Interview 1828 – Scamdemic 2: The New Batch – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Are They Prepping for Plandemic 2.0?

Never ascribe to stupidity that which can be adequately explained as ritualism.

It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact Tracing RE-IMPLEMENTED At Colleges, Offices

Lionsgate Reinstates Mask Mandate In Parts Of Santa Monica Office Following Covid Outbreak

America’s antivaxx crisis laid bare: A QUARTER believe MMR shot causes autism and a THIRD think the Covid vaccines killed thousands, poll finds

Story #2: Japan To Start Releasing Fukushima Water Into Ocean On Thursday

FUKUSHIMA UPDATE | Nuclear News from Japan

Story #3: Police Search For Anti-ULEZ Suspect – As Hundreds Of Cameras Damaged Or Stolen

Ulez: More Than 300 Cameras Damaged Or Stolen In Four Months

Ultra Low Emission Zone

Baghdad Advertising Boards Turned Off Over Porn Screening

NWNW Flashback: Vermont Town Employee Quietly Lowered The Fluoride In Water For Years

NWNW Flashback: Utah Doctor Allegedly Destroyed Vaccines, Gave Fake Shots to Children

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  1. I seriously don’t think I can do this again I’m experiencing anxiety just thinking of getting back on that hamster wheel…what options do you have? To move? This is such disturbing news-I wasn’t expecting this so soon.

    • Just don’t comply. And tell them why.
      Whatever pressure is applied just don’t comply.
      Be well informed and vocal about the lies and misinformation that they used the last time and be willing to cause a scene.
      Be willing to sacrifice. Be willing to suffer.
      But don’t comply.

    • nlock

      “…I’m experiencing anxiety…”

      Have an E-hug and dont worry- they probably are just doing a trial balloon to gauge public reaction. 🙂

      “……what options do you have? To move? …”

      Where do you live?

      If its somewhere where people are either going to go crazy strict if there is a lockdown, or like to riot, then you should probably move regardless of lockdowns.

      If you have friends and such that you can trust you might want to start talking NOW about how to help each other out if things get dire – even if its just for mental health checks and talking.

      Maybe you could get a CB radio ( no license needed) net up, or get HAM radio licenses (SUPER easy to do, they give you the questions list).

      Start making a PLAN…even if its a bad plan it will give you an edge by reducing anxiety.

      • Hi duck I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico so it is smaller but not climate where you could live without things like water/utilities. I hope you’re right about the quantum dot but she proposes the vaccine causes shedding along with things they spray on us which impacts even those who never got the injection(s). That is a good idea about the radio so I’ll look into it. Thx!

        • New Mexico is nice in that you can use a swamp cooler most places what with the Low Humidity….last time I was there I found the shade actually cooled you down.
          CAn you store water at all? A 50 gallon food grade drum is kinda a nice thing if you can find them cheep (they rip you off most places…) The ones they tranport coffee in need rinsing out, but you can store some water even in your yard though you ought to keep it covered so you dont get algae from the sun and plastic rot….you’d need to boil of filter before drinking if its sat there for a while.

          Have you looked into getting a “life straw” or two…mechanical filter that you suck water thru- though I am told you can also “pour” water thru it and filter into a bucket if you know how. It wont take out chemicals but its pretty good for germs. They were dirt cheep last time I got one.

          I’ve never used a ‘solar still’, but they will give you a tiny bit of water so I’m told…esp if you put green plants in them

          Your town will probably get very quiet about two weeks after the water gets cut off….. plenty of room if you make it thru the noisy bit 😉

          • Finding the upside in everything! I love it!

            • I also saw a guy in South Africa who had this weird Land Rover hydroponics set up that he planned to boon dock in when the riots (they have them daily there) arrived….Is there is plenty of cheap desert out there? If so is there a place in the desert you can conceal supplies-esp water- at?

              You’d need to live in a trailer or van or something but honestly once you were out there I doubt anyone would bother looking if you are out of sight of the road… if your single and can work online you could even go live there during a lockdown though you’d probably want to keep Op Sec on location so you dont get visitors so you’d not wanna be on the flat land.

          • Ever notice how the libertarian ‘go it alone’ solutions to social problems simply have no gravity?

            Food problems, go to the local food mart

            Weather problems, move

            Education problems, go it alone at home

            Social problems, stick with your xenophobic groupings

            Racial problems, stick with your own race

            All of this crap under the canopy of trickle down economics.

            Ever stop and think these solutions and assumptions are simply absurd?

            Those that peddle them know they are and they also know a mark when they see one.

            Americans suffer from a comic book view of history. Binary thinking or no thinking at all.

            That is why they are so easily subject to manipulation of all forms.

    • I don’t think they would be able to do it again for what’s out now that I’ve seen which is a mild flu without (based on what I’ve seen) also I’m not sure people would put up with it in many places.

      And what can they do to enforce the mandate in the US? What would this do to the economy? It could cause massive drain on the social system that is already low in resources. They would piss a lot of people off and I think it would cause chaos.

      Mentioned already is a “trial balloon” which is what it could be. It could happen but I’m not worried. I’m not going to allow myself to worry about it. It’s a challenge and we will rise to the occasion.

      I wonder how some people live with very serious medical issues or waiting for a very important medical test to come back and seem to do so living life to it’s fullest despite the worry. Some people are diagnosed with cancer and things like that and just keep going and living life and I’m always so impressed by people who can do that.

      It’s a skill that I need to develop because it’s important even if life is great and that is learning how to appreciate the moment at hand and the moments that are good ones. Everyone’s physical lifetime is limited and why spend time worrying? Also, mentioned already is to prepare for different possibilities that way you’ve done all you can to brace yourself for potential struggles.

      Getting out of cities to me seems worthwhile because they are increasingly unsafe and in a state of decay. In the city I’m from, it has become a shell of it’s former self with needles and poop and drug addicts nodding out on the street corner. There was a little kid that almost died from a fentanyl overdose they were exposed to in a playground a while back.

      • You can run from monopoly capitalism but you cannot hide.

    • If you want real information to fight the anxiety and peer group pressure I spent two years putting together a 19 page downloadable pdf or just watch the video.

