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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: ADHD Drug Market Already Stretched Thin, Now Facing Back-To-School Supply Strain

The Looting Conspiracy

What the Back-to-School Adderall Shortage Really Tells Us

Finding Mental Health – #SolutionsWatch

Massive Teen Hordes Swarm Two California Malls – Beatings, Gunfire, Stabbing Ensue

Story #2: Pink Slime Returns – Viral TikTok Video Exposes Disturbing Production Of Sliced Ham

A New ‘Miracle’ Weight-Loss Drug Really Works — Raising Huge Questions

Corbett Report Radio 085 – Breitbart, Stratfor, and Food World Order

“Pink Slime”

ABC Reaches Settlement In Pink Slime Case (Jun. 28, 2017)

Story #3: San Francisco Bakery Refusing to Serve Police Officers Over “No Guns Allowed” Policy

Of Gay Wedding Cakes and Woke Restaurants

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  1. ***** 5 Star – All three stories – The discussions which Corbett and Pilato had about each of the three stories was top grade stuff. Insights, history, take-homes, and more.
    It goes to show that old men can still do it.

    • Almost nobody but the old boys can. It’s in the zeitgeist.

    • HRS: The James Boys are not old men. I’m an old man. Someday you will be, too HRS if you make it that far. Get ready.

      • During the show, the James Boys talk about being old men.
        At the 11 minute mark, Pilato says: “…James, it is, now that we are again THE OLD MEN doing this for a long time…”

        I contend that even though they be old men, they “can still do it”. 😉

  2. Just a heads up for everyone re education…Someone that I know Personally told me that they saw an approx 50 or 60% rise in intakes for Special Education in little kids this year.

    The Spike protein is alleged to get into the brain, and Acc. to a report I saw the most brain shrinkage was in kids exposed the third trimester, (similar to the retards caused by radiation from the atomic bomb use) and giving a doubeling in developmental delays. They were just going off of medical records, so who knows whats actually happening.

    Not what I was reading but close enough

    Even with all the issues in education there is something biological going on but sending your kids to hang out with weirdo teachers, retards and the freak kids in the school system is NOT a good idea.

    Homeschool , people, you would have to WORK to give your kids a worse education then what your taxes pay for.

    • The movie Idiocracy is really coming true isn’t it?

      • Scpat
        Lets put it this way….. a good move is to invest in Adult Day Care because those whose families can afford it will use it….those that can will end up getting Canadian style MAID.

        I’m, old enough to recall when “Rain Man” told a weird tale where as now “the Curious incident of the Dog that Barked in the night” when made into a play had sensory friendly showings … 🙁

        On a cheery note I read that book that to aloud to girl on a Train and people wanted to give me money. 🙂 My wife now forbids me to read it anymore since i have good ‘voice’ and spend all day being autistic

  3. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

    -Jiddu Krishnamurti

  4. Trump says: “We will not comply.”

    At the 15:21 mark, James Pilato says: “…The guy that caused all of this was just on twitter today (Aug 30) saying “We will not consent”, Mr. Operation Warp-Speed….”

    I was in the dark about this piece of news.
    Here is the Trump video message:

    Donald Trump “We will not comply”
    (53 seconds)

    I’m floored.
    The world must be filled with broken brains.
    We are in a lot of trouble.

    • Yeah, broken brains is good description. If he was on our side, he would have done that in the first place. Him and his quantitative easing and likely investments in pharma.

      I think he had encouraged people to get jabbed too.

    • @HomeRemedySupply

      >>The world must be filled with broken brains.>>

      Indeed. Just look at any comment box discussion on any so-called “alternative” website. The constant repetition of chatting up the bad in this and that with no real common sense solutions.
      Pointing fingers without making points of change.

      SOLUTIONS (essay)

    • HRS

      “….The world must be filled with broken brains….”

      You only just noticed? 😉 Lol.

