Episode 365 – Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Nutrition Advice

by | Oct 19, 2019 | Podcasts | 45 comments

Nutrition science is almost always a hot, steaming pile of contradictory nonsense. How much worse, then, that our eating habits and dietary guidelines are shaped by the government (and its corporate string-pullers)? Join James for this extra tasty, sugar-free, all organic, non-GMO edition of The Corbett Report.

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New Study On Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

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Study: Reducing red meat intake can improve heart health

New research claims eating red meat poses no health risk

New study about red meat ‘fundamentally flawed,’ expert says

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The Crisis of Science

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R.I.P. food pyramid

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    • jstandards, Thanks for mentioning that Fluoride Action Network article with its links regarding sugar. I remember reading about it.

      …to an UPDATE to EPA LAWSUIT regarding FLUORIDE

      In March of 2018, Corbett interviewed Dr. Connett about the lawsuit against the EPA.
      “Interview 1352 – Dr. Paul Connett on the Case Against Fluoride” https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1352-dr-paul-connett-on-the-case-against-fluoride/

      It is very obvious to most informed folks that the administrators within the EPA are corrupt liars and ‘destroyers of health’.

      Recently in September, James Corbett produced the stellar “9/11 Whistleblowers: Cate Jenkins” which exposed the many evil devices and intentions of the EPA. https://www.corbettreport.com/9-11-whistleblowers-cate-jenkins/

      In 2013, an activist dentist, Dr. David Kennedy created a film “Fluoride Gate: An American Tragedy”, which throughout contains many EPA officials blowing the whistle on how administrators at the EPA are covering up the Fluoride-poison story.

      Because of a government shutdown earlier this year, the judge set February for the trial date:
      February 3, 2020: TSCA fluoride lawsuit trial dates, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco
      Timeline LINK

      The EPA is at it again with its dastardly tactics. The EPA is hell-bent to poison people.
      — !! — At the last moment, the EPA filed for a delay in the trial, which they know will screw up the whole ball of wax.
      (NOTE: The full story is behind an “Inside EPA” subscription-only newsletter.)

      Fortunately, Paul’s son, Michael Connett is an expert on Fluoride and also one heck of an attorney at the law firm “Waters, Kraus & Paul”. (The law firm has a stellar record of defending the underdog, even with vaccine injury cases back in the early 2000’s.)

      In opposition to the EPA stall tactic, Michael Connett, ESQ writes:
      ”…Plaintiffs oppose EPA’s motion to derail the entire schedule of this case (which EPA stipulated to just one week before its motion) based on a draft review that EPA has known about for years, and an unjustified, last-minute disclosure of an expert whom EPA knew about since at least June 27, 2019… …The parties have engaged in numerous meet and confers for more than two years and not once has EPA raised this as a potential issue…
      …If EPA is professing surprise that NTP is releasing its draft review this fall, such surprise has little credibility because it requires one to believe that the EPA is more ignorant than citizen groups of the activities of a federal health organization which EPA works with and helps oversee….”
      (much more chastisement of the EPA follows in the document)

    • I second that suggestion!
      I used to be chubby, running while 30KM a week, strength training, calorie counting, until I discovered the art of low carb eating, you regulate your body weight effortlessly while going directly against the guidelines, red meat and veggies, 2 meals a day, no grain at all, and very very little fruit

    • – BUMP! – ***** –
      5 Star ‘recommended’ BUMP

      Presentation via a “Weston A. Price Foundation” …
      “Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds” by Tom Naughton of FatHeadMovie

      Thanks! Stellar, fun video which syncs extremely well with this Corbett episode!

      Wisdom of Crowds
      1 Knowledge is diffuse
      2 Based largely on experience
      3 Unplanned
      4 Develops over time

      The Vision of The Anointed
      (aka – The Intellectual-Yet-Idiot )
      1 Knowledge is concentrated
      2 Expertise is academic, theoretical
      3 Planned, often imposed
      4 Love ideas that are new, bold, exciting or exquisitely expressed

      The Vision of The Anointed
      •The Anointed identify a problem in society
      •The Anointed propose a Grand Plan to fix the problem
      •Because they are so supremely confident in their ideas, The Anointed don’t bother with proof or evidence that the Grand Plan will actually work
      •If possible, The Anointed will impose the Grand Plan on other people (for their own good, of course)
      •The Anointed assume anyone who opposes the Grand Plan is either evil or stupid
      •If the Grand Plan fails, The Anointed will never, ever, ever admit the Grand Plan was wrong

      • Wisdom of Crowds

        When watching the video “Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds” by Tom Naughton, I couldn’t help but to think of the Corbett Report Comment Section and Wisdom of Crowds.

