Interview 1755 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 26 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Trudeau On The Stand As Emergencies Act Inquiry Begins This Week

European Public Prosecutor’s Office Investigating Acquisition of COVID Vaccine In EU

Fauci Claims He Had ‘Nothing to Do’ With School Closures. His Own Statements Suggest Otherwise

Trudeau Appoints Judge With Liberal Party Ties to Oversee Inquiry Into Use of Emergencies Act

Canadian Intelligence Service Documents Contradict Trudeau’s ‘Nazi’ Characterization of Freedom Convoy Protesters

Foreign Sctors Weren’t Behind Convoy, Commission Evidence Confirms

Parliament Hill Security, Not Convoy Protesters, Blocked Truck Relocation Plan

Extraordinary that one of the most important questions came from the govt lawyer: Do you have any evidence the bomb threat against CHEO was connected to the convoy. Ayotte says, “No”. He also pointed to elevated levels of 911 calls, i.e. all kinds of cranks are calling in. #POEC

Emergencies Act Inquiry

Justice Centre to Participate in Second Week of Emergencies Act Inquiry

How will the Emergencies Act hearings unfold? (Ft. Eva Chipiuk)

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

Story #2: Japan Will Link Health Insurance, Drivers Licences To Digital ID

Japan Makes Big Steps Towards A Cashless Society

Story #3: AI Art Is Everywhere Right Now, Even Experts Don’t Know What It Will Mean

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  1. Fascinating on the panopticon. In the book 1984 citizens know they couldn’t be observed 24-7. All that mattered was the fear they might be.

    In my view that was Snowden’s mission. To make us believe we were being observed all the time. At least a lot more than is actually possible.

    • While you are correct that they cannot possibly have someone watching us all, all the time, What Snowden showed was that they recorded it all, all the time. Then, if you become a problem, they can go over everything you have said and done. Attributed, but not proven: “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

      Cardinal Richelieu

  2. THIS guy put GPT-3 chatbot into his Microwave and it tried to murder him

    Kinda a long video, but it does make Mr Corbetts point that the Tech Overlords are overly optimistic about this stuff working as they expect … I read an article (can not find it again 🙁 sorry ) that said that much “AI” on the web was just poor people in the 3rd world pretending to be Bots, rather like the “Mechanical Turk” chess robot that fooled people back in the Olde Dayes.

    I think that Mr Pilatos point about storage is interesting in that while storage is cheep, and computer hardware is MASSIVELY faster now then they were in 2000 everyone should ask if their computer today (Vs their Win 98 or 2000 box) LOADS FASTER? Is More or LESS responsive to input? Does ANYTHING that it did not do back in 2000? We are hitting the bottle neck of HUMAN stupidity right now, many people writing code cut and paste chunks of instructions other people wrote into their “Apps” and understand what they made less then “Killer Microwave Guy” in the video.
    I know of a building that was BUILT IN THE WRONG PLACE and had to be demolished and moved 10 feet.
    As the Millennials take over the workforce expect the movie ‘Idiotocracy’ look like a documentary

  3. So last night, devoid of inspiration, I watched a movie called Doors that was so bleak it left me not wanting more though I adore sci fi flics. It had something of Solaris, this dream quality of being stuck in your own tortured and suavely nauseating subconscious, when you’re feverishly dozing and falling ill.

    Suddenly in the last couple of years Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and Brien Foerster and Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle and Astrology have all been squatting my imagination, amplified by the viscous and surrealistic Covid nightmare that we’ve realized we’ll never wake up from with its perennial threat of lockdowns and institutionalized double-masked medical gang rape and digital stalking…

    It seems the Ego-Persona is undergoing a sort of “refreshment” to use the term in last night’s movie, with Pandora’s unlocking of the odiferous and torrid shadows of the seething sub-conscious.

    There was something quite mesmerizing, almost soothing about that 1st-prize transhuman work of art depicting its own towering portal… a sort of Watteau-esque Orientalist Westworld beckoning in the background whose only ransom is that you click on “submit” or “accept all” or “I’m ok with that!”.

    A de-structuring of the Human mind seems to be underway in an effort to reassemble the pieces into a rigidly welded techno-psyche where physical constraints, logic and natural laws have also been sucked in, imprisoned, diluted, so spliced and camouflaged into the System that ancient reality’s become a tantalizingly incomplete and utterly elusive image of some distant comforting past.

    The Door, with its irresistible gravitational pull, is that teeming crowd of pixels sitting on your kitchen table, reaching out with its sparkling tentacles, luring you into the mirrors and echo chambers of cyberspace as you take the bait of your own boundless imagination and dreams.

