Interview 1727 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | May 6, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 68 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: 60 Countries Sign Declaration That Commits to Bolstering “Resilience to Disinformation and Misinformation”

FACT SHEET: United States and 60 Global Partners Launch Declaration for the Future of the Internet

EU and International Partners Put Forward a Declaration for the Future of the Internet

Weaponizing the Current Thing: Biden’s Ministry of Truth & Its Origins

Alleged Russian Cyber Threats Fueled Nearly 2 Million Warrantless FBI Searches of Americans’ Data in 2021

Policy Makers Need Data About Us Despite Privacy Fears

India Orders VPN Providers to Collect Data on Users

Silence the “Voices of April” Viral Video on Shanghai Lockdowns

Stockholm+50 Preparatory Meeting: June 2nd Will Bring Another Global Green Treaty

Story #2: Why Is Canada Euthanising the Poor?

Dead Kennedys – “Kill The Poor”

Three Weeks After Announcing Farewell Reunion Tour, Naomi Judd Dies By Suicide

15 Year-Old Student Kills Himself After Bullying Over Rumor Of Being Unvaccinated

JMU Softball Star Lauren Bernett Died By Suicide 

German Euthanasia Group Requires Vax for Assisted Suicide

Inside the Swiss Assisted Suicide Clinic Where US Sisters Paid $11,000 Each to Die

Episode 396 – Bioethics and the New Eugenics

James Corbett on The Pete Quinones Show

“I’m transhuman. I’m going to become digital”

Story #3: Supreme Court Has Voted to Overturn Abortion rights, Draft Opinion Shows


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  1. Vote blue, ehi? James finally shows his true colors, fits nicely in a soundbite.

    Regarding the abortion/suicide thing, let me break it down for you:

    It’s not a rights issue but an initiation to the dath cult. There are 50 million plus abortions per year and who knows how many billion people who will justify this practice while being completely oblivious to the fact they are taking part in a blood ritual. You do not have to know, understand nor believe in it to take a part in the ritual.

    People will often pull the “it’s hard enough” card when defending the decision to pull out unwanted tissue in form of an unborn child and to them I say it should be 10 times harder. It should be so hard that you wake up in cold sweat every night until your child would have turned 18. And then some.

    It all boils down to not just lack but complete obliterarion of personal responsibility. You just do whatever you want and we’ll help rid yourself of the cobsequences. At a cost of course, but you won’t be able to understand it anyhow so don’t worry about it.

    It’s a trap and the masses are completely oblivious.

    Also, I’ll note it here since James C mentioned it in passing and Curtis Stone talked about it in more detail in his video I linked to somewhere in the open thread a few days ago:

    Lack of workforce is nothing but the end result of massive psyop of dehumanisation. There is something in the fact that most jobs today are dehumanising themselves, but that just boils down to the same root cause: many people, way too many people are just trash. They had trash upringing, they had trash education, they are extremely confused, they lack focus abd understanding, they are overmedicated and intoxicated in more ways than one. They eat and live in filth, again, in more ways than on.

    They lack care, they don’t care about anything as long as they can latch on to someone or something for food, like a parasite. They will tell themselves they have it all figured out, but a point in the future needs to come. Now things suck, but tomorrow they’ll start turning everything around, just watch.

    If the internet does go down, I have a hunch we’ll get to see a rash of suicides as never in known history. What, millions of unhooked addicts, all at the same time? How could it go right.

    I’m talking from personal experience here, pulling yourself by the shoulders is possible, so there is no room to get offended, but get informed on how hard the work that has to be done really is.

    Have a nice Friday.

    • After a recent e-mail I received telling about an abortion clinic worker who quit after she saw a baby being dismembered and fighting for his life on the ultrasound, I decided that the women should watch it too. Watch their own abortion on ultrasound. Watch their babies fight for their lives, trying to get away from the weapons of the villains wielding them.

      Despite more than one person advising me to abort my child, I refused. He is now 29 years old.

      • There are many such stories. Stories about people who quit that “job” becuase it finally became too much for them, the reality of their actions was to much to bear. “I am just doing my job” is a very thin veil of justification that can not stand any scrutiny or self re-spect.

        I have read about this woman who handled hundreds af abortions and who finally broke down over a woman who was doing her fourth abortion. She was basically using abortion as a contraception method.

