Interview 1819 – From My Cold, Dead Hands! (AM Radio Edition) – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: W.H.O. Says Aspartame Might Be Linked to Cancer, Officials Say It’s Safe

Aspartame Sweetener ‘Possibly’ Cancer-Causing, WHO Agency Reports

Corbett Report Search: Aspartame


Whistleblowers Expose Corruption in EPA Chemical Safety Office (Aug. 6, 2021)

Media Monarchy Search: Aspartame

WHO Declares Aspartame “Possibly Carcinogenic.” Here’s What to Know About the Artificial Sweetener.

Video: WHO Says Aspartame Sweetener Is Possible Cancer Risk

Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame (Jan. 6, 2011)

G.D. Serle, LLC,_LLC

Story #2: 22 New Countries to Join BRICS Alliance at August Summit?

BRICS and Nukes and LNG – The Energy Transition Few Are Expecting

Phony Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS

Stavros Nicolaou

France Pretends NATO is About the North Atlantic

France’s Macron Derails NATO-Pacific Alliance Plan—For Now

The Brutal Reality of NATO’s Vilnius Summit

Story #3: Are Automakers On Their Way To Ditching Radio Altogether?

Say Goodbye To AM Radio: Why Carmakers Are Removing It From New Models

Cars Would Be Required to Keep AM Radio Under New Bipartisan Bill

Dems, GOP Want to Ban Automakers From Dropping AM Radio From Cars–gop-want-to-ban-auto-makers-from-dropping-am-radio-from-cars

Automakers, Don’t Remove Radios From The Dashboard

Brock Long

AM Broadcasting

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  1. I found the “1990 Annual Report for Nutra Sweet Corporation” in the dumpster outside of their H.Q. in Skokie, Illinois in 1991. There were hundreds of lawsuits listed for cancer and “grand mal” seizures caused by aspartame products, all settled out of court with gag orders. In 2010, I wrote “MONSANTO: Profile of a Cereal Killer” using black comedy and published FBI profiling techniques on the most evil corporation in history. Then, their treasonous agents systematically stalked me, destroyed my careers, sabotaged my homes, assaulted my mental health, my reputation, my physical health, killed my dog, and my income. Why? Because cancer is their endgame for global depopulation. It’s a black hole, not a side show.

    Cori Brackett’s “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” (2004) is the first critical documentary about aspartame (and MSG) to interview Russell Blaylock, a brain surgeon who was the first Aspartame whistleblower in 1997.

    Blaylock supports various Covid-19 conspiracy theories, writing that, “The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream led by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies” and that the Covid-19 vaccine is a “Dangerous, essentially untested experimental vaccine.”

    Russell Blaylock’s pro-aspartame critic, Robert Todd Carroll, died from pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in 2016.

    “Contrary to the vast bulk of the scientific evidence, Blaylock maintains that vaccines such as the H1N1 vaccine are dangerous or ineffective; that [mercury] dental amalgams and fluoridated water are harmful to our health; and that aluminum cookware, aspartame, and MSG are toxic substances causing brain damage.” -Robert Todd Carroll, RIP

    Poison ain’t kosher!

    • Geez, gpru, I’m so sorry to hear of your torture at the hands of those murderers.

      I was reading Blaylock at the time he exposed the nutrasweet toxicity, when an acquaintance told me she had to give up her drivers license because she had recently developed epilepsy. I asked her if she drank diet soda and she said, “yes, about six cans a day.” So I told her to stop and see what happens. Surprise, surprise, her “epilepsy” magically disappeared. I wonder how much she paid her doctor who diagnosed her. Surely more than she paid me which of course was nothing. 😉 I’ll bet your great work also saved some lives. I hope you’ve recovered your life, as well. *hugs*

    • gpru,
      Thanks for the write-up and personal anecdote.
      You are right: Cori Brackett’s “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” (2004) had a huge impact, and was passed around the truth community.

