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Story #1: A State of Never-Ending Crisis – The Government Is Fomenting Mass Hysteria

Episode 411 – States of Emergency

Information Overload Is a Weapon of Control

Living Colour – “Information Overload”

Story #2: RESTRICT Act is Not About TikTok – ‘It Gives the Government Authority Over All Forms of Communication Domestic or Abroad’

PDF: Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology (RESTRICT) Act

S.686 – RESTRICT Act

The Digital Iron Curtain: How the RESTRICT Act Threatens to Devastate Privacy and Crush Free Speech Online

Gina Raimondo

TikTok CEO Admits China Has Access to US User Data

Utah Governor Signs Parental Consent Laws for Minor Social Media Use

Twitter Tests ID Verification Feature; Some Politicians Want It Enrolled To All Users

Episode 344 – Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition

Could the RESTRICT Act Criminalize the Use of VPNs?

Biden Fails to Get Censorship Lawsuit Dismissed

Story #3: World Population Could Peak At 8.5 Billion People By The 2050s, Study Predicts

PDF: EARTH4ALL: WORKING PAPER #1 People and Planet – 21st-Century Sustainable Population Scenarios and Possible Living Standards Within Planetary Boundaries

New Initiative On Transformational Economics, EarthforAll, Launched (Nov. 19, 2020)

Wellbeing for all within the planetary boundaries – Earth4All

Are There Limits to Growth? – Questions For Corbett #077

World ‘population bomb’ may never go off as feared, finds study

‘Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet’

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  1. Right on James. No one is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves. The political party system has hijacked democracy. Ruled by money, it serves the tyranny of wealth rather than the well-being of the public.

    Just launched. A safe, anonymous search tool to connect neighbours and initiate Local Resistance. Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you.

  2. Look at the background color behind James Evan Pilato

    He has been busy!

    In late September 2022, a few CorbettReport Members remarked that he looked kind of tired. And that may have been true.
    “Lighting has something to do with it.
    The types of light on camera play a role with how a person appears.”

    See the background color and lighting effect on Pilato’s facial features from the past…
    October 2022 –
    Nov 2022

  3. Put everyone in Texas….

    The area of Texas is about 262,000 mi2. Dividing this figure by the current human population of 7 billion leaves each person with less than 100 square meters, a small plot the size of a big room about 10 m x 10 m.

    • You sound like an echo. An echo of someone making sense.

      100 square meters is about 1000 square feet.

      • My point is the controllers script what we should focus on. Fact that at this point ALL the people in the world could fit in Texas is just a metaphorical mental slap in the noggin to wake up hey?

        The queer and negro population make up about 15-18% of the total number yet they, at this time until no longer needed, make up a majority of the “news” and focus.

        Epstein’s evidence and Durham’s “report” the taking down of food production plants, chemtrails, and on an on stay hidden.

        I saw a video from Boy Biden’s laptop. Joe, naked with a shirt on and open, in what looks like a suburban back yard is whipping a naked young girl (13-14 or so) on the butt and then going close and talking to her next to her face, as she has her hands tied to a rope that is tied to a small tree branch above her.

        Our social/governmental problems are so severe it is like an inoperable cancer.

    • I am really tired of all these newcomers coming to Texas.

      My son, the top construction supervisor for a huge office building complex for a bank was standing outside the complex with the big-shots.
      They eyed the employee parking lot. Not one Texas license plate.

      Native Texans have a certain sense of liberty and independent thinking.
      Not these imports.

      • Felt the same way in the Bay Area in the 60’s when all the little hat people and others migrated to SF, etc. Complained all the time about no good “pizza” poor taxi service, etc.

        Took over everything of worth and changed it to be like the East Coast.

  4. How do we know the “world population”? There is just one source of this information. And you can trust it as much as you can hang it.

  5. I do not buy into the “over-population” or “humanity itself is a dirty nasty disease plaguing the Earth” propaganda but I do think it would be wise to not embrace black and white worldviews when it comes to assessing what kind of relationship some humans have with the earth.

    What I mean is, if we get our guard up and reject any information that is presented to us which illuminates how the actions of some humans are having a deleterious impact on the living Earth (telling ourselves the story that it is just “UN/WEF/Club of Rome/Trilateral Commission anti-human propaganda”) without honestly assessing whether or not there is any validity to that information we risk adopting an incomplete, 2 dimensional and ego/conscience comforting worldview that lacks the nuance which is required to take a step back and see the trees and the forest.

