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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: “We’ll Never Give Up” – Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov’t COVID Tyranny

Judas Priest – “United”

Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos?

Global Elite “Fear A Rebellion Is Brewing”, Says CEO Of Large Doomsday-Bunker Builder

Story #2: Sharing Is Caring In The Garden – 5 Ways to Rent, Share or Swap Plants, Seeds and Gardens Themselves

Lend and Tend

AllotMe – Helping the city to Grow

Library of Things

The Plant Exchange – Grow It, Sell It, Buy It at the Plant Exchange

Welcome To My Garden

Omved Gardens

I Am A Sustainable Free Trade Globalist!

Introducing #SolutionsWatch

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Craftsman Donates His Tools – And Himself (Apr. 24, 2017)

Story #3: New Harvard Study – Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted and Engaged

What Home-Schoolers Are Doing Right

New Census Data Show Homeschooling Tripled During the Pandemic—And One Key Group is Driving the Surge

Mom Entrepreneurs Share How They Homeschool and Grow Their Businesses

Medical Head Says No Scientific Evidence India Needs Covid-19 Booster Doses

Feds Freezes Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses Over Pesky Constitutional Concerns

Even in Highly Vaccinated New England, Hospitals Are Suffering

Scientists Mystified, Wary, As Africa Avoids COVID Disaster

Consistent Pattern of Paradoxical Failure: Lancet Regional Health Europe 2021 Dec

Gritty Teacher Refuses to Disclose Vaccine Status, Asserts Rights & Wins Back Job

Several Hundred Google Employees Sign Manifesto Against Widened Covid Vaccine Mandate

Video: The Australian Government is about to get the 2nd DISMISSAL in its history…! The end of Covid Mandates & Forced Vaxxinations will either happen in few weeks, or the Governor General dismisses the Prime Minister & call a General Election.

Swansea Cinema Refuses To Ask Customers For Coof Pass

India’s Modi Says Will Repeal Controversial Farm Laws

Could This Jewish Ban on Covid Vaccines Turn The Tide?

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  1. After watching “Good News This Week!”, I feel refreshed.

    I guess Joy is contagious.

    Although, the lab guys have never isolated it.

  2. As optimistic as I am and as encouraging as these stories are, something worries me.

    There is a great awakening happening in my opinion. The massive protests and the overt tyrannical response to a fabricated crisis has shaken the complacent faith that so many people have in their rulers.
    I personally had a great conversation yesterday with a fellow who works in the office of the boatyard where my shop is. We were already friendly, but hadn’t in three years ever had a meaningful conversation. He told me that he usually keeps his opinions to himself but knew what I thought because I generally don’t and he has overheard conversations I’ve had with others.
    He has an autistic 33 year old and shared with me that he and his wife had not, despite being constantly pressured by family, taken the jab.
    We spoke for a quarter hour or so about everything that the tyrants we’re doing. He was pretty well informed about things for a tv watcher and agree that the world was in crisis and that the people had to stand up before it was too late.
    Sadly, he then started talking about how things would never have gotten to this point if only someone like Trump were in charge.

    And that is what is bothering me. I just finished watching a 30 minute video where two of the most prominent and articulate anarchists celebrate the fact that people all over the globe are becoming aware of the evils of the system that subjugates them. And thats worth celebrating don’t get me wrong. But they never mention what the goal must ultimately be.
    I see this everywhere. Everyone is forgetting that if we only replace one set of rulers who are misbehaving with another set who promise to be good we will only end up repeating history. Most of us know this. James Corbett certainly knows this. But all those masses of pissed off folks probably don’t understand what freedom really means.
    I think that it is crucial as so many people are beginning a journey to give them an idea of their destination.
    Autonomy, Volunteerism, Self Ownership, Anarchy. It doesn’t matter so much what you call it, its crucial to get the concept across.
    Another Trump ain’t gonna fix squat!

    • I think you are right. I finally realize this that the government is a captured entity and the goal is exploitation and tyranny. It is a cancer to freedom. Part of this is the federal reserve system. Presidents are talking heads. The orders aren’t coming from the president.