      It covers it all…whose “game” this is and why; dangers of the vaccine, ventilators, and more. It is filled with links to sources.

      And mostly, the truth: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COVID 19

      The Virus Has Never Been Isolated According to Koch’s or River’s Postulates
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      As of 1/2022 the “SARS-Cov-2” virus has yet to be isolated, and therefore has yet to be proven to even exist, according to evidence presented by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

      Education always triumphs over lies:

      LINE IN THE SAND (Essay/video)

      • Want answers to social problems? Watch videos? and do not forget the popcorn.

    • It’s an illusion created by the Media; It’s not real, so act like it’s not real.

      • One last and simple stupid thought. The PTB use alternative media to broadband their plans. So don’t talk about it and it will die. Talk about their corruption etc., but avoid what they want you to repeat. Act like its not there and refuse to feed the algorithm.

    • nlock – If there is an aspect of the human condition which needs to be addressed, important news/information overlooked/not covered by the corporate or alternative media, James has undoubtedly spoken to it. Here is a Solutions Watch episode with Bruce Levine that might be helpful. There are links to organizations included in the show notes –

      You are not alone. You have the holy Trinity: CR forum, God, and the Man himself – James “I’m here to help but do your own research” Corbett. What more could one ask?

  2. Thanks for the heads up guys.

    At this late date, I think that anyone who is still lining up for the injections is totally mentally unhinged.

    According to VAERS and other data sets, so far an estimated 676,000+ Americans and well over 70,000 Canadians have been killed by these fraudulent injections (in the immediate time frame after they were injected).

    And, those numbers do not account for the long term synthetic mRNA/viral vector genetic injection induced fatalities (such as the plethora of “Turbo- Cancers” that are being induced via the SV40 which is found in the injections). SV40 is a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA.

    These injections have been documented to induce VAIDS, prion-based diseases, myocarditis and other serious heart defects, etc., but now we know these injections also deliberately contain SV40 (which functions as a kind of dual attack vector with the Spike Protein suppression of the p53 protein which in turn endogenously suppresses all cancers).

    The fraudulent genetic slurry shots promote cancer through SV40, and they inhibit one’s ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor system. Given current trends, when we extrapolate into the long term, this is looking very bad. Every system is showing cancer rates are up.

    It appears that all evidence points towards a high likelihood that these injections may be one of the most advanced ‘slow-kill’ bioweapons ever deployed against a human population.

    The recent American Cancer Society Annual Report Showed 11.5% Excess Cases. All data indicates that these unprecedented prolific cancer trends will only become worse…

    72% of the IUS death reports in the 33 year history of VAERS are from one vaccine: the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Also, as noted above, the COVID “vaccines” keep on killing people, for months and years after the shot.

    Turn on the “news” in Canada and you will find state propagandists are still going full steam ahead pushing people to get the deadly genetic concoctions. These are clearly the trappings of a vicious slow-kill eugenics op.

    Considering all the available data on how dangerous (and often deadly) these fraudulent injectable products are, I think that anyone still taking them (and suggesting others should) are literally part of some kind of death cult.

    Thank you to all of you out there who chose (and continue to choose to) muster the courage to call these fraudulent injections out for the malicious profiteering scam (and potential bioweapon) that they are (despite this being socially awkward and professionally/fiscally risky at times to talk about). If we do not call this scam out for what it was/is, we will be dooming future generations to being more vulnerable to being victimized by similar scams.

    Stay strong, stay true and may the friction of these scamdemics serve to sharpen your mind, revealing your true nature as a force for light and truth to make the shadows flee.

    God Speed.

    • I didn’t take the shot but I’m coming to learn it doesn’t matter! They have other ways to get the poison into you. I watched this doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea from Washington state who shows blood of even unvaccinated people having quantum dot technology in their blood. I thought myself and my family dodged a bullet by having insight and wisdom to avoid the shot but I’m now not so sure.

      • nlock

        I would not worry so much about Quantum Dots 🙂

        They sound like some buzz wordy but cool sounding thing that either does not exist or does not work properly outside a lab.

        The people running things are not half as powerful as they would like you to think. If they were you would already be dead or in a pod….which is about 50% comforting I guess, LOL

      • @ Duck and Nlock.

        Yes, to the idea that people running this agenda of death, depopulation,are not as powerful as they would like you to think.
        However , they are twice as smart as anyone else in the field. How big is the field? The field of eugenics and population control. We are not even aware of their capabilities, as Larkin Rose’s script has Mr.Smith saying “‘that is our greatest advantage.'”
        Just from the work of the Geoengineering crowd, the eugenics crowd, has been able to develope and deliver a controlling agent. The science that exposes that , is like, finding a foreign object on the surface of the moon… not knowing what it is or how it works, concluding, therefore, it should not concern us from 226,000 miles away? Knowing this enemy, it was put there,in our blood, for a reason.
        Dr. Mihalcea offers solutions on how to cleanse the blood. It’s a solution that the predictor class uses. We run around saying it would be unthinkable, They won’t spray themselves would they? Smart ? Doing the unthinkable.
        A cursory look around and a person will have to travel a ways to find a clinic brave enough to offer such services as Dr. Mihalcea’s. It’s quite expensive.
        How smart are they ? The supplies being offered in the Medical Industrial Complex system are subject to contamination, willful or through negligence. So will the EDTA not be tampered with? That would be unthinkable!
        They have redefined smart. We are a trojan horse

        • generalbottlewasher

          “…However , they are twice as smart as anyone else in the field. How big is the field? The field of eugenics and population control. We are not even aware of their capabilities, …”

          I dont think so…. IMO we are actually just on the edge of a tech collapse and a new cycle of civilization. The Elite are mostly the trust fund inheritors of real evil geniuses.

          I am not an expert, but I did hear Chris Knowles ( ‘secret sun blog’) on someones podcast- I think it was called “power fantasies for the powerless, or something like that….anyway, IIRC he was of the opinion that a good chunk of whats happening now is scientists basically scamming rich people and promising much more then they can deliver.

          As I recall he noted a certain sense of panic in the ritualistic behavior of the Elite as they realize that their not actually gonna become gods and they pee’d all that money into the pockets of scamming scientists

          My History teacher told me that Mussolini flew his planes around in a circle during parades so it looked like Italy had massive air power….and that he started to believe his own propaganda. But Italy was exhausted by the time the REAL war began.