    No, all humans do not have a detrimental effect on the Earth, in fact there have been pockets of humans throughout history that have in fact gone beyond just being “sustainable” into actually designing methods for living that involve positive feed back loops, or cumulatively beneficial symbiotic dynamics between the group of humans and the living Earth (aka “regenerative living”).

    There have also been groups of humans that developed a way of living that would accurately be described as parasitic, pathogenic and not beneficial (with regards to their relationship to the Earth).

    The difference between the two can usually be boiled down to a set of driving beliefs and how they define what a human being is, our place in nature and the degree of humility or inversely, arrogance than the group of humans had (and/or has).


    • (continued from above..)

      It is not humanity that is the problem, it is specific belief systems that either motivate us to be courageous and compassionate co-creators, perpetual students and humble protectors or cowardly and indifferent extractors, perpetually stagnating in the idea we are the pinnacle of “evolution” or creation and arrogant destroyers of life.

      Both potentials exist within each human being, though I think our natural tendencies lean more towards the first potential.

      Belief systems like statism, materialism, reductionism and other religions (whether their priests wear lab coats or robes) that promote humanocentrism seem to inculcate and indoctrinate humans into adopting predominently the second set of internal conditions and behaviors described above.

      Thus, I would humbly suggest that we strive to look honestly at the implications of our current ways of living (remaining open to the possibility that some of the dominant belief systems, societies and cultures on Earth may in fact have embraced a detrimental relationship with the living Earth they depend on to survive). Such an acknowledgement is not “anti-human”, it is in fact pro human, as it acknowledges that free will allows us to either be a plague or a balm for the Earth, and from there we can stop looking for external forces or individuals to save us and decide to take decisive action to attain our true potential and help make this world a better place.

      • Gavinm:

        Your statement here “…I do think it would be wise to not embrace black and white worldviews when it comes to assessing what kind of relationship some humans have with the earth” is a good one.

        I agree with your sentiment. I think the level of pollution and destruction some industries are involved in is psychopathic and revolting.

        I think JC has made this point before about pollution and poisoning.

        To me it’s like pooping in ones own food and water supply. Not very smart. Also it’s not considering how this may impact future generations of human beings and animals.

        I am a nature lover myself and the disregard for it is something that makes me sad.

        • @cu.h.j

          Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

          Well said regarding the psychopathic and revolting behavior of some humans (and the industries they/we support and thus allow to continue existing).

          As you know, I too am a nature lover. Though for me, it kind of goes beyond just appreciation or love for nature and wilderness.. it is something that runs through my veins, lives in my bones and breathes life into my soul. In order to give you some idea of what wilderness places and intact ecosystems mean to me, I will share something I recently wrote to a friend about my childhood.

          In this life I was blessed to have a glimpse of what a life before the grid, the internal combustion engine, paved roads, credit and debit cards, or microwave ovens looked like when I was young and my parents were both park rangers working off grid in the back country of the coastal mountains of BC. They maintained backcountry trails and tried to honor/respect the trees and protect the wildlife against poachers (teaching me the importance of doing the same). I spent much time out in the high alpine meadows and ancient slowly growing balsam fire forests that barely hang on at the tree line up at 7000 feet above sea level. We often fished and foraged for dinner and I spent entire days exploring alpine streams, picking berries and watching the alpine flowers dance in the breeze for entertainment.

          Then my parents decided they needed to be more financially responsible to provide stability for their growing young family and they took better paying jobs in the town of Whistler, putting their nose to the corporate grind stone to pay obscene property taxes and grocery store bills. TV and Internet arrived in our lives and sunk it’s mind numbing and social engineering tentacles in deeply. Then, eventually, they could not afford the affluent Whistler living costs (even with their corporate/government subsidized jobs).. so they bought an orchard in the South Okanagan, where the corporate agriculture propaganda conditioned them further.. until they became round up spraying GMO cheerleaders (convinced such technologies were “advancements” that would “help farmers” and “end hunger”). In essence, they became diametrically opposed to the natural world they once worked to protect and cherish in their youth (through the slow burn of conforming to the norms of modern western “civilization”).

          30 years later, here I am today attempting to find my way back to those alpine meadows and babbling brooks, so filled with beauty and a kind of nourishment no amount of “civilization” can provide.


        • (continued from above..)

          I also spent much time with my parents, uncles, aunties and cousins exploring the temperate rainforests of Vancouver Island in my youth. We traversed glacial slopes to look out from towering mountain peaks, climbed over mossy fallen logs that required a piggy back or a ladder deep in the ancient cedar forests and kayaked along the rugged west coast shoreline where towering trees were filled with bald eagle nests and they shared the salmon abundance with the orca whales.