        In another story the doctor referenced there was a woman who came in accompanied by her girl friend. After the doctor pulled out the unwanted tissue, the friend asked the woman if she wanted to see the child (something that shuld probably be mandatory) to which she replied “No, I just want you to kill it”. I guess there’s no doubt about what the abortion meant to that woman, no mixed feelings over there. But at least she was honest about it.

        The doctor also spoke about later meeting the people (meaning couples and women, not birthing parents) she interacted with in her practice. Generally, those who did not go through with the abortion were a lot happier about it than those who did. Some of the latter were really devastated years later.

        I have also read about how (how often I don’t have an idea) doctors will recommend abortions due to “markers” (PCR screening maybe? We know how well that works) which people would sometimes ignore and women would go on bearing healthy children.

        • What is the only difference between a pre-born baby and a fetus?

          As far as I can tell, the only difference is whether the baby is wanted or not. A couple that has been hoping to have a baby, don’t go around for 9 months saying, “I/she have/has a fetus.” That is a “baby” from the start. It is only unwanted babies that are “fetuses.”

          • That’s the crux of the matter: moral relativism. To remove a fetus/baby is moral because it aligns with what they want to do, regardless of what will happen with the fetus/baby.

            To dehumanize the fetus is crucial. Just as it is crucial to keep the people on the lowest possible vibration, such that will enable them to justify and make up right for just about anything. Only because they want to or because it has to be done or because they want to be safe or because they don’t see any other ways through that pin hole they use to watch at the world.

      • Yesterday I watched the latest video by Really Graceful in which she, in a timely fashion, approached the topic of “baby formula” shortages. She noted how young mothers, especially during the past two years, are isolated from the rest of the (caring, prone to share experience) family and often pressured into administering the “formula” right from the get go. Apparently, it may take a few days for the mother to start lactating, during which period the staff swoops in to terrorize the mother as much as possible.

        This opens up several venues of thought.

        Isolation can not be good for the woman, nor the child, going through with the birthing experience, especially if first time around. She is basically left to the means of company … erm hospital policy. Of course it’s great to have the father there, but it would be extremely beneficial to have an experienced third party midwife present.

        Feeding the chemical “formula” to the child right off the bat will certainly alter the baby’s capacity to ingest food, as well as its taste for food.

        I can only imagine how babies can get hooked to that gook, without the ability to understand what’s happening nor to express it in any way. Besides screaming their lungs out, which many tend to do anyhow.

        It will also, most probably negatively, influence the mother’s ability to produce milk on regular intervals, regularity being probably detrimental to the whole process. The body has to somehow adapt to the need, when there’s the need to keep producing more to produce more or when to stop.

        Anyway, what do I know about it. No children, no breasts

  2. MAID.

    Yea, as alluded to, the maid is the one who comes and cleans things up right. And as imperceptibly, quickly and efficiently as possible…


    MINUSTAH = the UN’s murderous effort through machine gun showers from the sky, point blank shots to babies’ necks, cholera and perhaps even an earthquake to quell a (brown-skinned) people’s right to get their minister or rather their president back from being kidnapped …

    Just three off-hand examples of this omnipresent cryptolanguage relentlessly insinuating, forming perception, being spoken through anagramic, homophonic, acronymic, visual suggestion… in a sort of Lacanian tradition?

    the tip of an idea that I’d like to learn more about

    As they’re Russian the collapse of the dollar and after playing their deeply divisive Trump card are they Biden their time as the fully codified technocratic social credit panopticon is slotted into place finally making the term “legally binding” utterly superfluous and obsolete?

  3. “Your body, their choice” makes it sound like you’re in favor of laws permitting infanticide, which abortion is. “If there is no God, everything is permissible,” as Ivan Karamazov said. But if there is a God, and there is, then killing the unborn child is an unspeakable crime, an egregious offense against the Creator, against the unique, newly created and ensouled human being in the womb whose life is snuffed out, and against humanity as a whole. It is only decaying and corrupted societies that do not defend those who cannot defend themselves.

  4. I think this deliberately “leaked” doc was timed to closely follow (but not TOO closely) the world-wide imposed vaccination campaign in order to even more consciously spark the widespread debate about the merit’s of the slogan “my body, my choice!”

    so as to come to a general “consensus” (yes, note the “con” in consensus) that this notion has its limits.

