Interview 1742 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: World Economic Forum Proposes AI to Automate Censorship of “Hate Speech” and “Misinformation”

The Solution to Online Abuse? AI Plus Human Intelligence

Story #2: Independent Journalist Alex Berenson Presents Evidence Biden Admin Targeted Him and Twitter Acted

Bing Is Censoring Search Results for Alex Berenson’s “Unreported Truths” Substack

An Ex-New York Times Reporter Has Become the Right’s Go-To Coronavirus Skeptic

Story #3: Unification Church Ties Cited In 40% of Senior Administrative Positions In Japan

How Rev. Moon’s ‘Snakes’ Infested the US (Sep. 4, 2012)

Abe’s Assassin Once Tried to Kill the Leader of the ‘Moonies’ Church


Trump Spoke at a 9/11 ‘Moonies’ Conference, Praising Controversial Unification Church

Video: #BennyWills #MemeMonday MEME-a-Lago & the IRS

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  1. I think Visups “The farm” had a thing on the Moonies in his WACL series
    world Anti Communist League… I was not paying too much attention (I guess Mr Corbett is right, lol) but they were If I recall right kinda a CIA creature for a while

    He seams a left wing person but generally appears ok

  2. I am presently reading “DEEP STATE, The Invisible Government behind the Scenes” by Alex Newman and it seems to tie into the Unification Church story #3 above.
    It appears that secret societies have been infiltrating and manipulating governments for a very long time. The more power a government has, the more motive secret groups have to control it, and the more damage they can do when they do.
    Central governments should have very limited powers, if any at all, and of coarse, everything they do should be transparent..

    • Truthseaker

      I get the idea from Dr Spence’s “secret agent 666” that Freemason’s and sex cults and magic clubs are indeed a part of the plumbing… If you can still find his interviews Dr Spence goes into that stuff pretty well. I think he teaches a ‘great course’s’ on secret societies too

    • The “family” reference to the Moonies reminds me of “The (Fellowship) Family”, started by Douglas Coe. Netflix had a series called “The Family” a while back, revealing how religion is a tool used for priming political candidates, that are hand selected by a secretive organization. I believe it’s the avenue in which most religious organizations, such as the evangelical Christian movement, were hijacked, and how they use religion to manipulate the masses. I found the “family” reference to be eerily similar, and wonder if these organizations are linked in some way, or possibly the SAME organization.

      • No, this is far more sinister. or example, Liberty University was bailed out by the Moonies. The Washington times was started by the Moonies. The group owns land in S. America and media empires there as well. they supported the Contras.

        The Moonies and GWB were very close they paid him one million dollars to give a speech in Argentina.

        They are a cult, but they are a military psyop as well.

        Started in Japan during WWII they emerged and began the first World Anti Communist League with such figures as Singlaub and other fascist military types from the US.

        They were a large part of ABSCAM.

        Scientology never replaced them as an interest. the Moonies kept getting stronger and stronger.

        Now,Sean Moon is the successor who runs the AK47 Moonie cult. Every member must have an AK47 and every member must obey Sean.

        They have a large piece of land in one of the rust belt states where they met and practice their shooting skills.

        The best work done on the Moonies is by Robert Parry, now deceased. He was a Washington Post writer in the 80’s who broke the Iran Contra Stories.

        You can see all his work on the Moonies at:

        Also, you might be interested in Gold Warriors by the Seagraves. This goes into the Golden Lily Loot and this is how Moon arose.

        His family is and was an agent of CIA.

        They are clero fascists

  3. My favorite news roundup. James and James both excel at seeing the bad news and the humor. They have worked together for so long that they play off of each other’s comments perfectly and naturally. I check for a new episode regularly.

    • mrei says:
      “My favorite news roundup.
      James and James both excel at seeing the bad news and the humor.
      They have worked together for so long that they play off of each other’s comments perfectly and naturally.
      I check for a new episode regularly.”

      Ditto. Me too.

  4. Religion is and will always be a scam.

    • Possibly, but if it’s a scam then the Globalist Technocrats are RIGHT.

      If there is no God anyone NOT trying to please themselves is a fool and we should live only for our self whatever it costs other people.

      Glad I disagree 🙂

      • @Duck all of your comments are straw man arguements and leave no substance.

        • Hypersomnia

          A straw man argument is far better then not making one at all, as is your habit.

          But… Do you even understand what a straw man argument IS??

          How is what I said a strawman argument?? I would call it a reduction to absurd, maybe.

          • Hypersimmian
            Spell CK got me there it’s not hypersomnia

          • Your straw man is anyone that doesn’t believe in God or religion is a hedonistic person without community and only thinks for themselves at the cost of others. You generalize in the extremes.

