Interview 1732 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Pfizer, CIA, Facebook & Other Elites Secretly Meet In DC — Corporate Media Silent

Bilderberg Group Meets In Secret to Discuss “Disinformation”

Bilderberg Group meets in secret to discuss “disinformation”

Matthew McConaughey Tells The Story Of Those Killed In Uvalde In Emotional, Performative Plea for Action On The Current Thing At Star-Studded White House Press Briefing

Scotiabank Apologizes Over Trucker Convoy Account Freeze

Bilderberg Reconvenes In Person After Two-Year Pandemic Gap

Charlie Skelton


Great to meet with Prime Minister @MarinSanna of our close partner #Finland in Washington. We discussed the need to address #Turkey’s concerns & move forward with the #NATO membership application by Finland & Sweden.

Story #2: Primary School Pupils to Be Offered Insects to Eat In ‘Alternative Protein’ Study

Scientists Hope to Feed Primary School Children Edible Insects to Make the UK Greener //

#MorningMonarchy: June 1, 2022

#MorningMonarchy: June 1, 2022

Driven By String of Disappointing Quarterly Results, Beyond Meat Stock Dropped 28% In May

Prince Charles Backs Face Masks for Cows to Help Save the Planet One Burp at a Time

Story #3: Race Card Institute’s Alarmist New Poll Finds 44% Of Americans See Civil War

SPLC Poll Finds Substantial Support for ‘Great Replacement’ Theory, Other Hard-Right Ideas

Video: “I Learned It By Watching You!” PSA

The Great Robo-placement? Workplace Robot Orders Jump 40% In First Quarter

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  1. Riots maybe, but I don’t think the current generation of people have got what it takes to conduct a civil war. People are vastly dumbed down compared to their ancestors. I could imagine a civil war being organised today via Tik Tok and Telegram – in other words it would be over before it even started!

    • Yes. Something else is coming. Something more dystopian.

    • Yes, just count the masks for some quick easy research. Dolores Cahill seems quite strong on saying anyone with a single jab will Not be with the living in 3-5 years. So this sad possibility will remove a large part of the jabbed, go along- get along and jabbed commu-fascist sympathizers. The survivors of this dreadful scenario maybe may have enough smarts to realize they’re on the same side. The demons still cowering and hiding in the dark will be flushed out into the light. Easy to hunt down in the streets. let me think now, a coward like trudope in Canada might emerge from his coward’s den and then, POP! That’s not civil war, it’s get even.

      • Lawrence B

        I don’t think it would be that easy…. you don’t need to be much of a human to murder people with drones, and I don’t think too many of even t he better kind of folks will be laughing off the supply of electricity food and water getting cut off.

        The rulers may be the rich version of Walmart pajama people but their mobility scooters still have serious firepower

    • I do think you are right. But what is needed is not a classical revolution, we need a revolution of zhe mind… and there’s even slimmer chances for one of those.

    • they’re more of a “digest” source of info
      they were way way ahead of transhumanism
      but didn’t continuously raise the alarm bells for over a decade
      was a mistake

      dan dicks….btw what the hell is a guy that knows what an agent provocateur is, what a pshyop is, and know what the the gov’t will ultimately do to you….
      doing at a protest
      “what the the gov’t will ultimately do” put a beat down stick to break your ribs
      or perhaps the gov’t agents will just trample you with a horse

      you won’t get cutting info here… but I definitely get insight here

      • Some of us just like to taunt the criminals. Dan is the MAN about town in Vancouver, BC

        • “Some of us just like to taunt the criminals.”
          that’s funny
          and I have respect for for that
          but I also know, criminal’s will probably give repercussions for that mentality
          Vote “Dicks for 2024” where do I stuff the ballots for the dicks

  2. hot new single coming in at 14
    I guess hot new singles really don’t count if they come in at 33
    but at 13 and rising
    that’s a hit
    could even make the 1 eyed track list

    “New World Next Week” has become a guilty pleasure for me
    it’s the dichotomy of the personality that they have, or at least present

  3. Another thing about the bugs…you can bet they’ll be genetically engineered, farmed/lab-grown mutants. As if normal bugs don’t sound disgusting enough.