      Most of the Boomers I know get their NPC updates off the TV and most of the Millenials and zoomers are even worse because they dont even have much real life experience to process thoughts thru. Gen X is a little (not much) better because their brains were at least formed before the smartphone started eating it.

  5. Every time I watch James Corbett he seems to have added another guitar.

    • You probably don’t watch often enough.
      His stable of guitars looks pretty stable to me. 🙂

    • That’s very typical. Wife of a musician friend who owns guitars complains about him getting new guitars all the time.

      He does get new guitars all the time, however.

  6. I took adderall for chronic exhaustion for a while. I don’t see what the big deal is. I was awake and functional, yes, and I can see that pushing these on kids so they can be at school is utterly demented.

    Still, I have not seen the harm of these drugs.

    • Yeah, I’ve taken Ritalin in adulthood for attention issues and motivation. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid but my mom kept me off these drugs but I’ve taken Ritalin in adulthood which is not the same as Aderall (less addictive and also less strong). Nothing against people who use Aderall as a medicine or anything but it’a different drug.

      I think the issue is drugging kids because they can’t consent and research the potential harms and decide if the increase in concentration is worth it. For me, the meds help for work so they are a bit of a performance enhancer allowing me to get more mundane things done.

      I’m not addicted to this medicine but it sure makes some tasks much easier for me although mega doses of caffeine can also help. I used caffeine in college and copious exercise and my mental acuity was much higher. I’m sick of the shortages though, so will probably have to go back to this method rather than a pill.

      But anyway, it’s a bigger topic with a bit more nuance but I completely agree with not giving potentially addictive drugs to minors. These drugs also can affect appetite and skeletal growth and even for adults there are potential cardiovascular side effects to be aware of.

      In short, these drugs are not benign and can have serious side effects that must be carefully weighed by the person who ingests them.

      • Correction, Aderall is stronger and more addictive than Ritalin. Definitely more addictive as it better induces euphoria. At least this is what I’ve read. I’ve never had any euphoria from Ritalin, only more ability to focus my thoughts.

        • Yes, I’ve taken ritalin too. It turned me into a wakeful ZOMBIE. No drive, no creativity, no initiative, a nightmare drug for me personally. Of course, we all react differently to various things.

          • Yeah, it does have an effect on creativity for sure, a narrowing of focus for me. It’s good for when I work and creative thinking is not required for my line of work. But for times I need my mind more open, don’t use it.

            I had a bit of an addiction to amphetamines in my 20s so wouldn’t ever touch one again as a rule. But it is fascinating how people respond differently to substances. People are so internally different. JC had that great episode on how the whole serotonin hypothesis with depression was found to be inaccurate.

            • Yeah selling SSRIs when the cure for depression has been known for decades now. In 1994 is when the US FDA emergency-scheduled (Schedule 1 no less) a harmless health product that had been on unregulated sale for 60 years at the time, coincidentally right after it was found to cure depression.

              I got to use it just in time.

    • SuperMind

      I kind of think of it like birthing Forceps… they were the personal secret of a Physicians family for a long time, then when they became known and were used a little until the death of the UK’s Princess Alexandra (IIRC) when the Doctor refused to use them to ease delivery…. and then the Victorians went forceps crazy and caused a good deal of brain damage thru OVER use.

      Drugs, surgeries (and even lobotomies) are useful but get a bit dangerous when it turns into a bandwagon

  7. I guess this pink slime thing is all relative.
    One could swear off eating that crap once and for all (processed meats etc.).
    But what happens when they inject the beef and poultry whole parts you buy with hormones, mRNA and other nasty chemicals?
    And just how wholesome are the organic-labeled foods?
    My brother thinks the organic food industry is a scam. What say you?

    • I think that the organic food industry is compromised, and in a variety of cases having an Official “Organic” Label may not mean squat.
      For example: A small farmer/rancher cannot afford the time, costs and paperwork to be “certified” organic, but they may have a premium product. Yet, even on some organic produce in the stores, a chemical coating might be put on something like “organic lemons”.

