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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Biden Withdraws Covid Vaccination, Testing Regulations Aimed at Large Businesses

Biden Admin to List Employees Seeking Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Mandate In New Database

OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS

Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire from Supreme Court, Paving Way for Biden Appointment

Elderly Neil Young Throws Tantrum Over Joe Rogan, Demands Spotify Remove His Songs

Kneel Young: “Spotify – In the Name of Truth”

Neil Young Sells Half His Song Catalogue for Around $150 Million to Hipgnosis (Jan. 6, 2021)

Update: Spotify Removes Neil Young’s Music After Joe Rogan Showdown

Story #2: Why An Anti-Vaccine Mandate Trucker Convoy Is Driving Across Canada

#BearHug: Arriving in Ottawa January 29th

Canadian Truckers Convoy for Freedom

GoFundMe Withholding $4.7M from Trucker Convoy Until Plan Presented

Trudeau Decries ‘Fringe’ Views of Some In Trucker Convoy, As Police Prepare for Its Arrival In Ottawa

Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20

Story #3: UK Government to Phase Out BBC TV License Extortion Racket By 2027

BBC Licence Fee to Be Abolished In 2027, Funding Frozen

The BBC Exposed

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  1. I was at the trucker rally today, small town Ayr Ontario, Canada (pop 4500) with about 1000 people.(yes, 1000 people in a town of 4500) It was so powerful. Yes I know, it may not be the solution but what it did was bring together many like minded people who shared feelings, stories and friendship. People brought their families, kids, dogs, it was wonderful. It was -12 degrees with light snow and a wind chill of -24. But we stood on the bridge overlooking highway 401 as hundreds of truckers went by in support of freedom. It brought us together and strengthened the human bond. It was so wonderful to be connected to so many like minded people. Kind of needed that, that connection again after so many (ongoing) lockdowns.
    Humanity will not just survive, it will thrive.

    • Howler Monkey,
      After reading your comment, mental images of it stuck with me overnight as I would drift in and out of sleep.

      Your anecdote brings up some very important qualities which we should take note of.
      For example: Community“It brought us together and strengthened the human bond.”

      Moreover, with this type of organic, grassroots, decentralized, juggernaut activity, we have a STORY being written.

      It’s all about THE STORY.

      A Canadian once said,
      “Do you know the story of the most powerful weapon in the world?…And it can change the entire world.”
      The same fella pointed out,
      ”…this is NOT about facts and figures.”
      Taken from:
      Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch

      Regardless of the event, this trucker convoy or something else…

      …Something grand is cooking.
      We should feed the fire.
      Help the STORY grow.
      Turn it into a LEGEND.

      How can a King or an army kill a legend?
      That’s the funny thing about legends…they just won’t die.

      • Thanks HomeRemedySupply,

        Yes, your correct. It IS about the story. It’s the reason I was so glad to see so many families at this rally. It’s the reason I felt so empowered to be on a bridge in rural Ontario Canada with so many people. They will have stories to tell. Stories to share that count, that explain the truth as opposed to the narrative.
        We live in a strange but wonderful world, but we chose to be here. Truth is power and Truth will prevail, thousands of years of history show us tyrants fail. They will fail again, no matter how much they convince themselves they own us.

  2. haha and the employees can be vax-free. I am sure that there is a contest for the stupidest mandate with a great big prize…Neil Young’s entire music collection.

  3. Do people have to shop at Walmart? That’s one of the nastiest corporations in the world. Look how they treat their employees. There must be better places to shop.

    Maybe they are doing their customers a favor, pushing out the health oriented folks to find better choices.

    • Perhaps go there once in a while to drop off a bag of pregnant rats…

  4. Agree, JEP looks better with less beard and JC’s full beard is very becoming on him. Just my opinion though. But everyone has to be comfortable in their own skin, so if JEP wants to grow a huge beard, go for it!!

    It was great to see JEP seemed happier and like he was feeling less down in the dumps. Great show!

  5. I thought Quebec drove Walmart out?

    I saw a doc on the chain back in the early 00’s I think and thought that union demands made the corporation decide to vacate…?

    • It was only in one city, and Walmart closed the doors and left everyone unemployed overnight. There are still several branches in other cities.

      Since that day forward (the lockout), I avoid setting foot in a Walmart and am glad to say that it has been a few years without even getting close to one.

      Some Quebeckers call it “Wal-Marde”. ‘Marde’ is a slang/mispronounciation of ‘merde’, which means shit. ‘Nuff said.

  6. I hate Walmart and try never to set foot in their store anymore…. their food is filth anyway

  7. I was at one of the overpasses in Canada today. In my small town in rural Nova Scotia, so many people showed up. Hundreds of people at each overpass waiting in -18 weather up to a couple hours. Honestly I haven’t felt this thrilled and encouraged in the last two years. Canadians have been compliant and apathetic, and the pushback appeared rather lacking. I know it’s not going to be a silver bullet and I am concerned about how it’ll unfold in Ottawa, but I went. Finally us “conspiracy theorists” don’t have to feel scared to tell people what we really think here. I was moved by the large number of people coming out today. We felt united and hopeful. The government cannot steamroll us as easily with the large number of showing. Our dear PM called it “fringe”. It’ll become even more clear to Canadians our officials are liars and tyrants.

