Interview 1737 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Story #1: Trauma And Stress, Not Chemical Imbalance, Likely Cause Of Depression

The Serotonin Theory Of Depression: A Systematic Umbrella Review Of The Evidence

The New Study on Serotonin and Depression Isn’t About Antidepressants

Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits: A Meta-Analysis of Data Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration

Challenging Received Wisdom: Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect

Do You Still Believe in the “Chemical Imbalance Theory of Mental Illness”?

Psychiatry & Big Pharma: Exposed – Dr James Davies, PhD

Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings

Story #2: ‘Manipulated’ Alzheimer’s Data May Have Misled Research For 16 Years //

CRISPR Gene Editing May Cause Permanent Damage – Study

Biden Tells Reporters He Has Cancer During Climate Change Event In Massachusetts

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

Episode 353 – The Crisis of Science

Episode 354 – Solutions: Open Science

Story #3: Sowing Hunger, Reaping Profits – A Food Crisis By Design

PDF: “Sowing Hunger, Reaping Profits – A Food Crisis By Design”

The Nitrogen Problem in Agriculture

We’re All Dutch Farmers Now

We’re All Sri Lankan Farmers Now

The Gates/Rockefeller “Green Revolution” Scam Exposed

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  1. My GOD, I been taking anti-depressants up until about a year ago. I can not count how many times i’ve told my health care providers that they do nothing to me. I’ve been prescribed every known brand on the market and I knew they were bullshit but yet they kept saying I was depressed and prescribing them to me. I save my pill bottles to keep screws etc. in them in my shop and I have hundreds of empty bottles out there in a box. If there are trying to get rid of doctors then I say no, get rid of big pharma or revamp and start over, preferably back to nature drugs using plants etc instead of rockefeller oik based shit. Thank you guys… I fricken knew they were worthless, makes me happy to know I was right but sad to know I’ve eaten a boat load of them.

    • a57

      With the last few years it’s been easy to get into a rut.
      When I get down it’s usually because I have let myself get inactive. Movement and upper body work are medicine to me. This modern world is made to make us sick….if it was easy to eat right and exercise enough more then half of sicknesses wouldn’t be a thing I think

      • My health care providers said I’m depressed, myself I’ve felt the same as I always have. They would ask a few questions and like do you feel like harming yourself or anyone else? or do you ever feel like killing yourself? I’d say no and no and they would say I just depressed. This has been going on for years. They all go by the same plat book. I quit taking all of my meds a couple years ago and have never felt better.

        • That’s great! Thanks for sharing your story.

        • Yes indeed A57 and Duck. In line with the general tenor of dysfunctional medicine and scientism its a good idea to consider your medical practitioner as potentially harmful. They are. Close attention to the fundamentals of good living means all those thigs our grandmother taught us and all those reasons we need to reject the complicity of the Medical fraternity with big pharma. I became a lazy cook and meal maker over the years with the results I eat simply, but no fast food, and I think simple food is part of good living.

    • I still take a low dose unfortunately, but will try to titrate slowly off the meds I take as I introduce other coping strategies.

      Anecdotally I have found that some psychiatric medicines can help temporarily for mood problems but they should probably only be used temporarily.

      The chemical imbalance hypothesis has been refuted with compelling evidence which has made me re evaluate my use of certain medicines. However, there are certain withdrawal symptoms that are very real and I know it is important to titrate rather than shock the body.

      • Absolutely, taper slowly and eat well. Play Pickleball! It’s a jovial sport that makes you breathe deeply and get those endorphins going and easy to pick up. Also, guard your thoughts! Don’t allow your mind to DWELL on the awful. Belleruth Naperstack has GREAT guided imagery CD’s (and downloads) for sleep, anti anxiety, and PTSD. Much love to you cu.h.j I appreciate your authenticity.

    • I am not a doctor and I would never presume to know what is the cause of depression for you personally but these are some tidbits that I gathered from my experiences with depression and my research on relevant data points.

      Beyond the widespread vitamin deficiencies and compromised/depleted gut microbiomes (which I feel do result in a large portion of the population experiencing depression via the lack of the molecular building blocks for neurotransmitter biochemicals being supplied to the human body) in many cases I feel like depression is a symptom of a soul level knowing that something is very wrong with the way this world is. It is like a calling from our soul reminding us that we are here to make this experience and world very different than it currently is. More on this here:

      Vitamin D deficiency is more common in those who were also experiencing anxiety and depression. Experiments have shown that calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, mediates gene transcription in the brain that acts not only to induce serotonin synthesis, but also inhibits reuptake, likely elevating serotonin in the central nervous system. Some researchers believe that optimizing vitamin D may help prevent and modulate the severity of brain dysfunction. Literature indicates a link between sunshine and serotonin due to their concurrent seasonal fluctuations. A study of 101 subjects showed the rate of serotonin turnover in the brain was lowest in winter and the rate of serotonin production was directly related to the duration of bright sunlight exposure. Another study of 36 healthy subjects found that low sun exposure was correlated to a 20 – 30% reduction in serotonin receptor-1A binding in limbic regions of the brain, shown to increase dopamine release. Thus, getting outside in warm months to get sunshine on the skin and taking vitamin D during the winter was really helpful for me in mitigating depression.

      (continued in another comment..)

      • But Gavinm we have to go to pains not to medicalise normality . The world is utterly vile and it would be abnormal not to be somewhat depressed about it. We are in war for God’s sake and they are trying to kill us. That is somewhat depressing surely.

        • @psfilms

          I appreciate your commenting and sharing your thoughts/concerns.

          That is a great point, there does appear to be a concerted effort that has been accelerating in recent years to attach on diagnosis (and of course expensive synthetic chemical prescriptions that numb symptoms to go along with them) for a number of conditions that are either a natural result of easily avoidable manmade detrimental conditions/toxins (which our body/mind is trying to warn us about through said symptoms) and/or completely benign and natural conditions that should require zero intervention and rather are diagnosed and “treated” purely for the sake of profiteering.

          That being said, I feel like vitamin/nutritional deficiency and microbiome depletion is a widespread modern occurrence that does lead to unnecessary and unhelpful psychological and physiological conditions and diseases.

          While I will agree that modern industrial civilization (with it’s extractive parasitic industrial corporate mechanisms of perpetuating itself and those intentionally malicious few individuals that currently steer said parasitic globalized oligarchic machine) would be accurately described as “vile”, I would not say that “the world” is vile. The world (even within the context of humans) is full of magnificent expressions of creativity, selfless acts of kindness, compassion and comradery. There are pockets of people all over this globe living and embodying truth in the midst of a imperialistic corporate technocratic attack on the general population. These courageous efforts are like the candle that can light one thousand candles without diminishing it’s own light.

          Those that chose to be the ones that refuse to capitulate and instead chose hope, love, courage and creativity in the face of such a monolithic insidious corporate empire are embarking on a rare path to better themselves (and humanity). God invites us to become our best selves and fan the flame within despite the brutal storm hammering down upon us. We are invited to graduate to a new degree of sovereignty as human and spiritual beings. Some depression is inevitable on this path, but through seeing this challenge as an opportunity to hone and enrich our eternal Self, we can keep the justified depression to a minimum and dig deep to see that the darkest hours come right before the dawn.