  4. This so stupid and superficial…

    Why the hell do I care about how tall “radio” James is

    your news tells you what to think about and
    I heard James of “corbettreport” pose that question

    and I actually did wonder
    is the other James “media monarchy” a skinny 5’7″ guy
    or a lanky 6’3″

    “if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
    but this segment of news
    is trifle, but I find it funny, also stares back
    i.e I’m listening to people that are following a agenda (not a conspiracy)
    and I’m wondering how tall one of them is

    but given these last two and a half years
    absolute absurdity is the new normal

  5. This is getting so far out it’s beyond a living parody and has entered the realm of a weekly dystopian scifi cartoon series. Prodding children to eat lizard food!? Pretty soon they’ll be growing scales. That scenario somehow seems familiar. Humans no longer treated as cattle but downgraded to being viewed as reptiles.

    James, didn’t comment on Flashback: Feudalism 2.0 a few days ago. Brilliant Brock. Bravo. We can certainly see the evolution of your presentation style, James; progressing from a lackluster droning somnambulistic narrative to the dynamic, confident, charismatic, globally recognized journalistic icon you’ve become. Beginning your career with a $25 microphone in a part time podcasting endeavor, working full time as a teacher, finding your future wife in a karaoke coffee house (we’re all curious), having two exceptional children, teaching them a dozen languages, eventually leaving the educational system to devote full time to a broadcasting career. A long way from that $25 mic and ancient laptop in a corner of your cramped bedroom. Which inspires a karaoke song:

    ??Entered a neighborhood coffee bar, gray matter not quite up to par.

    Had a cup of some Japanese java, then she walked in and VAVA!

    Boom! went the heart strings as she crossed the room.

    She was the one I’d waited for; didn’t even notice what she wore.

    All I saw was that beautiful face, and how she moved with such docile grace.

    Things progressed, finally reaching the alter; “You’re a lucky man” said my best man, Walter.

    Life couldn’t be better with her in my life, I’m a fortunate dude to have such a wife.

    Thanks to subscribers we live in a mansion, and we’ve both agreed there’s room for expansion.

    Two more children is not out of the question, we’ve talked it over but it’s not an obsession.

    Can’t save the world but doing my part, the best I can do is open the heart.

    Bless you all for doing your bit, not easy these days as the world turns to shit.

    • Hahaha! Fun lyrics! Thank you.

    • Going into this man’s personal life is unnerving
      He works and gives his workings to us
      I pay him for it
      lol, I seriously doubt he lives in “in a mansion”

      but if he does
      fucking good for him

      good for him

      quite frankly
      there was a time when I wanted to prove him and so many others wrong (9/11 days)
      I just didn’t want my “worldview” to be collapsed
      it did collapse
      and only more questions followed

      I would say I’m in his (and others) debt

      but honestly
      the grass isn’t greener in
      conspiracy land…it’s just more real
      I wish it was greener

      • With great knowledge comes great sorrow

  6. WHO is Susan Corke? Should we accept anything other than manipuative comments from this person? I can imagine that a lot of angry, easily misdirected people would love to find a hard target for all this insanity. They don’t know what else to do. Theyre getting impatient and want swift justice and relief from this endless corruption. Something like violence fits perfectly into line with the powers-that-shouldn’t-be. Fits with their Ordo ab Chao, yes? Divisiveness gets us fighting each other which makes the cabal roll with laughter.

    Taken from the SPLC’s own website:

    International human rights advocate Susan Corke is the new director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, the SPLC announced today.

    Corke – a former State Department official who has defended and advanced inclusive democracy worldwide for over two decades – comes to the SPLC from the German Marshall Fund, where she served as a senior fellow and executive director of the bipartisan Transatlantic Democracy Working Group. She is a co-author of “The Democracy Playbook,” a resource to fight authoritarianism and strengthen democratic resilience.

    Oh no, another one?

  7. Excellent inciteful show as always. So good to see your smiling faces.

  8. RE: Story #2: Primary School Pupils to Be Offered Insects to Eat In ‘Alternative Protein’ Study

    I think Corbett expressed the right approach about these agendas. That is, a more Voluntaryist approach such as: “If you want to do it, fine. Just don’t tread on me.”

    I guess people could argue climate change type stuff with “stats and strawmans made of hay” until the cows come home.

    RECENT NEWS (with ?”stats”?)…

    Wed June 8th – The Telegraph
    The great vegan diet ‘con’
    Despite what the documentaries tell you, a plant-based lifestyle isn’t better for your health and it certainly won’t save the planet

    May 19th – The Guardian
    Lab-grown meat firms say post-Brexit UK could be at forefront
    Technology, touted as low-carbon, faces long regulation process in EU but industry hopes UK will expedite approval
    [There are some interesting links in this article, even including the 2900 page pdf from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.]

