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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Could DNA Vaccines Be The Next Tool In The World’s Battle Against COVID-19?

Israelis Rise-Up Against Vaxx Passports After Being Told More Shots Needed To Be Considered “Fully Vaccinated”

Dutch protest against COVID-19 vaccine pass to enter bars, restaurants

Story #2: Military Leaders Saw Pandemic As Unique Opportunity to Test Propaganda Techniques on Canadians, Forces Report Says

Forged Letter Warning About Wolves on the Loose Part of Canadian Military Propaganda Campaign That Went Awry (Oct. 14, 2020)

Canadian Military Fake Wolves Fear Campaign Exposed (Oct. 30, 2020)

#PropagandaWatch: The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians

Rosemary Frei on How the High Death Rate in Care Homes Was Created on Purpose

Canadian Kids Were At Low Risk of Severe COVID-19 Early In The Scamdemic

Story #3: The UK’s Petrol Crisis Is Just A Taste Of A More Jittery, Uncertain Future

Britain Urges Motorists To ‘Carry On As Normal’ As BP Shuts Dozens Of Petrol Stations Amid Haulage Crisis

Power Supply Shock Looms: “Global Markets Will Feel The Pinch Very Soon” Of China’s Next Crisis

Costco To Impose Buying Limits On Toilet Paper, Bottled Water Amid ‘Uptick In Delta-Related Demand’

US Meat Prices To Remain Elevated Amid Depleted Reserves

Everyday Foods Such As Coffee, Meat And Spices Could Become Luxury Items Due to Global Climate Impacts And Changing Tastes

Soylent Green – Film, Literature and the New World Order

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  1. (Again)
    Dear James Corbett, Please take the time to come to a conclusive position on whether or not John Franklin Enders in 1954 truly discovered a thing or not. This supposed “thing” has been blamed for being the cause of all contagious disease deemed “viral”. It is even claimed that a genome has been ascertained or a variation of genetic sequences belonging to the “thing” and “it’s” variants. As you arrive at your conclusion please thoroughly consider the control experiments being carried out this year by Stefan Lanka and supported by Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Thank You. -Jeff

  2. Here in Dallas, we have a shortage non-compliant clear thinking and bravery.

  3. Checking in from the central valley of California. I have not seen much shortage on the shelves recently. There is one restaurant where I eat sometimes that has not been serving beef for months. They say it is due to increased beef prices/shortages. But overall, the vibe is normal here.

  4. The author of the Guardian article cited in this NWNW, The UK’s petrol crisis is just a taste of a more jittery, uncertain future, sounded like she has been reading some of Klaus Schwab’s fine work.

    From Guardian:

    The longer this goes on – and emergency measures such as calling up army reservists can’t produce results overnight – the more gaps may emerge in things once taken for granted. Appointments will be cancelled, deliveries delayed, services suddenly unavailable. We have started to shift from being a “just in time” society, freewheeling through life blithely assuming things will always be there, to a “just in case” one, wondering nervously what we might run out of next.

    From Klaus Schwab’s book, COVID-19: The Great Reset:

    The very nature of global supply chains and their innate fragility means that arguments about shortening them have been brewing for years. They tend to be intricate and complex to
    manage. They are also difficult to monitor in terms of compliance with environmental standards and labour laws, potentially exposing companies to reputation risk and damage to their brands. In light of this troubled past, the pandemic has placed the last nail in the coffin of the principle that companies should optimize supply chains based on individual component costs and
    depending on a single supply source for critical materials, summed up as favouring efficiency over resilience. In the post-pandemic era, it is “end-to-end value optimization”, an idea that includes both resilience and efficiency alongside cost, that will prevail. It is epitomized in the formula that “just-in-case” will eventually replace “just-in-time”.

  5. Great Show! Happy birthday to Cassie! What a wonderful wife and support she is. I always enjoyed her emails.
    As for shortages here in Sonoma County, CA…. well, my wife and I don’t get out much anymore, but at our local little grocery the Eel River Grass Fed Beef is almost never there. Forget about fresh salmon from the Bodega Bay fishermen. They were only allowed 1,000 pounds of catch this year. Even the smoked and peppered salmon is gone. Bananas seem to be hit and miss. Popcorn is also not there often. Walnuts come and go. Almond milk also. Bread is often sold out.
    We never go out for dinner. Not for even take out food anymore. All the restaurants are in the street now. The masked tourists and the locals shedding their Covid spike proteins are dangerous. They have made us sick when we had to stay at the local hotel for 11 days last spring while our house was being rewired. But that’s another story.
    Thanks for the Weekly Report.

  6. Hakim, as an aircraft mechanic who also spent six months in Brazil in the Amazon where ethanol fuel is common, I can tell you that ethanol fuel is crap. It will rot out the seals in your engine and cause corrosion as it attracts water. Be careful.

  7. You all call this a scamdemic… I’m talking about thousands of podcasts out here in internetland, so if it is a scamdemic, not real, propaganda etc. than why the fuck are you all making a fortune from it? I’m starting to believe all of this including you pod casters are a scam also. I’m not the only one who feels this way and we are going to stop watching anything and everything of the virus or vaccine. If I ever learn of one podcast profiting from our misery I feel sorry for them.

  8. Here in Boise, fast food restaurants are incredibly short-staffed. Many have their lobby’s closed and only have drive thru available. The same staffing shortages are affecting all industries: UPS stores, cement layers, landscaping companies, Wal-mart.

    Gas prices are going up. Shelves are not empty yet but I am also seeing houses with 5 cars parked in the drive-ways indicating to me that adult children have moved in with mom and dad due to either collecting unemployment because they make more with that than working OR, they’ve quit their jobs due to vaccine mandates.

    I have never seen all of this ever. Jack-in-the-Box actually CLOSED one Sunday night because they had no employees. There are help-wanted signs everywhere and they’ve even raised the minimum wage to all-time highs.

    Many stores have reduced their hours or reduced the services they offer because they do not have the staff to cover the shifts or perform the services. I don’t think people realize what’s coming…

    I think it’s the mandates for vaccines that has accelerated this although it did start last year which makes me think it’s a bunch of people collecting big fat unemployment checks.

    • fruitdoctor,
      I can attest to this as well. A few weeks ago I traveled all throughout Idaho, beginning in Boise and ending up in Coeur d’Alene in the north. The first place I noticed shortages was in McCall. Half of the restaurants in the town were closed. We tried to eat breakfast at a particular restaurant and they had a sign on the door that said they wouldn’t be open that day simply due to not having enough staff to serve the customers. Another restaurant that usually serves breakfast said they weren’t going to open until noon for the same reasons. All throughout our trip we saw Help Wanted signs everywhere.

    • fruitdoctor, Were the unemployment benefits extended by Congress? I thought they ended last summer. What do I know? I don’t even try and go to restaurants anymore.

  9. Thought the same thing. Funny the article they linked about it is from The Jerusalem Post, which apparently has no problem with it.

  10. North Carolina, US here. We were hit pretty hard with the alleged computer hacking-fuel shortage a few months back. Main things I’m noticing now are random shortages of products and restaurant staples; and staff shortages. The drinks I buy for my son’s lunches are nowhere to be found, for example. Understaffed restaurants closing for a couple of days to give workers a break, local indoor pools alternating closures due to lack of staff, etc.

    Nothing’s horrible around here, yet, but they’re using a plethora of tactics with vax mandates and random shortages to tinker with people’s sense of security.

    • Hey neighbor – here in SC, pretty much as you describe. Not totally empty shelves but it is hit or miss with coffee, bread, toilet tissue, and weirdly, my son’s favorite V8 Splash peach mango juice! Still stocking up on dried beans, soup, pasta. Great show – entertaining AND informative.

  11. It’s fascinating (among other things) to watch the mind massaging-messaging take place on the psyches of the world population…
    Nobody would’ve stood for DNA injections just months ago, but now that people are used to the mRNA variety, and they’ve forgotten they’re against tampering with their DNA, the media can launch it’s predictive programming for DNA modifying “software” injections.

    The same is true for being perpetually connected, tracked and traced aka “wearables”.

    This banal Indian “World Headline” caught my eye this morning:

    An Apple Watch saved a Singapore motorcyclist’s life. Here’s how

    By | Written by Meenakshi Ray, New Delhi
    PUBLISHED ON OCT 01, 2021 08:09 AM IST

    The man’s Apple Watch detected a hard fall late in the evening and after he failed to respond to the hard fall alerts, it alerted his emergency contacts as well as emergency services.

    A 24-year-old motorcyclist was taken to a hospital just in time after his smartwatch called for help following an accident…

    …According to Mothership, Fitri’s Apple Watch detected a hard fall late in the evening and after he failed to respond to the hard fall alerts, it alerted his emergency contacts as well as emergency services who rushed to the spot and took him to the hospital. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Mothership that they were alerted to the accident at around 8:20pm and Fitri was taken to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

    In June this year, a 78-year-old man from North Carolina in the US fell unconscious after a fall and his Apple Watch detected that he had fallen and was immobile. It called for help after 60 seconds later. A month later, a 25-year-old man was rushed into surgery after his Apple Watch’s fall detection feature recognised the fall and alerted emergency services. He underwent brain surgery after subsequent CT scans revealed a fractured skull and multiple hematomas that were growing in size.