          If they were actually ABLE to reliably do half the $hi7 they pretend we would already be in pods.

      • I make the difference between ‘obliging’, me actively agreeing to, and stuff other perpetrate, that being theirs to come to turn with.

      • I honestly think the “shedding” of the convid vax and the RMNA injections in our meat supply is nothing but gaslighting by the PTB. It’s gaslighting us to put desperation, depression and hysteria in our minds. REJECT IT

        • Vaccinated people “shedding” is a real thing.
          And it is not just with the Covid vaccines, but with some other vaccines also.
          This month, August 2023, another “shedding” scientific paper was published.
          The are many anecdotes about shedding, including from Corbett Report members.

          “Shedding” SUB-THREAD LINK (It is long)

          • I read this on Dr. McCullough’s Substack about a potential detoxification protocol for exposure to spike protein if that is what is causing symptoms.


            I think I might buy some of the stuff because I was sick again and though it was pretty mild did notice more fatigue. Maybe it’s exposure to highly jabbed people since I work in a very highly injected area and am in frequent contact with people.

            If shedding is a thing and it seems like there have been lots of anecdotes about it and post illness fatigue, maybe this stuff might help.

            Maybe people will have to start taking it prophylactically especially if they feel ill when contacting people who have been heavily jabbed or if weird stuff is being put in the food supply.

            There are theories about prions (misfolded proteins) may cause or increase rates of disease. If this is true, it follows that if people are now shedding spike protein the nattokinase can help if it does dissolve the protein.

            • Cu.j.h
              Your thought here made me think of an old memory from T.V. childhood.
              How many people today still lick the envelopes they put into the mail? The glue has about 1.5 calories to feed a pathogen ,enough for years in staciss. Aways the unthinkable

            • cu.h.j
              Many enzymes will help breakdown proteins. Papain (from Papaya) can handle a lot of proteins compared to its own weight.
              Nattokinase helps target fibrin.
              Be sure to take enzymes on an empty stomach for systemic therapy.

              I found this Doctor’s recommendations insightful also…

              If you are adventurous, you might play with Phosphatidyl Serine (a pill supplement). It can help mental sharpness.
              Take Acetyl-Carnitine to add to the mental sharpness, along with energy. Carnitine helps the cells burn lipids (fats) instead of sugar for energy. I typically will take these two on a relatively empty stomach.

              The Doctor mentions agmatine (think of arginine). This is good to take on an empty stomach, but you might want to balance it with a Lysine supplement so as not to trigger sleeping viruses in the body.

              I have a Hypothesis.
              I think eating lots and lots and lots and lots of organic celery, especially the leafy ends, might help with being shedded upon or even with vaccine injuries.
              A celery smoothie might be easier for some people.
              There are a whole variety of reasons for my theory, but it is hard to test.

              • Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll try the celery although the taste is pretty bland on it’s own.

                I’ll check out the book. I do already take agmatine sulfate to help with back pain and to help with mood so I’d only need to add the nattokinase and the phosphatidyl serine. I have taken inositol and sunflower lecithin in the past though and wonder if it’s similar to those. There are soy free versions of the phosphatidyl serine too. I try to avoid soy after having it mess with my thyroid function.

                One thing I need to buy again was black seed oil. It did give me a bit of a tummy ache at first but I really felt better when I was taking it. My skin looked better too.

                I also have some acetyl carnitine but never took it consistently so will add that and see how I do. I have taken DLPA and tyrosine for attention and mental sharpness but these can cause a stimulant type crash effect that is a downside.

              • Damn cu.h.j !
                Wow! I did not know. You really have some excellent, first-hand experience and knowledge under your belt regarding supplements.
                Man alive! I’m impressed. Very impressed.

              • HRS,

                I wish I knew more though. Nootropics and supplements can provide substantial benefits and I am very much a novice with them. I’m sure you know much more than I do in this area. I think it’s a very worthwhile subject to explore.

                I think most people who work in health care are very uninformed and ignorant of nutrition and supplements and nootropics though. Instead they tend to promote pharmaceuticals because most have been indoctrinated into the cult of allopathic medicine.

          • HRS
            “…Vaccinated people “shedding” is a real thing.
            And it is not just with the Covid vaccines…”

            Not saying its IMPOSSIBLE for the Covid vax to be doing that…I’ve also heard of people becoming infectious from (IIRC) the measles shot.

            But I do mot see how a gene therapy designed to make your own cells produce substances can then spread to others. True i could imagine that you could shed the product- ‘spike protein’, or whatever- the way a car sheds exhaust fumes but I do not see how the ‘machinery’ to create it can shed to others and infect them unless its got a mechanism to make the gene therapy part itself AND its transport vector to get it into the cells…..Now, I have heard that people have been getting weird periods around vaxx’d folks so the product may shed somewhat and cause inflammation or something like that HOWEVER I’m then left wondering how much can be shed without making a lethal dose inside the vaxx’d person.

            • Perhaps the protein causes an allergy in some people. It could be a toxin essentially.

              There are other diseases hypothesized to come from proteins rather than viruses.

              Examples are “mad cow” disease and sporadic fatal insomnia (extremely rare).

              If people are breathing in a prion or ingesting it, theoretically it could cause some type of intolerance/allergy or even disease in sensitive people. However, this would need to be studied more to determine if the protein is actually causing disease.

              Living systems are vastly complex and some things are very poorly understood. The gut microbiome and how it interacts with the immune system and the nervous system is not well understood.

              I’ll try to find some studies on shedding. But you are right that the mechanism of illness is different and I think it would be more of an allergic reaction rather than an infectious disease.

              But what could be happening that has a more clear mechanism is a weakening of the immune system of the general population (VAIDS) and subsequent disease propagation from a sick population that can affect others.

              But I think that to become phobic of this potential phenomenon can perhaps be a bit neurotic, like how some people are paranoid about what’s circulating now. Taking a vitamin supplement to boost immunity though is probably a good idea.