    IOW, that part of the effort of establishing the collective mindset necessary for the imminent global ESG credit system (also instrumentalizing fallacious pretexts wielded in the name of bio-security through 100% vaccination rates) means engineering a general acceptance that you do not have ownership of your body.

    The pro-choice but pro-mandatory vax left-wing

    battling it out with the

    pro-choice for vax but pro-mandatory pregnancy right- wing

    in a confusing mish mash of inconsistent and paradoxical contradictions

    that deconstruct and delegitimize the notion of corporal sovereignty and pave the way for most people to accept the Edicts of the Global technocratic collectivists.

    Forgive me if I’m kicking in open doors here.

    • I thought I was saying “corporeal sovereignty” but what I think I meant was “bodily integrity”…

      Anyhow, ownership of your own body and/or the right to choose what goes in and/or on it.

      • the court was supremely leaky, yet another distracting attraction, and such.

        but if one did have a question about whether abortion is “Malthusian” or not, if one was really not sure, I could sympathize. But, I’m not a woman, and so with respect for the opposite sex’s sovereignty over their bodies, I would used to always support a womans process of deciding.

        ,,yet lingering was the question: what would the babies placard read? “your body my choice” or “your choice my body”?? Eventually, I settled on “no risk without full responsibility” (the sort sorely lacking on so many fronts these days, or dissappearing as Mkey says above).

        Now, I’m grateful to have but skirted the fray’s edge of those killing fields; we can do lots better.

        As soon as we acknowledge or claim identity, a “karmic” avalanche begins. took me decades to recognize truth in that.

        is sex, without the novelty of merged sovereignty & connected/shared respect for our finest capacity to create (a sublime act rather than just a ‘happy meal”),, is it the same billyboybad roulette game people have been playing with the jab fetish? a lusty jab or a soloing-duo surrendering to lifes longing for itself? (spoiler: the 2nd option wins).

        • lifes longing for itself

          Love this formulation, thank you. I sense it’s much more profound than its simplicity suggests.

          As soon as we acknowledge or claim identity, a “karmic” avalanche begins. took me decades to recognize truth in that.

          this is what out materialistic society molded by control freaks who seem to have largely rescinded, or believe they’ve rescinded, their karmic avalanche would apparently like to prevent. In vain, I suspect. they may simply be at the karmic-consciousness-avalanche level of a foetus.

          Life long’s for itself and we are all subject to that karmic avalanche, even the unborn foetus, even the confused mother, even the malthusian death cult psychopath.

          Humans judge. But “life that longs for itself” and consciousness that ever seeks to expand, do not. their inherent nature is such that they evolve inevitably towards creation, which has its own brand of morality that perpetuates more life, more consciousness, more love. Can’t do otherwise.

          the depth and life longing, the “shared respect for our finest capacity to create” of anything in the universe, including sex between humans, is all at different stages of the avalanche but the impetus to live, to create, to love, to experience and the consciousness expanding continues on fundamentally unimpeded.

          As with the climate, that humans so arrogantly tend to believe they have control over, there are forces far more colossal that escape our understanding, driving the meteorological phenomena and karmic avalanches of the human landscape.

          Thanks for your reply, vadoum!

          • Life long’s for itself

            please abort the apostrophe.

        • A propos: a human-designed algorithm calculated that this article (of which I’ve posted an extract below) would interest me and thus sent it to my phone this morning:

          “…These micelles somehow developed into functional cells, and then multi-cellular organisms, long before genes. But why would inanimate creatures self-organize to perform purposeful complex functions, grow and evolve behaviors? And then, presumably, at some point, develop consciousness? Or was consciousness ‘there all along’?

          Mainstream science and philosophy assume that consciousness emerged at some point in the course of evolution, possibly fairly recently, with the advent of the brain and nervous systems. But Eastern spiritual traditions, panpsychism, and the Objective Reduction theory of Roger Penrose suggest that consciousness preceded life.

          Back in the Primordial soup, could light-induced proto-conscious moments have occurred by Penrose Obejtive Reduction in micelles in the primordial soup? Did such moments provide a feedback fitness function to optimize primitive pleasure, sparking the origin of life and driving its evolution? Are similar events occurring in PAHs and organic rings throughout the universe?”

          Stuart Hameroff
          4th May 2022

          • I just followed up the article by listening to this very interesting interview with Stuart Hameroff where he describes an experiment being done to falsify the Penrose/Hameroff “Orch or theory” of consciousness.