          So now that I see the work of my grandparents to protect those forests (in the 90s during the clayoquot sound protests) seems to have only delayed the insatiable corporate hunger for transforming the most beautiful, ancient and diverse ecosystems on Earth into dead products, it is really hitting me hard.

          Here are a couple pics of me beside some of the trees that are set to be clearcut starting this June on Vancouver island.

          The second photo viewable through that link shows me with a tree that is over 900 years old. This is a tree that was already centuries old before Canada and the United States became countries.. watching over the rich forests and mountains for countless seasons.. long before the bloodthirsty European ‘explorers’ even knew this land existed.

          That tree is a being that had already stood for a century when Genghis khan was busy conquering half the known world. This is a being that has stood as a silent watcher and protector, still and peaceful as human empires rose and fell. Standing beside my ancient kin… feeling the deep memory of that caring being.. it was a profound experience.. I felt (and still feel) like I had (and have) a lot to learn from this tree.

          Knowing that there are some humans that are primarily focused on fiat currency which intend on killing those beings, invokes a feeling in me that is different than sadness.. it is kind of like a combination of rage, despair and guilt (for my not choosing to be there right now, laying down my life and my freedom to protect those ancient beings, as my grandparents did, and as many brave forest protectors are even now).

        • @cu.h.j

          That last comment came off like I think/know my love of and connection to nature/wilderness is somehow more than yours and I do not know you or what your life/choices have nurtured as far as your connection to nature so I apologize for that presuming in that way.

          I often interact with people here in southern Ontario that have never left the highly ‘developed’ (aka ecologically decimated and almost totally deforested) flat land around the southern great lakes who tell me how they love nature. Then when I tell them about the ecological detriments of modern agriculture, telecommunications hardware, power grids, transportation tech and dominant humanocentric worldviews they are like “whoa whoa whoa Gavin, what are you against Progress? Look at how technology has improved our quality of life since the hunter gatherer days”. They are people that appreciate nature in the context of sporadic Saturday afternoon visits to little patches of forest that are deemed as parks near the cities they live in, but they are people that see perpetuating human “civilization” (in its current format) as that which should be our priority and nature/wilderness as a secondary fascination/distraction when compared to their technological addictions and dependency.

          Interacting with such people all day most days begins to color my view of other interactions with people that say they love nature but that is not fair or rational. so I wanted to apologize for getting wrapped up in those patterns of interactions and my grief and presuming regarding your love of nature in my comment(s) above.

        • “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”

          ~ Rachel Carson, Author of Silent Spring


          May you find deep and eternal reserves of strength when you look up at the stars and sky, hearing birds and the wind and putting your bare feet on the living body of the earth.

          • “That last comment came off like I think/know my love of and connection to nature/wilderness is somehow more than yours and I do not know you or what your life/choices have nurtured as far as your connection to nature so I apologize for that presuming in that way.”

            I wasn’t offended. I do love nature but have never engaged in intense activism to protect it so your efforts are more intense and dedicated than mine for sure.

            Everyone has a “calling” I think. I am more of a “healer” if you can call a regular nurse that. I enjoy helping people on a day to day basis, to interact with and soothe suffering. If I had to do it over again, I would have went to vet school and treated animals. But since I was a little kid I wanted to be a doctor but decided against it later in college and after a while of exploration went on to become a nurse. I’d love to learn about healing properties of plants and use that in an independent practice some day but for now I still need the higher income.

            I’ve also done a lot of community service and volunteer work when I was in college so have always been inclined to help people in direct ways. You have always been drawn to help nature in direct ways and are passionate about it. I appreciate that.

            Anyway, I think it’s necessary to have people to stand up for nature because it has no voice and it is essential to our survival and quality of life and needs to be protected for future generations. Living in barren wasteland would be miserable. I will say that nature has an amazing capacity for regeneration so I am confident that people like yourself and others will help shift things in a positive direction that is not tied into the globalist exploitation and enslavement strategy. There is a way to advocate for environmental protection not corrupted by globalist money and influence.

            • @cu.h.j

              Thanks for sharing some of your life experiences, dreams and calling. I think choosing to walk the path of a healer (regardless of what type of beings one is healing) is a worthy and noble path.

              I appreciate the hopeful outlook and positive thinking regarding protecting what is let of natural places and the the regenerative capacity of the Earth.