      If people learn about the federal reserve and entities like the counsel on foreign relations they will start to understand how the government works.

      I want to research tax law more. I want to stop paying. I’m sick of paying for my slavery.

      • “ If people learn about the federal reserve and entities like the counsel on foreign relations they will start to understand how the government works.”

        Do you really believe that there is time for people to study the federal reserve or the CFR? Do you think that it is even necessary for people to understand “Law” and how the government works to know that government as we define it today is morally illegitimate?
        Thats akin to insisting on someone studying and adopting a theory about viruses before expecting them to agree that no one should forcibly inject them.

        No! The law that people must understand, the only one they really need is the one that they learned in Sunday school or kindergarten. The Golden Rule. The NAP!
        Thats what is missing from this “Great Awakening”. Everyone seems to be forgetting to mention that.
        There is a chance to bring about a meaningful worldwide sea change in the way people understand governance. But I’m afraid that chance will be squandered if people don’t understand what they are fighting. They’re not fighting mandates or high taxes. They are fighting the “Most Dangerous Superstition”.

        I’m afraid that like a running back with an open field in front of him but who ate too much turkey before the game, this movement might run out of steam on the 90 yard line.
        I’m afraid that like abused slaves, many people will be happy with a reduction in beatings and increased gruel rations and never even understand how close they were to winning their freedom.

        Case in point

        • I think a lot of people believe they get something from government. They believe they have influence with voting for president and such. In order to understand how corrupt it is requires a little education. Many people believe the jabs are to protect people, believe it or not.

          So I think some people need a little more facts to understand. As far as having time maybe not. People can unite around a common goal…bodily autonomy and freedom of movement and economy. Later the details can be worked out. But without the understanding people will just “vote harder” next time.

          People should understand the social contract being imposed and can decide to revoke participation and fall back to natural law.

          • cu.h.j “Vote Harder” cracked me up. Reminded me of the George Carlin comedy routine where he compared voting to masturbation.

    • Steve and all,
      Indeed, another Trump isn’t going to fix squat, for he was in fact the guy who signed the “Emergency Use Authorization” Act into law. I think this point should be made to all those who are being lead to believe in yet another False Prophet.
      That said, relative to this Thanks Giving episode, I think it is important to note how the Drug manufactures work the system and thus the minds of the masses.
      In the first Chapter of “The Real Antony Fauci” Part III, Ivermectin, RFK Jr. shows how Merck (the Company that patented Ivermectin)is now involved in disinformation about it so that they can sell a new drug called molnupiravir. Although the new drug may work better that any of the EUA Shots, it does not work as well as Ivermectin which the book claims is about 40 cents a pill (I had to pay $1.67 a pill and another $20 shipping to get it from India). Anyway, the Patent has run out, and as a result of competition, the cost has come down. The cost of the new Patented, and soon to be FDA approved, drug molnupiravir will be $712 per dose, and Merck has government protected exclusive rights to make it.
      My point is that these evil bastards are always taking what is good and turning it up-side-down. Merck was happy to promote Ivermectin when they could charge whatever they could get for it, (and the government would send out goons to take care of any competition), however, once the Patent expired, and thus the government protection disappeared, they are all to happy to discredit it in favor of a new money making scam.
      How can so many people be so blind?
      Well, the “Art of Deception” has been taken to new levels.

    • I agree with you! People need goals.

      Yes, it is very good to see all those protests across countries, maybe we are reaching the critical mass soon, then the awakening will become self sustainable! It is very good news!

      However, if there will be an election and change is governance, if they say they will suddenly start banning illegal organizations, change some rules, etc. then those actions will not solve anything. It will just calm down the masses while they will hide their intentions behind different legal writings. The stolen and printed Trillions will be still there and used against the masses. I agree with JC as well when he says in other videos that they were using their corrupt agenda all the time, then why should we believe they will suddenly change?

