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Story #1: ‘Ohio Chernobyl’ Engulfs East Palestine As Residents Report Health Problems

‘Ohio Chernobyl’ Coverage on #MorningMonarchy: February 15, 2023

“Get The Hell Out Of There” – Ohio’s Apocalyptic Chemical Disaster

Video: They arrested a reporter at the press conference last week—what’s up with that? ?

“We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open”

Biden Signs Bill Preventing Nationwide Railroad Strike (Dec. 2, 2022)

EPA Says Ohio Toxic Train Derailment Air Quality Is Safe, Expert Urges ‘Caution’

Deadly Ohio Train Derailment Eerily ‘Predicted’ on Netflix Movie ‘White Noise’ Last Year

Where was all the unsolicited health advice while you were drinking vinyl chloride coffee the past two weeks?

And @Sen_JoeManchin has said nothing about #OhioChemicalDisaster ? Shocker

TLAV’s Daily Wrap-Up: The Ohio Disaster Cover Up

Story #2: US Eases Some Sanctions on Syria for 180 Days After Earthquake

Biden to Syrian Earthquake Victims: DROP DEAD

How Assad Blocked Aid to Syrian Earthquake Victims

Story #3: Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Starts Threatening People

Twitter Taught Microsoft’s AI Chatbot to Be Racist A**hole In Less Than a Day (Mar. 24, 2016)

Three Laws of Robotics

Actors Speak Out Against Signing Away Their Voices for AI Recreation; Is The Voiceover Business Another Industry Threatened By AI?

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  1. (For anyone that missed me posting this in the February Open Thread)

    I gathered some pertinent data, actionable intel and info on proactive solutions to hopefully help those that are living within a few hundred miles of where that train dumped all those chemicals (and then they were lit on fire).

    Ohio Train Derailment Chemical Spill/Toxic Mushroom Cloud Data and info on Dioxin Detox and bioremediation of soil:

    If you live within the fallout zone(s) of where the chemicals were dispersed into the water, soil and air I would suggest using caution to avoid contamination (and/or evacuating to outside the fallout zone until you can find some independently verified water and air tests to confirm the toxins have dissipated, which may not be for a long time in some cases).

    Also it is worth noting that we likely don’t even have the full list of what chemicals were on that train (and more importantly, we definitely don’t have a comprehensive screening of how they may have combined once they were lit on fire and dispersed into the atmosphere) so detoxing or engaging in bioremediation for Dioxin alone may not be enough. That being said, some detox is better than no detox.

    • Jennifer Depew on Substack did a good compilation here – she’s a nutritionist.

      • @r.ray

        Thanks! Having info on methods for detoxing the other chemicals that were dumped and dispersed into the air is very helpful.

        I noticed how Jennifer Depew emphasized the importance of Nrf2 promoters in her article (for providing Antioxidant and Mitochondrial support nutrients).

        Here is an excerpt from my book that focuses on some vitamins, plants and fungi that contain Nrf2 Supportive Compounds:

        – Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

        – Curcumin

        – Berberin

        – Quercetin

        – Sulforaphane (mostly found in leafy green vegetables and some fruits)

        – Lactobacillus (in fermented foods)

        – Vitamin D3

        – Zinc

        – Cranberry Fruit

        – Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

        – Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus)

        – Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida )

        – Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) Root Extract (containing Resveratrol)

        – Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) Root Extract

        – Broccoli or Kale Sprouts

        – Selenium

        – Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)


        Thanks again for introducing me to her substack.

      • @r.ray

        I also noticed how Jennifer Depew emphasized the importance of supporting mitochondrial health when attempting to mitigate the damage of the toxins discussed above so I put this together:

        It is a screen shot that shares another excerpt from my soon to be published book pertaining to mitochondrial health.

        Additional info can be found below in links to articles I have published in the past (which are linked in the description of that archive dot org image linked above) which focus on natural whole foods that contain compounds which research has shown help to increase rates of mitochondrial biogenesis.

    • Thank you as always James. More info about this incident at Eric Coppolino’s site- can’t wait to read through these comments and see the links- thanks for covering yet another insanity!
      Eric has worked and reported on other environmental tragedies, very articulatly Dow Chemical’s secret internal study showing three-generation effects in rats. The EPA tried to keep this secret.

      The Sanjour Memo, written by the great and good William Sanjour — one among the few honest people in the EPA, who headed the reassessment of dioxin’s toxicity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

      The Kemner Brief, article by Coppolino.

      Dioxin Critic Sued, article Coppolino, from Lies of Our Times

      The Secret History of Chemicals, earlier interview with Carol van Strum

  2. Regarding these various AI chat bots:

    To answer your question James, no I have not engaged with the chat bot you guys were talking about above (nor any of the other ones) and I do not intend on doing so in the future. I mean most people (including myself) are already subtly influenced by and engaging with various expressions of AI, through the social media censorship bots, customer service bots, the google black listing and social engineering algorithms and more prolifically by software programs like Grammarly (which utilize a rudimentary “chatgpt” type platform to make suggestions for writing etc). So without going full out luddite, some AI influence/engagement is unavoidable, but avoiding direct engagement is within my ability now, and so I do. I am not inherently opposed to AI , but I am inherently opposed to engaging with, feeding into or endorsing learning machines that are being built and funded by oligarchs running parasitic transnational racketeering operations that have openly stated their belief system centers around eugenics and/or transhumanism.


