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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Henry Kissinger – Ukraine Must Give Russia Territory

“Imagine The Compliance”: Pfizer CEO Pitched Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills In 2018 //

Repeat after me: “I shall never scoff at so called conspiracy theorists again. I will listen and remain open minded that perhaps what they’re saying is actually happening.”

Ukraine Invasion May Be Start of ‘Third World War’, Says George Soros

General Milley Predicts Grim Future of Deadly Great Power Wars Fought in Cities

Woke General Milley And Biden’s Trans Health Official Rachel Levine Have Newly Unearthed High School Connection

Story #2: Monkeypox Simulation Results – Fictional Nation, Terror Group, Massive Outbreak

Pennsylvania Woman Hospitalized After Monkey Escapee Hisses in Her Face (Jan. 25, 2022)

Obituary: Michele Lee Fallon Riffle //

NHS Issues Warning to Anyone Who Eats Meat As UK Monkeypox Cases Rise

Gay Men Could Be Offered Monkeypox Vaccine In Targeted Rollout

DHS to Pause Work of Disinformation Board; Chertoff, Gorelick to Review

Tedros Reelected As WHO Chief, Urged to Resist Probe of US Bio Labs In Second Term

The NHS Just Edited Their Monkeypox Page…To Make It Scarier

Story #3: France Introduces Digital ID Days After Macron’s Re-Election

The EU Has Introduced a New ‘Digital’ ID; The European Commission Wants to Develop An App That Would Contain the Digital Version of Your Identity Card (Jun. 3, 2021)

Ugandans to Have DNA, Biometric Data Captured In New Electronic National ID Cards

Deepfakes Can Fool Biometric Checks Used By Banks, Research Finds

Alibaba Is Creating a Digital ID Carbon Footprint Tracker

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  1. Ryan Cristián pointed out that monkeypox showed up nearly instantly at a dozen locations around the planet.

    The MSC event claimed the monkeypox in their scenario was determined after some months to be a bioweapon.

    In Event 201, the nCoV that IRL was SARS-CoV-2 was reported exactly to be what it was in the scenario (zoological transmission).

    There are different properly credentialed scientists and experienced experts claiming that SARS-CoV-2 is a man-made virus.

    I am *not* one of the fearmongers, but I just want to offer that it is possible these psychopaths release an actual deadly virus onto the population. What would that do to all independent media credibility? Is there anything hindering their efforts more effectively than the continued loss of control over the narrative?

    If we follow with science, we wait to see what is actually spreading, since there is also investigatory work indicating bad actors, thus we should not assume anything being reported as truth.

    • I also want to add that across nearly the entire spectrum of conservatives in the U.S. is complete disbelief that SARS-CoV-2 was ever a deadly virus and as best I can tell all of them are dismissing monkeypox as a nothing-burger.

      So the loss of narrative on this play should have been known before the reported “outbreak”, further indicating that they have to change what they are doing, somehow, because it just isn’t going to work very well with Team Blue in charge of the White House.

    • “….that it is possible these psychopaths release an actual deadly virus onto the population…..”

      If you don’t live in a big city or near a transport hub then the good news is you will probably see people starting to drop dead in those places first and have time to withdraw from Society.
      That depends on an unknown incubation time though 🙁

    • One thing we should certainly not assume is that these diseases with unspecific symptoms are carried by enginereed pathogens.

    • Paul,

      I like your perspective and think you are on to something.

      As far as the virus appearing seemingly simultaneously around the world, a war-game tabletop exercise with a start date for their “fictional” monkeypox event beginning in May 2022, the same MSM approach as the beginning of Covid (it’s no big deal, nothing to worry about, etc. — same rhetoric), the U.S. ordering millions of vaccines already, the NHS editing their info page about the virus to make it seem worse…yes, I believe this is, as Bill Gates would say, Pandemic II.

      I would highly recommend anyone watch the most recent High Wire episode released today. I haven’t always been a fan of Del Bigtree’s mainstreamy approach in the past, but he absolutely hits the nail on the head with this episode. He interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and they get into the topic you posed, that of an actual killer virus. They discussed how immune suppression, such as Covid Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) prior to an otherwise harmless monkeypox virus could be a trigger that inflicts major damage on those with suppressed immune systems from the vaccine.