      For example one thing that comes to my mind now is the Big Pharma. They suddenly started to promote that they will manufacture new Ivermectin drugs, in form of pills and maybe later in other different forms. Well, I have doubts about that. It will look like that, but the inside will be the same deadly mRNA tech disguised as an “Ivermectin” like a Trojan horse. I already heard about plans that mRNA will be in everything starting from those fake Gates meats all the way to salads…

      So, if we are talking about goals, there really a plenty. But one of them should be the creation of a real secure communication app. Since the Telegram was purchased by Google, probably there is no alternative left that would be widely available. There is a great need for one with open source!

  3. Happy Thanks Giving! (is it the second Monday in October for Canada?)
    Well, anyway, it’s the 4th Thursday in November here where I just finished raking the leaves for the third (and hopefully final) time. It was actually kind of fun to get out there.
    That said, I did not expect to see a “New World Next Week” episode this week, however because the link showed up in my in box, I am among the first to view it.
    “Good News Next Week” has a ring to it that resembles that of the real Prophets who would seek to spread the “Good News” of spiritual enlightenment which they got from studying the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Or, from a less religious prospective;
    “Smile and the world Smiles with you, Frown and you Frown alone”

    PS I am still making my way through “The Real Antony Fauci” By R.F.K jr. and found the Conversation between Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Andrew Hill beginning on page 49 very telling of the power of the Oligarchs and yet very inspiring as to what good can be done by a Good Doctor like Dr. Tess Lawrie. These good people need our support, and if they get it, people like Andrew Hill (I hate to refer to him as Doctor) would not turn to the dark side.
    I am thankful for the likes of good Doctors like Dr. Tess Lawrie, and I think that if we can get enough people to read “The Real Antony Fauci”, we will indeed see a new beginning where evil will be contained.

  4. I wish I could be as upbeat James. Here in Ireland we are very compliant when it comes to mask wearing, lockdowns and taking the vaccine. We have one of the highest vaccine uptake rate in the world, I believe. Yet, our deputy prime minister, sat on CNN last week wearing a glum face, while saying, that the 5%, of which I am one, were a real problem or words to that effect. After opening up nightclubs and bars in October, a 12am curfew has been imposed and a directive to work from home has been given. If I question the point og the vaccine, I’m told it’s doing wonders. What to think!!!

  5. How can BLM the organization be funded by Soros via open society be antifascist? You say all billionaires are fascist right? Does this include Soros? He makes money off of societal destruction and BLM has been captured. It functions mainly to divide and stir up racial animosity. Furthermore, the higher ups in BLM have not suffered at the hands of police, rather have benefited from being a member of a protected class.

    This makes no sense. I had to realize that Trump was controlled opposition. Even if he didn’t want to be, the people who paid for him made the rules. Same for BLM. Follow the money, check it out. Look who funds these types of “resistance” movements. Money always corrupts, always. No way around this fact.

  6. The giant machine you allude to,James is the fiancialized capitalist system.

    Monetization and commodification are the cornerstone of capitalism.

    Capitalism metasticizes.

    Hundreds of years ago it was the small shopkeeper or the journeyman.

    Then the factories and their owners took over and we saw the rise of industrial capitalism, a brutal form of wage slavery.

    Now, with technology, who needs workers and so debt has replaced wage labor as surplus labor grows.

    Jobs? What jobs?

    Now the horror of techno fascism and clerofascism have organized to protect the global capitalist financial system.

    Liberty? Freedom? What about water or your next meal?

    Transnational corporate capitalism is alchemy, in this case turning everything into exchange value.

    The slow boil of capitalism,now in its writhing failures across the globe, has seeded the entire planet.

    What we are witnessing is a neo-enclosure movement, the gobbling up of all the ‘the public commons’ for private profit that we are promised will trickle down.

    We saw this world wide in the late 1700’s are people were dispossessed from their lands. The Irish are one example. Indigenous another.

    We are in the final stages of capitalism. We either change the way we live, produce and reproduce our lives or it is game over.

    But that will mean much, much more than buying land and living off the grid,or farmer’s markets: it must mean and will mean revolution — organized class struggle — for the ‘conspiracy’ is against working people, and the conspirators are the ruling elites. They have always conspired against the common people,be they serfs or wage slaves.

