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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: NATO Chief Says Poland Blast Likely Caused By Ukrainian Missile — But Not Ukraine’s Fault

Live Updates | Russia-Ukraine-War By The Associated Press

Russia Launches Fresh Missile Strikes Across Ukraine As G20 Leaders Meet

US, UK Troops Train to ‘Pacify Russian Civilians’

Ukraine At Odds With Western Backers Over Missile That Hit Poland

The North Atlantic Treaty // Washington D.C. – 4 April 1949

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

Story #2: Reuters Cries Overpopulation Making ‘Climate Justice’ Harder

Climate Justice Gets Harder As World Population Passes 8 Billion

Humans Could Face Reproductive Crisis As Sperm Count Declines, Study Finds

Temporal Trends In Sperm Count: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis

Schumer Calls For Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens Living In US Because “We Have a Population That Is Not Reproducing On Its Own”

Amy Schumer’s Little Son Gene, 3, Hospitalized with the Rampant RSV Virus, She Revealed

The Underpopulation Crisis

Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

‘Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race’ By Shanna Swan, PhD, with Stacey Colino

Activists Smash Tablets Atop ‘Mount Sinai’ to Launch Faith-Based Climate Push

Story #3: US Military’s X-37B Space Plane Lands

Video: Space Force’s Spunky Space Plane Lands

Video: Sonic Boom Caused By Boeing-Built X-37B Returning to Earth

Video: Boeing X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

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  1. Russia “helped US in the last two wars”??? Pilato trying to erase the fact that THEY weren’t fighting in either war until after they’d made all the trillions selling weapons. They only entered after years sitting on the smug sidelines because if WE lost, THEY couldn’t collect on all the debt from US.

  2. Worked with commercial satellites. They are very useful, if you know how the data works.

    You can track earth’s movement after an earth-quake with a radar-powered telescope. But also see what spots are used for military purposes. For this you have to repeatedly “photograph” the same area and hope that there is not much interference. Generally this is the best way to spy.

    And you can receive the data directly with a dish from many different satellites. Even from weather satellites.

    What makes me wonder is how accurate they are with the best telescopes. these have to go through exactly the same atmosphere as our telescopes on earth. So a small telescope can not give you the resolution that you want for good spy-work. Drones do a lot better and don’t have to go through the whole atmosphere. You can see the difference between a terrorist-camp and a schoolbus.. if they want to.

    Weapons seem interesting, but they make a satellite quite big and detectable, also power-hungry and prone to solar storms and cosmic rays. To get a bomb back to earth, you have to use rockets again, which you could also have used to launch them directly. Because you need about the same kind of energy to reduce the speed, as you needed to accelerate into orbit.
    I looked into some space weapons. But you need excessive amounts of energy, to damage something. So your vehicle will be gigantic. But you also need to direct it towards the target, over long distance through an atmosphere. And a laser or micro-wave weapon will just widen after a long distance.

    My guess would be that they are now looking at ways to disable the satellites of other nations. So they can not fully use the communication, GPS or spying capabilities.

    In weapons. I also think that the US military wants a small nuclear fleet. Maybe for EMP attacks? Or maybe have some meteor-like (kinetic) weapons. The US army does not shy back from spending billions on technologies that are almost useless in practice. (Like “quantum computers” ..)

    • Thank you for your insights. You seem to be saying that satellites are well suited for communications and navigation, but not perfect for spying or space-to-surface attacks. I agree that this wouldn’t inhibit our government from wasting money on dubious technologies, but given the secrecy and huge black budgets involved, do you think that we may have directed energy weapons that utilize both ground and space based arrays to produce some sort of Hutchison Effect that could be weaponized and made destructive? I’m not a scientist but I understand that weather systems might be integral to this concept. I welcome your speculations.

      • I have seen Hutchison’s experiments. And he has a very big lab, with lots of generators. And he acts a bit like a crazy man, just trying all kinds of
        combinations. Did they drug him?

        But let’s assume his work is all correct.

        I think his “levitation” effects were caused by eddy-currents.
        Assuming he held his camera right.
        The eddy currents can be used for magnetic levitation as is used in many
        small models (like the UFO on the desk at Tim Pool IRL). It looks cool, but
        are normal magnetic forces.

        Then we have the material transforming effects.
        With the right electrical currents, I think one can induce some
        form of material transformation. This causes different materials
        to “merge” into each other. Or crystals to fall apart.
        This is studied by some channels focused on low energy nuclear reactions.
        They have similar results. With large currents they still have small effects.
        Note that this is all electromagnetic power, which we know very well.

        And it seems to be repeatable, with the right material and surrounding
        materials. The same chemical material may not work, but the same material
        from the same source can work.
        So there is clearly something strange going on.

        But let’s try to put this into a satellite. Then we still need a big
        satellite. Because the power-conditions and the focus-conditions did not

        It would be easier to have a few trucks placed a the right spot, aiming the
        energy exactly at the right spot. Nobody will see those trucks.
        While most satellites can be spotted with a telescope or others with more advanced trackers. For example: Just watch them pass the northern lights,
        and the very small ones will light up in electric activity.

        • Thank you for answering my questions. The current DEWs that the military admits to are transported on vehicles and are described as for crowd control only, producing only a burning sensation on the skin and nothing more. So they say. Still, the payload limitations on anything we send into space are factors to be considered. If there is a new Manhattan Project that we are unaware of, I have to think that some component of it takes advantage of satellite technology, if only for command and control purposes.Thanks, again.

          • You may like these channels about LENR
            They try to do all kinds of experiments to
            see what works and how it works. With discussions.

            The first channel also discusses some of the Hutchison stuff.
            Some videos are very long though.

            In practical application, I think that the
            Safire project has the most success.
            It replicates the electrical model of the sun
            It appears to generate energy, but most of all
            it shows how atomic elements may “transmutate” due to
            strong electrical currents.
            These elements are similar to what we find in space,
            which gives us an indication that this same process may
            be happening on the sun and in space.

        • @zyxzevn

          What are your thoughts on electrogravitic propulsion systems and energy generation/extraction devices that tap into the so called “zero point field”?

          For reference:

          – Physics of the zero-point field: implications for inertia, gravitation and mass ( Harold E. Puthoff ) :

          – Thomas E. Bearden “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” (PDF download, the book is 952 pages long, though pages 609 onwards are index, footnotes, and glossary:

          – Valone, T. (2004). Electrogravitics II: Validating reports on a new propulsion methodology:

          – An electromagnetic basis for inertia and gravitation: What are the implications for 21st century physics and technology? (B. Haisch) Published 15 January 1998 Physics:

          – Loder, T.C. III (2002). “Outside-the-box” space and terrestrial transportation and energy technologies for the 21st century. Presented at the 40th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, NV Jan. 2002:

          – LaViolette, P. (2008). Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace
          Technology. Bear & Company. 512 pp. :

          In my research I have come across a substantial amount of evidence that indicates practical and operational prototypes have been developed for both types of technology.