        The Corbett Report makes it okay to have different opinions and perspectives. I learn so much here. I love seeing everyone’s viewpoint.

  1. Interesting episode, James. I think it also ties in with a somewhat greater theme too: Frankly, the lies and manipulation of ‘experts’ and the collusion between government and corporations (with “news” included). Be it for the benefit of the Medical Industrial Complex or Big Pharma, climate alarmism, or more nefarious actors, we can see this time and again. It is deception, plain and simple and is rampant.
    This video reminded me of when they re-named High Fructose Corn Syrup due to bad publicity. Exactly like the example in the video in which we watch the evolution of food guidelines, and how they are reclassified, renamed and sometimes made more ambiguous.
    There are a bunch of articles I could link to but here is WeAreChange—a less malicious site than ABC, FDA, or some of the other sources I found:

    I think a lot of connection can be made, as well, to the current vaping panic or the push towards factory fake meat (as opposed to conscious agricultural solutions).

    Thanks for all your hard work, James! Might have to fire up Abbey Road. You have been hanging with Pilato, I see. Nice shelf display.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Astrodonicus says: “…Nice shelf display.”

      I like that backdrop to Corbett’s in-home presentations.
      It communicates a ‘positioning image’ which correlates well with Corbett.

    • – Tobacco –
      jan.d (Corbett Report Member) points out that tobacco often contains a lot of pesticides. https://www.corbettreport.com/upon-meeting-a-friend-for-the-first-time/#comment-67368

      I still smoke tobacco. Have been since around 1971. So, I’m a pariah (at least in the U.S.) I once quite for 6 months. No cold turkey symptoms. But one day, I said to myself “This ain’t fun. I like tobacco.” And so, I started again.

      That said, I doubt that inhaling most any substance (vaps’ glycerine, tobacco, herbs, perfumes, chemicals) is very good for the body.
      I do roll my own cigs with a machine and buy what likely is chemical free ‘organic’ tobacco. The guberment made some kind of rule a few years ago about cutting out the labeling of raw bulk tobacco as “organic”. I still buy tobacco from the same company, but the “organic” label has been removed.

      Some years back, I tried growing tobacco, but did not have much success. I had bought seeds from a local north Texas grower. Processing tobacco for smoking is difficult. I was only going to grow it to use as a bug deterrent in the garden.

      I will say that I eat a lot of leafy green vegetables which seem to offset some of the detriments to smoking.
      I should also mention that “Ozone Blood Therapy” can immediately help remove any symptoms of COPD. On the “NEWS” webpage (at the bottom) of the dogsagainstfluoridation.com website is a lot of information about ozone therapy.

      I am not promoting “smoking tobacco”, but this tidbit is interesting… …the body makes more nicotinic-choline type receptors in smokers. These receptors can help with focus and mental acuity. The receptors also work on other body functions, which possibly explain why quitting might cause a gastro-intestinal issue as some receptors fade away.

  2. Much of the confusion and conflicting information on nutrition is largely due to either funder bias or faulty research methodology. One can cut to the chase with Dr. Michael Greger, a foremost authority on nutritional health today at http://www.nutritionfacts.org. Here the latest scientific literature is critically reviewed and summarized in a user-friendly format at no cost! I have based my eating habits on what I have learned here and have never felt better in my life at 71 years old…

    • Good recommendation. Even at times when I’m trying to avoid recommending specific sources (as in my comment below), I still can’t resist recommending Greger.

  3. I have always known that the Food Pyramid is such an absolute fraud, It obviously discriminates against Alt Diets like Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Fruitarian, etc. Yes, you all just heard from an autistic Flexitarian (although I still enjoy eating meats, I also enjoy Vegan & Vegetarian stuff too as I can get tempted to hoard meat.)
    Here’s what Flexitarian is like:

    • Boy do corporate shills love to bash the fruitarian diet.
      Fruit: The food that smells and tastes delicious to humans with zero preparation; the food that the human body appears to be most geared to process.
      Corporate shills: “killed Steve Jobs”

      (for those who don’t get the cheeky steve jobs reference, or still think a fruitarian diet consists solely of apples & berries, please do some deeper research before replying, peace)

  4. Apologies for off-topic. Does anyone know a source for the SBS documentary The Dog Ate My Data, please?

  5. A lot of the problem is that the Banksters have achieved their goal of creating more single parent and double income families who are so busy working to survive and pay their ransoms (Tax) that they don’t have time to cook and garden anymore.

    I suppose you could add high fructose corn syrup to your own home made bread but why would you even think to do that?

    • Can’t quit the rat race, gotta get more stuff I don’t need.