            He also described another collaboration with a scientist at UPenn employing “organoids”, various types of neurons clumped together to create “mini brains” on which experiments can be performed which left me a little apprehensive wondering if these poor organoids suffer in the process,

            and on a whole other note, I confess, I was a bit dismayed by the gung ho incitation at the end of the conversation by both the interviewer and Hameroff

            to “oh for sure! Go get your Covid vaccination!”



          • Hi nosoap,
            its a rainy resting saturday here, (hasnt let up much for about 6months +), so I get the luxury of a limited hangout at the infonarium.

            nsr: materialistic society molded by control freaks,,, may simply be at the karmic-consciousness-avalanche level of a foetus.

            v: my father (a psychiatrist ((he mumbled while glancing left)) ), has a model of (about?) 10 selves or personas, that we all cultivate, that develop through (@10?) stages. The trick is that ones aspect of “self” may get retarded or not keep up with other aspects. This is a way of describing how one can appear to be a wisoned auntie, yet act as naughty teenager, or a terrible two’er. The president chucked a barney and nearly pressed the red button,,

            Hameroff: “,,Did such moments provide a feedback fitness function to optimize primitive pleasure, sparking the origin of life?”

            V: oops, ya see, all it takes is a little life, to splain the origin of the grand thing we call life,,, what? hang-on, we got the chicken/egg story again;

            I been round the block a few times; every time I go round I seem to know more and understand less. life gets richer and the body fades. After a while the patterns that endure are the simple, light as feather ones.

            Dont get me wrong, the human body is a most miraculous event; every instant we are aware and appreciate that, I believe, is a little consciousness booster.

            “where does consciousness come from?” . Dunno. It comes, but what really is the question being asked? maybe the seaside campari has a clue?

            • Seems Corbett comments-board affluence might prove to be a novel way of gauging weather patterns across the planet.

              Father’s 10-persona development model for understanding the human psyche… interesting… Why 10? Recurring number in nature? Based on some fractal interpretation of the human psyche within the context of the universe? Easily adapted to the metric system? Just kidding. Sounds provocative and worth investigating.

              the human body as an event… hmmm…

              Of course, the core issue is, was and always will be the chicken and the egg. Unless humans suddenly develop a new, enlightened understanding of the words ‘nothing’ and ‘infinite’ and ‘photon belt’ I guess.

              So next time I get a chance, I’ll lift my campari glass to the incredible lightness of being and enjoy this long-awaited springtime to the fullest.

              May your agile mind and sense of humor keep you safe from the rainy doldrums.

              • merci de donner un peu de courage

              • Tout le plaisir est pour moi!

                And thanks for teaching me the word “koan”!

                Don’t forget the Lunar eclipse of May 16th

                and now I’ll scuttle off to a translation marathon about an obscure corner of France where the lamb definitely can not lay down with the lion.

    • This morning, with abortion being a hot topic in Spain at the moment under the pretext of new legislation, the sub-conscious social contract negotiation seems as simple as:

      We’ll give you a (green) abortion and ‘menstrual leave’

      but you take the vaccine (and or anything that resembles it when we say so).

      and in case there was any doubt in anyone’s subconscious mind, it seems official:

      abortions are environmental and thus good for the planet! So don’t just plant a tree! Show your commitment to saving the planet by having an abortion today!

      • Fate is not without a sense of irony. Those who should have been aborted try to precipitate abortions of others.

  5. Thanks for the NWNW report. Death is always in the news. War and Covid are also always on the news. Life, peace, God, prosperity…..ahhh, those are so out of date and who wants to watch that?
    California is still a covid cult masked jabbed socially distance POS. We’ve had some rain in Sonoma County, but are on level 2 water restrictions. So of course the city raised water and sewer rates.
    The town newspaper just went out of business after being here for over 100 years. It was very progressive, but it did print my letters to the editor.
    Strange spring weather here in Sonoma County. Cold and windy nights with hot afternoons. Furnace on at night. A/C during the afternoon.

    • TT: “Death is always in the news. War and Covid are also always on the news. Life, peace, God, prosperity…..ahhh, those are so out of date and who wants to watch that?”

      V: but how could god watch god?

      • vadoum: What? Your comment makes no sense. I see God in a child’s smile, a rose, a laugh, a kind word, a gentle touch, altruism.
        God is above. We are below. God is the creator. Mankind thinks it can create. It can’t.