    However, while I’d like to just dwell on this wonderful feeling, something feels off. I don’t doubt the sincere desire for freedom and the genuineness of anyone at the overpass today. Even before today a number of us local truthers were talking. Rural NS is where everyone knows someone who knows someone. This protest appeared to have been so successful and well organized and promoted too quickly for us to just believe. Almost too good to be true. The convoy schedule, website, and gofundme page are set up so quickly and professionally. There were a number of attempts by local truckers who wanted to protest at the NS/NB border for over a year now. They have a FB page, trying to plan a blockade and it has never garnered enough traction or support. Tamara Lych, one of the cofounders, has ties with the Maverick Party. Then there’s Pat King or Patrick King, who imo like Chris Sky, has all the tell tale signs of controlled opposition. They give out easy slogan and keep giving people fast “solution” that gives people a false sense of hope. Their solutions are often rather dubious. Chris Sky at the Halifax rally last Sept told people to write his name on the ballet two weeks before the election. Pat King said last summer how he went to court with AHS and “proved” this virus didn’t exist so ler0na is “over” in Alberta. He’s on the western front of the convoy and has appeared on Laura-lynn Thompson’s shows a number of times. So he’s kinda famous in the “truther” circle. Even before 2020 Pat King is provocative and has been reported by and Vice (not that I trust either sites, but people like Pat King and Chris Sky are like Trump, make it easy to fool left-leaning audiences). He’s also involved with Peter Downing and Wexit, and according to, Wexit could be involvement with Atlantic Council and George Soros.

    I pray this will not turn into Canadian version of BLM, where people with legitimate grievances being used by people at the top for their own gains and purposes.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Greetings fellow Canadian,
      I’m glad that you went out to support the cause. I don’t think the convey was arranged at the last minute, probably months in advance knowing that the mandate was coming.

      A small group of us on Telegram, fired nurses from our ex-hospital, welcomed the Convey and went out to greet, bring food, gas vouchers and well wishes to the truckers on Thursday. My husband left for Ottawa yesterday to join the protest. At this point I don’t care if it is false hope now or not. At least someone is doing something. If we do anything one by one, we get picked off. Through this entire COVID-1984 episode, few people have said anything and if they did they were censored, ridiculed, fired, ect. Roman Baber, an independent MP in Ontario (kicked out of the conservative party for his open letter to Ford about the ridiculousness of the COVID mandates in January 2021) is one person that works tirelessly for our rights; creating a private members bill, “jobs and jabs” to protect vax-free from job loss. This bill was turned down in October however there will be a second reading in March.

      I know this isn’t the long game, probably a pause, but for now, as others have said, it is an inspiration. Less than 50% of children ages 5 to 11 have had their first dose much to the despair of the government. This tells me that even jab-happy parents are some what reluctant.
      “Almost half of kids across this country have gotten their vaccine. … We need to get more, so please ask your parents if you can get vaccinated,” Trudeau said, addressing children directly during a regular briefing.

      Simply, this is a fight of good and evil, God and Satan. God will simply let Satan take the souls who reject Him. Satan, who has always hated humanity, is doing everything he can do to destroy it.

  8. Yeah, whenever there’s a Canadian musician coming over the speakers, I noticed how my Canadian friends are always so eager to point out they’re Canadian.

    • bagwort,
      You bring up something important in writing our narrative.

      — Nationalism —
      Normally, I don’t think much of a State nor Statist activities.

      However, there’s a tool here which we should not ignore.
      By positioning the pride of being Canadian as an interwoven part of the Trucker Convoy STORY, we reshape the official government image.

      The offical government image of being a ‘good’ Canadian is to be a subservient, obedient, wimpy go-along.
      Thank god Canadian Hockey doesn’t have this image.

      Anyway, if the Trucker Convoy STORY conveys the concept of “this is a Canadian heroic quality”, this is what it means to be Canadian…
      …then The STORY becomes a juggernaut.
      People all around the world will then want to be Canadian.
      The word Canadian becomes more positioned with independence, courage and liberty.
      Even many of the subservient, obedient, wimpy go-alongs will quietly join the Trucker Convoy Team because it becomes a popular virtuous image of a true Canadian.

      I may not have communicated the concept well, but symbols play a role in shaping a narrative.
      “Being Canadian” is a symbol.

  9. Thanks annie,

    Here is some recent news
    Friday Jan 28th
    Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Receives First GoFundMe Payment After Temporary Halt

    Update (Friday 0711ET): Organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” have “received confirmation that GoFundMe has released our first batch of funds” following reports Thursday, the crowdfunding platform blocked access to the money.

