Interview 1700 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Canada Invokes Emergencies Act to Seize Convoy Funding

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Worked for Deloitte, Built Vax Track System for Gov’t

Update: Peter Sloly Resigns As Ottawa’s Police Chief

World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed

Chrystia Freeland | World Economic Forum

The FLQ and the October Crisis

Story #2: IRS Abandons Plans To Require Third-Party Facial Recognition

“IRS announces transition away from use of third-party verification involving facial recognition”

NWNW Flashback: Payment Apps Will Now Have to Report Transactions to IRS

This D.C. Start-Up Is Taking On Some Giant Tech Companies In the Race to Simplify Sign-Ons

Digital ID in Ontario

Good News, Tax Evaders! The IRS Can’t Keep Up

Story #3: The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine, It’s About Germany.

US Expert Warns France And Germany Will “Throw The Americans Under The Bus”

Ukraine Holds Military Drills With U.S. Forces, NATO Allies

US Battles Russia for Heart of the EU

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Banks & Defense Ministry Websites Down Amid Cyberattack Fears

U.S. Def Sec Selects Michael Bloomberg to Chair Pentagram’s Defense Innovation Board

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  1. Greatly appreciate your talks. Looking out the window right now, 5:45 EST Canada, we have a furious snow storm starting. Kind of sets the mood for current conditions here.
    Truckers bad, government good.

    Interesting side note;

    Unintended consequences?

    Or, just a cover for the banks to work under cover?

    People are pissed, right here in my home town. All this Ukraine cover my Biden’s ass coverup crap just exacerbates the story. MSN is reaching, humans, people, souls on a human journey are sayin no.

    I opted out, out of the “system” not personal responsibility, to prove a point to myself. We can live free.

    We will all live free and wonderful lives when we lose our shackles of bought and financed by us Tyranny.

    In Lak’ech

    Live free.

  2. War Measures Act, invoked three times (War Powers Act?)
    I was there!  🙁

    1. WWI
    2. WWII
    3. 1970 October Crisis

    • you were there three times? Cudos to you.

      Be well my friend.

      In Lak’ech

        • Me too!!

          To young at the time to understand the full meaning. Hopefully now I understand it. Think I do, we’ll see.

  3. I understand the important of emphasizing medical freedom and bodily autonomy regardless but I think is also vitally important to build a new narrative alongside medical freedom to attack the necessity to vaccinate everyone. So long as people believe in the false claims that we have to vaccinate everyone for the vaccines to work, the unvaccinated are harming the vaccinated, the unvaccinated are creating variants then the majority will reject freedom. Only when we drive home that giving up your freedom for safety is a complete scam will the majority finally listen.

  4. Fantastic episode. It really focuses the mind when the pilot tells you to prepare to ditch in the ocean. The problem we have is that the vaccinated hordes would pay good money to upgrade their passports to a shiny, new digital ID.

    • “The problem we have is that the vaccinated hordes would pay good money to upgrade their passports to a shiny, new digital ID.”


      I’m hoping for the day when the ‘vaccinated hordes’ would first need to sign (the old-fashioned way) a document spelling out ALL of the repercussions present and planned of EXACTLY how the new digital ID would impact their lives if they agreed to it.
      All fitting neatly on one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and legible without the need of a magnifying glass.

  5. Even the BBC makes the connection between soaring gas prices and Nord Stream 2.

    ‘UK and EU wholesale gas prices have risen by 17% after Germany’s energy regulator suspended approval of the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany’.

    • Europe is so silly.
      I have been following natural gas and oil for years.
      Europe’s own “green” policies have pretty much destroyed any common sense when it comes to energy.
      Tack on the fact that for years, the U.S. has been hampering the Nord Stream pipeline with sanctions and threats.

      It got really insame this winter with LNG (liquid natural gas) being shipped to Europe from the U.S.
      Gas in the U.S. is cheap, but can bring 10 to 15 times the price in Europe depending upon price fluctuations.
      Heck…there was a U.S. LNG ship almost to Hawaii headed for Asia which changed course for Europe because the profits were so high.
      But…here’s the rub…recently, many of the European LNG shipment storage hubs are almost full, and so they are having a hard time offloading the gas.