    And it’s destabilizing when it’s no longer necessary to probe the dark confines of shadowy alternative sources to find evidence of the unfolding NWO project

    because it’s plastered across the corporate-controlled World News headlines…

  12. New Zealand no shortages yet. But in the last year the oil companies that sell petrol have announced they are closing the only NZ based refinery. They propose to purchase refined oil from an Asian refinery. At the same time the NZ government shut down all oil and gas exploration since 2018. This seems to align with other countries and could lead to supply problems getting oil and petrol in NZ in the coming years.

  13. Hi everyone,

    Gas shortages (propane, gas bottle type) happening in West wales at the moment.

  14. “Zycov D” sound a bit like “Zyklon B”. Wonder how the older generation in Israel will react to this…

    It’s not just on the streets in The Netherlands. There’s a small political party called “FVD” who’s calling the scamdamic and the agenda behind it out for what it is. In his speach (starts at 11 min. mark) in the Dutch parlement of Mr. Thierry Baudet he explains what he thinks is going on. The automatic translation isn’t perfect but you’ll get the message.

    • All I see are Dutch subtitles?

    • SORRY! MY BAD! Was trying to watch quick before a late student arrived so with knotted fingers of haste didn’t manage to get the subtitles to work but now

      GOT IT!!

      Will watch now!

        • Thank you very much indeed, Theo.

          I put the transcript into deepl to get the English translation and got an eyefull!

          I think it should be posted here, along with the wiki profile of the controversial politician who spoke those words.

          Maybe I’ll do that when I get a break.

          I see what wiki says but in your view, how polemic is this guy? Is he speaking the words of conspiracy theorists so as to stigmatize the ideas by association?
          This would be the effect produced, for example, if Marine Le Pen, extreme right wing, discouraged the vaccine or the great reset. Or you know, because Trump’s reportedly a climate skeptic, so-called climate skepticism is ridiculous and uncouth.

          Do people like this guy?

        • The Dutch politician, Thierry Baudet’s speech to parliament, translated into English by Deepl in several installments:


          Today I expressly address all people in the Netherlands, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Afraid of corona or not. Angry journalist or open mind.

          In the words of Hans van Mierlo: I must try to say it right.

          New kind of vaccines


          In 2009, Ab Osterhaus published an article that has become famous in the renowned, international professional journal ‘Vaccine’. It was titled “Vaccine-induced enhancement of viral infections” – in English, “Vaccine-induced worsening of viral infections. (1)

          The gist is that due to the rapid mutation of viruses such as corona (2), vaccine-induced antibodies lose their protective effect very quickly, and that it is these antibodies that can then enhance future infections.

          The process is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and many immunologists and virologists have since confirmed this mechanism. At the beginning of this year, for example, it was described in detail in the renowned scientific journal Nature. (3)

          Let me explain the mechanism.

          Unlike classical vaccines, which introduce attenuated or paralyzed viruses integrally into your body, so that your immune system can calmly develop antibodies that can fight a virus integrally (4) (comparable to going through an infection naturally), the experimental (5) corona vaccines stimulate your body to produce a single specific protein of the – many dozens of protein chains long – corona virus itself.

          That single protein is called the spike protein (and this protein is so named because it looks like a nail). Generation of this protein can be done in two ways, via mRNA (a technique used by Pfizer and Moderna), or via another modified virus (called Adenovirus, a technique used by Janssen, Astra-Zeneca and Sputnik).

          And what exactly you want to call it is of course always subject to debate, but Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technique (6), calls it “gene therapy-based vaccines” (7) – and that is also the reason why this government decided to greatly simplify license applications for gene therapy (as read in the Government Gazette of March 30, 2020). (8)

          Side effects

          These mRNA vaccines use very small particles (nanoparticles), which are like fat globules that move the active vaccine substance through the body. These particles are not harmless and produce significant side effects. (9)

          They produce strong interactions with the immune system, among others, which can cause severe side effects. Of course, the strength of this reaction varies from person to person, but the side effects can range from mild to very serious – for example, we know the frightening images and stories of people who became unwell immediately after the shot, developed heart problems, became paralyzed or even died shortly after. (10)
          The protein to be generated by the vaccine can also cause considerable side effects.

          The spike protein affects the Angiotensin system and therefore changes a number of systems in the body, such as the blood clotting system.

        • Thierry Baudet’s “Covid speech” continued:

          When the spike protein is formed in the body, it causes small clots to form in numerous places in the body; almost everyone with a spike becomes unwell for a day to a week for this reason.
          And because the fat globules move that spike protein throughout the body, it gets into the organs and tissues everywhere. As a result, a very large number of very different types of side effects can occur. From clotting in the small blood vessels, to impairment of vision, to disruption of the menstrual cycle. From paralysis originating in the spinal cord, to brain fog. In addition, all kinds of inflammation can develop, for example in the heart muscle.
          Because the correct diagnosis and registration of these side effects does not appear to be easy, the true extent has become a plaything of estimates. But so far – adjusted for the higher absolute numbers of vaccinations – relatively twenty times as many people have indicated that they suffer from side effects as with other vaccines. Proportionally, there are even sixty times more reported deaths. Again: this is after correction for the number of shots administered. These are terrifying figures that cannot be casually dismissed.

          Moreover, the registration of adverse events is by definition incomplete because it is not systematically kept but depends on self-reporting. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the number of side effects reported is enormously higher than has ever been the case in the past.

          There may have been many hundreds of deaths in the Netherlands – if not more – and many thousands in Europe. In the British registration system, the list of side effects for the Pfizer vaccine alone is more than 98 pages long. (11) And that is not surprising; after all, we are talking about a vaccine that is still in phase 3 of development.

          Effectiveness of the vaccines

          Nevertheless, the intended action of the vaccines is plausible in itself. Namely: the production in the body of spike proteins, and since the Alpha or Wuhan variant of corona contains a protein very similar to it, the human immune system could theoretically be trained by that spike protein to resist corona infection.

          However. Many new variants of COVID-19 have since been formed that no longer have such a protein (12), thus allowing those mutations to escape from the action of the current vaccine.

          Thus, the protection of vaccines against the current delta variant is already three to five times less than against the Wuhan variant (13), and it is quite possible that in six months or a year’s time corona will have become almost completely insensitive to the current generation of vaccines. (By now, over 18,000 variants are known).

        • Thierry Baudet’s speech still continued:

          And as the 2009 study by Ab Osterhaus shows, it is unfortunately not a matter of “it won’t do any good, it won’t do any harm”. Because that spike protein can have a potentially counterproductive effect on the immune system. And last month, The Journal of Infection published a study that seems to show that vaccinated people already have an enhanced response to the current Delta variant – and are therefore at greater risk of becoming seriously ill than unvaccinated people!(14) An extremely worrying finding that, in our view, is one of the biggest problems with the current vaccination program.

          By skipping steps in the regular research process, the corona vaccines have been accelerated into the drug market.(15) The long-term effects are so unknown that we even read in the leaked Pfizer contracts that the countries that entered into an agreement with the pharmaceutical giant had to acknowledge this also legally. I quote:
          “The buyer recognizes that both the long-term effects and the effectiveness of the vaccine are unknown, and that the vaccine may have an adverse effect that is currently unknown.” (16)

          The figures on corona

          But what danger should this semi-obligatory experimental good with dubious efficacy actually protect us from? Let’s look again at the facts about corona.

          The Infection Fatality Rate – or, the lethality – of corona worldwide averages 0.23 percent. For people under the age of 70, it is 0.05 percent. (17) That is the same order of magnitude as severe influenza and so low that, in my view, it does not justify the uncertainties and risks of current, experimental vaccines at all. (18) So purely on health grounds, I would advise against anyone under 70 getting this shot.

          For people over 70, the vaccines might be worth considering, but the fact is that the group most likely to die – the average age of coronadal deaths is 83 years – is largely unprotected by these vaccines – as a study in Nature revealed last June. (19)

          Data from Israel and the United Kingdom, by the way, seem to confirm this as well: nearly 60% of people hospitalized with corona in Israel last month were found to be dually vaccinated. (20)Almost half of the corona patients hospitalized in England last month were fully vaccinated. (21)And in the Netherlands, it appears that in the group of people over the age of 60 who test positive for corona, almost 60% were also nicely double vaccinated. (22)


          That leaves us with young people. But as hospital director Maurice van den Bosch of the OLVG put it: ‘Vaccinating this age group has (…) no benefit for those involved (…). (23) It is up to us to explain to the pharmaceutical companies that there is no place for introduction in this age group. (24)

          Yet now – mirabile dictu! – syringes are being prepared for toddlers! Why, for heaven’s sake?

          Inexplicable things

        • Thierry Baudet’s speech continued continuation:

          And why did virtually the entire House of Representatives vote to place corona on the A list of infectious diseases – the list of the most deadly killers in existence (like Ebola)? The far-reaching, freedom-restricting measures may legally be taken only if there is a very dangerous virus. But it is obvious and undisputed that corona does not belong in that category! (25)

          And why were well-working and decades-old drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine suddenly declared “extremely dangerous” and even banned? (26)Is that perhaps because then use of an experimental vaccine like this would not have been allowed in the first place? (27)

          And why not allow the serological test, which allows you to see through a blood sample whether someone has antibodies? Why do people who have gone through corona naturally, and who therefore have long been better protected than people who get vaccinated, still have to take a vaccine?

          And why do the people who have taken the experimental and limited-acting vaccine not have to test for access, while the people who refuse to take it do have to test – even though we know that even people who have been vaccinated can get and transmit corona (28)(and may even be more likely to do so, because they are more often mildly symptomatic)?

          And why the mouthguards, which contain holes that can allow about a hundred million virus particles to pass through and thus do not work at all?