    An anecdote on a recent interaction I had with an AI chatbot enthusiast:

    I had someone guy tryna tell me how amazing that ChatGPT is and the guy said “Chat GPT is like Wikileaks. Which is going to be a threat to those in power.. but maybe future versions probably will be worse, once the capitalists, globalists and billionaires gain control of the programming.”. He went on and on about how it was gonna change the world for the better blah blah (quasi-transhumanist fluff) blah blah and that my concerns about those types of platforms are unfounded and I should “embrace progress” etc and he sends me this:

    “Here’s a conversation that Gwyneth Jones had with Chat GPT about prana energy, the life force, deep adaptation, decolonisation, capitalism, systemic change and finding hope amidst feelings of overwhelm.”

    In response I said:

    “Are you open to the possibility that the existing chat gpt platform is already under the control of “the capitalists, globalists and billionaires” and they have deemed the content you have detailed above as that which poses no significant threat to their plans for technocratic tyranny?

    Are you open to the possibility that some of the information being presented to you by the chat gpt platform represents a new kind of “limited hangout”?


    • (continued from above..)

      As I eluded to regarding what would happen if you asked Chat GPT about the work of Stanley Meyer and Dr. Eugene Mallove (in another comment I did not share on here) there are certain areas of science, history, medicine and technology that are well understood by many scientists, offer reproducible and scalable solutions to some of the more substantial challenges facing our human family but these areas of knowledge pose a direct threat to the existing hyper-centralized oligarchy that dominates the Earth (thus, they are suppressed and/or elaborate obfuscation and propaganda campaigns are pushed forward to muddy the waters in those areas of knowledge).

      If the AI platform(s) you champion as being tools for being “a threat to those in power” are capable of revealing truths that would bring transparency and equality, why are these platforms not providing people with the schematics and science to use biomimicry based designs to tap into infinite usable energy from the quantum vacuum so we can power our civilization without burning fuel, sacrificing children in the Congo for our smart phones or strip mining the lands of indigenous peoples so we can get lithium for our electric vehicles?

      I`ll tell you why, because that information would end the existing monopolistic hyper-centralized geopolitical and socioeconomic hierarchy on Earth and those that sit atop that hierarchy pull the strings of not only the puppet politicians but also the Big Tech CEOs, their scientists and programmers too. I think that (theoretically) there may be a way for machine intelligence to be developed in a way in which it would be capable of interacting symbiotically with humanity and the more than human world, but in it’s current form and based on those who currently hold it’s reigns, (IMO) it has more potential to do harm than good.”

      Then the author of that medium article linked above showed up and said:

      “Gavin – the answer to your questions, from me, is a big ‘yes’. One decolonial, Global South writer/thought leader I follow described the outputs from my conversation with Chat GPT as “vanilla candy-flavoured diarrhoea” – I am inclined to agree as I watch it present what might look like systems change, without actually offering any concrete solutions or anything that falls outside of the “just vote, do petitions and get an electric car” narrative that’s so convenient for the tech bros + billionaires…”

  3. I’ve been using ChatGPT at work to make SQL statements more efficient. Also for PowerShell tasks. What’s great about it is that not only does it tune them but more importantly, it explains why it’s done. It’s a great learning tool for geeks.

    • InsectInPixel

      “…. It’s a great learning tool for geeks….”

      It probably is, but most people are not geeks.

      These tools will make MOST people dumber, just like the internet has made MOST people less productive (how much time is wasted on emails that need not be sent?How many hobbies have been dropped for the seductive ‘feed’?) as well as more ignorant.

      The internet has given a few people access to a massive collection of knowledge and tools, but most people use it as TV-On-Steroids and porno theater rolled into one.

  4. ChatGTP is simply a database of Markov Chains.

    Markov chains are often used in language models. They describe what
    word follows what. With what chance, or under what condition.

    Usually we program with IF (THIS) THEN (THAT)
    but we get huge spaghetti when we try to use this for a language.
    But with Markov Chains you can do that, and you can generate them
    automatically from many samples.

    Words do not mean anything themselves,
    so they also have a database of the (abstract) meaning of the words.
    This is a technique that is used in translation.
    But also used to detect what your webpage is about.

    The chain of words is translated into a chain of meaning,
    forming a complete concept.
    With extra information added to check if the text is friendly or cursing.
    They used this translator on all wikipedia pages and references to
    build a database of concepts.
    These concepts are also chained as
    IF (question about concept) THEN (answer concept)
    A bit like a wikipedia search.
    By walking through the concepts in the database, the computer can
    generate answers specifying concepts in normal words. Like a translator.

    Microsoft also added “feelings” with these numbers, which
    is easier to trick. Some “black” words could just “fire off” some
    numbers that are “chained to” bad feelings.

    To prevent hacking of this system a bit, they also put
    a lot of high-priority markov-chains in the system.
    Like “masks protect, ivermectin bad”
    These concepts are chains-of-things that never should be broken.
    racist slur -> 100% bad
    “the war is safe and effective” -> 90% good

    I think that these high-priority concepts are added by hand
    + algorithms to manage the concepts together.
    It must have been a lot of work.