            • Hypersimmian

              No…I said anyone who does Not believe in God and then is NOT a hedonist is a fool

              And I stand by that.

              • Why? I don’t understand. It’s fascinating that you think that though.

                I disagree with this. I have known atheists who were very honest people who were even altruistic.

                Some people have high ethical standards because they believe they are the final judge of their behavior and they live with their decisions at the end of the day and because it feels better to help than to hurt.

                There are natural consequences to excess, experience itself can be a teacher.

                What happens to the murderer and psychopath if they escape consequences in this lifetime? I don’t know, but my beliefs are closest to reincarnation about what happens when we die. But I don’t know and I can be wrong.

                But what type of life does the psychopath have? The lack of empathy and shallowness and the emptiness perhaps is the consequence.

                This is an interesting line of thought and though I often disagree with your religious beliefs, I find the topics interesting and glad you share them.

              • Duck

                Typical christinsane reductionism and false dichotomy. This is the same disturbing vein of reasoning displayed by christians whenever posed by hypotheticals “is your belief in the sky spook the only thing keeping you from raping and murdering?”. That a phony belief in the sky demon is the only separation we have from the measures of your depravity.

                Where christians can only see morality through the lens of their psychotic belief system as appeals to authority and legalistic commandment. Rather than the philosophical merits of virtue and the inherent value of human life and the family structure. This could be the only life you have so you see the value in your life leaving a better world for your children than what was left before you. As your progeny are the only way one logically lives on after death.

                It’s so unfathomable to the christinsane mind that morality is arrived through the process of logic and reason that through this we escape the hell of yhwh, who extols the worst hedonists David, and Solomon with over 700 wives and concubines. All one needs is yhwh to be righteous, one needs yeshua for salvation. All achieved through intercessors than the merits of your actions. Let us not forget in his loving, benevolent, mercy yhwh commanded David’s wives be raped in public by his SON as punishment for his transgressions.

                The real question is why shouldn’t christians be hedonists? They certainly were in the first century. Or how about the other spectrum of making themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of god as rabbi Yeshua encouraged? Why are they so opposed to the trans movement when the Bible is such an advocate of genital mutilation?

              • enthams

                For some reason you do not have a”reply” button so I am posting here

                “….Typical christian reductionism and false dichotomy….”

                OK… I did not use reductionist logic AFAIK and the dichotmy is not false.
                Also if you must START with an insult “christinsane” it generally means your argument is weak

                “…That a phony belief in the sky demon is the only separation we have from the measures of your depravity…”

                STATING that this is ‘phoney’ is not an argument… explain why its not true.

                “..Where christians…. appeals to authority and legalistic commandment Rather than the philosophical merits of virtue and the inherent value of human life and the family structure….”

                FUNNY… since while ALL human societies love their “own” the vast majority have NO ISSUE with murdering and enslaving OTHER people groups.

                Only Christian thinking leads, (VERY slowly so see how against the fallen human nature it is), to the WEIRD idea that you should not murder “other” people and steal their stuff.

                “…. This could be the only life you have so you see the value in your life leaving a better world for your children than what was left before you….”

                THAT is what Bill Gates wants to do… by clearing the scum people like us away so HIS kids can flourish. Do you think he is moral for that?????

                “…your progeny are the only way one logically lives on after death…”
                Your possessed by the minds of your forebears???? Or what u mean?

                “….It’s so unfathomable to the christinsane mind that morality is arrived through the process of logic and reason…”

                That is because ITS NOT YOU IGNORANT PERSON… learn some history before you speak.

                “… Let us not forget in his loving, benevolent, mercy yhwh commanded David’s wives be raped in public by his SON as punishment for his transgressions….”

                REALLLY?????? Funny, I do not recall GOD TELLING anyone to do that… you have a verse so I can look it up?

                “…The real question is why shouldn’t christians be hedonists?…”
                YOu really have never read the Bible have you?

                “>>> They certainly were in the first century….”
                Uhh…????? Explain please

                “… Or how about the other spectrum of making themselves eunuchs for…”

                NOT by cutting their bits off… are you an Autist or something? Ask your counselor about “Context Clues”

                “… Why are they so opposed to the trans movement when the Bible is such an advocate of genital mutilation?…”

                If you read the NEW TESTAMENT you will see that its NOT in favor of circumcision

                BUt wait…. are YOU in favor the (100% Elite funded) Trans Movement????

                You LIKE such abuse of children???

            • Thanks for clarify this. I’m trying to improve my logical reasoning skills.

              • Cu.h.j

                “…What happens to the murderer and psychopath if they escape consequences in this lifetime? …”

                If materialism is true NOTHING happens to anyone after they die…. Thus ALL you can get or experience would be in the brief time you are alive and after that nothing….any rules that slow that down hamper your one shot.

