Interview 1753 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 68 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Ground-Breaking SWIFT Innovation Paves Way For Global Use Of CBDCs

Connecting Digital Islands: Paving The Way For Global Use Of CBDCs, Tokenised Assets

US House Committee Turn To DoJ For CBDC Development As SWIFT Resolves Cross-Border Transfer Hurdle

China, Russia Creating “Alternate” Banking System

Story #2: PayPal Backtracks On Fining Users For “Misinformation,” Calls It An “Error”

PayPal Stock “Fined” 6% After Flood Of Users Cancel Over $2,500 ‘Misinformation’ Debacle

Corbet Report: Membership

Story #3: Vermont Town Employee Quietly Lowered The Fluoride In Water For Years

French Gen. Praises Unjabbed Citizens: “You Embody The Best Of Humanity, You Are Superheroes”

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  1. I just deleted my PayPal account this afternoon. I never did use it for subscriptions to anything anyway. I’m a snail mail, check writing kind of guy.

    I still love my Berkey filtered rainwater after almost two decades. There is no excuse for drinking city water living in Florida. I have even set up a system to back feed my house with rainwater using a 12 volt solar powered pump.

    I wonder how they are going to force me to use CBDCs when I don’t have a fondle slab and have no intention of ever getting one.

    • “I wonder how they are going to force me to use CBDCs when I don’t have a fondle slab and have no intention of ever getting one.”

      I’m sure they will figure out a way to get CBDC cards (like credit/debit cards)
      that work just as smart phones would.

      I’m with James on this. Of all the current issues we face today, bio-weapons, war, climate-gate, etc. it is CBDC’s that are the most threatening and worrisome of all.

      We need to do all in our power to get the word out to the masses (normies) to ‘just say no’ while we still can. Because we know the game plan. Slide this in unnoticed. Then slide this in unnoticed. Then slide that in unnoticed. Then BAM, it’s too late!

      • “I’m sure they will figure out a way to get CBDC cards (like credit/debit cards)
        that work just as smart phones would.”

        I guess that would work for them but they would have to ban cash and checks first wouldn’t they? Otherwise how could they force me to use their CBDC cards?

        • Yes of course.
          Their plans down the road (after they let the CBDC’s silently creep in)
          is to totally eliminate cash/checks etc.

          Like one day you would get a notice from your banks/govt. telling you
          in ‘x number’ of years/months cash will be eliminated.

          Of course all the while they would never tell you about other plans of controlling
          your CBDC’s. Locks/freezes, limitations, expiry dates etc.
          You would only find out about that after the system was already in place.

          For if they told the masses their plans (absolute control of your funds) in advance, it would be dead in the water from the get go.

  2. Oh my god worst nightmare of my life- kiss freedom goodbye, say hello to slavery, the new world disorder is here. How are they still gonna cheat when we can’t, oh duplicate books of course, eh bien! Proves I am right the second communication system, is now in place worldwide. First used in the jfk lone nutter case. I am stunned to face it- it’s clear…gotta get my balance, I am not happy. Hearing it first from the two James is it’s only redeeming social value. I am soooooo glad you two are on my side. Love from America, Buz.

    • Calm down. Freedom is not a thing its a scale, or a plane. Get in there and push the puck around.

      I am not joking.

      Peace be with you,


    • Buz

      Don’t panic….we just all need to start thinking like a criminal… NOT saying do crimes, but DO start channeling your inner Tony Soprano. Think about how you can avoid being surveilled-stop carrying your phone everywhere (unless you put it in a “mission. Dark” bag…only do internet with TOR, never on a regular phone but on a PC (preferably with linux rather than windows) and use cash to buy things from people you know Personally.

      Everyone should Just do that for one whole week…. a one week test run of thinking like a surveilled criminal and folks will find lots of ways to avoid being controlled.

      • Ive been sticking to uk dot gov for decades. And they’re very spiteful in retaliation – unsurprisingly. It’s a simple fix to hit them all where it hurts and en masse they wouldn’t be able to comeback without invoking their ninja turtle ‘police’ army but the sheep are sooooo scared

  3. welcome tgall !!

