Interview 1798 – Shh! Don’t Report On Pentagon’s Secret Leak! – #NewWorldNextWeek

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Interviews, Videos | 37 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: White House Says Don’t Report On Pentagon Leaks

Over 100 More Classified Docs Appear Online: US Secrets ‘From Ukraine To Middle East To China’

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $2.36 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January

Leaks Showing US Spied On South Korea Spark Outrage In Seoul

U.S. Spy Agency Bugged U.N. Headquarters: Germany’s Spiegel (Aug. 25, 2013)

U.S. Spied On Merkel, Other Europeans Through Danish Cables (May 30, 2021)

Leaked Document Says Ukraine Could Run Out of Air Defense Missiles By Early May

Why Putin May Have Exposed the US/NATO Ukraine Operations Documents

Leaked Document Appears to Show NATO Special Operations Forces are in Ukraine

Leak Shows Ukrainian SBU Agents Attacked Russian Surveillance Plane in Belarus

Story #2: JP Morgan Chief Says Seize Property To Build Wind, Solar Farms

Eminent Domain

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails On Every Count”

JPMorgan Execs Joked About Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophilia

Jamie Dimon Will Face Questioning In Lawsuits Over JPMorgan’s Epstein Ties

Episode 322 – What Is Sustainable Development?

Story #3: Trilateral Commission Calls 2023 ‘Year One’ Of New World Order //

James H. Baker (DOD)
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  1. just had Julian Assange’s father and brother on for an Interview. They have a new Movie titled “Ithaca” and hope to free Julian before he is shipped off to the U.S. as the Pentagon has been pushing for. For ten years this injustice persisted, and continues to expose more and more injustice that has been baked into the system. It would appear to me, that when all this blows it is going to change everything (I hope, for the better, but we stall see).
    Perhaps we can find a way to eliminate psychopaths from all positions of power.

    • We’ll have to come up with a solution (for getting psychopaths out of power) that takes into account that the number two man, number three, etc. are probably just psychopaths who are at an earlier stage in their ascent to the top. Maybe we could just pick names at random from the phone book, if we still had phone books! Seriously, this is an intractable problem, that can only be addressed with the decentralization of power. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

    • the Highwire, Assange, and psychopaths.
      thanks for that. Pretty evidentiary .

    • There is only one way to eliminate psychopaths in chief: the rug has to be swepped from under their feet. They stand on presumption of authority, so the perception of authority has to be done away with.

      Then they can be dealt with just like any other marauding tribe.

      • mkey
        “…They stand on presumption of authority, so the perception of authority has to be done away with.
        Then they can be dealt with just like any other marauding tribe…..”

        How do you think such marauding tribes are dealt with?

        By competing authority…until you have got a group of people who agree upon where authority sits then you can do nothing. If every psychopath in chief spontaneously combusted nothing would change except the faces.

        People need to move the perception of authority to a more just and moral one, not sweep it away. The sweeping away of other authority is teh reason that the state has grown so monsrously powerful as its rivals fall one by one
        THIS guy explains it rather well and concisely

        • Duck: The perception of authority comes from the family. Parents have authority over their children. This authority culture is baked into the brain pans of humans. You can’t remove it.

      • mkey says:
        They stand on presumption of authority, so the perception of authority has to be done away with.

        I like that phrase.

    • Psychopaths seem to be the ones who like power and in the past have been sought out for leadership positions in corporations. I suspect this is true for politics as well.

      Certainly not all leaders are psychopaths, but many of them are and are good at climbing to the top.

  2. Wow. We’re back in 1965, Spy vs. Spy.
    Wish we had the same Mad Magazine to make sense of this shit show.
    Personally, I think the entire planet is having a hell of a time checking one another out. They’re just trying to deflate our fun, cause they’re such nerds.
    Why does everyone waste their time with the nerds?

  3. It is important to understand the psychological conditioning most people are under from decades of propaganda by the “entertainment” industry. The marketing of shiny stuff, false narratives about what being human is about, using the fundamental tools of deception…
    the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.

    We have been engineered into a perception prison of belief and held in place by shackles of fear. Perception is not truth but rather the lens of learned behavior transforming reality, creating Confirmation Bias: People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information.

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
    — Voltaire

    So when I say it is foolish to be news hounds, harvesting everything one can that keeps the conditioning process going it can irritate many, THAT is confirmation bias. You have ENOUGH input, time to stop sucking at the teat of terror and danger, etc. and start using that right brain creativity.

    Citizens not participating in the ingestion of the conditioning and rather working together, each within their strength for the good of the family, friends, neighbors, etc., are uncontrollable.

    Stop feeding the beast. Emerge from the sleep state, energized and focused on freedom for all. Stay out of the big urban areas and unite with others when you have to go there.

    Thugs are cowards and take advantage of people who are alone. Make group travel plans for shopping, etc. Get toxic and tough when out in public, take no crap. Change the world because if you don’t, who’s gonna do it??


  4. Mr Musk interview

    Dr. Campbell shares Musk’s interview with a BBC imbecile. I know, Elon Schmelon, technocrat yadda yadda, but this interview is so ridiculous it’s more entertaining than any comedy I have seen during the past decade.

    • I have come to really despise the BBC over the last few years. Their output is atrocious. And the idea that they are ‘publicly funded’ is an utterly ludicrous concept. Other than the bread and circuses crap they make the public endure, they push the globalist agenda 24/7. They simply do not question it. The hit pieces they’ve done on Richard D Hall have really pissed me off.

      • Chadders

        “…despise the BBC over the last few years…..”

        They used to have some wonderful radio plays back in the day- but the Internet Archive and Youtube have preserved most of them 🙂 .

