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Story #1: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

China’s Mass Protests Are Overwhelming Its Censorship Systems

George Soros Touts China as Leader of New World Order

Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him

Merkel Joins Castro, Nixon In Ranks of China’s ‘Old Friends’

China and the New World Order

It’s Confirmed: Tyrants LOVE China! . . . But Why?

How to Control Your Soul’s Desire for Freedom

The Mask Is Off: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Declares China ‘Role Model’

Story #2: Netherlands to Close Up to 3,000 Farms to Comply With EU Rules //

Nilüfer Gündogan Live On Television With Facial Paralysis

Video: Vax-Pushing Dutch Politician Says Her Bell’s Palsy Is Actually Stress-Related Herpes

Story #3: FDA Declares Lab-Grown Chicken ‘Safe to Eat’ – But Scientists, Food Safety Advocates Have Questions

FDA Approves Lab-Grown Meat For the First Time

Video: Please Stop The Ride – FDA Has “No Questions” About Lab-Grown “Meat”

50 Groups Target Bill Gates on Farming and Technology: ‘You Are Part of Creating the Very Problem You Name’

Unique Microsoft Hiring Program Opens More Doors to People With Autism (Feb. 9, 2016)

Beyond Meat’s Pennsylvania Plant Riddled With Deadly Mold, Bacteria

Blackmail Friday: Interview w/Whitney Webb

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  1. The fact that the Chinese protests are ALL OVER China make me think that they are a better planned do over of the Western attack on the Chinese Communists via the Tiananmen protests. From what I know THOSE protests were really not popular with the regular people.

    Not a fan of Commie regimes but I doubt very much that the Chinese people have spontaneously came up with this scale of protest on their own, meaning its a battle in WW3 and chances are the protesters will end up abandoned like the Kurds under Saddam did.

    As to meat…. its a really good time to think about getting Rabbits, I think their long eared rats but they are pretty proving to be reasonably easy to keep. You could probably keep them in a garage or even an apartment. They produce lots of pretty good fertilizer too.

    GuinniePigs are a farm animal in South America for the same reason (ugh…even nastier then bunnies to look at)

    Do something now before your eyeing up ACTUAL rat meat some enterprising neighbor is selling.

    • People have lived on rats but I’d rather have rabbit and squirrel stew. Sheep are the next big meat in America. Our government is killing all the wild horses and donkeys. All the cool weather and rain mean the desert is green. Perfect for sheep.

  2. “FDA Declares…” Declare is the operating keyword here, isn’t it.

    When push comes to shove, the experts will declare that “the risk is worth it” against the backdrop of antihuman climate catastrophe. Larger the perceived catastrophe will equate more risk being acceptable.

    In all of this what I find the most worrying is that people seem not to understand that they are supposed to be living their own lives and doing their own risk assessment.

    The desire to “stay safe” and protected is the crux of the antihuman agenda.

  3. “That it has happened at all is truly amazing.” -James Corbett, commenting the massive anti-zero covid protests in China

    At about 7:50 JEP evokes the comparison with the Tiananmen Square events.

    Is he correct in suggesting “it’s almost as if it’s wanted?” Is violence being ginned up as it apparently was to some extent at least, at Tiananmen?

    I wonder how far the comparison can be pushed and if those events are, in fact, comparable, given today’s very different socio-political context? Why DID China refrain from cracking down harder on those Tiananmen students? Why do they refrain from setting the record straight about the “Tiananmen Massacre?” Why is the Chinese government merely “containing” the massive lockdown protests today?

    Extract from the 2019 article entitled:

    The Truth about Tiananmen Square

    “…This is not to say there were no killings that night, or that the Chinese government is run by an innocent group of falsely maligned angels. But the real story about the 1989 democracy movement in China has never filtered down to the broader public. This story—one that includes CIA assistance for the protesters—does not comport with the straightforward narrative of an evil government coldly slaughtering a crowd of unarmed protesters, so it must be sent down the memory hole.

    In a lengthy report on this suppressed history of the 1989 student movement and the events at Tiananmen Square, Godfree Roberts carefully details the development of the protests and the hidden hand of NGO and CIA funding that helped to make it possible…”

    • Interesting post. I was not aware of CIA influence with the Tiananmen square. Why would they fund it? What would the strategy be to destabilize their government who the wealthy elitists had a vested interested in?

