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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: UK to Launch New Digital ID Tech Next Week As Part of Nationwide Digital ID Push

IDVT: Digital Identity Document Validation Technology

S. Africa “Considers” Requiring Citizens to Turn Over Biometrics to Own Phones, Obtain Sim

Digital Ministers Agree to “Explore” National ID System in Australia

Canada School of Public Service Panel Proposes Digital IDs Tied to Vaccine Passports

Episode 415: The Global Digital ID Prison

Story #2: Dumbphone Sales Soaring As People Revolt Against “Overwhelming” Smartphones

Unplugging From the Matrix – #SolutionsWatch

Larry Rosen Gives Practical Advice on Controlling Your Smartphone

Bernays Propaganda: Edward Bernays

Story #3: Performers Dropping Like Flies As Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters Drummer, Dies At 50

Frontman for Swiss Metal Band Knut, Didier Séverin, Dies

Handshake Murders Vocalist Jayson Holmes Dies At 42

Taylor Hawkins, Drummer of Foo Fighters, Dead At 50

Too Close To Touch Vocalist Keaton Pierce Dies

Country-Roots Musician Jim Miller Of Western Centuries Passed Away Unexpectedly

R&B Singer Keith Martin Dead At 55

Mira Calix, Acclaimed Electronic Musician and Artist, Dead At 51

Tom Parker: The Wanted Singer Dies Aged 33

Image: “First they came for… Ukraine” Signage In the Window of the 9:30 Club in D.C.

NWNW Flashback: Ticketek Unveils ‘World First’ Integrated Mobile Ticket and Vaccination Check-In (Nov. 4, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: New Coalition of Musicians Opposing Vax Mandates and Segregation (Oct. 14, 2021)

Free The Nation Music Dot Com

NWNW Flashback: “Gotta Keep Em Segregated” is the New Rallying Cry – “Punk” Band The Offspring Fires Drummer for Refusing to Take COVID Vaccine (Aug. 5, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: Foo Pfizers ‘Vaxxed Only’ Concert Canceled After Vaxxed Band Member Gets COVID (Jul. 22, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: These Florida Concert Tickets Are $18 If You’re Vaccinated, $1,000 If You’re Not (Jun. 3, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: Take Me To Your Vaxxapalooza – Mayor Lightfoot Announces Return of Lollapalooza to Chicago (May 27, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: Fake Punks Get The Real Jab – Fake Rebels Jump On “Punks Get the Jab” Bandwagon (Apr. 15, 2021)

NWNW Flashback: Fake Musical “Rebels” Cash in on Orange Man Bad (Oct. 15, 2020)

Albright Was a Key Figure Sparking New Cold War by Championing NATO Expansion as Secretary of State in 1990s

Madeleine Albright: Putin, “So Cold As to Be Almost Reptilian,” Is Making a Historic Mistake

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  1. That was a big shift for that Taylor Hawkins. Check out how much he was involved in the fight against the AIDS/HIV scam, the drugs, the pcr, all of it. Hmmmm……………….
    Don’t think it’s too hard for rockers of fifty to drop from the enourmous shedding and emf fields in those halls. I had the worst headache in my entire life after performing in a small small cafe, nearly a year ago. It’s nuts.
    Glad you’re as pissed about the hypocrite “rock star” money worshipers pushing poison. Make enough mula, you’re owned, don’t care what you say. Bought and sold.
    Great report, thanks.

    • Part One

      Our band, The Tattooed Vegetables, did a gig with the Dead Kennedy’s back in 1983. Sonoma State College, CA.

      We put out the poster on Jackie in Crosshairs to advertise the gig which caused a stir.

      They were overrated then and they are now underrated, which is good.

      They had little to say and their music stunk.

      On the more prescient note:


      Here is a perfect example of the ‘repressive capital accumulation’ model that we historically find ourselves in and that I mentioned in a prior post and that was touched on in an excellent show.

      The tools of war that are being used in Ukraine are the same tools that are used in partnership with the NYPD in New York.

      This is today’s news, March 14, 2022 and involves a Peter Thiel funded Clearview AI.

