Interview 1840 – Will the Al-Aqsa Flood Drown Us All? – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Story #1: Hamas Launches Large-Scale “Combined Attack” On Israel

#MorningMonarchy: October 6, 2023 – #ThisDayInHistory: 1973 – Yom Kippur War

“Anti-War” “Independent” RFKJ Supports Zionists “Right To Self-Defense”

This “Surprise Attack” On Israel Seems Just As Sketchy As The “Wildfires” In Lahaina

Media Blackout After Hamas Issues Statement About Their Motives For Attack On Israel

Israel Orders ‘Complete Siege’ on Gaza Strip, Cuts Off Electricity, Food, Fuel and Water for ‘Human Animals’

Hundreds of Thousands More Israelis Okayed to Carry Guns Under New Rules

US Has Enough Weapons For Israel, Ukraine and More – Pentagon

Image: Jamie Lee Curtis in “Terror From the Skies”

Video: Alexa Says WWIII Starts Nov. 23 When Russia Attacks Germany (Feb. 3, 2023)

Source of Dubious ‘Beheaded Babies’ Claim Is Israeli Settler Leader Who Incited Riots to ‘Wipe Out’ Palestinian Village

Widening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Yellow Journalism Stoking Potential War on Iran

War Expansion: Israel Calls Hamas “Proxy of Iran”

NYT: US Intelligence Shows Iranian Leaders Were Surprised by Hamas Attack

Recent Palestinian Operation Result of Zionists’ Ferocity

Story #2: Israeli Rave Massacre Survivors Detail Their Escape As Scores Remain Missing

Threads On Tribe of NOVA/NOVA Productions 21/status/1711421397577113669

Bruno Mars Instructed to Evacuate Israel Amid Terrorist Attacks, Leaving Band’s Gear Behind

NWNW Flashback: After Paris Attacks, Encrypted Communication Is Back In Spotlight

Story #3: 23andMe User Data Targeting Ashkenazi Jews Leaked Online

Up to 40 Percent of At-Home Genetic Test Results May Be ‘False Positives’ (Apr. 17, 2018)

“False-positive results released by direct-to-consumer genetic tests highlight the importance of clinical confirmation testing for appropriate patient care” (Mar. 22, 2018)

PNAC: “Advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

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  1. This seems to be following a script, first the obvious standing down of Israeli “defense” forces and the planned attack by Hamas.

    Then the over-reaction and the TOTAL denial of how the Palestinians are treated, basically an open air prison and the use of overwhelming force on the civilian population, inciting hate around the world.

    Then we see American “leaders” who are more Zionist than American patriots, in fact they are nothing but traitors, covid showed us that, ONLY saying “we stand with Israel”, signaling total and “unconditional support for Israel”.

    This seems to be leading to their ultimate goal, America being drawn into a war with Iran, that will then be followed by a direct confrontation with Russia and China.

    I listen often to “Know More News” (Adam Green) and he has been pointing this likely scenario out for years, the Talmudic plan of Gog vs Magog, BRICKS vs the West, and the Talmudists have been using their control of the west to undermine and weaken us for many decades. This is NOT good, very scary times, our leadership is under the control of those who wish our destruction.

    • Oy, vey – the animals decapitated 40 Jewish infants, though! It was another Shoah and we vowed never again, goyim! My great-grandmother barely survived Auschwitz when the gas chamber she was in had water pour out of the shower head instead!

      • Is that like babies in incubators or on baronets? How often do you think you can push such lies and think it will convince anyone but the willfully ignorant?

        Too often we see your type of lie pushing to justify pure evil.

        Today it is the Palestinians, tomorrow we are all Palestinians.

        We see more and more propaganda lies from the past used to stifle discussion, crumbling in the light of truth…guess it is time to stop people from discussing truth, isn’t it?

        • He was making a joke as far as I can tell.

          • If so, we are talking geocide, I can’t imagine a time when that would be funny.

            I watched clips last night of the bombing in Palestine, and I see the reflection of this same EVIL time and time again, around the world, even here at home on 9/11, the ruthless destruction of human life for a vile goal or world domination. What we witness today in Palestine, and our support for it, will/is coming back to us 100 fold.

            • “Our” support? You mean stolen money from tax cattle in the US?