    …A recent report by the thinktank IPES-Food said claims that lab-grown meat was sustainable were “limited and speculative.” The paper also dismissed assumptions that the technology could help feed a more affluent world population of up to 10 billion by 2050….
    [Gosh! I looked at that white paper, and basically in the end, it calls for more technocracy.]

    There are so many Climate Change gods now, the ancient Greek gods are outnumbered in complexity.

  9. There’s gotta be a moral to this story…

    Thursday June 9th – NBC News
    Geico must pay $5.2 million to woman who got HPV from sex in man’s insured car, court rules

    Geico must pay a Missouri woman $5.2 million after she caught HPV from unprotected sex with her then-boyfriend in his insured automobile, a state appellate court ruled.

    In an opinion published Tuesday, the Court of Appeals for the Western District of Missouri affirmed the multimillion-dollar payout against the insurance company, best known for its ubiquitous TV ads that frequently feature a talking gecko.

    The woman — identified in court papers only as “M.O.” — said that she “engaged in unprotected sexual activities in Insured’s vehicle” in November and December 2017 and that he “negligently caused or contributed to” her catching the human papillomavirus (HPV), a common sexually transmitted infection, court papers said.

    After Geico turned down her claim, M.O. took the matter to an arbitrator, who found in her favor before a court affirmed the $5.2 million judgment, the appeals court said…

    …In federal court papers, Geico has said it never had any responsibility to defend the boyfriend, identified only as “M.B.,” because it should be on the hook only for damages coming “out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the … auto.”

    “M.O.’s alleged damages have no nexus to the ownership, maintenance, or covered use of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis,” the company said in a federal court filing last year.

    “In other words, the vehicle’s covered use did not cause M.O.’s alleged injuries; instead, her injuries arose from an intervening cause — namely, her failure to prevent transmission of STDs by having unprotected sex.”

    • I sense an appeal of that ruling is likely. Or would be in a sane universe.

      • If she wins, there will be an epidemic of STDs via automobiles.
        Van insurance rates will go through the roof.

  10. Related sideways to:
    “Scotiabank Apologizes Over Trucker Convoy Account Freeze”

    # 1 Amazon Best Selling Book
    “How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom”

    If you enjoyed the Dr. Seuss classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, you’ll appreciate this best seller.
    …“From coast to coast the truckers drove through the snow and their small fringe numbers continued to grow. Then one day a trucker appeared in the town, with thousands behind them from miles around,”…

  11. Bilderberg Part One

    The American Hand behind Bilderberg

    The real guiding hand behind the American side of the Bilderberg Group, however, was the first head of the newly-established Central Intelligence Agency, General Walter Bedell Smith.

    In 1950 Smith became Director of the CIA. The CIA helped organize, and sponsored the formation, and operation of the Bilderberg Conferences.

    As Pope, Pius XII had a clear political bias and it was towards support of clerical or nominally Roman Catholic fascist or extremely repressive right-wing regimes, a form of what some termed clerical fascism, the fusion of the Church with fascist or dictatorial political regimes, such as in Franco’s Spain or Spinola’s Portugal.

    During the Second World War Pius XII refused to condemn the clerical fascist pro-Hitler regime of Roman Catholic Ante Pavelić, the leader of the newly proclaimed Croatian state. Informed by Catholic clergy of the genocidal murders of Orthodox Serbs who had refused to embrace the Catholic faith, Pius XII, even though he possessed a list of Croatian clergy members who had “joined in the slaughter,” did not condemn the Pavelić regime or take action against the clergy involved. Instead he elevated Aloysius Stepinac—a Croatian archbishop convicted of collaborating with the Ustaše—to Cardinal.

    In effect, Retinger’s European Bilderberg networks linked the extreme right-wing European anti-communist networks—including the Vatican of Pius XII, of Opus Dei, of the Franco government in Spain, of Portugal’s General Spinola and numerous other right-wing European anti-communist networks—to the triumphant American elites around the powerful Rockefeller group, through the networks and person of David Rockefeller.

    It was a power marriage that was to have a profound effect on the development of postwar European society and politics.
    And so, out of three days of private discussion, a new Trans-Atlantic think-tank was created. It was to become one of the most effective organizations for influencing world events after 1954 up to the present, and one of the most damaging and secretive.