    Nation states will give way to making the entire planet a free enterprise zone. One big Maquiladora.

    Not much has changed but the urgency and necessity of overthrowing the existing capitalist system.

    Organizing is what is called for. There are no individual solutions to gigantic social problems like this.

    • I agree with you about the necessity of organizing. This seems essential.

  7. I loved hearing this!
    Spine and wits.
    Thanks camille.o

  8. Personally, I think that this is a very ‘sustainable’ and appropriate use of written government mandates…

    Wed Nov 24th – The Los Angeles Times
    L.A. firefighter accused of ‘despicable act’ in protest over vaccine mandate

    The Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating an incident in which a firefighter “responded inappropriately” after being handed a letter to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.

    The LAFD member responded to receiving the non-compliance letter by dropping his pants and wiping his buttocks with the letter, leaving fecal matter on the document, before dropping it to the ground, according to the Stentorians of Los Angeles City, a group representing African American firefighters.

    The alleged incident underscores the deep resistance among some within the Fire Department over the city’s mandate that employees be vaccinated.

    LAFD spokeswoman Cheryl Getuiza said the alleged incident occurred on Nov. 18. “The department is aware of the seriousness of the allegations and took immediate action upon learning of this incident,” she said, declining to comment on the details.
    Getuiza said the firefighter is on paid administrative leave and “will face the consequences of any inappropriate acts.” She did not elaborate on specifically what prompted the leave.

    An LAFD captain and a chief officer witnessed the incident, the Stentorians said in a statement sent to the Board of Fire Commissioners and city leaders. It took place at Fire Station 69 in Pacific Palisades, the group said…

    …The Stentorians described the act as a “terminable” offense. Their statement included a photo of a man holding what appeared to be a discolored document.
    A person who answered a phone number associated with the man in photo told The Times on Friday that the man wasn’t available. When the reporter called back, the person said they had the wrong number.
    The photo sent Wednesday by the Stentorians also circulated within the Fire Department on Friday…

    …A newly formed group called Firefighters 4 Freedom is suing the city over the vaccine rules, while a firefighter’s YouTube video criticizing the mandate went viral in August….

    • I have to confess, I’ve always had a weakness for firefighter stories.
      How on Earth anyone can presume to pick on firefighters is beyond me.
      Glad to see some have put these mandates into their proper perspective!

    • Thanks for sharing this one homeremedysupply. If there is a group of people that should be allowed to ‘vividly’ protest a mandate, it is fire fighters. They have had to breathe in innumerable toxins over the years to save the lives of others.

      Perhaps the accused firefighter could simply claim that the brown paper is his ‘artistic expression’ – a blend of performance art and painting even. He could take a photo and it could go viral on the NFT market.

  9. Thank you James’ for dishing out a heaping helping of positive attribute.

    If positivity expends enough correct energy into a cause or dilemma, the outcome has to come out in favour of the positive. Positivity has a knack for being contagious.

    Corbett spoke of resetting the switch every so often. How true that is. There are many ways to reset the switch, of which societies and individuals have been doing for millennia. The secret is to become in tune for what works for oneself. Liberty is one of the ingredients.

  10. Greetings from bonerecord!

    Good news: I’m being put on unpaid leave for being unmandated. Ignoring exemption deadlines. “I’m a healthy atheist.” Not submitting my conscience for scrutiny by the HR dept.

    Even better news: it’s a full-time academic teaching job at a major university I’ve had for 20 yrs. I won’t miss it now that “capital letters at the beginning of sentences are aggressive.” Have all the books packed & out of my office. It’s a mighty coming out for a bookish academic. Never been more solid on anything. The teaching job literally taught me how to do this.

    All you wonderful ranting weirdos remember, if you let the indignation, anger, & yes, bitterness focus you for @ libertarian work then it won’t be ugly. Periodic r&r is stock in the dissident memoirs. Get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow’s a new day.