      He also discusses similarities between the narrative of what we are seeing now with Monkeypox and what we saw with Covid. The parallels are spot on. Del also brings up the point that the vaccine passport goal was not really achieved with Covid. This could be that opportunity. Another thought I have is that this next potential monkeypox “pandemic” would lead perfectly into the WHO treaty that is due to be presented in 2024. They need to build up momentum to get support from the public. A new “pandemic” could possibly achieve that.


      • scpat,
        You are right. That Highwire episode helped to highlight some of the odd aspects surrounding this Monkeypox narrative, and gave a heads-up perspective.
        It was also interesting to note via Dr. Peter McCullough that monkeypox can cause cardio damage.

        I encourage folks to look at this…
        GRAPHIC – pg 10 Figure 1. Scenario Design Summary — pdf
        “the fictional exercise scenario portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months.”

        The Tabletop Excercise was in March 2021 which roleplayed the Monkeypox release in May 2022.

        The above PDF link is part of a MONKEYPOX SUB-THREAD. Hat tips to CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) and FreedomDefender.

        • I watched the clip of that episode with McCullough, and it is a near perfect example of specialization vs. layperson, where the specialist posits a much more nuanced and evil possibility that a layperson could not.

          In this case, McCullough speculates that if there is a dastardly plan in the works, it could be that people who have received the experimental injections have substantially reduced immune systems, which he explains how those immune systems are weakened, and then why these specific reductions may make monkeypox much more lethal. The question Bigtree originally asked uses the layperson assumption nearly identical to what I posted above.

          If we were to speculate on differences of a gain of function monkeypox, it could simply be that it is made more transmissable, and nothing else, as the people with the injections will become more ill and more likely to succumb.

          But my ultimate point is that until verified by some sort of scientific system we can assign some measure of trust to, we should not trust anything.

          • Good post Paul.
            I also appreciate you writing a descriptive of the video.

            We do know that there is a rise in Herpes and Shingles events with those who are vaccinated. It is becoming more evident how the vaccinated are more susceptible to different diseases.

            The trend is there. Vaccinated people are being plagued with more and more bad health outcomes.

            I wonder what the stats are in health insurance actuaries.

            Here is the SUB-THREAD Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64

            • Here is Robert Malone on monkeypox:

              > Furthermore, this double stranded DNA virus, infections by which have historically been self-limiting, appears to be evolving (during the last few days!) to a form that is more readily transmitted from human to human. Bad news.

              > In conclusion, the preponderance of current evidence is pointing towards a hypothesis for the origin of this outbreak which is increasingly consistent with prior “war game” scenario planning, remarkably akin to that which occurred during Event 201, which posits emergence of an engineered Monkeypox virus into the human population during mid-May of 2022.

              > Draw your own conclusions, and do your own diligence.


              • Thanks again for the post, Paul.
                I read his substack article this morning in my email inbox.
                I appreciate Malone’s balanced approach.

                With all the many side-effects of the Covid vaccines, (which include a person being more prone to shingles and herpes outbreaks), I can’t help but to speculate that there might be attempts to throw the public off in another direction where the vaccines are not the culprit.

                A Wall Street Journal article covering a large spike in non-Covid mortality statistics with 20 Life Insurance companies caught my attention.
                As an explanation for the increase deaths, the insurance companies cited:
                Heart, stroke, circulatory, neurological, and cancer.
                [Link is at the bottom of a very long Sub-Thread.]

                Of course, the insurance companies do not mention vaccine injuries as the root cause.

      • Someone else who is right on top of the monkey business going down is the amazing Amazing Polly right here in my home province of Ontario Canada. Polly has done two tremendous debunks of the Monkeypox scam a week or so ago. But yesterday she came out with a real BOOM posting ‘Big Tech Big Pharma Conspire to Hide a Cure. In it she does simple searches on Google Bing and Duck Duck Gone (as James refers to them) and gets some incredible information on natural botanical remedies for all pox viruses from smallpox to monkeypox, and including cowpox and rabbitpox (who knew?) Of course Big Tech is quietly adjusting a lot of these sites info and making it hard to find.
        The miracle botanical turns out to be: Sarracenia Purpurea, commonly called Purple Pitcher Plant, also known as northern pitcher plant, turtle socks, and side-saddle flower. Like the available treatments for Covid, where big pharma suppressed and disallowed them because they don’t make them big $$$ they are hiding and suppressing this virtually free natural plant remedy. This stuff is even anti-herpes. The native Americans used this plant back in the 19th century as a poxvirus remedy. Amazing Polly truly is amazing!