      • Thanks for posting this. I will check it out. I’ve been taking vitamin D regularly since I got sick and I do note a small difference in mood.

        • @cu.h.j

          You are most welcome. I grow gourmet/medicinal mushrooms and so I like to use them to get vitamin D in the winter rather than taking supplements (more on this below)

          Some additional info on how important vitamin D is:

          Vitamin D is fundamentally important for maintaining the function of your innate immune system, it is also essential for maintaining bone health, mental health, heart health and more. One of the more important functions of vitamin d in the body is regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and facilitating normal immune system function. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases. Research has shown that vitamin D might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. In one study, scientists found that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements noticed an improvement in their symptoms. In another study of people with fibromyalgia, researchers found vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were also experiencing anxiety and depression. This is due to the fact that there are receptors for vitamin D throughout the central nervous system and in the hippocampus. Research also suggests that vitamin D activates and deactivates enzymes in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid that are involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth. In addition, animal and laboratory studies suggest vitamin D protects neurons and reduces inflammation.

          Recent studies have shown a drastic link between vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular health issues including heart attacks and congestive heart failure, arterial disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Getting the appropriate recommended daily intake of vitamin D aids in the regulation of blood pressure in the kidneys and blood sugar levels in the pancreas, two factors that play into cardiovascular health.

          Mushrooms Can Become A Powerful Ally In Enabling You To Be Able To Produce Your Own Natural Source Of Dietary Vitamin D In The Winter Through Exposing The Mushrooms To UV Light:

          Mushrooms and animal skins create vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Mushrooms are rich in the vitamin D precursor ergosterol, which ultraviolet B (between wavelengths of 290 nm to 315 nm) converts to ergocalciferols, also called provitamin D2.
          Similar to when humans are exposed to sunlight (or a sunlamp), mushrooms convert a precursor to vitamin D, called ergosterol, into vitamin D₂ when exposed to UV light.

          (continued in another comment..)

        • @cu.h.j


          And though this vitamin D is technically different from the vitamin D₃ found in animal products, that vitamin D is indeed bioavailable, or absorbable by the body. It is just as effective at elevating and maintaining blood levels of the nutrient, (according to research by a Dr. Holick and colleagues). It’s also “the only pharmaceutical form of D available in the United States,” he adds. This means that the D you’re getting from mushrooms is exactly what you’d be getting in a pharmaceutical/supplement form. In fact, research has shown that consuming 2000 IU of vitamin D₂, whether from mushrooms or from supplements, leads to the same levels of vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) in the blood as consuming vitamin D₃.
          For more info on how to increase the levels of Vitamin D in mushrooms before eating them via exposing them to UV light:,ergocalciferols%2C%20also%20called%20provitamin%20D2.

    • (contunued..)

      Additionally I found a huge difference in my mood and general psychological well being after I started making and eating raw fermented foods.

      We macro-lifeforms (humans) are allowed to exist by nature of the functions and inter-connectivity of the myriad organisms that weave the web of interdependence between species on the microscale. This includes the lactobaccili (and bacteriophages) in our gut that allow us to digest food, protect us from pathogens and enable the production of the biochemicals we require to facilitate higher brain function (eg 90% of the serotonin that is produced in the human body — the neurotransmitter that modulates everything from mood to focus to creative capacity — is produced in the gut lining rather than in the brain itself.) More on this here:

      and here:

      and here:

      We are not really at the top of the food chain, nor are we in any position to claim superiority or claim to be the dominant species on the planet. Our technology’s ability to kill macro-scopic (and a certain range of microscopic) lifeforms and/or displace large amounts of material on the macro-scale gives us the illusion that we are powerful. In truth, we are in no position to claim to be masters of nature. Just like a mature ecosystem in a forest landscape we can only continue to function in optimum capacity and be healthy if the many members of the ecosystem that make up our bodies are present. Thus, our war on bacteria is a war on ourselves.

      In conclusion I will share a fun fact about another rich source of beneficial microorganisms that can serve to modulate and optimize mental health in Humans, the living Soil. Soil microbes have anti-depressant and cognitive function boosting capabilities. That means working in the garden (touching and smelling that rich soil) has now been proven to have benefits to the human brain and immune system. More in this here:

      and here:

      and here:

      I see these active functions of the microbiology in living foods and living soil exerting an influence in modulating our mental health on a cellular level like Mother Nature’s way of giving our cells a big hug 🙂

      Hope you find this info helpful

  2. RE The Crisis of Scientism – #NewWorldNextWeek – Interview 1737

    Oh man!…I just love NWNW!
    James Corbett was on fire…he lit it up!

    • When I listen to James Corbett go off like that, I think to myself, “I have no idea what is going on in the world!”
      Thanks James and James. Keep up the great work.

  3. RE “Story #1: Trauma And Stress, Not Chemical Imbalance, Likely Cause Of Depression”

    – BACKSTORY ANECDOTE of last July, 2021
    [Neighbor who thought fungi-moldy dried rag was a body part is arrested by police.]
    Humans – The Chasm in Realities

    If you read the backstory, and further down the sub-thread, you see that this young physically healthy guy has a history of street drugs, but is on Psych Meds which have messed him up.

    The drama hasn’t stopped during the past year at my neighbors who live in a separate duplex building from mine. When the kid loses control and goes into a rage, he sometimes slams the front door so hard that my walls literally shake.
    Drama and shouting usually escalates out onto the front lawn while he is throwing fits and his Mother yelling at him. Often, she calls the police and he ends up cuffed and hauled to jail.
    Once I helped her and her brother replace the front door wood jam that once held lock, because the kid tore it off. No more. The guy has punched holes in the walls and broken windows. Today, for trash day, there were two big screen TVs which had been busted by his rage.
    His Mother will sometimes kick him out. Then, after a few days, I will see him back in the house. He doesn’t do squat…She has to pester him to put the trash out. He has no job, ‘cuz he can’t keep one.

    About 6 months ago, I go out my front door and noticed a huge butcher knife with the wood handle missing in my yard by the sidewalk. Then I noticed a slit in my screen door, and pieces of knife blade broken off on the ground by the doorway with a carved-out scar on my front door.

    A week later, the doorbell rings. It was the neighbor kid asking to buy a few cigarettes. I said sure.
    I stepped outside with him face to face and said, “You gotta cut out this shit of slicing my screen door and destroying my stuff. That’s bullshit.”
    (Actually, here I was bluffing, because I really wasn’t absolutely sure if he did it or not.)
    He replied, “I’m sorry Mr. HRS. I’m sorry. Yes sir. I won’t do it again.”
    I told him that I was very disappointed in him. …that I had never done anything but to be nice to him and help him out.

    He is a potential source of major, major trouble. I’ll have him arrested if he messes with me again.

  4. The serotonin issue was known twenty years ago. Senior industry people said ‘chemical imbalance’ was only a metaphor. They knew antidepressants worked but added that metaphor !!