      Me and my brother had a best friend in High School. We three shared the same humor and had countless adventures together.
      I set up a first-time double date for he and I with two freshman girls.
      Before the date, he and I flipped a coin to see which of us would be with what girl.
      He won the coin toss.
      He later married that gal, and they had a son.

      My friend would run daily, usually 10 or 20 miles, as he often ran marathons.
      He loved his diet Aspartame sodas. Daily, he drank a lot of them.
      He died more than a decade ago.
      Here he is in a CBS News interview: Living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease

      [By the way, the CBS show highlights a sting operation on fraudulent stem cell treatments. I can’t speak to the veracity of the targeted outfit, but I am a very strong proponent of stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is some amazing stuff, but it ain’t cheap.]

    • Thats very true.
      I developed a ‘coke problem’ once….drinking many cans every day.
      I gave it up after a month because I started to SMELL kinda weird, presumably as the chemicals oozed out of my skin. Shudder to think what it was doing to the inside 🙁

  2. Watchman Privacy Podcast has a thing on Cars and how they are basically “a Hard Drive on wheels” and goes into the data that most cars steel off your phone if you link them via USB or BlueTooth (even your contacts list and messages sometimes)

    He interviews a guy who clears the data professionally and who talks about whats recorded and how to delete it.

    One of the reasons I never let my epaper readers touch the internet is the creepness of being able to know what the ‘most underlined’ passages are. We would be wise to keep as much of our personal habits, interests and listening as much OFF the grid as possible, or at least not aggregated

    If people are forced to link their phone to the car to get ‘radio’ then the car company will be selling the data on what podcasts or music you like.

  3. James Even Pilato, I love the crazy new hairstyle. It suits your off d wall personality. ??

    • That is not a “hair style” it is just ungroomed hair. Just like the 3 day beards on men, just lazy stuff IMO. Part of the grunge look of men that is being sold as “sexy” or “cool.” A small part of the de-civilizing of people. More pop culture indoctrination.

  4. Hey James, you mentioned that a hot war may be what transitions us into the CBDC/AI/15 min city technocratic future that is the New World Order. Could you elaborate and/or speculate more on your opinion? Is this a world war you’re seeing? What nations benefit? What non-state actors benefit? Why is a hot war needed when the plandemic was successful globally? We know they are messing with the weather. Why not just ride climate change into the new world order?

    • C.S.D

      If you write “QUESTIONS FOR CORBETT” at the top of your post he may do a podcast. I think he does a search for that string in the comments.

      IMO the answer to why they want a war would be that the Fiat system is starting to totter and they need a big event to cover the failure- people will get kinda pissy about their pensions and savings vanishing and it would be convenient to blame it on a war since generally its such a big reset that folks will accept way bigger changes after the horror of a war shakes them up….on the other hand maybe they are just trying to stay ontop of the snake pit and are too incompetent to realize that US military power and patriotism is not what it used to be.

      • Much appreciated Duck,


        James, please include a kind mention of Duck if we make the podcast

      • Yea Duck, as for war-weary American we must realize that the Post 9/11 powderpuff kids are now at head hunter age and are eligible to be drafted. Furthermore, many immigrants will rightfully see service in the military as path to citizenship. There are also enough careerist servicemen who took the jab and are still moving around to guide them in combat. As for the people that are less inclined to join the military or re-enlist (white, black, native american, hispanic pre-2000 immigrant communities) I just think the military is less reliant on these groups due to technological advancements. So I do think war is definitely possible with or without the consent of Americans.

        I also do not think the American people are capable of meaningfully organizing and resisting government tyranny due to the American people being weak and effeminate. American know damn well what happens when you stand up to our government. Democracy falls from 20,000 ft. (got that from a podcast james was on)

        • C.S.D.
          “…I also do not think the American people are capable of meaningfully organizing and resisting government tyranny due to the American people being weak and effeminate…..”

          THAT also makes them pretty useless for holding the American Empire up. The US Elites have rather shot themselves in the foot by letting the major martial class-poor and Lower middle class whites- know how much they are despised.