    • HRS,

      Thanks for the above link. And my thanks to Pearl and manbearpig researching this fabulous and courageous woman, Ann Boroch. This is the first I’ve ever heard of her, and in my opinion, she was a true heroine and devoted healer.

      If she was silenced, and if there is a wider conspiracy to silence holistic practitioners, then it constitutes a very ill-timed, disgusting, horrific, pathetic and criminal up-hill battle because whoever may be involved attempting to maintain the status quo, will ultimately lose in the end, as people gain greater awareness of natural healing, and in the process begin to shun pharmaceuticals.

      Here’s a link to a food pyramid if you scroll down a bit that I have found beneficial. Dr. Gundry may be making money selling nutritional supplements and writing best selling books, but he gave up his day job as a renowned surgeon to do so.

      Anyway, when he said he likes to eat a big salad for breakfast, and uses salad as an excuse to consume olive oil, something clicked:


      Being cognizant of Dr. Gundry’s food pyramid, I’ve been able to tighten my belt a couple of notches…and am looking for a third.

      By the way, HRS, most the time I still think of you (and thank you, as well) when I reach for my Fluoride-free toothpaste! 🙂


  6. Anyone got tips for how to safely drink water? Is drinking distilled the safest? Is mineral water the safest? What brands are the safest? Any filters to use, or on-the-go filters to use? I just want my water to be safe and healthy with nothing crazy in it like all the bottled waters mainly.

    • All I do is collect rainwater and use a cheap gravity fed filter jug for drinking water.

      Probably want to make sure you are not down wind of anything nasty, but in that case you might want to move anyway.

    • Thank you bot for the replies, but is there something more obtainable that you’d recommend? My region doesn’t allow collected rainwater and I cant afford a $2,000+ filter.

      • Water Filtration
        Some tidbits from my perspective…

        One dilemma can come when filtering or distilling water, which is the absence of minerals which the body needs.
        Many supplemental minerals, which mostly are alkaline, absorb better when in an acidic context. This is why we often hear “eating a lemon” (acidic ph ~1.5) helps to alkalize the body.
        Most minerals are bound to another substance.
        Example: Limestone (calcium carbonate) – When a person pours a strong vinegar or acid on limestone, they will see it fizz. This is carbon dioxide coming off (the carbonate). The carbonate unbinds from the calcium. A person will see this reaction when taking the magnesium supplement “CALM” made by Natural Vitality, which is comprised of magnesium carbonate and citric acid. Magnesium becomes “ionic” which makes it easier to for the body to absorb it.

        Filters vs Distilled
        Melissa Gallico has done a lot of research on Fluoride with some very interesting podcasts/series (see Youtube).
        Here she has some information on water filtration & distillation https://www.hiddencauseofacne.com/fluoride-filters

        Also, Dr. Mercola and FluorideAlert.org give some information about water filtration vs distillation.

        The company “AquaTru” ( home reverse-osmosis inexpensive system) partnered with Erin Brockovich, for whom I have a lot of admiration, along with her water-engineer expert Bob Bowcock.
        (more below)

        • On “Home Page 2” of the DallasForSaferWater website, also known as DogsAgainstFluoridation.com , there is a tremendous amount of information about public water treatment facilities, Erin Brockovich and Robert Bowcock.
          SILICA – By the way, on the “News” webpage (halfway down) of DogsAgainstFluoridation.com is some very interesting information about silica rich water helping to remove aluminum from the body. It can also help with mental alertness.

          There are some liabilities with different systems. One example is microbial build-up. If there is a water storage tank (as in under the sink), microbes can build up. Also, some containers, especially plastic, can harbor microbes within the pores/crevices. If a person starts having stomach/intestinal problems, then this might be an area to investigate.

          At this time, the way I see it with extremely effective contaminant removal, both reverse osmosis and distillation will remove minerals. I tend to lean with mostly distilled water currently. That said, everyone has their own situation. For many years, I drank tap water. Occasionally, I still do. Newer home tap water is probably much, much safer than older home tap water because the fixtures can leach copper and lead in older homes due to corrosion over time.

          In 2008, I got my degree in the Environmental Sciences. During the course of my studies, I was fortunate to visit both the waste water and also the water treatment plants in some north Texas communities, along with seeing a variety of presentations about how different communities treat their water. The U.S. is in a water treatment crisis. It has an aging pipe system along with using a filtering technology that can be 20-40 years old. I am extremely concerned about PFOA’s & more.

    • We don’t have Flouride or chloramine in our tap water. So I let my water sit 24+hours to evaporate the chlorine. I used to make distilled water and add back minerals. This is cheaper.