              I haven’t supported anything, or made any statement that I support killing Palestinians or Israelis or anyone else.

              If “they” think killing Americans or any other human being they group together, they are just as bad as what they hate.

              And I have to wonder, would a fundamentalist Muslim or any Muslim help an American in a time of need? Is the moral outrage against human suffering universal?

              I’m not saying that it’s not, but I do have to ask the question. I believe in universal principles of right and wrong and the the sacredness of all innocent life. It doesn’t matter what type of person. I can see the humanity in others who look different than me.

              • cu.h.j
                “.. Is the moral outrage against human suffering universal?….”

                World History has entered the chat….. it says NO.

                It says Romans threw male babies born to whores down the sewer, it says Slavery was universally accepted where economic, and that stone age tribes habitually exterminated each other.

                Moral outrage against human suffering comes from the idea that all humans have value before God, it is a Christian idea that was veneered onto barbaric European cultures over centuries.

              • I mean American support, of which I am an American.

                I have never supported any war for the Zionists and never will. I was arguing against the war ON Iraq under George Bush Sr, against the majority of those I worked with. As ignorant of the facts that one could imagine Americans are, will inevitably always fall short of the reality.

                Covid demonstrated this fact to me, and I have lived my life understanding that reality ever since.

              • I am also an American with many generations of family members who have lived here and fought in wars they believed saved American lives. After all most people who fight in wars are very young and easily propagandized.

                But I have never supported wars of conquest and plunder and have protested against wars in the middle east and have protested against Israel’s ethnic cleansing operations in Palestine. My tax dollars have been stolen and used without my consent. I claim no responsibility for the wars our government has been involved in.

              • Arguing semantics, if you are adding to the conversation great, otherwise, just move on. If you want to waste time arguing nonsense, use a mirror.

                Instead of making assumptions, you might ask for clarification, otherwise you are arguing for the sake of conflict, good luck with that.

        • Rexleo

          Personally, while I am against beheading babies (or anyone else) I cant say that EVEN IF TRUE it inspires me to send my kids to die fighting for some people that I don’t know.

          I hated the Rwanda Genocide too, but not enough to risk getting my leg blown off on their behalf. I hated the Yugoslav ethnic cleansing, but again, not enough to send my family off to die for people who are as disgusting as each other

          Horrible stuff happens every day- and its not worth one dollar or one American life.

          • I TOTALLY AGREE, and why I got out of the Navy. I don’t know if Americans have ever been on the right side of a war, or if we should have ever fought in a war at all (save our War of Independence). From our own “Civil war”, that Lincoln seemed to deliberately incite at Fort Sumpter (the South had every right to succeed if they did not feel they were being treated fairly) to every war thereafter.

            But now that we have done their fighting for them, killing our brothers and sisters around the world, they are turning this evil upon us.

            At every turn they have weakened us; education, media, entertainment, employment… Back when we first started seeing Walmart and their selling of Chinese garbage, popping up everywhere, at the same time as Clinton pushing “Free Trade” with Communist China (Not to mention the idea formulated by Catherine Austin Fitts, that much of the money unaccounted for in the Pentagon’s budget in the past, went to build up China’s manufacturing infrastructure) I could see the pivot of our dearest allies moving away from America and to the BRICS nations. “China’s” One Belt One Road initiative most notably, and we witnessed last week Benny “the butcher” Netanyahu before the UN showing how Israel will be at the center of that link between China and the West.

            This is what happens when you let people who wish to destroy you, rule you.

            • “…This is what happens when you let people who wish to destroy you, rule you….

              So True….. it boggles my mind that the same people who are deliberately ruining the West and destroying its power are ALSO dependent on that power to stay on top….sawing off they branch they sit on so to speak

              (as detailed by Scott Howard in his “Open society playbook” and “Transgender Industrial Complex”)

      • Though I have seen the VERY REAL charred remains of Palestinian babies being carried by their VERY REAL MOTHERS because Israel used White Phosphorous weapons.

        Reminds me of what I saw in Maui not long ago, charred human remains, sirens not going off, water being TURNED OFF, people NOT being allowed to leave…Very curious indeed.

      • CRM

        “…My great-grandmother barely survived Auschwitz when the gas chamber she was in had water pour out of the shower head instead!….”