          If said technologies are extant (and have been developed in highly compartmentalized covert military contracted R&D ops) those seeking to create effective orbital DEW platforms would be able to access all the energy they need. Whether or not you think the phenomena described in Hutchison’s experiments are legitimate (and/or scalable) Laser based and HPM weapons are openly discussed in mainstream military journals and media outlets. Those systems can be scaled to inflict devastating damage on human biology and matter in general (from extremely long distances) if one has access to an abundant energy source.

          Then there are the even more fearsome non-conventional DEWs involving so called “Scalar waves” ( )

          Here are a couple links to witness testimony hinting at one such expression of a DEW system that may utilize ‘scalar wave’ technology (involving ground based and orbital platforms):

          – (part 1) : (part 2):

          • I have read a lot about those things.

            Some theories claim that gravity is just Electromagnetism.
            Tesla thought that it was some form of magnetism,
            Some think that it is an dielectric force.
            And some think that it from small sub-electron particles.

            The confusing thing is that some things do seem to work.
            Ion-propulsion can lift light things in the air.
            And magnetic trains use alternating magnetic fields to lift from the ground

            There are also a lot of rumors, but those are usually things
            that can no longer be repeated. And I find that very
            Unlike LENR that has be repeated a lot by different people.

            Because gravity is related to mass only, it must be
            something different. Likely something that is actually
            related to mass.
            The mainstream jumped at the idea of acceleration, but
            that is likely false, because acceleration of charge
            is also causing an force (induction).

            Maybe there is more behind the phenomenon of neutrinos,
            which transfer mass in sub-atomic physics. Or something
            else completely.
            The mainstream theoretical physics has clearly gone
            the wrong way, but they dont know it yet.
            Most their theories have already been falsified:

            • Zeropoint energy is not about energy.
              Instead it shows that nothing can be contained.
              Scalar EM-waves seem no different from normal EM-waves.
              It falls in the rumors category.
              Or less, because not even an experiment is mentioned.

              The raytheon systems use strong radar-like signals to confuse or
              disable electronics. I think they are advertising some kind of EMP
              that can be directed to a target. So a radar that is 100x stronger.
              It uses an antenna array to focus, instead of a dish.

              Since the 2nd world war there have been electrical counter measures,
              and they doing more and more with it.
              Is a channel with a deep-dive in all technologies used on modern
              military aircraft.

              The EM-waves can also be used to cause damage to people.
              Just with the heat or by tuning into the frequency of certain nerves.

            • @zyxzevn

              Thanks for taking the time to reply and share your thoughts.

              I do not agree with regard to your statement about electrogravitic tech where you said “those are usually things that can no longer be repeated”.

              From what I have seen, a great many inventors have repeated the experiments of Thomas Townsend Brown (and continued to develop and hone his techniques, creating effects and prototype craft that surpassed the original experiments’ results in their efficiency and practical applications.)

              The problem is not repeatability, rather it is the relentless institutionalized suppression of (as well as the misinformation and obfuscation operations that are perpetuated) relating to said technologies.

              Some methods of suppression involve buy outs and ‘black boxing’ (shelving said inventions in vaults to perpetuate corporate monopolies involving archaic tech), some methods involve blackmail and threats, and sometimes it involves the weaponization of the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, then other times it involves strait up murder. Speaking of “Murder Incorporated” being unleashed on inventors and scientists, how about Eugene Mallove? While his work was more focused around the LENR tech (which you mentioned above) and not electrogravitics, it never the less was a technology that posed (and still poses) a similar threat to the oligarch’s energy/transportation industry monopolies.

              There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade.

              Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.”

              At the end of FY 2018 (September 30, 2018), there were 5,792 secrecy orders in effect, up slightly from 5,784 the year before.

              I share this information to provide a small cross section of all the ways in which inventions related to revolutionary modes of energy generation and propulsion are not allowed to progress along their natural course of development, entering into the market and dissemination to the general public (but rather are stifled or sequestered, sometimes weaponized in black ops but never reach the ‘light of day’).

              While you say you have read a lot on “these things” did you look at the papers I linked? and have you read Thomas E. Bearden’s “Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts & Principles” ?

            • @zyxzevn

              I am not a physicist so I do not claim to know what mechanism exactly facilitates so called ‘anti-gravity’ (or mass cancellation) technologies. That being said, I have witnessed a craft (at relatively close range) that was moving very quickly, making erratic right angle turns at times (which would produce g-forces that would kill any human inside that was under the normal influence of gravity/inertia).

              It was silent, it had no exhaust ports and when it accelerated to leave, it went strait up and went from being clearly visible (maybe 200 feet above where me and my friends were standing) to being a faint dot and disappearing in no more than 2 seconds.

              What ever mode of propulsion that craft utilized, it appeared to me, to involve some type of gravity control and/or ‘mass cancellation’ tech.

              Many people (historically and in present day) witness craft that exhibit similar capabilities (some people manage to record them on film/radar).

              This raises the question of what is powering those types of (smooth surfaced, silent) craft (with extraordinary maneuvering capabilities)? Whether or not these craft are exotic spacecraft or created by humans (or both) they are surely not powered/propelled by rocket fuel. Also, if my friends and I (as well as millions of other people globally) are witnessing these craft operating in our atmosphere, certainly our government’s military and intelligence assets are doing so as well (and doing a much better job of recording and documenting their capabilities).

              This brings me back to the question I posed under “Interview 1758 – James and Ernie Debate Elon Musk”

              If (people like) Elon are such a geniuses, ‘great pioneers’ in technology and are gonna take us to the other planets with ‘innovation’, why are they using hundred year old propulsion tech and feeding into big oil’s dilapidated monopoly, when viable alternatives have clearly existed (and been studied) for many decades?

              Why do entities like NASA and Space X still use smoothed out versions of antiquated tech with it’s roots in the 20-s?

      • As I understood, you need a special antenna to receive the starlink.
        They use solar panels for power.
        So very similar to how people receive satellite TV,
        but you can receive and send data.
        The amount of radiation is also similar to satellite TV.
        The normal advantage is that you do not need ground stations.
        But they also advertise that their signals are faster (in ping) through
        space than through air.
        Which is only necessary for military drones (or microsecond trading).

        Satellites can also have nuclear batteries.
        Low power, but can last many years.
        Voyager is still working after 45 years.
        Voyager uses thermocouples to convert heat from radioactivity to electricity.
        Because it is like nuclear waste, people don’t like it being used a lot.
        But I assume that the military does not care.

        In an 80s research I read that they needed a nuclear detonation in
        space to create enough power for a theoretical energy weapon.
        The main problem of the energy weapons is that any atmosphere absorbs
        the energy. So while your satellite is exploding to generate all the
        energy, you are just giving the soldiers below a weak sunshine.
        People may not even notice during the day.