      I really appreciate Pilato and Corbett highlighting the FUNDAMENTAL 2-D CHESS PLAY of nationstate domination as presented by Ron Paul’s Mike Whitney
      The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany

      That explains the chess board really well.

      • Yes. It’s all about that pipeline. Biden practically pulled his own pants down making that clear. Revolver News put up a writing about this being about Germany.
        Dr. Joseph Farrell’s recent Nefarium talk on this was very funny. The Russians are brilliant. I know some stellar Russian folks, as well as others. In this case, they get the high humor prize of the decade. Do check it out on his site, Giza Death Star.

  6. Empire does stupid stuff as it fails.

    The thing is that it’s like it’s a race to stay onto as everyone sinks into a demographic hole…Russia can’t fill it’s own land, all alone occupy Europe, Germany has destroyed it’s own energy supply without which it can’t exactly be an industrial power even as it Morgenthau plans itself with low birth rate and immigration, and the US has destroyed it’s own social cohesion to the point that if there is a war half the country might cheer for the other side and we look like a pretty sad sack ally to depend on.

  7. You all keep me sane. Thank you to James, James, and all you commenters. I’m nearing 70 and have been preparing these days for 30 years. I’ve been a libertarian most of my life. For 30 years I have been watching my home state slide into authoritarian socialism. So, I am accustomed to a battle that never ends. But there are some days when the evil and wickedness of what the West has become overwhelms me and a heavy weariness sets in. It’s one defeat after another. That’s when it helps to visit CorbettReport. So many younger people who think clearly and love liberty. It helps keep me going.

  8. Thx zjsnes & James. I posted this comment on fb where i effort to plant seeds to the 98% of my family and friends are not awake.
    so Trudeau jumped the gun??? let cat out of the bag??! another early graduate of WEF’s “young global leaders” 5yr indoctrination school, now pulls out the Banksters’ Totalitarian enslavement digital gulag plans on Canadian’s civil rights – Freeze individuals bank accounts –
    to me, the good is: WE ALL CAN SEE THE 1984 ENDGAME plans: and the psyops (since Club of Rome 1967) put in place to manipulate us all into it – like MR ROGERS says: “CAN YOU SAY SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM?
    ie: 1st set up and installed w kinks tweaked as current AI driven system in China.

  9. RE: Story #1: Canada Invokes Emergencies Act to Seize Convoy Funding

    The Emergencies Act was invoked on Monday Feb 14th, 2022.

    Although the Emergencies Act was paraded as a “temporary” 30 days or less enactment, one aspect will be PERMANENT…

    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance since 2020, states:
    “…The illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowdfunding platforms, and some of the payment service providers they use, are not fully captured under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act…

    …As of today, all crowdfunding platforms, and the payment service providers they use, must register with FINTRAC and must report large and suspicious transactions to FINTRAC.

    This will help mitigate the risk that these platforms receive illicit funds; increase the quality and quantity of intelligence received by FINTRAC; and make more information available to support investigations by law enforcement into these illegal blockades.

    We are making these changes because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity, which is damaging the Canadian economy.

    The government will also bring forward legislation to provide these authorities to FINTRAC on a permanent basis….”
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

    Prior to Trudeau’s announcement on Monday Feb 14th, in the House of Commons at Parliment was a Motion to end the Federal Covid-19 Mandates.
    It was defeated in a vote of 185 to 151, mostly along party lines with the Conservatives voting to end the mandates while Liberals did not want to end the mandates.

    • Freeland is a curious player. She holds both posts of minister of finance and deputy prime minister. An unusual situation, and her background can be got into on Dark Journalist’s most recent from last night, Thursday, an emergent broadcast. All Deep State actors and actresses.

      All citizens ought to be required to work backstage in a theatre for a year before attaining the right to vote. But that would blow their game.

    • As was pointed out in New World Next Week, Chrystia Freeland is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees. According to the WEF, the Board of Trustees is the “guardian of the World Economic Forum’s mission and values.”

      Chrystia Freeland – Wikipedia (born August 2, 1968)

      EXCERPTS (NOT in order or sequence, with minor edits for easier reading.)
      Chrystia Freeland has the informal title of “Minister of Everything”.
      She is a proponent of personal asset seizures and travel bans as part of economic sanction programs.

