep me safe’.

    Here is a screenshot of the ‘alert’:

    So I am wondering if people in other areas are getting similar government propaganda forced onto their phones to determine if there is a pattern building.

    Last time they forced this crap onto my phone it was to order me to stay inside during the “lockdowns”.

    examples: and

    Perhaps they are laying some of the psychological and technological groundwork for telling people what to be terrified of next when they launch another false flag op?

    • I haven’t gotten any text messages from the government. I’m in the US. I do have relatives in NY who got the message about keeping safe from a nuclear blast a few months ago.

      Are they able to send texts if you get a de googled phone? Can you block the number or opt out of messages?

      I think they want to keep the germ boogeyman in peoples consciousness. It’s like the Pavlovian response. They are trying to condition people to obey and be afraid when the government sends a signal. I think a lot of this stuff is psychological terrorism that they are trying to inflict on the public in order to demoralize and instill obedience. Allow it to roll of you like water off a duck.

      Here in the western hemisphere of the US, there is no pandemic of any kind going on in reality. I have no idea what the MSM is saying but in reality there is no threat.

      • @cu.h.j

        Thanks for the reply.

        Wow nuclear blast phone propaganda, interesting. Never heard of that being sent out in Canada before.

        That is a great question about the “de-googled” phone. Not sure, but I don’t really know what exactly a “de-googled” phone is either.

        All I know is I do not even pay for a data plan to have internet access on my phone, I just use it for work calls, spur of the moment pictures, texts (and occasionally a notepad for jotting down ideas). These government propaganda alerts are pushed out via the cell towers directly through the cell providers so I dunno if there is any way to block that (I certainly would like to though).

        Hey wouldn’t it be fun if some hackers coopted their government ‘alert’ system and blasted out a message to everyone’s phones saying “Government itself is Immoral, Blackrock and Vanguard own your government, embrace decentralization, refuse to comply and starve the parasites.. the revolution will not be televised!” or something along those lines 🙂

        Yes the continuation of various germ boogeyman psyops are likely, but perhaps something else on the horizon as well.

        It is the same here with regards to the “pandemic” (or lack thereof) but our various government puppets and “health experts” keep telling people how important it is to get their 79th booster shot and wear face diapers.

        By the way I saw your thoughtful replies on the other thread (regarding re-incarnation and the innate nature of human beings etc). I appreciate your taking the time to speak from the heart and share your perspective. I do intend on replying properly when I have more time.

        • That would be a great hack! And also funny. I think that so much of the stuff on MSM is only a bunch of psychological terrorism that I really try not to watch it. But sending me texts, I think I got something from the pharmacy reminding me to get my jab. I immediately un subscribed to it.

          JC had a solutions watch with this guy named Rob Braxman or something like that who sells the “de googled” phone. However if you are technically inclined, can probably do it yourself. I mean if you’re getting in from your government though, I’m sure they’ve got your number. They have everyone’s number.

          It would be interesting to hear your reply, I’d love to read it. I like hearing other people’s perspectives on that kind of thing. Do you mind sending your Substack post on UFOs again? I have a bit more time this weekend and would love to read it. That kind of thing interests me too and you clearly have researched it thoroughly.

          I certainly believe we are not alone in the universe in fact would find it very odd if we were, for the simple fact that our universe is so vast and there are probably other solar systems similar to ours that support life. I just wonder how they would get here and why they would travel out unless their sun close to dying.

          • @cu.h.j

            I agree that the msm is mostly a medium that is used for disseminating “psychological terrorism” material. In addition, it also seems to be exponentially increasing its dissemination of unhealthy addictive media related to sexual objectification, vanity and other toxic material that serves to corrode the minds of the youth and make them more easy to manipulate.

            Here is the link to my substack article about our cosmic neighbors (and the various human activities/technologies that are related to their presence):


            In the interest of providing more of the nitty gritty info on “how they would get here” I just added an addendum at the bottom of the article “..On Data, Historical Info, Physics and Technology (pertaining to .. interstellar craft and covert human electrogravitic craft)”. If you scroll waaayyyy down to the bottom you will find a number of links to studies and books that provide some background info that can hopefully satisfy your question as to how.