        “Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what God put us here to rise above.” Rosie in “The African Queen.”

        We can rise above nature by taming it, but we can’t create it.

        • TT: “God is above. We are below. God is the creator. Mankind thinks it can create. It can’t.”

          V: where? says who? any links I can reference? we cant create? really? cant create, youve stumped me, I must of made a wrong assumption?

          so where did you come from?

          Alan watts is good at commonsensically grounding out these metaphysicalities. He’s done many recordings that further flesh out the simple position that we are not separately viewing reality,, we are reality. call us beauty, call us an infernal machine,, we are symbiosis, we are trust.

          we are treading into the realms of koans here.

          • vadoum; You either have faith in God or faith in… what? And what the fuck is a koan?

            “Alan watts is good at commonsenscially grounding out these metaphysicalities.” Well, that’s a mouthful of foam.

            We don’t know where we come from or where we go.

            We can pick our faiths.

            • TT: “You either have faith in God or faith in… what? ”

              V: faith in direct experience

              TT: “what the fuck is a koan?”

              V: some get high with them, while others divert traffic

              TT: ““Alan watts is good at commonsensically grounding out these metaphysicalities.” Well, that’s a mouthful of foam.”

              V: apologies for my unrefined syntax. I’ve picked up a frenzied pace these days and have precious space for the luxury of editing. as frothy as that sentence is, I’m struggling to imagine how you may be struggling to grok it?

              TT: We don’t know where we come from or where we go. We can pick our faiths.

              V: ,,,You bring on penultimate questions.

              the act of choosing this or that faith may be intertwined with waves of intention of which we are unaware,,

              but I did challenge your objectifying of an omnipotent “creator”, so fair enough. I wanted to point out a reflex that we all take as normal as the sense that water is wet,, when we say “god is up there, or anywhere but here, might that not be god pretending to hide?

              • V: I agree with you that choosing this or that faith may come from something of which we are unaware.

                V: “Faith in direct experience.” But that assumes you are actually experiencing it. WE all have filters and prejudices that cloud our ability to truly experience anything. Plato’s Cave, or is it Aristotle’s Cave? I always get them confused; but the cave story tests out your theory of any “faith in direct experience.”

              • I thought the “platos cave” story was encouraging us to keep an open mind lest ones adoration for ones own model (of reality) becomes more important than the model.

                I dont see how the story “tests,,a theory of faith in direct experience”?

                monk: Im seeing the formlessness of form.
                master: kick that rock and tell me if your foot hurts.

            • The God that I believe in says this: “ Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29

              That would apply to obscenities, profanity, gutter talk, etc.

              • not too sure if you intend to say the above exchange is diminishing grace for the readers?

                If you know how to “minister grace” then by all means fly that lilac dragon.

                Your quote seems to say “speak the dharma”


  6. RE: the Thursday May 5th/6th
    “Interview 1727 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato | Your Body, Their Choice – #NewWorldNextWeek”

    This was packed. In 27 minutes, there was a plethora of stuff presented. I may watch this again. There are so many events playing out on the landscape.

  7. Kman says:
    “…infertility caused by the kill shots…”

    Interesting that you mentioned this. On Thursday May 5th at the New York Times they had this article…
    Can Covid Lead to Impotence?
    Some studies find higher rates of erectile dysfunction among men recovering from the illness…
    [The article pushes vaccines, but also mentions other causes.]

    …Now scientists are examining a possible link to an altogether unexpected consequence of Covid: erectile dysfunction. A connection has been reported in hundreds of papers by scientists in Europe and North America, as well as in Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Thailand.

    Estimates of the magnitude of the problem vary wildly. A paper by Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, director of reproductive urology at the University of Miami’s Desai Sethi Urology Institute, and his colleagues found that the risk of erectile dysfunction increased by 20 percent after a bout with Covid. Other investigators have reported substantially higher increases in that risk…
    …When he [Dr. Emmanuele Jannini] compared men who had been ill with Covid with those who had not, he found that those who had been infected were nearly six times as likely to report impotence as those who had avoided the coronavirus…

    …At the very least, men need healthy blood vessels and good blood flow in order to develop and sustain erections. The coronavirus may damage blood vessels and the lining of the vessels, called the endothelium, as it binds to the molecular receptors that are plentiful on endothelial cells…Injury to the blood vessels may also contribute to more serious complications of Covid, like heart attacks, strokes and abnormal clotting…
    …Erectile dysfunction can precede a heart attack by about five years…

    …Men who don’t have normal erections for several months at a time may develop scar tissue and fibrosis, which makes erectile dysfunction harder to treat and may even lead to shortening of the penis….

