Interview 1708 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 23 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Yemen Under Longest Period of Saudi Heavy Bombing Seen Since 2018

NWNW Flashback: Congress Must Act to Stop US Involvement In The Yemen War (Jun. 22, 2018)

Corbett Report Search: “Yemen”

Media Monarchy Search: “Yemen”

Video: Angelina Jolie Visits Displaced Families In Yemen

Tears for Ukraine, Sanctions for Russia, Yawns for Yemen, Arms for Saudis: The West’s Grotesque Double Standard

FOIA Docs Prove The Federal Government Paid Hundreds of Media Companies to Advertise COVID-19 Vaccines, While Those Same Outlets Provided Positive Coverage of the Vaccines

At Least 80 Houthis Killed in NW Yemen Fighting, Airstrikes

Biden Rejected By Saudis, UAE As He Tries to Replace Banned Russian Oil

Saudi-Russia Collusion Is Driving Up Gas Prices – And Worsening Ukraine Crisis

Story #2: ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy

Corbett Discusses ESG and Blackrock in #SolutionsWatch

Podcasts | S&P Global

Story #3: Biden Signs Crypto Executive Order, Hoping to Advance Digital Dollar

Biden Orders Sweeping Cryptocurrency Review, Setting Stage for Regulation

“Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets”

Dow Jones Jumps; Bitcoin Surges As Biden Unveils Executive Order

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Release Technological Research On a Central Bank Digital Currency

Project Hamilton Phase 1 Executive Summary

Federal Reserve Board – Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

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  1. I very much enjoy your dialogue, I also very much enjoy the love and caring you show for each other.

    Something as humans we should pride ourselves in.

    Current time is trying. The narrative is fear.

    This is our planet, our birth right inheritance, All we have to do is move past this narrative of fear.

    Give no one except yourself power. The power to live well and free. It’s a choice. Subscribe or opt out.

    Your right James, sovereign is truth. It is , once understood, the only form of truth. Never let another decide who you are. Never let others make your decisions or future, you own that. It’s yours, period.

    Live your life. Tune out, disengage, just live your life.

    Build community, live in community, embrace freedom, it’s so much better than the crap we are spoon fed.

    Live well,

    In Lak’ech

    • Heard ?

      We need much more of this kind of talk – thanks and, keep it coming please ???

  2. Pilato KILLED me with his “Screaming For Vengeance” comment. Ha!

  3. The reason they dropped the “C” out of ESG is probably for the same reason the “health pass” was called the “green pass”, in anticipation of it’s true vocation.

    and “Fuck Albania” leaps inevitably to mind

    at 1 hour and 3 and a half minutes into the video:

    In fact, the whole movie, as mentioned here somewhere, is … more pertinent than ever with the oowa-oowa-Anne-Frank sirens, the fad king’s multi-fold increase of Albania national colour sales at Amazon, John Belushi conveniently on hand, speaking with earnest political correctness to “his race”, Kirsten Dunst fleeing the bombs of her village with a white cat in her arms… just after poignantly singing songs in her fallout shelter and other telegenic abracadabra martyr heroes and “Fuck Russia” t-shirts…

    and JEP in high form, with his bouncing wild-eyed humor and awesome transitions; smoking will ruin your ESG credit score indeed…

    • The year 2020 drove it home for me that Authoritarians are not embarrased by their nonsensical thinking. Klaus Schwab could dance naked on stage at Davos and world leaders would sing along. Governance now means absurd.

      Wed March 2nd – Wall Street Journal
      ESG Rules Bend With War: SEB Says OK to Invest in Defense Stocks Again

      Swedish financial group SEB said it would start permitting some of its funds to buy shares of weapons makers and defense companies, reversing a position it adopted just a year ago as part of its commitment to investing based on environmental, sustainability and governance principles.

      The war in Ukraine has softened some of its clients’ view on the sector, SEB said Wednesday.

      SEB, formally Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, will from April 1 allow six out of its more than 100 funds to invest in companies that generate more than 5% of their revenue from the defense business, reversing its previous policy. SEB announced the change in its sustainability report on Tuesday and listed the funds that will be allowed to invest in defense companies….