    Guardian 2003

    ‘He also doesn’t wish to examine too closely the underlying “chemical imbalance” theory of depression on which the alleged efficacy of the SSRIs is based, presumably because he knows that it’s essentially bunk: no fixed correlation has been established, despite intensive study, between levels of serotonin in the brain and depression.

  5. The truth is that all of these so called SSRIs have a sedative in them, If these drugs work, that’s how they work.

  6. Russell Brand interviewed Vandana Shiva recently. She’s a westernised petit bourgeois who believes in sustainability as does (somewhat coyly) Russell himself. Sustainability is the heart of the great reset.

    However good an idea you may think it is, it will cause enormous damage in the near future. See the Dutch farmers for details. If you support it, you support the great reset.

  7. I’ve read that 1/3rd of Americans are on anti-depressant drugs. It is depressing.
    I sometimes get angry and stressed, but I don’t get depressed. Depression is a loser’s game of victimhood.
    Don’t despair. Get mad.
    Amazing how the stress goes away when you see your enemy(ies) underground.

    “Why are you at the funeral? I thought you hated this guy/gal/it.”

    “Just wanted to make sure the fucker was dead.”

    Don’t get depressed. Get angry.

      • Octium: The Clintons are rich, but their power is gone. I still think that their day of reckoning is coming. But I could be wrong.

  8. Okay. What are all those cases of Session Lager doing behind James in New Mexico?

  9. How much “science” do we need? We have sanitation and clean water. This improved our lives and prevented plagues. We have refrigeration for preserving food. We have electrical and natural gas for cheap energy.

    We aren’t huddled around a smoky fire in a cave anymore eating have cooked meat and some raw vegetable while our teeth rot out and our eyesight turns to shit.

    Fuck Big Pharma. They are useless at best and dangerous at worst.

  10. The Earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Do the math. Only 1% is left for other gases.
    Who’s afraid of nitrogen?
    Humans are really dumb.

    • Nitrogen is used in fertiliser which is used to grow food for humans.

      The predator class thinks there are too many humans.

      • loggin: Didn’t you play in a band with Messina?

        Personally, I’m beginning to think there are too many dumb-ass humans as well.

  11. Food for thought: “could this be the crypto psyop for food…?”
    the incompetence theory, lying by omission and outright gatekeeping: the high-profile pied pipers of public opinion… we can’t agree on everything but we can recognize carefully crafted sophistry

    just as chomsky told scathing truths about US imperialism, a government’s worst enemy being its own population, discussing the manufacturing of consent etc. just to lead folks to anti-BDS sentiment, maintain the warren commission report’s fairy tale about the most high-profile murder ever broadcast live on national television, recommend that antivaxxers be isolated from society and the other coup de grace of 911 “who cares” (rather like another high-profile martyr named Assange as he curated his leaks to the leading msm gatekeeping Guardians of El Pais, Le Monde or at least, the western world)

    did vandana shiva, the champion of suicidal indian farmers tell all about patents and bill gates just to help lead people by their endeared hearts and strident emotions to the austere technoprison of Agenda 21?

    just a fun little exchange on the Corbett conversation boards a while back with a grain of pertinence to the subject at hand:

    yes, let’s plant those seeds to nourish a certain healthy skepticism of charismatic and venerated msm talking heads who garner our sympathies and lasso our justified indignation only to imperceptibly shepherd us to a certain table and feed us their reportedly consensual and bullyingly coercive AGW scientism.

    • Hot LINK! …Hot Dogs!…

      James Corbett breaks general routine protocol and delivers a comment with links on a Sub-Thread conversation.

      nosoapradio (aka ManBearPig), I love your reply to Corbett’s comment.
      Great wit!

      — “the Shiva Syndrome” —
      The second week of August 2021, James Corbett mentioned Sharon Lerner who has written about some toxic environmental substances, but also has some pro-vaccine views.

      NoSoapRadio pointed out some examples of a cast of well known characters who have “the Shiva Syndrome”.

      “…that’s kinda what gatekeepers and limited hangout agents do:
      they tell all on a major emotions-soaked subject that can’t be hidden, since many others are already reporting or already have reported on it; using it to win people’s powerful hero-worship gratitude,
      so as to fatally mislead them on other crucial issues… even life or death ones such as the covid jab…
      …unfortunately, it seems so many have trouble distinguishing the baby from the bath water.”

      [PS – NSR, I like dancing with you baby! ;)]

      • “ Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she’s an evil, cynical, plotting, elitist globalist secret card-holding member of the Club of Rome. (I’d have to take a closer look)

        but noone could be a more powerful tool for the smart abscond-with-everything nature-swapping sustainble technocrats

        than a feisty, endearing, charismatic and brilliant Green movement environmentalist true believer embodying the maternal Gaia archetype fighting climate change, promoting sustainability, women’s rights and hugging the Earth and trees.”

        Damn it all! Now I have to cross another one off my respected and admired list.
        I swear, I’m going to stop giving anyone the benefit of the doubt no matter how much sense they are making and just assume that if they are saying anything good that they must be trying to set me up for a fall.

        I even heard that Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center was a commie once! He’s dead to me!

        And this other guy I know who is always going on about freedom and liberty was a neocon not too long ago. Even voted for Bush jr. twice! I would disown him too if he wasn’t me. ☹️

        I’m not gonna put any faith in what anybody says anymore until they’re dead. They can’t disappoint me that way. ?

        • We can embrace and draw inspiration from all the beauty of a person’s actions while distancing ourselves from what we perceive as their collaboration with tyranny.

          I guess all conscious and subconscious human behavior encompasses lighter and darker shades of grey.

        • Perhaps it comes down to the platitude “it’s the intention that matters”.

          Is the intention to stop hunger or to infiltrate the population?
          To “keep the peace” or to subdue the population via terror?
          To limit global warming or impoverish the peons and centralize control?

          Often the intention is visible in the resulting effect.

          And when someone is high profile and influential they’re either suspect as a witting or unwitting collaborator or they disappear.

          Then again, I shouldn’t be enjoying Spanish rioja under this powerfully dizzying Valencian midday sun.

          • Perhaps separating “the baby from the bathwater” is good to do. It was disheartening for me to see how the environmental movement was co-opted and steered away from freedom oriented goals. Same with the civil rights movement turning “woke”.

            But there are some nuggets of good like respecting ones environment and trying to live sustainably within it and not pollute it. But the fear tactics and manipulation of the mainstream environmental movement reveals it’s intentions.

            I do think respecting “mother nature” and “vitalism” is important for freedom oriented communities however in addition to acknowledging a human beings right to bodily autonomy self determination. This includes women.

        • Human beings make mistakes. I voted for Obama twice. I was one of these “progressives” at one time. My grandpa voted for every republican in every election just because they were republican. My grandpa told me that people tend to get their politics from their parents and I think this has some truth.

          I had good intentions, but just did not have all the facts similar to how my grandpa had good intentions. But it’s important to look at facts and use our thinking brain and intuition to discern right from wrong. Laziness and not listening to evidence and not evaluating what one believes is wrong. This is why I reevaluate my own beliefs from time to time.