  4. Thanks James and James for plugging the Fluoride issue!

    FLUORIDE – LINKS and Sources

    First, I wanted to let folks know that on October 20, 2022, the EPA Fluoride Lawsuit Trial status hearing is scheduled.

    The above link goes to FluorideAlert.Org also known as FAN – Fluoride Action Network.
    FAN is the world’s LARGEST DATABASE ON FLUORIDE, and they always have an active fluoride-related news thread. That’s where I first heard about Story #3.

    Just so you know on the trial and the pending NTP (National Toxicology Program) report… I’ve been lucky enough to read some of the recent legal documents. While it is no surprise to Corbett Members, there has been a lot of covert suppression, weird stuff and stalling on the NTP report by the pro-fluoride vested interests.
    Derrick Broze often gives good reporting on Fluoride trial news.

    Here is our DallasForSaferWater website.
    The webpages are heavy, so give them a minute to load.

    If you want to do some fast and easy armchair activism, send an email to any or all of the Dallas City Council Members and/or Mayor.
    Just ask this one question:
    “How many milligrams of Fluoride should a pregnant Mother consume daily?”
    Anyone anywhere can do this.
    The email info and information is at the above DallasForSaferWater webpage.

    By the way, yesterday Wed 10/12, we had some fluoride activists speaking to the City Council. Other scheduled fluoride speakers had stuff come up and cancelled. Ironically, we thought that “Story #3” might come up from a profluoride past Council member who was scheduled to speak on fluoride.

    At DallasForSaferWater, there is all kinds of stuff…Lots of Fluoride documentaries, videos, studies, articles and links. Many topics besides fluoride are also discussed.

    James Corbett’s old stomping grounds…
    CALGARY – Historic Fluoride Archive Website

      • “NYC Mayor Eric Adams exhorts New Yorkers to drink tap water in a recent PSA”
        (20 minute mark)

        adgb, Thanks for pointing that out. I went on to explore some of the related videos surrounding New York City tap water. One video discussed fluoride, and others discussed arsenic.

        I like Truth Stream Media and Really Graceful.
        I had previously seen the NYC Radiation PSA video which is really bizarre.

    • CORRECTION: Wednesday October 26, 2022
      EPA Fluoride Lawsuit Trial status hearing

      (not Oct 20th)

      First, the next hearing before the Court is now scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th at 3:30PM (US Pacific) / 6:30 (US Eastern).

    • UPDATE STORY #3 [No added fluoride for more than 10 years, instead of 4 years. -per the employee.]

      Thursday Oct 20, 2022 – Associated Press at NPR
      A town employee who quietly lowered the fluoride in water has resigned.

      A town employee who quietly lowered the fluoride in a Vermont community’s drinking water for years has resigned — and is asserting that the levels had actually been low for much longer than believed.

      Richmond water superintendent Kendall Chamberlin disclosed in his five-page resignation letter, submitted Monday, that fluoride levels have not been in the state-recommended range for over a decade — instead of nearly four years, as the state had recently disclosed.

      Chamberlin said in his letter — in language that at times echoes unfounded reports that have circulated online in recent years — that he doesn’t think the current fluoridation policy is legally required or scientifically sound, and, in his opinion, poses “unacceptable risks to public health.”

      “I cannot in good conscience be a party to this,” he wrote.

      Chamberlin wrote that he has never received a negative job review, has each day accurately measured the fluoride levels in the water, and has provided monthly written reports that were approved and signed by the town manager and submitted to two state agencies.

      He contends that fluoridation is voluntary and that the amounts are not mandated.

      While fluoridating municipal water is voluntary, towns that do must maintain levels within the state’s recommendations and submit monthly reports to the state Health Department, according to state officials…

      …Months after the discovery that the fluoride added to the water was half the amount recommended by state and federal agencies, the town of Richmond said two weeks ago it would raise levels to be within range.

      The original news that the fluoride had been reduced for nearly four years — a much shorter time than Chamberlin revealed in his resignation letter — shocked some residents and area doctors, who raised concerns about misinformation, dental health and government transparency, and said it was not a decision for Chamberlin to make alone….

