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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Kazakhstan Declares Calm Restored; Russian Troops to Leave in Two Days

Kazakhstan: Russia-Led Troops to Start Leaving In 2 Days

Kazakhstan President Says Russian Troops Will Begin Leaving In Two Days

U.S. Welcomes Completion of Russian-Led Mission in Kazakhstan -State Dept

Troops Told to Fire Without Warning In Kazakhstan

Dozens of Protesters Dead, 12 Police Dead In Kazakhstan Protests;

National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution Against Pro-Russian and Pro-China Regime

The Open Society Foundations In Kazakhstan

Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Kazakhstan: The Price of Insurgency

Kazakhstan and the CSTO: Putin Calmly Reads the Riot Act

Former Kazakhstan Intelligence Chief and ‘Close Friend’ of Bidens is Arrested for Treason

Kazakhstan: People’s Revolt, Covid1984 Pushback, Color Revolution, Coup, and/or False Flag?

Kazakhstan Becomes Toxic Graveyard for US Diplomacy

Episode 388 – False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

Story #2: EU to Stage Large-Scale Cyberattack Exercise on Supply Chains

U.S., U.K. Reveal Code Flaws Abused by SolarWinds Hackers (May 7, 2021)

Story #3: Payment Apps Will Now Have to Report Transactions to IRS

Video: Payment Apps Reporting to the IRS

NWNW Flashback: Yellen Defends IRS Rule Requiring Banks to Report All Transactions Over $600 (Oct. 8, 2021)

PayPal May Launch Their Own Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Called “PayPal Coin”

Global Tax Deal Seeks to End Havens, Criticized for “No Teeth'”(Oct. 8, 2021)

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  1. Woo! Happy new year, guys! Keep up the good work.

  2. Is back of the t-shirt blank or does it reference the weekly show?
    It would seem natural to promote the show somehow.

    I wouldn’t be able to use one but I know that QR codes are a big thing now. Maybe a picture of the show’s logo and a QR code that takes them to a Bitchute or Odysee channel if there’s space.
    Probably would cost more to produce though I suppose.

    I was thinking about the news that the government is now going to force more businesses to do their dirty work for them and how it relates to the current debate going on about Derrick Broze and the blockchain stuff.

    Its really the same issue . The same catch 22. People put food on the table by utilizing the tools that have been created by the collective of humanity. Whether its high tech or an old 89 Ford boom truck. And people make their lives, based on their own judgment, better and more comfortable and pleasant.

    Its obvious to me that people are as affected by the bad aspects of participation in the system to the extent that they participate in the system.

    I’ve run a business for 26 years. And I have been working for the worst businessman in history. But my little business has provided a livelihood for my family and a few others and for me that was sufficient.
    When I started it I played around with the idea of growing it into something large. But I didn’t want to take that much responsibility. I enjoyed living too much. I don’t live to make money.

    But my needs are more easily met than most people and they have to risk more time, worry and commitment to meet theirs.
    They have to use smart phones or they might miss a call.
    They have to use PayPal and crypto and make Skype calls. I never had to.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I really believe that the situation is obvious, or should be obvious to everyone. The tools aren’t to blame for being turned into weapons of the government.
    The technology isn’t evil. The people who have been put into or allowed to achieve positions where they can put technology to evil purposes are evil. And of course they are the tools of the government too.

    That damn common denominator in the corruption of everything that is or has the potential to be good.

    Either way. The only way to win, as everyone know, is not to play the game. Or at least limit your involvement to the extent that you can live with.

  3. Glad to see that you are on top of this important issue. It’s also good to see you reference Pepe Escobar without calling him a chi-com apologist.

    • Oooops. Commented too quickly.

      I’m glad that my reporting has been seen as useful.

    • Thanks for the links. I enjoy reading Pepe’s research a lot because of the depth of his understanding of current events and the history leading up to them. Definitely a well seasoned investigative reporter.

      Referring to Wikipedia as reliable may be a bit naïve.

      • Hi spider,

        You are most welcome. Following the methodology which inspired me, as demonstrated by our Corbett, I try to include a range of sources to verify factual points, and a selection of interesting commentary which I see as interesting. From these are drawn the narrative I try to deliver.

        As for Pepe, I think he is excellent for things central and southern Asia as it relates to larger geopolitical maneuvering. Check my back catalogue. He’s everywhere. He’s got boots on the ground (literally) experience. Of course, he has his biases, as I have mine, though they largely correlate. Nonetheless, I trust my readership to come to their own conclusions. All I can do is comment and reference.

        As for Wikipedia, its a shitstorm for anything which is politically related. But, for factual things its okay. Conversely, for things non-political it can be quite good. I treat it as just another source, no less prone to misdirection than any other. I trust my readership have also come to this understanding.


