Interview 1824 – Can’t Beat the Heat? Don’t Eat the Meat! – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Era of ‘Global Boiling’ Has Arrived, UN Chief Says

Club of Rome

Video: Taking on Record Temperatures: UN Chief’s Call to Action | United Nations | Hottest July on Record

Boiling Ocean Update: Florida Sea Temperature ‘Record’ Drops 15°F In Just 48 Hours

Great Barrier Reef: A Story of Activist Histrionics and Genuine Progress

Reality Check: No, we didn’t just have “the hottest week in 100,000 years”

UAH Global Temperature Update for July, 2023: +0.64 deg. C

What NASA and ESA Are Admitting, But Media Failing To Report About Our Current Heat Wave

Nobel Prize Winner Who Doesn’t Believe Climate Crisis Has Speech Canceled

Energy Industry Fears White House Will Declare COVID-Like ‘Climate Emergency’

Klaus Schwab’s Daughter Nicole Says: ‘Permanent Climate Lockdowns Coming – Whether You Like It or Not’

Sunak Defends Private Jet Journeys As ‘Most Efficient Use Of My Time’

Story #2: CDC Warns Red Meat Allergy Caused by Ticks an ‘Emerging Public Health Concern’

NWNW Flashback: House Orders Pentagon to Say If It Weaponized Ticks and Released Them (Jul. 18, 2019)

Robert Kadlec Claims “Vaccine Research” Caused COVID, Tick Bioweapons & Vaccines To Stop Meat Eating

Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Meat Allergy Linked to Tick Bites Rising, CDC Says

Gelatin-Containing Vaccines for Varicella, Zoster, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Induce Basophil Activation in Patients with Alpha-Gal Syndrome (Mar. 18, 2021)

Episode 405 – Designing Humans for Fun and Profit

Next Pandemic Could Spring From US Meat Supply, New Report Finds

Lab Grown Artificial ‘Meat’ May Actually Be Worse for the Environment

Story #3: Trump Indicted For January 6

In 2018, Hunter Biden paid a Russian pimp $25,000 from Joe Biden’s bank account, causing the Secret Service to frantically rush to his hotel.

Are Aliens Real? People Online Don’t Seem To Care Either Way

AM For Every Vehicle Act Headed For Senate Floor Vote

Morrissey Excoriates “Cancer Culture” That Glorifies Sinead In Death, Didn’t Help When She Needed It

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    • As long as I dont get Monkey Pox I’m happy….lol

      • John

        I think only the Rainbow Unicorns carry it 😉 Since the the people at risk appear to be

        1)People who go to gay Orgies

        2)Kids who’s parents know someone who goes to gay orgies

        3)Pets of people who go to gay orgies.

        I should be OK. 🙂

    • Healthy American Peggy drew some parallels between leprosy and mrna injections (SPOILER). She also exposes the leprosy case count psyop and points out how the this “outbreak” has not shown up even as a blip on the Florida health department website. Even WHO states leprosy can be treated with antibiotics (whatever good that does) and is not infectious. Interesting times.

    • “Leprosy has to do with the exposure to toxins, probably the famous ones like lead & arsenic.”

      John, considering that leprosy was a disease discussed eons ago. Do you figure that it was caused from exposure to toxins then?
      I know that the Romans would sometimes use lead for drinking vessels. But what kind of toxins do you suppose that the ancient Israeli people were exposed to that would only affect a tiny percentage of their population?

        • “The bacteria exist but they do not cause disease. They may be found at the site of disease but that is like finding firefighters at the site of a fire. No, the firefighters do not cause the fires just like the bacteria do not cause disease. The role of bacteria is to eat dead and dying tissue but they can also be made to eat toxins in certain circumstances.”

          John, I don’t mean to belabor this but I’m wondering if your opinion is that no bacteria can cause illness. For instance, what are your thoughts about things like Necrotizing Fasciiti? The so-called flesh eating disease.
          Or how a cut or splinter will often develop an infection if not cleansed and treated.
          Are things like that not caused by the bacteria?

          It just seems kind of unlikely that they could be attributed to the body trying to eliminate toxins when they so often occur after traumas to the skin.

    • Perhaps if we continue to watch the pot it’ll never boil?

  1. Computing Forever did a skit on climate change…. I like the bit where he shows the news reports that Ireland will heat up faster then the rest of the world….followed by the other reports about all the OTHER countries that are ALSO heating up “2 times as fast rest of the world” .

    Sadly I am pretty sure some people would not even find that weird…..

  2. In the mid 90’s I was homeless, living in my van behind a spiritual center in Tucson. One day I was riding my mountain bike a mile up the road to an Ace Hardware for some supplies.