  5. If I may be so bold “gov-coin” is just another, but faster and more mercurial version of fiat. Dammit, the “precious metals” people were right all along!

    • ya. american silver eagles not available at the place I’ve bought them at in the past. forces me to buy canadian silver which is clearly laced with round up and hard cheese from quebec.

    • 2D chess

      No, it’s worse.

      A pile of cash is mostly untraceable…. as long as some smuck will give you stuff for the paper you can carry it, hide it, post it and give it to anyone in perfect privacy.

      Hyper inflation is a worry for fiat, but its it’s nothing to a Gov Coin that literally knows how many beers you buy and when and where you pay a bus ticket….. “money” can be shells or big roind rocks or gold coins or beaver pelts or cigarettes but with those you can Hide your transactions.

  6. Go ahead and call me paranoid, but perhaps the PayPal “error” was done on purpose as a test to see the public’s reaction. In light of the other story, on how governments are getting ready to digitize our money, if PayPal succeeded in implementing fines with little problem, then how much could we protest if in the future our GovCoins had the same liability? The powers that be seem to always try and condition the public into accepting as normal that which we don’t like and didn’t want.

      • BUMP

        How to Spot a Propaganda Trial Balloon (video) Nov 2020
        Your thoughts and opinions are incredibly important to those who want to direct your behaviour. So it should be no surprise that propagandists float trial balloons in order to gauge public reaction to new proposals before going ahead with their plans. Join James on today’s #PropagandaWatch as he breaks down this important mechanism of propaganda.

  7. On the “mid level” thing. Yeah, been there, done that. And it works.

    The challenge is that the machine above has more money and thus influence, so the well considered process one establishes is swamped by the money and stupidity from above.

    But, its fun while one does it.


  8. Hello James,
    This is Voluntaryist Jack in New Zealand, you might recall I left PayPal in March 2020 when they began deplatforming The Last American Vagabond and I urged others to boycott them. I switched my monthly payments to you from PP at that time and paid you a year’s worth in Bitcoin.
    So I sympathize with your problems now that you articulated in this video with your financial supporters leaving you high and dry without payments coming from PP.
    I would appreciate your consideration of helping me like I’ve helped you.
    For you did not follow through with what you said you would do for me to help my starving Africans.
    This was, is disappointing. I know you are busy, but…lives are at stake here.
    Months ago I emailed you to put something on your website for a donation for my famished Nigerians and you were going to do that and you replied to me that you needed me to do certain things.
    I replied twice to you but you never got back to me.
    Below is what you wrote me and the 4 emails I sent you.
    They’re still going hungry, so if you will do what you said you were going to do then please email me so I can have possible donations coming to help keep 10 people alive in Nigeria.
    The donation needed now is $5,500USD that will enable the two families (a total of 10 persons) to move out of Lagos city–which is becoming a murderous place now because of the hunger fuelled social chaos–to a farmland where they can raise their own food feed themselves and find safety and freedom.
    Jack. [SNIP – No email addresses in the comments section please. People can contact me if they are interested in emailing you. -JC]
    Hi James
    I prefer you switch me to the protonmail address, thanks; and apply the Bitcoin payment to that account. I will sign in and set up a new password.
    Keep up your bulldog, consistent grip on the throat of the Beast, you are my main go-to to stay informed of the Covid1984 madness and stay (relatively) safe and free.
    This has just occurred to me as I am writing this: to ask if you would consider putting a plea for emergency donations on your website. I am hopeful fellow Voluntaryists who visit you might donate.
    I have been supporting four families in Africa financially and advisorily for several years.
    Two are subsistence farming families in Kenya, for which I have got so far $1,800USD donations from friends that has kept them alive if not thriving–go here:
    The other two families live in the poor area of Lagos, Nigeria. I am now setting up a Give A Little and Facebook page for their 60+ persons community’s emergency donation plea. They need $4,000USD to drill a bore well to get safe drinking water.
    Their current well has dispensed water that it appears has contributed/caused the deaths of four children ages, ages 10 to 16.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]


  10. I’m sorry to hear about the PayPal mass cancellation effecting you guys negatively.

    Maintaining my subscriptions was my top priority with cancelling my PayPal account and I took it as an opportunity to upgrade my contribution to The Corbett Report–which was long overdue.