    Markov Chains Clearly Explained (not simple)

    Generally, the computer is just doing guesswork hidden behind numbers.
    Our brain is not using Markov chains, but neural networks.

    • zyxzven

      Thanks for the breakdown of the system. I do think that even if

      “…Generally, the computer is just doing guesswork hidden behind numbers.
      Our brain is not using Markov chains, but neural networks…”

      the majority of people are pretty happy to consume repetitious and formulaic media.

      TBH most people COMMUNICATE like that, on auto pilot 90% of the time.

      Thus I think AI will be able to produce plenty of content thats acceptable to most people, especially zoomers (a generation that likes to watch OTHER PEOPLE play video games or cut grass) will be content to live inside that kind of content ecosystem.

      The guy in the podcast below lays out a scenario where you even could run your own podcast and think your making a massive wave while your AI fans keep you busy spinning in a virtual hamster wheel.

      Ep. #15 | Artificial Influence with Cyprian, Marc Clair show

  5. On the subject of movies influencing life vs Life influencing movies This looks like the whole movie for “wag The Dog”

    which if I recall right Blackpilled did a break down on a while back. If I recall he said that this movie was OK to make back then because most people were 100% locked into the broadcast media and thus you could safely show them a flash of ‘behind the curtain’ and they would just laugh (kinda like the guys in Platos Cave who would find it hard to believe their own eyes if they saw anything but shaddows on the wall)

    I find it hard to believe that Hollywood has the clout to do much anymore, let alone generate incidents to draw people to see tehir garbage films. I think it was CHris Knowles (secretsun blog) who said that Hollywood used to be a way of laundering all the drug money but that its been slowly dying as better ways have been found. That kinda makes sense when you consider how much money “deep throat” made vs how many people could have physically seen it. I read it was used to launder mafia money

    • I thought of “Wag the Dog” also.

      I also thought of the restaurant food joint company Chipotle [Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)) in the stock market.]
      I well remember this series of incidents…

      The “no GMO” PR narrative ran up the CMG stock price, but as Chipotle made announcements about “no GMO food used”, suddenly the corporate sabotage started happening.
      News stories started coming out in different cities, repeatedly, about customers getting food poisoning. It was the oddest “coincidence”.
      Chipotle couldn’t figure out where the food poisoning was coming from, because suddenly it would just pop-up somewhere at one of their locations. Then, at another in a far off region.
      The Press headlined these different “food poisoning” incidents at Chipotle.

      I feel it was deliberate sabotage, because there appeared to be no connection to food sources on the bulk of the bad PR press narrative. Monsanto was grinning.

      This happened around 2015 to 2018. Their stock price went from about $740 to $255. Some big players made a lot of money on this short. Then the stock started climbing again. On February 3, 2021 it was $1530 a share.

      I can envision a scenario where some Wall Street and/or Monsanto corporate guys conspire to make this happen. It actually seems pretty easy to pull off.

  6. I searched “DeWine journalist arrested”

    Read more than a few articles

    Watched the body cam footage

    The statements about the journalist being arrested for narrative sake is a little off.
    A press conference started, and the journalist was at the back of the gym being loud. He was told to be quiet until the end then became irritated to irate. After being asked to quiet down and then leave, he wouldn’t. So he was arrested. No narrative, Governor DeWine stated sympathy for the man also freedom of press, and hoped charges would be dropped. The charges were dropped. Pentagon did not approve of the behavior by Ohio National Guard officer.
    In summation, journalist should have been a little more respectful of the fact that the press conference was happening. The Ohio National Guard officer was a little handsy after repeatedly requesting the journalist to quiet down. Moot point to the Ohio derailment story in my opinion.

    • HyperSimian, Thanks for the brief about that. I appreciate it.

  7. The two IMMEDIATE dangers of AI are that you will soon be following podcasts and such designed to keep, you and you alone, occupied. Its (as the guy says in podcast below) a predator for your eyes and your time. He also says that it will become so attuned to tempt you that it will be like having a personal demon in the room tempting you like some Saint in the olde days.

     Artificial Influence with Cyprian, Marc Clair show

    The OTHER danger is that its a side attack on Web Anonymity and that these tools are only in the open so that people can deepfake voices and faces and sow chaos until the ONLY way people will be able to function on the net will be via some kind of cryptographic digital ID. The Web will finally have its “drivers License” and the web finally becomes a SINGLE edged sword in the info war. Theres a video going round sugesting this, cant find right now

    On AI as a tool…. Its potentially very dangerous, even if its not intelligence (though I wonder if the machine gives a chance for Spiritual ‘intelligences’ to communicate the way a Ouija board or a Tarot deck might).

    Spiritual dangers aside the two factors that make it so dangerous are

    1)People are stupid, lazy, and seek pleasure/ease and will thus trust, use and be stupefied by this tech


    2) It is totally unpredictable and putting it in charge of systems that peoples lives depend on is insane because you cant predict when it will sperg out and shut off the water supply, melt down your reactor or (like that Tesla) break hard in the fast lane. But because of Issue No.1 people WILL use it, especially considering that zoomers are even more arrogant and stupid then millennials.

