Interview 1838 – Please Register Your Podcast With the Government – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Canada Forces Podcast Platforms To Register With The Government

CRTC: Modernizing the Broadcasting System //

Video: How Did Ukrainian Who Fought With Nazis End Up In Canada?

Liberals Paid WEF for Report Justifying Climate Change Policies

Conservatives Introduce Bill to Stop Liberals’ Euthanasia Expansion

Story #2: Five-Count Felon JPMorgan Chase Gets Hit With Another Federal Fine for 40 Million Derivative Violations; Pays 37 1/2 Cents Per Violation

JPMorgan Settles Jeffrey Epstein Case For $75 Million, Avoiding Trial

Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” – FLNWO #35

Episode 227 – The Regulation Trap

Story #3: Teen Testifies About Boy’s Death, Firearms Training At “Taos Compound”

Abduction, Terrorism Trial After Boy Found Dead At New Mexico Compound

Española Statue Protest Shooting Suspect Investigated By FBI Over Threatening Tweets

No Threat At Farmington High School Amid ‘Automated Lockdown,’ Officials Say

NWNW Flashback: What’s the FBI’s Role in the #TaosCompound Scandal? (Aug. 16, 2018)

NWNW Flashback: #TaosCompound Updates (Sep. 6, 2018)

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  1. Speaking of Mein Reset…

    Am halfway through this short book and so far I am finding it very enlightening. The author (David Rogers Webb) is a bit thin on the web but does seem to be a real person.

    Free PDF here:

    Basically this about how ‘You will own nothing’ is actually going to be accomplished, legally and without consequences for the perpetrators. It’s different in it’s approach from all the usual stuff. Hope someone finds it interesting, it was published in May this year.

    • Thank you for sharing this. Likely an alias but according to his webpage the “Author has deep experience with investigation and analysis within challenging and deceptive environments, including the mergers and acquisitions boom of the 80’s, venture investing, and the public financial markets. He managed hedge funds through the period spanning the extremes of the dot-com bubble and bust, producing a gross return of more than 320% while the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ indices had losses. His clients included some of the largest international institutional investors.”

      Sounds rather ‘big short-ish’.

      Anyway, intrigued while scanning his prologue I decided to order the book.

      Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Great show, and good information you both provide. I am sorry to say that my contacts with the rest of my family proves to me how little the normies are exposed to actual alternative contact. They believe that the tin foil hats are still on. They also believe there is no evil intent in 5g broadcasting. But all the bad things said about political leaders like Biden, Trump, and anyone else with a mainstream narrative can be dismissed without problem, because if it was true the factcheckers would straighten it right out. Example, my 2nd ex-wife told me just yesterday that Reuters in 2020 factchecked the allegation that Hilary tried to take expensive silverware and tea cups belonging to the goverment, home with her, when bill’s term was up. A secret service agent, stopped her from doing it and reported the incident to his superior, in fear of reprisal, that it might cost him his job. Their subsequent meetings proved she had packed these items and placed them in the area designated for her and bill’s personal possessions, to be quickly loaded on a moving truck. After a meeting with the w.h. officials, the items were removed from their personal possessions. The agent asked permission to publish this incident report, expecting blow-back from the clintons, as an insurance policy that he acted appropriately. I read this report myself back in 2000 when it occurred. I told my ex this story the other day. My ex didn’t believe my version of it, hence the fact check yesterday. The Reuters report claimed it was a conspiracy theory from the early 2000s , never went into detail, and their coup de gras was that no white house precious dinnerware was ever taken, because 20 twenty years later there was no record of anything stolen at that time. They omitted mention of the secret service, and omitted the fact in the story that an agent prevented the crime, etc. I said to myself at that point I have to stop making myself crazy. Anyway I decided to share nothing of reality based checking with her in the future. She believes whatever the Democratic leadership says,and the corrupt secret intelligensia (shadow gov), and goes on her merry way. I am cutting my losses from this point forward, and hope that someone somewhere can enlighten the american public…as a group we are pathetic at reading warning signs. Buz, stay well, find something that amuses you every day.

  3. FEMA phone PSYOP drill (Story #3)
    ”It’s being used to make Conspiracy People look STUPID.” – James

    Pilato says: ”In the middle of the FEMA phone PSYOP drill today, this happened:
    No threat at Farmington, New Mexico High School amid automated lockdown…”

    Corbett: ”…You know, from what I understand from all of these alt-media interlopers, this was going to be the end of the world that was supposed to happen…”

    Pilato: ”…James, honestly, this, I think, is another classic setup, whether invented for this purpose or not.
    It’s being used to make conspiracy people look stupid.
    Oh, I didn’t get my Marburg virus update and blast my brain…”

    Corbett adds: ”…someone should make a list of all of the failed predictions of the so-called alternative media and how that has probably turned off a lot of people from real alternative media over the years….”

    —- –> Transcripts compliments of The Corbett Report — Now with TRANSCRIPTS!

    The following was posted prior to New World Next Week being published. I echoed the sentiments of the James duo on that post.