            With regards to the question of why (would “they” travel here) I think that the answer is: for many different reasons (as we are not dealing with one species, but rather a multitude of advanced interstellar cultures, each at their own stage of development, and often being motivated by different intentions with regards to why they left their solar system, and are in fact here now, observing and interacting with the Earth and her inhabitants). I have read of accounts that reflect the motivation you suggested for some beings (their sun being close to dying) but it also appears that many others often decide to go out into interstellar space in the interest of exploration, curiosity and wanting to understand their own place in the universe (without their being any desperate life or death imperative behind them doing so).

            I hope you find the list of references and books I put together helpful and look forward to hearing what you think of the article (and the phenomenona, craft, technology, beings and military operations discussed within).

        • “It is the same here with regards to the “pandemic” (or lack thereof) but our various government puppets and “health experts” keep telling people how important it is to get their 79th booster shot and wear face diapers.”

          It’s a riot to hear them also pimping the flu jabs 24/7 now.
          Not a peep about them for two years and now they’re at it
          again full blast. You know those nasty flu viruses that could be
          deadly for many people.

          We’re supposed to believe that the two viruses cut a deal between themselves.
          “You hang low for a couple of years and let me reign supreme.
          Then you can return and business will be back as usual, OK?”

          • @Fawlty Towers

            Agreed and I love how you put it.

            Damn those pesky conspiring viral particles, cutting deals with each other while we’re not looking…

            Though I thought it was kinda nice of SARS-CoV-2 to only go after people that are standing and deciding to leave people alone once they are in the sitting position in restaurants (allowing them to safely take off their super effective anti-viral cloth face diapers so they could eat in peace along side their fellow injection cult members). 🙂

            • “Though I thought it was kinda nice of SARS-CoV-2 to only go after people that are standing and deciding to leave people alone once they are in the sitting position in restaurants (allowing them to safely take off their super effective anti-viral cloth face diapers so they could eat in peace along side their fellow injection cult members). “

              Right! The Covid hypocrisy throughout was just mind-blowing.

              I often wondered which of the face-diapered people I’d encounter were genuinely scared to death and which were simply going along not to rock the boat.
              Now that the mandates have for the most part disappeared, it’s easy to see the ones who still fear for their lives.

              But here’s the thing. If they had paid attention during the first year (2020) when all the Covid ground rules were laid down by the top health authorities, they would have ‘learned’ that the masks are not worn to protect the wearer, but rather to protect people around you!

              Not that this ground rule had any basis in reality either, but it shows
              how the fearful think/operate (the mask wearers).

  40. This interview with a Gitmo detainee may be worth a listen. He describes first hand torture by Desantis himself in 2006. I’m not familiar with this podcast and I’m not sure why the detainee who was released in 2016 would not have come forward sooner as the election just passed, but perhaps the landslide victory and increased national attention spurred this on. There are some important connections made in the show in regards to the Bushes, Heritage Foundation etc. It seems to explain why so much of his military records were redacted when released during the previous election, why he was so against any detainees being released and why he is so well funded. The last half is an interesting interview with an Iraq army veteran although what is spoken of Desantis’s role there is speculative.

    Here is the link (32 min):

  41. So where exactly on this site are we supposed to submit our Subscriber Exclusive Hall of Shame nominees?

    • Fawlty Towers,
      It seems that the submissions and conversations are on the same Thread as the Subscriber Video at Corbett’s recent article…
      How BlackRock Conquered the World – Part 2: Going Direct 11/20/2022 Sunday

      I found that article power-packed. There was a lot of meat on that plate.
      I hope that financial pundits take notice.

  42. ELIXIR | A distributed infrastructure for life-science information

    ELIXIR unites Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data being generated by publicly funded research. It coordinates, integrates and sustains bioinformatics resources across its member states and enables users in academia and industry to access services that are vital for their research.