              Part of me also feels that hope and shares that positive outlook but then part of me also shares the concerns expressed in this excerpt from a recent essay I read:

              “? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???????????. ? ????? ???? ?? ??. I am afraid that we can continue to lay waste to the living earth, indefinitely, ending up on a concrete world, so chronically ill physically and mentally that we must incorporate technological assistance into our very brains and bodies. I am afraid we will compensate for the lost connection to a living world with a burgeoning array of virtual substitutes, digital realities, and online adventures, tragically seeking something that we come to forget we ever had. Do you remember how loud the frogs were? Do you remember flocks of birds extending from horizon to horizon? Do you remember the clouds of fireflies that lit up the nights of my father’s youth? I am afraid we will forget we ever lived in such wealth and make do instead with Mario Cart. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it. We are already far down this path to a concrete world, and far down the path of learning to cope with it.” (from )

              I mean, in the end, even if it takes a thousand or a million years, nature will regenerate and become a lush and diverse world of many unique interconnected ecosystems again. Beyond just being a mathematical certainty (assuming the entire world is not blown to pieces) I feel like that is written into some kind of divine law and so it is not so much the long term fate of the Earth I am concerned about but more the soul of humanity. Not the soul in a Christian sense, where if we screw up according to some set of rules we get punished in a torture chamber, no I mean the soul in the sense of the light and love within us that makes humans capable of wonderous creative and compassionate things.

              I mean that each time we rip a piece of the living world into shreds and reorganize that matter into uniform dead products to sell, we rip out a piece of our own soul and sell it.


            • (Continued from above..)

              My wife was watching a starwars tv show recently that depicted a planet at the center of the Galaxy (“Coruscant”) which is a planet that is completely covered in one giant city.

              The episode depicted two characters going to visit a sort of ‘park’ or monument which had the very highest peak on the planet poking out of a section of cement (surrounded in security railings and drones) about 3 meters, and one of the characters explained how that was the very last natural piece of the planet that is exposed, the rest is covered in city. One of the most disturbing things for me, is that in this depiction, the city planet was not depicted as the center of evil or the empire, no, it was shown as no more than a busy planet of democracy and bureaucracy, businessmen and industrialists, all just “trying to make a living” having achieved the construction of a ‘wonderful’ civilization.
              The story glossed over that abhorrent depiction in a sort of trivial way, but I found it to be very chilling.

              Humans have even come up with a name for such an abomination. They call it an “Ecumenopolis” (a planet completely covered in one giant city). Considering it is a thing that has been given a name and is depicted in lofty starwars scifi scenes it almost seems as though some humans think such a thing is worth striving towards creating. I feel that if we created such a thing it would be like creating a rock hard capsule that seals our heart and minds off from our soul. We would become vacant empty versions of humans, driven by perpetual superficialities.. living a pointless existence while patting ourselves on the back for how civilized we all are.

              All I know is, if the time comes when human children end up “..on a concrete world..” “compensating for the lost connection to a living world with a burgeoning array of virtual substitutes” I hope I am not around to see it.

              • A concrete world without nature would be hell on earth, in my opinion. Small pockets of cities and towns that coexist with the environment sound much better to me and more sustainable holistically.

                No one can predict the future so I don’t know what will be in 20 years or 200 years and I really try not to live in the future because I already tend to do that and it ruins the present and my state of mind.

                I think some technologies are intrusive and destructive and make people miserable and some people are aware of this and there could be a movement of people who start shifting away from that. Younger people need good examples of how to live well in the world and manifest the good rather than evil.

                But there will probably always be some degree of evil at least in the short term. What can be done is trying to stop it and balance it out with goodness so that it doesn’t destroy us.

                I have enough faith in the force of nature and the cosmic intelligence that in the end good will prevail.

                There’s the serenity prayer that is kind of wise and it goes:

                “God” (inner wisdom/universal force or however a person defines higher consciousness), grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
                courage to change the things I can,
                and wisdom to know the difference”

                Some things are beyond our control and all we can do is our best.

              • @cu.h.j

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the prospect of a “concrete world”, technology, cities, the forces of nature and cosmic intelligence.

                I accept your gift of a hopeful vision and prayer for the future like a handful of seeds full of potential and I will plant them and nurture them to grow as best I can.

                My wife recently shared her own updated version of “The Lord’s Prayer” and since you shared that beautiful serenity prayer (that is so apt for the times we are living in now) I feel moved to share her prayer with you.


                Thanks for the kind and insightful comment.

  6. “If this president is re-elected we are facing the total death of the American Dream.”

    Hunter S Thompson, Interview, October 2004

    Bush would go on to win re-election.