      I don’t understand the strategy. Maybe to control and misdirect?

      • ‘Cause you gotta have the home team (the good guys) and the visiting team (the de facto bad guys)? So you have a bad guy to normalize all sorts of otherwise unheard of violations of privacy and human rights, such as… say… social credit scores? lockdowns? Someone to play the evil vilain in the covid biosecurity rock opera who eats bats? dunno. stuff like that I guess. kinda the good cop/bad cop strategy, the iron fist to the velvet glove on the silk road to the technocratic new world order, or something like that.

        • Sort of like the Brave New World style dictatorship versus 1984 brand? They want people to “love their servitude” maybe.

          • It would seem that having a good guy and a bad guy facilitates the “problem-reaction-solution” strategy of perception management and engineered change.

            • Essentially steering the narrative to attempt to control and direct an organic movement to further their goals, or the goals of one of the factions of elitists.

              It’s like in the book The Art of War, to attempt to make your opposition fall into a trap and go with the pre determined “solution”.

              I think they are very clever, but can’t control everything. They also probably fear chaos that is outside of their control.

      • cu.h.j

        “… CIA influence with the Tiananmen square. Why would they fund it?…What would the strategy be to destabilize their government who the wealthy elitists had a vested interested in?…”

        “A house divided against itself can not stand” , you not want your rival states to be socially cohesive because then they will not be able to act against YOU. The Globalist Elite are not unified any more then the Mafia is “one” organization. Different power blocs have different desires and interests.
        The British funded Free Masonic revolutionaries in Royalist France before the French Revolution, and the West did that in Ukraine to install a Government that was more to its liking.

        The mass immigration without assimilation does the same to western nations -on a mini scale WholeFoods tries to keep its non-union stores as ethnically divided as possible. (see link)
        “…“Stores at higher risk of unionizing have lower diversity….”

        This from RT
        “…protests in April-June 1989, the Chinese government banned a Chinese NGO of US operator George Soros, the Fund for the Reform and Opening of China, after interrogating its Chinese director in August 1989 and claiming that the Soros China fund had links to the CIA.

        >> The Soros Fund according to Chinese reports had been supported by ousted Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang<<…………"

        Mr Corbett on NGO's

  4. It never ceases to be funny to watch a major vaccine pusher short circuit as the result of Bill’s Palsy

    • Had she not taken the life saving shot she would have been dead. Or worse!

    • The patter with straight-faced wit of James Evan Pilato often is faster than my neurons can spark. It was Corbett’s smile that alerted me to the Bell.

      • I was cleaning (for pay) and only listening so I missed it, and still don’t get the joke. I knew I missed something when JC thanked JEP for the joke, but couldn’t piece it together.

  5. RE: Story #1: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance

    I appreciate how Corbett emphasized that these protests were not locally isolated, but were far reaching throughout parts of the country. I did not know.

    If there was any benefit derived from the Pandemic tyranny, it was probably the lesson on the value of Liberty.

  6. Has anyone noticed on the video, it’s the men in bleu that push over the barricade, not the crowd. Thus is certainly a CCP designed uprising. It’s at 04:06 on this video.

    • But why though? What’s the strategy? What do they gain by doing this? If protesters resisted on different ways could be effective. For example a national strike and finding out what companies profit of tyranny and boycott them. Like the laying flat idea. Why work like a dog for scraps?

      What if people working in the sweat shops in China just went on strike and refused to go back to work? I’m sure there are consequences to this but that probably would impact them.

      Find out how Black rock and similar cancerous entities that thrive on tyranny are making their money and boycott and spread the word.

      What would be the effect of non payment of taxes on a massive scale, like if it were 80 million people here in the US? Would that have any impact? Maybe even not that dramatic show of resistance, but to start the ball rolling with boycott. Maybe it will grow.

      Taxes are filtered out automatically, but there is a way to maximize deductions and pay at the end of the year. What if people just didn’t pay? Everyone is so afraid of doing this, because they think they will go to prison, but if millions of people did this, how could they arrest everyone?

      Find out every way they are making their money and stop feeding it. This is better than violence.