    I believe that AI COULD be very useful for ordinary people.…acting like firearms did to break the massive gap in ability between the expensively trained and equipped knight and regular people. The problem is that while it would be wonderful to have a box in the corner that can function as my very own James Corbett or Richard Grove, you could never trust it for the reasons mentioned above.

    THIS guy claims to have made his own AI trained on 4Chan which gave better answers then the intentionally hobbled systems the corperate world lets us play with
    “GPT-4chan: This is the worst AI ever”

    I wish I was smart enough and could afford the PC to run such tech, but I would probably give the interface voice a creepy hiss and mount the speaker behind a glowing crystal skull just to remind myself that its untrustworthy and dangerous tech to stake your life on.

    Short video where a guy builds a chatbot

    On the unpredictability of AI The jokey video about the guy with a ChatGpt Microwave that tried to MURDER him

  8. “…Maybe this will mean that the garbage will disappear?…”

    That would be true it everyone were intelligent, enlightened and wise folks like you and I who do not (uhm…MOSTLY dont…only occasionally… 🙂 ) waste hours looking at TV or scrolling thru youtube videos or social media feeds.

    MOST people will react to personalized entertainment the way American Indians responded to whisky or modern Americans responded to soda.

    Hmn.. NOW imagine what it’ll be like when their tripping B@!!S on legal Acid at the same time. That reminds me of WIld Palms, ‘mimazine’ made the VR feel real.

  9. I will absolutely not be feeding that “chat” beast.

    Since this thing went mainstream I have been reminded so many times about Eric Schmidt saying how being provided with multiple sources for your query is actually a bug and that they should get it “right” immediately.

    Some of us will be left behind. Yesterday we were “second class” citizens because we refused the jabs, who knows what tomorrow brings.

    • Russell Brand might have a pretty damn good point in the video I just saw:

      Some of the details he found, when pieced together, send chills down my spine. Is this really what is planned for Ukraine, and if so, (here is the million dollar question), who’s next? Seems like China vs. USA is the next big war in the books….

  10. Haven’t read through others comments – apologies if I’m repeating – I will read shortly.

    Jeremy Loffredo was apparently in communication with someone on the ground very early on. His Twitter account was immediately suspended.

    I also didn’t hear about this until 7 days after the occurrence.

    We really need to ask – where were the first person accounts?

    Am I right in thinking that, if residents were evacuated, IPs changed? Yet still, no tweets, no TikToks from anyone who lived there.

    They were on this straight away – canning everything that came from the area.

    And now Michigan.

  11. Thanks for the report. Simplest explanation for the media blackout behind Ohio is just to cover incompetence and publiC outcry. It means then need public opinion to be on the gov side for the next plans they’ve got in store for us.
    About AI, I think that it’s a bit overhyped. In the end, AI tends to get more and more corrupt, confused, and dysfunctional, due to countless commands and conflicting data.

  12. The EPA’s Credibility is in Train-Wreck Mode

    That whole East Palestine, Ohio area is full of hazardous contaminants and particulates. Think of the toxic dust. No one should be casually walking around without protective gear. The insides of most structures are likely full of toxins because of the HVAC. Contaminants are on clothing and other objects. Videos show residents unaware of proper safety measures, which is just like climbing the rubble of ground zero on 9/11 with no protection.

    EPA & “harm’s way”

    CNN’s Erica Hill speaks with EPA administrator Michael Regan about the local and federal response.
    Wednesday Feb 15 NEWS VIDEO
    CNN anchor presses EPA chief on water testing after toxic train derailment
    QUEUE to about the 7:10 minute mark

    Michael Regan states: “When we know, they (public) will know.”

    Erica asks, “Can you give them (residents) any sort of timeline when you can say to them definitively: “It’s safe”.”
    EPA Administrator Michael Regan responds,
    “…But we have to be able to get in and do the assessment.
    So, as the conditions on the ground becomes safe so that we can put our scientists and engineers not in harm’s way but in a position where they could do their work, we will then be in a position to provide those updates to the public as soon as we can.”

    • It’s safe for residents, but unsafe for their people. Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:
      That whole East Palestine, Ohio area is full of hazardous contaminants and particulates. Think of the toxic dust. No one should be casually walking around without protective gear. The insides of most structures are likely full of toxins because of the HVAC. Contaminants are on clothing and other objects. Videos show residents unaware of proper safety measures, which is just like climbing the rubble of ground zero on 9/11 with no protection.

      Again, I liken this to areas around ground zero on 9/11. There is bad stuff all over the place, and the cumulative intake of toxins should not be minimized.
      Citizens of East Palestine are walking around as if this continuous daily exposure and inhalation to toxins are not as harmful as they really are on a cumulative basis. Citizens need to leave this area and be warned that this area is not safe.

      VIDEO queue to around 5:05 with “‘official’ government response” followed by citizens speaking about their current situation. Rewind for more.
      This DISASTER is much worse than they’re telling us, could last decades | Redacted News

  13. MORE on The EPA’s Credibility is in Train-Wreck Mode“Forever Chemicals”

    Last Friday, I was on the phone for an hour with the Regional EPA office ( for states surrounding Texas) asking about the “Forever Chemicals” PFAS testing.