    Thompson would go on to blow his brains out one year later at age 67.

    He was right.

    He just realized it a bit too late.

    • Did you see the body? Thompson and Timothy Leary are probably hanging out together on some island with a lot of other spooks.

      • Everything is conspiracy, right? Every moment of the day is simply conspiracy against you.


  7. …The general public is being reduced to where people not only are unable to find out about the truth they also become unable to search for the truth. They are satisfied with deception and trickery that have determined their convictions. They are satisfied with a fictitious reality created by design… –

    Josef Pieper

  8. “Men taking our women shooter jobs!” OMG. I really burst out laughing at that. I know there is a lot of serious chat on here (quite rightly) but what spurs me to comment is often JEP’s gags. NWNW rules.

  9. (RESTRICT) Act = expanded digital surveillance prison.
    China shouldn’t have your data, but the US Gov’t and their trusted contractors will keep them Super Safe…

  10. The corporate system will implode and we will rebuild with cottage industry leading to family-run companies. A system of apprenticeship and guilds will develop to protect quality and ensure prices. The cost of shipping will kill international trade and supply chain breakdown will result in local (cottage) production of goods. People are going to use shareware and CAD to produce things like cars, guns, and everything. The engineering of these items will simplify dramatically, and all the built-in costs of repairs of computer-driven cars will make them undesirable. We will drive our own printware cars and build machines that we need for our cottage industries (be it shoemaker, smith, miller, or whatever niche employment we can fill). Most of our economy initially will be food production and body removal. There will be people called stackers going around in hazmat suits removing bodies from houses and taking whatever they can use. I’m going to be a stacker. A lot of people will. When their cars break down, people will literally print the replacement part, or barter for it. The designs for everything will be shareware and the challenge is getting raw materials. The new world runs on postscript, which was a genius idea that is still changing the world. I’m talking about the widespread cottage industry production of all goods with a lot of standardization and local division of labor, with vastly shorter supply chains. The corporate model can’t live. Intellectual property and patent law can’t live. Of course, the whole system of corporate governance and finance, insurance, the whole whale is about to drown. The payroll model is so fictitious I can’t imagine it surviving. And all the red tape…the built-in cost of employment is so deleterious that the whole system of working for someone else is going to be shaken down. The revolution at its core will be ethical. We will recognize that usury is a sin and that debt is an instrument of the slaver who exploits and despises mankind.

  11. Please can someone state some arguments why it is beneficial to ignore, dismiss or minimize size and growth rate of humanity?
    OK Bill and his CO2 Ted thing has connected Elitist “tabula rasa” arguing for their death cult agenda to remedy.

    Even if CO2 is not the true menace of our globe and climate manipulation is the playing ground of psychopaths in white or no robes, please explain someone which of the many problems hurting our globe should be ignored and dismissed?

    Should there be a limit? Will a solution be forced on mankind?
    You bet, unfair or not to be apologetic and ignorant about growth is irresponsible. This ignorant denying opens the platform for those who do not aim for a win win discussion/solution…

    Will higher populations increase the percentage of more aware, responsible and reasonable Earthlings? You think so..?

    Yes we could attempt to educate every earthling, make them want to read Corbettreport etc.; any idea if that would help to squeeze some more Billions into a finite space…

    The natural growth curve is every where, what has the human species to offer to ignore?

    Even the worst infested rat habitats have a leveling off point; always with real nasty side effects.

    A Bible reader will remember that, if you follow Genesis narrative that man was asked to go forth and multiply. As the scriptures also indicate mankind has been given the choice to find the sweet spot and a line exist between populate and over-populate…

    Now objecting to some obvious relation ships around population numbers is not helpful at all. Leaving those issues to Malthus Disciple is and pretending issue could be resolved if we go on as before in a finite world are not a successful way.

    The reader may object to compare here but any commodity is measured by its scarcity or abundance. You think this economical fact is not including “Human resources”?

    Honest, how much more value presents an expanding global population? why make yourself cheap and disposable?

    Any idea about the issue of depleted essential natural minerals in arable soils against insatiable demand, the pressure to create fake food in artificial, controlled, social pressures etc etc etc

    Give one argument for ever increasing number, or can you see a limit? on what terms and conditions, please?

    Why shy away from talking about the obvious and leave the discussion/decision to those who will not bother to come up with acceptable ways and solutions.

    Small is beautiful……why run to make yourself cheap and disposable
    Get the head out of the sand and be realistic

    • Who will instate the limit? You? Or will you just vote for it? Get your head out of your ass.