        • You appear to have missed the point being made in this thread, because what you wrote here is exactly what we are saying may be leading everyone in the wrong direction, because we don’t know what the virus actually is.

          This means it could be a “gain of function” virus from a normally non-issue virus intentionally released so everyone dismisses it and then it kills huge numbers of people. This could substantially reduce or eliminate the credibility of the independent media, which is, by far, the biggest problem of the globalists right now.

          Or not. Again, I’m not proposing the above is the case, I’m proposing that jumping to conclusions without any scientifically verified data is among the problems that independent media is supposed to be resolving.

          • Why would it reduce credibility? If the “monkey pox” scare actually becomes “a thing” similar to Covid, we can look at data coming out and determine for ourselves what’s going on.

            People need to be able to use their own brain to think with. I think that’s why I like JC’s work, because he tells his audience to look at source material.

            And what ever Covid was, it did affect some people profoundly who were old and sick. I suspect that any other disease would be similar. Would bodies dropping like flies help or hinder the plans of the elitists? I don’t know. Maybe it would piss people off to such an extent that we took the fight to the doorstep of who we know is involved. They might not like a stampede.

            • If we look at history, chaos is used to generate more control over the masses, not less.

              Honestly, I’m not going to comment further because you are not reading for comprehension what I have written. Please go back and read my above comments and consider what is the source material here? In the video we are commenting on, they assume the virus is a nothing-burger based on the history of the monkeypox virus.

              • You might be right and to be honest, I didn’t watch the video. It infuriates me too much to even hear “monkey pox” now. I know that they want to promote it in the media and that’s annoying to me, like nails on a chalkboard. If it’s deadly or not remains to be seen. Flu can be pretty deadly too, but it’s not scary enough to the public, so it’s not discussed much anymore in MSM.

                I think it’s true that chaos can be used to control, because when people are afraid their capacity to reason is diminished. It would be interesting to see what was going on during the small pox outbreaks. I know they had compulsory vaccination campaigns back then too.

                I understand your point, that we shouldn’t assume it’s a “nothing burger” without evidence and I don’t have any evidence either way. I certainly haven’t seen it in the hospital I work in (yet).

                I will actually watch the video and provide a more well thought out opinion. I think JC is pretty sharp and would presume he wouldn’t jump to conclusions either way.

              • I viewed the parts of the video about monkey pox and went to the off guardian article and it sounds like monkey pox (without any engineering) is not usually life threatening.

                However, a gain of function strain, might be more deadly if it was similar to small pox. Although small pox was made worse due to the poor living conditions of people at the time. Small pox is still something I would want to avoid getting.

                I wonder if the people who have been jabbed are more susceptible to weak germs like an un-modified monkey pox. The VAIDS thing might come into play. We will see.

                Potential food shortages and hyper-inflation make me a little more nervous at the moment though. I am trying to stock up on dried and canned foods just in case.

              • I recommend watching the clip from recent episode of the Highwire with Peter McCullough, as he does a better job speculating on this than the rest of us.

          • My citing Polly’s research and video wasn’t intended to fit in with ‘the point being made in this thread’. Polly repeatedly says she doesn’t know what the globalists are up to and certainly isn’t knowledgeable on any medical or scientific level. She’s just making some pretty amazing connections between all these players who keep re-appearing at every stage of this marathon scamdemic.

            I don’t think I or Polly are ‘jumping to conclusions’. Polly is simply wanting to spread the message that the powers that be are actively trying to disappear any info on search engines about botanical herbal medicinal cures that have a history of being effective with all pox viruses including smallpox (if it ever existed).

            I don’t think you can refer to ‘independent media’ as one uniform entity that should ‘scientifically verify data’ all the time. Independent media, like Amazing Polly, are just working with a set of skills (and her ‘connect the dots’ research skills are incredible). In fact, Polly St. George (her actual name) refers to herself (humbly) as a ‘Citizen Journalist’, just doing her best to put out her thoughts and theories on these fast moving ‘planned’ occurrences as they evolve. I think she is one of the best at it.

            • I don’t know much about her but I did hear she was so into the Q psyop… which is itself rather like the Bolshevik Operation Trust.

              I got fooled by the coof so no finger pointing 🙂 lol…but do you know if she is still into Q?