    Docu-fictions, bio-pics, info-mercials, photo-shopping, Second Life, fake news, false flags, Cambridge Analytica, peer-reviewed science and Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds all got us here…

    and shoot! I can’t remember what I wanted to say…?

    • oh yea, something like: sucked into the Library of Babel through the doors flanked by collapsing twin towers, shiny psychodelic syringes and golden-toupéed populist presidents…

      • I’m not exactly sure why but your comments brought to mind a quote that I was reminded of only this morning.
        I hope you don’t mind that I share it here.

        “There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils.
        One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.
        They are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight.”

        C. S. Lewis
        The Screwtape Letters

    • 3.4 movie rating, I expect a lot from the movie after your review. When the critics kill the movie one has to ask: what gives?

  4. Poopy hits the fan at the European Parliament

    In case you missed it at Story #1, Corbett mentions ”European Public Prosecutor’s Office investigating acquisition of COVID vaccine in EU”.

    A little backstory: Not long ago, a Pfizer executive testified before the EU Parliament. She admitted that Pfizer knew from the get-go that the Covid vaccines would not stop transmission. This prompted a firestorm with pitchforks. The Green Passports, Vaccine mandates, et al were completely useless. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had non-transparent, signed EU/Pfizer contracts and communications. Her husband also benefitted during the time period.

    I love this guy, MEP Cristian Terhes, because he won’t shut up. He has been outspoken for years against it all…Climate Change, Green Pass, mandates, WEF, etc.
    [MEP = Member of the European Parliament]

    Get the current short story from him as he speaks before the EU Parliament…
    MEP Cristian Terhes calls for the immediate resignation of Ursula von der Leyen
    (90 seconds)
    [At Cristian’s YouTube Channel, you will see many group actions.]

    But that’s not all…
    If you are from Croatia, you will understand attorney and MEP Mislav Kolakušić much better than I. But I can read a MAP !.
    EUROPE – Excess Mortality in July 2022 – MAP with stats
    (90 seconds)

    I’ve been documenting the team of European Parliament Members who have been pushing back against tyranny for a good long while…
    SUB-THREAD – EU Parliament Members Fighting For Liberty

    On Thursday October 20, at “The Highwire”, Jefferey Jaxen in studio with Del Bigtree go over these European and CDC stories and more. ”Episode 290: THE SPEED OF SCIENCE”
    Corbett Member jo-ann has been logging the scenario surrounding the CDC Children’s Schedule Covid Vaccines

    • OOOOh! This looks like good Friday night fare!!

    • I have to say that all this backlash is very worrying. It’s been plainly evident from the very beginning that Pfizer (they wrote so themselves in their documents) did not “test” nor “design” the “covid” “vaccine” to stop transmission. I found they were rather open and candid about it. Just as one could read what “90% efficacy” meant or that pregnant women weren’t part of the “trial”.

      Later, a zillion talking heads tacked on all sorts of garbage to these basic facts (100% safe and effective, 100% protects from death, super safe for expecting wom… erm, soon to be lactating birthing persons) and Pfizer seemed safely distanced from all of that. Which must have been the point all along. Just like “PCR test” manufacturer put out, black on white that the “test” is not to be used for diagnostics, a simple fact they knew fully well was going to be wholesale rejected by the populace at large.

      Is this now a ploy for some politicians to play the confidence game and establish themselves as trusty persons? Has their time come to be the proud new talking heads of the post covid fiasco era? I’m sure Pfizer will gladly pay a 3-5 billion fine somewhere down the line.

    • Saying that Pfizer never tested for stopping transmission is true but it leaves room for open interpretation. I have seen and heard too folks say that Pfizer didn’t test for transmsision but lowering symptoms must lower viral load therefore it slows transmission but not 100%. A better approach is to show there is no possibility of stopping transmission.

      Even if the antibodies from the injection were 100% effectice, it can never reach the lung airspace where nearly all the respiratory pathogens accumulute and are later expelled out the body.

  5. Forget the artists, can you imagine what AI art means for the propaganda machine? They could generate any image they want to make you believe anything they want you to believe. No more burning money on crisis actors and onsite film crews. But of course, this begs the question: How long have they been using this tech, and they’re just now announcing its arrival?