              • And nattokinase and other cardiovascular supplements can provide beneficial effects in general and I think are worthwhile especially as people age or if they are prone to cardiac disease.

                If high blood pressure runs in ones family, I think it’s probably a good idea to take supplements that are heart protective.

            • “… I’m then left wondering how much can be shed without making a lethal dose inside the vaxx’d person.”

              The issue could be exposure to multiple sources of small amounts of it. If someone lives in a place with lots of recently jabbed people they could be getting exposed from multiple sources and if they are allergic to the protein may have some type of reaction. I really don’t know and it’s speculative.

            • “…but I do not see how the ‘machinery’ to create it can shed to others and infect them unless its got a mechanism to make the gene therapy part itself AND its transport vector to get it into the cells”

              Yeah, I don’t think that’s what’s happening with the shedding. Like you said, inflammation/allergy could occur in some people or prion disease (in theory). But the fact that the manufacturer knew this happened and promoted it anyway and it was forced on people is psychopathic and evil.

              If the jab is inducing hormone disruption in people this can induce similar disruption in others. I really haven’t researched this phenomenon to be honest. But anecdotally have seemed to experience “syncing” of menstrual cycles with other women. This could be in part psychosomatic, sort of how the placebo effect works. The mind is very powerful and can a profound effect on physiology. An example is “conversion disorder” where a person can experience paralysis and other symptoms that appear physical but are actually mental.

        • They want to believe it for they are lost, desperate and have no idea what is going on in the world and no idea they have no idea.

          “I wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t believe it.”

          Marshal McCluhan

        • @KevinB360

          Completely agree.. shedding is a great excuse to get the people who reject the clot shots to still live in fear. It seems the majority of the alternative media these days pushes the fear porn just as much.

      • @nlock

        Spit out that black pill someone is trying to feed you my friend!

        It is wise to be aware of one’s surroundings (to avoid pitfalls through preventative action and tread carefully in dangerous territory where possible) but living in constant fear and hopelessness is not productive and it inhibits us from achieving our true potential.

        I can totally understand how people can internalize states of ‘learned helplessness’, defeatism and/or seeing “evil” lurking around every corner (in the context of today’s hyper-centralized, materialistic, transhumanist/technocrat, reductionist dominant culture guided by a transnational corporatocracy) but while I recognize the darkness that is festering on Earth I also choose to recognize and then fan the flame that makes the darkness flee.

        I believe there is truth in the saying ‘if you gaze into the abyss long enough the abyss gazes also into you.’ and the saying “what you fear you empower, and what you love you empower, and what you empower, you attract”.

        Thus, I feel that while it is wise to take an honest look at the ugliness of humanity, analyzing how it’s most deranged members are actively seeking to murder, poison and/or enslave their fellow humans (so that one can avoid such pitfalls, withdraw our support from their systems of oppression and help others do the same) I also feel it is even more important to apply one’s pattern recognition capabilities to seeing (and acting upon) that which is beautiful, creative, hopeful and empowering on this world. That includes the behaviors of human beings that serve to uplift, nurture, heal, inspire, unify and illuminate and it includes perceiving the beauty, geometry and wisdom present in the more than human world as well.

        For just as if we gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back, so too if we gaze long enough into the radiant light emanating from the spiritual spark that exists within all beings and so too if we gaze into the workings and mind of the living planet Earth the source of that light and conscious spirit gazes back at us as well.

        Therefore, while I am aware of the nanotech, the stratospheric aerosol injection programs, the insidious CRISPR terminator tech and many other ominous manifestations of the plutocratic cartel that desperately seeks to control and dominate, I also consciously choose to focus my awareness on that which transcends the realm of influence within the grasp of such humans, lifting my gaze from the abyss to perceiving the light that emanates within each being and has the potential to make the darkness vanish.


      • (continued from above..)

        Whether or not another being is attempting to use their free will to try and poison and/or “quantum dot” us does not override your soul contract nor the will of God.

        In my personal experience I have found that if one chooses actions that are in the interest of protecting those that cannot protect themselves, giving a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, offering pathways to healing, empowerment, hope and unification of our family of humanity (and our more than human family) there are beings that stand at the ready in higher realms that are willing and able to provide protection and guidance (and no form of advanced duplicitous and/or malicious human tech or intent can override that which is willed by God and those beings that work closely with Creator to do his will).

        While I do believe that each of us have a pre-determined time when we have agreed to leave this Earth (and no amount of prayer or will power will extend that time frame) the time we do have here can be drastically improved and our efforts supported in meaningful ways through genuine, open-hearted prayer/meditation. The Creator of all things does not interrupt or override our free will, but when invited to be part of our lives on Earth, all things become possible.

  3. RE: Story #1: Are They Prepping for Plandemic 2.0?

    On Thursday’s 8/24 The Highwire “Episode 334 – Pandemic 2.0”, Jefferey Jaxen takes a deep dive into surrounding co-current things which are going on. He does a very good job of covering a lot of tie-ins.
    47 minutes

    Also discussed…
    Twitter ‘X’ is currently censoring (throttling).
    Example given. The CEO of ‘X’ explains their new censorship policy.
    This appears to be time coincident with YouTube’s new policies.

    Just a quick note…
    Student loan payments start again on October 1st.
    The average monthly payment is $350 to $400 per month for scores of millions of Americans.
    Think about it…that is one heck of a sudden shock to the societal system.

  4. “Unacceptable acts of criminality”! (re ULEZ) What about the government’s unacceptable act of criminality in imposing this network of restrictions and fines after more than 60% of respondents to the public consultation were opposed to its expansion? The UK government literally gets away with murder.

  5. RE: Story #3: Police Search For Anti-ULEZ Suspect – As Hundreds Of Cameras Damaged Or Stolen

    This segment really appealed to me. I was grinning. Insouciance has luster.
    I loved how James and James ‘encouraged’ people not to do anything illegal. (wink, wink)

    There are so many creative ways that people can push back.

    Who knows? Maybe the next time I roll my cart down the grocery aisle, perhaps some of the processed food items might have another sticker by the price sku which states: “Contains Poisons”.