      Freeland is married to Graham Bowley, a British writer and reporter for The New York Times. The couple have three children. She speaks Ukrainian at home with her children.
      Freeland has known of her grandfather’s Nazi ties since at least 1996.

      Journalism career (1993–2013)
      Freeland began her career in journalism as a stringer for the Financial Times, The Washington Post and The Economist while working in Ukraine. Freeland later worked for the Financial Times in London as a deputy editor, and then as an editor for its weekend edition,, and UK news. Freeland also served as Moscow bureau chief and Eastern Europe correspondent for the Financial Times.
      From 1999 to 2001, Freeland served as the deputy editor of The Globe and Mail. Next she worked as the managing director and editor of consumer news at Thomson Reuters. She was also….

      She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian history and literature from Harvard University.
      She received her Master of Studies degree in Slavonic studies from the University of Oxford in 1993 having studied at St Antony’s College as a Rhodes Scholar.
      During her time at Harvard, she visited the Soviet Union as an exchange student to study Ukrainian, although she was already fluent in the language. While there she attracted the attention of the KGB, which tagged her with the code name “Frida”, and Soviet newspapers, who attacked her as a foreigner meddling in their internal affairs over her contacts with Ukrainian activists. The KGB surveilled Freeland and tapped her phone calls, and documented the young Canadian activist delivering money, video and audio recording equipment, and a personal computer to contacts in Ukraine. She used a diplomat at the Canadian embassy in Moscow to send material abroad in a secret diplomatic pouch, worked with foreign journalists on stories about life in the Soviet Union, and organised marches and rallies to attract attention and support from western countries. On her return from a trip to London in March 1989, Freeland was denied re-entry to the USSR….

    • Chrystia Meth
      “I need my glass pipe.”

      I want to point out some odd behavior by Chrystia Freeland on the day of the announcement of the Emergencies Act (Monday Feb 14th).
      The Attorney General comes to the podium after she finished with her Financial Extortion Mandates against freedom lovers.
      Chrystia Freeland is in the background while he speaks.
      Watch her.
      Like a crack-pipe smoking sociopath, she nods her head repeatedly and is full of fidgety body movements. She glances towards Trudeau as if to seek “god knows what”.
      It is very odd behavior.
      Like a “good girl” when she shifts to the other side of the podium, she tries to place her feet on her floor mark.
      A neurotic sociopath.
      QUEUED Video when Chrystia Freeland leaves the podium.

      I wonder if she and Hunter Biden hang out together.

      • Definitely looks like she’s on some kind of stimulant. She can’t keep still and is shuffling her papers. I had to turn off the volume, because I can’t stand listening to these tyrants, but you can still see her moving about.

        I bet a lot of these tyrants do drugs, wouldn’t shock me at all if they smoke crack or meth.

        I remember a couple decades ago I used to clean houses for some side money and I cleaned the house of a local government official and he was a meth head. His place was a mess, I mean filthy with a glass pipe in the bedroom.

      • ahahahahaha exactly !!!! twitchy tweeker. what a fucking clown show all these people are.

      • Homie,
        She must have known Mayor Ford,eh?

    Just to let you know MyEye1…

    Corbett likes a description of the link and has stated this many times in the past on the comment Threads with many people, including me. So, don’t take offense if you see a message.

    I expect a message stating:
    [SNIP – No links without titles and/or explanations, please. Please re-post the link with a title or explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

    I’m a big advocate for having an adequate description of a link in the comment section.
    The more thorough the description, the better.
    This helps Corbett Report Members (and non-Members) decide if they want to click the link.

    The description (or excerpts from the article) also adds to the historical record in the comment section.
    I have found dead links and expunged videos as a result of adequate information in the comment.

    A good description can help facilitate one’s research into a topic.
    I have found valuable information on the Corbett Report comment section and/or Corbett’s articles and episodes just by doing searches with a search engine…and some of this information goes back many years.

    Does the world sometimes see worthwhile, well written and sourced Corbett Report comments?
    You bet your ass. Everyone who is online has Google. Here are a couple of examples of how someone came to the Corbett Report as a result of descriptive comments…
    [“How I search the comments” is just north of this link.]