    I passed a mini-mall that had a few businesses in it and one had one of those time/temp signs on a pole that rotated. It was 112. I used to tell that story to friends later in my life as fun story that I would be riding a bike in what we used to joke about as “dry heat.”

    What we are experiencing is “weather” :-))

    The outrageous UV levels of 14 or higher is NOT just weather, it is part of the results of the weather wars and chemtrails. Can no longer grow a garden here at 6000 feet in the AZ White Mountains.

    I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    • In Texas, the summer of 1980 was worse than 2023.
      I was outside a lot. I remember.
      Granted, anytime the temperatures are over 100 degrees for weeks on end, especially humid heat, the scenario gets old.

      In 1980, I remember exchanging letters with an ex-girlfriend about the heat wave. She told me that in Europe the news channels were showing footage of Dallas residents being sprayed down with fire hoses, and that people were dropping like flies.
      I laughed at the silliness of the hyped scenario.
      The whole world knew about Dallas because of the TV show with J.R. Ewing.

      In 1980, many cars did not have A/C.
      If they did, the A/C units in cars and homes did not perform as well as A/C units now.

      • @HomeRemedySupply

        I’ve driven my 1973 Dodge van for 40 years without A/C and only lived with swamp coolers in the South West.

        When one lives long enough the lies and manipulation of history becomes quite evident.

  3. Why do people even react to or try to refute such “global boiling” nonsense?
    Do you argue or yell at a retarded person? Do you yell at drunks and drug addicts?
    Do you tell liars that they are lying and then show them proof?
    Ignore these idiots.
    Build your own world.
    Say goodbye to the Freak Show. Shut the door. Turn off the TV.
    Do something positive with your life and the time you have left on Earth.
    I like this channel for Solutions Watch and the positive stories.

    • “Do you tell liars that they are lying and then show them proof?
      Ignore these idiots.“

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
      —Martin Niemöller

      • “Using a quote as a form of proof of one’s point really requires a full review of the person being quoted”

        I don’t see why. A quote from a complete stranger or unknown person can be valid as long as it is true.
        None of what you quoted from Wikipedia has anything to do with the point I was attempting to make and which seems to have been missed by you.

        To put it in my own words, I believe that it is always important to stand up and speak up against lies whenever you encounter them.
        If you disagree with that, fine. But it really has nothing to do with Martin Niemöller. I just happen to appreciate how he expressed it.

        And since you have apparently forgotten, may I remind you of your own words written only two days ago?

        “I no longer wish to engage with the likes of either of you.”

        Have you had a change of heart?

    • Not being a virologist or scientist, I’d have to see a debate between Dr Bailey and another similarly qualified researcher, doctor, or scientist. There are a lot of doctors claiming a lot of contradictory things, and I have no way of separating out the B.S.

    • I’ve never heard JC say anything ad hominem at anyone promoting this theory or rather refutation of a theory.

      He doesn’t address it much because to him it isn’t critical to refuting the narrative of control. This is his opinion and whether others have a different one or not, he’s never insulted anyone who does think it’s critical as far as I know.

  4. Global boiling!

    In my day we used to call it “summer”. Not that we’ve had much of it this year in Scotland.

    The weather here has been relentlessly miserable apart from a very warm spell in June (though even on the hottest day the sea was freezing). May is usually the warmest and sunniest month of the year here, but for the past three years May has been unusually cold and grey. Summer seemed to happen in June, but as soon as July appeared the temperatures plummeted and it seems to have been raining every day since. Local weather forecasts have said several times that May and July were colder than the seasonal average, but I don’t think you’ll hear that on the BBC.

    Scotland generally gets ignored unless we’re demanding independence. If it’s hot in London, national emergencies are declared, even if it’s freezing up here.

    • Last request james for phrases like magajab….
      Perhaps, ‘Symptomless Global Warming’….

    • Scotland is obviously going through a pause in the process of bovine flatulence. Obviously. You are set and ready to continue boiling with the rest of the world (at twice the speed!), as soon as cows start farting again. You should be so lucky that you have counted the last fart.

      • Bovine flatulence – hahaha – you have to laugh or you’d cry I suppose. And the latest trough of miserable wind and rain about to hit us from the Atlantic (probably sent by geoengineers) has just been given the name “Storm Antoni”.

        I like Betty’s idea of aysymptomatic global warming.

  5. Last request james for phrases like magajab….
    Perhaps, ‘Symptomless Global Warming’….

  6. Jed says:
    “It’s all such bullshit as the water levels haven’t moved, I live on a sandbar…The beach concession stand I went to fifty years ago is still there. Water rising? Bullshit.”