        • Wikipedia uses facts for character assassinations and removing people’s name “Brasil” style i.e. Dr. Malone. It would be interesting to fact check their report on President Tokayev. His profile is sure to interest the Council on Foreign Relations and be subject to influence.

          • Hi Spider,

            Here’s a piece from 2022-10-02, which is just an introduction to a very long video discussion primarily between Pepe Escobar and Scott Ritter which is linked as a video in the sources.


            I found the discussion so engrossing that I was motivated to write the piece. I also link to the piece from 2000 by Escobar in which he documents his travels across Afgahnistan, and within that are links to the other two pieces describing the trip.

            As I said, I trust my readership to make up their own minds. I just hope they begin with curiosity.


              • Question is irrelevant.

                You either find the material published there interesting or not.

                And, no, I am not accepting your fishing invitation.

          • Spider,

            The unwritten rule at the Corbett Report comments section, if one wishes to be critical, is:

            Attack the argument, not the person

            -1 style points for you on the CIA slur.

              • Well, I must offer an apology. That link was made back when the account was set up a few years ago.

                It was a joke in poor taste. I have removed it, and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

                I did work for a University for a while, but that is the closest I’ve ever come to working for any government.

                In any case, that ideas I express are my own, and I am not paid to express them.

              • Didn’t that link go to a blog though? Perhaps my memory is wrong, but I thought the hyperlink went to your blog prior to the link to CIA.

            • Yes, it does go to the CIA website. Why? I thought it was a joke as well. But it’s kind of a bad joke to be honest.

              • I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few people who work in the “intelligence community” checking out JC’s work. And maybe some of them have learned how shady parts of the agency are, or rather working towards interests that do not benefit the US constitution and American people.

                Is that not treason? Many intelligence officers are former military and they take an oath to defend the constitution. Doesn’t that mean something?

                The jabs are killing people and hurting them and the mandates are wrong, against freedom and the constitution. They are making the world miserable and harming children with the masks, “social distancing”, jabs, economic harm from lockdowns, etc.

                How could a person who takes an oath to defend the constitution, or protect America support this? And what about the gain of function labs? Don’t CIA officers have kids too? Don’t the jab mandates harm the people at the CIA too, and the military?

                I would urge any members of the military, CIA, and FBI to research what is happening now and please stop supporting this. There must be some people in the CIA who know this is wrong and harming the US and it’s citizens. The jabs are not stopping spread of Covid, they make no sense what so ever.

  4. Woohoo, Happy New Year New World Next Week! Keep up the good work. Looked into a shirt but the x-large corbettreport shirts are already sold out. Need a way to be notified when they’re back in stock! Figure its a great way to find fellow Corbettheads hidden amongs the masses of sheep.

  5. I filled out all the forms, at the end it said they do not ship to Canada!!

  6. James, do you have to pay US taxes? I have no idea how international commerce works in that capacity.
    Regardless, the next time I send funds to corbett report, I will send a “gift” receipt with it lolol.
    You can consider yourself one of my “loved ones.”

    Happy New Year!

  7. Story #1: Kazakhstan Declares Calm Restored; Russian Troops to Leave in Two Days was one heck of a jampacked referenced synopsis of Kazakhstan in a 10 minute time frame. I’m impressed.

    Following Thursday’s NWNW…

    Friday January 14th – Reuters
    Kazakhstan’s Bitcoin ‘paradise’ may be losing its lustre
    ~~ Internet shutdown knocked data centres offline
    ~~ Government also eyeing tighter rules on mining
    ~~ Some big bitcoin miners looking to move overseas
    ~~ Kazakh mining industry is second-largest on earth

    …Vincent Liu, a miner who moved operations to Kazakhstan from China to take advantage of the country’s cheap power, said the changing environment had led him to look at shifting operations to North America or Russia.
    “Two or three years earlier, we called Kazakhstan a paradise of the mining industry because of the stable political environment and stable electricity,” said Liu.
    “We are evaluating the situation … I suppose we will keep a part of hashrate in Kazakhstan and will move some to other countries,” he said…

    …Kazakhstan became the world’s No.2 centre for bitcoin mining after the United States last year, attracting an influx of miners and data centre bookings from former global leader China after a crackdown on the industry by Beijing.

    In August, Kazakhstan accounted for 18% of the global “hashrate” – crypto jargon for the amount of computing power being used by computers connected to the bitcoin network….

    • Related Sideways (Regional Energy)- I found the following story interesting…
      Turkmenistan is wedged between Iran to the south and Kazakhstan to the north.

      Monday January 10th – By Irina Slav at
      Turkmenistan To Close “Gates Of Hell” Gas Fire

      Turkmenistan’s president has ordered the government to find a way to extinguish a colossal gas fire burning since the 1970s.