    The internet was in an uproar yesterday when GoFundMe blocked access to the funds that would help support the convoy of at least 50,000 truckers headed to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, on Saturday. The donations are expected to be dished out to truckers who participated in the rally, paying for their fuel, food, and hotel. GoFundMe wanted more clarification from the group on how the money would be spent…

    …On Thursday, the movement caught the eye of the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, who tweeted that he supports the truckers to his 71.8 million followers.

    Here’s the full update from one of the organizers of the Freedom Rally, who said the first batch of the more than 6.8 million CAD had been released.
    We have some great news to share with all of you! We have received confirmation that GoFundMe has released our first batch of funds and is initiating our first transfer. We can’t thank you enough for your patience.
    Sadly, the legacy media felt it was necessary to publish news articles implying that GoFundMe had frozen our funds for a variety of outrageous reasons.
    In reality, the temporary hold was due to international banking regulations which dictate many of GoFundMe policies. It is common practice with GoFundMe to conduct this kind of due diligence to ensure the funds are legitimate….

  10. Seems obvious, to me, that the BBC is scheming to use the
    template of the US PBS…..
    government $$$ + corporate $$$ ( $$$Pirate “private”0 and
    then THE SOP OF the fake neo liberal citizen victim/consumer ability
    to DONATE to the official PUBLIC BROADCASTING for the bah bah Sheeple.

    • TV is for boomer generation… as they die off that mind control tool is just getting sidelined the way radio did when TV went mainstream.

      I don’t know anyone under 60 who watches broadcast TV, or even cable for that Matter

      • Sorry but you shouldn’t class all “boomers” the same, although I agree many are of the mindset you mean. I’m going to be 67yrs in 3 months time and haven’t had a TV set in my house for years.

        Some unlovely minister of parliament suggested it should be added to our yearly council tax which means that thousands of others like myself will be supporting other people’s mind control boxes that they’re glued to daily!

        I’m sure I’ll miss the “you have not paid your TV license” letters they send every few weeks if they get rid of the license, especially the ones near Christmas in a red envelope.

        Yes I’m a boomer but I’m still unmasked, still untested and still unjabbed and aim to stay that way.

  11. The Italian State TV license fee became buried into the electric utility bill 5 or 6 yrs back. So if you don’t pay it they’ll turn off your power. I am sure they’ll find a workaround of sorts. Surely never going away…

    • Actually I kinda think the BBC is outdated and might get the shove. TV is the mind control of the 20th century- only the most degraded person sat for hours and hours at the boob toob getting generic generalized propaganda.

      Now the boomers are dying off the 21st century phone tech will feed PERSONALIZED and specific propaganda and the victim will think nothing of spending hours and hours and hours thumbing thru it. When they roll out legal psychedelics subject minds will be like clay in a potter’s hand

    • Humanity can go to dark places. I have been listening to the audiobook The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and it is an excellent book. I will also order the paper copy, but I like the narrator of the book. I listen to it while I’m driving to work or wherever. It documents the Russian government during Lenin and Stalin. I believe there may be some information about the famines and cannibalism that took place when people were starving.

      I’ll look over the mouse utopia experiment again.

      • What governments are doing now is similar to what was done in Russia and other tyrannical governments, it’s the start of Stalin and Nazi type regimes. And many people don’t seem to see it, or don’t want to.

        The mass formation psychosis is real. To see educated doctors panic about Covid and all of the “variants” has been eyeopening. And to see that the injections are a failure and yet still be pushing them is evidence of psychosis. They are in their own delusional world. It’s like the insane are in charge of the psych ward, or something to that effect. It’s mind blowing and terrifying.

        I talk to one colleague about it, who can see it for what it is. But most others are cultists themselves.

        • Cu.h.j

          It will get much worse before it gets better.

          The magick scrying glass people carry in their pocket has proven much more powerful than them big one in their lounge….people will believe the small screen over their eyes these days

  12. The Supreme Court ruling against OSHA vaccine mandates was seen as a victory, and it was! Not to put a damper on it or anything, but immediately after the ruling a multitude of large corporations came out announcing they’re moving ahead with mandates regardless. State-Corporate fascism!

    Good for the Canadian truckers! Ride or die! ?

    Neil Young needs to stfu! I like some of his music, but the dude is a sell out. Curious to hear what Rogan’s says about it.

    I had no idea the people of the UK were forced to pay a “propaganda tax” to fund the BBC!? Well hopefully this eventually minimizes brainwashing of the “Big Brother Corporation!” Would be nice if we could do something similar to PBS and NPR here in the states!

    Welp there’s my word salad rant for this great episode of NWNW, till next time everyone, cheers! ?