          Almost no one is willing to die to save a Gay Disco Empire and I cant even imagine that a draft would go very well either.

  5. LisaB

    “..By the way, ‘New Age bullshit’ Is the modern western twist of ancient eastern wisdom. ….”

    No, “New Age BS” is the religious framework that the Elite created out of a garbled pick and mix of Eastern religions and Gnosticism. The first big push was Theosophy (see “Lucis Trust” formerly ‘Lucifer publishing’ which sits on the UN Council of Churches) and Spiritualism. They did, ofcourse, do their best to subvert mainstream churches as well.

    ANY empire demands some kind of state cult, and it suits the ruling class to have one that creates passivity and atomized navel gazing.

    Mr Corbett did THIS on religion and the NWO a while back (horrible audio)

  6. To be clear, its Hindu caste system bullshit. Read Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown for the inevitable outcome of that bullshit

    • C.S.D.

      The British Elite classes loved the idea of the Caste system they came across when they ruled India….”Spiritual Evolution” via re-incarnation may have been the root of the thinking that led to Biological Evolution.

      • 100% agree Duck, I first came across the Hindu Caste/British Class hypothesis listening to the late Alan Watt over at

        To lighten up the mood, this is what I think about the New Age:

        Just picture the heffers

        • Books Alan mentioned:

          – America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice by Hunt & McMahon
          – Death of a Guru by Hunt & Rabi R. Maharaj

      • Nah, we are rolling towards the Resurrection. Paradise or Hell after deeds been weighed by the Most High.

        • Your local disinformation agent

  7. RE:
    Story #3: Are Automakers On Their Way To Ditching Radio Altogether?

    EXCERPT from Verge article:
    Others include BMW, Mazda, Polestar, Rivian, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo, all of which argue that AM radio is incompatible with EVs, citing electromagnetic interference from the powertrain. Indeed, Tesla made this same argument when it removed AM radio from its vehicles back in 2018.

    AM, which stands for amplitude modulation, differs from FM, or frequency modulation, based on how the carrier wave is modulated, or altered. Unlike frequency, amplitude can be affected by the noise emitted from electric devices, including smartphones, TVs, computers, and yes, electric vehicles. The problem is when the interference gets picked up by the radio, which can lead to distortion and crackling.

    Remember the 60’s when driving at night, we could pick up AM radio stations in cities that were hundreds of miles away, including Mexico?
    Also, remember how the AM radio would go crackling when driving by high voltage power lines?

    I don’t think that living in a house underneath high voltage power lines is healthy.
    I can’t see how riding or driving in an electric car for extended periods can be healthy. Sitting on a big battery and high horsepower powertrain?

    • You should be OK as long as you are dealing with DC. I would expect electric cars use DC motors. If there is a DC-AC converter, it would produce quite a lot of dirty frequencies.

      • That makes sense.
        Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. Nice little blast to the past. I didnt know that AM and FM still existed but now I remeber those days again. In Norway the whole broadcasting system and antennas were closed down 6 years ago. We just use DAB now (digital radio).

    So residents of any countries still using it should make preparations to migrate as AM and PM stations WILL disappear.

    And no. The society didnt collapse and farmer tractors are still driving around on the fields.

  9. So, now we WANT government to force companies to add components to vehicles? Don’t worry, government will save us?

    At least we have a strong supply of Hopium!

  10. #questionsforcorbett (anarcho-capitalism)

    this here guy runs an interesting youtube channel and has a question that he should have submitted to james, so i’m a gonna do it for him:

    Watch the short video and the answer is at the end.

    If you got some time on your hands i’d be interested to hear your take on it.

    I’ll also submit your hypothetical answer to the original wonderer, as i like to play the middleman.

    Best regards,


  11. Tip: You can setup a Software Defined Radio (SDR) system in your car,
    and use it to listen to anything. AM, FM, Wifi.
    Including police radar, satellites.

  12. I am looking forward to NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, expanding into the Pacific. Their new acronym, NAPTO will sound more accurate related to their purpose.

  13. @lisab
    The power of words to hide and disembowel movements and the such.