                If you bring reincarnation and karma or God and Judgement then you are in the realm of metaphysics where your MATERIAL action will affect MORE then THIS LIFE…. Hence my point of IF you believe a God exists then finding out what He is telling would be super important.

                If you want to improve your logic and such you should try Jay Dyer (when he is not being a theater kid and gets into the actual broadcast) he goes thru a lot of these kind of arguments and is super well read on philosophy and theology

              • If your working on logic and reason then you could start with these..I did back when I was a teenager…lol, my aim was to be an annoying ass like Socrates.

                Probably don’t start with the Republic unless you like to read as a hobby.

                If you want more religious philosophy
                I am listening to City Of God by St Augustine on and off…all the questions that come up now have already been gone thru before ReddiTard Atheists great great grandpa’s were born. Lol.

                Dude has a good reading voice…just fast enough that you must pay attention.

                I like the Kindle with epaper best for my eyes, but it needs a good cable to do direct transfer and I never let it online. I hate to sit down these days so read less.

                ‘Letters from a stoic’ is pretty good if your feeling down, even if the author was a scumbag IRL

              • Duck,

                Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.

          • Because HyperSimian was not talking about god. Religion and god are different.

            HyperSimian could have elaborated how religion is a scam. I think this could be a sweeping generalization, but I could be wrong.

            Some might argue that religion has been used as a means of control or that some religious leaders have actually scammed believers out of money. This has happened.

            A straw man argument does not address the original argument, but builds a false argument and tries to defeat that one, rather than the original.

            If you look at the accepted definitions of religion and god, they are distinct.

            With respect to the comment of one without the other as being stupid, those are your beliefs, not facts.

            I would say that the way some people practice religion can be beneficial to them, so long as they do not impose their beliefs on others and force others to submit to their beliefs.

            Many people who practice a religion do so not out of fear of retribution from a deity but because it gives them a connection to the mysteries of the universe and gives them joy. In the latter instance I think that is a more positive.

            • “..ith respect to the comment of one without the other as being stupid, those are your beliefs, not facts…”

              It’s a statement that lay’s out my point

              If you believe in a God and don’t respond to that your risking everything for fleeting gain

              If you give up worldly gain without thehope of later reward you are pointlessly missing out

              Some people may practice religion for whatever reason…that does not matter to the basic point.

              • “If you give up worldly gain without thehope of later reward you are pointlessly missing out”

                I have not passed up worldly gain. I have earned a good living doing some good in the world. I do this because it feels good to help someone. The smile on a patients face and seeing how something I did helped them makes me feel good.

                To give feels good to me. To live in a state of scarcity feels bad. The pursuit of gain can become an addiction, something that never fills you up.

                I have done fun things in my life, experienced a lot of exiting activities and I have enough. I am fulfilled.

                Did you know there was a study done that shows that wealthy people are not happier than people with less (I think the number was 70K per year) I’ll try to find it.

                There is the idea of the golden mean. I think this idea has a lot of wisdom.

                The reward is now, the moment. Eckhart Tolle speaks of this.

            • If you think all the reward you get is NOW then you are probably thinking one of these

              A) not thinking that there is any non material world so it can not make demands on your behavior

              B) thinking that there is a god but hr does not reward OR punish based on beavhior

              C) think that there is a non material world and you already KNOW what demands it makes on you in in this life…. Meaning you have a religious or at least metaphysical mind map of how things work.

              • I don’t know. I think I am more than my thoughts. I think that life experience can be a good teacher and I have learned that excess is not a desirable state with respect to the material. I find that doing activities that are meditative, like hiking and yoga and exercise help me connect to “higher consciousness” I love the natural world and the pursuit of greater understanding.

                I don’t feel that whatever brought us into existence (a creator or god) is there to punish, but more of a teacher. At least this has been my experience. But I don’t know and don’t think this can be understood with human intelligence.

                I have had pretty good luck and have come out unscathed plenty of times and have certainly not lived the life of a saint. And yet, I think that if the creator (the spark of what brought life forth) is capable of love, that I am loved despite all of my imperfections and have been blessed in this lifetime.

      • There is a difference between god and religion.

        • Cu.h.j

          A) If there is no god religion is stupid

          B) If there is a God NOT having a religion is stupid

          In case A wasting opportunity for material gain because of religious limits to behavior is …well…a waste. It costs you and gains nothing

          In case B anything you gain NOW is fleeting and may be paid for eternally… Not studying and doing right by such a God would be a terrible and costly mistake.

          • Which came first, religion or God?