  12. Depression is hard to treat because the victims don’t want to do anything about it.
    Dr Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) has been scientifically proven the most effective therapy. Exaggerated beliefs about events are what cause self defeating emotions like depression and anger. For example, millions watch the same game. About half are happy about it, about half are sad and the rest are somewhere in between or at the extremes. Therefore, it could NOT be the game that caused this wide spectrum of emotions. It HAD to be their thoughts, beliefs, judgments (TBJ’s) about the game. So Ellis and Beck teach disputing and replacing those (TBJ’s) with ones that help you feel and do better. There are a few common exaggerations: ~I can’t stand it! (if you really couldn’t stand it you would be dead already), It’s HORRIBLE! (Instead of it’s bad, but I can stand it; or it’s merely inconvenient or distasteful or frustrating); I will NEVER be able to overcome it; I MUST (or must not) have/should/should not do something. Both Ellis and Beck have lists of TBJ’s.

    But knowing is not achieving. You must work at it. It takes time. Backsliding is common, like any addiction – these negative emotions are addicting – that’s why we have masochists. Moreover, practically the entire world, press, media, books, cartoons, myths all say the opposite – that something other than my TBJ’s made me whatever.

    It’s like a horse and rider. If the rider, your brain’s thinking part (frontal lobes), is not paying attention, your horse, your brain’s automatic part (Brain Stem) takes control. From inherited genetics and through experience, the brain stem creates neural pathways, like ruts for wagon wheels that are hard to break out of, until new ones are created through practice. Sportsmen/women practice, practice, practice to create these pathways so they don’t have to think about it on the field, they “just do it” automatically. So it is with your emotions. Role playing with a friend, or just in your mind is very helpful. One of Dr Ellis’ methods is to first imagine something that upset you. Try to remember what you thought and really get into that thought: this will upset you. Then change your thought to one that is not upsetting, like “Well this was bad, inconvenient, undesirable, but I can definitely stand it, learn from it, and to better in the future. You will then begin to feel better. Now don’t expect to become Buddha (Buddhism has methods similar to REBT and CBT. Perfectionism is also a self defeating) But if you practice, practice, practice you will have a less self defeating and more fulfilling life. Ellis wrote over 70 books. Beck wrote many. Their students wrote even more.
    I will end with my modified Serenity Prayer, May I have the strength to change the IMPORTANT things that I CAN change; the patience to endure the important things that I cannot change, especially those “terribly” irritating unimportant things; and the wisdom to enjoy the rest of life.

    • Thanks for sharing your insightful comment and prayer jwal. Not much to add except that for me personally, to obtain what you speak of, both exercise and meditation help greatly in achieving the endurance that is necessary to have during these hard times. May we all find peace within ourselves. And with the peace within may we all find peace in the material world.

      And yes, practice practice practice is the only way. And motivation motivation motivation to try try try to know that we can succeed.

  13. Thanks for the excellent episode and for the solutions-focused mention of the imperative of creating decentralized organic food production systems and seed saving. Also I really appreciated your nuanced analysis of the report from report by Navdanya international James. Our global industrial ag system is indeed damaging and toxic, but people (farmers and consumers) are currently like heroine addicts in their dependency on that system (and it’s industrial inputs, such as synthetic NPK fertilizer). Thus, if you take away the drug all at once, it is likely many addicts would perish.

  14. In order to drive home the importance of saving heirloom seed in our local communities, here is some historical context on the hyper consolidation of seed ownership.

    Until a hundred or so years ago, farmers saved their seeds to plant for the next season. Thousands of varieties evolved across the globe, constantly adapting to their environment and to the preferences of the culture and cuisine.
    Just 50 years ago, some 1,000 small and family-owned seed companies were producing and distributing seeds in the United States; by 2009, there were fewer than 100.

    Thanks to a series of mergers and acquisitions over the last few years, four multinational agrochemical firms — Corteva, ChemChina, Bayer and BASF — now control over 60 percent of global seed sales.

    The slow march of seed consolidation suddenly turned into a sprint. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies with no historical interest in seed bought small regional and family-owned seed companies. Targeting cash crops like corn and soy, these companies saw seeds as part of a profitable package: They made herbicides and pesticides, and then engineered the seeds to produce crops that could survive that drench of chemicals. The same seed companies that now control more than 60 percent of seed sales also sell more than 60 percent of the pesticides.

    GMO byproducts degrade and deplete soils of vital minerals and beneficial bacteria, both of which protect crops from pests, viruses, and other threatening elements. Glyphosate which is used in conjunction with GMO seeds does not biodegrade, which means it is continually accumulating in the environment without restraint, perpetually altering soil composition and contaminating natural resources.

    If what we put into the soil is toxic, what we get out is toxic.
    Regenerative organic growing reduces the use of harmful chemicals, improves the soil’s ability to sequester carbon and retain water, and strengthens biodiversity.

    These efforts need more than our support; they demand our participation, the same engagement with seeds that humans had for thousands of years. Seeds not as commodities but as a vital part of our cultural commons; seeds not as software, but as living systems: seeds as the source of a new food revolution.

    What can you do? Support companies that are protecting heirloom organic seeds and take action to grow heirloom varieties in your own gardens (saving and sharing the resulting seed) to protect and preserve the biodiversity that took countless generations to create. This act is a type of non-violent civil disobedience as it means standing your ground in the face of in the face of a transnational parasitic food/big pharma/big ag industry seeking to create dependent surfs. It means protecting ancient heirlooms, choosing food sovereignty and helping to create food resilience in your household/local community.

  15. I would also like to share a link to a blog post I recently put up relating to the power and value of saving (and sharing) heirloom seeds.

    In the article linked below I explore the power of saving and sharing heirloom seeds through the lens of comparing a hypothetical investment in the conventional economy (5$ of fiat in a bank) to an investment in the Earth’s living (gift based) economy (5$ worth of heirloom seeds in the soil).

    Here is the summarized result of what returns are offered on either investment after 7 years:

    Bank total (money value accessible by one): $6.17

    Earth total (latent collective money value in organic kale accessible by many) : $30,000,000.00

    I include a more detailed breakdown of how I came to that number in the article.

  16. BTW: “With all due respect, after having read “The Psychology of Totalitarianism”, I agree with Peter Breggin that Matthias Desmet is nothing else than an (un)conscious gaslighter himself, who wants to make us believe that the eternal conspiracy of the most powerful of the “2%” psychopaths for eternal domination over us “98%” empathetic humans is nothing else than a mass illusion.

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    Peter Breggin and his brilliant wife Ginger have just published a serious review of The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet and the dangers of his mass formation theory, in a three-part series.

    Highly recommended!