    With 81 years on the planet and much of it as a social/political activist (not the current tic tok nonsense and not about dem or repug) I have both lived and experienced the the take down of “right brain” practices and beliefs, etc.

    The entertainment biz and news corps ALWAYS make fun or belittle anything out of the main stream propaganda turning things around. After thousands of hours of making fun of astrology, meditation, burning sage, psychics, crystals, etc. know it all folks will put down any references to softer things not connected to the big pharma, religion, etc.

    Look what has happened to “feminism”…from pro female to anti men. :/

    • >>All of it (any truth that comes to light) has been hijacked and distorted for a reason…Perhaps you are aware of that reason, perhaps not.>>

      All part of the tools of deception in the take down of humanity IMO.

      >>You have a few decades on me. I am only a couple years pass the 50 mark. Far be it from me to have anything to offer you that you have not already contemplated.>>

      Thanks for that assumption however I still harvest insight and wisdom from a wide variety of folks.

      [A San Francisco Jewish live-in girl friend in the 80’s was a gem of a teacher. Both sitting in the living room reading the Sunday paper. I get up and go get a glass of water. I come back and she looks up from the paper and quietly asks me…”Am I thirsty?” BAM :-)) lesson learned.]

      >>Respectfully…Read as much as you wish at the following link and do with it what you wish…>>

      Did. This is where my decades of exploration and experience about life does come in…
      My deep dive into metaphysical and spiritual truths has never honored the god/jesus/devil/heaven/hell nonsense. Those concepts are just cheese in the trap of control agendas.

      Christians manipulate scripture so that they can assign a kinder nature to their God, hiding the violent, jealous, murdering, cannibalistic reality of the biblical stuff.

      Spirituality has nothing to do with god, etc., it is about an individual’s ability to honor their sentience and consciousness from joy at a sunset or amazement at seeing a death.

      Many tribal people, before their destruction of elder knowledge, have had many brilliant assessments and practices of life that did not question WHO created life but rather to give thanks for one’s ability to identify the WHAT, the magic of it all and left the “creator” to be just The Great Mystery.

      The controllers in their brilliant madness hijacked that basic characteristic and made up the obscene organized religions with fear and punishment prevalent for motivation. The modern control still uses the basic good in people to sell the fear control.

      Check out on of my essay’s on this stuff. Healthy brain food, not ear candy:

      • >>You are expressing almost the same as I am>>

        No indication of that to me. Believe in what you want. No more conversion conversation from you to me. Goodbye

  14. There is a persistent thread that goes unmentioned……………………..

    • We are speaking of course about the native americans

  15. If people want to use aspertame or heroin or anything, what do I care?

    • However stupid people want to be (sometimes it seems that they are on a mission of stupidity) and however it is challanging to feel anything but disdain toward them, the one reason why we find ourselves in this situation is the abject lack of care. That’s the big secret.

      And I repeat this to myself as I constantly struggle with the urge to strangle all the idiots. As if one man could ever accomplish auch a task. Exactly this line of thinking leads one closer to understanding the challanges the would be controllers face.

  16. My first car was a ‘95 Buick Century. It had an oil leak. As a young dumb teenager I didn’t keep up with it. Ran her dry and blew the motor. Caught a lot of grief from the ole man about that one!

  17. Next World Weak Now | 2024 Edition

    – US and the collective West have expressed desire to join the BRICS alliance.

    – Cancer rates explode, globally leaving ‘scientists’ baffled. Dr Hot Yes and GAbjabVI alliance point this increase to the use of aspertame, in consumer products. Experts warn, conflating uptick of disease to copious amounts of leg waxing, is a hoax perpetuated by conspiracy theorists.

    NWWN NEWS – Because We Care

  18. “Truth is truth no matter who says it. Natural is better than synthetic.” 100% agree, James.
    And I will second the shout out to the Jennifer Jones’ of the world who are speaking truth to power. Rise up, speak your truth, and stand firm in your convictions. Strong people are needed now. Cheers!

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