Interview 1788 – UN Supervillains Threaten to Dim the Sun – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Solar Geoengineering Should Be Regulated, U.N. Report Says

An Open Letter Regarding Research On Reflecting Sunlight to Reduce the Risks of Climate Change

PDF: “One Atmosphere: An Independent Expert Review on Solar Radiation Modification Research and Deployment”

The Magic Words – #SolutionsWatch

Mexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments

Geoengineering Startup’s Claim It Got ‘OKs to Launch’ From FAA Doesn’t Stand Up to Scrutiny

UN Says Censoring “Disinformation” and “Hate Speech” Will Protect “Free Speech”

Serbia Warns ‘Everyone Is Preparing For War’

US Sending Up to 200 More Troops to Taiwan As China Tensions Grow

Taiwan to Criminalize Spreading Rumors During Wartime

Story #2: US Claims Iran Can Make Fissile Material for a Bomb ‘In About 12 Days’

Colin Kahl

UN Report: Uranium Particles Enriched to 83.7% Found In Iran

Episode 337 – The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

Video: Karine Jean-Pierre Mistakenly Says “President Obama” Is Making Announcements

Story #3: US Legislators Introduce Bill To Prohibit Creation Of American CBDC

Episode 433 – CBDCs: Beyond the Basics

Episode 317 – The Truth About Glass-Steagall

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  1. What’s with these people and injections? It’s an obscene fixation.

    • They have this thing about “Penezintratin’!” stuff.
      Best Schwarb accent I can do with the alphabet, lol

    • mkey says:
      What’s with these people and injections? It’s an obscene fixation.

      They like to needle people until they get the point.

  2. James- have you looked at this website? It’s important to research the Atmosphere Protection Act It would be great if you could reach out and speak to Jolie Diane at her website- -zerogeoengineering- she moved to WA DC to become a fulltime lobbyist to stop this madness! and
    Beginning of this article: March 1, 2023 || A recent United Nations (UN) report urges “stakeholders” to establish global governance of a form of geoengineering called Solar Radiation Modification (SRM).
    Geoengineering, originally a form of violent warfare, is not “governable” since it is a crime, not a democratic activity.
    1. No one can avoid breathing intentionally contaminated “geoengineered” air, and
    2. Blocking the sun has catastrophic and deadly consequences for Life on Earth.
    Geoengineering must be prohibited. The justification for SRM is based on the “CO2” climate theory, the well-marketed hypothesis that there is a problem with the Earth’s temperature, and the arrogant notion that humans have the ability or the right to manipulate and control Earth’s thermostat.
    “Climatic change” theory was proposed in the 1970’s by the Soviet Union as a form of weather & climate modification as well as environmental warfare.
    The strategy was to block sunlight from reaching Earth by artificially increasing the concentration of sulfur aerosols – released from aircraft. ….. please read further

    • to whomever cares. I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, I have recently in last year taken 1,000’s of photos showing the most bizarre skies filled with clearly visible particles, as well as smells accommodating some days.

      I believe we are being slowly GASSED as in what they did in Nazi Germany to the Jews and others. If anyone is interested for their studies or videos I am willing to share these photos. you can reach me here and I will reach back out.

      sincerely’N’TRUTH: d’Anthony

      • [No bare urls in the comments, please. Please repost the link with a title and explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

        • Interesting article, if you download the pdf refer to pages 59-67 and pay special attention to Table 2 on page 65

          • That table makes it look like the risks are worth benefit, just like with the you know which jab.

            I would be interested in seeing those photos you are referring to.

            • I’m not sure how to post them or if it’s even allowed. Any recommendations, we would send them to whomever is interested.

              • It should be realtively easy to create a photo collection on site img.ur and post the URL to the collection here. That is allowed and does not even require registration.

                It should also be doable to convert the pictures into a slideshow video and then put that video to a site such as

                If you tell me which platform you are using I can provide more detailed steps for the latter.

              • here’s the link to the video. These pics were taken over the past year, kind of scary and insane. They can’t change what the effects of what they are doing are. Hope you find it effective. Thanks, James, for enlightening others. Let me know what you think about it.


              • you can search for it on odysee magic words…

                strange clouds upper peninsula michigan


          Benefits and Risks of Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management for Climate Intervention (Geoengineering)
          MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020

          We found this link with the magic words SRM DOD.

          It is about the benefits and risks of Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management, filling in some blanks re: how, what, why. I was particularly interested in the Table 2 of the downloadable pdf by the National Acadamy of Engineering; it is their Spring Bridge Issue on Engineering and Climate change. This particular article is on pages 59-67 and the table is located on page 65. The table is interesting as it lists the benefits and risks for the SRM. We found it interesting as we have seen some of the benefits re: red and yellow bright sunsets and some of the risks: white skies, completely white haze. As of his writing the article he says that they don’t have the ability to do the spraying, but in my opinion they have fixed that problem. Let me know what you think about it.

          • We also thought this pdf might help people lobbying against Geoengineering, SRM, etc.