          Why, in the budget before us, does 2 billion go to testing infrastructure, vaccines and vaccination lanes, but ICU capacity has still not been scaled up in the last year and a half? After all, we were doing it “for care”, weren’t we? (29)

          And finally, why a QR code that allows central, digital registration and verification, instead of the excellent working, and tried and tested for decades, yellow vaccination booklet?

          All of these things defy reason. There is no logic to it whatsoever. The whole story doesn’t add up in any way. So there can only be one conclusion: the purpose of the corona policy is not to protect public health.

          Just as the purpose of the EU is not ‘trade’. The goal of immigration is not ‘helping the vulnerable’. And the goal of climate policy is not the well-being of nature, environment or planet.

          And so we are back to square one.

          The Deception

          In the last year and a half, I have come to see that the deception we have long seen in the three Great Projects that are destroying our world, cutting off our ancient roots and carrying out the Attack on the Nation State – that this deception also exists in relation to corona.

          It all serves a completely different agenda. An agenda that is referred to by terms like The Great Reset and Build Back Better. An agenda that is being rolled out globally and seems to have the whole world in its grip.

        • The ongoing continuation of Thierry Baudet’s speech:

          It is not difficult to see what the next steps will be. First, the vaccination rounds will become recurring, probably every six months. Today Israel announced that vaccination passports will remain valid for only 6 months – even after the third shot. So that means: every six months again all those side effects, if that gene therapy. Australia, too, will require a third shot for participation in social life starting in January.

          There will be new lockdowns to force people to take those vaccines – look again at Australia.

          Freedom will definitively become conditional, conditional. And the economy – especially SMEs – will weaken, become dependent on the all-powerful government, with a more central role for the mainstream media and an increasingly tightly regulated internet.

          Last week, meanwhile, it was also revealed that credit card companies are working on a system to centrally record and also cap the carbon footprint of all your purchases – so that you can no longer spend once you’ve reached your carbon limit. TNO also proposed something similar – to the great enthusiasm of RTL Nieuws. (30)

          In conjunction with this, we see cash being phased out. There will be a ban on cash payments of more than 3,000 euros, and banks are encouraging shopkeepers and hotels, restaurants and cafes to only accept debit card payments. (31) Now that banks, because of ever-increasing compliance requirements, must in fact give all information about their customers to the government, the state’s power of control is also increasing – because all payments will become known, visible and traceable (and whoever knows what you spend your money on, in fact knows everything about your life).

          The last phase – and this too is not so hard to see, it is already reflected in our mind’s eye when we allow ourselves even a moment to look into the future through our eyelashes – is the integration of all these things (health passport, carbon footprint, spending pattern, internet search history and behavior) into one central, digital identity. Just scan your QR code and the system – which runs on superfast 5G internet – connects all your data to the smart city and your smart household.

          No doubt these next steps will be presented as convenient things for the citizen. The abolition of cash is said to be a measure against organized crime. A digital fridge so you never forget to buy fresh milk as a reminder when you are in the supermarket. Just as easy! Or an early warning if you are about to exceed your CO2 tax as a favor so you don’t have to miss your weekend away. Very practical!

          But those QR codes will never go away. They will become the new normal, that’s what it was all about: the QR society, where good behavior is rewarded with access to social life, and bad behavior is punished with a scanner colored red.

        • The almost finished continuation of Thierry Baudet’s speech:

          These are the “new traits” of the new despotism, as Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw:

          “A despotism in which an immense state [has] taken every individual into its powerful hands, and covers [society] with a network of small, intricate, minute, and uniform rules, through which the most original minds and the strongest souls can no longer penetrate to transcend the masses; [the state] does not break their will, but weakens, distorts, and directs it ; it rarely compels action, but unceasingly resists action; it does not destroy, it hinders creation; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, it suppresses, it disturbs, it extinguishes, it blunts, and it ultimately reduces every nation to a herd of timid, industrious animals of which the state is the shepherd. ”

          The Great Reset
          Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the trigger, to bring about the new world order that has been prepared and desired for much longer. As early as 2016, the UN decided to give all people on earth a “digital identity” for daily use – specifically mentioning the integration of driver’s license, bank account, media and health records. (32) Also in that year, EU and UN introduced a “global vaccination strategy”, with the goal of giving all people in the world regular “vaccines” and registering that digitally. (33)

          Thus the infrastructure of a social credit system including mass surveillance based on the Chinese model has in fact been laid before.

          For now, it is still about medical data, personal data, and some other basic data. Next year or the year after, a CO2 tax will be added, then financial data will be linked and your personal IP address will be linked to your biometric data or facial recognition, so that your entire Internet traffic can be monitored – and then the trap really will close.

          That’s how it all ties together.

          In 2016, it looked like the populists might win. The Ukraine referendum, BREXIT, the miraculous rise of Trump. Globalism – shaped by mass immigration, the EU and climate thinking – would be punished by election victories of people like us.

          But now a way has been found to still push in the desired direction: to complete globalist socialism, the fusion of neoliberal multinationalism and etatist welfare state thinking. The QR code society. Total government control. Unlimited possibilities for an all-powerful state.

          And so it is not that corona is the “only” issue for Forum for Democracy – quite the contrary. We still oppose the ever-increasing integration of the European Union; the open borders; the lack of safety in our streets; the elimination of care for the elderly; the bizarre climate plans of this caretaker government.

          Still we stand for our culture and way of life, for our farmers and our businesses, for direct democracy and traditional architecture.

          But before we can talk meaningfully about the policy choices being made in this budget, then, we need to understand the background to them: the Great Reset.

        • The last installment of Dutch politician Thierry Baudet’s Covid speech:

          Before we can talk about money for healthcare – about the ICU beds that Rutte has cut back on over the past 10 years – we need to understand why vaccination campaigns are being rolled out and why people don’t want to see the pressure on healthcare decrease at all.

          And before we can talk about the housing shortage due to a made-up nitrogen problem, about years of massive and disastrous immigration, it is essential to see how people are getting the minds ripe for nitrogen lockdowns and climate lockdowns while social cohesion in our countries is weakened and we risk being pitted against each other – instead of fighting for our common rights and freedom.

          Thus, Forum for Democracy is still the party it was. We still stand for the same values, the same country, the same tradition. But the playing field has changed because the opponent has launched a new attack.

          We will have to form as broad a front as possible in politics and beyond to repel this attack once and for all and turn developments for the better. That is the mission of FVD. My mission.

          Thank you.

          Wiki profile of Thierry Baudet:

          • BUMP
            Thierry Baudet’s speech

            This was a spot-on speech!
            Just incredible.

            Thank you so much for posting this ya’ll.

          • Many thanks Nosoapradio for this Thierry Baudet speech. Meanwhile, in Australia – seemingly in the midst of a deadly pandemic, had its National Rugby League Grand Final today – stadium capped at a humble 39,000 people. I wonder if I should just get used to the hypocrisy.

            • Hopefully, 39.000 innoculated, not to be swabbed individuals.

              They still will probably get schwabbed, though.

  15. from the top of my head:
    in Germany there are currently some shortages, however not so dramatical ones as in other places.
    Prices for fresh produce are rising quite substantially.
    Building material (wood, steel, plaster, insulating material etc.) is crazy expensive and often unavailable.
    Due to the microchip “crisis” also the car industry (and other high tech) shows substantial delays…

  16. In Israel there’s a milk shortage. The excuse was the holidays causing an abruption in transporting and packaging it and probably not being able to get Kosher approvals during the holidays(as cows keep on producing milk despite the holidays, so it’s not for lack of milk). What is peculiar is the fact that even 3 days after the holidays there’s a limit of one carton of milk per purchase. What’s also peculiar is that they seemed to push alternatives to milk when shelves were empty and afterwards like soy milk and almond milk and other non dairy products, which seems like a natural consequence of the “shortage”, but you’d think that by the end of the holidays everything should go back to normal, so far it hasn’t.
    Last year there was a shortage in eggs and there was a limit on number of cartons per purchase.
    Prices are up on almost everything, from cooking oil to fruits and vegetables and even bread. there’s a talk on jacking up the prices of poultry by 20%.
    If you look for a pattern I think you’d find one.

  17. In my neck of the woods, we have a shortage on parts to repair cars and trucks. Mechanics are having to get creative again. We are also having a labor shortage, fuel prices are really high, and chicken is getting really expensive. If you want to make your own buffalo wings, it’s going to cost $20 at least.
    Ammo is expensive as heck and we’re hearing of rumors of shortages coming.
    Some seasonal fruit is getting more expensive, too.
    Every once in a while, I won’t be able to find a spice at the stores for a few weeks before it reappears again.

  18. just had this fleeting thought waiting for my student…

    if there is a terrible wave of sick people due to the “vaccines”

    this could be used as a “very compelling” argument to denounce “human error” in favor of more AI-driven technocratic solutions…

    I also get the feeling there’s a push to disgust people with governments and “democracy” so they’ll opt for
    already posted that idea here once, come to think of it…

    anyhow Student’s here!

    • I know you said you liked Sci Fi and was wondering if you ever watched the Netflix series “Travelers”. The future society was governed by an AI. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it.

      • Some parts of it were not the best, but the part about the AI, I found very interesting in retrospect.

      • Well thanks very much for the tip cu.h.j! I’ll give it a looksee!

        Currently I’m watching a thing called “Atiye”. The scenography, particularly the landscapes, are breath-taking!

        • I will have to check it out!