      Dubbed the “Gates of Hell,” the fire was rumored to be started deliberately in 1971 when a gas-drilling site collapsed into a gas reservoir, and geologists decided to set it on fire to keep the methane from spewing into the atmosphere—in the expectation that the fire would die out on its own in a few weeks. It didn’t.

      The crater currently measures more than 230 feet by 65 feet and is a major tourist attraction in Turkmenistan, which has proven reserves of 19.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, which makes them the world’s fourth-largest. Production stood at a little over 60 billion cubic meters annually as of 2019, with half of that exported to China.

      The “Gates of Hell” crater’s official name is the “Shining of Karakum,” but it is also known as the Darvaza Crater, named so after the nearby village. The site is located some 160 miles from the Turken capital Ashgabad.

      According to long-time president Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the fire is having an adverse impact on the environment and affecting the health of people living in the vicinity, according to a report by the AP citing Turkmen media.

      What’s more, the country, which has ambitious gas export expansion plans, is losing a valuable commodity in the fire “for which we could get significant profits,” Berdymukhamedov said. Turkmenistan plans to boost export to destinations including Pakistan, India, Iran, and even Western Europe over the next nine years.

      This would not be the first attempt to put out the fire that has been burning for five decades. One previous attempt failed back in Soviet times. Then, in 2010, Berdymukhamedov again ordered experts to find a way to extinguish the fire, but was unsuccessful as well.

      • VIDEO (a minute or two)
        [4K Drone] Darvaza Gas Crater (The Door to Hell) Turkmenistan
        We captured so much incredible footage on our last trip to Turkmenistan, I thought I’d make a little 4K DJI Drone montage video of the door to hell. The gates of hell. Darvaza Gas Crater. Derweze. Call it what you want.

        Turkmenistan is built on natural gas. I mean this literally and figuratively. In the vast arid Karakum desert lies the 4th largest natural gas deposit in the world.

        The Darvaza Crater was a mining disaster. So they think. No one really knows, as I don’t believe there were any survivors. In 1971 a soviet mining operation punctured the eggshell surface and fell into a pit. Years later, someone lit a match, and Bang! Welcome to the door to hell.

        This is the main attraction in Turkmenistan, and our plan was to roast marshmallows over it…
        …(Dec 2019) As the president has opened up the country slightly over the years, it is now possible to visit.

  8. Income taxes are for Corporations and those that “Profit” from Government privilege.
    I think that the best plan is to Boycott Paypal and any other “corporate” payment system that will enslave you to the Corporate System.
    If you have a Cryto Wallet, and you transact Person to Person, who is going to know what the value of the Cryto is? You would have to be stupid to report it. It is only when you use the Banking System that they can track your money flow.
    The whole idea of Bitcoin was to subvert the Banking System. Now there are a number of Decentralized Crytocurrencies that can be used for Person to Person transactions outside of the Banking system.
    I hope that this tyrannical threat by the failing Banker controlled Corporate Government in the U.S. will be ignored and/or cause more People to go Person to Person.
    The tyrants have stepped way over the line this time. You would have to be an idiot to think D.C. houses a Government for the People.
    Just like, the Emperor has no cloths! The Empire has no legitimacy! It is fraudulent in every way and must be abolished so that we can start again from the bottom up as free and independent States sharing “Honest Money”.

    • “…you have a Cryto Wallet, and you transact Person to Person, who is going to know what the value of the Cryto is?..”

      The entire bitcoin history is open, literally anyone can look at every transaction that ever has happened…. I think Monero is actual privacy coin but bitcoin is NOT secret and the tax man will be able to watch your transactions

  9. The us worker was broken by NAFTA… they have zero power now because their jobs are done in China.

    Personally as bad as the US empire has been it at least must pretend to care about human rights and such…China does not even need to pretend…lol

    • Yes, indeed, China certainly has no need to pretend. Isn’t that where many of the sweat shops are? And why is there so much immigration to America if it sucks so bad?

      Not saying that the American government hasn’t done substantial harm to other nations creating the issues that other people have in those countries. Just look at Libya, and central america. Our government does tend to support out right dictatorships abroad, but supposedly supports freedom here.

      But maybe if our government that is bought by the wealthy interests left other countries alone, these other countries wouldn’t be such hell holes.

      China is a huge continent and I’m sure there is some diversity of thought there. Most of the Chinese people I’ve met here have been very apolitical and tend to just go along with whatever the government says. Just look at all the mask wearing among most Chinese people in cities in America. I’m sure there are a few dissidents, but it sure doesn’t look like it’s the majority.