        Having lived long enough to see the Holocaust history change several times I cant help but despair that the narrative power that this lie holds will ever be allowed to dissipate.

        The thing is, that even IF it were 100% true it would in no way justify Israeli behavior (not that I care over much for Arab behavior, TBH) Both sides are waging a disgusting war of Ethnic cleansing that will end as soon as the west stops inserting itself into the matter to allow the conflict to go on.

        • Blinken said the Hamas attacks in Israel were “10 times 9/11.” Beyond the absurdity of that statement, it reflects on the Six Million™ claim (used in the First World War, and then again after the Second, but the latter effort “stuck”). Most honest estimates show about 300,000-400,000 Jews died under German rule. I guess the Holocaust™ was 20 times reality.

    • But I would caution, while things seem to be playing out according to a well publicized script, those who are pulling the strings on this puppet show are always a couple steps ahead of what our civil minds can imagine, we are not dealing with rational people, thus their actions will be anything but rational. Unpredictable yes, but they are not imaginative, they do keep repeating the same machinations again and again, with a real passion for numerology, false flags and conflagration.

      • Israel is ruled by people (term used loosely) who believe:

        1) god* is on their side.
        2) they are invincible.
        3) they will take all of humanity with them if they “could” lose (cf. Samson Option).
        4) their citizens are each worth many factors Palestinians (or Goyim/Gentiles in general).

        All of humanity can see very clearly that the Israeli “government” and the IDF are not operating with reason. Or mercy.

        This lack of reason, as you rightly point out, can cause a variety of Black Swans that derail the script into unknown horrors for both sides. Supposedly the Major General in charge of IDF Air Forces believes a ground invasion of Gaza will be a lethal trap for Israel. I highly doubt this alleged (wise) position will be heeded.

        * god is not capitalized here, since Israel’s allegiance is not to the God of the Bible, the Father of Jesus Christ.

        • Who exactly do you think WROTE that Bible, Jews!
          Christianity was created by the masters of deception to destroy polytheism and have you pray to their god. Who would have thought that the same people who created myths like Covid, Communism, Racism, Global Warming, Capitalism and Democracy (as it is practiced today), and who are 100% responsible for writing the Bible, would have created it to destroy Rome, then the West. The Bible is nothing but stolen ideas from other religions packaged to appeal to the ignorant masses, designed to create a slave-like mentality.

          So many of its basic tenants are poison pills:

          The use of a messiah figure: The messiah complex it used to make people look outside, external locus of control, to let others fight your injustices for you. Even now we see the religions Christian zealots gleeful at what Israel is going, “it signals the end times”, talk about a death cult. And we see the Bolsheviks in Hollywood feeding into the messiah complex with movies like Star Wars and the whole DC Universe where outside heroes will save us from our plight. NEVER people rising up!

          Then we have the idea that “all you have to do is believe in Christ to be saved”. So, total BLIND FAITH, that is what you should rely on, not your own experience and reason, what some book tells you. This blind faith mentality is used with GREAT expertise to have people support trash like Obama and Trump. If you accept blind faith for something as important as your soul, what won’t you. Politics have become more of a religion cult, like Christianity, than simply a form of governance.

          Finally and most damming, is the beyond ludicrous idea that THIS LIFE, the REAL LIFE is unimportant, the real life is the “afterlife”, nothing could be more self defeating and destructive than the idea that you are only here to prepare/be judged, for the afterlife. I can hardly write these words, they are so grotesque and obviously designed to do just what they have done, create a passive population willing to endure anything because their “reward” will come later, in the after-life.

          • I could get into the obvious contradictions and hypocrisy of the Bible, the fact that those who are quickest to go to war, wars that are totally, demonstrably based on lies, are most often Christians….march on Christian soldiers as it were, yeah, those Crusades worked out great for Europe. The West has been fighting the wars for the Zionists for 2000 years, and looks like we may do it again.

            A tree is judged by its fruit, as a religion by its “flock”, as such Christianity was wonderful as fighting the scourge of gay people having the right of free association and determination, can’t have gay clubs! But America has long considered itself a “Christian Nation”, yet has consistency perpetrated some of the worst human right atrocities in history, most notably dropping, not one but TWO NUCLEAR BOMNS on civilians. THAT is Christianity, you think you are better than Muslims, yet we are the source of most of the hate in the world, Muslims are a reaction, not a source. How well has Christianity been able to stop these evil wars, murderous sanctions, usury that preys on billions? How well did Christianity stand up against the Covid lies?