            There is indeed a difference between God and religion; hence we have separate words to distinguish the two. A person can know God with religion, and without; and not know God for that matter.

            To think that religion is the singular barrier to God is folly.

            A/B: What happens when one believes and acts as if there is no God, and makes the ‘Faustian’ pact? Does this change what is done, or has been done, with later understanding of God, or religion? Is there a balance-of-scales to be reached? It would seem so. If not, it would seem that Man has forever fallen. Are souls, if pledged to evil, forever trapped in that darkness; even if they come to See through insight? Is Light so weak as to be incapable of penetrating the Void?

            ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ made a deal with the Adversary; their eternal souls in exchange for all the material pleasures and wealth in this life. Pure hedonism, superficiality, vanity, etc.; all it cost them was their Care. Then, they figured out there was more to life than the material… but, the debt is always paid. Now, they seek immortality…

            But. The Debt. Is. Always. Paid.

            What happens when you leave your adversary no possible retreat?

            I wonder how many people find religion, in comparison to God…

            Religion is an institution of man; seemingly, meant to keep Man from God.

            We may not like it, but our shadows are a part of us. Just as the Adversary is a part of God.

        • cu.h.j: I found your arguments the most compelling and thoughtful in this thread about God and religion. Hedonism as well. And boy, did I love hedonism. But that’s another story.

          Everyone finds their own way to happiness, or not. Some suffer more than others. I don’t know why.

          Some people are never happy. Some seem to be happy all the time.

          I’m watching “The Hobbit” and the Woodland Queen asks Gandalf why he’s bringing along a Hobbit on the mission to Lonely Mountain.

          Gandalf answers that he finds that the little things in life keep evil at bay. The daily acts of kindness and good manners send the Dark One packing.

          I would agree with Gandalf. Prayer and meditation are good for the soul. But for happiness, I do random acts of kindness and civility. It makes me feel good.

          Just talking to strangers going by our front garden and striking up a conversation where I LISTEN to them. People tend not to listen.

          I like to listen and see their eyes brighten as they tell their stories.

          It’s been fun listening to all you on this thread.

          I wish you all well.

          • Thanks. Hedonism is interesting. If your not hurting someone else is it wrong? I think that being satisfied with what one has still applies. Maybe it’s a pursuit more confined to being young. I’ve experienced exciting moments that were pleasurable, some of them fleeting moments that I wished could go on forever. Like being in love, the highs of a romantic love. But that too is different than hedonism, I think.

            I think happiness is different, like you mention and that doing acts of kindness increases that. It lasts longer than a fleeting pleasurable moment and to know that you brightened someone’s day is a good feeling too.

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • It’s just another form of brainwashing.

      • It really is. Being a good person without someone or something (religion or government) telling you to do so seems to be foreign to some people.

        • HyperSimian: Does your avatar name mean you eat a lot of bananas?
          Seriously, most people have no empathy. They do not listen to others. All these people hear are their own brain tapes. They don’t care about you or anyone but themselves.
          So of course being a good person to others is foreign to their nature.

          • Here’s an interesting and complex article on empathy and sympathy. I haven’t read it thoroughly, but it has a lot of references at the end. The gist of it is trying to examine the physiology of empathy, the parts of the brain. It sounds like empathy and sympathy can be shaped, and emerge in childhood that suggests empathy is natural to our species.

            Anyway, I thought this excerpt was interesting:

            “Empathy typically emerges as the child comes to a greater awareness of the experience of others, during the second and third years of life, and arises in the context of a social interaction. Each of the components of empathy (affective arousal, emotion understanding and emotion regulation) will be considered separately from both developmental and neuroscientific perspectives. These components are indeed dissociable, as documented in studies with neurological patients [Decety, 2010; Strum et al., 2006], yet mature empathic sensitivity and concern depend on their functional integration in the service of goal-directed social behavior. There is compelling evidence that prosocial behaviors such as altruistic helping emerge early in childhood. Infants as young as 12 months of age begin to comfort victims of distress, and 14- to 18-month-old children display spontaneous, unrewarded helping behaviors [Warneken and Tomasello, 2009]. In addition, both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of empathy and prosociality [Knafo et al., 2008].”


            • cu.h.j: Thanks for the empathy excerpt and link. Fascinating!
              My Dad was in charge of sales (later on Chief Operating Officer) of a billion-dollar in sales pharmaceutical company in the Midwest. It has long since merged with another company.
              Dad had a sign on his desk saying “Empathy”.
              One of his company’s products was Silvadene used in burn therapy.
              He would send his salesmen to the Army hospital in Texas that treated seriously burned patients. The nurses wore hearing protection when they cleaned the burn wounds as the patients would scream loudly. The walls were also soundproofed in that room.
              My Dad wanted his salesman to empathize with the people the Silvadene was going to help. The salesmen didn’t like it much.
              My Dad also sent his salesman to a course on listening. “People don’t know how to listen.” My Dad told me. “It’s a learned skill.”
              Thanks again for your comment and link on empathy.