        In practice, I think the EMP is the most successful as a weapon in space.
        And the military may have some EMP satellites around,
        and rockets to launch EMPs quickly.

        • Starlink actually uses Crypton batteries ION thrusters.

          • @Valuedcustomer

            Fascinating, I am intrigued.

            Could you provide info on how they are integrated into the satellites and specs on those technologies in general?

            thanks for the comment.

      • Limited by the relatively small solar panels on the satellite used to collect the energy. Cut that in half as the satellite has to store enough power while on the daylight side to be able to operate on the night side. They are also 500km away when they are closest, so not much power by the time they reach the ground.

        I’d be more concerned about a “self driving” Tesla busting through your fence and bursting into flames.

        Or for getting locked up after punching its virtue signalling driver in the face!

      • I know both. And please start studying the technologies.
        The researchers that I find all lack knowledge about
        the things that they are talking.
        And most see to think that science fiction is real.

        Graphene is made from graphite, like a pencil.
        And has the same intelligence as a pencil.
        It needs the same process as a silicon chip to become more than that.
        And that needs a big machine and clean room.

        Here is my research on 5G and all other radiation.
        It does affect the biological system, via certain bio-electrical systems.

        • I would say this guy is a troll who wants to distract from real facts like a typical Climate change GOON.

          • You are clearly falling back to insults
            when someone knows the stuff better than you.

            Maybe you should study things better
            and come back with good information.

          • @Valuedcustomer

            I have seen a few comments from zyxzevn (on specific subject matter that I know for a fact, if widely understood, and studied, represent a type of achilles heel to the plutocrats) which they (zyxzevn) rigorously attempted to explain away and discourage people from investigating (with conventional mainstream academia PR lines) and that made me wonder.

            Could just be a matter of heavy indoctrination into the propaganda pushed by dominant institutions (rather than a matter of malicious paid trolling) too though.

            Not sure, either way but I am watching closely.

    • “….Because you need about the same kind of energy to reduce the speed, as you needed to accelerate into orb..”

      I think you will find all you need to do is slow down enough so that your orbit decays. That’s far less energy than it takes to get into orbit.

      If it took that much energy satellites would never fall back to earth which low ones do quite frequently…you would also have needed a massive fuel tank on the shuttle to get it back to earth since it took a big one to get out there.

      .the Soviets and Americans were working on delivering bombs via putting them in orbit and having them just hang out in orbit for up to a week and the come down on back home or go boom on target but in the end it was decided IIRC that it was kinda dangerous if one came down by mistake so everyone just opted for ICBMs.

      • I was making a false assumption about changing orbit, without the
        use of the atmosphere. The difference is a bit too much.
        So here is a corrected calculation.

        Let’s assume a stable low earth orbit.

        From wikipedia –
        For a low Earth orbit (160km – 2000km), this velocity is about 7,800 m/s (28,100 km/h; 17,400 mph)
        Round the earth in 90 minutes.

        Now you need to fall down on a special place on earth, using your rockets.
        How long would your rockets need to fire until you reach the atmosphere and start burning?

        If you change the direction downward, you will fall down, go faster, and go up again. The direction change just makes the circular movement an ellipse.
        If you change the direction exactly backwards, you can slow down enough that the trajectory actually hits the earth.
        In rocketry this seems to work the best.
        And you want this trajectory to hit exactly the spot that you are aiming for.

        And this is where I based the energy estimate on. Just to make it simple.
        And you may use a cannon that shoots backwards too.

        If you hit the atmosphere, you can also use the air to brake. But it also burns your craft a bit.
        Tungsten bars were proposed as kinetic weapons for this goal.

        Wikipedia shows a table of the orbits in energy:
        Geostationary orbit: -4.6 MJ/kg
        Low orbit is: −29.8 MJ/kg
        Ground level orbit is: −31.2 MJ/kg
        Ground level in rotation with earth: −62.6 MJ/kg
        Would the difference between them be a good estimate?
        So with atmospheric breaking of 1000kg projectile you get:
        (29.8 MJ -31.2 MJ) *1000 = 400 MegaJoule.

        With the launch you can not use the atmosphere.
        So you get (62.6 MJ- 29.8MJ)*1000 = 32800 MegaJoule.
        For just the 1000kg projectile.

        So due to the atmosphere breaking for low orbits, you can
        use 1% of the energy that you needed to reach the orbit.

        But at geostationary orbits this difference is going away.
        Now you need 50% of the energy that you needed to reach that orbit
        to return to ground level. But only for the payload.

        • Zyxzven

          TBH I am not the greatest mathematician so I can not honestly argue that well on this point….that said I am pretty sure that you will be aero breaking and loosing speed as you decelerate to drop out of orbit.

          I am also estimating (again not a great math mind hwre…) that the amount of fuel energy in the Space Shuttle in orbit was proportionally (as in you need fuel to lift the fuel) less then when it had a massive tank of liquid and two solid fuel boosters strapped on the side….

          That said I’m just spitballing here and really don’t have the math to say definitely so…. shrugs. 🙂

          • Yeah
            It would be clearer if I would also talked about the fuel,
            besides the payload.
            I kind of asserted that it was included (like batteries),
            but it is a real problem for rockets.

            And when you use the fuel, you are no longer carrying it.
            The starting fuel is about 100x as much as the payload.
            The fuel is not just for energy, but for expelling mass and
            creating movement in nearly empty space.

            The fuel is why rockets are so big compared to what
            they carry into space.

            But you lose a lot of that fuel and weight, if you just use
            a rocket that does not go into orbit.
            And when it is in orbit, it can also be detected, because it
            has a repeating cycle.

            And you have orbital decay
            (mainly due to friction).
            Something that climate “scientists” used to claim that the sea
            was rising by the same amount as the satellites were falling.

            I am certain that the US military will have stuff up there,
            but that does not mean that it is of any use as a weapon.

  3. Greta hasn’t changed her tune at all.
    You can eliminate capitalism and still go full steam ahead with a one world ‘climate crisis’ government. 🙁

    • Fawlty Towers

      Propaganda like her only works because people are socialized to pretend their hyper empathetic and care when a mentally ill child wails at them.

      I just started laughing, best way to break the spell 🙂

  4. Just listening to ‘Five Times August’, Album ‘Silent War’ Sent to me by Steve Kirsch. Amazing

  5. population reduction?

    maybe this source aint no good? : the worldometer says we just clocked 8 billeon

    it also says we increased the population this year by nearly 60 million.

    then the WHO says, about 6.5 million died from the ‘rona..

    sitting in the peanut gallery, a quick glance at the score card shows eugene’niks getting flogged by the casual-sexers by a factor of 10.

    • edit: apologies for the lazy/bad math, please change “factor of 10” to “getting flogged by the casual-sexers, by lotsa”.