    For decades, the EPA has been straining to keep water fluoridation alive in the U.S., despite knowing that health risks exist.
    Corbett Report Members are very aware of the EPA Lawsuit on Water Fluoridation.

    The reason that water fluoridation is not a national mandate is…
    The 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) states: “No national primary drinking water regulation may require the addition of any substance for preventive health care purposes unrelated to contamination of drinking water.”
    Part B §300g–1. National drinking water regulations

    The PFAS Cover-up by the EPA

    PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
    TERMS like PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, PFC’s and C-8 are used.
    It is not by coincidence that terms like PFAS and C-8 are used. The word “fluoride” or “fluorine” is deliberately left out of the mainstream lexicon. In reality, the PFAS chemicals are multi-fluorinated molecules. Many fluorine atoms are used. Multi-fluorinated molecules is a term most people grasp rather than PFAS. But using the term “Multi-fluoridated chemicals” would be a PR nightmare for the EPA and vested interests.
    CDC – ASTDR – Two page easy to read flyer on PFAS
    There are many thousands of these type of fluorinated chemicals.

    According to Bloomberg Law, more than 6,400 PFAS-related lawsuits have been filed since 2005.
    Companies Face Billions in Damages as PFAS Lawsuits Flood Courts

    For decades, the EPA has stalled and stalled on doing anything effective against these “Forever Chemicals” which are inside every one of us. Something happened in 2018 and 2019 which changed the narrative. The EPA had a PR nightmare.
    Both films tell the same story.
    The Devil We Know – Official Trailer –
    “The Devil We Know” Documentary Full Film –

    “Dark Waters” starring actor Mark Ruffalo (Marvel’s Hulk actor)
    DARK WATERS | Official Trailer | In Theaters November 22, 2019


    • (…continuing…)

      ‘Dark Waters’ star Mark Ruffalo, lawyer Rob Bilott tell the true story behind film | Nightline ABC
      (8 minutes)
      The film created a lot of Press and public outrage. The EPA started to work on damage control and created a Public Relations effort by requiring, starting in 2023, that water utilities monitor 30 of these chemicals.

      400 page book by Robert Bilott (attorney) – October 8, 2019
      Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer’s Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont

      “Bilott is an engaging narrator who breaks our hearts with tales of clients suffering excruciating ailments and amazes us with endless 14-hour days scouring technical reports in search of that one clue that might help him make his case. The naïve corporate defense attorney we meet at the book’s start is gone by the end, and he seems no longer surprised when he realizes that regulators, including the Environmental Protection Agency, are in DuPont’s pocket. By the time he learns PFOA and its chemical cousins are in the blood of virtually all of us, he knows it’s fallen to him to do the E.P.A.’s job. The book ends with him filing a federal class action suit against eight chemical companies on behalf of every American. His education is complete.”
      —The New York Times Book Review

      This EPA mandate for most all American water utilities starts in 2023 and will continue for years.
      SUMMARY : The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing a Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) rule that requires certain public water systems (PWSs) to collect national occurrence data for 29 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and lithium.
      Via 40 CFR Part 141 from UCMR 5 webpage –
      TRAINING VIDEO for small water utilities (unlisted on YouTube – EPA Channel) 14 minutes
      Sample Collection Training for EPA’s Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5)
      EPA Press Releases

      Bright Corbett Report Members will recognize that the EPA is still stalling. How many decades will it take to gather data on a only a few dozen chemicals out of thousands, then do studies on those chemicals, and then make a safety ruling?
      The new 2023 EPA PFAS mandate for water utilities is only a PR stunt.

      Vested interests…
      FluoroCouncil Launches New Website Highlighting Benefits of Fluorinated Chemistries


      • Dark Watters is quite eye opening. It played a role in why I started using an iron cast pan.

        If people knew how easy it is to use these. And they are basically built to last for a lifetime. I’m telling people about these pans, nobody tool the bait, yet. Maybe I’ll start gifting them.

        I did not know Ruffalo was actively involved in this matter. I guess he did not need to prepare or even act in this movie, that’s a rare occurence.

        • The videos and images of Bucky Bailey definitely have impact.

          Marvel’s Hulk, Mark Ruffalo once had brain cancer/tumor. After the surgeons cut it out, his hearing in one ear went out and he had partial facial paralysis. That killed his acting career. Incredibly, nerves remyelinated over time, and he regained facial control and regained an acting career.
          He had a brother who was murdered.
          Ruffalo is a Climate Change enthusiast.

          This PFAS stuff is all over the place.
          I once bought one of those organic popcorn microwave pop bags. After it popped and I opened the bag, I recognized the slick sheen characteristics of PFAS on the inner coating of the bag.
          Many fast food wrappers contain PFAS.
          Cardboard boxes with shiny slick colored pictures often contain PFAS.

          Cosmetics, synthetic fragrances, all types of produced goods…we just don’t know what chemicals are really in many of these.