      • thank you, nice comment and convincing argument…

    • @4TLesser:

      >>Please can someone state some arguments why it is beneficial to ignore, dismiss or minimize size and growth rate of humanity?>>

      Already have lots of times here but ego stories/opinions are more important then actual facts hey…
      If at this point all humans could fit in the state of Texas;

      and there is no such thing as global warming…Basically in one hundred years of study, world temp has warmed up 9/10ths of ONE DEGREE;

      and as in 1970, Henry Kissinger revealed:
      “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

      And as Zbigniew Brzezinski revealed in
      Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era
      (written 50 years ago)

      “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.

      “Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.”

      And as the New World Order agenda has been revealed…
      “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”
      — Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England, in a novel he published in 1844 called Coningsby, the New Generation

      “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an Invisible government owing NO allegiance and acknowledging NO responsibility to the people.”
      — Theodore Roosevelt, 1906

      All those FACTS and revealed lies should give one a big azz clue that SOMETHING is and has been underway for a very long time…the take down of humanity would be a very good guess.

      “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
      – Ezra Pound
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”
      – Voltaire

      But alas, like well trained lab animals all we get is talk, talk, talk.

      GET BACK IN LINE BOY (song)

    • I think it’s more of the system we’re living in. If people could outright own their own land and have their own little farms and we did simple trading like back in the day, there wouldn’t be little African children mining for minerals for our phones and there wouldn’t be Chinese ladies working on Nike sneakers in sweatshops.
      It’s how we’ve been programmed. We all need to be civilized, partake in the fiat money system and exploit each other. The system has told us to trust the Leaders that they will iron out things that will hurt us.
      They don’t. Instead they slowly poison us, lie to us and murder us.

    • @4TLeser

      “Any idea about the issue of depleted essential natural minerals in arable soils against insatiable demand”

      The depleted minerals, organic matter and soil life (which has led, and will continue to lead to more soil erosion and decreasing yields and nutrition in monocropped conventionally farmed produce/meat) started when humans abandoned polycultures, agroforestry, regenerative human/animal relationships (look into the connection between the North American Buffalo and the plains indigenous peoples for one example), the crop rotations and practicing something along the lines of the practice of “the honorable harvest” and instead decided to mine the soil and extract nutrients without giving back via endless tilling/monocropping.

      We do not have a shortage of techniques nor a lacking amount of resources or land to grow nutrient dense food (in a way that actually improves soil fertility, structure and ecosystem resilience) we have a shortage of human beings willing to choose to use their own two hands to do the work and live in a way that is life affirming, reciprocal and regenerative (as opposed to being takers and extractors as most currently exist in their dependence on centralized infrastructures involving 5 middle men in-between them and their food).

      We do not have a crisis of over population or lack of means to grow enough food, we have crisis of technologically dependent, quick fix seeking, apathetic, responsibility outsourcing, germophobic, atrophied, lazy and parental figure seeking statists.

      Thinking that somehow making it so less humans will be on this planet living in the same depraved extractive parasitic way is going to solve all our problems is like putting a bandade over a fatal infected wound and hoping for the best.

      • All fine, but tell me do you think procreating the hell out of what the loins allow is the way to improve any issue thew world is facing?

        The cumulative effect birth rates without any regret but attitude more is better in a finite world may befit those believing in the late idea of a Green revolution and Universal basic income, …get real.

        Scarcity is real and actual needed, managing another story.

        As a Propertarian believing in reciprocal acceptable transaction I would look for benefits if whatever actions produce a “win-win”.

        Try to grasp that all human undertakings are indeed transaction with a price/ value/ property exchanges for something else.

        The issue is not to decide who has a right to live or not it, but how to self sustain without burdening any one else. Socialist have problem with that..

        Show me if more population helps, where?

        • @4TLeser

          Who exactly are “..those believing in the late idea of a Green revolution and Universal basic income” ?

          You said “Scarcity is real”. Yes it is real, and it is also artificially induced and perpetuated needlessly by ignorant lazy people and methodical psychopaths.

          It is not the result of how many humans are on the planet. It is the result of the idiotic, humanocentric, short sighted, arrogant, adversarial relationship with nature centered way most of modern humans live their lives by.

          Abundance is all around you in a forest. It is not provided to you in convenient little packages on a store shelve and it requires knowledge and work to access and make use of to feed, shelter and heal yourself, but it is abundance nonetheless.

          Before the idiotic campaign of mass ecocide that our modern culture is built on began, people recognized that abundance, they actively sought to cultivate it, align with it and tap into it in a reciprocal way.