    Moving on quickly; to understand the very special relationship between Prince Bernhard and General Walter Bedell Smith – who most certainly had complete access to general Eisenhower’s intelligence – we need to advance several years.

    After the war, Prince Bernhard is believed to have been profitably employed dealing in art stolen during the war.
    Gerben Sonderman, who Prince Bernhard described as the “best friend I ever had” (presumably Adolf had by then been forgotten?), acted as the prince’s private pilot for transporting stolen art, according to Ton Biesemaat, who has written an expose of the art ring called “The Correggio Mystery.

    In 1941, Sonderman, a Dutch Fokker pilot, developed contacts with Germans involved in plundering Dutch art works. A close contact of his was Alois Miedl, a “banker, spy and art dealer” who occasionally dressed in SS uniform.
    After the war, Miedl operated on behalf of the ODESSA, the SS escape network that transported nazi war criminals to safety in South America – particularly Argentina, where Bormann is believed to have escaped to.

    This also is a favourite destination for Prince Bernhard after the war, where he was usually accompanied by his best friend, Gerban Sonderman.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Bilderberg Part Two

      Known as “Operation Juliana” this cunning scheme was a body blow to Allied investigators who were anxiously seeking the “missing pieces of the Thyssen fortune.

      The US attorney to the Rotterdam bank was Allen Dulles, who had migrated from the OSS office in Bern, Switzerland, to become the US intelligence chief in post-war Germany.

      As a member of the royal family bloodline, Lord Carrington’s illustrious career has included a stint as chairman of the secretive and elite Bildergers. Not least, he was a former President of the Pilgrim Society that was founded in London in 1902 (and New York in 1903), as a dying wish of Cecil Rhodes. Another member of this ultra secret society was none other than the Duke of Kent, as was A J Drexel Biddle.
      Those instrumental in the founding of Bilderberg have included, General Walter Bedell Smith, Allen Dulles and Antoine Pinay, the ultra right French Prime Minister and Otto Wolff of the Cologne based firm Otto Wolff A. G., whose father was a substantial contributor to Hitler.

      Another was Sir Collin Gubbins, wartime head of the SOE who had established and trained Auxilary Units to resist underground in the event of a nazi invasion. These, in turn, were linked to the so-called Army “Oxen Units” that engaged in sabotage. One such Oxen Unit was in Berriedale at the time the Duke of Kent’s aircraft crashed.

      Attendees are numerous and very influential. These have included, for example, David Rockefeller, Walter Boveri Jr, son of the founder of Brown Boveri, Sir Eric Roll of Warburg’s London based merchant bank and Dr. Herman Abs of I G Farben – to name just a few who are relevant to this essay.

      The first Bilderberg chairman was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who remained chairing the meetings until 1976, when he stood down following his disgrace for accepting bribes in the Lockheed affair.

      Of significance is the fact that the first Bilderberg meeting was held ten years after the failed Operation Market Garden

      (, in a hotel (named the Bilderberg – hence the name of the group), that is located in Oosterbeek, Holland, just a few kilometres from both Arnhem and Nijmegen – and in the very middle of the fighting to take the Arnhem bridge.
      In the first two years of its existence, four meetings were held, on a semi-annual basis.

      For 1954, meeting were held in May and again in September. In 1955, they were in March and September. Thereafter, meetings have been held just once annually in May. September 1954 was, of course, the month of the failed – or betrayed – Operation Market Garden.

      1954 is of significance for other reasons, too, for it was in 1954 that the Allies finally agreed to return Western Germany to the status of a sovereign nation and German companies were, at last, freed from Allied control on 5th May 1955.

      The assets of Thyssen, Krupp and others that had been secreted abroad could now be untangled and returned to once again rebuild Germany – as foreseen by Bormann. The treaty that ended the occupation of West Germany was signed in Paris in October 1954.

      • That was interesting, but while they may rebuild Germany but there won’t be many Germans left to enjoy it what with their birth rate and immigration…. Germany is a US colonial possession and the US is under the thumb of the jewish money power,

  12. Bilderberg Three


    The Bilderberg Group is the Nazi connection
    Dr. Retinger and Prince Bernhad

    – “…Retinger’s European Bilderberg networks linked the extreme right-wing European anti-communist networks—including the Vatican of Pius XII, of Opus Dei, of the Franco government in Spain, of Portugal’s General Spinola and numerous other right-wing European anti-communist networks—to the triumphant American elites around the powerful Rockefeller group, through the networks and person of David Rockefeller.