    ELIXIR is partly funded by the European Commission

    Other sources of funding for Nodes include foundations (e.g. the Wellcome Trust and Wallenberg Foundation)

  43. November 18 – 11 minute video

    Fascinating, learning-instructive as Gareth show us the Charts and correlations to time and past similar events.
    By the way, Gareth has correctly called Bitcoin prices many times over the years.

    Breaking News! Gareth Reveals When And What Price Bitcoin Will Bottom At

    • Wall Street Silver YouTube Channel – Nov 19, 2022 – 14 minute video interview

      Silver & Gold Prices Are Moving! Will They Go Lower From Here? – Chris Vermeulen

      Chris Vermeulen (See Stage 3 chart in video) goes over Gold and Silver and what to expect in the markets, both physical and on the exchanges, in both the near term and then after the beginning of 2023. The general stock market is also discussed. 2023 doesn’t look pretty.
      In the past, Chris has correctly called the trends in different sectors.
      He has a lot of focus on protecting wealth, because making up for losses is a hard hill to climb percentage-wise as compared to percentage losses.

      • Nope. Not trying to distract by any means. My posts are related. Ethereum has often been touted as an alternative currency.

        Anyone who has an interest in crypto or precious metals as a potential currency hedge, would probably benefit from the information presented.
        I certainly have benefited from the information offered by those two pundits.
        I would like to see other people flourish and prosper.

  44. Published Monday November 21, 2022 – 68 minutes
    World Premiere: Died Suddenly

    There are a lot of interviews and footage regarding the Funeral Home business and “stringy clots”. I’m glad I watched this film. It may be a good disemmination piece for the right audience.
    Fortunately, Stew Peters was not a dominating character of the film with only a few brief clips.
    The military interviews were worth noting.
    The Eugenics agenda is covered with some classic clips from the past.

    • It should also make you wonder why the self proclaimed father of the vax is not mentioned at all.

    • HRS, thanks for the share!! This was a very good documentary. I hope that it is shared widely and people see the gravity of the implications.

      I have seen some odd things in the ER after the jabs commenced including some “died suddenly” or sudden cardiac arrests. Most of the cases had pre existing conditions but I wonder how many were precipitated by the jabs and boosters.

      I have definitely seen a larger number of young people come in for cardiac symptoms, sudden and unexplained rapid heart rate. That’s been strange. Also intermittent chest pain in previously health individuals. New onset auto immune conditions, etc.

      The cancer link is interesting and creepy. I get how the drug/medical cartel works now though. They want to kill, maim and profit off their crimes. It’s disgusting and one of the most evil things I’ve ever come to realize.

    • Here are some Substack articles with short videos by Steve Kirsch regarding “Died Suddenly”.

      A lot has happened since my last Substack article (Part 1)

      I just talked to embalmer Richard Hirschman about the reaction from Died Suddenly
      Richard told me that:
      ~~ Nobody from the mainstream media is interested in covering the story. No calls. He’s lonelier than the Maytag repairman.
      ~~ No fact checker has contacted him about the movie.
      ~~ He’s been attacked. The doctors, who have no evidence whatsoever, have determined that these are just regular blood clots and the hundreds of embalmers that say they’ve never seen anything like these clots before are all lying.
      ~~ There is no motivation for the embalmers to lie. The vaccine is good for their business. By speaking out, they will reduce their business and run the risk of having their licenses revoked. So why are they lying?
      ~~ Richard related the story of people in a hospital talking about the movie. One of the doctors said, “This is just a conspiracy theory.” Another doctor said, “No it isn’t. I know one of the embalmers and I’ve seen this first hand. It’s legit.” The response was, “We aren’t allowed to talk about that” and then they changed the topic.

      Answering the critics of “Died Suddenly”

  45. Check out the link HRS shared in a comment above for “Died Suddenly”.

  46. Have you ever noticed how house dogs in the morning will face towards the direction of the sun as they lie on the lawn?
    (Not directly look at it, but face in that direction sometimes squinting.)