    • I also agree that a deadly pathogen is possible as it would help to wipe out the pesky anti-vaxers from the population, while forcing in new foreign substances into humanity.
      It also makes perfect sense to let it run wild for a long time to cause severe population loss to incite fear and get countries to agree to give up sovereignty by signing the treaty. By the time they decide to release the vaccines, they can use the treaty as a means to get governments to execute forced vaccinations against their own constitutions.
      Another goal here seems to relate to the danger of eating meat. It might develop a situation where it is righteous of governments to ban meat consumption to prevent the spread of it.

      At the same time, I am sure they have their own self-spreading vaccine, aka Omicron-for-MonkeyPox developed. Once their goals are reached, they would release it as an antidote to stabilize the situation.

    • the main thing spreading is narrative, some to smaller audience like here, and others bigger like elsewhere, CNN etc. when following science remember there’s “the Science” and science. the latter has more than one pov and may change over time, e.g., we no longer spray ddt to avert polio. also toxins, that is chemical poisons, can cause diseases that may be atributed to viruses, e.g., ddt and polio. it’s a quagmire. do your own research

    • I’m sure the company Bavarian Nordic have a lot of “fun” in Copenhagen…and, the self proclaimed “finest Nordic master race” seem to have made both monkey-plandemic itself as well as – not a cure but -yet another death jab…

      I’m not 100% sure but, I cannot help thinking about who really started the Holocaust…how many years they can keep on, “reaching” their “final solution” is un-known and, will probably, be so forever…

      Thanks for sharing!!

    • Agreed that we need to take this seriously… I just did a deep dive into the research literature on monkeypox and wrote up an article on seven myths that are being propagated – a lot of what is being reported in normie and independent media needs to be revised:

      • Just to be clear because I don’t want the point to be lost, the independent media should be open to whatever this actually is and make no assumptions, as that is the ethical thing to do and makes it harder to dislodge them from influence.

        I don’t have a strong opinion on what is going on with this outbreak, whether or not it’s side effects of injections, a gain of function virus, the regular version of the virus, something else altogether, or a complete fiction.

        However, if it is serious, it needs to be taken seriously. I am concerned that a huge percentage of the U.S. think that the government mainstream media can never be right about a virus being deadly and another huge percentage think a cloth mask will protect them. (Although I think I did read that monkeypox spreads through droplets, so masks actually can potentially help.)

        And thank you for the link and the time to put it all together.

        • “However, if it is serious, it needs to be taken seriously”

          Yes, like how the independent media looked at what scientific studies and data showed during Covid. I felt that it was taken seriously, and information was examined critically.

          I have not seen any cases at the hospital I work at, but I did have a patient mention it to me. She was worried, so I know it’s been in the MSM. I am not afraid of it as a disease, but as another scam that will be used as a cover for food shortages and more economic shut downs and to attempt to validate a biosecurity state. I don’t want to live in a world like that. Humans can use common sense and practical measures to maintain health in the face of new diseases.

          What I know for a fact is that, a person’s state of health is what they have most control over. Diet, exercise, and maintaining a robust immune system are the most important. With that said, I need to start doing more cardiovascular exercise.

          If I start seeing any actual cases of this supposed disease at the hospital I work in or hear anything, I will post what I see.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about smartphone ID systems here in Sonoma County, California. Maybe they would try it in San Francisco, but then, what about all the homeless (drug addicts)? Well, most of them do have phones. Maybe the government will start with them? What a Wonderful source of DNA there is no doubt in the drug addict community.
    Here in Healdsburg today is the first FFA Parade (Future Farmers of
    America) since 2019 due to stupid covid lockdowns by Dr. Sundari Mase the county health fuhrer.
    Thanks for the WNW. At least Saskatchewan said “NO” to the ID system. I thought the UK said “NO” to an ID system years ago. Well, the WEF just keeps on pushing on.
    When I see Dr. Fauci in the dock in court, I’ll believe things are turning around.
    PS: Is the story true about the Iraquis trying to kill G.W. Bush in Dallas?

  3. I spy an LP and a bass in the background. Is James’ project he keeps hinting at a rock opera?

  4. When they give the damn monkeys GMO wings there will be no stopping the pox.

    • That’s funny. I get this mental image of the flying monkeys in Oz.

      • Lol.
        Yup…flying over and “hissing” on us all.
        Worse then chemtrails

    • I would personally prefer to see engineered flying pigs, but this also sounds good. Maybe they could cross monkeys with bats therefore creating batkey covpox, the most deadly wing borne disease to ever grace this planet with its presence.