    In late 1952, Retinger went to America to test his Bilderberg idea on his American contacts, where he met with Averell Harriman, David Rockefeller, and Bedell Smith, then director of the CIA.

    After Retinger explained his proposal, Smith reportedly said,

    “Why the hell didn’t you come to me in the first place?” The CIA chief then told Retinger to go to C. D. Jackson, who was about to become President Eisenhower’s Special Assistant for Psychological Warfare, and Eisenhower’s liaison between the Pentagon and CIA.

    The list of American institutions involved in the Bilderberg Group, reads like a list of pre-war financiers of Hitler.
    These are the six major American Banks, Ford Motor Company, Standard Oil –Exxon, and DuPont.
    The attendees at the 1954 initial Bilderberg Meeting included David Rockefeller, who today is the only Bilderberg “Advisory Group” Member. It included State Department official, Paul Nitze.

    As well, Gardner Cowles, US media baron and founder of Look magazine, who had been the US Government deputy director of the Office of War Information, the US propaganda ministry that created the Voice of America (VOA). It included J.P. Morgan Bank director Nelson D. Jay, a close Rockefeller associate.

    It was a power marriage that was to have a profound effect on the development of postwar European society and politics”

    German-born Prince Bernhard was a controversial figure, a notorious philanderer, who had been a member of the German NSDAP and Reiter SS. In 1976 Bernhard was accused of accepting a $1 million bribe from the US fighter aircraft maker, Lockheed, to influence jet purchases by the Dutch Air Force.

    When Bernhard was forced to resign because of the scandals, he was succeeded as Bilderberg Chairman by then German Bundes präsident, Walter Scheel, and then afterwards by Britain’s Lord Carrington, a confidante and later business partner of Henry Kissinger.

    Read more at: site above

  13. RE: Matthew McConaughey

    Here is a headline from “The Telegraph” on June 9th…
    Matthew McConaughey for president? He’s achieved what no American politician has in decades

    God forbid…Matthew McConaughey as President.
    For those who don’t know, at one time Matthew McConaughey was publicly contemplating running for Texas governor.

    Uvalde is a very small town out in the middle of no-where. I’ve been through there with my son when he was about 9 years old on our way to ole Mexico at Del Rio.

    There is some dynamic country down in that part of Texas. Just north of the town of Uvalde is Garner State Park along the clear flowing Frio River (Uvalde County).
    I still have a 4″ scar on my leg from that Park when I was there in the early 60’s.
    My young son and I were exploring Garner State Park before heading to Mexico.
    He came running back to me and said that he found a cave across the river. He said “Come on!” After crossing the river, we made our way up a cliff side to the wide entrance of the cave.
    I walk in behind him as the light starts to shadow fade. I am about to press my hand against the wall, but notice that the entire wall of the cave is “pulsing”.
    My eyes adjust to the low light…
    Without exaggeration, the walls of the darkened cave were completely and totally covered with Daddy Long Legs Spiders. They were all bobbing up and down. The walls were pulsing.
    I jumped back! “Whoa! Look at all the SPIDERS!”
    Ten feet ahead of me, my son laughs…“You scared?!”, implying that I’m a wuss. He tried to get me to follow him deeper into the cave.
    I told him that I will stay back towards the cave entrance, and that maybe it is time we both should go and get back to my wife.
    We verbally wrestled while I received a few teasing insults about my cowardice.
    Finally, with a smile he graciously relented and we went back across the river.

    • Tidbit…
      John Wayne’s movie “The Alamo” (1960)

      About 20 miles west of Uvalde, as one heads towards Del Rio, is Bracketville.
      On the north side of Bracketville is where the set for John Wayne’s “The Alamo” was built.

    • Claustrophobia and arachnids? I’m out.
      If I had touched that wall I probably would have shrieked!

  14. Thanks for mentioning the Westmeath Examiner in relation to Bilderberg. It’s just a provincial paper here in Ireland, but covered Bildeberg, because of the locally residing Michael O Leary, who is always invited to these gatherings. Ryanair boss!!! Our very own Globalist.!!!

  15. We’re in transhumanism land now
    global governance land now

    Jared Kushner
    “Ukraine and greater Israel”

    not exactly “moving the needle” for me

  16. Prince Charles, I have the most beautiful mask for you! Just stand here and choose your favorite number! Choices are 5.56, 7.62, or .45, if you choose the correct one you get our most limited edition mask in the most brilliant shade of red, rated by all scientists as the most preventative method of stopping both covid and carbon emissions! Can’t beat that. There are no losers, everyone’s a winner!