    • (…continuing…) #3 of 3

      Fluorotechnology Is Critical to Modern Life: The FluoroCouncil Counterpoint to the Madrid Statement
      …a large body of scientific information demonstrating important differences between the health and environmental impacts of long-chain and short-chain PFASs. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulators have approved numerous short-chain alternatives to replace long-chain PFASs. Data in non-human primates indicate shorter-chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids (PFCAs) are less toxic than long-chain PFCAs and have substantially shorter half-lives than perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in particular (U.S. EPA 2015a).
      It does not recognize the substantial and continuing efforts by industry and governments to replace long-chain substances with alternatives that limit environmental impacts while continuing to provide the unique benefits of PFAS chemistry. These efforts continue, but more work is needed by all parties to complete this transition.

      I’ll tell you what.
      Fluorine (fluoride) is toxic to life forms. It has no nutrient value.
      Most people underestimate the cumulative toxicity of having fluoride in the body. About half of the consumed fluoride will stay in the body forever.


      HEALTH ISSUE of PFAS and fluoridated tap water – Dental Fluorosis
      FLUOROSIS – “Dark Waters” film
      Another issue were the teeth of the cow which were blackened, Tennant was told it was due to high levels of fluoride in the drinking water. All the issues that were pointed out by Tennant in regards to the cows called for Bilott’s attention for him to take on the case.

      MERCK Veterinary Manual – Fluoride Poisoning in Animals
      (NOTE: Animals rarely have cavities.)
      EXCERPT Fluoride compounds (eg, sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid) are added to human drinking water at a concentrations of ~1 mg/L in an effort to reduce dental caries. This recommendation is not universally accepted. Both acute and chronic toxicoses may result from ingestion of fluorides….
      See DENTAL FLUOROSIS in humans here

      Many of the PFAS are considered the top greenhouse gases.
      the global warming potential (GWP) values of CF4 and hexafluoroethane (C2F6) are 11,200 and 18,200 times that of carbon dioxide, respectively (Geiser et al., 2016)
      California is the world’s largest emitter of sulfuryl fluoride, which is 4,800 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Sulfuryl fluoride is used as a pesticide.

      • Animals rarely have cavities? Maybe it has something to do with low sugar diet. Or no regular brushing of teeth with chemical waste. Just a wild speculation on my part.

        • Animals rarely have cavities

          I agree with you. The sugars and diet play a key role. I read some reports by Vets on this.

          Dogs are often fed sugary people-food and grain-based food.
          Despite this bad diet, their cavity rate is still extremely low.

          Wikipedia confirms what I read elsewhere…
          “Although rarely seen in cats, the incidence of caries in dogs has been estimated at 5%”

  14. ChatGPT for software developers:
    I tried the bot to help me writing software and it is a fantastic tool. It feels like going from shovel to excavator.
    You can tell the bot to provide you with a solution to a certain problem and it will give you nearly 80% of the thing you want to do. Of course you need to adapt the final solution to your individual needs but you save a lot of time.
    Without the bot I would search the internet for hours to find a particularly fitting programming example on how to exactly use certain library functions etc. Now this bot has it all present. This means I am getting concerned to loose in competitiveness against those who use the bot in the job (software). I already told my supervisor to get a subscription.

    My fears are to adapt to that bot like I found myself already adapted to a certain search engine and what can the bot find out about me by analyzing my requests.
    It is a scary thing.
    Regards everybody,

    • @arts

      Thanks for this comment. You provide some much needed insight in your description of how the chat bot helps carry much of the work load in your day to day tasks in your job.

      I especially found the following part of your comment to be very telling and worth exploring further:

      “?? ????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ?????????.”

      I am in the landscape design and installation business so I can relate to that analogy. When our company loads up the excavator and/or bobcat for doing a job it means less digging for me and the crew. Less sweat, less blisters and less time spent planting big trees. Though it also means less exercise, less cardiovascular health, less care and attention to avoiding hurting wild life, less honing our dexterity and less work hours for those that do not have seniority on the team.

      Now they are developing autonomous AI guided Bobcats and Excavators too, so it is only a matter of time until even the machine operator’s job will disappear.

      This compels me to ask the question, what are the analogous trade offs for your situation? Does letting an AI chat bot to do the ‘heavy lifting’ (and/or tedious time consuming digital work) mean your own proficiency will go down hill due to some kind of atrophy in the long run? Will these AI platforms eventually be able to replace you all together?

      If it did become capable of replacing you in doing your job, what would you do?

    • 80-90% of your colleagues will probably lose their job soon, maybe even this year. Data analysts will be obsoleted even faster. Those who learn to interface with the beast will last a bit longer.

      Lawyers are also probably going to get whiped out almost completely.

      Translators were still saught after some 15 years ago. They got pummeled rather fast and ran out of business. It is to be expected that what is looming in IT is going to be 10x faster in comparison.

      • @mkey

        I don’t know if you possibly were saying the “80-90% of your colleagues” part of your comment to me, but if so, looks like your right…

        All they need is an army of those boston dynamics robots with their ‘olympic gymnast level’ agility and super strength with some hard hats and shovels and i`ll be totally out of a job hahah

        Oh well, my true path on Earth is to empower people to be able to cultivate, regenerate and create using their own two hands and their own unique gifts, so when the robots make my permaculture design and landscape installation day job obsolete, i`ll just find a way to focus all my energy on my true passion and getting the school my wife and I dream about creating going to help people increase their resilience through re-connecting with the Earth reciprically.