    Corbett’s “Recommended Viewing” citing David Knight’s 8 minute video
    30 Seconds of Sunlight to Reduce Cancer Risk
    Types of Melatonin and types of sun radiation are discussed.

    Found at…
    How BlackRock Conquered the World – Part 2: Going Direct

    • …wearing glasses and Infrared radiation (IR)…

      David Knight talks about IR.
      I want to point out that all polycarbonate lenses typically have UV protection and are scratch/impact resistant. It is “built-in” Often some folks will add the anti-glare feature. I assume Corbett’s glasses have anti-glare because of the tint.

      CR-39 is the most basic lens material available. It is often offered with no added features. CR-39 lens is an abbreviation for “Columbia Resin #39”.

      I can attest that polycarbonate can eventually scratch up pretty good if one is outside working a lot.

      I currently have a pair of each type…CR-39 and polycarbonate.
      I mention it, because a person might want to remove their polycarbonate glasses when outside, so that their eyes can be exposed to raw sunlight.

      I was explained this information about lenses by a lady who has been working at a glass/lens company for about a decade.
      For about a year or more, I have been coping with 6 year old scratched glasses sometimes taking them off and moving my head close to the screen so I can read or type, as I am doing now. The eyes have gotten a bit older too and so I am in the process of correcting near, mid and far vision.

  47. [ | 22.11.24 | excerpts]

    Europe’s Hottest Summer Led to 20,000 Excess Deaths

    Europe’s hottest summer on record likely resulted in more than 20,000 excess deaths in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, according to official data. 

    The excess deaths — the difference between the total number of deaths in the summer of 2022 and the historical average — were particularly elevated during the three intense heat waves that struck Western Europe between June and August. 

    England and Wales suffered 3,271 excess deaths between June 1 and September 7, according to a report by the Office of National Statistics. The ONS report excludes coronavirus deaths and noted that the number of deaths was higher on hotter days.
    Over 10,400 people died in France during the summer months, according to data released on Wednesday by government agency Santé Publique France. One in every four of those deaths occurred during a heatwave, the French report said, and excess deaths were 20% higher in regions under red alert for extreme temperatures. 

    In Spain, more than 4,600 deaths between June and August were attributable to heat, according to the public Instituto de Salud Carlos III, which conducts research on health. In Germany, about 4,500 died during the summer months due to extreme temperatures, according to estimates by government agency Robert Koch Institute. 

    “Heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense as the globe warms up, so we can expect more and hotter heatwaves in future,” said Eunice Lo, a research fellow in climate change and health at the University of Bristol. “Observed heatwaves have been made more likely to occur or more intense because of human emissions of greenhouse gases.”

  48. About the doc “Died Suddenly”, it would seem that it contains some inaccurate information. And whether or not you consider the inaccurate info to be of relative importance or not, the fact is, as explained by Ryan Cristian at 2 hours and 50 minutes of his Thanksgiving podcast, this will be used to discredit ALL of the info therein.

    It’s hard (especially for a conspiracy theorist) not to wonder if this inaccurate info wasn’t perhaps inserted deliberately.

    • I’ll have to watch his podcast and see what part contained false information. I do think it matters to present accurate information and post references in documentaries.

      I do think mixing fact with fiction could be on purpose, or perhaps just an oversight. A reasonable person would verify the information presented, but for a general audience if you want to have the greatest positive impact should attempt to present factual information.

      • “…A reasonable person would verify the information presented…”

        Yes, indeed. Especially if that person were trying to get a hidden truth out and more than ever be taken seriously.

    • Here is the link to Ryan Cristian‘s “Thanksgiving podcast” at The Last American Vagabond.
      [See the 2 hour and 50 minutes mark for critque on the documentary “Died Suddenly” as NoSoapRadio points out above.]