    Your coverage of the suspicious ramp up of vaccine propaganda prior to the Covid outbreak lead to me being very skeptical of vaccines after years of fence-sitting. I think the “singing/dancing vaccines” at that award show (2019-20 Golden Globes?) really did it for me. Either way, I credit your coverage of that in a previous New World Next Week with instilling me with just enough skepticism to finally look into the “antivaxx” side of the debate and I can only say that it absolutely opened my eyes. I feel like it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that NWNW may well have saved my life given how poor the outcomes have been with the Covid shots. So opting for a higher subscription rate seems more than fair to me!

    Thank you both for the great service you provide with your work!

  11. I’d be interested to know if you’ve experienced any positive health effects since installing the system. I distill my water, though as I live in Scotland we don’t have fluoridation (at least, that’s what we’re told!).

  12. Urgh… I’m one of those whose payments to James has stopped, and I’ve only just realised it! PayPal stopped working for me just over a year ago due to a problem with a business I was trying to set up. I ditched the business, but despite actually getting through to PP’s customer service dept on the phone, where they apologised and assured me they had fixed the problem, it still refused to work, so I just stopped using it. Even back then I knew that PP had closed the accounts of certain broadcasters it didn’t like, eg Richie Allen, so I decided to just let my account lapse.

    However I forgot about my PP payments to JC, so I owe him a year’s worth of payments. I’ve also had very small amounts of money going into the account which I’d forgotten about. I’ve been so busy setting up my business that I took my eye off the PP ball.

    This is something I sometimes warn others about – ie, relying on convenience so much that you don’t have a clue what’s happening to your money. So it’s a good wake-up call for me.

  13. Although I absolutely abhor those practices by Paypal (and I amost reduced my usage of this platform to zero) – currently it’s the only feasible way for me (without horrendous fees) to send some support James’ way. I really have to get up to speed with some kind of cryptocurrency option, then I will finally cancel this craphole company’s “services”.

  14. In 2018 I watched Paul Grignon’s videos at and developed a model to implement anonymous digital currency with In interaction with Paul the obvious occurred in that who would be willing to bring that concept to market if you must make your income on providing a product or service, rather than the manipulation of money.

    The solution for simple truly anonymous digital currency is on the table by me and others, but who has the stamina to take it to a market? Four years later the count remains at zero. Bummer!

  15. lightening lunchtime remarks on this fascinating NWNW:

    re Blanchon: Today he praises those who resisted the jab but in April 2020, in an interview with extreme right politician Florian Philippot, he seemed to promote mass testing, was a gung-ho promoter of the “mesures” (masks, tests, lockdowns (lifting the lockdowns was ‘not for tomorrow or day after tomorrow’ according to him and everyone should be protecting themselves by wearing masks etc at the time) and he seemed concerned that countries around the world did not have a harmonious approach to the pandemic. (a rather globalist perspective for a nationalist) Though he seemed to be promoting hydroxychloroquine he also decried the lack of anticipation and preparation for the pandemic (apparently he hadn’t heard about Event 201 for example.)
    As an “on-call” military reserve member, would this general have participated in forced mass vaccinations had the army been requisitioned in accordance with his faith in lockdowns, testing, masks etc?
    Furthermore, this general who ostensibly finished his military career in 2017, except for being on-call, says he “got bored” and so went to manage operations at a major private company in the Ivory Coast that provides “security solutions” for hotels and gold mines etc for two years and had also “visited” Lebanon and Kosovo where Oh! “it was so interesting to see how people viewed the French”… sounds rather more like an intelligence asset to my conspiracy theorist ears.
    So I cynically and predictably sense perception management opportunism in this visibly buzzed praise of the unvaxxed.

    re: Paypal: change in AUP to “fine users who spread misinformation”: Yes! They’re already doing it: But this was a test to see if they could ADMIT they are doing it in an effort to NORMALIZE it. People, for example, can already be tracked financially, politically, geographically with their phone and credit card but what tracking apps like the French “tous anti covid” (allegedly set up with the pretext of preventing covid infections) are put into circulation to NORMALIZE tracking so that people consent, by default use or lack of protest, to being tracked. It’s like clapping at balconies: once you’ve participated you’ve effectively signed on the dotted line and there’s little chance you’ll change your stance.

    re: CBDCs: the idea that they can create money that is timed to expire at a certain date, for example, along with other features: (to be used at certain outlets, in certain amounts etc) makes me think that these CBDCs are designed to be perfectly adapted to a world run by the Metaverse, where payments can be made in IRL and virtually using exactly the same money system, further blurring the line between reality and digital mirage zones.