      Trust the (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture
      “We are big government looking out for you and your family.” 😉
      Who Regulates Organic Labelling?
      The National Organic Program (NOP) is a federal government program established to regulate organically produced crops and livestock.
      The USDA is in charge of the NOP program and enforces its regulations and standards. The use of the term “organic” on food labels is regulated by them.

      The “rules” for what materials and practices are allowed in organic production are determined by the National Organic Standards Board and the National Organic Program.

      In the past, I recall alternative media articles which pointed out how the “rules” were being compromised. It seemed that big industry was trying to shape things while compromising the integrity of “organic”.

      Rodale has always had a respected name in gardening and agriculture.

      Rodale Institute – April 2019
      No, the Organic Label is Not a Marketing Scam
      This blog post is part of a special series called “The Truth About Organic.”
      Want more?
      Download the full “The Truth About Organic” guide here LINK.

      • In Canada anyway there are several organisms regulating what “organic” means, each with different criteria for their certification. With a tiny bit of looking into things, it’s easy to find the ones with the highest quality.

      • RELATED to – ORGANIC and…
        Trust the (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture
        “We are big government looking out for you and your family.”

        The first weekend in September (Labor Day weekend), James Corbett posted this FLASHBACK with intro and epilogue…
        How Big Business Uses Big Government to Rape You (And Why You Love It)

        This was an excellent and relevant and timely review.

    • I’ve been following some of the “Forever Chemicals” PFAS stories.

      EPA releases PFAS results from Public Water Systems
      In fact, in August the EPA released the first quarter of 2023 results of the 30 PFAS chemicals which were tested in all the United States municipal water systems.
      Dallas Water Utilities tap water had some red flag results on PFOS and PFOA and some of the other 30 tested. These were above the EPA’s proposed safe levels. Unfortunately, no local newspaper will run the story.
      Dallas Water Utilities – Environmental Working Group LINK

      Of course, many Corbett Report Members know that these PFAS chemicals are saturated with Fluoride (fluorine atoms).

      The following Guardian story caught my eye…

      New report finds most US kale samples contain ‘disturbing’ levels of ‘forever chemicals’
      PFAS was found in seven of eight samples bought at US stores, with organic kale containing higher levels of the toxic compounds

      I couldn’t really determine how they did their testing.
      PFAS testing is tricky, especially considering that fluoridated water is ubiquitous.

      Organic Kale & PFAS contamination – Teflon slick salads
      One personal theory which I have…
      Many people use irrigation piping hose systems, especially commercial growers.
      I definitely can see how a piping manufacturer might use PFAS in order to make the hose resistant to degrading. PFAS would make the hose have a more “Forever” quality. We all know how the sun and weather can degrade plastics.

      Another potential theory of mine is that the irrigation water source had PFAS.
      For example: In west Texas, deep well water is often used to irrigate crops. But “Perchlorate” is in that groundwater, and accumulates in the plants and on the topsoil. Perchlorate inhibits the thyroid’s ability to take up iodide. (It is also used as Rocket Fuel) – Source EWG and the Texas Tech Chemistry Professor who I visited with and heard his talk.

      Or, perhaps the testing mentioned in the article mis-identified fluorine ions for PFAS.

  8. Fawlty Towers
    “….But what happens when they inject the beef and poultry whole parts you buy with hormones, mRNA and other nasty chemicals?….”

    Bunnies are super easy to breed and a lot cleaner to butcher then Chickens. Bantie Chickens eat little, are tough and smart enough to mostly take care of themselves and lay an egg on average every day and a half and every now and then a bantie will go broody and make you some more.
    Not enough meat to make them worth killing TBH but you can buy some Broilers and freeze them if you want the meat.

    If you have a yard either are super easy to keep and since they are self replicating you know where they came from and what they eat from birth to death.