      Ryan mentions the video footage circa 2020 (prior to vaccinations) of a collapse of an athlete being in the film.

      Ryan also shows a clip of James Thorp, MD.
      I have a problem with Doctor James Thorpe, because he had previously sidestepped presenting solid statistics when asked, but rather he went on a generalized rant.
      Perhaps what he is saying is true, but his presentation seemed to be filled with bias and generalizations…at least in my opinion.
      To be fair, there is a definition of terms regarding miscarriage and which trimester an injury to the fetus occurs. (1:33:00)
      But the stats seemed cloudy as the data was not ‘walked through’ well.

      Doctor James Thorpe was interviewed by Del Bigtree at The Highwire on November 10, 2022 in EPISODE 293: MISCARRIAGE OF SCIENCE starting near the 112:00 mark.
      It was like pulling teeth when Del interviewed him.

      In my opinion, the Nurses in that segment carried much more weight in credibility.

      • Thanks for the clarification and Highwire link, HRS!

    • Of course, there’s a plethora of virulent and more or less prestigious candidates peddling their own inaccuracies, falsehoods, fallacies, manipulation and propaganda to choose from, but this “Died Suddenly” debunking article is one of the most concise (not to be confused with “honest”) among them and makes you wonder how Stew Peters could have been so abundantly careless unless he can prove that the people cited in the first list featured in the article, are indeed, dead:

      • I don’t trust Stew Peters. I think he had a doctor on that said there was a “self aware” structure in the vaccine vial, or something like that seemed a bit far fetched.

        I think each of the people falling over in the video should have been confirmed to have actually died.

        He should have been more careful. In retrospect, I think the video of people collapsing should have followed up on each one to verify that the person actually got the jab as well.

        If one compares this to the people collapsing in China at the start of the scamdemic, there are similarities. It seems to try to add shock value.

        However, there were actual people who died suddenly and the young athletes who collapsed may have indeed died from the jab.

        They could have only showed people collapsing who were confirmed to have received the jab, or omitted it entirely.

        I found the part about what the embalmers found interesting and compelling though. Also, the increase in deaths of young people.

        I still enjoyed the documentary, but I think your analysis is correct. I do think Steve Kirsh is trying to expose the cover up by CDC. I think they should have avoided association with Stew Peters though.

        • Indisputably there’s a whole lot to report on concerning blood clots, the deaths of young people, babies etc and the list goes on and on.

          So, it’s incomprehensible to include so many false images of sudden “covid vaccine” deaths when your film’s entitled “Died Suddenly” and is purportedly all about people dying suddenly of so-called “covid vaccines”.

          Unless, of course, you were trying to completely discredit sudden deaths due to the covid jabs and by association, all of the other horrors described in your film.

          Especially considering that most people have been jabbed and quite understandably don’t want to believe and will be very resistant to any material that attempts to demonstrate that the injections ARE dangerous.

          Furthermore, not only has the film discredited itself and the subjects it treated, it has also reinforced the whole unvaxxed conspiracy theorist meme and thus effectively discredited other brave people trying to get the word out about the dangers of these injections.

          However, whether it was witting or unwitting is sort of a moot point now,
          the damage is done.

          • I think a follow up documentary could be produced to try to minimize the potential damage about the efficacy of the injections. Even if they weren’t harmful (I think they are), clearly they don’t do what their supposed to, to prevent infection and spread.

            I even saw this first hand, many people with jabs and boosters who still had the disease, some even hospitalized. And about 5 months ago, I had it, or was diagnosed with it and recovered without any issues pretty quickly and a doctor I worked with who had 4 shots got very sick from it. I am also older than she is, with asthma as well and had no jabs or flu vaccines for several years now. But she was much sicker than I was. I did take ivermectin and the FLACC protocol vitamins as well though. She took the Paxlovid that anti viral med but was still sicker for longer and she was fatigued for months. I had fatigue for 3 weeks after my symptoms went away.