      Maybe talk about population reduction is more a distraction?
      maybe the worldometer is bunk?
      maybe MR & Mrs “they” have yet to activate the hyper-manic silent-invisible auto-AI driven phase array zapper-towers , next level crowd control, people face planting out of the blue,,

      This was from a year ago, but does illustrate that point:

      • With regards to declining fertility rates and looming demographic winters, the paper re-reposted below has GASP! mysteriously disappeared but below are copy/paste excerpts:

        “…Population ageing is pervasive since it is affecting nearly all the countries of the world. Population ageing results mainly from reductions of fertility that have become virtually universal…”

        ƒ”…Because fertility levels are unlikely to rise again to the high levels common in the past, population ageing is irreversible and the young populations that were common until recently are likely to
        become rare over the course of the twenty-first century…”

        “…Currently, the total fertility rate is below the replacement
        level in practically all industrialized countries. In the less developed regions, the fertility decline started later and has proceeded faster than in the more developed regions…” (perhaps massive tetanus vaccination campaigns laced with HCG might have something to do with this phenomenon…)

        “…The process underlying global population ageing is known as the “demographic transition”, a process whereby reductions in mortality, particularly at young ages, are followed by reductions in fertility…”

        “…The reduction of fertility has been dramatic since 1950. At the world level, total fertility has dropped almost by half, from 4.9 children per woman in 1950-1955 to 2.6 in 2005-2010, and it is expected to keep on declining to reach 2.0 children per women in 2045-2050.
        Fertility is well below replacement level in the more developed regions.
        As a result of the sustained decline in fertility that occurred in developed countries during the twentieth century, total fertility in the more developed regions has dropped from an already low level of 2.8 children per woman in 1950-1955 to an extremely low level of 1.6 children per woman in 2005-2010.
        This level is well below that needed to ensure the replacement of generations (about 2.1 children per woman). In fact, practically all developed countries are currently experiencing below-replacement fertility.
        United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs/Population Division 5
        Fertility decline in the less developed regions started later and has proceeded faster.
        Major fertility reductions in the less developed regions occurred, in general, during the last three decades of the twentieth century. From 1950-1955 to 2005-2010, total fertility in the developing world dropped by over half from 6.0 to 2.7 children per woman (figure 2)…”

        etc. etc. etc…

        Maybe, giggle, I’ll try the wayback machine, giggle snort.

        Wayback Machine has not archived that URL.

        so no go, colour me shocked!

        • I think I found a copy…

          World Population Ageing 2009

          Page 4 (bottom)
          The reduction of fertility has been dramatic since 1950. At the world level, total fertility has dropped almost by half, from 4.9 children per woman in 1950-1955 to 2.6 in 2005-2010, and it is expected to keep on declining to reach 2.0 children per women in 2045-2050.

          Fertility is well below replacement level in the more developed regions

          • Brilliant!! That’s the one!!
            Thanks HRS!!

          • dear bear pig remedy,
            50 pages of UN statistical diatribe,,, yeah, nah.

            I read the “conclusion”, which I understood to be saying: the percentage of elderly to youth is growing fast,, and so who will care for the elderly?

            a graphic from this site gets the population growth by age picture across without having to trudge through pages of pedantic syntax


            looks like were up for more of all ages but especially more “retirees”.

            forget plastics Benjamin, go for the old-fuck dollar, build rocking chairs.

            maybe the idyll rich will feel so out of place, now that so many have managed to copy them, that they’ll come up with a new style of excessive indulgence in laziness. excessive indulgence in,,, hows about custodianship?

            everyone wants it, its the bottom line at the top of the list: sovereignty which is promoted by custodianship.

            as the elder aunties say: “either your a part of the clean-up or a part of the mess.”

            • Interesting graph.

              It would be especially interesting to see what happens when the box has finished squaring in 2100 and all those people start dying off as plummeting global fertility rates have long since dropped vertiginously below the replacement rate? Then what?

              I was wondering if this pyramid takes into account the fact of accelerating infertility rates.

              So clicking on their hyperlinks I arrive at this summary analysis:

              “…Why has the global fertility rate fallen so rapidly?

              We discuss in detail the reasons for this change in this section. In brief, the three major reasons are the empowerment of women (increasing access to education and increasing labour market participation), declining child mortality, and a rising cost of bringing up children (to which the decline of child labor contributed)…”

              Nothing about endocrine disruptors and generational poisoning through exotic “vaccinations”. Nor about climate catastrophe “Save the world, Stop having children” campaigns. (or maybe that’s what they mean by “education”?) And nothing about the fact that the developing world’s evolving much more quickly towards infertility than it took the wealthy “Western” world to do so, for fairly obvious reasons.

              Their forecasts with regards to future birth rates revolve around “education” as they explain in their section entitled:

              How investments in education matter for the global population in the 21st century

              Is “education” a euphemism for “contraception” and catastrophic climate campaigns? Or are they conflating less abject poverty with education?

              At any rate, the whole spiel that practically eulogizes falling population numbers, sounds as if it were written by Bill Gates;

              “…probably one of these numbers is gonna hafta get pretty near to zero…”

              • I guess 60 milion aborations yearly play a role here, as well. One has to wonder how many women are left infertile are psychologically far to damaged to foster a child at a later date.

                Another thing that I don’t see having a detrimental effect, quite the opposite, on the replacement rate is lowering child mortality. For replacement rate calculation and purpose it is essential for the child to reach reproductive age.

                Having several children out of which a few may die won’t do anything for the replacement rate on top of those that do survive.

              • Child mortality is a sad concept and something any human being would strive to eradicate to the extent possible.

                However, having the very same colonialist resource-pillaging debt-for-nature swap mega-fortunes deciding which children shall live and which shall be family-planned and vaccinated out of existence in the name of sustainability seems like a perilous plan for all.

                The message I’ve received from many people who were born on the African continent is “Please stop trying to Save us!”. This probably also goes for a number of other NGO-infested countries such as Haiti for example.

                A rather humorous video that one of my students included in his exposé (some ten years ago already) expounding on precisely the above plea is this Radi-aid charity single:


                But, to return to the statement that incited me to post here in the first place, though I’d tend to agree that the depopulation campaign is probably not going fast enough for the eugenical elites,

                suggesting that a looming demographic winter is but mere distraction would seem woefully misguided and/or outright misleading,

                reinforcing, as it may, the anti-human propaganda that the urgent problem facing Humanity today, exacerbating the utterly unproven AGW terror, is overpopulation, thereby rendering thinkable all kinds of otherwise shocking depopulation and control measures.

              • That is great! Made me smile wide!
                Africa For Norway – New charity single out now!

                Imagine if every person in Africa saw the “Africa for Norway” video and this was the only information they ever got about Norway. What would they think about Norway?

                If we say Africa, what do you think about? Hunger, poverty, crime or AIDS? No wonder, because in fundraising campaigns and media that’s mainly what you hear about.