    • SilverScales

      The AI can only do that IF YOU FEED IT

      Its harder to create a model of you if you obscure your web browsing, do not carry a cellphone everywhere, do not let your Cards leave a list of everything you buy, and do not give your phone number out when stores ask for it (one guy in a crafts store acted personally offended when I told him no)

      People who use Kindle and let it talk to the internet are literally letting Big Data know the WORDS YOU HIGHLIGHT OR LINGER ON, and I know that many schools are passing the masses of useless writing kids do into the “Cloud” so what AI might crunch out of that one day I shudder to imagine

  6. How close are we to Nuclear Armageddon?
    I just read an article in “The 5 Min. Forecast” which made many comparisons to what is happening in Ukraine relative to Russia and how this all compares with The Cuban Missile Crisis of 60 years ago.
    The book “13 Days in May” explains how close we were to a full out Nuclear War with Russia at that time and how JFK was able to Diplomatically resolve the situation.
    As it turns out, contrary to the story sold to the public about how Russia was forced to back down because of a Military Blockade of Cuba, it was in fact a “Secret” Diplomatic Agreement that JFK made with Khrushchev whereby JFK promised to remove Missiles in Turkey (that were pointed at Russia) if Russia would dismantle the already armed and ready Missiles in Cuba.
    The 5 Min. Forecast article points out that today the situation is reversed and Russia is on the Defense, (likely on the equivalent of a DEFCON 1), while the Biden Regime continues to up the ante. Indeed, this could get really ugly, really fast.
    Yet this present situation leads me to yet another Theory on the Assassination of JFK. It would appear rather obvious to me that the CIA and Military Industrial Complex would have thought that the “Secret Deal” JFK made with Russia was treasonous (even though it likely save the world) and thus plotted to kill JFK so that he could not full fill his promise to the Russian leader Khrushchev.
    The way I see it, JFK fought the CIA/Military Industrial complex and got his head blown off in broad daylight by hired goons with a well planned cover-up all staked out, and there has not been a President of the United States since that would dare to stand up to these evil forces. World Conflict is what they pray on, and the Truth is their Enemy.
    Hopefully we can expose them and rid the world of their evil.

    • TruthSeeker

      Ukraine is more like the start of world of WW2 with Ukraine playing “Poland” The US playing “UK” and Russia playing “Germany”

      Same dynamic of a resurgent power that removed a number of Oligarchs, There are still plenty of crooks still, most removed were (((Oligarchs))).

      The Party aggrieved by having its grip on power starts agitating internationally against the Resurgent Power. (see #”Judea Declares War On Germany”)

      The Neighbor to the Resurgent Power being convenient for Agitated Foreign Power to support as a counter to Resurgent Power

      Someone in the Neighboring State starts harming Ethnics of Resurgent Power (yes, that was going on in Poland too) and Resurgent Power gets grumpy or greedy and attacks

      Agitated Foriegn Powers start fighting a war to save Neighboring State even though they can not actually save them (we are in the early staeges of that, or maybe the “Phoney War” stage)

      Big War…. Plots of people die, end of the reign of Foreign Power, New host for (((Oligarchs))) sets up in Next Big Power


      A series of protest rallies were held on March 27, 1933, with the New York City rally held at Madison Square Garden with an overflow crowd of 55,000 inside and outside the arena and parallel events held in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia and 70 other locations, with the proceedings at the New York rally broadcast worldwide. Speakers at the Garden included American Federation of Labor president William Green, Senator Robert F. Wagner, former Governor of New York Al Smith and a number of Christian clergyman, joining in a call for the end of the brutal treatment of German Jews.[1][10][11] Rabbi Moses S. Margolies, spiritual leader of Manhattan’s Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, rose from his sickbed to address the crowd, bringing the 20,000 inside to their feet with his prayers that the antisemitic persecution cease and that the hearts of Israel’s enemies should be softened.[12] Jewish organizations — including the American Jewish Congress, American League for Defense of Jewish Rights, B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Labor Committee and Jewish War Veterans — joined in a call for a boycott of German goods.[1]….”

      “….Nazi officials denounced the protests as slanders against the Nazis perpetrated by “Jews of German origin”, with the Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels proclaiming that a series of “sharp countermeasures” would be taken against the Jews of Germany in response to the protests of American Jews. Goebbels announced a

      one-day boycott

      of Jewish businesses in Germany of his own to take place on April 1, 1933, which would be lifted if anti-Nazi protests were suspended.[13]

      This was the German government’s first officially sanctioned anti-Jewish boycott. I…………”

  7. Thank You, James Corbertt!
    If “they” close everything – digital platforms or otherwise to impede human communication…
    Your voice, Corbertt Report – will echo in the ears of millions of people until the tecknocrats lose their footing.
    Through Your Work, James Corbertt, people have been able to raise their awareness and pride in being human. And humanity will win!

  8. James, have you ever looked into the George H.W. Bush funeral and the passing of notes. It seemed an ominous herald of bad things to come. The funeral was November 30, 2018. It is now four years since that funeral. It has been 2 years and 7 months since the lockdown. Here is a link. I am reading though it myself. During this conversation between James and you I thought of these notes and the reactions.

  9. David Icke says that the dystopian futuristic AI technology is already here but the deep state bring it out and pretend that frontmen like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg created it,

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