            Now maybe it’s only my genetics at work or something else, but clearly the injections didn’t help her not get sick and there are many many others who also had all the jabs and boosters who still got sick. This is the same for the flu shots, they not only don’t work, but a percentage of people get adverse reactions. So the logical conclusion to me is that it’s unnecessary and potentially dangerous. It’s less shocking than people dropping dead, but some people might just not want to get a shot for no medical reason.

            • Many of these injections, even the old standard vaccines just don’t work. I think the evidence is overwhelming. Why take a shot of something that has no benefit? It’s pointless and wasteful and painful.

    • November 23
      The ‘Died Suddenly’ Psy-Op –
      A Tiny Bit of Truth Mixed with a Whole Lot of Lies — Updated 2

      by Joachim Bartoll
      Remember “Watch the Water” by Stew Peters and his crew? Yes, the ridiculous and stupid “documentary” about ‘Covid-19’ being “snake venom” put in the water supply, and how they were frantically searching for a way to detox from said venom. Yeah, some people actually fell for that insane idea and shared that video. I did a quick post about it here:…

      …Right off the bat they talk about Covid-19 and viruses as if they are real, which they absolutely are not. This is the main task of controlled opposition, to keep the big underlying lie alive – the lie that feeds the whole machinery, the lie that keep us on our knees and under the tyranny of Big Pharma. ….

      [I haven’t yet read this piece by Bartoll, but I can see the rickety platform Bartoll is standing on. It recently came to my email inbox from a fellow (Ron Neil Pair) in my area, southwest of Dallas. He has been burning DVDS for over a decade. ~~WWW ]
      “Thanks to Project activists, we have distributed over 300,000 wake-up-call DVDs since 2007….”

      • I’m gonna have a look-see!

        • OK! So, Robster will probably love this article as it’s all based on the “viruses don’t exist” meme.

          I should have read your post above more carefully!

          But if I had I woulda missed the photo of the guy asking for coffee who is very pleasant eye-candy!

    • Mark Crispin Miller gives a good report. It is a long read.
      Nov 23
      “Died Suddenly” is all about those “vaccines” killing people; and so the BBC is trying to kill “Died Suddenly”
      They died suddenly – then the anti-vax trolling started
      By Rachel Schraer
      Health and disinformation reporter

      A like hit-piece from Forbes:
      New ‘Died Suddenly’ Film Pushes Unfounded Depopulation Claims About Covid-19 Vaccine

      This is mentioned:
      And the athlete, college basketball player Keyontae Johnson, collapsed in December 2020 before he could even have had a Covid vaccine. He didn’t die suddenly as the title suggests – he returned to the court last week.

      The film doesn’t provide sources. Mark Crispin Miller does…
      A graph in the film shows stillbirths shooting up around 2021, making the unsupported suggestion Covid vaccines are causing miscarriages, looks shocking.

      The film-makers don’t provide a source, though.

      Allow me (MCM):…. [IMAGES and source]

    • Robert W Malone MD, MS weighs in about “Died Suddenly”
      Nov 26
      Sins of Information Warfare
      Do the sins of our opposition wash our own sins clean?

      …falsely imply one or more cause-effect relationship between a sudden death event and vaccine administration, or otherwise employ cinematic license to stoke outrage. I have previously written regarding the business model of Stoking Rage for the up and coming podcaster, and in my opinion this strategy is fundamentally the same as the “fearporn” business model of corporate media – and in particular CNN.

      For what its worth, I hold “our side” to higher standards than I have come to expect from corporate (broadcast and published) media. I reject the assertion that, on the battlefield of the current 21st century unrestricted media and information war which we are immersed in, it is acceptable to employ the tactics of our opponents…

      …I have consciously and intentionally chosen to cross-post the Daily Skeptic and Josh Guetzkow commentaries concerning “Died Suddenly” because I believe that they have made important points which should be discussed, but in so doing I have become a target for a small troll army which has swarmed those threads with accusations that I have a personal vendetta with Stew Peters, and which have attacked me as if I were the author of the cited essays.