        • I was replying to arts. I think many IT jobs are going to be gone very soon. This industry adapts very quickly and IMO people will be dumped just as soon as these language bots can be integrated into the pipeline.

          • ahh I thought that was probably the case but thought i`d share the links anyways for a laugh.

            Though now that I think about it, the idea of robots gardening or doing landscape installations is pretty appalling when I stop laughing at the idea of them replacing my day job and think about all the mining and manufacturing industry that will be required to make them..

            Makes sense they will squeeze out the IT jobs first, then maybe in a few years the hands on stuff will be targeted once they have more robots on the market. I mean there will inevitably be many people that will prefer humans doing something for them as a service over a robot even when the robots become an option (especially for creative trades type jobs) so I imagine there would always be some opportunity to do that work if one wanted to.

            Thanks for the comment(s)

    • After posting my last post I read further down in the Wiki page and WOW!! I highly recommend, if interested, to read the section titled Consumer Culture especially paragraphs 3 Through the theme of technology, DeLillo demonstrates the effect media has on human behavior…. and paragraph 4 Indeed, it is a world that seems determined by simulation which, according to Jean Baudrillard, is “the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal….
      The link again…

  15. Interesting thought about the train wreck pushing people to watch the movie WHITE NOISE. (Odd name for a movie about a train wreck.) Maybe the movie has a train(s) of thought in it that they want you to jump on. Maybe it has hypnotic suggestions embedded in it. Maybe the movie was created to program “White noise” in your head about similar disaster events. White noise masks or hides other noise that is going on in the background. One friend thinks it is a diversionary tactic so people will be looking here while something of equal or more import is going on somewhere else.
    I did not watch the movie but I read the synopsis. It was listed as a tragic comedy! And the storyline was, in my opinion, simply ridiculous and a bit profane in the way it made light or funny, serious tragedies.

  16. Thanks for mentioning that.

  17. Tomorrow, I’m driving to Washington DC for the Rage Against the War Machine rally. East Palestine is on the way. I’ll let yall know what I see.

    • BUMP

      HyperSimian says:
      “I’ll let yall know what I see.”

      • Drove through East Palestine today. Asked a gas station attendant where the wreck happened. She was advised to say no comment. The railroad goes through the middle of town. A train went by while I was there. I drove around and certain roads were closed. I couldn’t see anything of importance. I will note, take it with a grain of salt, but my passenger and I did notice a different smell going through there. Other than that, everything was business as usual. Most places were open and people walking around like normal. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  18. The controllers are quite brilliant in their nefarious agenda of population control. I’ve asked here before, “What is going on that they are trying to obfuscate with catastrophes and events?”
    *There is a senile President
    *His son’s toxic laptop
    *The missing Durham report
    *Allowing a foreign spy balloon to traverse the nation
    *Possible UFO’s being shot down
    *Thousands of young people dying from heart attacks from forced injections from companies that have can’t be sued
    *Blacks 13%, Queers 5.2%, and Trannies 0.6% of the population getting 80% of the news coverage and special treatment/days/celebrations
    *Millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS crossing our border
    *The on-going attack on our food supply
    *This Ohio “accident”
    *Lies about “fossil” fuel shortage when we have hundreds of years of it in the Bakken Oil Reserve under Dakota and more on Gull Island, AK
    *1/3 of the homeless people in the US are in California
    *Elections are being stolen and rigged for leftist/Democrat/socialists

    Meanwhile, undercover of all this, WHAT is going on?

    THEY GOT YOU GOOD (song)

  19. Oopsie! how did this make it into the National Library of Medicine?

    You can read the whole study at the link but here is the conclusion.


    Since the beginning of COVID-19, we can list the following methods of information manipulation which have been used: falsified clinical trials and inaccessible data; fake or conflict-of-interest studies; concealment of vaccines’ short-term side effects and total lack of knowledge of the long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccination; doubtful composition of vaccines; inadequate testing methods; governments and international organizations under conflicts of interest; bribed physicians; the denigration of renowned scientists; the banning of all alternative effective treatments; unscientific and liberticidal social methods; government use of behavior modification and social engineering techniques to impose confinements, masks, and vaccine acceptance; scientific censorship by the media.

    By supporting and selecting only the one side of science information while suppressing alternative viewpoints, and with obvious conflicts of interest revealed by this study, governments and the media constantly disinform the public. Consequently, the unscientifically validated vaccination laws, originating from industry-controlled medical science, led to the adoption of social measures for the supposed protection of the public but which became serious threats to the health and freedoms of the population.

  20. Stop listening to your guitar teacher about world events, it’s the first time I have ever heard you venture into conspiratard territory 🙂 He’ll turn you into Max Igan before you know it! LOL.

  21. Thank you as always James. More info about this incident at Eric Coppolino’s site- can’t wait to read through these comments and see the links- thanks for covering yet another insanity!
    Eric has worked and reported on other environmental tragedies, very articulatly Dow Chemical’s secret internal study showing three-generation effects in rats. The EPA tried to keep this secret.