      • Part Two”


        14 Mar, 2022 16:34

        HomeWorld News

        How liberty-infringing facial recognition threatens you everyday

        “Even more troublingly, emails obtained by MuckRock testify to an intimate relationship between the NYPD and Clearview AI. The firm’s artificial intelligence applications allow police to upload images of suspects and compare them to a 10 billion-strong database of facial images scraped from the web, including public websites and social media accounts without adequate privacy settings.

        Clearview’s website boasts of its ability to provide police with customized mugshot and watchlist galleries and facilitate collaboration with other agencies on a regional and national level. Its quest to become the centralized source of facial recognition imagery has been furthered by over 1,800 public agencies testing or using it. Beyond police forces, the technology’s tentacles reach schools, hospitals, immigration, and the Air Force, among a great many others.

        The company features prominently in a 2021 Government Accountability Office review of FRT use, which found that 18 out of 24 US federal agencies – a total which didn’t even include intelligence services, such as the CIA – employed FRT systems in 2020 for purposes including cyber security, domestic law enforcement, and surveillance.

        Six (the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense, Health and Human Services, Interior, and Treasury) reported using the technology “to generate leads in criminal investigations, such as identifying a person of interest by comparing images of the person against databases of mugshots or from other law enforcement encounters.”

        Ukraine Using Thiel-Backed Clearview AI Facial Recognition During Russia Invasion

        Zero HedgePosted on March 14, 2022

        Ukraine Using Thiel-Backed Clearview AI Facial Recognition During Russia Invasion

        Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense on Saturday began using AI facial recognition technology from Peter Thiel-backed Clearview AI – which has been used for several years by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to collect photos on social media sites for inclusion into a massive facial recognition database.

  2. You put the wrong download MP4 link

  3. If anyone decides to buy a “dumb”phone they should get a model that lets you pry the back of and get at the battery.

    Even a dumb phone will be doing things you don’t know about…the slower processor means it can not spy as much but I would bet most do bluetooth pinging at the very least. If you have a smartphone it’s a good habit to turn off the internet except when you need it for a specific job.

    PULL the battery out and it won’t be able to do any sneaking…also you can carry a spare which is good.

    Oh…. Netflix was founded by his grand nephew. I made that mistake too.

    • If you can’t remove the battery, then a Faraday Pouch is essential.

    • “If anyone decides to buy a “dumb”phone they should get a model that lets you pry the back of and get at the battery.”

      Speaking of pulling the battery…
      Have any techies here attempted to operate on their phones that didn’t have a removable battery?

      I hardly ever use my phone or take it anywhere, but I was toying with the idea of installing
      a switch to disconnect the battery.

      Has anyone done that?

      • Fawlty Towers

        “..I hardly ever use my phone or take it anywhere, but I was toying with the idea of installing
        a switch to disconnect the battery….”

        You can try looking on YouTube for videos on getting into your model of phone… they have vids on how to change out the camera, mic, speaker and such for a number of phones. The hardest part looks like getting the case open (without a hammer) 😉

        I would think that you could just put wires between the outputs and fit a switch on the back… There is not much room for additions inside most cases and you may fuglyize the phone case it getting it open.

        You might be able better removing the battery and connecting it via cable thru the case to an external battery? That might look less horrible

        Or you could do that thing (Carbon phone I think they called it??) where you remove the cameras and mic and just use a headset. IF you can remove the gps it will only be able to track you to Cell Tower zones…. but since there is a public map of most every wi-fi in the world any wi-fi networks you detect can be used to locate your position so you’d want keep wi-fi off most of the time….lol lots of work 🙂

  4. #GetWiseNotSmart
    Get re-corded NOT recorded.
    Get Plugged-in Not #Zapped.

  5. — MUSIC –-
    Freedom Fighter Musicians

    …and Next Rally on 4/10…
    Defeat The Mandates: An American Homecoming
    Grand Park, Los Angeles, CA
    April 10, 2022

    Grand Park is a 12-acre park located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California. Massive turnout is expected.

    Much like the January 23rd “Defeat the Mandates” in Brussels and Washington D.C., this event will be loaded with musical artists.

    • Famous musician Dicky Barrett might MC the “Defeat The Mandates” event.