      Let me assure you now that I have no time or interest in further engagements with Stew Peters. He is irrelevant, as far as I am concerned. A modern carnival barker.

      There is nothing in this “Died Suddenly” which represents new news, as far as I can tell. This seems to mostly be a sensationalized but well-produced video covering information which has been known for quite some time. Steve Kirsch did not endorse use of his likeness in this production, did not endorse, did not sponsor it, and neither he nor his organization in any way supports it….

        • Article comes from AFP Fact Check

          About us
          AFP launched its digital verification service in France in 2017 and has grown to become the leading global fact-checking organisation, with dedicated journalists in countries from the United States to Myanmar. Our journalists monitor online content in local languages, from Amharic to Hindi, Polish or Portuguese. They take into account local cultures, languages and politics and work with AFP’s bureaus worldwide to investigate and disprove false information, focusing on items that can be harmful, impactful and manipulative.

          Our English-language team spans the globe, with regional editors in Hong Kong, Sydney, Washington DC, Paris and Johannesburg. 

          “ AFP is our most expansive global fact-checking partner, working with us on nearly every continent to combat the spread of misinformation. Their global reporting footprint is invaluable to our program, and we’re excited to bring their expertise to the U.S. ”
          Keren Goldshlager, Integrity Partnerships Facebook

          YouTube, Instagram, Linkin, and Twitter (Maybe no longer is Twitter part of this outfit.)

  49. This stream by Blackpilled, on public relations and propaganda looks pretty interesting.

    He is doing a thing on the Century Of Self documentary… so far at 30 min it’s gone over the “torches of freedom” campaign to get women to smoke so that could feel liberated.

    As Tony Sopranos mom said psychology is most definitely “just a racket for the jews” 🙂 lol

  50. UPDATE

    Attorney Aaron Siri SubStack …
    Nov 23
    V-Safe Part 1: After 464 Days, CDC Finally Coughed up Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Data Showing 7.7% of People Reported Needing Medical Care
    First part of an incredible story that shows just how broken our public “health” apparatus is: very, very broken.
    (4 minute FOX video interview included)

    Nov 25, 2022
    V-Safe Part 2: What Is V-Safe? What Data Does It Contain? Did It Ask About the Known Serious Potential Harms? And Why You Should Care!
    Second part of an incredible story that shows just how broken our public “health” apparatus is: very, very broken.
    (See IMAGES in article)

    …It is often difficult to obtain evidence showing premeditated wrongful conduct. In this instance, the choice by the folks at the CDC to not include these adverse events of special interest, which studies prior to the launch of v-safe had already reflected could be caused by mRNA vaccine, and which the CDC itself identified in its v-safe protocol, may be one of the best and most compelling pieces of evidence supporting premediated conduct by the CDC….

    At end of article…
    …But I am jumping at few parts ahead – more on that later.

    In part 3, we will take a look at who registered for v-safe: Was it those concerned about vaccines? Those supportive of vaccines? We will take a close look.

    Thursday October 6, 2022 – The Highwire –
    Episode 288: JUSTICE FOR ALL

    ICAN has the V-Safe Data interactive feature via their website.
    Anyone can access the data.
    (The CDC had said that they didn’t have the resources to establish a V-Safe dashboard in a timely manner even though they had had many months to do so. 😉 )

  51. 41% of U.S.-based small business owners report that they could not pay their rent in full and on time in November

    …All told in Q4 so far, the rent delinquency rate continues to increase at a significant pace, up 11 percentage points from where it was just two months ago.
    Reasons Why Paying The Rent Is Getting Tougher