              • You’re welcome! Your dad sounds like a smart man. I think it’s true with listening and to an extent empathy being learned.

                I think that the social isolation of social media is a way to rewire people into selfish mindless drones who just care about their own controlled reality. It’s been a toxic influence and to older people as well.

                Silvadine cream is awesome stuff! Very good for burns. I think they are the most painful injury, glad I’ve never worked on a burn unit. Don’t know if I could stand the suffering.

          • @Timmay
            Just a name to bridge the gap between animal and man, kinda fun (bananas are good). I try not to take myself so serious. I disagree with your empathy comment. I do believe most humans are empathetic at least in my experience. I guess I’m a glass half full person and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. My comment was aimed at statists but more importantly religious zealots who only think spiritual and religious people are the only empathetic/moral ones on Earth. That thinking seems to cause more unnecessary divide among groups that have more in common than not.

            • I agree with you that spiritual and religious people are not the only empathetic and moral people on earth. I think this can be shown to be false, that the state or a deity is required for people to behave ethically.

              I was never a religious person and even in my early childhood, I remember being mean to another kid and I felt guilty. It felt bad to hurt other people. It actually made me feel awful and it still does. So I have found when I harm others, I harm myself. I think this probably a common finding, irrespective of religion or believing in the legitimacy of the state.

              • Cu.h.j

                Why do you behave ethically?

                What do you derive your ethical framework from?

                You will find that unless your involved with some kind of philosophy (maybe stoicism) or a religion what you think of a “right” is generally nothing but what you were conditioned into thinking was “the right way to behave”.

                As CS Lewis wrote in his “abolition of man” any first order reason for doing anything is only an arbitrary preference or conditioning unless it comes from outside of your self.

                The idea of humanity having inherent value is just a left over from Christian thinking and you can see how fast it fades (being so unnatural to human nature) when you hear people wanting post birth abortions and such

              • Duck,

                Read the research paper above. It discusses that helping behaviors can be seen in children at 12 months old. If I was to answer this question rationally, I’d say empathy is hard wired into our species and other mammals because it serves an evolutionary strategy. On the opposite, there are the people with psychopathology, which is perhaps a genetic mistake, or something that was nurtured during their youth when the brain is still developing.

                I’d guess in my case, I was born with a normally functioning brain and this was fostered by my mother. She is probably kinder than me to be honest, a bit more empathetic. So I think this was modeled in my childhood. Honesty, and treating others the way I would want to be treated were ethical standards that were modeled. I lived in a secular home, though my mom believed in God, but she never pushed this on me at all. I was an atheist in my 20s and my ethics have not changed, still pretty ethical in my dealings with people.

                Ethics are part of living in a community, I think. I think most kids know it’s wrong to steal. If everyone was a psychopath we might die off pretty quickly.

                I think the studies with children that show “prosocial” behaviors do show that it is something structurally in our biology.

              • Here’s a famous example of a change in personality following brain injury, the case of Phineas Gage:


                Again, this demonstrates that brain structure is involved in things like empathy and morality.

                If I was brain injured, maybe it would make me into a psychopath, who knows. But there is a biological, chemical and structural component that is necessary for the capacity for morality. This is internal.

                Philosophically, I have not looked at this or read much CS Lewis. You’re probably more well versed in philosophy than I am, so I’ll check this out and let you know what I think.

            • HyperSimian: Perhaps my empathy comment was too broad a statement. I’d say folks in the Midwest have more empathy than those here in California or in Seattle. I spent about 20-25 years in each location.
              I used to give people the benefit of the doubt. Living in Wokeville Sonoma County, CA where 84% voted for Hillary and Obama and Biden and got at least two jabs; has made me more cynical about humanity.
              Glad you have kept your optimism.

              • That’s an interesting finding. I also noticed that. I lived in the mid west for a couple years and people were more helpful and polite. I remember I was carrying some groceries home and a lady offered to give me a ride. I declined, but I thought she was genuinely trying to help me out.

                Some might say this is because there are more religious people there, but I’m not sure this is why. I think it’s more of a cultural norm in those places.

                I think social media and the isolation has probably caused a reduction in empathy, particularly with younger people. I think it’s similar to a muscle that has to be exercised.

              • I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life so that might explain a little. It’s practically 50/50 left-right. A lot of compromise it seems which is key to dialogue and therefore understanding and hopefully empathy. I too believe the lock downs and social media have decreased a general lowering on the empathy feels. It’ll be back.