    • Wow. That was galvanizing to wake up to! I wish I had something clever and optimistic to retort. Have to settle for a cliché but heartfelt “Good luck to ya!” and I agree wholeheartedly; never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!

      hell, let’s have an oldie but goldie while we’re at it in honour of the kids:

      • TY for the warm welcome.
        Music always appreciated.

    • Gives new meaning to “facing your accuser.”
      Keeper: “capitalization fatwa.”

    • Kudos for your integrity. Hope your action inspires others.

    • I like your name. Are you an archaeologist? I wish you good luck in your new career whatever it may be. 20 years is a long time at one job.

    • Don’t quit and make them fire you. Then see a lawyer about a proper severance package. See the lawyer now as you are on Non volunteered unpaid leave.

      Slam them for all you can get. And don’t sign anything until you’ve talked to an employment lawyer.

      Trust me, depending on where you live, this could be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

  11. Well! The good news is that they’re not yet barging into kindergartens to forcibly inject the post-toddlers Thank God! but France announced yesterday its

    “…series of new measures, to limit the 5th wave which “will be stronger, longer than the fourth wave which occurred this summer”…

    3rd dose:

    First, the third dose of vaccine is now open to all. The delay between the 2 doses is reduced from 6 to 5 months. Olivier Véran also states: “Without a booster dose, the health pass will be deactivated 7 months after the last injection”.

    PCR Testing:

    The validity of PCR tests is reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours. In fact, “if you are not yet vaccinated, you will have to be tested every day, at your own expense, unless you are symptomatic or a contact case.


    The mask makes its return, in all establishments receiving the public (bars, restaurants) but also outside during large crowds, such as Christmas markets.

    Children :

    For the moment, there is no question of vaccinating the youngest. For the 5-11 years old, the minister is still waiting for the opinion of the European Medicines Agency. At the primary level, in order to avoid systematically closing classes in case of contamination of a student, screening will now be mandatory. These tests will be set up “from next week”, will be free, and will be carried out either at school or by parents.

    …though I did have an engineer actually tell me, almost verbatim, that we “have to vaccinate the children to reach herd immunity”.

    Nevertheless, I can be thankful for this pandemic as it has served as an invaluable litmus test for determining my mettle and moral Ph. Indeed, my strip starkly reveals that I’m both an adamant admirer of the ally and alter-ego of assonance : alliteration! along with its able application in admonishing antagonistic apathy! And I’m also assuredly an unabashed

    (non-nihilistic) Nattering Nabob of Negativity!


    • I like that phrase: “litmus test for determining my mettle and moral Ph.”

      I need to enroll in one of your classes so I can learn English.
      I had to look up a couple words.

      a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.
      “the team showed their true mettle in the second half”
      spirit, fortitude, tenacity, strength of character, moral fiber, steel, determination, resolve, resolution, steadfastness, indomitability, backbone, hardihood, pluck, nerve, gameness, courage, courageousness, bravery, gallantry, valor, intrepidity, fearlessness, boldness, daring, audacity, Dunkirk spirit, guts, grit, spunk, bottle, caliber, character, disposition, nature, temperament, temper, personality, makeup, stamp, kind, sort, variety, mold, kidney, grain

      in poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in nonrhyming stressed syllables near enough to each other for the echo to be discernible (e.g., penitence, reticence ).
      “the use of assonance throughout the poem creates the sound of despair”

  12. Update from Sydney, Australia (with positive vibes)

    Ok, so my employer is starting to hunt down those of us who are choosing to maintain bodily autonomy. The Union has also sold us up the river. However, this is a positive vibes episode so I wanted to acknowledge one of our Union employee representatives who has spoken to me by phone on several occasions and supported / assisted me greatly. We are scrambling for angles within the system to continue to exercise our rights.

    • New South Wales, Australia – Singing, dancing, and consuming alcohol

      Consuming alcohol indoors
      Unvaccinated people must be seated to consume alcohol in indoor areas.
      Alcohol may be consumed by fully vaccinated people who are not seated.

      Singing and dancing indoors
      Singing and dancing indoors is permitted for fully vaccinated people.
      Unvaccinated people must not sing or dance in indoor areas.