      Dicky Barrett was well known as the announcer for ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! until 2022. Barrett has spent the majority of his musical career playing for decades with The Mighty Mighty BosstoneS until the band’s breakup in 2022.
      The VAX vs UnVAX issue is what led to the end of both.

      – SONG – “Heart of Freedom“
      (4 minute or 95 second versions)

    • Defeat The Mandates – Palm Sunday April 10th – Downtown LA

      “The Highwire with Del Bigtree” on Thursday March 31st developed much of the show around the coming “Defeat the Mandates” event.

      During the show, these people were interviewed…
      Amy Bohn, Mark Sharman, Josh Coleman, Jeffrey Barke, MD

      • Towards the beginning of the show, Amy Bohn (originally from Texas) was interviewed in-house there in Austin, Texas.

        Amy Bohn, Co-founder of PERK ( PERK actively pursues lawsuits in California.
        — PERK —
        Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids
        They have been very effective.

        Amy Bohn has worked diligently on
        (25 minute video)
        There is a wealth of information in this video which tags keywords like
        Microsoft, WEF WorldEconomyForum, Profusa, DARPA, Moderna, NIH, Google, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Commons Passport, The Commons Project, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Global Health Trust, Azure Microsoft APP, AI, SMART health APP, and more.

        PERK also offers a 56 page Resource Guide.
        A Resource Guide with almost 550 sources and links all in one place. “A Shot Heard Around the World,” is a compilation of information predominately coming from original sources, scientific journals, medical journals, peer reviewed studies, lawsuit filings, original letters, and includes direct links to the CDC, FDA, clinical trials, and manufactures own reports….

        LINK –
        The PERK link is part of a
        Corbett referenced SUB-THREAD List — Legal Resources – Vaccines

      • SIDENOTE:
        After the Amy Bohn interview, Jefferey Jaxen came on with recent news stories of the past week.

        One of the stories centered around Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s laptop
        Jaxen goes indepth and brings up Ukraine in 2014 which Corbett members are aware of.
        He discusses the BioLab connection with Hunter Biden.
        Jefferery refers to BioLab articles by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

        Corbett Member zyxzevn [67 ZYX-ZEVN] recently provided links to some of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva’s works here…

        And the other day, Corbett Member UKJC had asked about Dilyana here…

  6. The music industry sellout pains me very much as well. I’ve loved music for a long time and am now barred from many concerts, whether it be by the venue’s policy or the artist’s request. I refuse to support any artist who requires the poison shot and/or a negative test but give some wiggle room to the less-famous who struggle and play any venue they can get. I still won’t go to venues that require anything but a ticket, but I’ll buy the artist’s music if they don’t push the jab.

    As I listened to the show, it struck me as ironic that I was doing so from my smartphone, lol. I am required to have a personal one for my job, and the company won’t pay for it. I know smartphones are nefarious tracking devices and am not trying to criticize the report. I’m probably the “addict” you guys described. In all fairness, we’re being tracked and surveilled everywhere by numerous means even without them, and as someone else mentioned, “dumb” phones probably aren’t entirely stupid, either. Refuse to use a smartphone, and the digital ID people will find another way to monitor someone’s every move. By all means, though, if someone can get by without one, that’s great. 🙂

    • “…Refuse to use a smartphone, and the digital ID people will find another way to monitor someone’s every move….”

      That is the attitude that has gotten us to this point.

      Not attacking you personally when I say this but people have been “nudged” by very light pressure the same way I walk a bunch of chickens into the coup all by myself because I know they dont like me standing too close to them and what direction they will run in….. freedom depends on being the ass chicken that breaks from the flock and runs into the bushes 🙂

      • Awesome analogy – I will never part with my flip-phone! No data, just calls and text. Love reading your comments.

        • Which carrier do you have? Nearly all flips over, say, two years old will no longer work on AT&T. AT&T rolled out a White List of phones they will “allow” along with the 3G shutdown. A couple of 4G LTE capable flips I had on hand no longer work because of that White List.

          Both Verizon and T-Mo will shut down their 3G this year, as well. But T-Mo, and to a lesser extent, Verizon, are more liberal on what they will service, provided it can do LTE.