    • But the best thing about the TV licensing is that it was enforced by TV detector Van’s that could tell what channel you were watching…hahahaha…they promise its so… while such tech did in theory exist for Cathode Ray Tube TVs in practice the mythical TV detector Van was totally made up BS to scare people into paying up.

  13. wanderer,
    I’m glad you referenced that. (era ’86 to ’93) Perfect Strangers TV Show.

    During so many decades, there were many years where I missed watching the vogue Theater Movies and TV shows, primarily because I was working.

    • awesome mkey thank for the link.
      I used to be able to download from uboob then they stopped the process and I haven’t bn able to for many months.
      anyone out there able to help this tech dinosaur out w a new process? thanks in advance

      • Garden
        You can install firefox and then go to add ins and search for easy YouTube downloader ….its normally at the top of the search and by a guy named dishita or something as the dev….once installed reload and you get a green button in the description of the YouTube video…. it breaks from time to time but then the guy fixes it and it’ll work again.
        You can search YouTube for how to install firefox and add the addons, it’s really simple.

        You can also download YouTubeDL it works on YouTube in linux last I checked. It works for bitchute as of last night

        Its. Abvailiblfor windows…I don’t use windows so

      • There are many solutions. Recently, I have been mostly using jDownloader. That program has been around for a few decades, is maintained and available on many platforms.

    • Urban Farmer Curtis Stone did a tremendous job with that song and video spoofing Neil Young.
      I enjoyed this.

      Saturday Jan 29th – Associated Press
      Joni Mitchell joining Neil Young in protest over Spotify

      NEW YORK (AP) — Joni Mitchell said Friday she is seeking to remove all of her music from Spotify in solidarity with Neil Young, who ignited a protest against the streaming service for airing a podcast that featured a figure who has spread misinformation about the coronavirus.

      Mitchell, who like Young is a California-based songwriter who had much of her success in the 1970s, is the first prominent musician to join Young’s effort.

      “Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives,” Mitchell said Friday in a message posted on her website. “I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue.”

      Following Young’s action this week, Spotify said it had policies in place to remove misleading content from its platform and has removed more than 20,000 podcast episodes related to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

      But the service has said nothing about comedian Joe Rogan, whose podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” is the centerpiece of the controversy. Last month Rogan interviewed on his podcast Dr. Robert Malone, an infectious disease specialist who has been banned from Twitter for spreading COVID misinformation.

      Rogan is one of the streaming service’s biggest stars, with a contract that could earn him more than $100 million.

      …While Mitchell, 78, is not a current hitmaker, the Canadian native’s Spotify page said she had 3.7 million monthly listeners to her music. Her songs “Big Yellow Taxi” and “A Case of You” have both been streamed more than 100 million times on the service….

      • 100 milion all time? Rogan gets that with each of his shows. He gets more views than most of the media combined. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, Joni.

  14. The Canadian STORY inspires the World ! …

    Friday January 28th
    Truckers Across Planet Unite In Convoys Against Medical Tyranny
    [VIDEOS & images in article.]

    The 50,000 strong truck drivers heading to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, expected to arrive as early as Saturday, may break a world record for the longest convoy. Called the “Freedom Convoy,” the truck drivers oppose the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border activity and have inspired others worldwide.

    Truck drivers from Canada to the US to Australia to Europe are banding together in protests worldwide against their respective governments’ overreach of public health, especially forced vaccine mandates.

    Freedom convoys from America are expected to join tens of thousands of truckers in Ottowa on Saturday to get the government to repeal cross-border COVID vaccine passports.

    A Facebook group in Australia called “2022 Official Convoy to Canberra” has more than 66k members and is preparing a convoy to arrive in the capital by Jan. 31 to protest vaccine mandates.

    Multiple convoys across Europe are being organized at this very moment that will converge on Brussels at an unspecified date. A Telegram group with more than 14,500 members assembles convoys across the continent to meet in the capital.

    Europe Convoy is for no vaxx passports, health freedom, no medical apartheid, and for a whole host of European officials to resign.

    Are trucker convoys underway in Italy?
    And Brazil?
    It’s clear and straightforward, and as the famous podcaster Joe Rogan recently put it, “Canada is in Revolt.”

    Even the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, chimed in yesterday and said he supports the Canadian truckers to his 71.8 million followers.

    The tide could be turning as truckers are the beating heart of any economy, and a revolt among these groups of people can send economies of the world tumbling back into recession.

    • FreightWaves Magazine – “The Nerve Center of the Global Supply Chain”

      Stories in English and Spanish
      Friday Jan 28th
      Florida trucker in Canada convoy: ‘We’re here to join a movement’
      As protest rolls through Toronto, vaccinated US-Canadian driver explains his support

      …and there is this story from Thursday January 20th…
      US to close borders to unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican truckers on Saturday

      Nate Tabak is a Toronto-based journalist and producer who covers cybersecurity and cross-border trucking and logistics for FreightWaves. He spent seven years reporting stories in the Balkans and Eastern Europe as a reporter, producer and editor based in Kosovo. He previously worked at newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the San Jose Mercury News. He graduated from UC Berkeley, where he studied the history of American policing.