  17. They’ve been trying to get us to eat insects for decades. Even my late mother, who was born in 1930 and was an avid Guardian reader, used to express astonishment over this. It disgusts me that they’re trying to indoctrinate children into it, because so far the attempts have failed to interest the rest of us. They must be laughing at us. I totally agree with James that it’s about making us serfs, or slaves.

    The PM of Finland by the way, Sanna Marin, was a WEF Young Global Leader.

    • minnie says:
      ” they’re trying to indoctrinate children into it”

      You bring up a very good point which should be highlighted.
      Like James Corbett has often pointed out, changing the Zeitgeist is generational.

    • There I nothing inherently bad about eating bugs…. it’s just that they want to have control over the food….honestly I’d grow and eat meal worms no issue but eating the weird processed crap they make is not gonna be good for people.

      Honestly people in apartments should look into meal worm or earth worm farming for themselves.

  18. When Bildiberg plans for continuity of government I don’t think of nation states but Bilderberg itself dissolving into source entities and conducting business through technological encrypted meetings,and announcing dissolution before being further exposed ! This is a similar strategy to what the Third Reich did at the end of WW2 when Reich melded into NATO and created operation Gladio to continue war with Russia through strategic tension created by proxies , they have already demonstrated ability to manipulate US elections with groups of activist young people,teams that can use all methods even unorthodox ,of intimidation,threats,blackmail,street battles,assault,sabotage,terrorism,and murder !
    I disagree with Sibylle Edmonds about calling Gladio operations in Middle East as Gladio B , Gladio B was the assassination of JFK , even though not the sole conspirator NATO OSS, CIA personnel were apparent on leave between failed coup in Algiers in 1961 and Operation Solo in Italy 1964 .
    Bilderberg is going underground and may even stage a Falce Flag operation of demise by American extremist to facilitate coverup of plan and facilitate disarmament of America sooner than later !

    • The third Reich was a joke…the only competent people in it were either always part of or became part of the globalist power scheme.

      The most hilarious thing about them is that even the word “nazi” is the German version of calling someone a TrumpTard….Nato is an extension of the Atlantic powers, Germany is still subservient to them otherwise it would not be killingits own abilityto feed itself and manufacture goods.

  19. I was kinda interested in that idea but not seeing much happening on the greater Isreal side of things as yet

  20. i guess they are simply talking about CBDC when they say “Disruption of the Global Financial System”.

  21. What is interesting is how I see some “normie” reporters, journalists, and podcasters now mentioning Bilderberger meetings in ways that I have not seen before. One that stands out prominently is Kim Iversen and Robby Soave of The Hill covering the recent Bilderberg meetings and it is interesting to see their take…these aren’t independent journalists but normie reporters working for a normie periodical channel close to the Washington establishment. To view their interaction, here is the link:

    Also, Jimmy Dore is a left-leaning, progressive-oriented comedian with a populist bent. You could consider him a normie, but he also covered a segment on the Bilderberger meetings and his lefty cronies chimed in their criticism of these meetings. You can watch their interaction here:

    I find it refreshing that the Bilderberger meetings are not just the exclusive domain of independent/conspiracy theorists but is now on the radar of normie journalists and podcasters.

  22. I love it when a science study or survey supports my bias… 😉

    Study: Habitual Coffee Consumption Reduces Risk of Progressive Kidney Disease
    …Habitual coffee consumption is associated with the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.

    ARIC, a large population study of 14,207 participants aged 45 to 64 years, revealed that higher self-reported daily coffee consumption was associated with a lower risk of incident chronic kidney disease after adjustments were made for demographic, clinical, and dietary factors.

    Thus, habitual coffee consumption has a strong potential for reducing the risk of progressive kidney disease…
    [Mechanics, compounds and details in article & links.]

  23. The mask story seems to line up with a possible HydroGel Mask future that Celeste Solum mentioned last year. (@2:30)
    It forces us to breathe in HydroGel that allows for a faster brain chip formation.
    The mask on the cows is likely a move to get us used to the idea of saving climate change through it. Once we are used to this idea, it almost definitely will be made for humans. It seems that the hydrogel mask idea is not too far-fetch, since it won’t be visible to us.

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