    Back in the old days with “9/11 Truth”, I would print up sheets of address stickers. Maybe one sheet might have the message “Google Building 7”.
    It was fun to place these stickers at the fast food drive thru. When people order at the remote call box, they are looking directly at the sticker. Employees rarely ever check the call box.
    Also, the Drive-thru was a great location to offer the public free 9/11 “Information Handouts”.
    There are a lot of retail and public places where signs, stickers and info can go.

    However, I don’t recommend pulling a “Cool Hand Luke” and cutting off all the parking meters around the courthouse while drunk, ‘cuz you’re sure to get caught. Be cool, but not stupid.

    • Juvenile thinking within a society that has been infantizlized.

  6. Please revisit the Codex Alimentarius.

  7. Luckily “… More than 10,000 tonnes of waste wood have been sunk into the Atlantic Ocean …” surely it will balance off the Fukushima water release. It’s all out war on planet earth, surely masks will save the day! Or is it “love will save the day!!!”

  8. That was a riot guys (especially the last part) thanks for that!

    Like James, I immediately changed my fish-eating habits after Fukushima, (avoiding Pacific fish).

    The problem I have had over the years is that many stores/restaurants either don’t have a clue where their fish is coming from, know where it comes from but pretend they don’t know, or simply ‘mislabel’ the origins of the fish. 🙁

    • Wow! Makes it tough on the poor libertarian who wants to make rational self-interested thinking and decisions.

      Pity the poor libertarian.

      what is he/she to do?

      • You make it seem there is a problem with being self-interested.
        Am I reading you incorrectly?

        • No, I am saying that what poses for ‘self interest’, libertarianism is a death trap.

          The entire legacy of Horatio Alger and the go-it-alone individualism has been proven wrong by history.

          History is made by people, either organized or not.

          Not by individuals.

          Individualizing everything has left America painted in a corner, isolated, unable and unwilling to work with other. nations.

          This is also true of personal relationships where people suffer alienation, cannot work well with their colleagues, are poor neighbors and on and on.

          The elevation of individualism to God status has painted America into the corner of history it finds itself in.


          Read it. It is a trilogy by Feffer.

          That is the time we are in where everything is splintering and in many circles they elevate this and call it rugged individualism.

          It is destroying individual and social lives.

          Individuality, very different from individualism, is found by working with people, not by alienating oneself from them.

          Dime con quien andes y yo te dire quien eras.

          “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

          Individualism in America is conformism and libertarianism has now become the motor engine of American fascism– all over the world. Look at El Salvador.

          • Interesting philosophy you’ve got going there.

            Don’t you think however that you are projecting a heck of a lot onto a
            guy who simply told others here about his fish-eating habits?

          • Weilunion
            “…History is made by people, either organized or not…”

            We actually agree on something! I’ve come round to that way of thinking thanks to reading “The Populist Delusion” although I would say that your going too far with

            “….Not by individuals….”
            since there is always room for a Great Man to shape History. Plenty of Roman Emperors re-directed things thru personal will directed thru the situation history dumped them into.

            While Trotsky and Stalin were both evil, mass murdering psychopaths there is little doubt that Trotsky would have had an earlier and more aggressive drive to take over Eastern Europe then Stalin. If some hipster ever goes back in time and kills baby Hitler then Germany would quite possibly have ended up Red and actually taken over a goodlt chunk of the world- A novel I rather like for exploring that kinda thing being “Time and Time Again” by Ben Elton

  9. I thought you guys might get a kick out of this.

    I went to share the link to the NWNW episode above on BlackRock’s Meta social engineering/behavior modification platform and I received the following message:

    “This post can’t be shared
    In response to Canadian government legislation, ???? ??????? can’t be shared.”

    It is official! The corporate oligarchy has recognized the New World Next Week as “News”! They finally see that the quality of information you provide, the in depth research that goes into your material (and how you guys both comprehensively cite your sources) is lightyears beyond their scripted hollow MSM broadcasts in every way! 🙂

  10. The bastards are bringing back the scamdemic restrictions. Kaiser Permanente (hospital) in Santa Rosa, California just put back on the mask mandate.
    President (sic) Biden wants to fund a new vaccine for everyone.
    Now the Federal Government is a shill for Big Pharma.
    I’ve had enough.
    No more Mr. Nice Guy. If someone gets in my face about masks or vaccines or social distancing, I WILL let them have the full double barrels of Catholic School kid profanity. Oh, we Catholic kids made an art of the pornographic insult.

  11. I’ll give an example:
    Idiot at the grocery store, “Where’s your mask?”
    Me: “Are you wearing that mask to cover up the hickies your momma gave you while you were fucking her? ‘Cause I sure as hell don’t want to see that hicky shit.
    And that stain on your fly. Man, try and wash up afterward. You’re gonna rot out the zipper.”

  12. Duck,
    More food for thought.
    Cracking the nut,the shell around DARPA would be enlightening to common man. Cracking the shell around the Dept of Commerce’s, FCC,NOAA use of the weather” forecasting” infrastructure transmitting antennas, could quickly unwind the knots of speculation. We are unable to describe what our eyes are seeing. Is that a fair assessment?…
    This inability to know gives credence to what you propose. It however can be held in reserve and not wholly dismissed.
    These are tightly held secrets of the controlling bodies. Those guarded secrets place us in a physical pod of a sort, certainly a pod of propaganda.
    We citizens have no law to address these maltheasant agentcies behaviors.Do we?
    I would summarize that having painted ourselves into a corner over the last fifty years by our designed collective apathy we are indeed in a pod ,it just doesn’t look like the Hollywood depiction. This has nothing to do with fear but a recognition of the terrain we find ourselves in.
    I think we know now since the cold war has come to an end,that we are the boogie man. That it was all a plan to control us, by the fear. That there is an overarching control body. That the threats to National Security are threats to that controlling body,not too the actual people of a Nation.
    TPTSB as you say have fears and panic. The people like Bill Gates live in fear of another pie in the face. There is very little difference between a pie and a 40cal.slug to them. They will use extreme measures when panicked.

    Here is one such move. It is a shorter version to HRS post south of here. Very interesting.

    A brilliant replicating weapon.
    Recency activated?