  5. – Alex Berenson –

    In 2021, I sometimes would read Alex Berenson’s substack “Unreported Truths”.

    One time he and another “Covid truth fighter” were both being interviewed on Fox.
    Ivermectin came up. Alex Berenson said that he did not believe it should be used for Covid.
    That did it for me…I stopped paying attention to Berenson.

    Sorry…I can’t cite the referenced interview, so all you have is hearsay.

  6. RE: Story #3 Reverend Sun Myung Moon

    I remember from decades ago the watercooler talk about the Moonies and the media images of the mass weddings. Occasionally, I would see the Moonie flower sellers on the street, or roadside.
    Those were simpler times.
    Print magazines were still popular.

  7. A side note…. The Constitution is irrelevant if the government in actively engaged in democide, just saying.

  8. I was banned from The Gateway Pundit for no stated reason a couple of days ago:


    After review, we have determined that the account was banned intentionally. We do not reverse intentional bans or provide specific reasons for bans. You can review our policy here:

    TGP Support>>

    As most know the majority of the so-called “Alt” news sites using “Disqus” for the comment boxes wants arrested adolescent snarky comments and not any real “truth” or facts.

    I offered quotes and insights regarding each article’s subject.


  9. I wonder if the AI knows piglatin? I remember my mom and aunt speaking it so we would not know what they were talking about.

    • Nice flash back. Ihay onay utway ouyay arhay alkingtay about 🙂

  10. Kudos to James Pilato for suggesting James & James offer the WEF some articles so the WEF can publish them on their site with similar disclaimers. ?

    Continuing on the theme of AI and how sophisticated they are getting…

    An American couple recently deleted the ArriveCan app after using it for arrival in Canada. They received a phone call about an hour later by a public health officer (PHO) asking if they had deleted the app! Then the PHO proceeded to harass the couple, saying they had to reinstall the tracking app immediately or risk never being able to enter Canada again!

    So this app can not only track you when it is installed, but can notify authorities when it is uninstalled!

    • The “elephant” in the room of course is if you carry around digital handcuffs loaded with tracking “apps” and other nonsense then what do you expect hey?

      Been using the same Gusto 3g phone for close to 10 years. Purchased for $15 at Walmart, using Verizon 1$@day unlimited service. I can call, receive and text. No “apps” and no GPS. I know how to read a map and have great little Canon Powershot camera.

      GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

      • Of course you’re doing the right thing, but I’m worried.

        I’m very worried.

        TPTB already have their foot in the door. And it’s a massive foot.
        How big? How many people around the world use smartphones?
        They’re ubiquitous.

        The push towards digital ID is being heavily promoted now.

        They are attempting to gradually implement a digital ID system
        that will control literally all aspects of our lives.

        Most people haven’t a clue what is being planned and so they go along
        with each small step that will eventually enslave them all.

        The most worrisome app in Canada currently is the ArriveCan app.
        The government wants Canadians to embrace it, or at the very least tolerate it
        much the same way they tolerate ‘security’ measures at airports.

        The app is the slippery slope into digital ID slavery for Canadians.
        The app is modified with frequent updates.

        ArriveCan data currently collected:

        Reason for travel
        Entry by land/air
        Contact info (phone number)
        Language (English/French)
        Passport details
        Surname and given name
        Date of birth
        Vaccination status (Covid-19)
        Vaccination details:
        Which vaccine
        Where it was administered
        Date administered
        Upload proof of vaccine
        Testing details (Covid-19)
        Positive test in last 10-180 days
        Travel history in last 14 days
        Quarantine plan
        location of quarantine
        Covid-19 symptom check

  11. Ahhh, the cults of the 1970s and 1980s; Let me tell you a story:

    Back in the early 1980s, I was working at Kenmore Air Harbor (the largest privately owned seaplane base in the world) at the north end of Lake Washington near Seattle.

    The owner and founder of the company had leased out two of the company’s Dehavilland Beavers to the Synanon Cult down in California. You may remember the group’s infamy for putting a rattlesnake in a bothersome reporter’s mailbox. The snake killed the reporter.

    Well, Synanon got way behind in their lease payments to KAH so the owner of the company and his VP flew down to California at night with another pilot from the company.

    The owner and VP hopped into the two leased Synanon Beavers and flew them back to base at KAH. The other pilot flew the plane they came in back to base.

    The two Synanon planes had been given registration numbers N101SY and N102SY by Synanon. Us mechanics called them “Noisy1” and “Noisy2”. These two planes flew on the KAH line for years. They were good planes.

    I never found any snakes in them.

    • The point of the story??