  3. This is worth reading: to see more go to the site
    I worked with Jolie on this pollution in Marin until she decided her time would be better spent talking to congress. Finally after years of work they have a bill introduced. I would recommend her website – it has a wealth of information.
    INTRODUCED: The Atmosphere Protection Act

    March 1, 2023 | | House Bill No. 5866, THE ATMOSPHERE PROTECTION ACT was introduced in Rhode Island.
    The legislation states: “Aerosol injection, cloud-seeding, weather modification, geoengineering and other hazardous atmospheric activities, purposed to intentionally pollute and/or manipulate the environment, are hereby prohibited within or above the State of Rhode Island.”
    The legislative intent: “To preserve the safe, healthful, resilient and peaceful uses of Rhode Island’s atmosphere for people, the environment, and agriculture, and to improve climate efforts, by prohibiting hazardous atmospheric polluting activities, providing enforcement and penalties for violative activity.”
    The Bill has been referred to House Environment and Natural Resources.
    To help support the passage of HB 5866 contact House Members and Senate Members and urge them to cosponsor and vote YES on HB 5866, THE ATMOSPHERE PROTECTION ACT.

  4. I am very concerned about the path that Dane Wiggington is leading us down, He still refers to the topic of ‘global warming’ – something James debunked very well. We need to work with credible sources.

    • They pretty much ALL talk about “The Climate Crisis” as if its a thing…. the idea is probably if they keep saying it everyone else will get tried of calling BS on it and they win by default

      • For a long time I have been putting out information about this process of controlling humans.

        Csanyi and Kampis of Hungary revealed the self- organization of living systems as REPLICATION, occurring at all levels: Molecular, Biological, and Social. Every system has its own way it forms, expands, and holds its self together.

        With humans, replication of IDEAS is essential, first in forming, and then maintaining social systems (Group think or traditions). Today replication is a weapon, a relentless management attack on our senses and values. They use the power of words, sound, and images to manipulate minds creating perceptions of governance.

        Most people’s daily life is an experience of manufactured cliche,’ formulated ‘lifestyle’ group think.

        It is important to understand these concepts and truths:
        1. The controllers use the powers of words, sound, and images to manipulate minds creating perceptions to control people.
        2. “Cancellation” is the modern form of punishment for “heresy.”
        3. The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY. Why we go from one claimed “shortage” or “enemy” to another.
        4. A key psychological weapon is maintaining humans attention on differences, not similarities. Keeping people in separation makes them weak.
        5. Those who can control perception can manipulate which “truth” is accepted in the collective consciousness.
        6. For most under 50 their “beliefs” have been formed from the entertainment industry. Leftist dialog in thousands of hours of commercials, movies, etc. become life “truths” to create “sameness” of thought

        Try some brain food out, it is delicious:

  5. I still remember the first time I heard about “chem trails.” Some kid I worked with at a manufacturer in Spring Lake, MI back in 2012 brought it up to me in passing. He laughed it off in the same way someone would bring up Flat Earth today. I thought it sounded like nonsense myself, but then I started paying more attention to the skies. It is crazy on clear days how often you see these chem trails streaked all over the sky. Later I fell down the chem trail rabbit hole and learn about stratospheric aerosol injection. I remember watching a video of the head of the CIA at the time John Brennan admitting this was something the government was in fact doing. For people to not believe in chem trails at this point is just a non-starter, it’s obviously been happening for decades, they admitted it years ago, and now they want to regulate it. Unbelievable.

    Anyway as always fellas, awesome episode! Keep it up!!

    • What Do Chemtrails Contain?
      Independent tests across the U. S. have shown chemtrails to contain the following substances:
      Aluminum (known to cause tinnitus)
      Barium salts,
      Cadium [Cadmium],
      Desiccated human blood cells,
      Ethylene dibromide,
      Mold spores,
      Polymer fibers,
      Radio cesium,
      Sharp titanium shards,
      Stonthium [Strontium],
      Submicron particles,
      Unidentified living bacteria,
      Uranium, And many other toxins

      And the “Elephant in the room” is with the ongoing destruction of the air, land, and water, just “who” will be able to live on Earth after that?

      WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

  6. Hello Corbett Folk,
    It’s always instructive to remember that due to the existence of real climate science, the climate cult had to switch from “global warming” to “climate change”, since warming is not actually happening. An inconvenient truth for the lear-jet charlatan hypocrites running the
    cult and passing the hat around.
    US military tanker planes, the KC-135 Strato Tanker and the KC-767
    Strato Tanker have been modifying the weather here in the Pacific coast
    regions off northern California since 1995 non-stop. I live right under
    MAC-3, military air corridor #3. They fly every day at least 20 flights. If they happen to not be spraying us directly, a rare event, they are certainly on their way to disrupt the west coast all the way to the jet stream in the gulf of Alaska. These planes have no markings
    and range from combinations of silver and white for the most part.
    I highly recommend all Corbett Report interviews on this topic and a recent one Del Bigtree did on The Highwire with Dane Wiggington from Geoengineering Watch.


    PS: the KC-767 may be a later version of another 2 engine plane
    working in the ’90,s

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