  7. I’m glad that Corbett revisited “Idiocracy” references.
    “Idiocracy” really helps to position the offical narrative in the perspective it deserves, with the added bonus of comic relief.

    14 minute mark
    In almost a deadpan manner, James Corbett says:
    “…The weather gods don’t like it when you eat meat, and electrolytes is what plants crave, and so, therefore, wouldn’t it be great if we reduced meat consumption….”

    I had some neurons pop at 0.5 seconds after Corbett said the word “electrolytes”. I wasn’t expecting it and broke out in laughter. I had to rewind the video, because I was missing what else was being said.

    I want to give praise to NWNW for their superb coverage regarding
    Story #2: CDC Warns Red Meat Allergy Caused by Ticks an ‘Emerging Public Health Concern’
    This story has legs.

  8. That volcano story had me thinking about how absolutely insignificant all of these petty struggles we put ourselves through really are. 10% extra water vapour goes up into the atmosphere in a matter of minutes just as a bunch of fools clickety clack and click their nonsense into the universe.

    I got thinking about this just as I was walking home through a storm. At one point a large parasol flew near me (possibly over my head, due to gusts of water and wind I couldn’t see much) and I have only become aware of it after it crashed into a car parked some meters behind me.

    If cognitive dissonance does not make some peoples’ head pop soon, I don’t know what will. They are either going to pop or boil.

    • “If cognitive dissonance does not make some peoples’ head” snap crackle pop and boil.

  9. Fear porn poll from the local maintrash media.

    Title: are you afraid of climate change?

    6182 answered: Yes, storms and fires are increasingly destructive, it is obvious something is happening
    3115 answered: No, every year there is bad weather and fires*
    5199 answered: Compared to what we have in store, we should count our lucky stars for the time being

    I have added a little something to the screenshot, see if you can catch it.

    *officially, 2023 has been a low point when it comes to fires in Croatia. The top national firefighter guy declared that to be the case some days ago.

  10. The hottest July in the last forty years? Well, not in Nepal — the temperatures this summer are just average here, and yet the local newspapers claim that we have an increased incidence of snakebites this monsoon season, with more people dying of snakebites than ever before, which the “experts” attribute to climate change. How do the local snakes know that the climate is changing (if the temperatures do not), and why would this inspire them to bite more than usual?

  11. Reporting from the heartland,

    I took a day off from reality and pulled a trick on some zonambalist friends. A trick like Woody Harrelson did to RFKjr.
    The house I was staying at sit on a high hill in Tulsa Jokelahoma The mid-town water towers were West and a unobstructed view of the north to the horizon. After filling the 500 gal.pool on the patio we dove in and looked up at the sky all day.
    In come zee clowns ! The blue sky was replaced by a white milky mess,one plane after another. Except for one miner detail, there were no visible plane.Just the short white chemtrails seem to appear, spread out and thin,swirl,and form tiger stripes somewhere around 20-30k ft.
    My friends were puzzled by never seeing a plane,just the Xs, the dash dashes and long stripes. As the blanket spread the temperature rose;102° in the shade, heat endex 113°. Rain predicted tomorrow,duh! Wez arrz zee bugzz!

  12. Richard Vobes brings some interesting tidbits to light. Apparently, wind turbines come furnished with (internal combustion?) engines that are used to start up rotating motion as the winds are typically not capable to do by themselves (I assume) with the typical use case not involving a constant stream of air.

    So it would be reasonable to assume these same engines are used to spin the blades when the air movement speed is low. Does anyone else see plenty of room for making something that is not efficient look like it’s doing what’s supposed to be doing?

  13. Global boiling is just for frogs.

  14. I don’t know about you folks, but where I live in Ontario, we are experiencing just your average summer temps. It’s been nowhere near as hot as it was a couple of years ago.
    So I don’t know what orifice they are pulling their numbers from. 🙂

    Oh and BTW, nothing ticks me off more than stories about ticks, while I’m downing my 16 oz steak!
    So bug off. 🙂

    • The south and southwest United States have had a massive heat dome hanging around for much of July and into August. Temperatures have been 38 C plus (100 F plus) for much of that time.
      I’m in the Dallas area, and the other night at midnight it was over 32 Celsius.

      In July, I recall that the natural gas commodity reports were talking about the high heat in Europe. But I haven’t followed Europe that much.

      • According to prognosticators we are burning up at 28 degrees Celsisus.

        I would say this summer was quite a bit less hot than the previous one. And, SPOILER, we didn’t burn up during the past obe, either.