  11. RE: Story #3: The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine, It’s About Germany.

    At the 19:23 minute mark, Broc West threw in a brief video clip without sound.
    This is a CLASSIC U.S. INTELLIGENCE video.
    It was noted in early February on NWNW 1685.

    Journalist Matt Lee accuses State Dept. spokesman Ned Price of veering into “Alex Jones territory” by making the claim that Russia plans to stage a “false flag” attack with “crisis actors” — Price then sneeringly calls Lee a Russian propagandist
    U.S. State Department on Russian False Flag Attack
    (5 minutes)

    • By the way, I liked the James Corbett | Broc West humor at the tail end of this week’s NWNW.

  12. Thursday Feb 17th – ABC News
    DOJ official warns companies ‘foolish’ not to shore up cybersecurity amid Russia tensions
    It comes as other U.S. agencies warned of Russia’s cyber capabilities.

    A top Justice Department official issued a stark warning Thursday to companies in the U.S. and abroad, calling on them to immediately shore up their cybersecurity defenses amid a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    “Given the very high tensions that we are experiencing, companies of any size and of all sizes would be foolish not to be preparing right now as we speak — to increase their defenses, to do things like patching, to heighten their alert systems, to be monitoring in real-time their cybersecurity,”
    deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco said in remarks at the Munich Cybersecurity Conference.
    “They need to be as we say, ‘shields up’ and to be really on the most heightened level of alert that they can be and taking all necessary precautions.”

    Monaco said the threat was in no way “hypothetical,” citing the devastating NotPetya cyberattack in 2017 that started in Ukraine before spreading globally and causing billions of dollars worth of damage.
    “I think cybercriminals need to know that — and cyber malicious actors need to know — that attacks on critical infrastructure are unacceptable and will be met with response,” Monaco said.

    It comes as various U.S. agencies warned earlier this week of a cyberattack happening at the same time as a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    On a call with state and local officials on Monday, top cybersecurity officials from the Department of Homeland Security and FBI warned of potential attacks on U.S. cyber infrastructure in concert with a physical invasion of Ukraine, according to a person familiar with the call.
    Last Friday, DHS explicitly warned of Russian cyber-attack and made a veiled mention at the ongoing geopolitical climate….

  13. The USA has been under a state of emergency since Sep. 2001. This has been automatically signed into law by every president since.
    The Canadians are very practical. You have to be to live in the Great White NOrth. Of course they will take their money out of banks. The banksters run the show.

    To anyone paying attention, Truturd made a detailed speech at the outset of this, early 2020, clearly stating the agenda ahead in all aspects. The seizing of all assests and lands and props…properties, …he was very clear in laying the entire agenda out, I’m sure many have saved that video.
    Turning everything into just more of the good guy, bad guy inanaity is juvenile. Peter Pan forever.
    Imagine there’s no money. I wonder if you can. No cash or bit coin, or banksters. No class or castes at all.
    Imagine all the living beings, having permission to live here….ooh, oh oh oh
    I’m a Dreamer.

  14. Mr. James Corbett: While you were in Alberta, Canada, did you ever catch wind of the historical hatred and oppression of British Canada toward French Canada?

    Seems to me allowing Quebec to SEPARATE!! SEPARATE!!…might have saved the British Canadians a lot of bad premiere headaches.
    So…why was Quebec not allowed to SEPARATE!! ??

    Perhaps my curiosity is “out of line”. Being of French Canadian descent tho, I can’t help it.
    When I was up in BC in 2002, doing activist work re: geoengineering.I heard a young Canadian girl jump down the throats of her friends who’d been taught for ages to shit talk “americans”. She’s been to the US, and she poihted out that they hadn’t and didn’t know crap. She insisted that she’d had a great time, been treated well by all every time, was eager to return, and that the folks of the US were awesome.
    That was 2002, mind you. Old habits die hard. Real real hard, on everyone.
    So advise your worth Canadians to leave Quebec alone, and they’ll have no woes forever and ever after.

    So bloody simple.

    • As the Covid narrative collapses, is this the new germ boggy man?

      Is it nothing? Or should people be on the lookout for another move by tyrants?