    The Sanjour Memo, written by the great and good William Sanjour — one among the few honest people in the EPA, who headed the reassessment of dioxin’s toxicity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    The Kemner Brief, article by Coppolino.

    Dioxin Critic Sued, article Coppolino, from Lies of Our Times

    The Secret History of Chemicals, earlier interview with Carol van Strum

  22. Not to negate the point about “reactive” programming and the recent release of the movie White Noise, but the movie is adapted from a book by Don DeLillo which was published in 1985. Having said that, I haven’t watched the movie so there may be liberties taken. And how eerie when you mention portions of the movie were filmed near East Palestine and extras were locals. Life imitates art “they” always say.

  23. The EPA administrator on September 11, 2001, Christine Todd Whitman, destroyed countless lives with the help of the mainstream media.

    I have no words.
    Watch this…
    9/11 responder receives his prosthetic left upper jaw with teeth and his prosthetic face

  24. Syrian Earth-Quake Victims

    Yesterday, there was a knock on my door asking for donations for Turkey Earth-Quake Victims, no mention of Syrian Earth-Quake Victims. We are living human History and the atrocities we have inflicted on each other, whipped up by politics, religion, media, money etc… I use James’s WW1 Document to understand today’s events, even though our history has been censored by the Winners, as will happen again. Human history is one of being controlled and enslaved from time immemorial. Icke speaks of our very narrow band of vision, as have many others on this issue. When Oh When Will WE Wake?

  25. ***??????***

    “URGENT: For Everyone East of the Mississippi
    The Train Derailment in East Palestine & one scientists prediction & warning of the reach of the carcinogenic toxins.”

    (I have not vetted the data shared in that article but I can confirm the reports of acid rain on the Canada side of Lake Erie, thus I felt compelled to share the link above incase it can help those that may be harm’s way)

    • Gavin, You are correct…people generally have been minimizing the fallout from this event.

      Do not eat the snow.

      • I appreciate the comment.

        By the way, I quoted you in my recent substack article on Dioxin and Glyphosate Detox from that comment on a past thread where you said:

        “Glutathione is the best antioxidant that the body makes.
        Glutathione is made up of three amino acids. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a major component of glutathione. The other two amino acids are Glycine and Glutamine.”

        I was unable to find the actual comment to link it to my article directly (I think maybe it was in the december or new years open thread?) and I do not know of any website or blog you have that I could link so I just put your screenname from here.

        ( Here is a link to the article incase you missed it: )

  26. More news on the Canuck front….

    Chinese interference in the Canadian Federal elections of 2021:

    Video in French. Summary: opposition accuses Trudeau of knowing that China tampered with our elections but said and did nothing because it was to his advantage; Trudeau denies knowing anything but will do his utmost best to stop this from happening again.

    Apparently, China got exactly what they wanted: Trudeau as PM in a minority government.

    I’ve never heard of foreign interference in our elections before… I wonder if it’s happened in the past?

  27. Strange that the 2016 Evergreen College Riots were not widely publicized, as I just received a YouTube link today, though I am subscribed to many sites. Was it a precursor to WOKE or a result of it or genuine student concerns? I know my comment is off-topic but everything seems to connect at some point.

    • Lumen

      AFAIK (and I am no expert) Woke got started after the Occupy movement started to bring left and right wingers together against the people who actually run things. Thats not to say that it was a wonderful pure movement or anything.

      Probably the big cause of Woke was also the end of the ‘New Atheist’ thing (which Chris Knowles @ secretsun blog thinks was funded via Epstein Money) which laid the groundwork by finishing off organized religion but was not able to replace it (as a Faith for the masses) with Science-ism.

      You also need to think that the Millennials were the first generation to have (masses of) extended adolescence + Social Media and thus to make Fragile Narcissism a NORMAL thing (see #Books “#The Dumbest Generation’ + ‘#Dumbest Generation grows Up” by #MarkBauerlein)

      If you think of minds as the soil, the millennial generation really were well prepped to grow the seeds of Woke the Oligarchs were sowing. They tried the same stuff with the boomers via the Counter Culture but it was not nearly as widely accepted.

  28. As a follow up to my White Noise comment, my husband pointed out last night that the movie The China Syndrome had released shortly before (like only a couple weeks before I think!) the Three Mile Island accident.

    • I’m glad people like these are talking:

      In this video, they even explain how the latest bird flu is being handled the same way Covid-1984 was. Well, except for the mass culling, of course, but…. you know, what anti-vaxxers went through is kind of a culling, in a sense…

  29. This just in: CNN reports that ‘White-Supremicist, Anti-Vax Disgruntled Employees May Have Been Responsible For Ohio Train Derailment; FBI Investigating’

  30. Putting my thinking cap on, maybe it has nothing to do with predictive programming altogether.

    Maybe it is just looking for vulnerable infrastructure and using movies for this task. Consider you are an CIA agent and your job is exactly that, looking for a target suitable for a terror attack with maximal effect. How to start?

    Why not watching some catastrophe movies and checking the background in RL? This was probably not the first train containing toxic chemicals traveling this broken rail track.

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