        I know several people who will insist that the current summer is the hottest ever. They just run their programs.

      • Thanks for the update Homey.
        I agree those temps are certainly very hot. But then I don’t
        know what is normal for your area.

        I was just checking the temp for Prague (there’s a tennis tournament there now)
        and discovered it is 16C, light rain at 4:32 pm today. It’s certainly not sweltering there.

        But on the sidebar of this weather channel (Accuweather)
        they are going full gaga on climate change fear porn:

        “Arizona’s extreme heat is killing honeybees and melting their homes”

        “Hundreds of teens fall ill from heat wave at World Scout Jamboree”

        “How extreme heat is making your gas more expensive”

        “What to know when your child starts school during a deadly heat wave”

        “Millions at risk for severe weather in the Midwest”

         “South America swelters under a ‘fierce’ <sic> mid-winter heatwave”

        • We had a lot of rainfall yesterday across central Europe. Some places saw profuse flooding. Temperatures dropped significantly as a result of weather shift. Insted of the expected 28+ deg C in the evening, yesterday we had 18.

          I expect the temps will pick up tomorrow (today mostly raining, but still a hot afternoon, mercifully less humidity) and lead into the continuation of the summer for the following 4-6 weeks.

          Even though in older days in this area it was known that the first August storm signalled the end of summer. But that trend is no longer in effect, I can remember only one summer during the past 20-25 years when the summer did indeed come to its end before mid August. We were not amid global boiling back then, however.

      • I decided to check on my local averages for the past 10 years or so. gives these types of averages.
        For some reason they choose the period of 1985-2015, so a 30 year period.
        The temps this summer in my area are below the average.

        Then I checked the temps in your area Dallas, for the same 30 year period.
        The average daily highs for July and August in Dallas are 36C.
        So your recent 38C levels are just a couple of degrees higher than average.

        And when July and August are over, your averages for this period may still
        fall right in line with 36C.

        • Right.
          Like I mentioned far north in the comment section, 1980 was worse than it is now.
          My son (who has cattle on his 25 acres) often talk about the summers which we have seen in the past.
          There have been many summers where we have seen the grass burnt “yellow dead” by July, firecracker season (4 July). Plants are baked crispy.

          In recent years, following the dry summer of 2015, our Springs and Summers have had some balanced rainfall, more or less. This makes a difference. 2015 was a rough one.
          We haven’t had any rain in weeks – I’d love to see some.

          Last night it was 34.44 °C (94 F) at 10:30 pm.
          It gets old after weeks on end.
          Cities feel much worse than country areas.

          Ozone is a big problem in cities. The concrete and chemicals heat up, and literally make it hard to breath. I hurt myself a few weekends ago when working out in the yard around noon time for a few hours. It took me a day to recover.

          I’m ready for daytime high temperatures to reach a cool 34.44 °C.

          • 34 deg C evenings are very cool indeed. 28 is lousy, 34 is worse. I assume it’s a dry heat.

            Here we had another round of reasonably engineerd storms, the temperature took another dip. I now think there is a hefty probability this summer may be cut short.

            This season was very poor as far as tourism is concerned. It started timidly as the inflation took its toll, prices shoot up 30%. There was maybe two weeks of somewhat increased expenditure and now this.

            Maybe people will start to consider how stupid it is to put all the eggs in one basket.

            TeeVee announces a new record is brolen every day, but that is in stark collision with what can be observed on the street level.

            • Dallas and east is a humid, stifling, sticky heat.
              So any type of water based cooling system, besides a swimming pool or lake, will just make it more miserable.
              Occasionally, some summers, in the house, I turn on a portable dehumidifier (which puts out heat) and dump a gallon of water after a few hours.

              West Texas is a dry heat.
              In Odessa and Big Springs, our cooling unit sat on the roof of the house. Essentially, it was just a waterfall pump with a fan.
              I still miss playing with the horned toads.

    • I think what they are doing is putting it in the MSM where as in the past there was no mention of “extreme” temperatures before and they are also claiming it’s due to alleged man made climate change.

      There are no differences in temperature in past seasons where I have been living. In fact in one place in CA where I commute back to work, the summer has sucked, very cool and cloudy and we’ve had this in the past.

      It’s sort of how we’ve likely had very bad winter illness periods AKA flu seasons and before it was being used to scare the population was never mentioned.

      They also may have some way to manipulate the weather but I haven’t really researched this in any depth. I know technology exists but the extent of it I have no idea.