        • Musk is doing the same thing Trump was doing; twatbombing and causing chaos in this fictitious reality.

      • Ha Ha! I haven’t watched this Musk interview until now but I had to laugh at how he gave Clayton a taste of his own medicine. I honestly didn’t get the BBC initialism gag. Honestly. Like HONESTLY! And no the lady isn’t protesting too much. And no I’m not a lady, or even a man trying to be a lady. Oh forget it… 😀

  5. Are you wearing the same shirts as last week guys? JEP has turned his inside out though. 😉
    Great show as ever. Thank you!??

    • “…JEP has turned his inside out though….”

      You can go twice as long before washing it if you do that 🙂

      • Yeah I do that with my underpants. It’s a great trick. 😉


    Of the$319 million Bill Gates gave to media outlets by November 2021,NPR received $24,663,000 and PBS got at least $4 million. In return those “public interest”broadcasters aired flattering reports on Gates’s corrupt self dealing and profiteering on his global vaccine projects and his hostile takeover of WHO. Gates’s climate strategy is top down social control and geo engineering projects for which he owns the IP. While shorting Tesla,he has invested heavily in fossil fuels,rail ,private jet companies and chemical pesticides and petroleum based AG.He accurately characterizes his approach as “ philanthrocapitalism”-a strategy of amplifying his billions by appearing to solve social problems with technologies that he controls and profits from.

    This is going to be one interesting presidential selection.

    • Considering the track record, it is kind of a ballsy move. I expect the media to pull another Ron Paul.

  7. Here are some of the reasons why I love wind turbines so much

    – “Good thing we are keeping all that plastic out of the landfill, we will need the room for all the wind turbines!”

    According to wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, globally about 90 percent of the steel from wind turbines can be recovered for recycling. Note the word can. The portion that actually is recycled is probably more like the average steel recycling rate, about 70 percent. This means that at the end of its functionality, an average 5 MW wind turbine sends between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds of steel to the landfill.

    Also, anyone not on the cental power grid looking to use wind energy to power their home needs batteries. Lithium mining and other forms of extraction that are being promoted as “green” are poisoning water, destroying habitat, facilitating consumerism, and destroying isolated communities around the world.

    What we are witnessing when we see governments, corporations and individuals promoting wind turbines, solar panels, biomass conversion operations and hydroelectric dams as a viable “sustainable” alternative to oil/coal which can continue to power our industrialized way of life are Bright Green Lies, Greenwashing tactics, Green Colonialism and Green Totalitarianism.

    (more links in comments below..)

      • Who’s behind this, Saruman? “Rip them all down”. It’s ok they can burn them in the biofuel plants and say it’s carbon neutral. Job done!

        • @Chadders

          Good one. I have to agree that the chopping down of the little bits of intact forest we have left in order to build wind turbines, put up solar farms and blow apart the rock underneath to get lithium/cobalt to power our government’s “sustainable development” goals and continue to feed into our parasitic / cancerous cities (that take from the ecosystems they depend on without giving back) does have a sort of ‘all seeing eye’ ominous quality to it.

          Here in Canada our government is chopping down healthy 1000 year old Douglas Firs and Cedars on the west coast to sell as pulp to China and Wood pellets to the UK. It is total f-ing insanity and though I do not think a interdimensional demon and/or megalomaniacal wizard is to blame, there certainly seems to be a very concerted, focused, relentless and malevolent group and force behind this globalized push to annihilate the last remaining old growth forests.

        • And since you brought up “biofuel”… here are some fun facts about that side of the mass ecocide that is taking place in the name of “sustainable development”, “carbon neutrality” and “green policies”.

          30 percent of all ‘renewable’ electricity in Germany comes from what is called “biofuels” or “biomass”—biofuels are derived from living materials like ethanol, which is made from corn; and biomass, in this sense, is just a fancy word that means burning living materials like wood— and what you and I might call “planting monocrops to use as fuel,” or “cutting down forests to burn.”

          The salient points are that a) “biofuels” are counted as “renewables”; b) they’re counted as “carbon-neutral”; and c) countries are legally and financially encouraged to deforest in the name of being “green” and “environmentally responsible.” This is the Orwellian world into which ‘bright green environmentalism’—with its prioritization of fueling the economy over saving the real world—drives us: This culture is cutting down forests to stop “global warming” and cutting down forests to ‘save’ the planet.

          Because of encouragements (read: subsidies and propaganda) to go green—albeit a perverse shade of green—the use of biomass and biofuels has exploded over the past 30 years. In 1990, biofuels accounted for about a quarter of 1 percent of Germany’s electricity generation, and most of that came from burning wastes from other forms of processing (essentially sawdust, agricultural wastes, and so on). By 2015 biofuels in Germany had increased 35 times. As of 2020, biomass accounts for about 60 percent of EU renewable energy production. There obviously isn’t enough waste material to burn, so up has gone the percentage of land devoted to “biofuels.”

          As energy analyst Robert Wilson states, “The production of bio-energy is also now a significant form of land-use in Germany. According to official statistics a total of 2 million hectares is devoted to crop-based biofuels. This is 17 percent of arable land and approximately 6 percent of total land in Germany.
          Forests in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and many other countries are being felled to feed Europe’s demand for biofuels. There are dozens of huge pulp mills just in the southeastern United States exporting 100 percent of this biomass to Europe. The wetland forests located in the Southern states are right now being “drained, logged, burned, shipped across the Atlantic, and converted to monoculture pine plantations.” Somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of Southern wetland forests is already gone. Let that settle in before you take on the next horror: The Southern wetland forests area is being logged four times faster than the South American rainforests—the term “logged” serving as a nice ellipsis of the devastation.

          Here in Canada we are also facing Death By A Thousand Clearcuts :

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