      Sydney Protest
      I was amazed at the crowds. The following video ran for 30 minutes and the crowds of people were still coming.
      (2nd comment)

      • I appreciate your interest in Australia homeremedysupply. The more silly the rules, the weaker the narrative. I watched the video that captures the voices of nurses and paramedics – brilliant. This is anecdotal but there does appear to be a ‘run on death’ atm.

  13. I’m thankful for “alternative media” figures such as yourselves! Without work like yours, who else would pull the wool off the eyes of the masses and wake them up!

    I’m thankful for my family…
    My friends
    My job
    My home

    …and again I’m thankful there is an alternative to the MSM!

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! Cheers fellas!

  14. Good for James to give up the mask. I gave it up too here in Sonoma Co., California. I bought one of those medical exemption badges and put it on a lanyard around my neck when I go to the stores. No one gives me any trouble. I also have a screwed up leg from shingles and cellulitis so there’s more theater for the crowd.
    I listened to a report on NoAgenda podcast about how difficult it is to fly into Japan. It’s awful. Japan will become another Hermit Kingdom.
    Thanks for the good news.

  15. Nordea FX Weekly

    “It used to be “two weeks to flatten the curve”, but somehow it has developed to “imprison the unvaccinated (or worse)”. Lockdownistas have been on parade also over the past week, with “papers please”-systems being implemented in many countries to try to boost the injection rate. Ireland has implemented a semi-lockdown with a midnight curfew. Austria has not only decided to imprison the unvaccinated (albeit so far only in their homes), the entire country is now going back into a lockdown and a nationwide vaccine mandate is launched. The vaccine is apparently so good that you need to force people in to taking it. ”

    The result of this truth telling ?

    “Finland’s Nordea bank has suspended two senior analysts from publishing research, the bank said on Friday, and is investigating how a research note equating lockdowns with prison “or worse” made its way onto Nordea’s website.”

  16. Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind

    “There’s a lone soldier on the cross
    Smoke pourin’ out of a boxcar door
    You didn’t know it, you didn’t think it could be done
    In the final end he won the war
    After losin’ every battle”

    Jesus was a loser not the all conquering Messiah the Jews expected. Everyone betrayed him. He lost everything to show us a spiritual path.

    There is no escape from universal ID. Even the unvaccinated will have it. The vaccine is simply a Trojan Horse for the mark of the beast.

    ’16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead,…

    17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark (the name of the beast or the number of its name).

  17. Don’t forget the Heritage Seed Foundation.
    The “idea” of sharing was a reality for some peoples.

    The Europeans, however, considered the Native American Potlatch Culture to be “criminally insane”. Wealth was for accumulation and power in their ideologies. Not for sharing.
    Humans who still understand that two individual energies combined in working together…co-operation…create more than the simple sum of the two, do not fear sharing as losing, but know it as gaining.
    The Revelation is not about any duality, it’s about the process of manifestation becoming known.
    And in order to keep that out of the picture, the microwave warfare being conducted on a massive scale on this planet continues to be obfuscated by endless petty dramas involving individuals’ fear for survival and hopes for ascendancy. As long as they can continue feeding us one intellectual debate after another, their program of total control (they wish) of life forces will continue.
    I’m all for making the money whores who put up all this demonic technology…all the Mordor towers…take them down, at the end of a whip if necessary.
    Money is the modern form of slavery.

  18. Greetings from Canada. (Not exactly strong and certainly not free)

    The happy news is the money that I am saving using a COVID post-termination budget. OK, I’m not actually “saving” any money, I just don’t have it to spend so I am avoiding debt. Here is what I have done:

    1.Stopped donations to our church, including weekly donations, annual priest pension fund, Bishop’s dinner, flowers to beautify church, fence around the church fund, Christmas fund, etc. The bishop just ordered mandatory jabs for priests, deacons, volunteers, etc. or be fired with cause, meaning that priests will lose their job + pension and most likely join the ranks of the homeless. I have to subtract the 50 bucks I kicked in for a canon lawyer to fight this.