  15. I thought this term means someone who is pro Hitler and supportive of racial superiority and purity of “white” anglo saxon people. Neo-nazis reportedly have racial hatred towards other groups and want to stay separated from them.

    If you compare this to some zionist groups who believe in ethnic superiority of Jews, they are similar.

    This is what I thought the term meant, not sure with the MSM says or not.

    Both zionists and neo-nazis seem to support parts of eugenics, that some “races” are superior to other ones. I think this is false.

    MSM likes to throw around insults and politically charged categories to attempt to discredit legitimate activism.

  16. Basic human freedoms have no relation to the constitution of any state. At best, the constitution is meant as a deterrent. You can put whatever you want on paper and get a clique to sign it, but you can not change the reality of people being born free and sovereign.

  17. Relative to the “Fog of War” being laid upon the masses by the Oligarchs;

    It should be noted that, not only did the controlled Corporate Governments Approve the “Emergency Use” of up to six different Experimental Injections, but the Private Criminal Drug Companies making the Injections created a number of different doses and combinations of ingredients which they keep track of by Lot Number. The deceived, gullible, brainwashed, are lead to think that all Pfizer Shots are the same when in fact there are many variants including Placebo(Saline solutions) which they give to the people they don’t want dead. There could well be 20 to 100 variants of Approved Experimental Injections whereby only the Lot Number can be used to Identify what is actually in it.
    VAERS Reported Adverse Reactions will have thousands of reports related to 1/200 Lot Numbers while most Lot Numbers report very few adverse reaction. Those getting these Shots have no way of knowing what they are getting unless they know the Lot Numbers and which ones to avoid. I think the confusion (Fog of War) is deliberate. Or, from the view point of the Oligarchs, well planned out.

  18. Justin and his crew came up with the Emergencies Act because they had in fact nothing on the organizers. They could not charge them with anything so they had to make a law to be able to charge them. The rumor is that they are charged with Mischief but if you go look at the definition in the Criminal Code it does not hold much to anything and I am curious what they will bring as proof. I don’t see how these charges would stick in court. I am sure that now that the Act is sort of in place ( they still have to vote on it) then they can sort of imagine some other charges. I think what upsets the government the most is the fact that the first fundraising brought them 10 millions in two weeks and the second fundraising gave them 10 millions in one week. No politician has ever been able to raise that king of money in such a short time. So this is why they needed to freeze that money asap. So they came up with foreign interference. Now a lot of Canadians are taking money out of their bank account and I think it would be one of the best form of protest. The banks will freak out. So today they have arrested at least 70 people, trucks are gone. But tonight there was still a small crowd there dancing and protesting. The arrest were mostly non violent and they deployed a lot of policemen. It will show that Trudeau did not in fact need to resort to the Emergencies Act and I think this will end up backfiring on him. They will resume on Monday the debate on this. We will see what happens. It is very depressing to see this. I was in Montreal during the War Measure Act and it was also a sledge hammer to kill a fly. They used it to arrest many people who had nothing to do with the kidnappings. So I do not trust the government and took most of my money, the little I have, out of the bank and encourage every one to do so. Once you give this kind of power to a government it is usually hard to take it back. And the war is only starting……

    • Thanks for writing all this.

      I hear ya when you say:
      “I think what upsets the government the most is the fact that the first fundraising brought them 10 millions in two weeks and the second fundraising gave them 10 millions in one week.
      No politician has ever been able to raise that king of money in such a short time. So this is why they needed to freeze that money asap.”

  19. I feel most times I have to watch an episode a couple times to get all the powerful i fo that’s in there. Thanks guys! And the joke about Broc was funny!! No report w/o Broc!

    But do take time off, we can wait and we will be here qhen you get back. stay healthy!

  20. I just bought a new 24″ iMac. The new keyboard has a thumbprint button on the top right corner of the keyboard.
    The news from Canada, it is now 2/22/22 Tuesday, is beyond frightening. Frozen bank accounts for contributing as little as $50/Canadian to the truckers. Trucker organizer denied bail. Cops beating people on the streets. Cops hassling women on the street. UN Planes landing in Ontario.
    These are scary times.

  21. I would love to know if James thinks the conflict between Russia and the US reflects a genuine power struggle. Or is it a planned power shift away from the US?

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