  13. So Not funny news, which only James & James can make me laugh so hard I’m pissing myself, which is totally not funny. Seriously though, I’m just so shocked the Japanese government is dumping that radioactive crap into the ocean, then acting like it’s not all attached to the rest of the world. I’m finished with all freshwater and seafood. How can most of the world be so quiet-relaxed over pollution like “treated” radioactive waste, ChemTrails, 5G & Wi-Fi energy excesses, herbicides & insecticides, mercury fillings & fluoride, GMO-Viruses & mRNA gene-altering therapy, insect foods…,but also so ready to violently war each-other, all at the same time? If I still had office furniture made of wood, I’d be smashing it to pieces in frustration. By the way, as a former ant-war & anti-vaxx Army nurse I never replaced shit vaccines with saline for soldiers & dependents who requested it, for sure, most definitely…because that’d be against stupid Army protocols & stuff. ????

  14. Is there a fundraiser for those vigilantes who remove the surveillance cameras that are used to enforce the abitrary emission limits (NO2) which are gradually lowered over time?
    Or some other sort of support site, like that “pay a cent for Cuba” campaign that’s going on?

    We should help, not only because those living there are suffering but also because it will hit us too at some point in the future.

    • Yeah, another grift. that is what we need.

  15. I wish I shared JC’s optimism when it comes to people not biting this time around. I made that grave mistake thre years ago. A big, big mistake.

    If people don’t stop “testing” cases won’t stop. That’s all there is to it. People ARE that stupid.

    On a more positive note … not sure how to finish that sentence.

  16. Hey guys,

    Here are The Names & Faces of 150 Bilderbergers who controlled COVID-19 Pandemic response.

    You can also download the article on PDF.

    Let’s all share the link to our favorite alternative media!

    I think that might very well help. Let these guys on the list take some personal responsibility for what they’ve done and prevent them from EVER doing this to us again. Spread the word.

    • I don’t see the problem is with these 150 people, but the billions of idiots who went along with the ploy.

      • Mkey
        “…billions of idiots who went along…”

        Thats just human nature….its easy to get disgusted with people but that is the trap the the Elite fall into and how they justify their super-predator status.

        The flip side is when you start wishing for a “new humanity” or wanting to fundamentally “change” human nature….. at the end of the day people are what they are and no matter how much engeeering or culling happens its always gonna revert back to human nature

        • Gullibility abd cowardice have nothing to do with human nature.

          • mkey

            “….Gullibility abd cowardice have nothing to do with human nature….”

            Dude… I just was cking my screen as I passed and literally burst out laughing. Goodness, what an awful sound my laughter is.

            No hostility, because we have all grown up swamped in it but….Do you get your idea of human nature off of TV, movies and comic books?

            To address Gullibility-
            how many people do you know who are actually awake to 1/2 of whats actually going on? Now how many do you know who are asleep to it?

            To Address Cowardice-
            How many people do you know who would REALLY step in if they saw a cop beat down a pregnant woman they did not know?

            FKsake I bet more then half of men these days would watch their OWN woman take that beating.

            Not people who Fed Post about it but actually get themselves shot dead…? 5%? Probably less.

            Now compare that with the masses of people who will pull out their phone and film that beating, possibly while squealing incomprehensibly about right or something.

            You judge which kind of man is more common….I’d say the later and thus, yes, Cowardice and gullibility ARE very much part of human nature.

            You either accept that or you start hating humanity for not fitting your ideal, the way every ideological murderer from Pol Pot to The french Revolution has done.

            • These numbers have nothing to do with human nature. They simply stand as a testament to the extent to which we have been had. That’s all there is to it. Has nothing to do with human nature.

              Human nature is such that people are programmable. If you build them up broken, they get broken. If you build them up strong, they get strong. If you feed them lies, they grow up as idiots with broken thought patterns and a million shortcuts in their damaged brains that prevent rational thought and introspection.

              This is not due to human nature but thanks to the design of the system which has been slipped over our eyes.

              • mkey

                “…This is not due to human nature but thanks to the design of the system which has been slipped over our eyes….”

                1) If that is true Why have MOST people been Slaves or Peasants thru out history?

                2)Even in Industrial Society the QUALITY of life has improved but the QUALITATIVE STATUS of most people remained very much the same (exception given at bottom) vs the Elite.

                EXCEPTION: The only societies where MOST people have NOT been right-less slaves have been ones where MOST men were socially willing and able to use violence on a day to day level. Saxons and Vikings are a good example of these types and you should note that the social status of the average person in Anglo societies VS the Elite is traditionally MUCH HIGHER then states like Medieval Prussia where an armed class ruled over a conquered people. Even in the former case there WERE Thralls and serfs who went along to get along.

                “….Human nature is such that people are programmable……”

                People are SOMEWHAT programmable, but not infinatly malleable….otherwise you would see some NOVEL cultures, like a culture where Women did the fighting, or a successful culture without sexual jealousy. SUCH PLACES EXIST ONLY IN THE IMAGINATION….you will as likely see them in nature Rabbits chasing foxes.

                “…This is not due to human nature but thanks to the design of the system which has been slipped over our eyes….”

                Since WHEN???? When was the time people were NOT like they are now?
                And are you arguing (‘programmable nature’) that there IS NO SUCH THING as human nature, then????

              • Jesus, you keep kvaking.

                Yes, people become slaves because it’s in their nature, not because they get enslaved. You win, logic loses, case closed.

              • mkey

                “…You win, logic loses, case closed….”

                Nope, LOGIC was never on the field…EMOTION was and now I appear to have bruised your ego hence the exit with a quip.

                Whatever dude, if your not willing to fight an argument on the internet I doubt your ability to resist enslavement is much to write home about.

                “….Yes, people become slaves because it’s in their nature, not because they get enslaved. …”

                How easy is it to catch a wolf pup and make it a domestic pet vs a wild dog puppy? The NATURE of the dog lends itself to domestication.

                “…Jesus, you keep kvaking…”

                I am a duck without a Yiddish accent. 😉

              • Oy vey! kvaking? You mean kvetching! But, aside from that, I think there is some truth to both arguments being made.

                Dogs are now very different from wolves but dogs came from the domestication of wolves.