  7. Health is one of the main elements under attack by the hidden hand simply because a healthy people would be far more harder to control than a sick population who is addicted to various food “drugs” and in turn the medical drugs to so-called treat the problems that the so called food is causing.

    It is a grand problem-reaction-solution on the health level. Create sick people through bad diets and then feed on them through the medical industrial complex on the other end. It also helps to solve their so-called population problem of there being to many people.

    If anyone is interested I have two books that are on my must read list on health and diet:
    The Pleasure Trap by Lisle and Goldhamer
    Fast Food Genocide by Joel Furhman

    If the truth can be heard I am sure that all sickness could be healed on this earth because there is a truth and a reality to what is going on here. It is just buried in so much disinfo and ignorance as everything is…

  8. Regarding the audio portion about sugar and HFCS, the author confuses how and why. He claims the reason **why** HFCS was added to everything was that it was cheaper. I would say that is **how** they got processed food manufacturers to add it without being overtly coercive. I would say the actual **why** was to sicken and cull the planet’s population and they knew in advance that most of the corn from which it was to be derived would soon be GMO, further screwing up human DNA. Guess that makes me a conspiracy analyst.

  9. Another awesome report.
    Nutrition truth (and associated conspiracies) is my specialty.
    It’s a been a primary focus of mine for a couple of decades now.
    I won’t go into the details of my findings (though my username is a bit of a spoiler) because I agree with James about this being a journey people need to take on their own. The good evidence is abundant but it takes a while to learn how to cut through the bullshit; how to recognize truly trustworthy data, and — arguably of even greater importance — how to listen to your body.
    Dr. Michael Greger (the guy who compares the Dietary Guidelines wording at 21:59) is one of the best (if not the best) public figure/speaker when it comes to identifying nutrition bullshit, though he deliberately avoids talking a great deal about grand conspiracies so as not to pave the road for MSM outlets & corporate shills who’d like to dismiss him as a tinfoil hatter (understandable).

  10. Thanks James, learned a lot here about how easily manipulated we folks can be if we merely accept ‘what we’re told by authorities/experts.’

    So James, looking at Irrational Rationalism brought to us via the New Inquisition & The Citadel of Science, what might you think about an alleged geoengineering war being waged on the population by the worldwide military industrial complex…the weather brought to us by Raytheon?

    Is there a Corbett Report that touches on this subject at all?

    There seems to be a one man crusade going on with the point guy at geoengineeringwatch.com telling all who will listen that there is a conspiracy of academics who won’t blow the whistle about the tons of nano-particles presently being sprayed into the atmosphere. He also touches on things like atmospheric heaters, and refers to a study done by M.I.T. regarding atmospheric heating detected over Fukushima prior to the 2011 event.

    Not sure if this isn’t another manifestation of fear porn.

  11. great podcast, James, and one of the best (or craziest) mixed metaphors of your career:

    “… a lot of the different threads of this tapestry start to unravel and you get to start to see how the sausage is made…”

    Well done.

  12. 18 October 2019 – The Corbett Report
    Episode 365 – Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Nutrition Advice

    38:20 mark
    James Corbett says,
    “..I would stress and emphasize… …the corporations and the government work together at that level. I think that is an important part of this. It is a fascist matrix. It’s the wedding of corporate and government Power, in a monopoly power. The government, which has the monopoly stick which it wields to unfortunately great affect…”

    Josh Souter of the FREE online 23 page pamphlet “A Brief History of Food, Nutrition & Government Policy in America”
    Josh Souter video interview (~43 minute mark) – Josh concludes, ”…So, overall, I would say NO, the government did not get it right. They probably got it as wrong as they could have.”

    (~46 minute mark)
    James Corbett, in summing up states,
    ”…The POINT of today’s episode is NOT to give you specific nutritional guidelines, or to warn you against this or that…
    but THAT IS THE POINT! To come to some of your own conclusions after having done some research… …The whole point of this: When we forsake our own responsibility to ourselves and to our family to do basic research and basic due diligence…
    …to reach our own goals, because everyone has different goals…
    …the point is: When we forsake that and we put it into some central-planning administrative body, that trough of power will immediately be monopolized… …and that stick will always and forever, as long as it exists, be wielded to corral people where certain people want the population to go….”

  13. I agree completely regarding learning from others (learned of the quality of these products from people around me) and from observing others, mostly older folks, who have much more experience and are much more healthier than most, using common sense of course.

    Olive oil, fruits and vegetables, sardines , fish, meat in reasonable amounts and red wine are part of the mediterranean diet, and people who live in this area, mostly in the rural parts, usually live healthier and longer lives than those who live in fast-food infected urban areas. I witness this daily because I live in a rural area of the Basque Country and see it, mostly in the older generation who don’t have the (bad) habit eating junk food. And exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym or running x amount of miles a day, but being active, walking instead of driving, moving around. Common sense.