  19. Thursday morning September 30th

    I went to the grocery store with my list and coupons. Having read some recent supply chain articles, I wanted to increase my home inventory of a few things, toilet paper included. (I had read about Costco being out of TP and the company was actually renting 3 container ships to help ensure its supply chain of goods.) Toilet Paper at the grocery store was well stocked.

    — Meat —
    However, my favorite Texas brand of hamburger was completely out. This surprised me. It shouldn’t had. I know personally that ranchers are NOT getting paid a premium for their cattle…prices are depressed. There are about 4 big meatpackers who dominate the market. My son uses a local meatpacker for his family’s beef.
    Pork, beef, and poultry products have seen some of the biggest price spikes since December 2020, increasing by 12.1 percent, 14 percent, and 6.6 percent, respectively, National Economic Council economists…

    — Mail and Shipping —
    As I was bringing in the groceries, my USPS mailman pulled up. We cheerfully talked for about 5 or 10 minutes, both smiling the entire time. I asked him about the Postal Service and the Biden Federal vaccine mandate for all Federal employees. I knew that the USPS was a quasi-Fed government agency and so they don’t fall under the Federal employee umbrella.
    He told me that the USPS falls under Biden’s mandate which applies to all companies that employ more than 100 people.
    See this: Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000
    There is no way a company employing over 100 people can financially fight this with non-compliance. It is OSHA enforced, and the fines can be for each transgression. Eventually, their bank account will become locked, because the tyrants are playing for blood.
    EXCERPT “The Biden mandate affects employers collectively employing an estimated 80 million workers.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this Biden policy applies to all the major shipping companies in the U.S.
    On the shipping front, companies like Amazon are robbing other companies of drivers by promising higher wages. So there is that factor also.

    The Biden vaccine mandate policy will disrupt so many segments of the economy that we are sure to see CHAOS ensue.
    They know this.
    We know this.

    Personally, it is my opinion that this administration desires chaos, confusion and hardship. We see it with many things, past and present: riots, voting, gender issues, the Texas border, government spending, ESG, censorship, blatant authoritarian lies, and more.

    • “Personally, it is my opinion that this administration desires chaos, confusion and hardship”.
      100% agree. They want people dependent and disturbed. When the next ‘crisis’ ensues, people will be primed to surrender more freedoms, in place of safety and security.
      My prediction, this badminsitration (and likely worldwide actors) will introduce Universal Basic Income, Food Rations, and Energy Rations. Possibly, people will be asked to surrender personal property, real property, food storage, weapons, medications, etc., “for the good of the whole”. Authoritarian Technocracy.

      • “Personally, it is my opinion that this administration desires chaos”

        In the war game room, aneemic (from decades of bad habit) screen handlers sip beetroot soy latte’s while musing over the impending doom: they can make a mess out of anything, (one plot could be) “lets make the corbett threadsters really believe in a globalist takeover, we’ll plant shills & trolls that trumpet their cause,, (wit a minute what the fuck is their cause anyway?), so our rule following normo’s have someone to fight, we need both sides to be about the same size so they wipe most of eachother out..

        To do the devilish davos dervishes they have to “shut-down and restart” (it even says so on the screen; the simplest impressions can become driving paradigms, just like the IDEA of the “big bang”.

        Excuse me, but the original big bang is actually happening all the time, though for the creator of that theory it happened once. likely the memory of that experience shunted to an inuitive hunch, projected mathematicly to the farthest reaches of grandiosity and then got planted in several generations of aspiring minds, but really it was all a projection of his/her conception. The big bang is orgasm-sperm-egg union.

        • I agree about the Big Bang, it is happening all the time. We are extensions of the Universal All, participating in its unfolding, discovering itself (ourself).

          In regard to your comment “lets make the corbett threadsters really believe in a globalist takeover,”
          When you see something like this, it’s hard to deny that some sort of “take over” is underway….

          The Saskatchewan government is allowed to confiscate property, livestock, and crops.

    • All fearmongering and insane moves are to instill Chaos. Humans want, like order. They will accept any order, no matter how wicked and fucked it is, just to escape chaos.

  20. With regard to Canada…

    “Saskatchewan minister may “authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan.”
    New emergency measures ‘give the government the power to “acquire or utilize any real or personal property that the minister considers necessary to prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of an emergency.”’

    Time to stand and say “I do not recognize this Authority”

    • James and friends,
      Please read through the actual Minister’s Order from Sept 13, 2021 in Saskatchewan. Two pages.
      Under Emergency Orders (which have been declared) the government can “do all acts reasonably necessary to meet the emergency” including: Conscription, price fixing, removal of crops, evacuation, travel restrictions, confiscation of property and livestock. “All persons required to comply”.
      Are there any Canadians in the audience, in that area, seeing any of this actually happening? Because it sounds awfully frightening and forceful!

      Taken from this website

      Are other states/provinces rolling this out as well? It is my understanding that FEMA in the US has similar powers, but thus far in the scandemic, these types of orders haven’t been enacted. Amazing that “emergency” justifies any perversion of rights!!

  21. I live in Eastern Washington St. I mostly purchase items at either Winco or Costco. Thus far I do not see shortages at Winco but I do see it at Costco.

    Along the line of the topic of “panic buying” I do not panic buy but I do tend to think in terms of the eventual demise of the US dollar and it’s corollary hyper inflation. Naturally both are inevitable but it’s a guessing game as to when ” ______ will hit the fan “.
    I want to hedge my bet as much as I can so within the limits of storage space, shelf life of the product and my available disposable income I do stockpile some items.
    I’d rather pay $5 for “X” now and be thought a hoarding panic buyer than pay $20 for it down the road.

    Lastly, ( perhaps this IS “paninc thinking”…? ) I also wonder about a future in which we have descended into both a sociopolitical and economic “meltdown” when the US $ is worth zero ( envision Germany between WW1 & WW2 ) . In that scenario the supposed “savings” one has in terms of US $s will be worthless. So, while retailers are still willing to give you an item in exchange for that increasingly worthless paper perhaps it is wise to convert at least some of it into more tangible things like precious metals and even barter items that have an indefinite shelf life e.g., tools, weapons, ammunition etc., etc…

  22. In the UK the other crisis that is happening is Energy prices, especially natural Gas has gone through the roof with prices more than doubling.

    9 energy companies have failed and the costs passed onto the consumer, they assume an average of an extra £30 for each house hold.

    Average house hold energy prices have gone up from around £90 per month to £130 and come April they could jump again. It’s a long and complex story. And while this goes on the Gov., In their info it’s wisdom, are talking about putting green taxes on gas rather than electricity for consumers.

    There is already talk of people having to choose between heating and eating.

    This actually has another related knock-on. Two firtilizer plants in the UK stopped operating due to the cost of natural gas. They produced 60% of the countries CO2 for manufacturing. This lead to warnings that meat produ tion would be heavily impacted (CO2 is used in animal slaughter and meat packaging). A shortage of CO2 also impacts beer, medical and other industries.

    And then finally the other major shortage is of medical care, from general practitioners to cancer treatment and operations.

    Another shortage is in semiconductors that impacts the motor industry and had led to a shortage of new cars.

    It’s all very convenient that shortages and price rises are in the areas that they need to restrict use to meet the zero carbon goals.

    Boris was pushing expensive electric heat exchange central heating. Problem was Gas is cheap. Solution gas prices rocket.
    Next Boris needs to reduce car use and encourage electric car uptake. Solution. Manufactured petrol crisis.

    I could go on.

    • Apologies for spelling and some incoherent sentences. I ran out of time editing.

      You get the general picture though.

  23. Interactive Commodity List with 2021 Percentage Price Increases

    I will mention a few things…
    Be sure to note EU Carbon Permits.

    The 2021 price increases (percentages) can be deceiving. Go to the commodity and look at graphs extending back in time.
    For example, Lumber prices were $300 in May 2020, but today (as I type) they are double that at $634, but the prices in 2021 are down -27%.
    And Lumber is a specialized, often localized market, with traders exchanging on their own platform. The price of trees has remained relatively stable.

    Weather, of course, can affect the Agricultural section. I believe that the rains in some of the cotton growing sectors have increased prices recently, because the wet plants hurt the harvest. The same can hold true for grains.
    Brazil had a freeze this past winter (southern hemisphere) and that seems to have affected coffee prices.

    Natural Gas and Oil prices can affect other commodities, including food production (e.g meat & poultry, fertilizer, along with harvest, processing and distribution, and utility costs.)

    For 2021, Aluminum prices are up 44%. Aluminum prices will go up when Natural Gas goes up. It is energy intensive.
    Around 2007, I toured a Commerce, Texas Aluminum plant which melted recycled aluminum. The large area swimming pools of molten aluminum were something to see. The plant had policies in effect to help prevent a thermite reaction by limiting possible iron contaminants into the facility, including outlawing softdrink cans. A large wide pool of molten aluminum would start exploding wildly if a hint of iron infected it. I visited one the plants of this company ~~WWW

    Soda Ash is up 130%
    Soda Ash is sodium carbonate. It is commercially made by combining salt with limestone. Heat is involved (NatGas). However, there are also large mineral deposits which are mined that provide the commodity.
    Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) is derived from sodium carbonate. I had mentioned to Corbett Member jamila that at one time the grocery stores were low on Baking Soda.
    Soda Ash is used in many manufacturing processes.

    I am assuming that products like glass or cement (heating limestone) are higher now, because of Natural Gas prices.

    Until a few months ago, 190 proof grain alcohol (EverClear) was in short supply at the liquor stores. People were buying it to make their own hand sanitizer. (I use it for tinctures and pest/weed control concoctions, cleaning, and room air freshener.)