                The pictures we usually see in fundraisers are of poor African children. Hunger and poverty is ugly, and it calls for action. But while these images can engage people in the short term, we are concerned that many people simply give up because it seems like nothing is getting better. Africa should not just be something that people either give to, or give up on.

                The truth is that there are many positive developments in African countries, and we want these to become known. We need to change the simplistic explanations of problems in Africa. We need to educate ourselves on the complex issues and get more focus on how western countries have a negative impact on Africa’s development. If we want to address the problems the world is facing we need to do it based on knowledge and respect.

              • NSR: “suggesting that a looming demographic winter is but mere distraction would seem woefully misguided and/or outright misleading,”

                V: Thanks for further exposing details on the site I linked,,

                As long as were speculating, I keep tossing in the “what if’s”: the size of human population or its rates of change or even a “looming” cull, just like the weather, may or may not be “THE” problem.

                One of the consistent devices of any&all top notch manipulateur/trice’s is “distraction” (“you’ll never see it coming”).

                I aim to keep lines of thought open,

                yes they’re evil over there, and so what else are the ones we havent tracked up to over here?.

                Yes theres stacks of dots that should have train loads of people put away, if not for anything more than their capacity for lying.

                should gate’s dna be scrubbed from the evolutionary roster? (clue: often liars will accuse others of the dirty theyve done themselves). As I understand the process (a drifting krill glimpses the glide of humpback dorsal) that question will get resolved from within his lineage, He is so self-absorbed to be likely near the end of a trajectory of hungry ghost business. the result could be servitude or obliteration.

                I’m asking,, isnt the premise of a looming tsunami of death an old theme? perhaps a dead end street that we keep trundling down? its fair to be curious about death, noble to observe and name properly/accurately (4th estate) to defend against deception, and even heroic to face demonic forces, but ,,, the roses, the roses

                karuna karuna

              • Hey there HRS!

                I hadn’t seen that info explaining the video!

                Thanks to your comment I discovered RadiAid 2.0!!

       Africa Corp!

                “Stereotypes Harm Dignity, Challenge the Perceptions”

                And the poignant irony when they talk about powering their “Save Norwegians” with solar panels… a more bitter irony than appears on the surface I think…

                And Africa Corp seems eerily similar to Africom…

  6. What a bomb of an episode!

    Yea, the religifying of the “climate crisis” continues, having begun at least as early as 2018, as documented on these boards as the “9/11 gibbering idiot” Monbiots and AGW zealot zombies groom a self-professed autistic teen-ager to become a virgin priestess destined for brutal mediatic sacrifice on the hysterical “how dare you” climate altar:

    Yea, the news of Zelensky being “at odds with NATO” and contradicting not only the North Atlantic bullies but himself as well has been making the headlines here in France in a typical blast of carefully crafted confusion.

    It occurred to me in passing that if indeed the…ahem… “masses of asses” have only just become acquainted with the notion of “false flags”, perhaps some are saying “ah ha!!” as they identify the Ukraine missile as being just such an event, ironically transforming media literacy into a weapon used against those who are awaking along with those who would educate them.

    Yea, I had the same reading as I saw climate and overpopulation hysteria being conflated with dropping sperm counts and in anticipation of the acceleration of sterility engendered by the poisonous jabs as more cynical camouflage and confusion. Or as JEP put it “lying about a dark winter when it’s really a demographic winter” as the pundits turn everything on its head Orwellian style.
    … Yup, all connected and trapped in a sticky media tapestry indeed!

    Fanciest dresses to get your Covid jab not withstanding, it’s heart-wrenching to hear about Amy Schumer’s innocent child being ill.

    Also heart-wrenching was the deafening sonic-boom that was the anguished cry for space plane investigators.

  7. James, you have a bit of a rogue hair under your right ear!

  8. Something very telling, as Corbett points out, is that for decades the mainstream media has been pretty much silent about all the many environmental toxins.

    When this fact is contrasted to all the hype and print about CO2, the insanity of it all becomes blatant.

    For me, it punches it home…
    ‘They’ intentionally want people sick and dying.

    The Mainstream Media are totally culpable.
    They have to choose to ‘not report on it’.

    Murder by slow poison is still murder.

      • BUMP
        Carbon Eugenics
        by James Corbett in 2009 – (8 minutes)

    • [No bare links in the comments, please. Please re-post the link with a title and an explanation of why someone should be clicking on it. -JC]

    • @HRS

      “Murder by slow poison is still murder.”

      Well said. And here in Canada what Catherine Austin Fitts calls “The Great Poisoning” is proceeding with relentless efficiency on all fronts. The poison is pervasive, it is put into the air, the water, the food, the electromagnetic spectrum (and of course into all the super safe and effective injections people love to line up for here).

      Most of those that are resilient (psychologically and physiologically) and avoid most of the above described attempts to murder slowly are hit with the economic blitzkrieg and crippled financially by all sorts of manipulated market chicanery, intentional hyper-inflation, debt entrapment schemes and jacked up food prices. If they do not already own land or a house they have no chance of doing so now working a 9-5. Now the plutocrats have them right where they want them, on the verge of homelessness, mentally exhausted and psychologically weakened after 2 years of relentless assaults on the mind.. now they will make non-terminal patients (which declare they have mental health issues) eligible for the MAID program (government assisted suicide program).

      Euthanizing the poor is just our oligarch dominated government finally being honest about itself. After all these years of falsely pretending to have real solutions to the systemic inequality it creates, it finally presents a solution entirely in alignment with its values.

      The Plutocrat’s answer to “What about the poor?” has always been “They should work harder,” and its answer to “What about those who can’t work?” has always been “They should die quickly.” But until now it’s always been spoken wordlessly in the policies enacted and the societal structures put in place. Now it’s just right there, completely undisguised.

      Basically now all the masks are coming off and they seem like they intend to go full on “The Giver” mode, sending the people deemed as “useless eaters” off to “elsewhere”.

  9. An especially sardonic episode… Careful walking the edge of the abyss guys.

  10. Somehow, Mileswmathis is the only person to cogently explain why sean penn would be giving zelensky an oscar…

  11. Space is fake, that is what I believe (but cannot prove and I will respect what other people believe as it is fundamentally unknowable). I do not know anything about this mystical world. All evidence that the earth is round (and floating in space) has been given by US military (or affiliates). Considering the moonlanding, its not such a credible source. The round earth theory is from freemasons and/or jesuits (and would they ever lie to you?). Anyhow it is irrelevant for the topic of the space-issue: I still AM suspicious about what they are doing in the sky, or maybe to our firmament. I will stop writing boring stuff as you can also watch this fun music video which explains my point of view quite well

    • Ruudyv

      Go to YouTube

      Look up corilais effect bullet
      Watch the video

      Go to desert with rifle and try it yourself.

      Globe earth proved.

      The GREEKS thought the world was a globe, and I never heard Columbus (who had an erroneous idea about the Size of the globe ) was a Jesuit

      There are other shooting demos. He does the math n stuff though.