    Part One:

    Mattias Desmet Demoralizes the Freedom Movement – Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

    Part Two:

    Mattias Desmet Diagnoses Researchers as Mentally Disturbed – Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

    Part Three:

    Mattias Desmet Blames the Victims and Absolves the Perpetrators – Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse

    Related Reading:

    Book Review: The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

    Special Solari Report: Mass Formation: A Decoy for Digital Concentration Camps with Dr. Peter Breggin

    • I’ll check this out. There were some things in Desmet’s analyses that didn’t make a lot of sense to me and seemed very nebulous. Such as mechanization versus rationality. Rationality and logic to me are important and useful in trying to understand certain things. But this is not the same as “mechanization”

      Also the idea of the population being responsible for the elite. Though it’s not good to get bogged down in victimization and to try to take responsibility there are certain things that “elites” are doing, crimes, that should not be ignored. They are responsible for their actions to, and should be held accountable.

      Is that unethical? Desmet mentioned ethics in his conversation with JC. Is it unethical to hold them responsible? I don’t think so. I think people should be held responsible for harm they do and the population has not done this. People allow these high profile people to do whatever they want. Look at Epstein. Whatever is going on that is shielding these psychopaths from rightful punishment for crimes needs to stop.

    • I follow Solari and Mttias Desmet book was awesome. I had to read it twice to get it but it’s a great read. I learned about Mattis here on Corbert and Solari on CHD or the defender.

    • I read Desmet’s thought-provoking book.
      I watched the CAF interview with Dr. Breggin. (Disappointed by the ad hominem attacks).
      I am not so critical as to think Desemt is “demoralizing the freedom movement”, or “absolving perpetrators”. I actually enjoyed the book, but there is a key piece missing from his work.

      While the book does not name any conspirators, it doesn’t excuse them either. However, we have to come to terms with the idea that some things simply cannot be known. Even if we were a “fly on the wall” witnessing the words of THE conspiracy, there is so much surrounding those words that will never be known. (James touches on this in his recent interview with Alison Morrow). If anything, Desmet encourages us within the freedom movement to continue speaking out, declaring our affirmations of sovereignty and choice and taking actions preserve our rights. (just not violent action) This is not a call to stand AGANIST the globalists totalitarian regime, but a call to stand FOR your own right to self-determination. This is a plea to stop relying so much on scientific reason, and tostart embracing life’s mysteries once again.

      Defending the theory of mass formation isn’t even the main point of this book. Instead, Desmet explains how the mechanistic ideology of scientism has led to a technocratic totalitarian system. This ideology is what has created the circumstances for mass formation. Desmet does not say (as Fitts and Breggin assert) that the masses are stupid or that this spontaneously happened without planning or effort. Desmet lays it out, that when this type of ideology is so pervasive, so manipulative, and so propagandized into the psyche, that the circumstances for hypnosis have been primed for those who are demoralized, anxious and lacking real connection.

      One critique of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” brought up by Fitts and Breggin that I can agree with however, was that of Political Ponerology, that is the charm and persuasion of psycholopathic people. Some mention of anti-social, empathy-lacking, predator type personalities would have helped to bridge the chasm between conspiracy and ideology. Those narcissistic, real psychopaths, do find one another, and aspire(or are sought out) to be heads of power, both state and corporate. When these power players unite under an ideology (like science says, and survival of the fittest and eugenics) the result is one where humans think they themselves are the problem. Those un-empathic tendencies percolate through the propagandized population and under this sociopathic umbrella, any action is justified.

      Though I do not completely agree with Mattias Desmet’s analysis in this book, he does bring a valuable perspective to be considered.

      • Excellent, well expressed comment!

      • I’m sure the book is extremely thought provoking and well worth reading. When I’m done with the books I’m reading, may get a copy. I was basing my assessment on the interview, and I suspect his analyses were much more thoroughly explained in the book.

  17. Remember the Toxic VACCINE BATCHES (or “lots”) ?

    Craig Paardekooper…
    …I ended up with a list of correctly spelled batches for each alphabet group together with the number of deaths associated with each batch.

    A box plot was then created…
    … suggesting that higher toxicities produce more variation in outcome.

    If we take the number of deaths for groups D, E, F, G, H as equal to 1 x then –
    the number of deaths for C group is 2 x
    the number of deaths for B group is 5 x
    the number of deaths for A group is 6 x
    the number of deaths for M group is 8 x
    the number of deaths for L group is 10 x…

    SUB-THREAD – Toxic Batches (Lots) of Vaccines

    • ICAN Attorney Aaron Siri has recently received a data dump revolving around the Pfizer Vaccine Lots via FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act).
      More data will be coming.

      EPISODE 278: RADICAL TRUTHS of Thursday July 28, 2022 “The Highwire”
      Queue to the 1:35:00 minute mark – (About 7 minutes)

      The newly released documents are available for download at ICAN.

    • I did have to give up on that. Steve seems to be unwell, exacerbating his condition through trolling is not very responsible.

    • I really hope some kind of “debate” happens to illuminate issues and perhaps learn something to improve health and well-being rather than “I’m right and you’re wrong, you shill!!! (or whatever insult both groups throw at eachother).

      I think the discussion should come from a place of respect and with the intention of coming together and sharing. I have noticed insults on “both sides” which makes people put up walls. Very ego driven arguments, Kaufman is no exception. It serves to divide opposition to psychopathic elitists. Whatever makes people passive and confused and divided helps them a great deal.

      • There won’t be a healthy debate in which Steve Kirsch is going to be taking part. His most recent 1 million dollars buy-in condition to gain rights to debate him and his team of “experts” can be easily changed at any point in time. Firstly he wanted to debate, then he didn’t want to waste his time, then he wanted to debate but only those whom he considered to be experts, and the latest is the cool million dollar “bet”. He is most probably either controlled opposition or out of his mind due to deeply disturbed belief system being challenged.

        Either way, I don’t expect any debates coming out of this, and Steve should not take part in any anyhow. By his own admission he relies on his “experts” to feed him his opinion (which I have my reasons to conclude is being administered rectally), has shown abject lack of understanding of how PCR works and relies on logical fallacies far, far too often for any sensible debater to ever agree to a debate him. A priori he admits he would certainly not adapt his opinions regardless of any conclusions, so what would be the point for him to take part in a debate? Again, his own words.

        • I didn’t know he put up 1 million dollar rights to debate him. I didn’t see that on the comment page. That’s really a strange request.

          I think Dr. Bhakti or Dr. Yeadon would be better to debate with. Both of them seem to express a genuine concern for people and less ego driven. I think Yeadon worked for pharma before, but the way he communicates and his early opposition to this scam makes me think he is really against it.

          I think there’s a lot that is unknown about how human biochemistry works and if people come together to share their knowledge, perhaps we can avoid some of the new diseases they are trying to give us. I would certainly love to learn more in depth about both theories of disease, lab techniques, etc.

        • I did read where he said he relies on trusted “experts” which is never good to suspend ones own thinking process.

          The subject is highly technical at least what it seems like to me so far.

          I would like to ask why is it necessary to mix various cell lines and other chemicals to get a “virus” to grow outside of a a body and why did the definition of isolation change? I would like to pose this question to someone who I think would try to explain, like Dr. Bahkti or another person with advanced training in cell biology and understands lab techniques.

