Interview 1749 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 29 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: US Senate’s CIA Torture Report to Remain Secret for ‘National Security’

Senate Doesn’t Have to Release Full CIA Torture Report, Judge Rules

Beryl A. Howell

Michael Rosenfeld

Senate Report: Torture Didn’t Lead to Bin Laden

Senator: Government Used Communist Torture Techniques Aimed at Extracting FALSE Confessions

Episode 027 – Torture is Bad

Why the Self-Proclaimed 9/11 Mastermind Hasn’t Seen Trial 21 Years Later

One of the Main Sources for the 9/11 Commission Report was Tortured Until He Agreed to Sign a Confession that He Was NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO READ

Story #2: Biden Uses Executive Order To Institutionalize Eugenics, Transhumanism

“Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy” //

Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks //

Controlled Demolition Of The COVID Illusion Ushers In “Biomanufacturing” & The American “Bioeconomy”

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

Story #3: Beyond Meat Executive Bites Man’s Nose Outside Football Game

Beyond Meat Suspends Operating Chief After Arrest for Allegedly Biting Man’s Nose

Video: Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey Arrested, Accused of Biting Man’s Nose

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Popcorn and McDonald’s — Businesses Pile On More Perks For Getting Vaccinated (Mar. 23, 2021)

Impossible Foods Seeks EU, UK Approval for Its GMO “Fake Meat” Bleeding Ingredient

Rat Feeding Study Suggests the Impossible Burger May Not Be Safe to Eat

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  1. Welcome back James E.
    New world next week is something I look forward to…

  2. But Beyond Nose would be a great product. At your next party you could offer your guests a plate of barbecued noses and if anyone asks you were you got them from you tell them from the last guests that were to nosey!

    • A plate of biting-good BBQ noses with silky rich snotty sauce, served with two sides.

      It really is Beyond Meat.

  3. I’m sorry James’s but Moderna can’t even make a stable “vaccine” much less be able to program human cells. I’m not the only ones who think this is info warfare bullshit.
    These billionaires pushing this crap are like a bunch of spoiled children wanting this robot society. We’ll see, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the desk but I know when it comes to programming cells they can not do it nor have a clue on how to do it.
    There’s a jellyfish that does not die its cells rejuvenate at the end of the jellyfishes life and it starts its life all over again. Billionaires have been paying to figure out how these cells work. They used them in animals and learned a lot but can’t stop the cancerous cells, bla bla bla.
    Ive brought this up before on how they’re using the human race as LAB RATS trying to figure this out.
    I’ll try and find the studies etc on this topic, it’s fascinating.

  4. Great work guys and crew as usual, You missed a few good news stories to and in my opinion we can always use a lil good news with the mountains of bad news we all get daily including you, As I said just my opinion and you know we all have one just like we all have assholes. Good news was winning a couple court battles, Branden saying the pandemic is over helped push a court case in our favor via EUA . Anywho, if I’m out of line forgive me.

  5. He’s baaaack!! Great to see you guys, and glad Pilato’s move is done. I listen to ALL of you, and thank you for your good work! Keep it up, James & James 🙂

  6. Howdy James,
    I did send a email but I figure I would put this in the comments section as well.
    Summary: the CIA starting their own podcast in order to demystify their work. Just curious if you have any thoughts about this and why they would be putting out a podcast discussing certain topics they work on behind the scenes.
    Keep up the good work.
    Peace and love
    Eli West

  7. Like every no, Fuck no. I am not going to censore myself.

    Like every fucking episode is like a highlight of smoking guns.
    How many smoking guns does it take to make an fire eyh?…?

    The 9/11 is one thing, the biosec is another, electricity bill, rising food prices, rising gas prices, rent, interest.
    ( cool word choice of the mfoverlords )

    We will rise someday, get rid of the rot in the wood for “good”. Atleast not good for the rich, “pure blooded”, elite and the VERY few of peoples in the world.
    We atleast have the technology for that, or do we have to re-invent the guiljotine?
    And just let the french do an successful global yellow west?

    When we can let people in africa and north Korea starve for decades
    When we can let psychos wage wars for decades
    When we let bigpharma aka elitistfuckers, Fuck out shit up for decades
    When can we Fuck them up for some decades????

    • You can do something when you are free from the food and power and money grid they made.