    Thursday Oct 5, 2023 – USA Today (via Yahoo)
    ‘I am not a zombie’: FEMA debunking conspiracy theories after emergency alert test
    Phone Sub-Thread –

      • A huge benefit of transcripts…

        Transcripts and written quotes help to log what a person said. This can serve as a written reference.
        Transcripts help a person to locate a “SEARCHED FOR” topic amid text.
        For example:
        Ctrl + F opens up a search bar.

        A written record has benefits which video/audio do not easily offer.
        If there are questions regarding the accuracy of the transcript, then the audio itself can be searched, but it consumes a lot of time to search an audio. I’m sure that the relative importance of the topic is what would warrant an audio search.

        In many of Corbett’s non-transcribed videos there are often nuggets, but one would never know unless a person heard the whole video. The written word helps to locate these nuggets.
        Do You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005
        At the 5 minute mark, a Corbetteer asks: “Is Fluoride added to the water or salt in Japan?”
        James goes into great detail and shows a Japanese government document about fluoridation.

        • Home Remedy Supply
          “…, then the audio itself can be searched, but it consumes a lot of time to search an audio…”

          If you slap the transcripts of every thing of interest into the Free app, Obsidian Notes, you can search your entire collection of podcasts at once for key words. If you had the entire set of Corbett report transcripts you could find EVERY time Flouride was mentioned ever.

          I was doing this for a while but (being me) got distracted into other things and now do paper cards more- Obsidian note takingis a pretty good way to read a book however- if its on screen you can grab chunks of text and store those which was what I was doing with Scott Howards Trans Industrial Complex which lacked an Index which was very annoying.

          I like Obsidian because (unlike “the Brain” AFAIK) its easy to read your notes without the software with any text reader. You can even link to web pages and stuff, but it would be better to save pages locally as PDF as the web dies.

          Here is a walk thru of the software for anyone who is wondering what I’m on about 🙂

        • I completely agree that accurate transcripts are extremely beneficial and helpful. I just know for a fact that sometimes they get it completely wrong. A transcriber who cares about the information and understands the topic would be best – or at least having a real person verify and correct it.

          As I mentioned, there were errors – significant errors – in just that brief episode on there now being transcriptions.

          Years ago, I had a neighbor who was a medical transcriptionist. I thought about getting into it because it would have been something I could have done at home. (Can you imagine reading, thinking, and typing medical/pharmaceutical jargon for hours and hours every week…?? How awful…) Then we moved to the woods and off-grid, so it never happened.

          • — Relative Importances —

            On something narrow and significantly important, I completely agree that accurately transcribing the audio holds value.

            However, if one wants to be a purist perfectionist on mundane transcriptions, then they can have at it.
            That chore is not for me.

            Prime EXAMPLE of text and audio not matching…
            Corbett’s recent Episode 451 – I Read Yuval Noah Harari’s Book (So You Don’t Have To!)

            Go to around the 10 / 11 minute marks (then continue the video for later parts).
            I really enjoyed the voice reading the print.
            But his words were not EXACT to the script on the page.
            I noticed it, but it did not change the conceptual message.

            • I guess I qualify as a purist. I don’t want someone telling me someone said something they didn’t say, changing their wording, skipping or adding things, or putting words in their mouth that they didn’t say … or especially missing a “not” or “n’t” and completely changing what was said to the opposite of the actual.

              • Well, it is on Episode 451 in several places.
                I caught it.
                Did you?
                Did it bother you?

                It did not bother me in the slightest that the text and audio did not match exactly.

              • I didn’t read along with that one. I only listened.

                I followed along on the October 4 transcripts episode and commented on what I noticed.

                It WOULD bother me. Very much. Truth and accuracy matter to me.

                I’m only warning people to be careful with them.

  4. Coming late to the party….I had not heard of REX 84 until it was mentioned on NWNW today. Attempting to research this, I’m somewhat thrown into ‘alternative media’ potentially ‘failed predictions’, and really unable to get a proper handle on the intent of this program (government ‘protection’ vs illegal aliens, vs removal of Constitution, etc., etc.). I don’t see any Corbett coverage on this when I search for it. ????

    • inisfad

      Vaccination against true information by fiction and false info is something I first noticed when I saw a TV show about some folks who stole worn currency that was to be burned by the Bank of England- I was totally unable to make a very intelligent person believe it was based on a true story even though I’d read about the case in the newspapers. It was quite weird to see him dismiss it as “a play” on TV.

      IIRC Rex 84 is the Continuity of Government plan they wrote up during the cold war- all Gov’s started planning for what to do if they were ‘decapitated’ by atomic First Strike. I have a book on my shelf “War Plan UK” that went thru the British plan of how to maintain government control during a war with Soviet Russia- there were arrest lists of dissidents and enemies and the phone network (good old POTS then, not cell) was divided into three classes- 1)Maintain service always (some gov folks) 2)Cut off only in WARTIME (lower level gov folks) 3)Cut off in case of civil unrest/emergency (most folks). Control of Comms was probably also why they resisted removing licensing for CB radio in the UK so long even though the bands were free (they were still assigned to Lancaster Bombers from WW2 or something like that in the 70’s)

      Gov has been making draconian wartime plans (and TBH MUST if its to remain the Gov) since at least prior to WW2- “The Radio Priest’, Father Coughlin was talking about FDR’s plans to basically conscript the entire workforce if needed and direct all industry, before the US entered ww2. The counter point is that Gov can only do WHAT PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PUT UP WITH- which is considerably more these days then it was.