      • ejdoyle: The point of the story is to amuse the audience with a tale about a cult from back in the 1970s and 1980s. The James Boys referenced the age of cults back then in the video above. Hence I added this true story of mine.
        Synanon disbanded in the early 1990s.

  12. Dr Paul Alexander links four different sources with different stories about October 18, 2019 – World Military Games in Wuhan China.
    The sources make the case that Covid-19 was released upon the world at this event.

    August 17, 2019 – Dr Paul Alexander Substack
    World Military Games in Wuhan China, October 2019; “I’m 100 per cent convinced the virus was present in Wuhan when we were there,” the Daily Mail quoted the Canadian officer as saying.

    • October 18th 2019 – Months prior to the official Pandemic, two Major Events occurred on that date:
      EVENT 201 and also the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan China.

      You can watch those two Major Events here…
      [The comment also mentions a October 24th, 2019 New World Next Week and how near the 4:30 minute mark, James Evan Pilato mentions “that there are a lot of biological warfare things going on.”]

      Queue to the 2:15:00 mark of the
      Live: Grand opening ceremony of the 7th Military World Games武汉军运会盛大开
      The United Nations military blue helmets and globalist type stuff is surreal.

      • HRS: Who CARES why the virus was released or where or by whom? The big question is, “Why would any person in their right mind create the pathogen in the first place?”
        And if “no one in their right mind” would do such a thing.
        “Why are people in their wrong mind allowed to have the power to create the pathogen?”
        These are the important questions. Not how or where the crime was committed.

        • TIME and PLACE and “What Occurred” are all very, very, very important factors when viewing the past.

          In fact, many folks best recall past memories by identifying their location when viewing the mental image of the past. The location helps to reference the time frame.

          The instigation of the Covid Narrative resulted in permanently changing global society.
          Just like the world changing event of 9/11/2001, we should note new information when we find it.

          • HRS: You are dodging my argument. My point is that as long as human nature doesn’t change the future will be just like the past.
            I don’t care how people “best recall past memories.” I don’t care if they remember anything. It doesn’t seem to matter in the big scheme of things if they remember jack shit.
            I want to know why people are so fucked up millennia after millennia. I don’t need the dates or places. I can see this crazy human behavior every day.
            I want to know why humans kill each other. Why do humans make each other suffer?
            I’ve read enough history books with dates and places and names.
            I want to know why people do this crazy evil bat shit.

              • To be good, I understand to have empathy for others an behave altruistically. At least those are components of goodness.

                I posted a research paper about developmental biology and psychology of empathy in childhood and there is physical evidence that our species and other mammals are wired for empathy. As an evolutionary strategy, it seems that being good has promoted the survival of our species.

                It seems like there is a break away from this natural tendency, the psychopathic cruel greedy and malevolent exception to this norm who have throughout the last thousands of years tried to exploit others for personal gain. I have not looked up any studies of this aspect of psychopathy as an evolutionary strategy. It seems like a malfunction.

                For thousands of years even before Christianity, people worshiped deities, and monotheism I think emerged in other parts of the world as well. It seems that spirituality (and religion) has been another natural finding in the historical record.

                I think that people define “god” differently and even atheists can have a type of consciousness, an ethical mind and heart that technically is devoid of “god” but can behave with courage and altruism. I think it’s kind of weird, to reject something that can neither be proven or dis-proven, but whatever. Nevertheless, I have been treated very kindly by a few atheists in my time and some of them demonstrated behavior more altruistic than some of the religious people I’ve known. The belief that the atheist is a materialist is incorrect I think.

                As I’ve mentioned I’m more of an agnostic at times and pantheistic and believer in eastern spirituality (reincarnation). But I do believe each of us has a soul, I’ve always believed this, even when I was more of an atheist in my 20s.

                So my answer to this fascinating piece of writing (that I will read today when I get home), I think for some people yes and other people no. Some people seem to need to fear something to do what is right, for others this comes from another place. Fascinating topic Steve. Thank you for sharing.

              • Steve Smith: Thanks for the link and excerpt. Jordan Peterson has given lectures on this point. “Can we be good without God?”
                Peterson believes that unless we acknowledge the spirituality of the human being, goodness isn’t logical.
                By being good, one implicitly accepts and reaffirms the Divinity in us all.
                Now some would say, “Well it is all Quid pro Quo.” But acts of altruism abound. To me, this is what makes us human and in God’s image.

        • Timmy taes

          Plenty of people in their ‘right mind’ would create a pathogen…just like plenty of people who were perfectly same kept slaves or genocided people.

          Lacking morals does not make people insane. It’s the idea that only crazies would do such things that keeps the normies blind to the real world.