    • “Baltic Exchange Dry Index” – Interactive

      Investopedia Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
      What Is the Baltic Dry Index (BDI)?

      The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is a shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange. It measures changes in the cost of transporting various raw materials, such as coal and steel.

      Members of the exchange directly contact shipping brokers to assess price levels for given shipping paths, a product to transport, and time to delivery or speed. The Baltic Dry Index is a composite of four sub-indices that measure different sizes of dry bulk carriers or merchant ships: Capesize, Panamax, Supramax, and Handysize….

  24. So, like, this morning I wrote the word “massaging” in a comment on this website.

    Shortly thereafter I started receiving ads all day for electric massaging chair covers and reclining sofas.

    yes, I think there’s a connection.

    • That’s something, because I also notice the same kind of thing on occasion with my comments and certain keywords.

      The other night, I popped some popcorn to snack on when watching “They Live” on Bitchute…The full movie Joe Bob Briggs style version with Rowdy Roddy Piper.
      CORBETT Episode & reference –

      Later that night, right before going to bed, I got online.
      Damn! On one website I see a banner ad for popcorn.
      It’s just me in the house. And I don’t say things out loud like “popcorn” nor talk to myself, but I will cuss out loud when I see a banner ad like that.

      • y’know HRS, I think you’re probably the last person on the planet who still cusses. But I can’t talk ’cause I teach all my students to appropriately use the expression “TGIF!”! And everything’s better with popcorn! I think this calls for a little Billy Joel!

      • the digital version of you they are creating

        of ME?


        I wonder if they realize how truly irresponsible that is…?

  25. I guess i AM MY ENEMY, I read and over think things to where I start imagining things that aren’t really happening. Than after that I panic and believe something I feel the world needs to know or we’re all going to die. So I go every where I can think of and start warning people by telling what my brain is thinking whether it is true/false or just as hallucinations.
    Knowing this now, my question is, how the hell do you all consume this ocean of information on a daily, hour by hour basis and not go completely insane?
    I think and feel i’m touching the border of insanity and am scared I soon will cross it and not find my way back.
    I don’t know what to do no more, I’ve joined I don’t know how many podcasts for info. and to give money to try and help the cause of whatever cause is happening that particular day. I write to my congress people, I write to my doctor etc. who for sure by now must think i’m looney as Canadian money.

    • it’s worse walking around nodding, smiling and participating in a lie.

      but that remark could be the effect of the very nice vino tinto I’m nursing at the moment.

    • Doing healthy activities like exercise, eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest are good for the mind as well. Being grounded rather than existing all in the mind can be very helpful to stay anchored to reality. I have found yoga very helpful, it’s a moving meditation. One cannot help the world if they do not first help themselves, in my opinion.

      People have to be strong physically, mentally and spiritually. Perhaps just taking a break from thinking about the problems and doing something just for fun would be good. I like taking my dog for a hike in the park.

      • Additionally, I think a targeted audience for this type of information is more helpful than getting out on a soap box with a loud speaker. Though that would probably be preferable than just going along. But any activity is better conducted when a person is grounded and healthy and strong, in my opinion.

    • It seems to me you are new in reality community.
      Reduce consuming of shit, tonnes of it won’t make you smarter, wiser….
      Healthy degree of emotional detachment is also recommended.

    • “I guess i AM MY ENEMY”

      true story, thats why on many temple altars (in india), one finds a mirror,

      when I was living with an ascetic in the desert, on occasion I would began to psychologically melt down, he used to suggest cleaning. It may sound over simplified, but it worked well. clean the body clean the nest clean the yard clean the ritual clean the relationships,,, all those distractions, which usually present as questions that we refuse to decide.

      When the mind decides, then consciousness and imagination can flow. par contre, indecision is, for the mind, a skipping record, the same idea fires again and again, mind is disturbed

      “how the hell do you all consume this ocean of information on a daily, hour by hour basis and not go completely insane?”

      I wonder the same. Im the sort that usually gets shit done, at the moment, keeping up with commitments and integrating/tracking/and preparing for the ominous changes that are just on the other side of the ridge, has been a juggle to the limi of what I can get done in a day, I listen write talk it up around town but thats plus fixing peoples nests to pay for the privilege, but Im a whisker away from train wreck. each night I retreat to the forest for a reset,, ok so far.

      The cultural demolition narrative and ensuing off the richter scale reactions is driving many right round the twist.

      “I think and feel i’m touching the border of insanity and am scared I soon will cross it and not find my way back.”

      T mckenna has a line about how humanity as a whole is making that archaic shamanic journey, which is down into the bowels of darkness to recover the lost pearl.,, Ive seen that some dive deeper than others, and but fear not, theres a way back, choose life and give insanity a miss. there are maestros that can navigate insane realms but they’re not likely on this thread, other words, don’t try it in your own home.

      some tools I use:

      grounding: literally, take shoes off walk on earth, emotions can be discharged, but really our job is to sing country (not the country “nation”, but the actual ground where one is standing). This happens easier when we allow electrical transmission (without shoes)

      neighbours: theres lotsa people with similar questions, we are NOT ALONE, and its already been done, and If I think Ive got it bad, I just look at the shit my neighbours are trying to weather; so “get over yourself, harden the fuck up and get one with it”. (thats an oz mantra)

      ocean: is a great place to release it, she will listen, As M.Prechtel tells us, she’s salty for having absorbed tears for so many years. I’m also told the break puts a empowering ionic charge in the air.

      Breath can be intentionally charged to put reigns on runaway moods.

      wishing you peace of mind

      • What an excellent, comprehensive and compassionate post!

        ocean: is a great place to release it, she will listen, As M.Prechtel tells us, she’s salty for having absorbed tears for so many years. I’m also told the break puts a empowering ionic charge in the air.

        Yes the sea is my solace, grounding, health and inspiration at the moment, amid the whirlwind of my long-standing and somewhat self-destructive tendencies and thoughts.

        The sea, along with my kittens.

        And cleaning!! You’re so right! I’ve never cleaned so much in my whole life!

        I have to thank the ant hordes teeming in the nooks and crannies of my abode for that…

        • thanks for the props,

          you liked Martin’s notion of the ocean,, thats a paraphrase of a cleansing ritual he describes, where one goes to the sea, (with a caretaker to handle logistics and any immediate menial concerns, who otherwise remains back in the dunes,,) for as long as it takes (days), and wherein one attempts (solo) to release pain bodies into the sea.

          I think I’ve recommended him to you before; from your comments over the years, I’m guessing you’d appreciate his writing. I’m no literary critic, but he’s one of the greatest writers I’ve read

          • Thanks Vadoum for the Martin Prechtel book link!

            You may well have indicated him to me in the past and it’s true that I did really enjoy a video of a conference he gave that someone had posted.

            The powerful effect of timing with regards to receptivity and active interest can’t be over-estimated!

            So there’s no time like the present!

            Thanks again!

  26. Quebec, Canada, here. Shortages? Not many. Someone mentioned coconut products (cream, milk and water) being difficult to get, but many stores still have them. It could become an issue down the line, though, since it is an imported good. Otherwise, it’s mainly small things like one company no longer providing one of their products, but other companies still sell the same thing. For instance, my favorite brand of hummus is no longer available in the stores where I shop, but other brands still sell it. Mine seems to be imported, which could be the reason why it’s not available, but local companies make some.

    I’ve noticed a lot of price hikes and shrinkflation, though. That’s to be expected after all that excessive money creation out of thin air.

    I will stock up on certain goods since I am expecting shortages here. The US seems to be starting to have problems and Canada often follows shortly after.

  27. Natural Gas Prices

    I want to mention something important. There is no shortage of Natural Gas. Distribution can be a logistical challenge. Europe can thank its Technocrats for the Utility prices. The Technocrats created the problem.

    Natural Gas prices in the U.S. have virtually doubled in 2021. But this is silly, really.
    ”Total stocks now stand at 3.170 Trillion cubic feet (Tcf), down 575 Bcf from a year ago and 213 Bcf below the five-year average, the government said.”
    Weekly, NatGas is added to the stockpile, unless it is hard winter. ”The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported on Thursday that domestic supplies of natural gas rose by 88 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for the week-ended September 24.”

    Near the Gulf Coast of Texas/Louisiana, there are huge underground salt domes where Natural Gas and then also Propane are stored. There are also HUBS connecting a vast circuit of pipelines for Gas and for Oil. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is what the U.S. (and other countries) ship to Europe and Asia.

    Because Technocrats in Europe were short-sighted, they upset the market balance. Now Technocrats are scrambling for NatGas which in itself causes prices to rise, and every speculator is climbing in on the price rise which further escalates higher prices. Corbett has often mentioned the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and the demonization of Russia. Karma.

    SUB-THREAD on Natural Gas, Utilities, & Related News
    Many, many News Stories listed

    • October 2nd – Saturday
      Asia Is Winning The Bidding War For Natural Gas Supply
      By Tsvetana Paraskova
      ~~ Just as natural gas prices surged to records in Europe and Asia, commodity-hungry China secured this week a major LNG supply deal with top exporter Qatar
      ~~ Chinese authorities are reportedly ordering state energy enterprises to secure supply for the winter “at all costs.”
      ~~ The gas crisis in Europe is pushing Asian spot LNG prices up, but Asia is winning the bidding war so far….