      • A world wide boycott may have an impact on their scheme. And also non compliance. Like the farmers in the Netherlands, what if they just said no I’m not shutting down? And people just refused and went on with their business.

        I think that is one of the ways to stop this, people setting examples of non compliance. If they know the stakes involved, maybe there will be more incentive.

    • I would bet its the CIA or someone like that instead.

      China is a lot less stable then people think and it would be insane for them to burn their OWN house down since I do not think their as degenerated as Western Elites yet.

      • Welding people in their homes is pretty bad and having robot drones fly over saying “we want to stop your souls desire for freedom” or something like that. Slavery is about as depraved as it can get IMO.

        • CU.h.j

          As depraved as Slavery may be, its how a good chunk of people have lived their lives.

          I think the western elites believe they can turn off riots and race hate whenever they wish, because they have always run a stable USA. Most cant REALLY imagine the system that gives them power, wealth and food can go away, anymore then the average citizen can.

          Unlike OUR elites the Chinese have been doing oldschool ‘competitive elimination’ of the ruling class within Living Memory. They lived thru the Cultural Revolution and other recent horrors of Chinese history. That makes them less degenerate in the sense of senility and over confidence.

          I really cant imagine that Chinese leaders would start protests because they know how fast that can get out of hand. The WEST benefits from chaos there though.

          • I don’t think they would start protests either and do think that the protests are probably organic. When you’re welded in your own apartment over and over and loved ones are killed, people probably get pissed off after a while. There’s only so much abuse people can take after a while. And time on the earth is limited and some people want to enjoy their time and family and have some semblance of a normal life without someone in a bio hazard suit start swabbing you randomly.

            I just wonder if other protests have happened that were kept in the dark. China is also a very large continent and I think that the rural areas may be different than urban centers.

            Your comment is thought provoking because it goes back into the idea of moral relativism I think. Like is slavery better than murder and torture? Or is physical abuse worse than neglect, or something like that. And I think there are ways we try to measure degrees of evil. I tend to think the Chinese government is just as evil as the ones that are being inflicted on us. Maybe some of those Chinese elitists are just as perverted as the others, they just hide it better. Who knows.

            • cu.h.j
              NOT trying to promote slavery here, lol, like I need to say that? lol ….but the “revealed preference” of most slaves has been to…. stay as slaves.

              There is the story of the Spartan boy who decided not be a slave and ran headlong into a stone wall and died when ordered to do a demeaning task.
              However, the majority of slaves have not revolted or run away thru history… Spartacus was a solider BEFORE being captured and felt aggrieved that the Romans (who were allies of some kind of his people) were enslaving him. The old Movie was cooler then real life, however..

              ‘ Minimum-Wage Workers and 19th-Century Slaves: An Economic Comparison ‘ ….. at about 1:15 or so he gives % of people who would choose “room and board” vs “Wages” .

              • It’s an interesting line of thought for consideration and slavery has existed for a very very long time. However, I think that is wrong because of the lack of consent and the notion of “better than”.

                If the idea of consent came from western civilization I am not sure (I’m the opposite of a history buff, sadly) but what ever promoted the idea of liberty and consent had the right idea IMO.

                What the Chinese government does to it’s citizens is repulsive to me, similarly repulsive as all the weird cultural perversions we are subjected to. They are more overt with their tyranny but here they try to trick people and sell it as freedom.

            • cu.h.j
              “…f the idea of consent came from western civilization I am not sure (I’m the opposite of a history buff, sadly) but what ever promoted the idea of liberty and consent had the right idea IMO….”

              The idea of Human Rights exist because of the Christian Supernatural idea that you have a Soul, a divine part that gives you value JUST AS A HUMAN BEING. The idea of ‘Personal’ Liberty and ‘freedom’ (as its IMO wrongly understood Today) is an extension of that idea made by Protestants much later on.

              The idea of Slavery is biblical, however, opposition to slavery has only (AFAIK) ever come out of the Christian tradition as a weird off shoot branch of protestant theology. I know of no Non-Christian culture that fought wars or had strife to end slavery.

              Now that we are in a post Christian world the idea of individual human rights are rapidly loosing their place because they make zero philosophical sense in an atheistic worldview.