                I think there are some basic drives in man that are animalistic like the fear response and to avoid pain and seek pleasure and stuff like that. But human beings are different because most do have innate capacity for empathy and to use logic and reason to overcome simple drives if this is cultivated. So nurture does indeed influence how people behave.

                I do think some people are born evil or lack capacity for empathy or are more prone to psychopathy. Intelligence and wealth coupled with psychopathy is a bad combination and I suspect that this is what we are faced with now. So there is some validity to inborn evil at least in my opinion.

                But it’s also true that good people do bad things sometimes, so it’s a very complex topic, a very broad topic to discuss with a lot of nuance (I think). Sometimes people just don’t know better, like how some kids bully other kids because they see others doing it. Stuff like that. So maybe some people just have a little more capacity for evil than others.

                Anyway, pardon my intrusion into the conversation. I am not trying to be rude or antagonistic or annoying.

              • Kvak, you have no arguments, you are just kvaking. It’s a mental outpour of nonsense and gibberish. Just like the liquid stuff that occasionally comes out the other way. Raw sewage.

                People don’t enslave themselves, and that’s all there is to it. You can shadow that argument all you want. Garbage is going to stay garbage no matter how much of it you fling.

                I have long stopped being offended by people being idiots. I have even accepted there are many well read idiots out there. So be it.

                It’s the way of the world. People ingest a bunch of nonsense, don’t process it properly and then spew it all around them. That’s human nature.

                Your socity has failed you. Your parents have failed you. You are a failure. That’s human nature.

                But your wolf example shows just to what extent you are far gone and won’t allow youself to understand. But, please, do keep secreting.

                Worry about hitting your grave earlier than I before you worry about my ability to stave of slavery. I am a slave just as you are, but you don’t understant shit. Good luck solving a problem you don’t know is there.

                To gauge my abilities based on my willingness to have these completely useless discussions with a decrepit old kvak is beyond farcical.

                I quipped because I was tired and wanted to hit the bed. And now this is the last 20 minutes of my life that I will spend on you. Not because I am offended but bacuause you are just not worth it. You are not worth my time, kvak. You are not worth the effort. You are too far gone and you will be left behind.

                Keep on kvaking. Maybe somone will miss the old kvak sufficiently to clean up his grave from time to time. God help me, I would not.

              • mkey

                “….Kvak, you have no arguments, you are just kvaking. …… People don’t enslave themselves, and that’s all there is to it….”

                OK…Because you say so….???
                I provided examples…MOST people thru history HAVE BEEN SLAVES OR PEASANTS.
                You provided ‘because its so’.

                “…..Your socity has failed you. Your parents have failed you. You are a failure. That’s human nature….’

                You see THATS WHY most people are slaves, because LIKE YOU THEY EXPECT SOCIETY TO PROVIDE THEM WITH FREEDOM just as they expect everything else to be provided.

                You are CORRECT , in as much as Freedom takes a mass of work and education to be achieved but wrong in that you imagine that its “societies” job to provide that

                “….It’s a mental outpour of nonsense and gibberish. Just like the liquid stuff that occasionally comes out the other way. Raw sewage….”

                Nice prose dude!

                “…..But your wolf example shows just to what extent you are far gone and won’t allow youself to understand…..”

                Understand WHAT? USE your words to explain like a big boy

                “….. I am a slave…..”

                Then I actually dont care about your opinion, get back to mopping masters floor and whinning how bad he is.

                “…a decrepit old kvak…”

                Oi Vey, Anti-semitism AND ageism…. and how you know how old I am? You find my Only Fans or what?

                “…. You are too far gone and you will be left behind….”

                WHERE are you planning to go…? To draw more water for massa?

                “….clean up his grave from time to time…”

                Lol….personal venom for people who you dont ever see is so funny. Like Pro Wrestling drama!
                Why would I care if someone on the internet visits my grave (web??)site…?

                Never seen a corpse that really gave a damn what happened to it…. are you having thoughts of your own sinking into the deep dark pool of time and how it will leave no ripple?

        • Interesting point. I agree that their project(s) are doomed to fail simply because they cannot outsmart nature. “It” has millions of years more wisdom than they do. This is part of the reason they want to develop AI to attempt to catch up. My guess is this will also fail as well. But in the mean time, they will cause a lot of suffering.

          There are claims that it’s possible to violate the second law of thermodynamics:

          I don’t understand the pathological desire for complete control and what the point is though. That baffles my mind. Why and what the ultimate goal is, I don’t understand or can’t relate to.

          • cu.h.j

            “…. That baffles my mind. Why and what the ultimate goal is, I don’t understand or can’t relate to….”

            Just to be creepy, LOL, But does the Turkey understand Thanksgiving?

            • No I’m sure Turkey’s don’t understand it, but it is somewhat different.

              Usually there is some type of predictable goal or desire of a shallow psychopath. I don’t understand pathological control since the outcome is boredom and monotony.

              I assume that even a psychopath could grasp that basic effect that control leads to. A life without risk is boring. A life where the outcome is always predictable is similarly boring.

              And it seems like the goal is control, or rather the drive is control.

              • cu.h.j

                “…. I don’t understand pathological control since the outcome is boredom and monotony….”

                Do you understand that a guy like BTK tied people up and watched them die BECAUSE HE ENJOYED IT?

                I imagine you like to play cards or chat with friends because YOU enjoy that?

              • I suppose it’s incomprehensible. The serial killer BTK and others are highly disturbing monstrous creatures, similar to those who inflict death and destruction upon us.

                I had to remember who this was and quickly looked him up here (WARNING don’t read it if you are sensitive to details of violent crime):


                This guy had a double life and was a well respected member of his community and his family claim he was a good father. It’s sort of like how our politicians and other members of “respectable” society may be psychopaths. The phenomenon of kakistocracy comes to mind, how psychopaths and people of poor moral character are drawn to positions of power.

              • Cu.h.j

                “……I suppose it’s incomprehensible…..”

                Is that not like the Jones plantation movie trailer? The ‘greatest strength being that most people can not imagine men like me exist’ (or something like that…?

                “…. The serial killer BTK and others are highly disturbing monstrous creatures, similar to those who inflict death and destruction upon us….”

                To HIMSELF he made perfect sense, he did things that gave him pleasure- just as YOU do things that give you pleasure.