      If bats and monkeys could talk humans would be the top joke at the bar.

  5. “Alibaba Is Creating a Digital ID Carbon Footprint Tracker”

    That’s OK, I buy my private Jets and Yachts from a a different website.

  6. so naturally ALICEM wasn’t really a thing. it was just a front for developing this new digital ID that the ex-Rothschild banker knew was on its way and would only become acceptable AFTER the false flag pandemic and its attendant precedents and tous anti-covid tracking apps etc ad nauseum.

    Late last year, I remember seeing you could use your ALICEM account to access all your CPF training points/money earned working… but virtually no one even knew it existed and the CNIL had said “NIET”. So most, overwhelmed by the task of remembering passwords and succumbing to ample insistance, fall back on the convenient foundation for that ALICEM digital ID, FranceConnect.

    canada’s carrot rewards was, of course, predictive programming…

    as are all the glycometers currently being pushed by the youtube intermittent fasting gurus to prepare people for Profusa Lumee-style connected devices to facilitate medical tele-consultations… and other Great Reset monitoring…

    and maybe even the airpods and other earpods preparing people for the Poppy Crum-ish devices that you don’t even need to trouble yourself to remove and that can “read and write” your brain…

    when I was a little kid I always had nightmares about the wicked witch of the west’s flying monkeys. When watching the Wiz of oz I’d close my eyes during those scenes

    and then one night in my dreams I became the great leader of those flying monkeys and our arch enemy was an evil buddha or jabba-the-hut style man seated in a giant oyster shell with a giant pearl, perched atop a Manhattan penthouse terrace, who, in true evil vilain style, loved to laugh with a deep explosive chortle. It became a weird recurring dream where I could fly, leading my loyal monkey troops to bravely combat this rotund evil…

    oh and as a final idle remark,

    The Twelve Monkeys has always been one of my favorite movies for some reason, time travel and all, the Gilliam poetry it’s steeped in. The piercing blue eyes of the child as the anguished lady in the blond wig crouched over the dying man, lifts her head and sweeps the crowd, looking frantically left and right, seeking the wondrous aquamarine gaze in a sudden surge of hope.

    • I guess shopping in Spain will heat up…

      Spain Initiates Energy Austerity With Air Conditioning Limits

      Spain passed a decree this week limiting the use of air conditioning in public buildings as part of a strategy to conserve energy and reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

      Spain itself does not depend on gas from Russia, but its government is working to increase energy efficiency as the European Union looks to reduce reliance on Russian gas by two-thirds by the end of this year alone…

      …As part of the goal to reduce consumption and bills, Spain is now limiting the use of air conditioning in public buildings.
      During the summer—when temperatures often rise to over 40 degrees Celsius (104 F)—air conditioning in public buildings should be set at no lower than 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 F), according to the government’s newly-passed decree on energy efficiency….

      • In the U.S., Americans are paying much more for gasoline and electricity.
        Much of the electrical grid is powered by Natural Gas.
        In the past year, especially with the recent Russia-Ukraine thing, Natural Gas prices are about 3 times what they were one year ago.

        Yet, that is much cheaper than what Europe pays…
        “Asian and European natural gas prices stand at $35 per mmbtu, versus $8.20 per mmbtu here in the United States.
        Given the underlying fundamentals that have now developed in US gas markets, we believe prices are about to surge and converge with international prices within the next six months,”

        • usa natural gas is afaik not connected to european supply so i don’t see why the price should rise except to gouge us.
          oil otoh we are very connected

          • After the Russia-Ukraine war started, Biden promised Europe that the U.S. would ship massive amounts of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) to Europe and the UK.
            This spiked U.S. Natural Gas prices even further north and established a stronger bull trend, because ‘demand’ is assured for years on a contract basis. Typically, LNG contracts can be for 10 years out.

            Natural Gas inventory levels in the U.S. are low compared to the 5 year average during this time of year. (Stored in underground salt domes)
            U.S. Gas Production is now limited somewhat because… …normal investment flows of money are not happening due to ESG/Climate Change…and because of supply chain issues (pipelines, fracking sand, labor)…and because oil/gas companies are choosing to channel profits towards shareholders rather than future projects while being conservative with their growth.