    • Friday Saturday January 28th and 29th – Jefferey Jaxen at “The Highwire
      Article with links/videos

      FLASHPOINT: Canadian Trucker Convoy Arrives in Ottawa

      Being called the most inspiring story around the world, the Canadian trucker convoy has rapidly grown to over 40 miles long, raised over $7.5M and reportedly consists of over 50,000 heavy trucks.

      The citizens of Canada’s capital city, and home to the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, had already begun gathering Friday to greet the convoy: [VIDEOS]

      Trudeau has scored no points with Canadians as he labeled those taking part in the convoy as “The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians…”

      Shortly after his divisive rhetoric, the double Covid vaccinated and boosted Prime Minister announced he’d be ducking out of the public eye to quarantine after being exposed to Covid-19. “I am following @OttawaHealth rules and isolating for five days.” wrote Trudeau on his Twitter account. However, the website states, “Ottawa County Department of Public Health is recommending all individuals follow CDC guidance on isolation and quarantine.” The link listed on Ottawa County DPH’s website to the CDC guidance states, “…you do not need to quarantine [if] uou are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines.”

      Days before the trucker convoy arrived in Ottawa the Facebook page Freedom Convoy 2022, followed by nearly 250,000 people, posted a press release listing the four basic demands the truckers hope to achieve stating:

      “1. The federal and provincial governments terminate the vaccine passports and all other obligatory vaccine contact tracing programs, or inter-Canada passport systems.
      2. Terminate Covid vaccine mandates and respect the rights of those who wish to remain unvaccinated
      3. Cease the divisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates
      4. Cease to limit debate through coercive measures with the goal of censoring those who have varying or incorrect opinions”

      Freedom Convoy Spokesman Benjamin Dichter appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight recently to discuss the growing threat of the technological vaccine passport overlay that has gripped Canadian truckers:….

      [Convoy is more than 40 miles long.]

      • BUMP – Tracking people

        From one of the article’s videos…

        Freedom Convoy Spokesman Benjamin Dichter says to Tucker Carlson:
        ”…The passports…that is the really concerning one. Yesterday, it was my first time ever crossing the border in my truck with my digital passport. And I held my phone up to the border agent to give him the QR code. You know what he said to me?!
        “Oh. It’s okay. I don’t need it.”
        I said, “What do you mean ‘you don’t need it’?”
        He said, “Your truck, your phone already popped up on my screen. And it is correlated with you passport.”
        Think of that! So they know everybody who is coming up to the border before they are there. And they are tracking them….”

        Benjamin Dichter goes on to explain that this is likely in the U.S. also because it was lobbied by Canada to be introduced in the U.S.

    • I listened to this video yesterday. It started off by Curtis Stone venting a bit, then sometime at one hour 16 minutes mark came in this Owen Benjamin fellow. I have never heard of this guy, but based on the many topics discussed, he seems to have his head screwed straight on.

      Anyway, related to the topic at hand, he offered quite a few interesting tidbits:

      1- the fellow who’s involved in the crowdfunding thing, seems to be one murky cat, B.J. Dichter is the name. He had some info on this guy, but that didn’t resonate that well with me. What did strike a chord was the fact that these funding platforms are very controlled and if someone didn’t want this to happen, it would not. Take this for what it’s worth.

      2- second point he talked about, and one that did get capture my attention, is the fact Elon Musk said “Canadian truckers rule”. The same guy who’s invested in self driving vehicles, mind you. I am sure I don’t have a good idea how financially invested these truckers are in the affair. This site says 10 MPG, that is miles per gallon. Canada fuel prices are about 5 USD/gallon.

      For 50.000 trucks, that would give a very rough figure of 25.000 USD/mile for the entire convoy. How many miles are we talking about? These fellows need to come back as well. How many of these guys and gals might be coming back broke? And who’s cheering them on, the guy who is invested in self driving vehicles? I hope none of this pans out

      3- dog catching a car. Or a truck. I have to agree on this final point made by Owen Benjaming: what the hell are these people going to do when they come to the capitol?

      Knowing what we know about politicians, best case scenario is that they are useful idiots. They are not running the show, they are just pushing papers and some of them as proving they have 0 decency and can talk shit all day long without blushing for a split second. Violence isn’t the way out, it’s just puts the pot on the backburner.

      It’s good that someone is doing something, but I don’t think just about anything or whatever is going to cut it. Someone has to do something, but we don’t have a million monkey pounding away at a million typewriters.

      “Someone” is each and every one of us, and “something” is that one thing that we all should be doing every waking moment of our lives.