          • Duck: Being in one’s “right mind” doesn’t necessarily mean sanity. I meant it in the sense of right and wrong. The English language conflates sanity and morality with the “right mind” phrase. I apologize. I should have used another term.

      • From my free pdf or watching a short video of facts I have harvested since April, 2020:

        The 1954 Bilderberg Manual “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” which laid out the strategy for genociding 90 percent of the world population…

        2010 – “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” describes a CV-like pandemic that becomes a trigger for imposition of police-state controls on movement, economy, etc. of society.

        2015 – A ‘System and Method for Testing for COVID-19’ was patented by Richard Rothschild, with a Dutch government organization.

        2017 – Top exporters of “CV-19” Test Kits: Switzerland, Germany, European Union, 
US, and Ireland Covid-19 Test kits (300215) exports by country.

        January, 2019 – Rep Joe Courtney named a bill:
        Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Bill??

        Six weeks before the “Chinese outbreak” the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Summit had a simulation exercise, a WHAT IF? on how the world would react to the CV outbreak (on youtube) They focused on how to handle opposition news.

        The “pandemic” is unfolding in line with a decade-old simulation titled “Lock Step” by the Rockefeller Foundation along with the Global Business Network. To create: “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and citizen push back.”

    • Either way (and it was later found to have been in Europe months earlier that the Wuhan Military Games), I think the important part is that it was created using US technology and money. This page focuses on Peter Daszak and EcoHealth alliance which were, apparently, instrumental in its creation, despite his denials.

      It seems more than clear at this point that it was an engineered pathogen. No other animal tested thus far show comparable levels of pathogeneity (ability to infect) as compared to human cells.

      You can also read the papers they published in 2015 and 2016. If you look at the bottom they state the research was conducted using funds from the US and China and involved both US and Chinese scientists. So, the idea that this is China’s fault completely falls apart, even if it did originate there.

  13. Thursday August 18, 2022 – Yikes Today
    Ontario Ministry of Transportation shuts down 39 trucking companies for their involvement in Freedom Convoy protests

    FULL article (source links embedded)
    The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has shut down 39 independent trucking companies for their involvement in the recent Freedom Convoy protest against COVID restrictions.
    In another round of anti-protest sanctions, the ministry confirmed that 12 trucking companies in Ontario and 27 outside the province have been hit with seizure orders revoking their authority to conduct business in Ontario following their reported involvement in the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy protest.

    “In an effort to preserve future police investigations into the illegal occupation in Ottawa, the ministry will not release the names of affected businesses at this time,” a ministry spokesperson said.
    24 passenger vehicle plates were also suspended, as well as 34 passenger vehicles from outside the province.
    A total of 115 vehicles were towed.

    The confirmation of these sanctions was reported by TruckNews on Wednesday, the same day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revoked the Emergencies Act and Ontario Premier Doug Ford axed the province’s state of emergency.

    Despite the revocation of the Emergencies Act, World Economic Forum (WEF) member and Canadian [psychopathic] Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has maintained that some of the powers granted to the federal government through the Act could be made permanent.
    “As of today, all crowdfunding platforms, and the payment service providers they use, must register with FINTRAC, and must report large and suspicious transactions to FINTRAC.”
    Freeland said that this new measure will be made permanent.

  14. A cons-piracy: “Crawfished a bet and called me a liar.”

    • Aside from the fact that its wealthiest banker sits on the Board of Directors of the WEF, Russia also had some of the most stringent lockdowns & refused to release any data on their vaccine, stating that doing so might lead to hesitancy among its population. They went right along w/the WHO’s dictates during the scamdemic. Much more so than did Sweden, for example, which is unquestionably part of the capitalistic new world order. The idea that Russia is not part of the globalist world order is easily debunked.

      If you follow the work of James Corbett, it should be abundantly clear that China and Russia are not fighting to overthrow the globalist’s, but vying for a better seat at the table.

      What is going on in Ukraine has to do with the control of resources and political influence over other nations, i.e., Germany, Syria and others, as well as strengthening the multipolar world order. Using words like ‘satanic’ & ‘Leviathan’ is somewhat childish, even if we know what is meant, these are terms from the bible and have no basis in reality. If you go around using them, people will find it much easier to dismiss anything youre trying to convey. These people are authoritarian capitalist plutocrats, not ‘devils’, which, of course, do not exist any more than do witches or talking animals, also found in the bible.

      “The name Leviathan comes from the Hebrew Livyatan, which comes from a root that means “to twist, turn, wind, or coil.” Today the name is often used to refer generally to a sea monster or to any gigantic powerful thing.”

      Although this concept easily serves as an apt analogy for globalization, using a biblical reference to a sea monster (or ‘Satan’) to refer to it is not going to add any strength to anyone’s social and/or geopolitical arguments.

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