      Surging Energy Prices Push Eurozone Inflation To Highest Since 2008

      European Gas Prices Hit Record High

      The $52 Trillion Shadow Banks That Supercharged The Commodity Boom

      • Oct 3rd
        German Power Plant Halted After It Runs Out Of Coal

        In the history of the world, German electricity prices have never been higher…… and if what just happened at the Steag Bergkamen-A electric plant is any indication, they are about to get a whole lot higher.

        According to Bloomberg, the global energy crisis has forced a German electricity producer to halt a power plant after it ran out of coal.

        Steag GmbH – which operates six large-scale hard coal plants in Germany with an installed capacity of more than 4,000 MW – closed its Bergkamen-A plant in the western part of the country this week due to shortages of hard coal, it said by email.

        “We are short of hard coal,” said Daniel Muhlenfeld, a Steag spokesman. “There is a strong demand for coal per se and secondly, there is a strong demand for transport by barge. And since Bergkamen has no rail connection, there are no logistical alternatives available here.”

        Steag is also facing logistical challenges as the recovery of Europe’s biggest economy fuels demand for river transport. Still the utility is optimistic that the plant will come back online “quite soon.” The Bergkamen-A plant was halted four times in September for as many as six days at a time due to external factors, according to filings. Three other German coal plants were halted on Friday for maintenance.

        “We are dealing with a double bottleneck.” Muhlenfeld said. “This is not a specific problem for Steag but a common problem for nearly all owners of hard coal-based power plants these days.”

        That explanation won’t make it any easier for millions of European residents to pay as much as 10x more than they are used when their next electricity bill comes in…

        …Alas, as Bloomberg also notes, that is unlikely, at least in the near-term:

      • Oct 1 – Reuters
        Column: Europe’s rising energy prices will force factory closures

        LONDON, Oct 1 (Reuters) – Europe’s increasingly expensive gas and electricity prices are sending a strong signal to manufacturers to consider temporary plant closures and to home and office owners to turn down thermostats to conserve fuel this winter…

        … Rising prices will find the path of least-resistance to cut consumption – with the most price-sensitive and least politically sensitive customers forced to reduce gas and electricity use first and most deeply…

        In practice, policymakers will be reluctant to call for thermostat reductions since it implies a policy failure
        … European governments are instead trying to shield residential and small business customers from the full force of increasing energy prices on utility bills through price caps, rebates and tax cuts.
        But if the crisis continues to worsen, and especially if the winter proves colder than normal, shielding residential customers could prove unsustainable and calls for energy conservation may become inevitable…

        … Steeply rising energy costs will force many manufacturers to reassess their production plans this winter, especially those with energy-intensive processes and/or limited ability to raise the price of their own products.
        For manufacturers, short closures have the double benefit of cutting energy costs and also driving up the price of their products, helping protect margins against rising power and gas prices…

        … Plant closures would, however, worsen problems throughout the supply chain and intensify the upward pressure on inflation, as well as disrupting long-standing customer relationships….

  28. I caught it immediately, as well. And like Zyklon-B, ZyCov-D will be a “gift” to its recipients.

    [“gift” means poison in German]

  29. Responding to Corbett’s suggestion:

    In my area (Northeast US) There are not many shortages yet but I noticed vinegar wasn’t being restocked for weeks.

    Also had trouble finding an oil filter for my specific car model. I imagine there’s a whole container full of them in some shipyard somewhere, not moving because too expensive or too congested

  30. The fake news government complex has to down play Scamdemic protests. 60%+ of the black males in the US are not vaccinated, they do not trust it. And that is the fake news government complex’s protest muscle. They cannot have their commie ANTIFA paid shills on an island without the race card? Why BLM has bees silent too.

  31. Covid Infection Forecast
    The following is well worth watching.

    On Thursday September 30th’s “The Highwire with Del Bigtree” is Episode 235: AGAINST THE WALL

    The later segment featured clips from a discussion between Geert Vanden Bossche & Robert Malone MD. A variety of topics were looked at: Vaccinated people and how they shed variants, the U.S. agencies which approve vaccines, herd immunity, what to expect in the future regarding Covid. Geert Vanden Bossche also advocates to make love (not war) and to propagate humanity.

    (53 minute segment extracted from Episode 235)

    My question:
    If the forecast by Geert Vanden Bossche & Robert Malone MD is correct, then how will Authoritarians respond?
    What will the Media Story be?
    How will society at large respond to the fruition of the forecast and to the narratives which follow?

  32. Friday October 1 – HuffPost via Yahoo News
    Joe Rogan Ripped For Conspiratorial Hot Take On Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Booster
    [80 second video of Rogan]
    Joe Rogan is facing backlash after he baselessly suggested President Joe Biden faked receiving the COVID-19 booster shot on live TV.

    The comedian tossed out his conspiracy theory about Biden’s televised third dose of the Pfizer vaccine during Thursday’s episode of his wildly popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify. Biden got his booster on TV Monday and made another pitch for vaccinations.

    “I don’t think they would take the chance,” Rogan mused about Biden taking the shot on camera. “I think if they were going to give him a booster shot, the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television.”

    “What if he dies? What if he blacks out? What if he like gets it and faints?” he continued. “Like, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason.”

    For the record, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “serious side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unlikely following any vaccination.”

    Common side effects include pain, redness or swelling where the shot was administered, and tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea, the CDC says. “Most side effects were mild to moderate,” it adds.

    Critics on Twitter accused Rogan of using his huge platform to spread vaccine disinformation to his audience, which is in the hundreds of millions….

  33. I live in England and I have noticed the shelves not being as full as usual but it’s not too bad. At least that’s what is happening at the supermarkets in my area. Last week was bad for fuel because everyone was bulk buying but things are better now. I’m sure the “shortages” will continue to keep people on the edge, as the variants of the virus don’t scare enough people now.

  34. This is an excellent article…

    by Justus R. Hope, MD Sep 27, 2021 Updated Sep 28, 2021
    The Desert Review
    India’s Ivermectin Blackout – Part V: The Secret Revealed
    [Excerpts won’t do it justice. A lot of info here.]—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html

    …The Rapid Response Teams derive support from the United States CDC under the umbrella of the WHO. This fact further validates the Uttar Pradesh test and treat program and solidifies this as a joint effort by the WHO and CDC

    …On August 6, 2021, India’s Ivermectin media blackout ended with MSM reporting. Western media, including MSN, finally acknowledged what was contained in those Uttar Pradesh medicine kits. Among the medicines were Doxycycline and Ivermectin.

    n August 25, 2021, the Indian media noticed the discrepancy between Uttar Pradesh’s massive success and other states, like Kerala’s, comparative failure. Although Uttar Pradesh was only 5% vaccinated to Kerala’s 20%, Uttar Pradesh had (only) 22 new COVID cases, while Kerala was overwhelmed with 31,445 in one day. So it became apparent that whatever was contained in those treatment kits must have been pretty effective…

    Each home kit contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter…

    …This entire kit – including the oximeter – costs only $2.65

    … Remdesivir runs $3,100, and it is an impractical drug as it must be given late in the disease during hospitalization. Moreover, it is a drug that does not save lives…

    …It is appropriate to remind the reader that the WHO and CDC possess direct and recent knowledge of Ivermectin use for COVID-19 in India. Moreover, they know better than anyone the colossal effectiveness and overwhelming safety of Ivermectin used in those millions of Uttar Pradesh test and treat kits…

    …Although India’s Ivermectin victory over COVID may have been lost on bent-on-vaccinating-everyone Big Pharma and Big Regulators, the message seems to have gotten through to the man on the street. If Google Trends is any indicator, interest in Ivermectin is exploding, and for good reason. We are all being systematically deceived by influential organizations….

  35. I need to look into this article further…

    AI-powered DoD Data Analysis Program Named “Project Salus” SHATTERS Official Vaccine Narrative,
    Shows A.D.E. Accelerating in the Fully Vaccinated with Each Passing Week!

    An AI-powered Dept. of Defense program named “Project Salus,” run in cooperation with the JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center), has analyzed data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 or older. Data were aggregated from Humetrix, a real-time data and analytics platform that tracks health care outcomes. Legal analysis from Thomas Renz of is included in a breaking video interview, below.

    The alarming findings show that the vast majority of covid hospitalizations are occurring among fully-vaccinated individuals and that outcomes among the fully vaccinated are growing worse with each passing week. This appears to fit the pattern of so-called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, where the treatment intervention (mRNA vaccines) is worsening health outcomes and leading to excess hospitalizations and deaths.

    These data, presented here, shatter the official Biden / Fauci narrative that falsely claims America is experiencing, “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The data show that the pandemic actually appears to be accelerated by covid-19 vaccines, while unvaccinated individuals are having far better outcomes than the vaccinated.

    Furthermore, according to these data (shown below), the single best strategy for avoid post-vaccine infections and hospitalizations is natural immunity derived from a previous covid infection…

    …By August 21st, 71% of covid-19 “cases” were occurring among fully vaccinated individuals….

    • Thanks HRS,

      I’ve printed doc for perusal!

    • Yes, I thank you, too, HRS.

      I don’t know about you, but the mental dissonance, cognitive, or otherwise, has really reached a perverse level.

      One jarring aspect of very many jarring aspects of dissonance is this:

      On the one hand, for instance, you have recent reports out of heavily vaxxed Israel stating a preponderance of fully vaccinated individuals filling their hospital beds; and on the other hand, you have mainstream media across the board here in the United States making it a point to state the exact opposite – that the overwhelming majority of patients are comprised of those who are not vaccinated.


      Somebody has to be lying, do they not?