    According to small business owners, several economic factors are contributing to this problem simultaneously, which include:
    ~~ Higher rents for 52% of SMBs (up 1% from last month)
    ~~ Declining monthly revenues: in October only 34% of SMBs reported earning half or less of their pre-COVID income. But this month, that figure is 7% higher: 41% are generating half or less of what they earned monthly prior to COVID
    ~~ Reduced consumer spending. In October, 59% of SMB owners said consumers were purchasing less than the month prior. In November, that number skyrocketed to 73%
    ~~ 60% of SMBs say inflation’s really hurting their business right now (even though the inflation rate is a bit lower than it was)
    ~~ One indicator of the toll inflation is taking on businesses is a steep drop in the percentage of small businesses that are fully recovered, earning as much if not more than they did monthly prior to COVID. The percentage was 24% in October, but dropped to 14% in November — an all-time low…

    Canada’s national average rent delinquency for small business owners also increased in November, landing at 45%, up three percentage points from October, when it was 42%….

    • Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog…

      Enjoy These Moments, Because The Outlook For After Thanksgiving Is Not Promising At All

      Michael gives various examples.

      He also cites an interview with James Rickards. I had listened to the interview.
      Something kind of profound around the halfway mark or so…
      Dollar shortage?!
      James Rickards points out that there is a more recent shortage of dollars. This is because of the margin loan requirements now with derivatives. The ‘rules’ have changed, and now for collateral very short-term Treasury instruments are being demanded. This in turn demands dollars.

    • This is a gem…
      Prior to the 2008 crisis, Jim Cramer goes over tactics that he or others had used to manipulate the markets.

      Jim Cramer explaining the basics of stock market manipulation
      (10 minutes 42 seconds)
      [The YouTube video is still live, but it has been archived and so I used that.]

      Taken from…

      For those who don’t know…
      The stock market has seen a rally over the past several weeks.
      I personally found it surprising, because it seems so unfounded.
      There is lots of hype that we would see it rally further (Santa Clause rally).

  52. Mr. Aluminum aka Professor Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB

    Starting at the 56 minute mark of Thursday’s “Thanksgiving 11/24” The Highwire Episode 295: MIND GAMES, Del Bigtree interviews Dr. Chris Exley.

    This is a fascinating interview which catches us up on the behind the scenes suppression of valid scientific inquiry into aluminum toxicity. When Dr. Exley examined the brains of deceased Autistic children, the aluminum content was outrageously high…and thus his further research was canned, as was he. As most Corbett Report Members are aware, many vaccines contain high toxic amounts of aluminum as an adjuvant in order to elicit an immune response from the body. Like Robert F Kennedy, Jr. has previously pointed out in the adjuvant’s mechanism of action, aluminum’s prompt for an immune response is what can induce allergies, asthma, and other health conditions in children who have had vaccinations.
    [ Kennedy reference – Go to the 41:30 mark of ]

    Chris Exley rightly makes the case that this is “The Age of Aluminum”. Only within the last one hundred years has mankind been exposed to pure grade aluminum. In a historical, geological setting, aluminum is locked into the mineral content of different ores and sediments, such as clays (Aluminosilicates).

    Dr. Chris Exley and aluminum are featured on this webpage about two thirds down the page.
    DallasForSaferWater – News and Activism
    If you want to search text on a web page, pressing Control + F will bring up a search box.
    There is a lot of information there, which includes some correlating aspects to Silica, Fluoride, Lead and Detox.


  53. Dear Members,

    I have released some ‘resistance music’. Latest rap: “The Great Resistance” – gives a shoutout to Corbett report and other independent media outlets whilst explaining the great reset and the tyranny. Check it out at substack or Odysee:

    All the best,

    Nicholas Creed.

  54. Published Tuesday November 29, 2022

    Their Story: Paul & Ellen Connett
    (One hour 50 minutes)
    FluorideAlert YouTube Channel

    Pull up a chair in front of the fire tonight. This conversation will warm your heart.

  55. What’s “Crazy” is that someone can play that amazingly well and make it look so easy.
    (The Sax is pretty good too)

    This is a good video for bouncing eyes and ears to land temporarily.
    Give yourself a treat if you’ve got a few minutes.

  56. HRS posted that article above and I knew you’d like it!

    I’m afraid I don’t find the reasoning therein as well-built as the author himself. But like, wow!

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