            There are a limited number of LNG facilities in the U.S. which can crank out LNG, plus Europe has a limited number of receiving facilities (main ones in UK, Spain, France). LNG doesn’t store well.

            GRAPH and info

      • That might actually have a good side… people may flood OUT of Texas if they can’t air condition

          • Nope…but the 2030 stuff is global and being rolled out all over.


      • well… at least now I have a semi-respectable reason for avoiding public buildings like the plague.

  7. Sadly the monkey pox fear driven by massmedia works pretty good, at least here(northern germany) i see nearly everyone masked up the last days in supermarkets, with no mandate…yet. I can see they bring that back soon, our health minister already said not long ago(maybe sarcastic) we will see mask mandates back in september.

  8. In 23 minutes, James and James really pack some great news picks.

    RE: Story #3: France Introduces Digital ID Days After Macron’s Re-Election
    Thanks so much for all the links!

    Episode 415 – The Global Digital ID Prison
    Do you get the feeling digital id is being hyped by every government, corporation, financial institution and globalist-connected NGO as “the way of the future”? Well, you’re right! But why is this being pushed so hard right now.
    ~~~ Don’t miss this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James lays out the digital ID agenda and how it serves as the linchpin of the entire global enslavement grid.

    Give Send Gone
    The Canadian government’s recent actions reveal the true agenda like nothing we’ve seen before. The future envisioned by the tyrants is one in which they can turn off your ability to buy and sell with the flick of a switch. So how will we react? Will we build a parallel economy from the ashes of freedom’s funeral pyre, or will we roll over and let the tyrants win? Today James explores the future of money and the real meaning of Give . . . Send . . . Gone.

  9. Catie
    “….like Kissinger is actually saying something correct. …”

    The people who ran things, or at least managed them, back when he was a younger man were different in several ways then the current manager class. Who really are managing the decline

    1st They did not actually HATE the people they ruled…the current crop of dweebs actually want us dead.
    2nd While he was an internationalist he knew his bread was buttered on the Powerful America side….the current crop of managers really don’t think they need us
    3rd He was actually a smart, self controlled person who could think long term, while evil he was at least COMPETENT. A good chunk of the elite class are as degenerated as the pajama panted freaks riding scooters in Walmart.

    • Catie

      When you start to notice that the next step is to look at the clothes advert pics in target… not too many pretty people any more….then go swimming and see the crazy level of tattoos and weird piercings. Unhappy People trying to make themselves ugly

      It’s a war on beauty, which is at its heart a war on nature and life.

      We’ve made a satanic Mouse Utopia. 🙁

  10. Oh, another thing I just thought of was today I received a notification from my legacy media app. I can’t remember the publication name but they put out an article that the media was facing a difficult decision to inform the public of the primary way monkey pox is carried without increasing stigmas on certain groups. Rainbow flag in the background.

    • Kelly

      That’s really weird… is there a sub culture of monkey abusers in the gay community?

      I actually had a monkey when I was a kid and it would totally have eaten someone’s face for trying anything creepy

  11. The Netherlands has had a functional Digital Identity since 2005 (see I created one right away and it has become more functional over the years. For example, I can use it to file a digital tax return, book a timeslot to renew my passport at city hall, or view my balance in the pension system.

    This year I asked to opt out of the system and this was very easy to do. I’ve got to say filing taxes is much harder on paper 🙂

  12. The virus non-sense completely blew my mind. I never had that blind faith in scientists and institutions, especially in medicine which is mostly based on dogmas and hypotheses supported by statistics only. However, I couldn’t believe my own reason when I was reading so-called virus isolation papers, how could that produce the near-universal belief that x disease is caused by said genetic material?
    I am glad I found out about German New Medicine during this time, it cleared any fear that I might still have had of “viruses”.

    • Can you recommend some source as a starting point for “German New Medicine”?

  13. Couldn’t you just dissolve it in a a glass of warm water or some kind of enzyme solution?

  14. Thursday May 26, 2022 – Edward Slavsquat aka Riley Waggaman
    Russia Fast-tracks CBDC: Digital Ruble to be Used in “real operations” in 2023
    The introduction of a trackable digital currency has been prioritized due to sanctions

    Citing the imposition of western sanctions, the Bank of Russia announced on Wednesday that it was accelerating the rollout of its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The first stage of testing for the digital ruble began in January and was originally supposed to finish in 2024. Under the newly released roadmap, phase two—in which the programmable, trackable digital token will be integrated, small-scale, into “real money” operations—is now slated to start in April 2023. Vedomosti (Russia’s Wall Street Journal) has the details:….

