Interview 1757 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Interviews, Videos | 16 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: US Says Russia Nuclear Drills Interfering With NATO Nuclear Exercises

Russia Notified U.S. Its Annual Nuclear Exercise Has Begun, U.S. Officials Say

Able Archer: The 1983 War Scare Declassified and For Real

The Public Document a Federal Judge and the CIA Don’t Want You to See

Russia Raises Dirty Bomb Allegations at UN Security Council

Why Fears of a Russian ‘False Flag’ Attack Are On the Rise

Story #2: Musk’s SpaceX, Pentagon Deepen Ties Despite Dispute on Starlink Funding In Ukraine

Episode 429 – Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster

How Elon Musk Became a Geopolitical Chaos Agent

Slimmed-Down Elon Musk Carries KITCHEN SINK Into Twitter HQ As He Changes Profile to ‘Chief Twit’, Vows to Cut 75% of Staff and Close $44B Deal By Friday – As New Report Reveals ‘Absolute Decline’ In Users

Story #3: New York Supreme Court Reinstates All City Employees Fired For Being Unvaccinated, Orders Backpay


Lawyers Prepare to Sue Any State That Requires COVID-19 Vaccination to Attend School

“We Are Not QR codes” New Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Apologizes for Vaccine Passports

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ Documentary Based on RFK, Jr.’s Runaway Bestseller

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  1. I am pretty sure I have shared this link somewhere on here before, but I will share again here in this thread (in the hopes that the info contained in the article can empower those that are concerned about nuclear weapons potentially being detonated in their vicinity to be able to take proactive/mitigative measures to increase their chances of survival and resilience if such a thing takes place).

    The article linked above is an exploration of Radioprotective, Radiomitigative and Radiomodulatory whole foods and naturally occurring plant/fungal compounds.

    Wishing you all health sovereignty and longevity.

  2. Piggybacking on good news story #3…

    Any time Meta drops ~25% in value in one day
    is cause for celebration!
    Let’s pop open the champagne bottle. 🙂

    The great reset?
    You mean like resetting Meta’s share price back to its 2015 value? 🙂

  3. I guess Alberta got a fascist female premier just like Italy.

  4. Thank you for the weekly news and looking forward to episode 500!

    • BUMP
      Part 2 of The Real Anthony Fauci documentary

  5. Love all your work James been watching you for a number of years ago so great to finally be a supporter. Elon is clearly another tool used to control the anti-establishment sentiments within the masses.

    The ramping up of global tensions guarantees one thing- money for the military-industrial complex.

  6. Jed, there’s only one way to tackle these asshole, and it’s the only just and right way to do it.

    I suggest that you look into what Randy Kelton and Alphonse Faggiolo are doing. There are telegram and youtube channels, websites with shitloads of resources and a growing number of discontents who have come to terms with the fact that there is a big club. And they ain’t in it.

  7. Sooo Excited to be here for Episode 500 of our favourite news roundup, which always encompasses and links into the much needed bigger picture. Thank you James n James, and thanks to my lovely hubby….this was one of the most thoughtful pressies I’ve ever received 🙂

  8. the bond film is ‘tomorrow never dies’ not ‘the world is not enough’.

  9. As someone who lives in the UK, I wanted to share this video about Rishi Sunak’s background and rise to power for anyone who might be interested in his connection to the globalists (assuming the information is truthful)

    • A good video thanks for sharing, also in England, although I might just mention one thing if I may.
      The question is are India China and Russia merely watching as the West blunder their way into the long planned globalist Agenda 2030 scenario?…when they themselves are very much a part of the globalist machine.
      This hegelian dialectic being played out before us is certainly a faster and more effective way of getting the world situation set up for the solution to the agenda created problems ‘Mr Global’ is employing.
      When I started to realise we live very much in a two tier society all became clear. Can so many world (mis)leaders be working cohesively together for the same ideology…very much so, and when you realise Rishi is a founding investor at ‘Theleme Partners’ who’s largest holdings are in ModeRNA, most miss the point as they are too distracted by the ‘jab’ money he’s creaming in to notice the companies motto is “Do what thou wilt” taken from the law of Thelema. It comes from the Book of the Law, Chapter I, line 40, (supposedly) dictated to dark occultist Aleister Crowley by the entity ‘Aiwass’. Rishi is a Thelemite. All the globalist mis-leaders have given themselves away (on purpose?) via these little links to more than the mystery schools that link them like the Freemasonic Lodges, but also another deeper dark occult ideology appears to tie them together into a whole other ‘open secret’ layer or tier of society in which we, the tier kept out the loop, are to be ritually manipulated to remain their obedient slave class, to be kept in the plane of effects while they sit back and enjoy the luxury of keeping the little man out of the plane of causality…unless we become educated as to the nature of how this system of control is set up and how these people are connected, which of course we are, which is why they have to keep us distracted at all costs. We’re doing exactly what they hate the most, we’re educating ourselves and that shifts the power differential in our favour 😉

  10. Didn’t Putin say that Elon Musk is a Trojan Horse? Does that mean James Corbett is Russian Disifno? Well, both Putin and Corbett have been telling the truth the whole time. The Americans have lost control of their government and the evilest vilest people imaginable are in control.

  11. Seeing you two fifteen years ago Holy moly! Talking about Veterans in the truth movement! Congrats guys, next level shit as always. Fantastic! Big fan, kudo’s

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