            There would be no Zionism without Christian Zionism. And in each case you see Christians waving the American blood soaked joke of a flag the proudest, so delusional they truly are. You may say, those are not “real Christians”, the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. Saying those are not real Christian is not an argument since they are born of the same bible as you, because the bible is written so poorly, it allows for such human failings as we see in Christians all around us. What is the phrase I hear from the insane Christian pastors, “turn Palestine into a Parking lot”? The Zionists did quite well, fooling Pagans to give up their Gods and rituals, to follow the Jewish God, who “chose them”…Rather convenient don’t you think…

            Soon the lie about Christ will change, and his place as a Rabbi will be made clear, along with the introduction of the Noahide laws…How wonderous this world would have been if the Abrahamic religions had never been accepted, we might have made it another 2000 years.

    • Israel was created by Sabatian Frankist’s, who have insinuated themselves world wide into governments, military, banking, religions, etc. with an agenda of world domination.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
      (“Jewish” Banker Paul Warburg, 2/17/50 as he testified before the U.S. Senate)
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Most “Israelis” are Ashkanzi – Khazarian from the Black and Caspian seas area, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian Empire.

      Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries. They embraced “Judaism” after giving up the dangerous raiding of caravans to be money changers and “Jews” allowed usury, not other religions.

      They have/had no connection what so ever to Palestine. They decided to get a foothold in the oil rich Middle East but had no real claim to the land. Using logic that they were “Jewish” and the biblical god promised them a homeland in the Middle East they acted on that lie.

      Lord Rothschild (Khazarian Jew and member of the Sabbatian Frankist “Round Table”) then head of the bank of England, “wrote” Alfred Balfour, the British Prime Minister, (Fellow “Round Table” member) assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England would guarantee them a homeland in the Middle East.

      England agreed (already set up) even though the Khazarians had no legitimate claim to anything in the Middle East. That is Israel’s justification for their madness. The Palestinians, the true “Semites” of the area were invaded, murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on lies of the sociopathic SF/Zionist Israeli’s.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, [Israel] control[s] America, and the Americans know it.”
      – Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister, admits that the holocaust and the “anti-Semite” accusation are used to manipulate those who criticize zionists.
      From the 8/14/2002 democracy Now! broadcast.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      • Even if Ashkenazi Jews have some ancient Israelite DNA doesn’t mean they get to take the land from the other Semites living there. The way that that was done was shameful especially acting like it was rightfully taken.

        This doesn’t have much to do with ancestry so much as it does with ethno-religious chauvinism and an elitist attitude IMO. And that is something that exists in the Jewish community at large. I know because I have family who are Jews in the tribal sense and this elitism is steeped in. And part of it is the psychology of identity and identity politics and the nature of collectivist cultures as a feature. The Kazerian ancestry part IMO is minimal to the cultural portion.

        My opinion and belief is that no person has a right to behave like a barbarian and I don’t care where your DNA came from. I can’t stand entitled elitists and simple tribal mentality. It is a sign of poor character IMO and definitely not something to emulate. But it’s also not something unique to Jews and there are plenty of other elitist groups out there.

        On a more basic and universal level it is if one human being can see the humanity in another who is different from them. This type of knowing comes from exposure to different peoples and positive experiences with them. I have been fortunate to have positive experiences with a variety of types of people and believe that base tribalism can be overcome, at least enough to live in peace.

        • Why are you lecturing me??

          I posted some FACTS not opinions. You might have chosen to talk about them hey?

        • Many if not most of the Palestinians are wholly or partially descended from the authentic Jewish Christians of Christ’s time on Earth. They have a Biblical and common law right to live in Palestine. So, yes, the “rights” of the Ashkenazim, or even Sephardim or Mizrahim, cannot trump those of the Palestinians.

      • Really good and factual summary!

        Was there any other people or nations that got promised land for supporting wwI or wwII that can be compared to Rothschild and his buddies that was the original elite in Palenstine(Israel)?

        And, no song??

