Interview 1665 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Banks Around World Are Suffering Big Outages, Leaving Millions Of Customers In Lurch At Worst Possible Time

Lessig: There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act

Episode 394 – Solutions: Survival Currency

Story #2: China’s Belt and Road Faces Growing Opposition From Participating Countries as Debts Mount

PDF: “Banking on the Belt and Road: Insights from a new global dataset of 13,427 Chinese development projects”

Interview 1664 – James Corbett Talks China on Unlimited Hangout

Story #3: Yellen Defends IRS Rule Requiring Banks to Report All Transactions Over $600

States Revolt Against Biden’s Bank Snooping Plans

“Secretary Yellen – do you distrust the American people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch? Or a cow?”

Lmao @ the $600 IRS watchdog law after they issued $600 UI distributions. They seriously coming after your side hustle you created to survive their insane lockdowns. They killed small business and they can’t pay their debt, so they’re coming after individuals now.

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  1. I guess it could work, for a period of time.
    But what happens when all the bills become worn out?
    Who will print the new ones?

    • We use cigarettes or chocolate like they did at the end of WWII and in the POW camps.

  2. Aren’t you just waiting for the day when there is a major outage at your bank
    and they lose all your bank records (all backups wiped too).
    They don’t trust the paper records you are holding (stating that “Paper records are so ‘yesterday’ and besides they can be forged”).

    Leaving you penniless. 🙁

    You’d think this would be a wake-up call to scuttle all plans to eliminate cash?
    Wishful thinking.

    And of course the Central Bank Digital Currency will never go down…impossible!
    BUT… they can make your personal account ‘go down’ any time they wish, at the flip of a switch, if you are not ‘behaving’.

    If anyone here is old enough to remember…
    Are you scratching your head saying to yourself
    “You know when we used to go the bank and they would pull up your account
    records written on cards, it would have been difficult for the ‘system to go down’ ” Not unless someone burned the bank to the ground. 🙂

    What I’m wondering about is if we do create an alternative currency that starts to become popular and actually begins to eat away a bit of the big banks’ profit, how could we be assured we would always be able to transfer funds between the two systems?

    Or is it possible/likely that at a point in time, funds in one system may be locked out of the other?

    • Fawlty Towers says:
      ““You know when we used to go the bank and they would pull up your account records written on cards…”

      I remember.
      My Mother would take us boys to the bank or Savings and Loan. We each had a small account. Usually, it was because a relative sent us a gift of money. It might have been a $5 or $10 gift.
      The teller would write the deposit amount in the customer’s “Passbook”, then stamp the date and return it to the customer.
      Personally, I didn’t want to save the money. Those TV advertised toys or Double-Bubble bubblegum (with the tiny comic strip wrap) or a pet alligator would had been my preference.

      IMAGE – Bank Book for Savings Account

      • I remember those as well, back when I was a kid. Most of those savings got wiped out, though.

      • In 1956 my mother and grandmother put 20 dollars in a KS savings account for each grandchild this account paid interest monthly and until the Y2K financial reform bill this transaction counted as activity , throughout my life I occasionally drew out money for a school , a house and a medical pet bill leaving balance below 500.00 on o1/01/01 and never thought about it I never even looked at statement I just tossed in file pile until 2004 when I got a notice they were closing my account ! I took my pas book in and had them update balance and it printed 4 pages of 7 dollar a month inactivity fee until balance was consumed !
        Good luck ever getting the FDIC to return your calls about this !

    • It’s probably wise to get our money out of banks and stash it in a safe at home, and convert part of it to bullion.

      I have a credit union, but my digital money is probably just as much at risk.

      I’m spending most of my cash on property development outside of California.

      • cu.h.j I have a friend and a relative who work at credit unions. They have told me over and over that during the Great Depression the credit unions remained solvent and depositors never lost a dime. They usually pay more interest on your savings as well.

      • I think the only thing people can do is diversify and also try to grow some food and have some items for trade.

        Silver is a pretty useful metal, gold has been around for thousands of years. I think it’s good to have some precious metals and bitcoin and also some cash.

  3. China has 89 million people in its “Communist Party,” and they have all been assigned to their role after been given an aptitude test.

    I certainly do not want to live in a Chinese system, but unless the West gets its act together and creates a new framework where intelligence and merit come into play to alleviate our current doom, we are soon to be damned for generations.

    Doomed by the covid doctrine, digital control systems, unserviceable debts, endless wars of aggression, genitalia fixation, sense of entitlement, ceaseless propaganda, rule by the lowest common denominator………….I hate to think what the damned will look like.