      • Curtis Stone – The Urban Farmer – Uploaded Sunday Jan 30th
        I just have to talk about the truckers, I can’t hold it any longer! & Owen Benjamin makes a cameo!
        (3 1/2 hours)

        I watched about an hour+, and started my watching at the one hour mark.
        I enjoyed listening to Curtis. He’s well grounded…maybe that comes from years of digging in dirt.
        Prior to Owen Benjamin coming on, Curtis discusses the Allison McDowell and Derrick Broze crap, and what he did regarding that mess.
        Here is a SUB-THREAD to Sub-Threads of the Allison McDowell crap…

    • Thursday January 27th, Canadian Dan Dicks of Press For Truth gives a 10 minute rundown on the Trucker “Freedom Convoy”.
      Dan goes into how different entities may try to deceptively derail the movement.
      Dicks cites examples, including how he had been falsely labeled as a White Supremacist which ended up causing him financial harm.

      We Got A Great Big Convoy Aint She A Beautiful Sight?!! CONVOY!!
      (10 minutes)

    • Canadian Media EXPOSED for downplaying the crowds !

      2 minute video shows how the Media deliberately pointed their camera on a a small group of demonstrators, but ignored the massive crowds behind them.
      CBC Filming Convoy FEEDOM 2022 Toronto
      (2 minutes)

    • Ottawalks YouTube Channel
      Hi everyone, I’m an Ottawa based YouTube channel providing walking & biking videos of this city and MORE! I film and edit all of the content on this channel….

      (Saturday night)
      ?LIVE Ottawa – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 – Parliament Hill – Saturday Jan 29 pt 4

    • November 23, 2021 – WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM
      Could autonomous trucks be the answer to the global supply chain crisis?
      ~~ Autonomous trucks could help solve global supply chain challenges in the face of driver shortages.
      ~~ With older drivers retiring, younger drivers may be attracted to the increased use of technology, says the International Road Transport Union.
      ~~ European companies are expecting to see a 17% shortfall in drivers in 2021.
      ~~ The US currently has an estimated 80,000 open positions for drivers.

    • January 29th – By Professor Michel Chossudovsky – (Article)
      Freedom Convoy 2022 in Solidarity with the Truck Drivers: What Canada Needs Is the “Political Quarantine” of Justin Trudeau

      Canada’s Freedom Convoy 2022: First Step towards the Development of a Broad Based Grassroots Movement

      The Freedom Convoy movement is now supported by people from more than 65 countries. Truck drivers in Australia will be sending a convoy to Canberra on the 31st of January.

      More than 60,000 truck drivers from the United States including 15,000 from California will be crossing the border and meeting up in Ottawa for this important event.

      Today January 29, 2022, our thoughts are with Canada’s truck drivers in solidarity with #Freedom Convoy 2022.
      In a CTV online poll, 77% of Canadians have voted in support of the Freedom Convoy in support of the truck drivers. (out of 17,698 votes cast).

    • January 29th – via G Edward Griffin –
      Canadian Province Bans Support Protests Of Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy,’…

      A directive from the province of Nova Scotia made it illegal to gather on the highway in support of truckers participating in the “Freedom Convoy” protesting vaccine mandates.
      Fines were set as high as $10,000 for individuals and $100,000 for corporations.
      Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson wrote that the government action “has truly crossed a line” and added “how dare you make it illegal for Canadians to express their political opinions?” A GoFundMe fund organized to support the Canadian truckers has brought in more than $9 million — and is still climbing.

    • Important EXCERPT (if you are not aware of this)
      The truckers are protesting a new measure imposed by the Canadian government on Jan. 15 requiring unvaccinated cross-border truckers to quarantine upon returning home, making it virtually impossible for them to work. The convoy ended outside Parliament in Ottawa over the weekend, as thousands of protesters gathered.

      Monday January 31 – ALBERTA & MONTANA
      Canadian Official ‘Expects Police To Take Appropriate Action’ As Truck Convoy Blocks US-Canada Border Crossing
      [Videos and Images in article.]

      Update (1550ET): At least 100 truckers are blocking the Canadian border between Alberta and Montana for a third day in protest of vaccine mandates – and Canadian officials are beginning to freak out.

      On Sunday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney called for an end to the blockade, saying in a statement: “Canadians have a democratic right to engage in lawful protests. I urge those involved in this truck convoy protest to do so as safely as possible, and not to create road hazards that could lead to accidents or unsafe conditions for other drivers.”

      According to the Calgary Herald, over 100 vehicles remain blocking the Southern Alberta highway.
      Semi-trucks, cars and farm equipment filled Highway 4 south of Lethbridge on Saturday, in support of a national convoy to Ottawa with a stated goal of repealing a federal mandate requiring unvaccinated Canadian truckers re-entering Canada from the United States to get tested for COVID-19 and to quarantine. Some participating in both protests have expanded that goal, demonstrating against health orders and the federal government as a whole. -Calgary Herald

      [Video provides updates by truckers]

    • January 31, 2022 – Ron Paul
      We Are All Canadian Truckers Now!