  5. In my opinion nobody should abandon their home country. The main thing bullies hate is anyone facing them and fighting back. If enough do that, it’s them who will be running, as far as they can.

    • TheZarbi

      Its not that your wrong….but I think you will find that many people, even people in the ‘Truth” (for want of a better word) community do not actually think that they HAVE home countries. Radical voluntarism and excessive individualism (to the point of narcissism as we see now) are a dead end.

      ‘Revealed Preference’ for most westerners is to be atomized and driven by individual benefit over anything else- even (for many at this point) over their family or their own children. The ‘right wing’ ‘conservatives’ can LOL as much as they like at stories about people crapping in the streets or robbing the food stores out of the area. Even lol’ing about stories like that Tech CEO who got whacked by a criminal of the type her politics supposedly supported are nothing more then schadenfreude. Most people will not accept that they HAVE enemies who want them dead, and wont until its too late.

      There is no way rebuilding the old system of Democratically managed Republican government in the USA, or most of the western world. It is more sensible to find a safer place and try to keep it that way.

      There is no point in reinforcing defeat by staying in a place like,say, London, New York, San Fransisco or Detroit. White South Africans will probably be exterminated at some point in the future too…if I lived there I’d have been off by now.

      Modern America in the style of Norman Rockwell, allegedly made by Ai

  6. What an uncritical regurgitation and using for its own purposes of MSM talking points: Ukraine & Nazis.

    How comes that after all the suppression of that, supposedly Russian talking point, propaganda, we got a washed version from MSM vividly on display so no one could missed it?

    I don’t buy the incompetence theory of Yaroslav Hunka affair. I think this was done on purpose. Look at the broader picture.

    Because of general disinterest for Ukraine war some recent developments might have been missed. Ukrainian offensive that was aimed at breaking Russia’s back is failing, failing badly. Ideas are floated Ukraine should start talking to Russia, ideas of freezing the conflict. Facts, that collective West is not able to match Russia war industrial capacity, Ukraine lack of manpower, are now in public domain. US recently hasn’t been able to pass additional founding for war. Hungary is threatening it will veto EU budget later this year, if financing of Ukraine won’t be removed. Winner of Slovakia elections is the party that promised to stop helping Ukraine. Coming Poland elections are wobbly too. US elections are around the corner. Ukraine could start conscripting women (it’s floated), West could find money, but enough of armament cannot be pulled out of thin air. And finally, winter is soon to come in Europe…will there be enough of gas for heating?…what will be the price after EU decided to stop subsides? (my stove for wood is ready)

    Ukraine is ceasing to be an asset, it’s becoming a liability.
    So, tainting an asset plays well into a process of getting rid of it.

  7. Mik
    “…Ukraine is ceasing to be an asset, it’s becoming a liability.
    So, tainting an asset plays well into a process of getting rid of it…”

    Ukraine was never really an asset- no sane Russian Government is going to allow NATO that close to their boarder.

    As I understand right now the major reasons for the Ukraine War are

    a)The NeoCons have an intense ethnic hatred of Russia for centuries of Anti-Semetism and want to do to it what their grandpa’s did in the early Bolshevik era or atleast what they did to it in the 90’s.

    b)Ukraine has been somewhat colonized by Jews, and a depopulation there would allow for a ‘return to Kahzaria” type of Jewish State out of the dead end State they have in the middle east.

    It could be that the NON-Jewish Elite types are starting to think its time to push them off the apple cart before they start WW3 or utterly destroy the Global American Empire.

    If I am right there will be an uptick in people talking about the jewish angle of the whole thing, I guess.

  8. Echoes, echoes, of a forgotten world of free speech and a vibrant Press.
    Perhaps the Internet was a huge mistake.

  9. Tried to share this on FB – got this: In response to Canadian government legislation, news content can’t be shared.

  10. We need more man made laws. And we need new people to enforce them, dammit.

  11. So, why would the Government need to test the synchronization of the Emergency Broadcast System over all four time Zones on all forms of communication?
    Indeed, Oct 4th at 2:20 ET, 1:20 CT, 12:20 Mountain, and 11:20 AM Pacific time was a non-event, yet it was the first time this was done over Internet connected devises along with Radio and TV at the same time.
    My thought is that, Indeed it was a Test, sort of like Event 201 was a Test. I think it wise to consider how this could be used against the people. For example, can they now shut down all forms of communication at the same time, in all time zones?
    Let us not laugh to loudly at those that over played Oct 4th for that may indeed be how the oligarchs catch us off guard.
    The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance, and the world got caught sleeping through this COVID Scam. I can’t blame anyone for thinking that the Oct 4th Test might be more than a Test, but now that they have Tested it, what will they do with it, and when?

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