    • Mkey,

      The fakery is off the scale. However, does show Croatia a lot more adverse to freezing to death than Romania or Bulgaria.
      Mkey,why are the deaths from heat so high in the 20-45 group in your corner of paradise?
      Could it be this tripe graph is a total pile-a-poop?
      Here in Oklahoma you can’t die untill it gets to 38°c .
      This graph has some typos,should read Oklahoma and the number on the left should be c° temp. Don’t look too close though.
      I can make a graph work too!

      • We do indeed appear to have some extra deaths due to “heat”, but knowing who these people are I simply can not trust the bean counters. Dear lord may only know what are these people tagging and in response to whose dictates.

        One thing that comes to mind is the relatively significant (certainly not 5/100k) death rate among tourists during the summer. They like to drown in a variety of ways. Idiots take out a boat and just assume they will be taking it back just as easily.

        Due to poor infrastructure and lack of training quite a few people die in crashes on the roads. But again, questionable how are the bean counters writing these deaths down. If they follow the same logic they did with convid there is really no telling what are the exact figures.

  15. Has someone made a logo or a meme for the “Center of Disease Creation” already?

    Also, are they putting those infected ticks out in the woods near US biolabs on the East coast, or do we know if they’re also releasing those in Ukraine or elsewhere in Europe?

    • I think Santa is spreading those ticks, her has quite a bit of spare time during the summer.

  16. This is my thirtieth year in Florida. From my experience, this year is fairly typical. At least in the west central area.

    The rains seemed a little late this year but are making up for their tardiness in the last week or two.

    The heat is pretty much normal from what I can tell. Meaning that its hotter than blazes when there is no cloud cover and its ridiculously humid all the time.
    Just like every summer since I’ve been here.

    “Its not the heat. Its the humidity” is a very true adage. Another is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes “.

  17. The 37 degree drop in temperature is probably due to geoengineering. Someone heats the water up, then writes the story, then turns the heating technology (maybe HAARP) off. It is well known that the technology to heat up the water is there, and no one has ever invented a weapon that hasn’t been used. Storms can be intensified, or stalled, when they are moving, creating record-breaking rain or snow falls in one area. The temeprature of the planet is not changing much, but the ability to create scary phenom weather events is real, and this is the way the powers that be can hold us hostage and blame it on global warming to the hystera-masses

    • You can check your suspicions about a technology that can heat the ocean by calculating how man Joules it would take to raise 1 sq km of ocean, to a depth of 50 cm, 8 degrees C.

      Then convert that to how many power plants would be required to do that in a day, assuming about 1200 MW per power plant.

      • @ aud
        Can scaler interferometry be used? Does the conservation of energy apply here?
        Satellite energy conversion?
        So much to question ⁉️

  18. Sick Irony… August 6th

    In the United States, on the calendars, Sunday August 6th, 2023 is National Friendship Day.
    In 1935, Congress declared the 1st Sunday of August as National Friendship Day.

    On 6 August 1945 at 08:15 Japanese time, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

    To me it seems that on the 1945 calendar, August 6th was the first Monday in August.
    So, I guess that “National Friendship Day” was over.

  19. January 2018 In consideration of voting harder and the effects on weather and the environment I sent an email to my representative,with no response.
    Honourable Senator James Inholf.
    Dear Sen. Inholf, congratulations on your chairmanship of Armed Services Committee. You where quoted in the Tulsa World last week, you said something about ” the tankers at Tinker Airbase.” Can you say those Tankers are or are not part of the stratospheric aerosol injections that John Brennen was enamored with when he spoke to the Council of Foreign Affairs? The whole business has been very hard on the citizens of Oklahoma’s health, agriculture, and water habitats and resources. You have a chance here to secure your legacy in history. This bacon’s soured the Homeland. Please consider taking Oklahoma out of their agenda. There are other alternatives to the collateral damage to the population , water and land. You will not want to be tied to that group.Please consider, this is on a lot of Oklahoma’s minds.

    At that time 2018, Hollywood writers were 2 years into writing the script for the last of Danial Craig’s series as 007 James Bond, No Time to Die. Released Oct.8th 2021.
    The movie plot and my letter intersected at Tinker Air Base in MidWest City,Ok. The largest facility for making and loading air tankers with Bio Weapons in the USA is at Tinker. The movie depicts the bio-weapon being aerosolized and genetically killing through contact of nano,self assembly micro dots.
    The Event 201 happened in Oct-November2019 ,about the time the shooting of the movie was being completed.
    Having only seen the movie last night I’m disturbed by Hollywood’s uncanny ability at pre-cognitive functions.
    Maybe they have a world class Ouyja Board and it was just a story. Or, we now know how the “Cooties” landed in American cities, like the film , on the same weekend.

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