          I would like to hear the rationale for the techniques used in virology labs and why they call it isolation. I assume it means to study outside of a living organism in a lab, but I want to know. I would also like to know if any toxin has been identified that causes the symptoms labeled of Covid. I know some folks have said graphene in swabs and masks and stuff, but I’ve worn these and been swabbed a lot without any noted effects. The only illness I’ve had in the past 3 years was a mild flu like illness 3 days after my husband who was sick returned home from traveling.

          Maybe I’ll try to pose this question to Dr. Yeadon, if I get a response, I’ll post it.

  18. After 50 years of being pharma drug free, after a heart attack I was fitted with a couple of stents. (am I now transhuman?) The extreme pained pushed me to accept their drugs. I was saved by the Scamdemic. To continue with these drugs I’m required to wear a mask to get a blood test. That’s not an option for me. Thanks to these authoritarian mandates, I am now drug free again.

    • If you’ve had a heart attack and stents, I would consider having blood tests especially if you have chest pain again. Stents can clot off over time without some type of blood thinner. Aspirin is over the counter and pretty cheap. There may be some other options that are more natural, but I don’t know of them. Perhaps HRS can chime in.

      Some people have spoken highly of keto diets and carnivore based diets for diabetes in particular. I don’t know of there use in persons with history of heart attack already. Low carb diets can reduce excess fat and water retention though. But you would need blood tests to check.

      I don’t think JC or JEP would suggest a person who has a device in their body like stents or a pacemaker should avoid follow up required with said device. It is good to know about ones body and the internal functioning of it and what medicines they were taking were doing and how they can avoid issues in the future via other remedies like diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc.

      • Thanks for the comments. I do understand that once I accepted the stents that I was at their mercy on taking their drugs. I took BP and blood thinner drugs for years after the stent. I am not as subject to clotting now that the stents have merged with the arteries.

        Yes, for 50 years I rode the natural train. Made, and still make, all my meals and baked goods from scratch. Garden, positive thought, clean environment. The infarction was a real shock.

        I won’t diet. Food/thought is my medicine. I will accept the consequences of my choices. Anyway I will not comply with the mask requirement and cannot get a blood test.

  19. Yup. And I wonder what the solution to that is. Not much different than masks really. The data is there about how bad they are. Yet people riding bikes masked. People driving alone masked. What is the solution? Apparently, not to propose the truth.

    So, I ask everyone how do we wake people up? I try and try and try with my family but shut down they continously do. Why, I do not know.

    I have tried anger, I have tried compassion, but neither work, they just want good times. I have tried data dumps, doesn’t work. Just a “shut down”. But yet they listen to the “news”. What is the solution?

    We have “alt-news” but that has been labeled “alt”. So, how do we make what we are screaming “normal”? What is “normal”? What everyone thinks at the same time? So do we all live in high school? As adults we all succumb to the peer pressure, wanting to fit in? Is that the life we all live as adults?

    Are we all still just “trying to fit in”? I still care sometimes about what people think. Why? Especially these days when most outcast me and would see me die in a pit.

    There is much talk about people waking up, seeing what is going on. Personally no one, no one around me sees what I see, no one no one can step back, connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

    I have one friend of whom I havent seen in a long time, the only one that sees the bigger picture.

    If you want to see all the people that ” see” join Telegram I have heard. To put myself in an echo chamber? And who founded telegram and why? I want to see people around me see, not some online virtual reality. So what is the solution? How to wake people up?

    This has, if you have been listening to James’ Mass Media Matrix it is obvious, been going on for a long long long time, and when we all wake up in 10-20 years will we find ourselves surrounded by people, who have forgotten humanity and what it is to be human, say to us “It is the cost to live” as they say to me already.

    • How to wake people up? I don’t think there is one answer to this, nor do I think anyone knows how to do this under every circumstance. Some people never “wake up” and just want to go along to get along. You mention acceptance and peer pressure and wanting to fit in, like in high school. And it is a very strong force in adulthood.

      I have found some people who think along similar lines to myself even in the liberal city which I still reside (for another few months) but it’s not many. And we they probably don’t think exactly like I do.

      I’m not really interested in waking people up because I don’t think it’s worth my time, rather I want to build up a community with people of like mind to make it desirable for others. “Be the change” and provide an example of how without trying to impose an opinion on others. Some folks are more open minded than others. I do know that people put up walls and the way to get around those is through rapport and active listening. If someone likes you, they will probably listen to what you have to say.

      • Appreciate the reply. I say wake people up because I am trying to find people physically around me of a like mind. And since March of 2020 I have yet to find one. Just one person! Yes, there are many online but in the physical reality not one. I have been outcast from family and friends. And I hear online people are seeing, but in the physical world everyone is just going along with it all, getting on with it and no one is speaking up. And if I speak up, everyone goes silent, puts their head down, and carries on. And I don’t talk “crazy” stuff, just stuff about how masks are bad for you, about how social distancing is bad, about how the shots are bad. But no one wants to hear it. As I have said, I have tried many approaches, listening and being calm and compassionate, being angry etc, but either way, people just shut down and turn away.

        I do not want to just find a like minded community. I want people to see. I want people to see how humanity is being destroyed and how it will affect the lives of millions billions to come. And then we, we can see a difference we can make. We need a mass wake up call. In the end parallel societies will not work. We will be the oppressed and fail we will. Time is short and a difference we can make. How to do this, I am running out of solutions. I have tried and tried and tried again. What is it that TPTSB do that we as people cannot?

        • That’s really cool! The world needs more people like you trying to wake people up.

          Perhaps an indirect approach would be more effective. Maybe you could make some flyers and put them up and organize a meet up a month after you put up your flyers. I bet you’d get some folks who call you. Then you can build something in your area.

          I live in one of the most brainwashed areas of the US and if there are open minded people here, there must be some where you live too. People sometimes pretend to be asleep too.

        • I live in Alabama and visit in Maine. I have met a lot of people who think like us. Not a majority by far, but a lot. I even met a woman here recently who has followed James for years! Now that is a first for me.You all might gain hope and wisdom from reading AND THERE WAS LIGHT by Jacques Lusseyran,Blind hero of the French Resistance.Or his book:
          Against the Pollution of the I: On the Gifts of Blindness, the Power of Poetry, and the Urgency of Awareness

          • Happy to hear you are meeting people. Better some than none. Thanks for the information regarding Lusseyran. I will check him out.

    • Hare says:
      “So, I ask everyone how do we wake people up?”

      Two years ago, almost to the day, James Corbett had a 10 minute video…
      How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? – Questions For Corbett #065

      The comment section, as often is the case, offers many insights.

      I am a real proponent of “Repeat the Message”.

      One approach…
      With any face to face conversation, I personally like to find a common interest in order to establish friendly “interested” communication. It could be a movie or the weather or a joke or whatever. Then go from there, gracefully.