    For French speakers, the April 2020 Christian Blanchon interview:

  16. I usually use visa debit to subscribe to things online, so no worries James, you’re not losing my subscription money just yet. However, I do live on the part of a tectonic plate known to society as “Canada”, so I’m sure at some point you’ll lose that money due to my bank account having been Freedom Convoy’d

  17. They are so sorry for the confusion it caused (and the reduction in payments to entities you note, as well as the damage to credit reports for payments missed when bills and other payments are not considered as you note… win-win)

    A real retraction would have said they NEVER intend to have such a policy and since that was omitted, we know it is meant. It’s also a tool to ensure self-censorship. They know the game they set up.

  18. On a somewhat unrelated topic, since I didn’t know where else to put it, I found this little gem but I was not able to confirm if this “Bernays” was related to Edward Bernays:

    I do know that Edward Bernays used to work for a Medical Review that he wrote for and I think he also was educated in agriculture:

    The Bernays family moved from Vienna to the United States in the 1890s. After Ely Bernays started working as a grain exporter at the Manhattan Produce Exchange, he sent for his wife and children.[10] In 1892, his family moved to New York City, where Bernays attended DeWitt Clinton High School.[11] In 1912 he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in agriculture, but chose journalism as his first career

    Following a meeting in New York with school friend Fred Robinson, Bernays became coeditor of Medical Review of Reviews and Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette in 1912. They took editorial positions in favor of showers and against corsets, and distributed free copies to thousands of physicians across the country.[15]

    Two months later they took up the cause of Damaged Goods, an English translation of Les Avariés by Eugène Brieux. After publishing a positive review of the play, Bernays and Robinson wrote to its lead actor, Richard Bennett: “The editors of the Medical Review of Reviews support your praiseworthy intention to fight sex-pruriency in the United States by producing Brieux’s play Damaged Goods. You can count on our help.”[16]

    The play controversially dealt with venereal disease and prostitution—Bernays called it “a propaganda play that fought for sex education.”[17] He created the “Medical Review of Reviews Sociological Fund Committee” and successfully solicited the support of such elite figures as John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, Reverend John Haynes Holmes, and Anne Harriman Sands Rutherford Vanderbilt, wife of William Kissam Vanderbilt.[18][19]

    (from his Wikipedia page)

  19. James, please give those of us that utilize the Brave browser to give our rewards to you. Media Monarchy has his site verified to receive them. This would give users yet another way to give to your cause internationally without banking needs.

  20. I clearly recall toothpaste tubes indicating that we shouldn’t swallow toothpaste because fluoride is toxic. This was back in the 80s. As soon as I learned that tap water in many cities has added fluoride in it, I scratched my head, confused. I asked my normie parents who just shrugged, unconcerned. It was on a commercial brand’s packaging, too.

  21. French General’s message from a source I never heard of, so not sure if legit:

    This next article’s writer states in the comments section that the General in question has a LinkedIn profile and has joined a political party called Les Patriotes de Philipot (the only anti-vax party in France) and therefore, he is a real person:

    • More intriguing than what the General says today about anti-vaxxed being heroes, is, in light of “the Ukraine War”, what the extreme right-wing “populist” politician, Philippot says in this conversation (no resemblance to a debate where both parties are there to support each other in their agreement on the subjects evoked) carried out in April 2020 about Putin who Philippot says “is not an enemy” and NATO which he explains is essentially a structure fighting for neo-conservative US interests at the expense of those of the French.
      In this conversation the General, besides stating that in his experience hydroxychloroquine has no bad side effects and was in fact, freely available in pharmacies everywhere (until it was suddenly put on the category 2 list in January 2020 and made inaccessible), supports mass covid testing, diligent mask-wearing and lockdowns and seems concerned that governments across the globe have different ways of dealing with the pandemic.