    2.Stopped all MSM subscriptions. I like to keep my enemies close so I know what they are doing, but that is now an extravagance. Anyway, I know what they are doing.

    3.Cancelled all donations to old hospital: including monthly Children’s Foundation (they are promoting jabs for little ones), MRI fund, etc. Also, no organ donations from me since unjabbed are now ineligible for transplants (this is grandstanding… no one wants my old organs anyways).

    4.No jab, no job, so no renewing my annual RN licence

    5.Time saver: since I am not eligible for the Employment Insurance that I have paid into for 42 years, I don’t have to do all those otherwise required pesky reports every two weeks.

    6.Gas expenses. No more driving or lending the van to my second boy to get to work as he was placed on indefinite unapproved LOA from the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces). He was in the reserves for almost 3 years. Out of his regiment, he was the only one who stood up against this appalling tyranny. Some how I didn’t think it was up to teenagers to save us. Meanwhile, just down the street, a non-jabbed university student was arrested in his class. The police said that he could either walk out or they would carry him out. He opted for the latter.

    7.Pressure the co-worker who lost his bet, to pay up. He was fired first, as I predicted… alphabetically he is before me. He owes me lunch and he can afford it now. Thankfully his social worker wife, who works for an agency part-time, is able to pick up extra shifts counselling terminated healthcare workers for stress.

    More good news is: never, never, never, and despite the best efforts of our totalitarian government, still all 5 unjabbed in our family. My youngest boy is sitting out university this year, since every university student in the province has to be jabbed, however, he was able to get a dish-washing job at a nearby restaurant and the pay is very good. Also, I wrote a note to a fairly famous academic in support of his non-jab stance, and he wrote me back with words of encouragement.

    • Wow, what a great story. Heartening. Not that what you and your family are going through is anything but horrible.

      You are all very fortunate to have each other. We all know about, and many of us are experiencing, the families that are fractured or at the very least in awkward positions. Especially with holidays.

      Who can go where if they are among the unwashed. Who won’t go where the unwashed are welcome. Put a new baby in the mix and it gets really sad.

      But it is what it is as they say. I don’t even consider my stance “a choice”. My belief is so organic that I cannot conceive of getting that bioweapon injection for any reason. Though I fear a future where medical insurance and social security will be tied to it.

      Most of my large extended family are injected and I respect their right to accept it. Many are young adults and they probably don’t feel the sting of our rights being smashed with these mandates. After all they have been raised in a society where there is very little, if any, privacy left, and where life has become pretty much digitized. This is just part of lock step.

      Thank God for sites like Corbett Report, and many others, where those of us who see things so differently can plug in to folks who feel pretty much the same. A good reality check.

      I loved the ending to the episode. Nice and upbeat.

  19. There are many local seed sharing activities in the U.S. Also, on a national level there is that has heirloom and organic seed sharing available on their web site.

  20. Very well, protests are growing and are amazing, Melbourne might have had 600.000 people last Saturaday (ABC says 20.000! hahahaha), every week is bigger. All the good news on this episode are good. BUT, for every good news there is a new and more obscene mandate in place too. For me the only thing that can REALLY make an impact and STOP this total take over of humanity’s freedoms before it’s too late and there is no way back, is: EVERYONE, IN A SYNCHRONISED INTERNATIONAL ACT, BURN THEIR CELL PHONES, WITH THEIR FREEKING “GREEN PASSES” ON IT. Until then, the control is on, the v@x are on, the segregation is on, the mandates are on – worse every day – especially now that (OMG how scary!!!) “this new terrible more lethal variant” is coming to get us!!!!
    So, can we please start a movement to get rid of all our cell phones aka the chain at our feet? No more tracking, no more QR codes, and governments will freak out and the system will truly taste a collapse. The thing is; it is probably that easy to create a HUGE impact to stop this, but who is willing to?
    If EVERYONE in these protests would agree to do what I just said (get rid of their phones – for good) imagine millions of people untrackable and millions of businesses etc unable to say to millions of maskless, phoneless people: you must scan your qr code and show your vaccine passport. Hundreds of thousands across the world. Millions. Can we do that, please???? Start a synchronized non mask non-phone revolution?
    We have their phones – they have us. Period.