        • 🙂 Thanks Helanda.

          Here’s one of the last ones I just put up. I am working on one called the Robot Revolution from back in the day. So many of my songs from then were very prophetic about the coming social conditions.

          I’M A FREE MAN (song)

          I was tuning up my motorcycle and let it down off the rear jack and forgot to put the kickstand down :-O Messed up my Right wrist and re-injured my Right rotator cuff trying catch it from falling. So my guitar playing and song writing has suffered the past few months.

          • That sounds awfully painful, goddam…

            I actually really enjoy you’r music man, you, welcome to clownworld, keep getting played in the background in my mind all the time I encounter religious fanatics or transvestites?

            So that my favourite!

            And if you or someone have an answer to my question it would be much appreciated.
            Because I’ll bet there was alot of promising during the world wars of the 20th.

            • Yep, pain is the name of the game right now in my life…BUT none of it is fatal and I learned a lot from it.

              “Clown World” Thanks. Yeah, been sitting on that park bench for a long time shaking my fist in the air. 🙂

              My research over the decades has never come up with any other examples like the Balfour Agreement/Declaration. Wikipedia makes no mention of the Sabatean Frankists but does, sorta, give the facts.

              The idea two nation states can bargain away the freedom of a third is insane.

              I have been doing the best I could with my lyrics to convey the truths uncovered over the decades.

              Glass Eyes Watching You is from 1978 and speaks to the danger of public cameras.

              Having spent so much time exploring “reality” it is obvious that if something wrong is going on in the world, it is because “someone/group, etc” wants it that way.

              To think it can be solved through any election efforts is quite naive since here in the USA we are a corporation and not a democracy. Hence POTUS is the “Chief Executive.”

              IMO the most successful change will come from embracing non participation in the current “government” (control-mind) and a change of values consciousness. Less ME and more WE.

        • “Was there any other people or nations that got promised land for supporting wwI or wwII that can be compared to Rothschild and his buddies that was the original elite in Palenstine(Israel)?”

          In case noone else has answered that, one of the ironic/ illustrative aspects of the british (Lord Balfour) promise to the Zionist leaders (Lord Rothschild) is that the british government also promised the area/sphere of influence to their allies in the arab world and all while at the same time in a secret treaty with France (and Russia and Italy) agreeing to divide the entire middle east (Ottoman Empire) territories among themselves in the (in)famous Sykes-Picot agreement:

          Regarding the many promises and interests around WW2, a very thorough detailed overview if interested here:

          Whole article also freely available as audio file on that site, first part:

          And if further interested, much more academic material regarding WW1 and WW2 and related topics freely readable on the website of the Institute For Historical Review:

          It´s director Mark Weber was recently interviewed also by Keith Knight from/for the Libertarian Institute (who has been on the Corbett Report several times as well) about those topics:

          Hope that helps.

          • Thanls for pointing out that American Pravda also has audio for their articles. Are you aware of a feed being available for the audio articles?

      • And your summary is very good. Just wanted to add my thoughts and not refuting yours. Thanks for sharing the summary.

        • Thank you.

          Didn’t see your second post before I replied.

          Comment box “conversations” in my experience over the past five or six years have degraded into personal opinion and testimony.

          As a social and political activist since getting out of the Army in 1967 the brother/sister-hood of activists with a common goal has degenerated into tribal clownworld. (Not you)

          When we met at coffee shops, private homes, etc. there was no “authority” there throttling and shadow banning, etc. our chats. Today’s social intercourse is much like what we talked about back then that was happening in socialist and communist nations.

          • Yeah, comment box communications lack the depth of face to face conversations and non verbal communication. I was reading somewhere that non verbal communications conveys most of the message.

            Your comments and additions to the comment section are very good, detailed and thought provoking and I appreciate them. My written communication style is probably not very good at expressing tone. Writing was never a strong suit for me even when my mind was much sharper than it is today.

            Have a good day and thanks again.

            • Taking time out from the Solar Eclipse to reply 🙂

              >>Your comments and additions to the comment section are very good, detailed and thought provoking and I appreciate them.>>

              Thanks. Sort of a good combination of being a professional writer (songs, screenplays, books, etc.) a well read social/political activist; a past Psychiatric Social Work Specialist; etc. and long time explorer of consciousness and reality at work.