  4. Investing in government crypto is like taking out a car loan so you can buy a car and park it down the road and use it as a bus shelter. Sure a car can be used as a bus shelter but why on earth would you?

    • “…Investing in government crypto…”

      Most people do not care about private money or Free (as oposed to “freeee gift….) money. They care that they can go to the store and get some groceries and most will use whatever is easiest.

      As for ‘investing’ plenty of boomers still believe the system is sound and solid and plenty of non boomers are so invested in the present system for their survival that they force themselves to believe.

  5. — The Real Narrative by James and James —

    James Evan Pilato and James Corbett illuminate what Independent Media should do, how alternative media should operate.
    This is highlighted by Story #1: Yemen Under Longest Period of Saudi Heavy Bombing Seen Since 2018.

    This is where the news focus should land, not by what the Mainstream Media dictates is “news”.
    In order to break free, we can’t be led by the MSM narrative, but must create our own story, our own narrative.
    It’s our world to build.

    Corbett underscores the value of the narrative and the story.

    • Nice to see you get a shout out HRS! As always good post!

  6. In my opinion, the Official Authoritarian purported Narrative is always about Control.
    It is not about the benefit of the population.

    Irina Slav is a writer and also an energy journalist living in Bulgaria.
    The following interview demonstrates the illusion of NET ZERO.
    Interview: Doug Sandridge and the hurdles to net zero
    (33 minutes)

    For this week’s interview I sat down with oil industry vet and energy educator Doug Sandridge to talk about the biggest obstacles on the way to net zero and why many of the current plans by governments are unfeasible.

    Bio: Doug Sandridge has more than 46 years of experience in the energy industry, from oil to renewables. He is currently Senior Vice President of Fulcrum Energy Capital Funds and is the founder/director of EnergyPolicyUS, an organization which promotes non-partisan energy education. Doug is an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma teaching Alternative Energy, Power & Fuels in the EMBA program. Doug has recently gained national notoriety for his “7 Hurdles to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.”

    In this interview you will learn:
    ~~~ Why the energy transition cannot happen the way it is being planned
    ~~~ What the issues are that we need to talk more about to avoid blackouts and poverty
    ~~~ Why intermittency may not be the biggest problem of renewables
    ~~~ Why decision-makers are ignoring the problems inherent in transition plans

  7. Completely ignoring the, what now? Eight year civil war in Yemen is just more proof MSM only shows you what they want you to see. It’s sad considering the amount of civilians that’ve been killed over there.

    Shout out to Glenn Beck on the FOIA request story, The Blaze is one of the few “conservative” outlets occasionally putting out good work…

    And speaking of Beck, he was the first one I saw talking about ESG. He was railing about it in terms of which financial institutions you use for everyday transactions. Talked about pulling your money out of ESG member institutions, like regional and national banks. My bank, Huntington, is a regional bank in the Midwest. I looked into their position on ESG, sure as sh*t they have a whole pdf on their ESG status. They go on and on about climate change and sustainability…blah, blah, blah! Interestingly a lot of credit unions aren’t participating in ESG, Beck talks about putting your money there.

    Anyway, great episode as always fellers! Have an awesome day!

  8. I think the trick to overturning the new World Order Banking bastards is to “Unincorporate”.

    Good people often form a Corporation so that they can get funding in order to get their good idea off the ground. At some point the good Idea gains enough Value that causes a bigger Corporation to want it. As it goes, Corporations were created to be Sold, and the original owners cry all the way to the Bank. They may have had some Morals when they formed the Corporation, but they lost them when they sold out.

    We can choose to deal with unincorporated Individuals and co-ops that cannot be sold. This takes us out of the Banker controlled system, whereby the Private Bankers, and the Corporations that have grown up around them, seek to own everything (very soon).

    An example of an unincorporated business is the “CorbettReport”. If James had made it a Corporation with Copyrights to all of his created material, someone would have bought him out by now (even if they had to threaten his life in order to make it happen. As it is, there is nothing to sell, or sell out. The temptation does not even exist.