      • Ah yes HRS. I remember that thread now, thanks for reminding me. Will have a reread to remind myself of some approaches. Good memory :thumbs up:

    • Hey Hare,
      I can understand your feeling of being alone in this world regarding the current political environment. The sheeple people are reluctant to buck the system. Those that have tried have lost jobs, lost friends and lost face thru social media bullying or loss of platform. Free speech is over-for now.
      To be a true patriot doesn’t mean going along – getting along; some wars are not fought with guns but with hearts and minds and courts. Hearts and minds can also be manipulated in the wrong direction.
      In 2017 I attended an adult education class about 9/11. Half the old guys quit the class because they could not accept the facts presented. Math facts and physics right in front of their eyes. It’s classic denial.
      If our government wasn’t to blame for 9/11 destruction, they are to blame for covering it up, so same problem, guilty!
      Look at all the media still covering up JFK’s murder. (Time magazine was probably a co-conspirator at the time). Some powerful interests are still enforcing the official story almost 60 years later. Witnesses were still being killed in the late 1970’s during the HSC on Assassination hearings.
      Accept the knowledge you possess and make those who will not wake up your loving friends. It’s not their fault really. Regardless of their beliefs on political or religious issues don’t let the government divide and isolate you. Survival is the name of the game and you have a much higher chance of surviving if you have friends.
      Online friends will give you some comfort regarding your opinions but they won’t feed you in a food shortage.
      Remember the study where people changed their factual opinions due to peer pressure only? (Somewhere James has a video on it.) Another study people gave electric shocks to participants/victims repeatedly. Humans are foolish and fallible or else religion would be completely defunct.
      Being the only one you know who see’s the truth means you need to widen your circle of friends. Don’t expect anyone to open up about vax’s or the pandemic very quickly.
      As I have traveled the last 2 years I have met more like-minded people in other states than I ever thought possible. People in other countries don’t trust their politicians for good reasons and our citizens will be the same someday when they do wake up.
      My own family of military vets would not look into 9/11, despite knowing personally how the F-16 jets are supposed to protect our country. It makes Reagan’s “Star Wars Defense” a gigantic and expensive joke. Trillions have been spent and yet a bunch of bearded clowns took our country down? Where are those Pentagon videos? Who has the power to withhold them? Kill all the auditors! Org crime is rampant.
      Fortunately you found validation online so you don’t need to think you are the only one who can see the truth. Forgive the rest and join a club that does work you can support, like RFK’s Children’s Defense or AE911Truth.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  20. I think the primary issue is around isolation and purification using gold standard techniques “Koch’s postulates”. It seems some viruses and perhaps no virus has been isolated and purified using these methods and proven to exist directly. But does this mean they don’t exist?

    I think a debate should focus on if viruses have not been isolated using the gold standard techniques, what techniques are being used. And how do these techniques prove existence.

    The more I look into the minutia of this topic, the more I realize how technical it becomes. And I also recognize that the mechanisms of disease seem to be not well understood since living systems adapt to the environment on a genetic level and biological processes are in flux. How can one study that in a lab? What if there is some type of molecule “virus” or “prion” or “toxin” that once someone is exposed to creates another virus or toxin that is transmissible under certain conditions that are not entirely discernible? What if there’s no way to isolate “it” in the traditional way and why not?

    • I never said there was a need for vaccines. That is a different issue, nor did I say there were a need for any measures.

      I claim that contagion can happen under certain conditions and this has been observed with extensive anecdotal evidence over centuries. And I will look into experimental data.

      I just “caught” another flu or Covid or whatever people want to call “it” a few weeks ago. I know who I got it from too because he had the same symptoms as me. And a lot of people all over the world note this phenomenon and they aren’t going to disregard this observation because you can’t isolate a virus in a lab or because not every organism catches something when they are exposed.

      What you’d need is to provide clear evidence of what is happening precisely and provide a cure for it. But what people note all over the world is that sometimes when they are around a sick person, also become sick and nothing has else has changed in the external environment.

      Speaking of cures and treatments. Ivermectin helped along with vitamins when I was sick. Rest helped too of course and lots of fluids.

  21. Malice wears the cloak of stupidity. If our leaders are incompetent and not malicious, why do they always default to the worst policy and most damaging conduct imaginable? As far as medicine goes, we Americans are now required by law to spend our money on the big pharma paradigm. We shouldn’t do it. We shouldn’t buy medical insurance. We shouldn’t see our doctor for our yellow toenails. Physician, heal thyself. God gave us the plants so that we could heal ourselves. We don’t need their professional poison.

    We shouldn’t voluntarily give our money to the IRS. We should say FUCK the IRS. If it’s possible for us to get paid in some other form besides dollars, that’s what we should do. I don’t care if it’s chrome rims and fuzzy dice like the Mexican alternative economy in CA. In fact, if you’re looking for a model of what an alternative economy looks like, look no further than the Mexican California model. They have a private police force that is very effective called the Mexican Mafia. It’s awesome. You pay the mafia to protect you, and if you get robbed, they go and shoot the people who robbed you. Every street food vendor and shop owner pays into it. There system is entrenched in the prisons and jails. As soon as you go to jail, they sign you up for credit cards, and you buy stuff that will never be payed for, and that stuff goes to the Mexican flee markets where it is sold at an extreme discount to whoever has the pesos. Or dinero. Barter and trade is alive and well in Mexican CA.

  22. I serendipitously happened upon the book “The Emperor’s New Drugs (Exploding the Antidepressant Myth)” by Irving Kirsch in the summer of 2020 in a cubby of a “Little Free Library,” just across the street from the home of a relative who thought I was OUT-OF-MY-MIND for not living in terror. This “find” occurred just moments after I had expressed why I do not believe I would need to be medicated with psychiatric drugs simply for refusing to live in a constant state of insanity & fear!

  23. As much as i agree that depression is unlikely to be chemical and that big harma is dishonest and hazardous to one’s health, I disagree heartily with the idea that any yardage gained by the use of antidepressants can be attributed to the placebo effect. I used antidepressants for many years and found a great benefit from one type. I can tell you that I tried a great many before I found one that didn’t nauseate, tire out, have no effect or make me feel weird. If these actually worked the same way as placebos, I should have felt the same way with all of them, no?

    • I agree that not all anti depressants are similarly useless and harmful. Some work better than others for different types of brains. I think some of them do something that is probably not well understood, since not much is really known about brain chemistry. I have only found temporary benefit from anti depressants however and some of them gave me terrible withdrawal effects. I take a low dose of prozac that I think maybe takes the edge off, but I’ll dump it again and see.

      I take a couple other meds too, one for ADD and another for anxiety and sleep. My depression is pretty bad, diagnosed as severe treatment resistant depression and I have done TMS and Ketamine and other substances that have helped a bit. I think the TMS and ketamine worked pretty well, but what works best of all for me is exercise. Vigorous cardio to get the natural endorphins going.

      I may try low dose naltrexone too that is theoretically supposed to up regulate natural endorphins (sensitize receptors and/or increase endorphins). I do think little tweaks in brain chemistry can help when people are so overwhelmed that they can’t function or become suicidal.