                I was talking about human nature and Rabbits not chasing foxes, to Mkey. It disturbs me to say, but If you REALLY cant understand how a guy like that could do such things, you realize that would make you the Rabbit in the story?

              • I don’t enjoy hurting people and I have a conscience, so my enjoyment is different than his. Although one could make an argument that buying things made in sweat shops makes them culpable. Although I am very careful to look up where my products were made and try to buy US made products (although those can be made with exploitation too).

                I was made aware of people like this as a little kid. My mom told me to be afraid of strangers and never go with them. She never told me details of what might happen but she did mention that children can be kidnapped and unspeakable things done. She didn’t need to explain in detail but I trusted her.

                I have always been a very skeptical and distrusting person sometimes to my own detriment because occasionally you’re wrong. Thankfully my intuition is pretty good to discern shady characters especially after studying JC’s material about psychopaths in positions of power. I had known about the common psychopath for a long time.

                I don’t think I can or need to understand why evil people do what they do, but that they exist will keep me out of trouble. That and some nice tools for self defense. Knives are very good tools too, but guns can be very beneficial for women in particular. Not just having these things, but practicing using them and becoming skilled. Pepper spray is also a good one.

              • cu,h.j

                Just to be clear….
                if your the Rabbit then you had best be ‘Brer Rabbit’ who was smarter then the things chasing him. He understands their nature well enough to know their weaknesses.
                I did not want to sound like I was being mean, glad your alert and armed

                For those who dont know the story

              • I would also like to think that there must of been something off about that guy that distrusting people would have picked up on, but maybe not. It’s similar to the Ted Bundy case. Most people said he was charming. But maybe people are just gullible and don’t have a keen sense of discernment. It’s hard to know.

                Sometimes someone will shock you as to their capacity for evil. I’m very thankful I’ve never had the experience personally.

                This is one of the reasons why I like having dogs because I think they can have a keen sense of who to trust. At least certain breeds can. I like herding dogs. Very smart and loyal and good at sniffing out shady people.

                If my dog doesn’t like someone, there’s usually a reason.

              • Well, I am more similar to the rabbit because I’m female and in a physical confrontation with a cleaver opponent might not do very well. On the other hand, I’ve never put myself in a position of vulnerability. One advantage of being the rabbit is that others believe you are weak and reveal themselves.

                One should never underestimate their opponent. I’ll have to re read Br’er Rabbit. I think I had the book as a kid.

              • cu.h.j

                “… I’ll have to re read Br’er Rabbit. I think I had the book as a kid….”

                I first saw them in that “lost” Disney movie, Song of the South, when I was a kid. They are funny stories I think, at least I thought so as a kid.

  17. I think the possibility of a new scamdemic with full-blown restrictions is small, and the answer is #2 on the list given. Alex Jones has sometimes been right, but given I heard about his new scamdemic warning watching the MSM, I think ALT media is being trolled and as mentioned in the show as a possibility it’s an attempt to discredit ALT media.

    If a full-blown scamdemic were planned, MSM would have kept quiet about what Mr. Jones revealed.

    • For the time being I think you are right. However in some places the masks are coming back, even in places like Texas FFS! Holy cow!

      It is a “law and order” state though and some people will blindly follow along if it’s a rule.

      I think part of the role MSM plays is psychological warfare to instill dread, fear and depression. Like the learned helplessness experiments done to dogs with the goal being to destabilize people.

      It’s very clear to me that the evil tyrants/elitists and managerial psychopaths, hate us or at least they derive pleasure from tormenting the population. Thus laughing at tyrants is essential as it removes part of the fun they get.

      If a new scamdemic is being foisted on us, non compliance is the answer. Ignore them, do the opposite of what they want. And don’t worry about it. Prepare but don’t worry and say no.

      I think a better coordinated boycott of any business that is okay with mandates is needed.

  18. RE: Story #1: Are They Prepping for Plandemic 2.0?

    It has been getting kind of weird lately. A couple school districts in Texas have cancelled school classes temporarily because of students feeling sick.

    …and there is this…I hope people leave lots of bad reviews for this Doctor…

    August 26 – By Jonathan Richie at The Dallas Express
    TX Mom Threatened With CPS Call Over Mask Mandate

    A Texas pediatric clinic reportedly threatened to call Child Protective Services on a mother and her children who declined to wear masks due to COVID-19 concerns.

    When the maskless mother took her children to Luv Kids Pediatrics in Rowlett, TX (in the Dallas area), she claimed that a nurse threatened to call CPS or the Department of Children and Family Services, according to Current Revolt. After being told that they would take away her kids, the mother complied with the clinic’s demands.

    A staffer confirmed that the clinic “would [call DCFS] because it’s mandatory to wear masks on sick visits” due to the suggestion that “COVID cases are going back up again,” per an audio recording obtained by Current Revolt and reviewed by The Dallas Express…

    …Luv Kids Pediatrics’ website states that “All parents and children will be required to wear masks,”…

    …This incident comes as COVID-19 rules and mandates are being reinitiated across the country, as reported by The Dallas Express.

    Even in Texas, Runge ISD has suspended classes due to a reported increase in COVID-19 cases.

    Gov. Greg Abbott promised on August 24, “There will be NO mask mandates in Texas.”

    Nevertheless, there are no restrictions in Texas banning vaccination requirements, as a bill to do so failed to receive a vote in the House during the recent legislative session.

    Rep. Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian), who authored the bill, has continued calling for “medical freedom,” saying, “I do not want COVID mandates in the state of Texas, no vaccine mandates, no mask mandates, no vaccine passports, and no more shutdowns!”…

  19. Regarding QR codes, I’ve done quite a bit of work with them. The error correction has four selectable levels L, M, Q, & H. The more error correction, the bigger they are.

    The lowest level can take 7% damage, the highest 30%.

    I would say a well-placed sticker over the QR with an alternative URL might be fun.

    • I did’t understand, what was the point behind defacing QR codes? Misdirection/redirection?

  20. People are gonna NEED a big family to make up for the Low Functioning Autism that will probably take people who only have one or two kids outta the gene pool if things keep progressing at the current rate

    • The “BS 24/7” variant.

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