    • I agree but it’s a pipe dream. I don’t own a cell phone and when people find that out they look at me like I’m from Centauri 4.

      I’ve tried to convince my brother and friends to drop their cells but they’re tradesmen and need the phones to be in constant communication with customers, etc. I don’t think you’ll have much success getting people to drop their phones.

      • What is the RiC revolution?
        I have an old model cell phone (Was going to change for the even older “vintage” version but I struggle to text the old way). Anyway, it’s often off or on airplane mode, never downloaded any gov apps for checking in, qr code etc. Don’t carry it with me all the time like a slaved zombie. Would do the synchronized mass “burning” (or whatever the best way to destroy it is) in a second.
        I seriously think the above is the only solution. I don’t see how to be free or even ask for freedom in rallies if we agree voluntarily to walk with the chains they put on us, in our hands, handbags, homes and pockets.
        I’m so serious about this, but don’t know how to broadcast the plan and make it happen. If making a whole population wear masks, self imprison, let be injected with poison is possible, everything is possible.
        We carry their phones, they carry us. Period. Until we break the chains, how can we walk?

        • Even you James 1 and James 2, constantly talking about the absurdity of a techno society, virtual reality etc and completely dependent on technology, computers, internet. Look at me here writing on a Microsoft piece of shit. We really need to go deeper into this paradox because we are using and being dependent on the very thing we want to destroy and be free from.
          I don’t care if this has been said a trizilion times before. It is the truth. We need to face this dilemma and find ways to SOLVE it. Until then, they have us in their (inter) net like half-dead fish.

  21. — Good News — U.S.

    Nov 24th
    Big Three US Automakers Agree To Not Mandate Vaccines For UAW Union Members

    A big win for medical privacy and the principles of freedom.
    Ford, General Motors and Stellantis have agreed the United Auto Workers union members will not be forced to take the mandatory vaccine as a condition of employment. [UAW Announcement] Additionally, the vaccine status of the workers will remain private with a policy of private and voluntary disclosure….

  22. Brilliant intro this week, JC. I could get used to seeing the gushy TV presenter character on a regular basis. Had a good chortle there!

  23. A bit late but here is my good news in these times:

    – I am gardening, learning and healthier than ever
    – I have learned a zillion thinigs since 2019 and I am stronger and more aware than ever
    – I have joined a local political party opposing these mandates and policies, so fighting on that level as well
    – I have (with others) started a walking group, to meet each other, walking a short route to talk and trade notes
    – I am sharing, and working with my neighbourhood to trade, lend, help, etc. More interaction, and I save money
    – I did not take the vax, and I am convinced based on evidence that this has been and is the correct choice, so I am stronger in my conviction and communicating this more, speaking out helps others
    – I am starting side jobs and initiatives which serve the people around me in exchange for crypto, euro’s or services.
    – I try to do at least 1 thing every day that helps promote freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    So that’s my 2 cents. 🙂 have a good one all!

    • That 2 cents surely makes you a human being full of riches!
      Thanks for the good news Cody!

  24. A bit late but here is my good news in these times:

    – I am gardening, learning and healthier than ever
    – I have learned a zillion thinigs since 2019 and I am stronger and more aware than ever
    – I have joined a local political party opposing these mandates and policies, so fighting on that level as well
    – I have (with others) started a walking group, to meet each other, walking a short route to talk and trade notes
    – I am sharing, and working with my neighbourhood to trade, lend, help, etc. More interaction, and I save money
    – I did not take the vax, and I am convinced based on evidence that this has been and is the correct choice, so I am stronger in my conviction and communicating this more, speaking out helps others
    – I am starting side jobs and initiatives which serve the people around me in exchange for crypto, euro’s or services.
    – I try to do at least 1 thing every day that helps promote freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    So that’s my 2 cents. 🙂 have a good one all!

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