          Your obsession with population misses the point, it is the mentality and way of living that most humans embrace that leads to scarcity (regardless of how many there are).

  12. Knowing the Law of the Land. Very useful. A driver is stopped for not displaying a car license. In this 30 minute conversation with a Colorado police officer the driver explains why he doesn’t need to give his name, show vehicle registration, provide insurance info. After going around in circles, the diver sticking to his guns (so to speak), the officer finally agrees –

    Here’s a link provided by Dr. Carrie Madej on Legal vs Lawful –

    Carrie said she got her medical license back following their counsel. Plenty of resources at the above site. Getting free of one’s corporate identity is a complex process. However, if one knows their rights under Common Law it’s the first step getting out from under BIS Boot. If anyone knows of other resources in this domain, please share. Thanks, Phil

    • All props to this guy but when he says “the government has the right to tax me” I almost soiled my underwear.

      He is still making a lot of sense otherwise.

    • After going through the entire thing, I have a strong sensation that this was a staged event. Much of the dialogue, especially with the supervisor, seemed inorganic.

  13. Thank you for sounding the alarm about the RESTRICT Act. I’ve been doing it too, but my reach isn’t as great. Also I have found that some of my neighbors are okie dokie with it and think since they don’t do anything wrong, it’s hunky dory and it’s all a conspiracy theory even though it’s actually in writing and introduced into congress. It’s a little frustrating. I had one lady tell me that it will be nice if somebody helped her check her RING spy doorbell. Another lady told me I was full of myself – whatever that means. Wheat from chaff I guess.

    • People continue to voluntarily wear masks, use sanitizers, keep distances and tell me to do the same while they can’t understand why they are sick and I’m not. One person was looking forward to her fifth shot, after taking it she became very ill but her Doc reassured her that all was well because she didn’t have breathing problems but now she has cancer. Earlier on, after her second shot in 2021, she got her first stroke but doesn’t connect the dots that she was a very healthy person. I asked her if she was going to have her sixth one and she said NO. My frustration comes out of caring and my fear is out of self-preservation from this Agenda. However, this has been a growth experience for me. Contradictory jab info was available in plain sight yet many didn’t question this. Makes me more patient and a better listener during regular squabbles when info is not readily available from all sides.

      • That there are people who took the fifth is mind boggling. You wrote “first stroke”, how many were there?

        • Five in all. Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca are all two-dose regimens so I assume she happily took two doses of one of the above and three boosters. Probably clammored to get on the eligibility list in early 2020. She was very healthy but does not connect the shot to her first stroke. She did connect her immediate serious reaction to the Jan. 2023 booster while her Doc reassured her that since her breathing was not affected all was well. However, she says she won’t take any more shots but she hasn’t connected her cancer to any of her shots. She had terrible reactions after her cancer treatment and will be refusing further treatments, even if she gets worse. I think she wants to believe it is a coincidence and will not talk about it.

          • To throw away a life in such a manner, that’s difficult to understand. But I guess if this sort was given 10 more chances to do something different, they would probably just aim for the strokes endured world record.

            • “Strokes endured world record” is very catchy, like a meme, and for the easily offended “V-Recipient World Record.”

              • I think this record is held by a fella in my neck of the woods who took, if I remember correctly, 14 shots in exchange for monetary compensation.

                I am quite positive that some (more servile people ladden) areas of the world got less lethal batches of these shots.

      • The cancer thing scares me. It seems like the truth folks are mainly focused on sudden death, strokes, clots and myocarditis, which are terrible of course, but the cancer is sneaky.

        I had an associate from another state that I knew for 20 years. She posted 6 months ago about going to get her boosters (I have no idea what number) and last weekend she passed away in her sleep. She was my age. People in their 40’s aren’t supposed to die in their sleep, wtf.

        • @Kelly

          My wife is a teacher and she has had two colleagues (ages 40-50) die in their sleep in the last year. Another one died suddenly while driving and went through the wall of someone’s house, several more relatively young people she works with got cancer all the sudden.

          Then there are my two friends (one was 35, healthy guy in construction, total heart failure a couple days after second Pfizer injection right on the job site and my other friend has permanent heart damage after the military mandated he take the injections to keep his position).

          • @Gavinm

            That is just sickening. I have no words. My condolences to your family.

            Have you noticed any booster survivors who have had personality or mood changes?