    • This was the second hottest and second dryest month of August on record for North Texas.

      Do the Banties and Bunnies hold up okay with the relentless heat?

      • HRS

        Chickens LOVE it (I put a 2nd ( mesh) door on the egg house so they got circulation and they slowed down on eggs a bit during the hottest times….Bunnies not so much 🙁 I give the breeders frozen veg as treats and kept them shady.

        They go temporarily sterile during the hot weather anyway so just breeders around at present. They , OTOH do not mind the cold near as much as chickens do (keeping chickens watered in the big freeze was a PITA since they wont drink water with ice in it.) I got started with them thanks to a friend and he lost a couple too, with the heat.

        I was thinking of making a lined ‘well’ for the hot weather so they could burrow and stay cool, but catching them again would be problematic. I made my hutches out of left overs, so they are not as ideal as the coup for what I want TBH

        • I hear ya on using “leftovers” for doing stuff, and saving that money.
          “Does it work?” trumps cosmetics.

  9. Please Censor Parents at School Boards for reading pornographic children’s books…
    For real.

    This is now a unique approach at School Boards in Florida with the passage of HB 1069.

    Here is the short story:
    During a School Board Meeting, a citizen reads from a pornographic book which is available to students at schools.
    If the School Board objects to the pornogrphic language and shuts down the speaker, then by law the book must be withdrawn from the school library.

    Legal EXCERPT
    Any material that is subject to an objection on the basis of sub-subsubparagraph b.(I) or sub-sub-subparagraph b.(II) must be removed within 5 school days of receipt of the objection and remain unavailable to students of that school until the objection is resolved.
    Parents shall have the right to read passages from any material that is subject to an objection. If the school board denies a parent the right to read passages due to content that meets the requirements under sub-sub-subparagraph b.(I), the school district shall discontinue the use of the material.

    Page 7 of the pdf – – Chapter No. 2023-105

    I had to actually read the following article to discover this “censor parents approach”. The headline and rage bait don’t spell it out.

    Watch: Pastor Forcibly Removed From School Board Meeting For Reading Aloud Porn Book From Kids’ Library

    • The only solution here is to not hand over the child to these lunatics.

  10. The big game of the broken brain!

    I had to exhibit extreme kindness to the Division 1 tailgate liberals this last Thursday. We have been gathering for 30+ years and we catch up on the last year, at the first home game. Generally of who is still alive,blood clots and cancers. Of course they are terrified but looking forward to all the new virtue signaling of the new variants. Any cause to double down on the broken brain game.
    One of our golfing association guys had to cancel the day after game day golf match to fly to New York to tend to his 28 year old son who landed in the ICU with blood clots. I asked the guys if it could be the jab? 28 years old, they couldn’t imagine why or how , probably an unvaccinated person shed something. Broken brain game.
    I feel sorry for the young man. Hope he recovers so he can track down that unvaccinated bastard who gave him the clots.

    • Back to school! ACC [ Atlantic Coast Conference] takes three new western schools into its conference. No good broken brain game to be seen here, now, mask up and move along.

      Standford, U of California, and SMU will now add tons of global warming to their liberal, progressive hypocrisy green new deal . Commie California exempts football from the game of the broken brain. This must add thousands of miles in fuel use to the schedule of these competitors on opposite coasts. You can’t make this up. What will Governor Gruesome say about this ?

  11. So the school kids need drugs from Big Pharma to enjoy the prison, em, school environment. Perhaps the teachers should hand them to the students as they come through the classroom door.

  12. I think that every morning in class, the teacher should be given an enema in the front of the classroom. I guarantee that absenteeism would decline and the students would be focused on learning after that.
    The teacher would also be in a better mood.

  13. Good grief! Bar owners often 86 customers who get drunk and belligerent. The person is banned from the bar.
    A store owner is no different from a homeowner. The store owner can ban whomever he wishes from entry.
    Private property rights are the basis of liberty.
    Figure it out.

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