    • Blanchon also laments, in his conversation with the Front National politician Philippot, that governments were so unprepared to deal with the pandemic. This military general was apparently unaware of such get-togethers as Event 201.

  22. I have tried to give you money a few different ways since I first joined two years ago. My internet bank won’t process a simple gift. I already stopped Paypal a year ago. I’m thinking of sending you a package with some Kennedy quarters. I’ve also had credit card gifts to Canadian alternative journalists declined by my bank. You and Amazing Polly haven’t been given some money from me, but it’s not because I didn’t try.

  23. Oh James. Either you still have not unpack your new high quality webcam, or you just do not want to use it.

  24. I’ve emailed my city water company and responded back with justified fluoride level. It does seem okay. Why the hate. Nothing is above average.

    • Is it 0.7 milligrams per liter (0.7 ppm)?
      There is a lot to be said about the toxiciy of Fluoride. It is very much on par with Lead. When one factors how it accelerates cancers and affects hormones, it may be much worse than Lead.

      About half the ingested Fluoride accumulates in the body (as part of a body protective mechanism against fluoride’s toxicity).
      Detoxing this accumulated fluoride might take decades and decades, and still there will be fluoride residues in the body.

      HyperSimian, You might want to investigate the topic further.
      Here is our DallasForSaferWater website which has links to other websites and many documentaries, videos and articles/studies.

      • @HomeRemedySupply,
        I saw your October Thread comment about fluoridated water in Dallas. I emailed the Dallas council people. No response.

        • They don’t respond because they are “powerful elite City Council Members”. 😉 (I’m being facetious.)
          Thanks so very much for doing that HyperSimian.

          Actually, these emails and actions do affect these officials.
          These officials get nervous.
          We see their demeanor change.
          Also, repeatedly, we see them “change the rules” as a result of our actions.
          In fact, I have a preview of their new “rule changes” for October which was prompted after some recent activist actions.

  25. I also deleted my PayPal account that I only used to purchase something once, well maybe twice. I became a supporter of Corbett report last in 2020 or 2021 but had to leave because the payment system I was using was no longer available. Don’t recall what that was but am happy to support by just making an annual payment on a credit card.

    Keep up the good work James (and James).

  26. Excellent tgall. As Mr. Corbett states, it is so easy for us to think > Oh well he will be fine, he is an Internationally reconised leader in the fight for freedom. And anyway its all so tiring this subscription business, I just prefer to click and go. >> We must recognise that it is our duty as activists and dissenters to put in our part of the hard work. If we want to be lazy we can have children and grandchildren in the totaliarian State who spit on our memories; and who say of us,>> my useless selfish Grandfather<<. Not me . I am going to check by timetable every month that my subscriptions are valid and up to the mark. Paul Scott New Zealand

  27. Timeline Coordinates for a Deep Dive

    Hi James. Love your info-service, following it conscientiously because I have a website that curates timely videos and articles of the week going back seven years… at

    I’ve often embedded your videos over the years, only because I can’t find anything better – any one week – for exposing the straight skinny on the deep doo-doo:)

    Full disclosure: I’m self-funded via holistic health care services, and my bias is as a lifelong Aquarian visionary who lectured at Buckminster Fuller’s World Game Studies Workshop 48 years ago… represented the World Future Society a few months later, giving the keynote address to ten agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill regarding a mass-to-mass communications SOLUTION for celebrating the Bicentennial Era from the ’76 Revolution to ’89’s ratification of the Constitution – article at

    Since then I’ve pioneered quantum healing tech, an Aquarian holistic healing website, and a telecomm upgrade of the global revolution model introduced to Fed-Gov 48 years ago.

    These solutions are all viable, and could downsize the Medical-Military-Congress Complex (corporatocracy) as we have known it.

    Thanks to servant leaders like you, many lightworkers are wising up and rising up to champion the Great Awakening.