  4. My rich uncle (Think “Uncle Scrooge”) sent me an email today. I didn’t even know he knew how to use email let alone my address.
    He was complaining to me that he kept $200K (US) in a cash account for expenses. (My Uncle Scrooge has expensive tastes. Let’s leave it at that.) Well, my uncle complained to me that he only received $45 in interest on his cash account this quarter. He hates bankers. Which is kinda funny because he was a hedge fund manager for decades.

  5. I’m losing interest. After 19 months of house arrest in California I really don’t give a shit. Blow it all up.

  6. LOL at China putting 3rd world countries in debt. Trump wrote in his book, “If you owe the bank $1,000 it’s your problem, but if you owe the bank $1billion, well, that’s the bank’s problem.”
    What are the Chinese kleptocrats going to do? Invade Sri Lanka? Invade Pakistan? Invade all the countries that owe them money? Who’s got the bigger gang of thieves and extortionists?
    This strategy has failed over and over and over through time with empires.
    Humans who go into government are D-U-M-B.

    • You should think in lines of corruption “leaders” and the absurdity of the concept of “public debt”. It’s just as ridiculous as the idea of “public health”. It’s a strawman put in place to dissuade people from taking an interest.

  7. Good report. RV sales in the USA are off the charts. Months long wait times for a new RV. “Nomadland” come to life. Health care is always the trip wire for us elders (I’m 69). But I don’t want to go into those hospitals and nursing homes. Been there. Done that. Ugly.

    Escape while you can. Make a new reality. Your reality. Your community. Your life. Your way. You have the power.

    • 69 isn’t that old. You and your wife can still get in shape and get out of California. Getting an RV or mobil tiny home might be a good idea.

      Avoiding hospitals is a good idea. I think getting out of California before the flu season might be a good idea. I think this season will be a bad one and now the nasty dictator we have for governor will declare another state of emergency and close the borders. Maybe I’m just being paranoid though.

      • cu.h.j A year ago I would have agreed with you that 69 isn’t old, but last spring when everyone in our county was getting the vaccine(s), my wife and I had to spend 11 days at a hotel while our house was being rewired.
        We both got sick. I got the shingles which led to cellulitis in my leg and my wife got an autoimmune disorder. We are still sick.
        Travel is out of the question.
        Personally, I think we got sick from the vaxxed at the hotel.

  8. Just a booster from last July’s ECB CBDC news from CBDC Insider:

    CBDCs Are Coming. ECB Launches The Next Digital-Euro Stage
    by CBDC INSIDER July 15, 2021 in Business, Europe

    The European Central Bank (ECB) took a major step forward yesterday after it announced the start of its next stage in the development of the Digital Euro. The next stage, dubbed the “investigation phase,” could ultimately lead to the development of the Digital Euro by 2025…

    unless some crisis were to precipitate things…

    Executive Board member Fabio Panetta confirmed that the digital Euro would complement cash and not replace it. Panetta added that after the investigation phase, the ECB would move to the implementation stage, which would take roughly three years.

    The ECB, led by Christine Lagarde, already favors the development of the digital Euro. According to some ECB officials, CBDCs would portray a payment system that is fast, easy to use, and secure…

    ..Christine Lagarde isn’t a fan of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and has suggested that the development of CBDCs would offer people an alternative to the cryptos.

    The major competition to CBDCs would be stablecoins. They are digital currencies whose values are tied 1:1 with fiat currencies like the USD or EUR…

  9. The issue for me with “Stop watching YouTube” is, I don’t just watch it for independent news. I’m a climber and I like to watch climbing videos. I haven’t found many of these on Odysee or other alternative video hosting channels.

    Youtube has a rich archive of material that was uploaded years ago. I believe that Lbry was set up to create a backup archive for all kinds of content, but the way this works is confusing for most people.

    It is outrageous that YouTube restricts and demonetises its own creators, because YouTube would not exist without those creators. But just telling people to stop watching it is not going to work. A more fundamental shift is needed. I thought Hive and 3Speak would a positive way forward, as this platform is truly decentralised and draws people from all walks of life. But people don’t seem to “get” it. Maybe it’s too complicated, or maybe most people just feel more comfortable with an “authority” having overall control.

    • people just feel more comfortable with an “authority” having overall control.

      Yes, this definitely seems to be the case.