      As long as most people depend on that grid for their lives they will fight you to the death, watch evil called good Nd sacrifice their own kids to defend that system

  8. Yes, that was bone chilling and they have I am sure are hopeful it will all come about as they plan but…we have about 243 million people in the us, correct me if I am wrong, that did not take the jab. Let’s see, we have the unjabbed who know it was a psy-op from the get go, families who see their loved ones with serious side-effects and deaths, people in the medical community waking up to this death by jab, and of course the minions lying through their teeth hoping no one is going to camp outside their house with signs putting them on blast. They were hopeful and probably over confident they were going to vaccinate the whole world. Which is the first stage of let’s turn people in to cyborgs we can control.They in my opinion have their work cut out for them. Let’s see what happens.

  9. I’d say the CIA Torture is for more than getting confessions that are convenient for news bites.

    When the sheeple stand by and accept the leaks (maybe intentional as well?) without acting or caring then the evil ones also gain converts to their evil religion.

  10. Dear James & James,

    I think the time has come for you to consider renaming your show and finding a name that would be more inline with your editorial policy. New name cannot include the word World, instead it should include a term US and that would, by the way, probably butter your bread more thickly.

    How the hell you can cover a world defining event as Russian partial mobilization in one by the way sentence…. that is beyond comprehension….and then, a douchebag fuck-head biting someone’s nose…. excuse me, are you serious!!!!! (holy shit, crickets, jabs and 9/11)
    From the get go you were pretty much ignorant of that war-shit-show, not that other alternative media were much better. Never mind this topic can be nicely incorporated into most of your favorite topics (probably eugenics too).
    In spring I wrote in comments that I hope that anti-scamdemic protests will evolve into protests for Peace. Yeah….I didn’t take into account we live in an era of One-Dimensional Man (Marcuse). One thing is, if someone wants to stick a needle into your Individual Highness, completely the other is, if your Individual Highness is getting involuntarily sodomized around the corner. The latter goes below the threshold of perception.

    “This immediate, automatic identification (which may have been characteristic of primitive forms of association) reappears in high industrial civilization; its new “immediacy,” however, is the product of a sophisticated, scientific management and organization. In this process, the “inner” dimension of the mind in which opposition to the status quo can take root is whittled down. The loss of this dimension, in which the power of negative thinking-the critical power of Reason-is at home, is the ideological counterpart to the very material process in which advanced industrial society silences and reconciles the opposition. The impact of progress turns Reason into submission to the facts of life, and to too dynamic capability of producing more and bigger facts of the same sort of life. The efficiency of the system blunts too individuals’ recognition that it contains no facts which do not communicate the repressive power of the whole. If the individuals find themselves in the things which shape their life, they do so, not by giving, but by accepting the law of things–not the law of physics but the law of their society.” (emphasize mine)

    “….unreflective enlightened thinking based on the notion of Survival always tends to convert into skepticism, in order to make enough room for the existing order.” (Horkheimer/Adorno: Dialectic of Enlightenment) (emphasize mine)

    • For those interested in Nato/Russia war and “collateral damage” I recommend:
      In the link below are two interesting videos of recruitment speech from Wagner representative to prisoners. Prisoners are promised with full pardon from the state if they fulfill 6 months contract with Wagner. Middle part of speech is missing, I guess it was money talking.
      Day to day battlefield updates you can get from Military Summary:
      Their analysis, particularly prognosis, are occasionally questionable.

      • This is what the US and NATO is supporting. Fascism

        “Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appewarance of solidity to pure wind.”

        — George Orwell, 1946



        The Ukraine proxy war is the biggest psyop in US military history even greater than the WWI propagandists.

        The US provides weapons and money, your money for this.

        Fascism is now a worldwide movement.

        All under the auspices of Freedom

        The Empire ate the republic long ago

    • Interesting you bring up Marcuse. I notice you do not mention The Great Refusal, the most enlightening aspect of his theories and those of the Frankfurt School.

      The Franfurt School is one of the most important movementsof last century.

      The fascists hate them,as they hate anything that5 involves a critique of capitalism.
      The question they raised in a nutshell—- howcould fascism be internalized by human beings? What is the authoritarian personality and why does it exist?

      For those who came to America as refugees escaping Nazi Germany this was an essential question.

      As it is now. For the globe is now fascist and an international fascist movement is being impemented as this is written all over Europe and North America.

      • But the Frankfurt schools ideas reign today….they are the ideas that were pushed out by the elites and they are why America and much of the west is the way it is today.

        We live in the world those ideas created thru the power of the rich elites.

        Fascism is in many ways like communism except that its somewhat less (and o ly SOMEWHAT less…. Italian fascism was not very anti semitic until the more ethnocentric nazis bullied them into it) amenable to the natural urge of jews to fragment the cohesion of any society that they live in.

        • You are so confused it is impossible to respond. You have no idea of history and your historical analysis,like most of your ideas,come from the notion of your God. You are not rational nor should you be: faith and reason do not mix.