      We all remember where we were when the Berlin Wall came down. While it may have seemed that communist rule would go on forever, when the people decided that they had enough suddenly the wall fell. Just like that.

      Thus it is after two years of Covid authoritarianism that in Canada the largest truck convoy in history has smashed through the Berlin Wall of tyranny. I have watched as the Canada I once respected as a haven for antiwar Americans in the 1960s turned into one of the most repressive countries on earth. I wondered how a freedom-loving people could allow themselves to be abused by these mini-Stalins without a peep.

      But then Canada stood up and showed the rest of the world that freedom can triumph over tyranny if the people demand it. As I say, no army can stop an idea whose time has come.

      Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau had been basking in his ability to terrorize the population in the name of fighting a virus. He was so confident in his seemingly unlimited power that he felt he could ridicule any Canadian with different views. The prime minister said in a recent interview that unvaccinated Canadians were “extremists,” “misogynists,” and “racists.”

      When the Canadian truckers stood up to his tyranny and began their historic convoy to Ottawa, he thought he could continue ridiculing people. The truckers and their supporters were just a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views,” he confidently claimed. For Trudeau, love of liberty is just an “unacceptable view.”

      Less than a week later, as tens of thousands of trucks began entering the capital with millions of supporters behind them, the “brave” Canadian prime minister had fled the city and shuffled off to an undisclosed location.

      As Elon Musk Tweeted, “It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government.”

      The Canadian mainstream media is obviously just as obedient to the regime as ours. They ignored the Freedom Convoy for as long as possible…

      …We owe a debt of gratitude to the Canadian truck drivers. Let’s all do whatever we can to help the freedom movement continue to gather steam!

    • Monday January 31, 2022
      Protesters Gather In Front Of Australian Parliament In Solidarity With Ottawa Truck Convoy
      [Video clips in article.]

      Submitted by Daniel Teng of The Epoch Times
      Hundreds of protestors have gathered in front of Australia’s Parliament House in solidarity with the massive Convoy to Ottawa that converged on the Canadian capital around the weekend of Jan. 29.

      Calls for a similar movement have been echoing Down Under for days, and on Jan. 31, a crowd organised under a “Convoy to Canberra” campaign gathered in front of the national legislature, according to videos circulating on social media.

      The crowd can be heard chanting, “What do you want? Freedom! When do we want it? Now!” One individual addressed the crowd saying they had “every right to be here peacefully.”

      “They have told us that they have passed the message on that we demand that a representative of this Parliament comes out and addresses the people of Australia and our demands,” he said in a video circulating online.

      Social media has been awash with footage of drivers making their way to the Australian capital. The grassroots movement has begun gathering steam as a four-day-old GoFundMe campaign already garnered AU$167,539 in donations, as of Jan. 31…

      …In Australia, mandates have been widely enforced across the country with largely bipartisan support politically and from the business and medical community; it has, however, remained a contentious issue.

      On Jan. 22, protests broke out across Australia’s major capital cities with government-mandated restrictions.

      Vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky has criticised the mixed government messaging on the benefits of the jab, saying it only protects individuals and does not stop transmission of the virus—undermining the reasoning for mandates….

    • Monday January 31, 2022
      Justin Trudeau holds a virtual Press Conference and sends out Tweets critisizing Trucker Freedom Advocates

      Jan 31 – The Daily Mail
      [Screenshots and photos]
      Justin Trudeau says he WON’T meet ‘Freedom Convoy’ because of their ‘hateful rhetoric’ and would rather go to a BLM rally: Covid-positive PM speaks from undisclosed location as truckers blockade US border in Alberta

      “Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly, disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital,” Trudeau said Monday in a public press conference broadcasted remotely, referring to the unrest in Ottawa, which began on Saturday.
      Trudeau, 50, held the conference from isolation at an undisclosed location after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier that day. Two of the prime minister’s three children also tested positive for the virus…

      “…I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens, and a disrespect not just of science, but of the frontline health workers and quite frankly, the 90 per cent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe to put food on our tables.”

      “I want to be very clear, we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers, and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans…”

      …Trudeau then called on the protesting truckers – and the thousands supporting them – to put a halt to their actions.
      “There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred,”
      he asserted.
      “So for those responsible for this behavior, it needs to stop. To anyone who joined the convoy and was rightly uncomfortable with the symbols of hatred and division on display, join with your fellow Canadians. Be courageous, and speak out. Do not stand for, or with, intolerance and hate.”

      In his speech, Trudeau went on to slam conservative politicians from his country for supporting the truckers’ protests, warning them to ‘think long and hard about the consequences of your actions.’….

      • 32 minute video of the virtual Press Conference – CTV News

        Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses freedom convoy protests in Ottawa | COVID-19 in Canada

    • Monday Jan 31 – The Washington Post

      [NOTE: When a person actually reads the article, the “criminal acts” (and they are without specific details) are pretty lame. Most concerts outrank the “criminal acts” aspect. In fact, daily life in a liberal city or a High School outranks the Trucker event for “criminal acts”.]