  10. Self-contradictory article selling CBDCs under the guise of promoting “cryptocurrencies”:

    Nigerians Optimistic CBDC Will Improve Payments and Help Promote Cryptocurrencies
    by CBDC INSIDER October 7, 2021 in Africa, Business

    E-Naira Launch a Boon for Cryptos
    In fact, according to a VOA report, some Nigerian blockchain experts like Janet Kaatyo believe the e-naira launch will work in favor of cryptocurrencies. Prior to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s February directive, cryptocurrency usage and trading in Nigeria had surged due in part to pandemic-related movement restrictions…

    …However, this growing popularity as well as the depreciation of the naira eventually forced the CBN to act. Soon after ordering banks to squeeze out crypto players, the CBN began promoting the e-naira which it claimed would “ease monetary transactions and improve the long-term value of Nigeria’s currency.”

    CBDC Role in Fighting Corruption
    While the CBN has yet to announce the new launch date for the e-naira, some Nigerians like Daniel Yerimah, a digital strategist, are still hopeful this central bank digital currency (when rolled out) will help authorities curb corruption and money laundering.

    “Everything built on blockchain is very safe and secure. Another thing again is it’s universal, parts of the benefits they intend to achieve with the eNaira is it will be used for both international and local trade and also it’s going to be to fight corruption,” the report quotes Yerimah explaining.

  11. The last 5 minutes of “Interview 1665 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato” has some beautiful news.
    e.g. “History Channel” and other clever trickery.

    It is the creative, adventurous minds of the Insouciant who will carve the roads ahead.
    It is this type of attitude and clever response against the Authoritarian gods which will win the day for our camp.

    Remember those pranks you pulled off in school?
    That clever skill set was frowned upon by the Authorities.
    Yet, those were landmarks of adventure during the formal educational years.

  12. I’d started a digital currency project back in 2012 aimed at small producers but it didn’t work. We didn’t have enough funds, the concept was probably too complex for people at the time, I’m not a salesman at all and I must also admit that I didn’t enroll the best business partners either.
    Although the main issue was more than likely due to what James had mentioned before: coming up with an idea before having the community that could adopt it.

  13. Personally I have published one Corbett Report video on YouTube, the Freedom Airways interview, simply because I wanted to translate it to French and Spanish ( Of course, James and Dolores (the interviewee) are aware of it.
    YouTube didn’t give me any hassle about it although it did give me a hard time for the two other videos I have on that channel.

  14. – CASH –
    Have CASH on hand before winter

    Corbett Report Member nemi brings up a very important aspect about CASH.
    (This link is at the bottom of an ENERGY SUB-THREAD which links many stories about Natural Gas and Energy prices.)

    If the electric goes out, then the registers and credit card machines won’t work at the stores. Internet won’t work. Many people can’t work when the electric goes down.

    I know Europe and Asia are scrambling right now for gas, coal and petrol. Shipping, freight and supply chains are also in a mess.
    Actually, many parts of the U.S. will be fine this winter, but perhaps some places will be tight.
    People should recognize that Utility companies are not in business to lose money. If costs are too high, they have to shut down.

    Thursday October 7th, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    Energy Crisis May Unleash Winter Blackouts Across US, Insider Warns
    The energy crisis that is rippling through Asia and Europe could unleash electricity shortages and blackouts in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

    Ernie Thrasher, CEO of Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC., told energy research firm IHS Markit that U.S. utilities quickly turn to more coal because of soaring natural gas prices.

    “We’ve actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter,” Thrasher warned

    He said, “They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand,” adding that 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.

    With natgas, coal, and oil prices all soaring is a clear signal the green energy transition will take decades, not years. Walking back fossil fuels for unreliable clean energy has been a disaster in Asia and Europe. These power-hungry continents are scrambling for fossil fuel supplies as stockpiles are well below seasonal trends ahead of cooler weather.

    A similar story is playing out in the U.S., where increased demand for coal might not be reached by mining companies. We noted Thursday morning that boosting output might be challenging due to years of decommissioning mines to reduce carbon emissions and transition the economy from fossil fuels to green energy. There’s also been a steady decline of miners over the last three and a half decades.

    “That whole supply chain is stretched beyond its limits,” Thrasher said. “It’s going to be a challenging winter for us here in the United States.”….

    • October 9th, 2021
      US Heating Oil Supplies Lowest In Decades Ahead Of Winter
      Americans are hoping the energy crisis in Asia and Europe won’t spread stateside. But industry insiders warn that winter blackouts across the US are possible as low fossil fuel stockpiles may lead to shortages amid heightened demand.

      The latest concern is ultra-low stockpiles of heating oil (distillate fuel oil). In the winter of 2019–2020, about 5.5 million households used heating oil as their primary heating source, and 81% of those households were in the Northeast.

      Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports there are only 31.2 days of the demand for heating oil, the lowest levels since 2000.