          Your City on the Hill is the duplex for sale in Texas.

          Just believe in God, the almighty and understand we are here to suffer for theological fascism.

          You have no idea what the Frankfurt School was, why it occurred in Germany and America and how it migrated to America.

          Wait! It was th Jews, right!!!

          • Well…. not TOTALLY but, yeah.
            You really can not understand American history without taking the jews into account.

            Vol 2 of Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by dr EM Jones is really good on that part….he quotes mainly jewish historians. Much as Scott Howard quotes right from the sources talking about the trans and LGBTQP movement

            But, as I said it’s not JUST jews, there are lots of players

            As to history we should all recall that without the Balfour declaration the US wallstreet jewish families would never have turned on Germany, nor would the german trade unions have pulled the plug on the war effort.
            Dr Spence wrote a good book on that Wallstreet and the russian revolution iirc

            History leads us to where we are today

      • Interesting, you mention Frankfurt School twice and immediately right at the beginning. Why was that necessary and why is this relevant to what I’ve said remains a mystery. The same goes for The Great Refusal.

        You really have a fixation with fascism.

        • You should too. You live under it and do not even know it.
          As to Marcuse.

          Didn’t you quote him?

          • weilunion,

            next time you want to have a conversation with me be responsive to my writings, this time (like in the past) you haven’t been. If that is too much of a demand than please stay away from me.

            Regarding Marcuse and for the sake of precision, I used a part of his text and dutifully gave credit to him. I will do the same way regardless who is the author and what is my general opinion of him. Hope you notice a difference.

            Fixation is bad, it takes away flexibility of the mind.

  11. I’m puzzled why you don’t attack biotechnology at its foundations. In order to program biology one must first understand it, almost totally. Programing means having an algorithm i.e. well defined set of steps for achieving a desired, intended goal. They are far from it, most of what they are doing is monkeying. No title of doctor of science, white coat, super-duper lab equipment or whatever ritual cannot hide this fact. Check this out:
    21. Chaos and Reductionism

    And next lecture Emergence and Complexity too. Altogether 3h+ of brain gym shouldn’t be too much to get some well substantiated skepticism in science, something we are in dire need today.

    Biodigital convergence = oxymoron at its finest.

  12. America can be said to be a torture chamber within the country.

    Technocratic fascism versus ethno national fascism.

    • Indeed….its always two fake choices offered.. (like Marxism vs. neocons or Stalinism vs New Deal or Nazi revolution vs German reds)

      Only Christian principles will ever serve to stop totalitarianism since totalitarianism is the elevation of man’s ideas above Gods

      • Nothing like Christian hate. Hierarchy is totalitarianism.

        Religion is hierarchy.

        Listeners should read:

        “One Nation Under God: How Corporate American Invented Christian America, Kevin Kruse

        You will find it revealing for religion, especially now, is Dominionism and of course this fits well with the serpentine brain.

        People like you, Jew haters, anti Semites, African American haters all wrap yourself in the Cross and Swastika.

        Your religion is a pysop.

        Religion, and especially extreme hatred under the canopy of religion is the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of the world.

        Religion is an invention by the rich to control the masses.

        A fairy tale like American Exceptionalism.

        Always has been and always will be.

        It is a conformist, us versus them, ideology of hate that requires we live on our knees.

  13. Weilunion

    The jewish attack on other people’s religions is quite normal… a small people feeling at risk from the majority.

    However, while Christianity has faded as a political force in the west (dominionism??? Lol… that’s as much a thing as crusading) the people of the west are not exactly MORE FREE nowadays are they?

    Lol…. no. By rejecting religion (and family and nation much as the Frankfort school types desired) people are left alone and atomized and easy for the people farmers to wrangle.

    In a sense it’s kinda good to see the USA as it is today, almost totally run by jewish ideas. Seeing the domination of the world by what Dr EM Jones (of Culture wars magazine/ fidelity press) calls “the jewish Revolutionary spirit” makes quite clear where that thinking gets us.

    Anyone who wants to can go read scott Howard’s books
    Trans industrial complex
    Open Society playbook

    To see who the major players are (no they are not ALL of Jewish decent)

    Or they can read dr Jones
    Jewish Revolutionary Spirit to understand “Jewish” is not a genetic thing, it’s a mindset based on rejection of the natural order. It plays out as NeoCon or as Bolshevik, corporatism or communism, technocracy and primitivism….same basic sickness

    And dude, I don’t “hate” you…I feel sorry for you. If you think every one hates you you should ask what your doing to make them feel that way. Projection eh?? 🙂

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