            • @Kelly

              Thanks and I feel the same way though to be honest 98% of my blood family fell for the propaganda and/or capitulated to the fascistic injection coercion campaign. None have died yet that I know of (though they do not stay in touch with me much anymore since I refused to be injected and was publicly disowned, excluded from family gatherings and just generally ‘excommunicated’ from their lives in general and I do not check their social media or anything so for all I know some of my relatives may have in fact succumbed to the bioweapon injections by now).

              I do not know how many boosters they have taken, my mom and sister were true believers in the covidian cult propaganda last time I heard so I would not be surprised if they are lining up for their 7th boosters (or what ever amount they will let people have now) but other people in my family folded and got injected despite my providing them with copious amounts of data on the dangers (and them acknowledging those dangers are real) because they wanted to travel or go to concerts/restaurants etc (totally insane priorities if you ask me, but hey its their life) so they stopped after the legally required two experimental bioweapon genetic slurry injections.

              I do not currently associate with many people who are injectable bioweapon booster fanatics (and I live on the other side of Canada to most of my family that may be boosted) so I do not really have much of a chance to observe people that are now boosted and compare before to after. I am blessed that most of my coworkers did not buy the scam nor capitulate under pressure and they remain un-genetically contaminated humans (they have not taken any covid “vaccines”).

              How about you? Have you noticed any booster survivors who have had personality or mood changes?

              • @Gavinm

                Sorry about your family situation. I lost mine, too but from narcissism before Covid. Long story.

                “Have you noticed any booster survivors who have had personality or mood changes?”

                Not in my personal life, everybody seems about the same. Most of the people I know stopped at the first 2 shots and refused to get any more.
                I have heard anecdotally from people in the service industry that they have noticed a more zombie or agitated state in some customers – some they knew had the shots and some they didn’t know for sure. Could just be the trauma we all went through, could be a side effect. Another rabbit hole lol.

              • In my area I know of one case of a health 50 something year old guy, who died unexpectedly, while was in great shape and looked 5-10 years younger. I don’t know for a fact that he took the shot, but I would say that he did and I would venture to state that his heart attach was related to it.

                That was almost 2 years ago now so it was too early for boosters, in his case I believe 2 shots were enough.

                There is another older guy from my town, a man strong like an ox otherwise, that got really terrible side effects after the first shot. He was bed bound for a long while, but eventually ended up taking more shots. Not sure what’s his current status and whether he recovered.

                All in all, I can only confirm that one guy I know, a few years younger than I, who got a booster. And I think he did that more like a twisted joke. He didn’t want to get any shots and he was seeing quite clearly through the bullshit, but he was basically corrupted by the state which basically payed him and many other people in the similar vein to get jabbed. Most of them took the shot, probably.

              • What I have noticed with the jabs is an increase in reported side effects by people coming to the ER. Palpitations, chest pain, numbness in people with no former health issues. Work ups unrevealing but a couple were referred to a cardiologist and/or neurologist as an outpatient. A young guy’s heart rate increased when he was at rest from 60 to 130 and then went back down and this would occur randomly. His cardiac enzymes were normal, CT scans showed no blood clots or abnormalities and his vital signs were not dangerously unstable. I don’t know what happened to him, if this resolved.

                There was a young girl of 15 who took the two jabs come back in twice for shortness of breath and chest pain. Full work ups showed nothing, no myocarditis or anything like that. But there have been young folks with myocarditis who had to be treated if I recall in 2021. I’ve noticed some young people with strokes and heart attacks with no prior health issues after the jabs too. My coworker told me her friends 16 year old daughter had a stroke recently.

                Personally, most people I interact with on a daily basis took the jab and even multiple boosters. Coworkers who have now had 4 or 5 jabs. I’ve only had one person I know personally develop heart problems. I’m sure she won’t think it’s related to the jab, and if she does suspect it she’ll never admit it.

                Personality changes not really. Even people who knew they were fooled and took an unnecessary toxic drug will defend it for ego. They won’t admit they were wrong for going along especially now that they took it. They are committed, all in for the cult. People have a hard time admitting they were wrong even to themselves. It’s weird.

            • Yes, in 2021, my long-term doctor who was caring, witty, a people person became ill and returned to work impatient, withdrawn and negligent. Don’t know if he took the V but he was a different person.

  14. Referring to my above note on jacob nordangard’s pictorial presentation at which is also on Bitchute and YouTube under World Economic Forum the shapers of the future. Once you get into the YouTube Video is the link for the Northern Light Convention which is with speakers including Catherine Austin Fitts, Sucharit Bhakti, Meryl Nass, Mary Holland, JFK Jr and many others. The N.L.C. states that they convened to brainstorm how to stop the crimes currently being committed against humanity.

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