      Low stockpiles ahead of cooler weather could be problematic for consumers who may be burdened with high energy costs, or worse, fuel shortages. Below is the two-week forecast for the US Lower 48, underlining cooler weather trends are nearing and how consumers shouldn’t wait until the last minute to fill up their tanks. ..

      …Compound low heating oil supplies with low propane supplies with low coal supplies, and it appears an energy crunch is possible for the US. …

      • Oct 11
        The ‘sky is the limit’ for heating oil prices if we get slammed this winter: strategist
        [VIDEO interview]

        …Get those blankets and sweaters ready for the winter as one bad storm may send oil and natural gas prices soaring to new heights from already worrisome levels.

        “The sky is the limit,” Natasha Kaneva, JPMorgan’s head of global commodities strategy, told Yahoo Finance Live, referring to the outlook for heating oil prices, if the U.S. gets hit with a bad winter. “We are dealing with theoretical prices at this point because everything is already at record high levels. We just don’t see the release valve. The only option is for demand destruction to start taking place. That’s exactly the link with oil prices. Natural gas prices are so high that consumers are switching to other sources.”

        Kaneva added that natural gas prices could “double” from current levels if this winter is as bad as the one that impacted the flow of energy in Texas last year. …

  15. Has anyone else noticed the repeated usage of 666 in this current scamdemic ? The Gates Patent , then recently O Biden’s statement 6 hours , days or months statement and the fact that first we have 600 UI subsidy then 600 monitoring threshold on accounts , I wonder what the third 600 is going to be ?
    My current theory is that much of the current basis of the upcoming financial collapse is due to the repeal of a 60 year old regulatory framework in 1996 repealing the Glass Steagall act of 1933 ! The bill was titled the Financial Services Modernization act of 1999 ( upside down 666 ) Bill was passed under the cover of Y2K panic created by media and was and will be responsible for past and future financial culling and collapse !

    With this act and Patriot act HIPPA and AHCA they set up infrastructure to monitor individuals but not Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps that are underlying source of theft of American wealth and property !
    When system collapses every account will take a financial haircut leaving Six dollars and Sixty Six cents in every Americans accounts !

      • Thanks for sharing link , i met Ty at the Highwire stage on Jan 6 and listened to speakers until I got curios about sirens and ambulances listening to TY Charlene, Del and Clay prevented me from being anywhere near the DOJ production setup across the street.
        Ty and Charlene awakened me to medical tyranny of Cancer industry and vaccines long before this Covid distraction and I believe part of the Covid plan was to detract attention away from vaccine induced Cancer epidemic and provide a new patient demographic for medical and insurance industry !
        As to the 666 numerology the great deceiver throws deception in our face to demoralize our faith and spirit and mainstream religious organizations facilitate for profit , sad but true !



    By Graziella L. – Published on October 10, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    Last winter had not experienced the usual seasonal viruses thanks to the health measures put in place against the Covid-19. This year, with the relaxation related to vaccination, angina, gastro and flu are making a comeback.

    For the last few weeks that the drop in temperature has started to be felt, strep throat, flu, gastroenteritis and other seasonal viruses are settling back in France. Last year, we had escaped these usual epidemics thanks to the health measures and lockdowns put in place to face the Covid-19 pandemic. But this winter, with the slackening of these measures due to vaccination, the viruses are back.

    The Covid-19 outbreak, which is now receding in the country, is giving way to other diseases and viruses, including those we used to deal with before this global upheaval. And these seasonal viruses are likely to be more virulent this year, as the French are facing a decline in their immunity, according to Santé publique France. Indeed, due to the lockdowns and the respect of the health measures, these viruses have circulated less than in other years. Bronchiolitis in children and influenza are therefore likely to affect more people and with greater intensity, if health measures are less respected.

    In France, the health authorities are warning that “the incidence rate of cases of acute respiratory infection seen in general medical consultations has been increasing since the beginning of September”. Everyone has noticed, at work, at school or at home, more and more people are coughing, have fever or runny nose, and it is not the coronavirus. This is a sign that normal life is starting to return, but we should not forget the good habits we learned during the pandemic, including regular hand washing. Staying home when you are sick also helps limit the spread of viruses.

    Vaccination against influenza, a disease that causes deaths every year, will begin for people at risk, in addition to vaccination against Covid-19.

    deepl translation


    • That article is telling.

      I think that we will see this trend of more illnesses continue.

      Your last statement is the right question.

      To me, the mechanisms are common sense. The overall natural immune response of vaccinated people gets attenuated with every shot. Vaccinated people shed bad stuff. Vaccinated people have an aberrated body system.

      • At any rate, HRS, what is truly contagious and definitely being shed is copious amounts of toxic BS.

        But my kittens don’t care!


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