        • They have been needing to correct artillery for it for a long time to…. just most of us do not have a howitzer in the back yard.

        • Ledhead

          1)never said anything about SINKS

          2) (3:39 or so) the “Not every bullet” thing is a fallacy since
          A)He does not give evidence of this…so how do I o how how he is telling the truth

          B)corrilais effect is one of MANY factors that effect a bullet, and not even the biggest one (that video Tibasaurus Rex ‘sniper 101’) has I think over a hundred videos)

          The subsequent comments he gives from internet forums I have never heard of are also not exactly evidence that the folks are saying anything except it’s a m iij not factor
          A) shooting DEER out to 1000 yards is kinda unethical hunting and I wonder where deer live that you would do such a thing…. Elk may be more commonly hunted like that. Don’t hunt further then you can ensure quick death

          B) for hunting your not target shooting with a graduated paper scale to show POA vs POI…you just want it to die.

          C) you can literally see reputable channels like Gunwerks demonstrating the effect

          As for hot air balloons and such I can’t argue since I have never read much about air navigation

      • There is so much clear evidence for a round earth that
        can be found in so many different ways.
        Even by yourself, at home.

        That I can only imagine some kind of insanity if someone
        really believes in it.
        And they often react like insane.

        But I also discovered that they are following clear trolls
        and think that these trolls tell them the truth.
        A bit like Qanon but far worse.

        You can see for yourself that the earth is round at many places.
        Like here (zoomed in image):
        You can even calculate the radius of earth with it.

        But I found a troll with a doctored image, where bottles
        were placed in a similar way. Claiming that it also works on a flat table.
        So the trolls are photoshopping images to make people believe in this
        nonsense. Looks like a conspiracy to me.

        Believing trolls is insanity.

        Doing your own research is the only way to discover the reality.

        • This does look like damning evidence. I think some of those experiments that show that the surface is flatter than it should be basically means that the surface in that general area is flatter than the norm.

      • Ledhead

        I am pretty sure Mr Corbett will say anything he feels like saying without a burner account.

        Did you look at the corrialis effect video? You can do that yourself if you have the space and a friend who shoots long distance.

    • You know,
      I actually do kind think they faked the moon landing, at least the PICTURES of it.

      And they DO appear to be doing weird rituals with their odd names and phallic rockets…all the way back to Jack Parsons and such.

      But between the ability to detect the corilais effect on artillery shells and rifle bullets and the modern ability to contact people and k ow where the sun is in their neck of the woods (the daylight line makes no sense on a flat earth) there is no worries about the earth being g a ball….. now I think of it I even met a guy who sailed all around the globe solo in a sailboat….he used a sextant and celestial navigation charts calculated off a globe model and apparently got back without getting lost.
      Sunlight line

      I am quite happy to discard ideas… I do not believe evolution anymore hav8looked into it so it not like I am closed minded. Flat earth is a psywar trick

      • Again did you look at the corialis effect on bullets and (harder to test yourself, lol) artillery shells??

        Did you look at the daylight line? You can check daylight with online people if you happen to know folks in foreign lands (I do)
        Can you explain the way daylight works?

    • find me video or image that isn’t CGI bullshit

      What is the criteria for determining “CGI bullshit”?

      1. The Earth’s curvature can’t be demonstrated

      In fact it can be demonstrated at certain locations.

      take a wet basketball and spin it in the air and see what happens to water on a spinning ball.

      Take Earth and put it in proximity of an object that is heavier than Earth as much as Earth is heavier than a basketball and then see what happens with the water.

      Powerful enough to keep oceans attached to the supposed spinning ball, yet weak enough to allow a bird to fly through the air or a feather to float on the breeze.

      Ocean density >>> bird density >>> feather density. Also, birds have these things called wings that allow them to increase air pressure below them and allow for a slight levitation effect. Also, feathers, absent an air current, will drop down. If you completely remove air, the feather will drop just a quickly as a piece of led. Have you seen that experiment in the school? How would your theory or “relative density” work in vacuum?

      4. Try to find a direct flight from South America to the South Africa – you can’t.

      In fact, I did find at least one line between Sao Paulo and Luanda.

      coincidence I’m sure!

      There are many various projections of Earth.

      It’s that we are essentially in a terrarium or snow globe

      So it then could be a globe. I guess the main point of contention is the address.

      It’s easily argued that both NASA and the CIA are involved in mind control.

      This obvious fact “flat earth” does not make.

      7. The moon landing was a psyop perpetrated by NASA

      This obvious fact “flat earth” does not make.

      The answer is because Satan and his minions within secret societies want to hide God. They want to discredit the Bible and make it seem like we’re a random occurrence in the vast reaches of space rather than intelligently created beings with consequences for our sin.

      Why exactly is the shape of ground below our feet important in this regard?

      but faith in the one and only Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

      We’ll get rid of all of this bondage malarkey as soon as we get rid of religion.

    • The size and shape of the earth is a question of physics, which has been answered by physicists. It is not a question for the military. While the moon landings were fake, the martian rovers were not faked. Gravity exists between all objects and relies on mass. Do you have a theory to explain gravity that dose does not rely on mass? Scientists think clouds are created by cosmic rays From exploding stars. Do you have another theory to explain cloud creation? Scientists think the tides are caused by the moon’s gravity. Do you have another theory to explain the tides that does not rely on the moon’s mass? Scientists think the season are caused by the earth’s tilt. Do you have another theory to explain the seasons that does not rely on a globular earth?

  12. The fascination of most recent with such figures like Leo Strauss and Alexsander Dugin come right on the heels of fascism.

    Take Strauss first:

    For those who have nothing but disdain for the neo-cons, of which I am one, you will really taste the bitter fruit when you read Leo Strauss.

    Strauss was a follower of Plato and thought that he could read secret messages left by the great philosopher in his works, especially the Republic.

    He taught at the University of Chicago where his classes were attended by all the neo cons for Strauss was a fascist.

    Strauss was around a long time before the Iraq war but he then became intimately involved, arguing , of course, for the war.

    The claims put forward in this recent literature are quite remarkable.

    The Economist identifies Strauss as the latest in a long list of alleged “puppeteers” pulling the strings of President Bush.

    Jeet Heer in the Boston Globe informs us: “We live in a world increasingly shaped by Leo Strauss, who is ‘the thinker of the moment’ in Washington.”

    In an article entitled “The Long Reach of Leo Strauss,” William Pfaff assures us that “Strauss’s followers are in charge of U.S. foreign policy.”

    Even though he is among those who explicitly note Strauss’s apparent remoteness from politics, James Atlas takes seriously the claim that the Iraq War “turns out to have been nothing less than a defense of Western Civilization—as interpreted by the late classicist and philosopher Leo Strauss.”