    More Power, Wisdom and LOVE to You,

  28. Hey Corbett! Where’s your crypto address? Monero perhaps? What do you take?

  29. I´m sorry about the paypal panic (and, embarrassingly enough, I have neither cancelled my paypal nor re-subscribed)…nevertheless, I can´t imagine we listeners, and by definition, disturbers of the waves of nonsense and deceit, will ever let you go down. We´re people…absent-minded, busy, equally panicked etc. You built it, and we came because there is little to nothing of this quality out there.
    If, in 2 to 3 months time, your subscription levels continue to make you feel financially uneasy, put out a call again. It will be met.

  30. Just sent $12USD via Paypal to Corbett Report. My view, Corbett shouldn’t be out of pocket just because Paypal is doing “what big companies do”.

  31. I don’t have credit cards, paypal, or crypto. I don’t want to send money from my bank account. Is there an alternative site like PayPal to support James². Thank you

    • Hey, you can mail cash, check or money order to James Evan Pilato, just be sure to include your information and that it is to be sent to James Corbett. Also feel free to use the Corbett report search engine to learn a bit more about why exactly we are up in arms about fluoride. It’s some nasty stuff.

      Media Monarchy
      c/o James Evan Pilato
      P.O. Box 189
      El Rito, NM 87530

    • damn. had meant to put this on the October thread. vigorous eye-rolling and heavy sigh.

  32. James, is it possible to send you one-off donations if already a member? If so do you have a preferred method?

  33. Ha – The only reason I havent unsubbed PP is bc I only just resubbed to you. I had looked for another solution for months but weirdly there isn’t one (Stripe is just as bad on control and censorship). I wonder if anyone has experience of Gabpay

  34. Jamen, apparently, you knew this way before other people…. so, why did you keep using PayPal after knowing this?

  35. Hi James / Evan.

    I’m currently subscribed via PayPal (unfortunately) but worry thee not!
    I’m changing the way I pay for your excellent content which has been an invaluable source of info to me for some time. The only reason I haven’t yet is that I didn’t want to simply close my account with the big private company who only pretent to be my pal and thought it would be a good idea to fine all its users should they dare have the audacity to think or say or.. god forbid write anything that turned out to make someone, somewhere cry. (even if what they thought, said or wrote was actually true, lol!)

    Anyway, once I’m done having fun demanding an explanation from them (and charging five grand because they just admitted to posting “misinformation” themselves
    …”accidental” misinformation no less! (Tut tut ?- which is punishable by me walking away).

    I was hoping I might be able to do it without having to cancel my sub at all, but I’m not sure how best to go about it, if that’s possible?

    Anyhoo, whatever…just wanted to let you know that if I do cancel at anytime soon, it is for this reason ONLY and I will absolutely resub via a less dictatorial way that isn’t run by a bunch of “accidental misinformation” posting, backtracking, dumb assholes. (If such a thing exists).

    Keep up the great work fellas,
    Much love,

    CJ ✊

  36. Hey, does anyone else remember when the objectives of The Green New Deal were accidentally released by one of AOC’s aides? Whoopsies! AOC claimed it was ridiculous and started yammering on about cow farts? And then they start trying to get us to buy impossible burgers, and then ranchers go out of business because of inflation and diesel prices and mysterious cow deaths and explosions?

    Deja vu Paypal.

    I’m still going to use Paypal to do annual payments to Corbett Report, but I have it connected to a very small bank account so they could only steal $8 from me.

  37. In response to the fluoride portion of this NWNW, here is a positive or proactive resource which goes into the weeds about water purification, including of Fluoride, and general health of water. The owner of, and inventor at, Omica Organics, Raffi Dilsizian, is interviewed by long-time, diplomatic host of One Radio Network, Patrick Timpone who also sells his products at his website.


  38. About PayPal… After seeing your report, I decided to close my Paypal account. I haven’t used it since January 2021 (when I became a Corbett Report subscriber), and I don’t recall my password, so I requested a password reset. They claim (falsely) that they have sent me a reset code but they have not. They are not permitting me to reset my password!!! Therefore, I can neither access my Paypal account not close it.

    • First they said they sent it by email, which they did not. Then they said they sent it by phone message, which they did not.

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