              We are returning to the Roman idea of collective rights and different people having different values and rights based on who/what they are, and with things like ‘late term’ (soon to be ‘Post Birth’) abortion small children are returning to their Roman status as “potential” human beings rather then people.

              • I know little about Hinduism, but I am sure that they also believe in the soul as well. I don’t know what Hinduism replaced though, but I think it’s one of the oldest religions practiced by large groups of people. It would be interesting to compare both monotheistic religions and see similarities and differences.

                I know that there have been diverse groups of Christians who had different practices and cultural norms.

                I think that some values like the right to consent and to be a free agent with their time that seems pretty good to me.

                I haven’t watched all the video but comparing slavery to minimum wage work is interesting and should be examined. Economically this may be more desirable, to have food and shelter in exchange for labor. But what if someone wants more? To be stuck as a serf or a minimum wage laborer seems dreadful to me. And even higher wage workers like me see their money disappearing in inflation and taxes to enrich the bankers and other criminals.

                I mean at least with a minimum wage worker, theoretically you can move up or invest in something that makes you more independent or learn new skills.

              • As a Torah teacher I know explained …. There are things that were part of accepted practice that God regulated in Torah. That doesn’t mean He approved of how things were done, but they were the reality of the times. Slavery was one. Slaves in Israel were to be released if they were abused and suffered an injury like loss of an eye or a tooth. God’s regulations protected people far more than how they were treated in the surrounding cultures (as long as His standards were obeyed).

            • cu.h.j

              Yes, Hindus believe in a Soul, but unlike Christians they believe in a Hierarchy of personal value based on the value of that persons soul…. a Hindu ‘High Caste’ person is born high caste because their SOUL IS BETTER while the Low caste people have lesser souls.

              Thats quite unlike the Christian teachings on human souls- generally that all people are equally evil until redemption, (except maybe Calvinists and other Pre-destination types, who are somewhat like Hindu’s with their ‘election’ theology, but they are something of a sick anomaly )

              • “a Hindu ‘High Caste’ person is born high caste because their SOUL IS BETTER while the Low caste people have lesser souls.”

                I am not super educated on hinduism nor the caste system but afaik what you are describing is that which we have been led to believe about said system. From what I have heard, traditionally the caste system was a recognition of ones abilities and traits, for example a farmer did not want nor know how to be a king, kings were’t based on bloodlines rather based upon whom communities chose as their leaders. Some people are better at some things than others and the original caste system was based on this idea afaik. Of course, over time this probably got manipulated as those families with power corrupted themselves and changed the idea over time to retain the power within their bloodlines. With my little knowledge this is my understanding of the original idea. It had nothing to do with being better or lesser souls rather, it being a recognition and respect of ones and others abilities.

  7. Story #1: That’s why any violent reaction needs to be directed to the top of the pyramid as cops are expendable and will be replace by machines anyway. If the criminal elite really provoke violence that bring about their own deaths then that works for everyone anyhow.

    • You make a good point. And there are historic events which support that.

    • Octium
      “…That’s why any violent reaction needs to be directed to the top of the pyramid …”

      Can you name 5 people at the top of the Pyramid?

      If you DO know their names do you know anything about them how to get access to them?

      If so do you live within 100 miles of any of them?

      I doubt its much different in China.

      • Next time Gates or Schwab has an accident with a hammer, note down who commissions their replacements. Sometimes the ants nest needs to be disturbed a little to learn what is going on.

        • Octium

          Books like ‘Transgender Industrial Complex’ and ‘Open Society Playbook’ by Scott Howard actually go thru the documents and name names if your ever interested. They are kinda interesting but honestly even knowing the names gets depressing after a while.

          The fantasy of making their heads explode via telekinesis (in minecraft…? lol ) is fun but the Egregore would just bud new ones. Mr Corbett’s bang on the money that we need to do our own thing and give them nothing willingly.

  8. In a “power pyramid”, if we take the “K.I.S.S.” perspective, permission to utter “the last word” or the “cap stone position” is held by whomever has possession of the biggest gun. (Antarctica anyone?).