    Indeed for like Plato, Strauss stressed the need for philosopher kings and what Plato proposed as The Nocturnal Councils, a panopticon of Philosopher Kings that rule the world.

    Strauss hated working people and the common man and woman.

    “The truths discovered by the philosophic elite “are not fit for public consumption.” Philosophy is dangerous and must conceal its chief findings. Philosophers must cultivate a mode of esoteric communication, that is, a mode of concealing the hard truth from the masses.

    “Only philosophers can handle the truth.” The elite must, in a word, lie to the masses; the elite must manipulate them—arguably for their own good.

    The elite employ “noble lies,” lies purporting to affirm God, justice, the good. “The Philosophers need to tell noble lies not only to the people at large, but also to powerful politicians.”

    These lies are necessary “in order to keep the ignorant masses in line.” Thus Strauss counseled a manipulative approach to political leadership.

    In sum, the media writers conclude, Strauss held that “Machiavelli was right.” When read with “a skeptical mind, the way he himself read the great philosophers . . . Strauss . . . emerges a disguised Machiavelli, a cynical teacher who encouraged his followers to believe that their intellectual superiority entitles them to rule over the bulk of humanity by means of duplicity.”

    See the author Drury for more on fascist Strauss and his impact on neo con thinking.

    • As to Dugin.

      He cannot be understood without the historical background of the Intermarian and Russian fascism.

      If you are not familiar with Dugin’s appeal to Orban in Hungary or his lust for authoritarian rule and theocracy, I leave you with this:

      “Alexander Dugin is quite possibly, after Steve Bannon, the most influential fascist in the world today. His TV station reaches over 20 million people, and the dozens of think tanks, journals and websites run by him and his employees ultimately have an even further reach.

      You, dear Counterpunch reader, will almost certainly have read pieces originally emanating from one of his outlets.

      His strategy is that of the ‘red-brown alliance’ – an attempt to unite the far left and far-right under the hegemonic leadership of the latter.

      On the face of it, much of his programme can at first appear superficially attractive to leftists – opposition to US supremacy; support for a ‘multipolar’ world; and even an apparent respect for non-western and pre-colonial societies and traditions.

      In fact, such positions – necessary as they may be for a genuine leftist programme – are neither bad nor good in and of themselves; rather, they are means, tools for the creation of a new world. And the world Dugin wishes to create is one of the racially-purified ethno-states, dominated by a Euro-Russian white power aristocracy (the ‘Moscow-Berlin axis’) in which Asia is subordinated to Russia by means of a dismembered China.

      This is not an anti-imperialist programme. It is a programme for an inter-imperialist challenge for the control of Europe and Asia: for a reconstituted Third Reich.”

      This is the Intermarian and one should research it.

      Dugin is part of what Kevin Coogan, author of Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey, a Third positionist attempting to unite left and right into a new fascism.

      • The left and right can easily unite since they are essentially the same thing.

        They both appear in late stages of capitalism, and both grow out of the hubris of managerial (“efficiency”)and intellectual classees (“scientific”)

        At their heart both are materialistic and revolutionary] …personally I kinda think that fascism is just communism with most of the Jewish cultural element removed and replaced with the local ethno flavor.

        Rich people like to fund them both because

        A) they allow state violence to redistribute assets (see dr Spence on wallstreet funding the Russian bolsheviks )

        B) they both destroy the INDEPENDANT middle class (those with their own means of making a living rather than managerial slaves of the elite) and create a mass of helpless workers.

    • Watch out for those people who claim to be merely observing world events while they are quietly influencing things behind the scenes (David Rockefeller comes to mind).

      I’ve read scholars who have different takes on both Plato and Machiavelli. I can’t reference them off the top of my head, but I’ve heard the case made that Plato, with his Republic, was writing a cautionary tale about what a perfect society would look like, not a blueprint to follow. Machiavelli, according to at least one scholar, was similarly being sarcastic in outlining how to succeed through reptilian ruthlessness, and did not endorse such policies. Forgive me for being too lazy to provide references.

      • I will have to try to look into this further. If you can find references, can you post them. If I find them, I’ll post them.

        • I’ve found one, at least. His name is Jacob Howland. He’s a professor of philosophy at the University of Tulsa and the author of the book Glaucon’s Fate: History, Myth, and Character in Plato’s Republic.

          “Why would Socrates present this city? Well, on one level he’s trying to attract Glaucon (Plato’s brother) to a life of philosophy because it’s a regime in which Glaucon believes he could be a philosopher king, but on another level, and the Republic has many levels, it is a demonstration of what would be needed if you absolutely wanted to root out injustice everywhere; and what would be needed is an unjust regime.”

          These are very relevant, given current technology, discussions of how a Panoptikon would be necessary for preventing crime, but would be an oppressive crime in and of itself.

          • G jingling

            Plato was IMO a snob who wanted the superior people (him) to rule over the lesser people (non philosophers) and genuinely wanted the kind of society he drew up in the Republic… in olden times the idea that some people were naturally slaves and some masters was the NORMAL one.

            Egalitarianism is (in my opinion wrongly) derived from Christian theology and would have been as bat shit crazy to Plato as women voting or animal rights)

            I do not think that your right on machiavelli, I think he wanted to have a stable state so people could live decent lives, but I am not expert

            this lady on the Pete quinones show epp 805 can probably do better then me talking g about his aims.


            • You are right about the Greek elite thinking they were better than others, but I am still buying Howland’s premise that there was at least a desire for some degree of equality amongst members of that upper crust. Glaucon was known to be power hungry (I’m sure he would fit right in with the WEF crowd) and Plato was hoping to influence him.

              I’m going to listen to that Machiavelli podcast on my next car ride. Thanks for the link.

    • “…attended by all the neo cons for Strauss was a fascist…”

      The NeoCons are mostly sons of communists…
      Trotskyite Bolshevik Jews who turned on Stalin and Russia and have massive power to this day.

      As I recall Stalin was planning to purge Jewish party members just about the time he died and the Ethnic Russians were there after the ascendant power block in the Soviet Union as the Neo Cons agitated for an agressive anti Soviet stance as well as the Iraq war as part of the Isreali desire to shatter big neighbors into smaller ethnic states that were less of a threat

  13. This is depressing and scary, the brink of WW3 and potential annihilation from bombs or people dying off slowly. What do we do and how do we stop it? What happened to the anti-war movement? I used to go to large protests during the Bush years.

    If there is a divine being or force that promotes life, I hope that it helps us now and intervenes at this juncture or gives people the strength to resist and take charge against these authoritarians who I think are indeed insane. Why would they risk their own survival? Even from a material perspective there must be a minimal population replacement number that is necessary for their own survival. You cannot inbreed to an extent to which ones genetic line breaks down. By killing us, they are insuring their own deaths and the deaths of their own offspring. The weird tech/trans human stuff doesn’t work and I don’t think it will work. I just am at a loss for words and cannot fathom why people behave this way. It’s pathological and evil, like a suicidal maniac who wants to kill as many people before their inevitable demise. I am perplexed and stunned at how far this is going. This is worse than the Covid scam because it encompasses several ways to kill off all life on the planet.