  9. Your CBDC will be frozen just like Russian assets when you refuse to eat bugs and walk 12 miles to your slave job.

  10. Really James Pilato, you didn’t know about ESGs? That surprised me. I think they are the cause of the current oil crisis and the beginning of a very cold and hungry era.

  11. — Fair Game Tidbit Trivia —
    James Evan Pilato – Sante Fe – CIA – Sean Pean – Movies
    …and…Trump’s “Filling the Swamp”

    James Pilato brings up Sean Pean. Sean Pean starred in a “true” story 2010 film entitled:
    Fair Game.

    The film revolves around two real life characters who are married and currently living in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Joseph C. Wilson and Valerie Plame.
    In the “Fair Game” film, Valerie Plame is employed by the Central Intelligence Agency, a fact known outside the agency to no one except her husband and parents.
    Her husband, Joseph C. Wilson, is a diplomat who served as the U.S. ambassador to some African countries.
    The question comes up about yellowcake uranium from Africa being procured by Iraq for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Wilson says “no”, but George W. Bush uses the uranium narrative in 2003 as part of the pretext for war in Iraq.
    Drama unfolds with dirty tricks.
    Eventually, vice president Dick Cheney’s chief of staff and national security adviser, Scooter Libby, is convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice and given a 30-month prison sentence, although President Bush commutes the jail time on Libby’s behalf.

    At the very end of the film is script which says that Plame and Wilson moved from D.C. to Sante Fe, New Mexico.

    In 2017, the couple sold their Sante Fe house. See pics…

    June 3, 2020 – AP and ABC News
    Fernandez defeats Valerie Plame in New Mexico House primary
    Attorney Teresa Leger Fernandez has defeated former CIA operative Valerie Plame to win the Democratic primary for an open seat representing New Mexico in Congress

    …In her first run for public office, Plame harnessed her fame as a former U.S. intelligence operative whose secret identity was exposed shorty after her diplomat husband disputed U.S. intelligence used to justify the 2003 Iraq invasion.

    On the campaign trail, she emphasized her experience in speaking truth to power in Washington and her solidarity with people who feel betrayed by President Donald Trump.

    Trump recently pardoned vice presidential aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby of his conviction for lying and obstruction during the investigation into the leak of Plame’s identity.

    Plame outpaced all competitors in campaign contributions, leveraging her national name recognition in promotional ads involving daredevil driving maneuvers and a newsreel-style montage of her thwarted undercover career aimed at keeping nukes from terrorists…

    …The final weeks of the Democratic primary were marked by untraceable dark-money advertising that included paid social media video spots from a group with anonymous contributors that accused Plame of racism….

  12. Me too. It’s hard though. I’m sure some people know on some level what’s happening, but it’s a lot to take in. I think some people feel powerless to stop what’s unfolding and they freeze up and just want to put their head in the sand.

    In order to wake people up, one must get to the heart and that’s hard to do.

  13. It would be a dog gone shame if NSA were the ones who invented cryptocurrency. It’s not like they wrote papers on it in the 90’s and the inventor of bitcoin uses an alias. Nope, nothing to see here folks. Run along and get your digital fiat backed by ‘math’. Come to think of it, solving a math problem has always purchased me a loaf of bread at the store, and not actual productivity and work. The insane amount electricity that is needed to support the bitcoin ecosystem is also very green for the Earth. Or wait.. You mean bitcoin ain’t green? rught roh, perhaps it should be banned completely so we can achieve net zero carbon? Poof?

    • Friday March 11th – Bitcoin Magazine
      The Questionable Ethics Of Bitcoin ESG Junk Science
      This is a guest post by Level39.

      [Not a short article. Graphics are used to help relay concepts.]

      Here in Texas, miners are being welcomed to take advantage of ‘wasted’ energy.
      Personally, I view crypto mining just like any other activity which mankind does. Mankind’s products, services and living all require energy.

      – Renewable Energy –
      There are a lot of misconceptions about renewable energy, its viability and its greeness.
      NET ZERO is essentially zero mental capability.

      • Running the blockchain does get very prohibitive, the more so the more miners compete for a slice of the cake. Of course, I don’t think the majority realise it does not have to be so.

  14. We might be in the ww3 sitskrieg phase.

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