      I will mention the withdrawal off some anti depressants as being dangerous. I had a fit of rage so severe that I almost got in big trouble yelling at one of those ticket cops. I had to catch myself and the way I treated my husband that day was terrible. I was not in my right mind and in a person with less restraint and self awareness could easily lose control. It scared me and from that moment on, I realized how potent they could be. So in that sense, these types of mind altering drugs can be dangerous and are often given out too frequently without focusing on other remedies.

      • Not trying to start anything. The things you describe there are called being human. No such thing as ADD. Masses of information out there regarding that. Anxiety is worry. We all worry. Meditate and we find the Universe within ourselves. As we turn to face the Universe so the Universe turns to face us. Lack of sleep, as you said, exercise and get tired. Just my two cents. We don’t need meds, none of them. The blogger guy, gavinm gives many remedies to solve your “problems” in this very thread. Jwal also. Cheers.

        • Whatever it is, the particular med I take for it helps me function well at work which I still need to do unfortunately.

          If I find another job where I don’t need to be able to focus then I can skip the med. It didn’t bother me as much as when I hit my 40s and I think I have some hormonal issues going on that I’m going to check into.

          Right now though I need to stack money to develop some property to become as self sufficient as possible, so I have to keep working. I earn pretty good money now so need to keep with it for the time being.

          • Great honest answer. Thank you.

            I understand the hard times we are all in.

            Do not forget to keep in mind all the things we learn here. Many things to learn. It is during the bad times we learn the good, the world cannot work any other way.

            So, we must not forget the good when the times become “easy”, for which won’t be for a long time, unless we willfully forget ourselves, our humanity, and go calmly along.

            Our Spirit we must remember and we must learn in our minds, to make it habitual, that we are not the dirty nor confused, nor broken humans “they” would have us think we are.

            We can become for we already are.

            There is no anxiety, only strength, there is no worry, for together we are on our path. And together we can march, together and united, onward and forward, and with no fear within, for we are human and for that we will not let go.

            We need no meds, we need nothing but ourselves, we are not broken, we are not traumatised, we let go of the past, it was all a lesson, and together we all will win.

            May we all find peace on our paths and peace within. RIP those that gave up and for those that lost and for them and for the future we must stand up.

            We cannot just enjoy the entertainment nor seclude ourselves nor hide with like-minded for it is then we will not succeed as a whole. We need to find a Way. And where is the Way? What is that Way? What is it that TPTSB do that we cannot?


            • I have to get out of the city. It is toxifying me. It just happens that there are more similar minded people in the rural place I’m moving to. I will visit the city and maybe once I’m refreshed can speak more openly with folks.

  24. No surprise whatsoever on the depression segment. I don’t suffer from depression but do struggle with anxiety. I’m 100% convinced that the unnatural lifestyle many of us live and the utter poisoning of the food supply are the prime causes of both. We were not created to be corporate robots stuck inside typing away on computers. (I realize not everyone is stuck in such a profession.) I notice a huge difference in anxiety level when out in nature away from that atmosphere.

    Just getting up and listening to all the lies we’re told every day, too, is demoralizing.

    Some anxiety no doubt has to do with having a high-strung personality. Doctors have prescribed antidepressants and told me anxiety is the other side of the coin from depression, and that antidepressants work on both. No they don’t, and they in fact make it worse for me.

    Another great show. Turning you guys on is like turning on two long, lost, sane friends. Thank you both for your work.

  25. I’ll post this link about the therapeutic effects of proper light exposure here as there are a number of health stories in this Corbett thread. I’d never heard of her before yesterday and I don’t know if what Jackie Jolie is talking about is credible or if it can help any of the maladies mentioned on this comments page but after considerable initial skepticism what she said finally struck a cord if you will:

    I really think she’s on to something. Now I’ll have another listen just to confirm or invalidate yesterday’s impression.

    • I’ll check this out. If she mention’s full spectrum lights for depression, I have also tried that with very good results. I lived in a place that got down to 40 below zero and dark in the winter, just brutal winters. Fall was not much better. I was so depressed, probably some of the worst lows I’ve had. I bought a sun lamp and it did help the depression. I was not on anti depressants at the time, so felt every high and low very intensely.

      Thanks for the link.

      • You’re welcome cu.h.j ! Yes, full spectrum light but she goes Quantum!

        ps: I left Lyon, France largely due to the winter light. Or lack thereof.

        • If you are willing to share. Are you still in France and if so where?

  26. – Nutrition –

    I should mention this…
    Serotonin, Melatonin, 5-HTP (5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan), Tryptophan

    There are many nutritional factors which can affect a person’s well being.
    A few examples on the Neuro-pathways front: The components in Lecithin and the dopamine precursors like Phenylalanine.

    But life and well-being are much more complex than only just what we eat.
    There are countless factors.

    A few examples:
    Allergies/reactions to certain substances can cause depression, and Fluoride exposure is certainly one. (Many American wines contain high amounts of Fluoridated pesticides)

    Environmental factors, life style, unhealthy relationships, lack of meaningful purpose, and many more factors can affect well-being.

    We should take note of how the Lockdowns destroyed the goals and purposes of many people.
    When a meaningful purpose fails…then, of course an individual’s “meaning” collapses.

    • That was funny, but the advertisement mid-video was astounding…

      Dallas: Get Vaccinated and Get Paid up to $1,700
      (30 seconds)

      Dallas Clinical Research
      I’m signing up now to see if I can get multiple vaccines and paid multiple times.
      First, I need to get some heavy duty life insurance and my Estate Planning in order.
      Look for higher numbers in 2022 on the Probate filings…I can add to that.

  27. Vandana Shiva, in her interview with Russell Brand, discusses pretty much the same arguments as Corbett, ie intentional food supply breakdown by corps and governments…. why is she so adamantly pointing fingers at her own clique?

    • Vandana Shiva is having to face up to the fact that it her climate-sustainability clique is composed of exactly the Malthusian corporations and bankers she made a career of opposing.

      Russell who has done a very good job of covering the Rona has been steadily introducing his own naïve enviro-idealism to his monologues. Something he might have picked up when he was the photogenic plaything of the global jet set.

      See Jemima Goldsmith and Katy Perry for emotionally terrorised examples.

      • I don’t know much about Brand’s relationship with Goldsmith, but he never should have dated Perry. Both of them are to blame because neither had the clarity of mind to see that it would end badly. To call what Brand did to Perry “terror” is an exaggeration. Yes, texting her to tell her he was getting a divorce was shitty on his part, but Perry was not emotionally destroyed by him. She got back on her feet as any normal person does after a difficult breakup. Plus, mentioning this has absolutely nothing to do with Brand’s political stances.

        As for Shiva and her participation in the Club of Rome, I am going to dig deeper. I just Googled her name and the name of the club together and what appeared was the title of a movie that talks about the downside of capitalism. As anyone who understands how TPTSNB are those with too much money, perhaps you can see how capitalism DOES need to be reigned in, at least up to a certain point. I know keeping secrets from the masses is a bad sign, but I’m interested in finding out more in order to understand why they’re doing this. Now, I’m not saying I support them, because how they’re going about with their plan is wrong on many levels, but is there something to it? Are there good reasons for their actions? The ends don’t justify the means, but are the ends at least going to be beneficial?

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