          And to clarify, most voice calls are now being carried over LTE (VoLTE)…that doesn’t refer only to data service.

    • The Music Industry is run by the same sort of “people” who run the Banking Industry.

  7. For the last couple weeks I noticed that I wasn’t getting all the spam calls on my 25 dollar per month dumb cricket phone that I usually get. Then a friend told me that when he tried to call me it went straight to voicemail.
    I didn’t think much of it until two days ago when I received a text from Cricket telling me that “Urgent Action is Required”.
    It then went on to instruct me how to enable HD voice service in my settings. Something new I guess.
    I followed the instructions and it fixed the problem and dramatically improved both the incoming and outgoing audio as well.
    My wife and business partner are on the same plan and they both have had to replace their phones in the last year. I’m still using the one I got three years ago. They didn’t have any problems with their phones.

    I am wondering if they didn’t switch to 5G or something and needed to install an update.
    Anyway, my flip phone is pretty dumb but I’m sure it is still spying on me in some way.
    I miss corded phones and answering machines.

      • Hi Steve, Thanks for the link to Max Igan. I quit watching his videos a couple of months ago. I’m not sure about that guy. But I’ll watch the video in the link.

    • Most voice calls are using LTE now…VoLTE. You activated the HDV protocol linked to VoLTE.

      LTE is still 4G. Most towers and most phones still don’t do “real” 5G (mid- to high-band 5G).

      • Yes, it said something about LTE in the texted instructions.
        Its good to know that its not 5G. Thanks.

    • “I miss corded phones and answering machines.”

      They’re still available and easy to purchase.
      I’m living proof. 🙂

      If all cell phones were trashed worldwide tomorrow I wouldn’t miss them at all.
      In fact, I would much prefer it, as people might start “smelling the roses” once again.

  8. I am reminded of one of my friends, who at 42, still calls herself a “punk”. She frequents the local punk rock bar and the small local rock venue. She got the jab last year. We tried to talk her out of it, using arguments that it was still in the trial phase and they weren’t disclosing all the ingredients, and there no long term studies, etc. Her rebuttal? “I’ve done so many drugs in my life, and put so much crap in my body, sometimes not even knowing what it was. So what’s the big deal? It must be safer than ecstasy.” So, she takes recreational drugs for decades without caring about the consequences (still does), then takes the vaxx because no she is concerned about her health?!?! So confusing. How do people rectify this cognitive dissonance?
    But hey, she’s still alive (refused the booster) and gets to see all her favorite sellout bands (not to be confused with sold-out) because she too is a follower, not the punk-rebel she appears to be.
    Meanwhile, my husband and I have not been to any local shows recently, because our favorite venue wants proof of cult membership before rocking out.
    Se la vie.

    • It is valid point that many people take recreational drugs without knowing what’s in them and they mostly turn out fine. The big difference is there are decades of proven and successful treatment of adverse events from recreational drugs but no reliable treatment options for adverse events from the mRNA injection. That is why the adverse event reporting systems throughout the world have been exploding with new cases. If people are getting successfully treated or their adverse effects are tolerable then they would never file a report like with all other vaccines. Now the effects are so bad and long lasting that people are finally willingly to file a report out of pure desperation.

  9. “The death of any unrepentant sinner is a tragedy, isn’t it?” Yes.

  10. I don’t see how Mark Lanegan suffering this illness disproves that 5G may be a contributing factor in these Covid illnesses. It is frustrating but understandable how people brand new to doubting the mainstream narrative can get these theories wrong. If Mark believes 5G technology contributes to Covid illnesses, he should not expect himself or others to avoid getting sick as 5G is being released nearly everywhere and cannot be avoided. What’s worst is that his symptoms match much more closely with radiation poisoning rather than viral respiratory illnesses. It could have been an opportunity to add to the 5G theory but Lanegan instead added more unbelievable symptoms to the Covid symptom list.

  11. Thanks for the report. No smart phone here ever. But then perhaps I’m not smart enough to operate a smart phone. The brick phone works well enough in emergencies. And we get a lot of emergencies in California. A solar charger for the brick phone is a must.