      Police launch criminal investigations into ‘illegal’ acts at Ottawa anti-vaccine-mandate trucker protests

      • From January 28th (Friday) – The Washington Post
        Opinion: Canada must confront the toxic ‘Freedom Convoy’ head-on

        …Time and time again we learn the lesson, or at least come across it, that teaches us that rage-soaked antigovernment types can’t be reasoned with.

        This time around, the convoy has produced an incoherent “memorandum of understanding” premised upon a misunderstanding of government and absurd demands. Of course, the memo should be ignored. It’s the product of a temper tantrum. But doing nothing is a risky, suboptimal strategy.

        The convoy is, by and large, a fringe group — an unfortunate minority in which a further minority of insidious extremists lurk. They are bolstered by support from Conservative politicians and certain blustery media voices. They are driven by a generalized rage, misplaced anger about supply chain challenges and antigovernment sentiment…

        …Either way, we shouldn’t ignore or placate them. Rather, the convoy and its supporters must be met with a counter-movement that refuses to give them an inch….

      • Why would a true white supremacist protest against any lockdown measure? Lockdowns have hurt minorities more than any violent attack against them. And these white supremacists are the least affected by lockdowns considering they have already isolated themselves from society. The only benefit of joining these protests is to sabotage the protests so minority groups and the whites supporting them will continue to suffer under lockdown policies.

    • Tuesday Feb 1st – Children’s Health Defense
      ‘Freedom Convoy’ Vows to Stay in Ottawa Until COVID Vaccine Mandates Lifted

      This is a great article. I encourage folks to look at it.
      The FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE of the Feedom Convoy 2022 is in the article.
      Certain mainstream media platforms were BANNED from the Press Conference. 😉

    • UPDATE
      Thursday – February 3rd, 2022
      Story #1: Canadian Province Caves To Public, Abandons Planned “Vax Tax” On Unvaccinated
      Interview 1695 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

      Also read the comments which contain other links and news about the FREEDOM CONVOY.

      Wed – Feb 2nd
      Interview 1694 – Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis
      James and Ernie discuss the FREEDOM CONVOY among other topics.
      The comment section contains other news and links about Ottawa.

  15. Justin the Brave. Buggered off, threw in the sponge, Brave Sir Justin.

    Run away Justin! Just(in) time for that potentially uncomfortable interaction with the truckers in Ottawa…he is exposed to the virus. Despite being masked and triple vaxxed, Mr. Trudeau must isolate and will not be present to address the thousands protesting his ridiculous and damaging vaxx mandates.

    Our fearless leader. Go get another haircut and a manicure and find a place to hide you pathetic little man.

  16. yes the truckers are very well organized but this is not Pat’s first convoy, he did it years ago. So I think that the idea may have been started in December. Remember that these truckers are driving the Trans-Canada highway for a living so they know the road very well. They have made contact at all the truck stop. So I am not that surprised that they were able to pull it off so well. Saturday morning here in BC and I am looking forward to see what will happen today. Many supporting slow drive happening here in small towns BC. This is an historic protest as anyone who know how big Canada is and how cold it is right now. Imagine if this would have taken place in April or May? Millions more would have showed up. Looks like several truckers from the US are coming as well. The world is watching. They could do this in every country. They had to find an excuse for Trudeau as I am sure they are taking him out of Ottawa for security. He is the laughing stock of the world. It is very inspiring for people to rise and simply decide that this pandemic is over. The problem is not solved however because those in power are still there and they will find something else to pursue their agenda. My guts feeling that they will try to shut down the internet as it is the reason why people can organize so well. We will see what happen this week end and next week.

  17. If you understand French, you’ll get this joke. Our PM is just a puddle of water: “juste un trou d’eau”.

  18. After keeping Rogan over Young, I’m considering purchasing a Spotify subscription. Should I?

  19. Janu 30th, 2022 – The New York Post
    Justin Trudeau moved to secret location during Canada vax protests: report

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were reportedly moved to a secret location Saturday after thousands of protesters descended on the country’s capital to decry COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

    Trudeau, his wife and their children were relocated from their Ottawa home to the undisclosed location in the capital amid heightened security concerns, sources told CBC.

    The prime minister’s itinerary for the day usually states he is in Ottawa if he’s at home, but on Saturday it was changed to say “National Capital Region.” Trudeau has been working remotely and isolating after one of his children tested positive for COVID last week.

    The move to relocate Trudeau came as the protesters — mostly made up of a huge convoy of truckers — rolled into the city to rail against vaccine mandates, masks and lockdowns….

  20. Sarnia, Ontario just blocked the border. The Cabal has used group energy against us for millenia. We have been taught well. Our turn.
    They are few, we are many.

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