    • I have trouble understanding why Kennedy refuses to acknowledge the amazing work produced by Mr Corbett for example

      which irrefutably proves both A: how the “it’s the CO2 stupid!” campaign was engineered and B: its misleading, anti-human, eugenical, imperialist essence.

      The history, the manipulation of facts and figures, the nauseating sophistry involved, the intellectual bullying that has cost many honest scientists their jobs and reputations?

      Kennedy would just brush all that aside? refuse to look at it?

      a healthy environment nourishes humans in ways that cannot be measured

      what a reductive platitude that doesn’t do anything to address the powerful forces at work weaponizing the fact of climate change to usher in technocracy and transhumanism.

      Not everybody is ready to acknowledge the ‘climate conspiracy’ (for lack of another concise term) but

      the likes of Kennedy who has so much influence over people’s perceptions, must at least acknowledge the work of Mr Corbett on this subject.

      Otherwise, he might appear to be using emotionally charged topics such as vaccination

      to control perceptions on other fundamental issues such as climate that are driving humans into guilt-ridden technocracy.

      rather like a gate-keeper.

      We don’t all have to agree on everything, but we must have the discussion, and Kennedy, perhaps because of his corporate conflicts of interest,

      apparently won’t even acknowledge established evidence and that there is a discussion.

      Those have been my sentiments up until today.

      However, I only skimmed the article. Now, I’ll listen to the podcast and promise to ingest my hat, if necessary.

      • LSE studies, following in father’s footsteps. (I need to learn more, or even just something at all, about the Fabian Society (the founders of LSE)).

        And he certainly is a much more popular and widely read author than I ever imagined if this yahoo finance blurb is accurate!

        The Real Anthony Fauci debuted at the #2 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list and quickly became #1 there and also at the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly, completely selling out in less than two weeks. It’s scheduled to be back in stock next week on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at local bookstores nationwide and in Canada.

        Which is why it would seem critical that as someone who is so influential and so invested in the green movement, he should at least acknowledge its ambiguous past, skewed mission (IPCC) and future dark potential. Otherwise he might be an unwitting accomplice to bullying and censorship.

        Indeed, imagine the damage such a popular author might unwittingly wreak with his following message:

        Robert Kennedy Jr.: We need laws to ‘punish global warming skeptics’

        Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of climate change’s loudest activists, said there should be a law that lets authorities punish skeptics and deniers – those who engage in “selling out the public trust,” he said, in an interview with Climate Depot during New York City’s recent People’s Climate March.

        “I wish there were a law you could punish them with,” he said, in the videotaped interview. “I don’t think there is a law that you can punish these politicians under … [and skeptical politicians are] selling out the public trust…”

        Should the influential Kennedy get his way, being a Climate Skeptic could become a lot more uncomfortable than it already is and I shudder at the thought of what might happen to our semblance of free speech.

        • I find more alarming his blind belief in man made laws and democracy. That guy would gladly and proudly die defending democracy and its inherently failure prone and failed by design processes.

          • He does so much good in the area of vaccines, but he definitely has a blind spot when it comes to climate.

            When I was in second grade (early 70s), my reading book had a story about how the earth was going to freeze, complete with a drawing of a frozen globe in space. How the data that “proved” that then, can now be used to prove the opposite is over my head…

            I only remember the name of one of my textbooks from grade school. That reading book was called “How it is Nowadays.” I would really like to get a copy and read that story again. It was the second grade reading book in 1974-1975 in Camdenton, Missouri. I have tried to find it online, to no avail.

      • Kennedy (or influential leaders) and the Narrative

        I am glad to see this topic revisited.

    • Eisenstein offers the (hypothetical!) analogy of the evils of his taking bad care of his kid and that if, instead of threats which are fundamentally ineffective, he were reconnected with the love of his kid, he would ultimately and effectively take better care of him.

      In other words, he proposes the necessity of a profound systemic reworking.