  12. PS: Seeing Madeline Deathright wearing gold peace doves just about make me puke.

  13. Over the years I have owned two “smart” phones, one google and one linux, and never got much use from them. I think my fingers just don’t have the right touch for those screens. So I’m back to a flip phone — I can put it in my pocket with my keys and not worry about it, I can use it for voice and text if needed, I can (and usually do) turn it off and I could remove the battery. (Another advantage of turning it off is that it sits in my pocket without emitting radiation.) The battery lasts for probably > 24 hours before charging is needed. It works with Ting, which is about the cheapest reliable carrier in the US. It could play podcasts, but I have a separate, cheap mp3 player for those. I do wish someone would offer a real keyboard that I could plug into the flip phone when I need to write a text message.

    • Taxpayer

      “…I do wish someone would offer a real keyboard that I could plug into the flip phone when I need to write a text message…”

      If you have a bluetooth keyboard I think you could sync it to the phone and use that…. they have all kinds of sixes of those things now, though not a personal favorite

      as a LOL I say a YT guy use a series of adapters to change his Olde IBM model M keyboard to fit the micro USB on his phone and he then typed on the phone with it 😉 Not a great idea there but you could see if there is a wired keyboard that works if your anti Bluetooth

  14. So glad I watched this. Ive just rummaged through all my old tech stuff and pulled out an old IMO phone. I remember it cost £5 8 years ago and I paid cash so no connection back to me. Im looking forward to using it and when someone asks for my smartphone I can say I don’t have one.

    • Does it work on the modern networks? I bought three devices for just phone and tech and the company had just shut those bands down on their network…infact just about EVERY carrier has or will in the near future

  15. I am glad I don’t own a cell phone, smart of dumb. I don’t miss it at all.

  16. Ha, guess what, 2 months ago I bought a dumb phone, but it was to replace my old dumb phone that died on me. I had it for maybe 6 years. No dancing pictures, just phone and text. It even has on on/off button, so I do have to wait a few minutes for it to fire up. I never wanted to be a cell phone zombie staring at my cell phone during a walk. I kinda feel sorry for them, especially when the the weather is near perfect, and more so if they had the jab. I think alot of people are exhausted due to the 24 hour news cycle, the cell phones and having to work and eat, kids and the mate. It can be too too much.

  17. No more Egg McMuffins in Russia.
    How about an Egg VanyaMuffin?
    After McDonald’s Closed 847 Restaurants in Russia, Russian Government Renamed Them “Uncle Vanya”

    Authored by Mike Shedlock via
    The Ruble Regains 100% Of Its Loss After Russia Invaded Ukraine, Why?

    This article offers excellent insight on Russia regarding oil, gas, sanctions, entities doing business with Russia, Parallel Credit Card Payment System, and more.

  18. I wonder if the dumb phone sales bump is due to the phasing out of 3G, which happened in February this year. It could be that a bunch of people with their old 3G dumb phones had to replaced them with a 4G dumb phone. Time will tell.

    I’m not clear that the 4G dumb phone isn’t a potential surveillance tool. They use programmable firmware that is updated by the phone companies. Also, once the 5G towers are up every place, the 4G phone can be tracked with their triangulation just as well as 5G, since once you’ve got a bunch of antennas every place, why not track every radio signal they detect?

    • I did my research, and the “Flat Earth” theory…well…falls flat.

    • While A flat earth sounds more plausible than climate change, if you have any technical hobbies like radio or astronomy, you soon find it not to be the case.

      For example. Many of Nicola Tesla’s ideas depended on the earth not being flat.

    • Droves….
      The flat earth scam is a psyo op you can DISPROVE all by YOURSELF if you have a buddy who likes to shoot.

      A quick demo

      If you want to be able to show it and work out how much you should go YouTube and search…

      SNIPER 101 Part 73 – Coriolis Effects on Rifle Bullets

  19. After the 3G shutdown, it’s very difficult to find a “dumb” phone, at least in the USA. There are very, very few options, and they’re either very expensive or low-quality.