      There was the tank man though, years ago though if that was legit, was very brave. Maybe there’s more protest going on in China that we just don’t know about since it’s hard to get any information out of that country without the the government intercepting it. I watched a youtube video out of China early on in the pandemic, of a pissed off citizen saying how the government was evil and how they prevented people from leaving their homes and how they prevented sick people from getting to the hospital. I can’t find that video anymore.

      • cu.h.j says: “ But maybe if our government that is bought by the wealthy interests left other countries alone, these other countries wouldn’t be such hell holes.”

        I would just like to suggest that if they left us alone too. Perhaps our domestic economy would stabilize and self regulate to the point that the American work ethic and standing could be restored to its former reputable position. The free market system could maybe achieve something its never achieved. The free part.

        If they left us alone perhaps there would be a chance of voting with our wallets. But with the way things are it seems hopeless. Consuming zombies are are being mass produced and manufactured by the millions from constant exposure to state schools and television and now portable phone computers feeding them a constant diet of brainwashing, propaganda and dopamine.
        And I don’t even want to think about the actual diet of most people. With the government approved and ever changing food pyramid.

        But with taxes and their accompanying loopholes. Their favoritisms and swinging doors and cozy relationships with the basest humans among us.
        Not to mention their unholy collusion with the tiny group of whatever they are that is currently in the process of culling and corralling the masses for some reason. Maybe just cause they can. Sure don’t think that its because there are too many of us.

        I just think that becoming what we want to see in the world is the best way to influence the world. Rather than exploit their people who are victims of the same disease that plagues all countries.
        That is the cancer. Everything that we hate about ourselves as a species are symptoms of the disease.

        • I think that’s the one thing that hasn’t been tried yet, getting rid of governments and authoritarians. And you are right about also leaving us alone.

          Our government sure doesn’t love us or else they wouldn’t be poisoning us with the jabs and toxic chemicals and toxic food. Americans are some of the most unhealthy people on the planet, excess empty calories and nutrient poor food.

          A shit in consciousness is going to be necessary and I think it’s already happening for a lot of people. I think the toxic food and empty vicarious technology start to be repulsive after a while. Who wants to live like that? It’s just existing after a while, from one escape to the next.

          • Lol, a shift in consciousness not a shit in consciousness. But that’s how I would define most social media.

    • The US Workers voted for the murderous Psychopaths that have killed millions. Remember their drinking of Coors beer that put their support behind the “Freedom Fighters”? You know, the ones that cut babies out of pregnant women to incite terror in farmers simply creating successful co-operatives in Nicaragua. Guatemala, Iran, Argentine, Chile, Mexico ( The Tequila Trap) plus 100 more.
      I will exceed the word limit documenting the many elected DEMOCRATIC leaders assassinated and replaced by murdering dictators by the US Gov’t. The world seemed to know all the details but most Americans could not find those, and their own country on a world map. Face it and you can fix it. There is a faulty foundation most of our western countries have built upon. The screams and violations can still be felt by most of us. It will be atoned for. The same cabal has beta tested our new slavery capitalism in China. That is why the passes are issued by the Dept of Finance, not the Dept of Health. It is not either/or. It is also the same group that learned well how fear worked on the population under Communist Russia and in Eastern Europe that is now being incited in our countries. ie snitching. Who implemented the 1 child policy? Not the Chinese.
      The City of London is the financing, the US is the war machine. Under Technocracy and 5G, the US is no longer needed militarily. Demographically, you have IOU’s in your pension accounts and your leaders look at you as they did the pregnant mothers above. I would love to travel again through the US and ask the many people who told me, when I asked why they weren’t concerned about others: ” We are the most free people on earth, so free we do not need to know history or geography”.
      How’s that working out for you now?

      • You speak as if the average us worker was not driven into ww1 by Jewish banking interests, or as if the US was not led by actual criminals into ww2 thru deception in order to support the Soviet union and save stalin from Hitler.

        The average US boomerew up in the rather prosperous crater of those crimes.

        True the dirty wars in south America were horrible but it’s not really like they would have been better off with communist governments either and it’s not like the world is going to be nicer when the Chinese run it either….leta be honest on US ignorance though….most people are just jealous that they were born in the subject rather than the subjecting nation. People are generally bad in nature.

      • You are assuming that US Workers had a real choice of national candidates that could make a difference. Candidates have been vetted by an unseen power before being put on the ballot, and once elected must follow the “plan” or be removed from office by those wielding the real power (e.g. assassinations of JFK and RFK). For decades the ordinary citizens have been powerless to stop the robbery, poisoning, and aggression against citizens and natural environment in the US and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, a majority are too distracted trying to provide a decent life for their families to notice anything is amiss in the political arena.

  10. Defense Threat Reduction Agency Program – DTRAP. Huh.

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