      The thing is, these days, I don’t take anybody completely on face value, no matter who they are. Whether it’s Mike Adams, or anybody else. From Donald John Trump to the Pope, from Joseph Robinette Biden to the local dog catcher…. (Yes, even the local dog catcher might have an agenda – like running for mayor one day). And Mike Adams has to make a buck, too.

      So, what are we left with? Gut feeling and innate logic, even if it’s a minefield out there.

      On another note, discs 3 and 4 have arrived… The “Gun” has traveled!


      PS: I do know someone who recently got a bad case of covid, came down with pneumonia, was hospitalized, was given steroids and monoclonal antibodies, recovered after a few weeks, came out, still doesn’t believe in getting the covid vaccine, saying there were fully vaccinated patients in the hospital…. I need to ask him if he had any idea on the percentage of folks who were and who were not vaccinated. I’m very interested in what he has to say about that.

      • HRS


        Let’s see if what Mike Adams speculates might happen in the next 6 or so months, happens. That is, for those of us who are still alive….

        Adams is interviewed by Alex Jones in the link below, where they’re discussing the recently released revelations of the DOD’s “Project Salus” which you brought to our attention.

        Now mind you, I do think ADE is very real, and potentially disastrous. The biggest question is, how disastrous? Does this phenomenon, ADE, have the potential to be catastrophic?
        It is my sincere hope and prayer, that human beings will fare far better than lab rats, mice, and ferrets.

        Listen to Adams’ prediction starting precisely at 32 mins:

        Jot the time down. It’s early October. Bookmark the link.

        Let’s check back on April 1st, to see if millions of vaccinated folks have given up the ghost by then.

        I was going to joke that at the moment I am literally dying of curiosity to find out, but the reality of this very messed up situation is simply too grave, literally, to joke.

      • PPS:

        I had the opportunity to speak the other day to a gentleman I know whom I mentioned in the post script above, who had Covid and had spent time in the hospital just this past month when he was admitted with double pneumonia.

        Well. My, my.

        What an eyeopener!

        I specifically asked if he had any idea of the percentage of Covid patients in the hospital who had been previously vaccinated.

        After spending a week and a half there, he got to speak to the nursing staff and some other patients. From what he gathered, more than half! of the Covid patients had already been vaccinated.

        Imagine? More than half were vaccinated? What conclusions can we draw from that observation?

        He said there was one lady who had gotten infected three times and was given monoclonal antibodies three times, and this was all after getting vaccinated.

        If you ask me, that’s a very good example of ADE.

        He was at a renown hospitable, and he said they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. Stuffing people full of pills. They wanted him on a ventilator which he refused. After a number of days he started to refuse their meds. They had his blood pressure down so low he “didn’t want to move”.

        So, he got off their shit, and started to walk.

        He started to concentrate on exercising breathing!

        Ultimately he recovered and got the hell out of the hospital.

        But, one thing he had to say was that these people, the establishment, they’re not telling the truth!

        My own conclusion is that the vaccines are basically garbage. Let alone that they’re potentially very toxic, but, as far as what they’re supposed to be doing, they’re absolutely garbage.

        Given this gentleman’s account – whom I’ve known for well over thirty years, whom I have no reason whatsoever to doubt – and reports out of Israel about many a hospitalized vaccine recipient, and even the latest MSM reports of antibodies waning within two months of vaccination….

        The vaccines are garbage. They’re simply a bunch of crap.

        And to think that now they’re pushing real hard to shoot up children as early as five years old, and pushing for pregnant women to get it?

        It’s truly sickening.

    • — “Pandemic of The Unvaccinated” Narrative —

      Oct 3rd
      Senator Ron Johnson Shares COVID-19 Data from Public Health England, Refutes “Pandemic of The Unvaccinated” Narrative

      Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) used his time on the Senate floor to discuss recently released COVID-19 data from Public Health England in the U.K. [DATA pdf Here]

      Ironically, Senator Johnson is forced to use the Senate floor to share the information in an effort to stop government and Big Tech censorship of the discussion. Unlike the rest of the nation, the House and Senate chamber rules create a free speech zone that prohibits anyone from censoring congressional debate and discussion.

      Senator Johnson outlines data from the U.K. clearly showing the vaccines offer no protection from the claimed Delta variant. COVID-19 is carried and shed by vaccinated individuals. The subsequent rate of COVID-19 hospitalization and COVID-19 death appears unaffected by the vaccine itself.
      [VIDEO and sourced data]

  36. Virgin climate priestess celebrating Mass in Milano:

    “Another world is possible! We are unstoppable!…

    …so let’s continue the fight until we are done!

    “until we are done!…”

    rings rather eerily…



    [1] Ms Jennifer Kimber has lodged an appeal pursuant to s 604 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act), for which permission to appeal is required, against a decision of Commissioner McKenna issued on 29 April 2021 1 (decision) in which she dismissed Ms Kimber’s application for an unfair dismissal remedy against Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd (Sapphire). Sapphire operates aged care facilities in New South Wales, including at Imlay House in Pambula. Ms Kimber was, until her dismissal on 6 July 2020, employed as a receptionist at Imlay House. Her dismissal arose from her refusal to comply with a requirement to be vaccinated against influenza. In the decision, the Commissioner determined that the dismissal was for a valid reason, was procedurally fair, and was not harsh, unjust or unreasonable. Ms Kimber contends in her appeal that the grant of permission to appeal would be in the public interest and that the decision was attended by appealable error.

    • Disability Discrimination

      [174] It is highly likely that the dismissal of an employee who fails to have the COVID vaccine will breach the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DD Act). The DD Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person, including in employment and in accessing services, because of a disability.

      [175] The definition of disability in s.4 of the DD Act includes “the presence in the body of organisms capable of causing disease or illness”. It includes a disability that presently exists, or previously existed but no longer exists, or may exist in the future, or is imputed to a person.

      [176] The Explanatory Memorandum to the DD Act discusses the definition of disability as being:

      “…intended to include physical, sensory, intellectual and psychiatric impairment, mental illness or disorder, and provisions relating to the presence in the body of organisms capable of causing disease. These provisions have broad application, for example, they are intended to ensure that persons with HIV/AIDS come within the definition of disability for the purposes of this Bill.”

      [177] As a recent article has highlighted, 36 gay men were the prime target for protection under this part of the definition of disability because of a perception they were at a greater risk from HIV. In this situation the DD Act works to prohibit all types of discrimination not only against gay men but everyone who may in future be infected with HIV. The author notes that “for the same legal reason that a publican cannot say ‘gay men are not allowed into my pub because they might be infected with HIV’, a publican also cannot say ‘unvaccinated people are not allowed into my pub because they might be infected with measles. Nor is it valid for a State or Territory to pass a law to that effect – the Act binds them too.”

      [178] Section 48 of the DD Act provides an exemption for discrimination that is necessary to protect public health where a person’s disability is an infectious disease, however being unvaccinated is not an infectious disease. What logically follows is that an employer who dismisses a person because they do not have a COVID vaccine will breach the DD Act.

    • Final comments

      [179] Research in the context of COVID-19 has shown that many who are ‘vaccine-hesitant’ are well educated, work in the health care industry and have questions about how effective the vaccines are in stopping transmission, whether they are safe to take during pregnancy, or if they affect fertility. 37 A far safer and more democratic approach to addressing vaccine hesitancy, and therefore increasing voluntary vaccination uptake, lies in better education, addressing specific and often legitimate concerns that people may hold, and promoting genuine informed consent. It does not lie in censoring differing opinions or removing rights and civil liberties that are fundamental in a democratic nation. It certainly does not lie in the use of highly coercive, undemocratic and unethical mandates.

      [180] The statements by politicians that those who are not vaccinated are a threat to public health and should be “locked out of society” and denied the ability to work are not measures to protect public health. They are not about public health and not justified because they do not address the actual risk of COVID. These measures can only be about punishing those who choose not to be vaccinated. If the purpose of the PHOs is genuinely to reduce the spread of COVID, there is no basis for locking out people who do not have COVID, which is easily established by a rapid antigen test. Conversely, a vaccinated person who contracts COVID should be required to isolate until such time as they have recovered.

      [181] Blanket rules, such as mandating vaccinations for everyone across a whole profession or industry regardless of the actual risk, fail the tests of proportionality, necessity and reasonableness. It is more than the absolute minimum necessary to combat the crisis and cannot be justified on health grounds. It is a lazy and fundamentally flawed approach to risk management and should be soundly rejected by courts when challenged.

      [182] All Australians should vigorously oppose the introduction of a system of medical apartheid and segregation in Australia. It is an abhorrent concept and is morally and ethically wrong, and the anthesis of our democratic way of life and everything we value.

      [183] Australians should also vigorously oppose the ongoing censorship of any views that question the current policies regarding COVID. Science is no longer science if it a person is not allowed to question it.

      [184] Finally, all Australians, including those who hold or are suspected of holding “anti-vaccination sentiments”, are entitled to the protection of our laws, including the protections afforded by the Fair Work Act. In this regard, one can only hope that the Majority Decision is recognised as an anomaly and not followed by others.

  38. Biderman’s Chart of Coercion


    Deprives victim of all social support of their ability to resist.
    Develops an intense concern with self (this could be home environment)
    Makes victim dependent.

    Monopolisation of Perception

    Fixes attention upon immediate predicament.
    Eliminates information not in compliance with demands.
    Punishes independence and /or resistance.