    • Last year I got a 4GLTE flip phone for < $100 US, after having verified with Ting that this would work on their network. Checking around today, new phones like this cost more, but still < $200. Newegg offers a "refurbished" one for $70 + shipping. As for quality, mine does what it claims to do and has worked OK for ~8 months since I bought it.

    • thanks mkey, to hear an aus politician speak that way was a surprise, was it a token gesture? for who?, until the camera panned and showed that he was speaking to an empty room. no surprises there.

      wilful terrible two year olds are annoyingly manageable
      wilful adolescents will try it, but pretty quickly fall in line in the presence of an alpha figure
      wilful teen agers, is next level, the hard core will kill to make their point, either themselves or destroy something with value, including others lives; to steer their rage takes tolerance to new limits, but I’ve seen hard cases repent. there seems to be an inbuilt feature, is it in the coding,,?

      if wilful people make it into adulthood, that hallowed ground where the body gradually begins to assert its own laws of attrition, to die from abusive diet and behaviour, then we get messy times, horrific sufferance of many because of the wilfulness of a few. for me, the denial that they have done wrong has been the hardest obstacle.

      The only way Ive kept half sane is by continuously moving (all over this watery ball).

  20. I’d just like to say the amount of musicians, actors, politicians, and athletes that’ve died in the last couple years has been unreal. And I cannot believe that people aren’t connecting the dots here, COVID vaccines roll out and a bunch of celebrities die. Hmmm? Granted a lot of them were older(50+), but think that is the point. Anecdote, my Ma’s boyfriend, his mother just recently died. She took all three of the Pfizer shots. At first they thought she had lung cancer, she never smoked. She was struggling to breathe well, had her on oxygen. Come to find out her lungs were infested with blood clots, and they couldn’t find out why? All they could do was give her blood thinners until she passed. Everyone just assumed old age, I know it had something to do with those shots. I cannot prove it, but I just know it did. RIP Pat.

    Anyway rant over, have an awesome weekend!

  21. I just did a quick digital neurological search (of my brain) to discover how often I require identity proof in my life to access everyday things.
    My search turned up the result in record time (less than one second). Answer: Zero (0) times in the past 10 years. 🙂

    They make it seem like every time we leave our homes the biggest concern we have is proving our identity!

    I’m thinking ahead a few years now and wondering….
    what will happen when I go into my bank to withdraw some money and they tell me “Sorry, as of last month we now require all customers to provide digital ID before they can do any banking transactions. Your accounts are all frozen until such time as you can provide this ID. Here’s a handy leaflet outlining all the steps required for obtaining a digital ID.
    -Step 1. Get vaccinated and boostered (don’t skip any).
    -Step 2. …..
    -Step 3. …..

    Talking about ditching your smartphones…
    how will woke people be able to apologize to their awake conspiracy theorist friends and families once they’re ditched?
    The special ‘apology app’ will only run on smartphones. 🙁

  22. The difficulty in many European countries is that one cannot use internet banking WITHOUT a smart phone to verify most transactions. Only other option is physically going to the bank. Only credit card payments in stores can be done unhindered.

    • Tokens are a valid alternative, at least with some banks.

    • Siscu

      I think you should be able to get a 2 factor authentication device for computer banking if you ask…it generates a code for you to type in.

      The other thing is why are you using a bank? 😉 go in on payday and grab your cash and your instantly 100% more private.

      • In my failed state it is actually illegal to get payed in cash. The law itself allows it, but a “rule book” crafted by a bureaucrat forbids it.

        That’s how far things can get.

  23. Yep. Me too.
    They can have their Hot New World Order.

  24. The introduction of smartphones was definitely social engineering… when I take into account that my first smartphone was free, while my second as well as third smartphones hardly cost me anything and I only had to pay a small amount in my monthly bill to have them. We’re talking about a piece of tech that millions would have paid thousands for, if so requested.

    As for its usage, my current phone is 5 years old and it’s working fine, with hardly any app on it and I don’t take it with me when I leave my house.

    Going back to the age when no one carried a phone on them is an interesting exercise that should at least be tried.

  25. just 2 years ago, i had to throw away my old good working sony ericsson dumbphone. it could not connect anymore to the network, it had only 1G and 2G, but the carrier requiered minimum 3G.

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