      Similarly, I would say, (as I often do to my students and anyone who will listen), that,

      the system that brought us the Paris Accords, that brought us the stigmatization and destruction of scientists and thus of science, that has spawned the prolific sophistry that has killed the debate about whether “Human generated CO2 is provably destroying the climate”, (a question that is never considered in this conversation between Eisenstein and Kennedy)

      will only continue to provide a solution that is in its own best interests

      which demonstrably does NOT include a genuine desire for understanding the true causes of climate change, clearly NOT about reconnecting people with nature, obviously NOT even about enhancing democracy which ostensibly is so important to Kennedy.

      So I agree with Eisenstein on the point that there must be a fundamental, systemic and honest questioning of how we got to where we are today, ruled as we are, by the supposed diktats of the inter Governmental panel on climate change that is charged with the mission of demonstrating that humans are responsible for the changing climate and ensuring that the same governmental actors, the so-called private and public partnerships that got us here in the first place, are further strengthened.

      But this systemic questioning didn’t happen in this conversation and doesn’t seem to be on their agenda.

      T’was a conversation full of beautiful and consensual words and sentiments (life is sacred and beautiful and must be cared for) that, in my opinion, skirts the fundamental questions that could bring about systemic change, with the exception of one:

      What world do we want to build? and its annex: How do we get from here to there?

      And I would add: do we want to build it or do we want to strengthen the actors that hijacked the environmental movement in the first place?

      Maybe Kennedy could have a look at Mr Corbett’s proflific and prodigious work on this topic.

      • I am thinking that the issue/problem boils down to tunnel vision. I see it in so many people that I respect and follow to some extent.
        They are so often so perceptive about certain important things but can’t see what seems to be so obvious about other things.
        I listen to a bunch of different podcasts. Young, old, right left,. People who talk about everything from space weather to to anthropology. Most all of them are really smart outliers in some ways but it kinda seems like many of them have difficulty seeing the forest for their particular trees.
        Geniuses who have opened my eyes and mind to amazing things still believe in the legitimacy of government or even the propaganda surrounding the Covid psyop for instance.

        Maybe I am fortunate in a way that I don’t have a particular focus and am intrigued by the myriad mysteries that are so readily accessible to investigate these days. Probably because of my curtailed academic life and having never really learned how to properly apply myself to a particular subject for long. My interests bounce around all over the place and I think that I can see the bigger picture for the most part. Though I am sure that I have my own blind spots too.
        I guess I am kinda superficial in the way I inform myself.
        Perhaps to get as smart and good at what they do, folks like RFK, Jordan Peterson, Tom Woods, Stephan Molyneux, etc. don’t enjoy that luxury.

        Just an observation. If any of that makes sense.

        And happy Mother’s Day to you and all the moms who read this! ?

        • Ok, yea, maybe tunnel vision or a debility in perspective caused by hyperspecialization or it could be my rants are merely an expression of my own incapacity to recognize “the truth”. All real and plausible possibilities.

          That’s why, in the absence of decisive evidence, it’s important to detect the use of fallacies and more specifically, what appear to be the deliberate use of fallacies. Also intellectual bullying, even clever, snarky, well-worded and very seductive bullying should set off alarm bells.

          And that was a very poignant and startling “Happy Mother’s day” for this mother of three!
          as I realized your were the first and given the hour, certainly the only person who would evoke this celebration to me!
          And if you hadn’t, I would’ve missed out on a fabulous pretext for enjoying a campari and soda on a sunny seaside terrace! 😎
          So cheers Dear!

    • Octium
      You do not need to give a phone if your willing to do 2fa this way

      They will probably only lock your access to ACCOUNTS and make most sites require accounts to use rather than give ID to get on the internet itself…. all those smart toilets can’t be always IDing themselves in any fancy way…. you probably just won’t be able to get into a news site or watch YouTube or buy online.

  8. JEP completely steals the show when he compares the “lets create civil strife” moment of the leak of the supreme court draft to a horror film:

    “Don’t go upstairs! I know what happens after that!”

    I was literally LOL.

    Great work, JEP.

  9. As a Muslim in the Netherlands I realized that freedom of speech is only for Western war propaganda and porn

    • Is there more free speech in Muslim countries?

        • Because you said you made your realization “as a muslim in the Netherlands”.

      • Nosoapradio

        Free speech is only useful to those seeking power when they are a seeking to subvert the whole….. once power is in their hands such people shut down free speech.

        This is true of almost all groups…for example muslims will kill people for insulting Muhammed (or even for retelling some of their own tales about him) or desecration of a koran.