  15. Photo of two “smart” young guys sitting far apart in a park wearing masks while on their laptops
    They must be well informed critical thinkers…Davos bait.

    This comes from the Politico article in Story #3.

  16. EXCERPTS …Biden’s 13 proposed amendments to the UN’s International Health Regulations (IHR) that govern WHO operations grant broad new powers to Director-General Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreysus, a former Ethiopian government minister who has been in the role since 2017… …Under the proposed amendments, the director-general could declare a public health emergency in any country regardless of whether local officials agree with the declaration.

    International Opposition Grows To Biden Granting WHO Pandemic Powers

  17. “I hope Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom.”
    Do Henry Kissinger the Kabal of the Kabal 98 years old and still swinging, want to avoid a 3rd WW.
    Saying let Russia have their regions back.
    If so The evilest man walking on this earth has a point.
    Neither do we nor they? want a new world war 3 including nuclear weapons.

  18. whereas i’m not convinced that the test for the moneyvirus (sic) is actually testing for a real disease. the test is positive take these meds and come back if they don’t kill you and we’ll try another

  19. Here’s a clip of Bourla (Pfizer CEO) stating:

    ““It’s a dream that we had, together with my leadership team when we started in 2019,” Bourla said. “The first week we met, in January of 19 in California, to set up the goals for the next five years (which would lead to 2023), one of them was by 2023, we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%.””

    Doesn’t seem to be taken out of context, and he wasn’t smirking (and they all applauded and didn’t laugh) so I don’t think he was trying to be funny either.

    • OK it was fake news after all (thought it was a bit too obvious).
      Here is the real clip and what he actually said.

      2 minutes.

      (James feel free to delete the last post if you like : )

  20. James Evan Pilato had mentioned the New Mexico fires over a month ago on New World Next Week. He also pointed out that the government started the fires.

    The fires are still going. This article gives a good summary…

    Saturday May 28, 2022 – Zero Hedge
    Massive New Mexico Fire Started By U.S. Forest Service

    The largest wildfire in New Mexico history—which is still burning—was started by the U.S. Forest Service, federal investigators announced Friday.

    The catastrophe began as two fires that merged into one. Both wildfires have now been conclusively traced to planned burns conducted by the Forest Service. Planned or “prescribed” burns are used to reduce the threat of extreme fires by reducing the amount of dry fuel in the forest…

    …The Hermits Peak Fire started on April 6. On April 19, the Calf Canyon Fire sprang from a reignited “burn pile” that had been dormant through three winter snow events. They merged on April 22, and their destructive march across the Land of Enchantment still hasn’t ended….

  21. The 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic used the same script as the Covid-19 Pandemic but it was cut short because the public was already fearful about the 2008-2009 economic recession that the pandemic didn’t work. The US government and Fed learned from their mistakes and made sure to temporarily stop a repo market crash in September 2019 so the public would only focus on the pandemic. I think with the current inflation issues and recession ahead, this new monkeypox scare will not get through to the masses this time.

    • I remember that “Repo Scenario” in the summer of 2019.

    • Spot on Naim.

      EXCERPT from The New York Times – May 20th
      The more than $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine approved by Congress on Thursday brings the total U.S. commitment during the Russian invasion to roughly $54 billion, when combined with the aid package passed in March.

      I do not think that Americans recognize the fact that a BILLION dollars is not small change.
      They do not have a mentally comparative value.
      Most Americans are in a fog about this kind of money.

      • LIST of COMPANIES and their VALUE in the marketplace
        (Market Cap – Market Capitalization which changes with stock prices)

        Comparing $54 Billion to Ukraine…

        Target – $64 B
        Bank of Montreal – $64 B
        FedEx – $60 B
        Waste Management – $58 B
        General Dynamics – $58 B
        Humana – $54 B
        Heineken – $54 B
        BMW – $54 B
        Dollar General – $52 B
        Occidental Petroleum – $52 B (This company plans to spend almost one billion to suck CO2 out of the air and pipe it underground.)
        HCA Healthcare – $51 B
        Moderna – $50 B
        Nitendo – $49 B
        Mitsubishi – $48 B
        Thomson Reuters – $48 B
        Marriot International – $48 B
        General Motors – $46 B

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