    A very good book to read is Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss, an investigation report about the food industry.

    Thanks, James, for the great report.

  14. Today, I bought a 25 pound bag of sugar.

    For my garden.
    I use sugar sometimes to kill persistent privet type trees and such.
    Typically, I cut the offender short. Sometimes I dig a small crater. Then I add lots of sugar.
    The sugar super-stimulates the microbial activity in the soil which burns out the roots.
    It often sets up the soil for a rich green, newly introduced plant in the Spring.

  15. I’ve been interested in nutrition for decades now since as a PhD biology major at a top engineering school all my friends were amazingly inquisitive and so I being able to actually decipher the ingredient list on a box of food spent a lot of time talking about what we were eating. On my birthday one year a friend baked me my favorite, an angle food cake, but it came from a box so curious how they got it to be so light and fluffy without having to whip the eggs we looked at the ingredients and found SDS dodecyl sulfate. Yes they had used detergent to create the bubbles that gave the cake its loft. I became a bit more cautious about what I ate after that. Of course once leaving school I found the average person on the street was not so excited to learn what they were eating and to keep my mouth shut if I wanted to get invited back for dinner. Thus I’m throwing this out not so much for nutritional advice though I did try the 10 day experiment on a friend with high blood pressure and cholesterol and found comparable results to what they found in the documentary, I’m sure results vary. So I’m recommending this as a great illustration of how our government works or more perhaps more accurately doesn’t work.


    Oh and I found that if you follow that sugar with a strong shot of coffee after the plants dead you can prevent weed seeds from germinating until you are ready to plant in spring. It also works as a decent insecticide. We humans are tough.

  16. Superb work again.

    I also enjoyed the video of you and James Evan Pilato. A curious occurrence which occurs when you search James Evan Pilato on various search engines (including DuckDuckGo which I favour), you get James Politano… Go figure.

    Anyway, I’m increasing my meager US$3.00/mth to US$10.00/mth since i just got a better paying job. It’s not much but you and your team deserve it. Much thanks for your excellent work.

    As an aside from your excellent political and scientific analysis, I would personally like your take on the “Japanese Otaku” culture. I’ve been an anime ‘addict’ since the original “Astro Boy” in the 60s. Yes, I’m that old.

    Thanks James & James.

  17. Eye opening video!

    I was aware that sugar caused a lot of health problems but how the mainstream nutrition science still focused on fat and cholesterol, which I always thought it was odd because cholesterol and fat are essential in the production of hormones which help keep us younger and alive!

    But, I did not know to what extent that research was swept under the rug by the sugar industry in favor of high fructose corn syrup and other sugars that have indeed been put in…everything!

    This makes me want to re-evaulate my own eating habits and resist the globalist influences that are making us fatter, sicker, and more docile.

    Great work as always!

  18. ‘This is good/bad for you’ stories are a standard news item. Another one is the puke-inducing “cute animal” story – infotainment at its lowest level. And always end the newshour with the the team chatting and joking together because, after all, “everything is, and always will be, awesome”.
    Sadly, this is what the public want, and will always get, as long as news programs are commercial enterprises.

  19. Forgot to add earlier…

    Love the Intro…the music is really cool and I think adds a spark of ivestigative grooviness that I miss from the earlier episodes as well as the vivid word picture of “brought to you …as always…from the sunny climes of Western Japan..”

    I always loved that intro…thanks for bringing it back!

  20. After all these years you finally hit the heart of the problem, nuance on a given issue vs. peoples time and priority.. this IS the issue of our day and age. A bombardment of information with no time to even sort whether its of enough importance to give it priority! Sadly this is only one of many things leading to the decline of civilization as we know it.. how do we dig ourselves out at this point, the devils in the details has never been a more relevant saying.

  21. Great episode, James!

    My latest video is again on the food topic and fits right in here so I’ll share it.


    Please, people, check out what I’m saying in this video and my others. This nightmare world they are unfolding is coming so fast and too many people seem to be unaware.

    • Thanks for your work, Camille. This topic is certainly stretching the matrix to its limits.

      • Thank you for watching, mkey. It’s all so insane. Please tell people!

    • Ah, manbearpig, thank you. My dad got sober when I was young and we used to recite that poem at local Alcoholics Anonymous events.
      Another one I’ve always enjoyed, which I also got from dad, is Desiderata. https://mwkworks.com/desiderata.html

      Perfect for English class, being word magic. Things mean whatever they say they mean.

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