    Occasional-historical moments of mighty syntax, spiced with heartfelt hyperbole, have spun & undone the game of gun, and common folks won, yet that too may have just been for a bit of fun. The dominator paradigm aint just a bad notion, its real, Its almost everywhere, its whats wrong with our psyches; most people I know (mia culpa) live by and for the very thing that hurts them. every step one takes away from supporting the capstone is, rather than “money in the bank”, its in ones pocket.

    if the dominators are promoting mass hysteria, its perhaps to justify pulling out their big guns?

    getting away with picking a fight is the essence of false flagging, so they can be good guys and bad guys at the same time. the dead-end of relativistic thinking.

  9. For even his own brothers did not believe him. John 7:5

    • At least one did come around after the resurrection (Jacob), and I am optimistic the others did too…. 🙂

  10. Where is desember open thread?:):):)

    • I guess it’ll be posted on Sunday, webmaster time?

      • Glad you mentioned that.
        I need to set my watch to “webmaster time”.

        • If you’re not set to webmaster time, then I don’t know who is!

  11. China by definition is not even Communist. Most (96%) businesses are privately owned. That’s not communism as the means of production distribution etc etc are publicly/government owned. I think at the start they were. Many there I think might still think they’re Communist. So I don’t know why they are still called a Communist country. I think Mao would be rolling over on his grave if he knew what China is today.

  12. Actually many farms now in the US have been shut down because of PFAS contamination, Commonly known as “Forever Chemicals”,a man-made class of chemicals (carbon/fluorine bonds) that never naturally degrade in the environment. The EPA realized last June just how toxic they are to people,animals so they substantially lowered the alleged safe levels by like 17,000 times. One teaspoon can poison an entire reservoir. They were spreading human sewage waste containing the chemicals and adding pesticides containing it as well. That combined with landfill leakage of the chemicals as well as PFAS containing fire fighting foam contamination and the PFAS industry dumpling of it have polluted thousands of wells, lakes across the country. See the documentary “The Devil We Know” how Dupont was dumping the stuff in the environment for decades.

  13. Yes, this is much bigger and more significant a protest than Tiananmen ‘incident’. We have video of students protesting at Tsinghua University in Beijing and other state unis like Jiaotong in Shanghai and Xi’an. Good sources to follow to understand what’s happening there are Epoch Times and China Uncensored.

  14. Would you like breast, breast, or breast?

    • Morning coffee spray all over the screen reading that one.
      needed cleaning anyway.

  15. I’m vegan. I’m a biotech engineer.

    Lab grown meat is a marvelous thing to me… or it could if done properly, without any nasty chemicals and without the globalists pushing for it and for eating bugs.

    Then there is the countercultural reaction of people who take the opposite stance and believe we should become carnivores and paleo diet, and fuck animals!

    In theory it is super simple: you grow meat cells in a dish instead of an animal who feels. It is just cells one way or the other and there is nothing particular about eating that. Thing is that factory animal farming is horrendously cruel beyond any minimal decency of the human soul. It really is the crux of all evil human activity and where abuses of authority and cruelty towards other people stem from. Very famously has been said that the way a society treats animals is the reflection of the moral height of that society…. or the psychopathy of that society.

    Hopefully some say we will find our way to be loving and respectful to animals without feeding propaganda by force on the public.

    • Galileo,

      do however you like but, please, leave moral high ground, because you have none.

      Until billions of people barely survive, until millions of the poor in the West are literally the Invisible, when at the same time that little semblance of society has been torn apart worldwide, towards 100.000 just died in Ukraine and still no serious peace movement to end this madness that could bring about armagedon…you have no moral high ground.

      Empathy evolutionary developed to be oriented towards your own kind, tribe. Needs of “civilization” gradually found empathy to be an obstacle. No empathy in business. Ok, empathy on demand, empathy just in time, that would be cool. Surrogate empathy, simulations and simulacra….And empathy found new object, animals. Ex-friend of mine, vegetarian, dog&cat owner, ones said he has more empathy for animals then people…un-fucking believable. He is ex because he is hard core scamdemic believer.
      Ones we will be better towards each other we will be better towards animals and not vice versa.

  16. James, very one-sided…..Dutch agriculture, particularly the one that is to be closed, is unlike your passionate idyllic narrative. Huge dutch hog farms that produce for export using imported gmo soy are toxic literally. That shit is only possible because of globalized capitalism. I wrote about this here
    But, yes, those farms are low hanging fruit to start nefarious agenda.

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