    • The anti-war movement was killed by the police state and the complacency of Americans.

      If there is a divine being that promotes life then it must either be a sadist or masochist or an incompetent or all three.

      You are living under the meltdown of capitalism and the rise of new forms of dominance.

      We live in the Age of Dominance.

      Master – slave

      Lord- serf

      Employer- employee

      We are on the cusp of self-annihilation and are being deflected into perspectives that are authoritarian and autocratic.

      People seem to want to be ruled for they have no control of their lives.

      “Choice” is almost as remarkably funny as is the notion of free enterprise or trickle down economics..

      You live in a geo-political world of wealth concentration, technologcal fascism and inequality not seen since the ancient Pharroahs.

      Without broad social movements against fascism and war there will always be fascism and war.

      • Jed
        The British empire did use that kind of tactic back in the day but the tools became super charged by the invention of psychology and sociology and the application of those tools via mass media.

        Dr EM Jones of culture wars has done good work on social engineering but I think one of the best is the series of Biographies in “Degenerate moderns” though “libido dominandi” is specific to how the sexual revolution has been a weapon for 200 plus years. It’s easy to control people when you sleep them in vices.

      • We agree on the first part of your post.

        You don’t get the complacency of Americans? Wow!

        Living in a consumer driven society that has created menticide among swaths of the population has driven the average American into obedience and complacency.

        The good news is that more workers are striking and trying to gett rid of their union leadership and take the helm.

        This is the front line: a coalition against fascism and war, not simply individual actions.

        No, Americans are not on the front line of anything anymore.

        You are living behind enemy lines and life is now a tour of duty.

    • I also want to say that I think life is precious and beautiful and should be cherished and enjoyed for as long as we are able to do so. My life has been joyful and I want to continue here on the earth for as long as I can. Helping and doing good for others and our world is much more rewarding, I believe, than harm and destruction, but not everyone can experience the joy that comes from that. For me, nature, including humanity and the vast universe are divine (for lack of a better word) and our experience on the earth is a gift. I don’t know why some people must suffer and experience pain and depravity and punishment. It is not fair. I don’t understand this contradiction. There is so much beauty and at the same time so much pain and injustice.

      • It is called the class struggle.

    • Cu.h.j

      You can not escape from your programming.

      If it’s not clear to you by now that they do not care about such things you will never get it and will die perplexed.

      Sin causes suffering

      They are possessed by demonic energies that hate humanity and hate life…even if demons were not real an insane person who THINKS they are possessed by will do the same things a real demon would do.

  14. Thank you for your hard work James and James and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am somewhat surprised that the FTX crypto scandal wasn’t covered today. Perhaps it will be addressed later.

  15. This is who and what the US and the UN are spending billions of dollars on.

    Nothing can be understood without understanding the promise to Gorbachav and the Maidon coup by Nuland and the neo-cons like Kagan.

    This is what we, the US, choose to do with the tax money of working people.

    Build Back Better Bandera Fascism in Ukraine

  16. Just a quick thought for Friday: Shouldn’t NATO be consequential and utterly demolish Ukraine now as it is not a NATO member state (as it did in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia,…) for attacking Poland a NATO member state? Obviously, the missiles weren’t directed at Russia as Russia is over 100km from the points of impact in the village of Przewodow in Poland. This was plainly an attempt for a false flag which could have devastated the whole planet. Z is an *sshole.

  17. Phase of the Moon – Photo

    This phase of the moon is no longer called the “waning croissant”.
    Rather, experts say it should be referred to as the “waning pizza”.

    I’m glad there’s no space. I don’t have any left in my head.
    Life is easier on a Flat Earth.

  18. Religious fanatic death cults, what would we do without them?

  19. I wonder if the X-37B has “auxiliary propulsion systems” that involve electrogravitic systems in a similar capacity that the B-2 Stealth Bomber utilizes such systems (as is alleged by Paul Laviolette and Thomas F. Valone) ?

    For reference:

    – Review of Electrogravitics & Electrokinetics
    Propulsion (Thomas F. Valone):

    – The U.S. Antigravity Squadron (by Paul Laviolette, PhD):

    It was revealed in 1992, for example, that the B-2 Bomber used electrostatic charges on its leading wings and exhaust. According to aerospace experts, this was confirmation that the B-2 used electrogravitic principles based on the “Biefeld-Brown Effect”. The Biefeld-Brown Effect is based on the research of Thomas Townsend Brown who in 1928 gained a patent for his practical application of how high voltage electrostatic charges can reduce the weight of objects.
    The B-2 bomber employs sufficiently high voltages to significantly reduce its weight. This enables the B-2 and other classified antigravity vehicles to display flight characteristics that appear to defy conventional laws of physics. General Jones was a key appointee (under the Obama administration) that was responsible for introducing antigravity technology into the public sector.
    After retiring from the Marines on February 1, 2007, General Jones served on the Board of Directors of the Boeing Corporation from June 21, 2007 to December 15, 2008. Boeing had been active at least since the early 1990’s in studies to apply antigravity technology for commercial use.
    “In 2002, an internal Boeing project called ‘Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion’ (GRASP) had been disclosed to the aerospace industry. A GRASP briefing document obtained by Jane’s Defense Weekly stated Boeing’s position: ‘If gravity modification is real, it will alter the entire aerospace business’”.

    According to a 2008 book by Dr. Paul LaViolette, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Boeing completed a separate classified study for the US military of electrogravitic propulsion recently before October 2007. Boeing was rebuffed in its efforts to have such technology declassified and released into the public sector. As a Board Director and member of Boeing’s Finance Committee at the time of the 2007 classified study, General Jones was privy to and supported Boeing’s efforts in antigravity research and development. At the same time that Boeing was actively seeking to develop antigravity technologies for a new generation of aircraft, Jones became President of the Institute for 21st Century Energy. The Institute was created by the US Chamber of Commerce with the following mission: ‘To secure America’s long-term energy security, America must reexamine outdated and entrenched positions, become better informed about the sources of our fuel and power, and make judgments based on facts, sound science, and good American common sense’”

  20. I am sure I am not the only one here who has seen this video about an interesting renewed technology (move over, Musk, Tesla’s real inventions are in the works here):

    For the anti-freemasons in the crowd, get past the fact that Carlson is a 32nd degree and listen to what he says. Oh, and snowflakes will need to stop the video right before Hancock’s very last statement because he makes yet another factual criticism about the human species. He is blunt when he speaks the truth, and some might get offended.

  21. YT is getting better. Larken Rose is not censored. No voluntarist is more outspoken. Also, “Solving the Money Problem” with Steven Mark Ryan attacks the MSM in defense of Elon and defends/explains his actions.

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