        Jewish free speech activists broke down the barriers to allow porn and degenerate filth into the public arena and now want to shut down holocaust discussions and criticisms of Israeli brutality.

        Western liberalism does the same thing, just tending to be sneaky about how they do it…. socialists and fascists are more like muslims in how they shut down opponents.

        Funny thing is that those who grant free speech to people who hate them never get free speech after they lose power….hence no one is scared to drop a crucifix in piss or mock jesus on TV shows or shoot down at libertarians….sorry just musing after listening to academic agent on the pete quinones show.

      • Be careful with troll fodder.

    • You are correct….although the introduction of a large immigrant population is actually part of that strategy of silencing opponents of the system.

      Weaponised ethnic and religious minorities are how the British ruled India so long.

      The Elites think they can turn the kids of Muslim immigrants into globo homo…guess we will see how that turns out in a generation of so.

      Notice how shocked the system was when UK muslims pushed back against the perverse sex Education in schools a couple of years back. Christendom has gotten pretty weak and hardly pushes back at all these days.

    • And all kinds of filth…. Not about freely speaking your mind in a respectful and respectable way with valid concerns about liberty issues or government corruption. It is a race to the bottom. Who can be the foulest, filthiest, crudest… ?

  10. I think one word best encapsulates what we’ve seen/heard: Chaos

    A wisdom about a decent into Chaos:

    “When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
    When goodness is lost, there is morality.
    When morality is lost, there is ritual.
    Ritual is the husk of true faith,
    the beginning of chaos.”

    Tao Te Ching 38 —>>>

    One important shit hasn’t been mentioned: Nukes

    I’ve been annoyed for quite some time whenever I heard some explosion, disaster has been compared to nuclear bomb equivalent. This or that was twice as much as Hiroshima bomb…WTF.
    I tried to explain to many that this is normalization of nukes…in vain.

    Now we came to the point some pen-drivers speak Putin is bluffing. Like it’s about a poker game, the one with no money, the one just for fun (in fact for killing boredom, for filling endless emptiness).
    Brics prophet, Pepe Escobar wrote:

    “…non-stop provocations may lead Mr. Kinzhal, Mr. Zircon and Mr. Sarmat to be forced to present their business cards in select Western latitudes, even without an official invitation.”

    “….it will be fascinating to bet on which locations Mr. Sarmat would be inclined to distribute his business card.”

    It seems to me Pepe’s brains pH value dropped in last few years to somewhere around zero. This is a “fact”, he even forgot what is the official nuclear doctrine of his semi-god.

    Yeah, in a span of few weeks world traversed from ‘No One Should Die’, to ‘Many Many People Will Die’, and even ‘Everybody Might Die’ is on the table.

    Joggling with corpses.

  11. How do you comment fuel (gas) price rage?

    Live in European Union where gas prices went up about 30% due to ‘Ukrainian crisis’, despite the fact that China (world highest fuel spender) is in ‘strict lockdown’, and is not spending much fuel – all mainstream media.

    Barrel was 140$ in 2008, now is 110$ (and fuel price now is 50% higher than back in 2008).

    Retail prices, food, construction material also raging…

    What to expect next… to sell a car and buy romobil which I will enjoy very much on 40 Celsius and -10 Celsius weather.
    Very tiny electrical car is 50-70% more expensive comparing to similar size gas car!

    Thanks! 🙂

    • If I were to blame anyone, I would blame Authoritarians. Their policies and agendas push against the “natural economic flow” into something synthetic. Thus, everything gets out of whack.

      I keep up with Natural Gas and Oil and “renewables” and ESG. I feel for folks in Europe (and in California).

      There is no doubt that Energy, in whatever form, is a valuable commodity for human activity.

    • thanks for that mirror mkey,

      In this thread, I too failed by opting for the “Im a man so its not my choice” attempt at hiding,,; but in truth I’ve understood abortion as murder for about 21 years (age of my son), not before I had been part of 6 but.

      (respect to those who have lost children due to the unforseen)

      I expose myself for anyone sitting on the fence about this question.

      I was raised in the heat of women’s lib and gay pride coming out (60’s-70’s nyc) ;that training of aggressive relativism took me decades to let go of/see past.

      Our impulse to undress eachother is clearly stronger than our will to raise kids. I’m told This question was wrestled with in the past, civily and barbaricly, way before lab coats and stirrups, using herbs, and knowing ovulation signs better than most do these days.

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