    Forcing trivial demands

    Develops habit of compliance

    • Isolation: Lockdowns; check
      Monopolization of Perception: Corporate controlled media; check
      Humiliation and Degradation: No privacy, pcr tests, cookies “submit, accept, accept all”, thumbs down; check
      Exhaustion: Hamsterwheel burnout, peer-pressure induced extra-professional performance: competitive sports, running, fitness, relentless bad news; check
      Threats: climate catastrophe, pandemic death, social exclusion, stigmatization, thumbs down; check
      Occasional indulgences: end of lockdowns, partial unemployment money, netflix; check
      Demonstrating omnipotence: role of Snowden demonstrating all-seeing NSA, riot police assaulting grannies and spraying them with teargas; check
      Forcing trivial demands: Clapping at balconies, mask wearing, social distancing; check.

      Hmmm. Seems someone’s being coerced into something here.

  39. The video is not playing on any of the platforms 10/3/21

  40. Friday October 1st Yahoo Finance article and video interview by Seana Smith – Anchor.
    Pregnant women should ‘absolutely get vaccinated as soon as possible,’ doctor urges
    “If you are pregnant, you should absolutely get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible,” Dr. Shikha Jain, University of Illinois Chicago assistant professor of medicine, told Yahoo Finance Live. “We know that the virus is very dangerous for pregnant women and potentially even for their unborn babies and that the vaccine is very safe. We’ve seen that across the world in vaccines given out to women who are pregnant.”

    Friday October 1st – Health Impact News
    The CDC released more data today into VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which shows that there are now 1,969 fetal deaths among pregnant women who received a COVID-19 shot. …This past week the CDC published recommendations for all pregnant women to get a COVID-19 shot!….

    The over 100 count COMMENT SECTION at Yahoo Finance is very telling. I am surprised that it has not been scrubbed entirely. Some of the Top Ranked comments follow:

    Rfbell – “My granddaughter is pregnant with her first child. Her doctor told her would absolutely would not give her the shot. Her said that if she wanted, she could get it elsewhere but that he would not give it to her. The former vice-president of Pfizer has said in no uncertain terms that pregnant women should not get the shot. Do your homework, make your own decision.”

    Zorro – “Absolutely clueless. When a doctor speaks in such absolute terms, you think it might be related to a product that has years or decades of results to speak of. But no, we’re not even 12 months into large scale use of the new MRNA covid vaccines.”

    Simple Logic – ” Why not publish the studies that have been done involving pregnant women and children born after the pregnant woman took the vaccine. Are there any independent studies? Just because someone says it’s safe, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Back to the same question, “what is the long term effect?””

    Stevie – ” I can only assume that Dr. Shikha Jain enjoys sovereign immunity because the doctor works for a governmental entity? If not, I would recommend these “experts” be very careful with such statements.”

    Zmin – ” If you wouldn’t drink liquor or smoke during pregnancy, don’t take a experimental vaccine with fatal side effects”


    • (…continuing…)

      Joe – ” So how long have they been testing this vaccine? They don’t recommend a glass of wine for a pregnant lady, but hey, this untested for long term side effect shot is A-ok! Its not even a vaccine because it will not prevent you from getting covid, it will not prevent you from transmitting covid and there is no proof that it lessens the symptoms since everyone knows that viruses always mutate weaker. Wake up people…we have more cases this year than last year and last year no one was vaccinated. Kind of hard to believe that we need to vaccinate the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated!”

      Networth – ” “Experts say” is a huge red flag. It’s designed to discourage independent, critical thinking. It gives the perception of legitimacy whether deserved or not. It allows the media to push a narrative without providing specific information.

      The World Health Organization advises pregnant women to avoid COVID vaccines because pregnant women were not enrolled in the vaccine trials and there is not enough data on the effects of the shots.

      Even a recent study in the NEJM touted by the CDC is highly misleading. It studied thousands of pregnant women who accepted the vaccine. At the time of publication, of 827 pregnancies that were completed, 104 experienced spontaneous abortion and 712 resulted in successful birth. So the study concluded the miscarriage rate was 12.5% which is average. By definition, a miscarriage is “spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week.” Since 700 of the women who participated in the study weren’t vaccinated until the third trimester that means, by definition, they were past the point of being able to have a miscarriage. So when calculating the miscarriage rate, you must exclude those who can’t have a technical miscarriage. What that really means is 104 out of 127 women vaccinated in the first and second trimester experience a miscarriage! That’s an astonishing miscarriage rate of 81.9%! It is absolutely, criminal to recommend pregnant women get vaccinated without much more data and much more thoughtful discussion.”

      James – “My cousin and her husband are trying to have a child. Her personal physician told her NOT to take the COVID shot. It is dangerous and irresponsible for this “Doctor” to tell people he has not examined that they should take the shot.”


      • (…continuing…)

        Michael – ”Absolutely not, don’t listen to an oncologist who specializes in colorectal cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, and hepatocellular carcinoma. She may know her area of expertise, but that doesn’t make her an expert on COVID and pregnancy. I have a friend who is a top spinal surgeon and big vaccination advocate, when talking to him about treatments, he had never even heard of ivermectin…don’t just trust somebody because they have Dr. in front of their name….”

        Justin – ”Even if I agreed with this, it’s 100% political propaganda. Nothing to do with finances. It’s getting out of control Yahoo.”

        OliveDucky – ”this insanity needs to stop. the risk to healthy individuals from covid is almost zero if it were not for a rounding error from the “officials” counting anyone admitted to a hospital, no matter the reason, that is tested positive, falsely or not, for covid. have a motorcycle accident, end up in the hospital, and die from brain injuries, but tested false positive for covid you are counted by the “officials” as a covid causality……..”

        Asclepius – ”“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”
        ― Chris Hedges”

        Wahya – ”Dr. Shikha Jain primary business is treating cancer patients. How does this qualify as an expert on giving advise about a vaccine that still has not been thoroughly tested and now on unborn children. I find her remark irresponsible.”

        Bigpics – ”…The vast majority accept the vaccine without any study at all! So I will give out a citation, type in, “How Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Vaccines Work”, by Rob Swanda, on YouTube, and he will go through the science of the mRNA process, and also tells you that your cells will be sacrificed to the T killer cells….”

        Radioman – ”If it is not recommended for the kids less than 12 how can it be for babies still in the womb?”

        OliveDucky – ”it is articles like this that will convince those not vacinated already, never mind the boosters to come, to dig in their heels even more at all cost to avoid the vax.”

        • From Children’s Health Defense – “The Defender” – Oct 1st
          As Reports of Deaths After COVID Vaccines Near 16,000,
          CDC Urges Pregnant Women to Get the Vaccine

          …However, as of Sept 24, CDC VAERS data show 3,823 pregnant women have reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 1,144 reports of miscarriage or premature birth — a far greater number than the statistics the CDC used to justify its “urgent” recommendation that pregnant woman get vaccinated….

      • Sunday October 3rd – AP Associated Press
        Virus surge hits New England despite high vaccination rates
        Despite having the highest vaccination rates in the country, there are constant reminders for most New England states of just how vicious the delta variant of COVID-19 is.

        Hospitals across the region are seeing full intensive care units and staff shortages are starting to affect care. Public officials are pleading with the unvaccinated to get the shots. Health care workers are coping with pent-up demand for other kinds of care that had been delayed by the pandemic.

        “I think it’s clearly frustrating for all of us,” said Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who monitors COVID-19 statistics for the state. “We want kids to be safe in school, we want parents not to have to worry about their child’s education and health.”

        Even though parts of New England are seeing record case counts, hospitalizations and deaths that rival pre-vaccine peaks, largely among the unvaccinated, the region hasn’t seen the impact the delta variant wave has wrought on other parts of the country.

        According to statistics from The Associated Press, the five states with the highest percentage of a fully vaccinated population are all in New England, with Vermont leading, followed by Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. New Hampshire is 10th.

        According to the AP data, full vaccination rates across the six New England states range from a high of 69.4% in Vermont to 61.5% in New Hampshire.

        Despite the relatively high vaccination rates — the U.S. as a whole is averaging 55.5% — there are still hundreds of thousands of people across the region who, for one reason or another, remain unvaccinated and vulnerable to infection.

        Now, a Rhode Island official said he didn’t think the 70% vaccination goal, once touted as the level that would help end the pandemic in the state, is enough.

        “What we’ve learned with delta and looking beyond delta, is because that’s where our focus is as well, to really reach those levels of vaccination, to give you that true population level protection, you need to be in excess of 90%,” said Tom McCarthy, the executive director of the Rhode Island Department of Health COVID Response Unit….

  41. Regarding Costco and limits on bottled water and TP… I’m guessing the uptick in sales of these items has nothing to do with the Delta Varient and everything to do with the people anticipating another manufactured crisis.

  42. There is, without a doubt, a worldwide shortage of logic, inquisitiveness, dignity, integrity and common sense, to name a few positive attributes.

    Sometimes I wonder how a lot of people manage to leave the house wearing pants/shorts/dresses.

    • If you could see what tourists are wearing in my neck of the woods, you would not be wondering. Many of these idiots “think” they are good to go as they are. Shorts would be a step up.

  43. Project Veritas is taking the exciting leap from mostly harmless bullshit to bullshit that will actively cause people to die

    Mostly harmless hypocrisy on display regarding the latest Project veritas relase. These people would probably not get it in a thousand years.

    PV is playing the viral twatter game without having presence on the platform.

    • Project Veritas Has Released Their Part 4 On Pfizer Which Is Such Nonsense That It Is Pathetic

      O’Keefe has assembled quite some troops on telegram, these fellas and gals are just tearing up the comments sections.

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