              Indeed, internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability. Face to face one can not hide behind snarky comments without immediate consequence. Old school folks like myself certainly miss that reality. Part of the “toxic” human experience that is slipping away.

              Far too much time in people’s lives are now invested in digital nonsense. Not that it isn’t something special, but it is like children overeating candy. The “belly ache” is realization at some point they’ve lost their humanness.

              Take care. Try one of my essays out:
              THE BIGGER PICTURE P 1

      • Jesus Christ condemned the “traditions of the elders” during His time on Earth. These “traditions” became what is now known as the Babylonian Talmud.

        Claiming “Sabbateans” or any other group or ideology other than Talmudic Judaism itself are responsible for the evils of Zionism (or Marxism) is misdirection.

        Just as Muslim fanatics are not “exceptions” to Islam – in fact they are following Muhammad to the letter – Jews who display the worst traits of homicidal Zionism are following the Babylonian Talmud to the letter, as well.

        • Believing in non provable “saviors” is misdirection.

          Organized religions are about cult mind control taking way sovereignty and freedom of life exploration.

  2. What was James just saying in jest “The Jews”, having a bit of fun at those in comment sections who always point out the Jewish hand in the wrongs perpetrated around the world, I wonder why: from Jeffery Epstein and Jonathan Pollard to Larry Fink and David Solomon, not to mention the ADL, Richard Pearl, Paul Wolfowitz, and a multitude of additional examples that could easily be added to this list. What was the story about Netanyahu and his hand in stealing nuclear material from the the US, now the perennial Leader of Israel??? This pattern is beyond self-evident and totally incontrovertible. So now around the world they are passing laws against this type of “pattern recognition”. So many stories about the problems befalling our planet revolve around some aspect of the Rootless Cosmopolitans. To be clear, just like most Muslims are NOT terrorists (Muslims are just responding to the horrors that have been done to them, but the TV cameras only seem to turn on when they retaliate, not when they are victimized. How often does the MSM go back and look at Libya, Afghanistan, PALISTINE, Iraq…), this also does not speak about all Jewish people, but a group that seems to hide within, they even seem to want to cultivate anti-Semitism. This group shows as little regard for wellbeing of Jewish people as they do the rest of us. They are not working for the betterment of humanity, but the total control over it, that is those of us lucky enough to survive this next unfolding cataclysm.

    • Rexleo

      While I AGREE that organized jewish power is basically forcing the west to support Israel (to our own harm) I can not agree that “muslims are not terrorists” since Islam is, and was from its foundation, based on violence and conquest.

      Neither side has anything in common with western values – Islam and Judaism are both at their heart against western values.

      • Amen! “Western Values” are summed up in “Christianity.”

        Even most non- and anti-Christians embrace values brought to us through the Bible, its prophets, and then, Jesus Christ Himself.

      • The persistence of a myth doesn’t make it true.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Religious (not spiritual) belief is a foolish attempt to explain the unexplainable settling for the most improbable, un-provable answer to life’s creation and purpose, rather than an exploration of one’s own nature and relationship to existence.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology of dominance based on the teachings of a murdering pedophile who married a 9 year old girl!
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        The Qur’an tells us: “not to make friendship with Jews and Christians” (5:51), “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123), “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem” (9:5).
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Christianity is just as evil.

        Genesis2:16.47 All women must pay for the “sins” of their ancestors.
        Exodus 20:5&34:7 Endorses slavery, makes laws how to carry it out, and even OK’s beating them.
        Numbers 16:27 Buries alive Korah and his family.
        Deuteronomy 20:13-15 Kill all the men and boys in the cities that God“delivers into your hands,” but keep the women for raping.

        Evidence leads to proof which is then a fact. There is NO evidence of god, Jesus, or Satan beyond heartfelt personal testimony, all based on man made myths to steal sovereign spiritual expression to control humans out of fear.

        Therefore can’t have an “anti-Christ” without one. Just because psychotic, sociopaths choose to hide their evil ways in religious mythology does not validate the myth. They are simply cowards playing malevolent games of hate and harm.

        BLUES IN THE PULPIT (song)

        • ejdoyle

          “… all based on man made myths to steal sovereign spiritual expression to control humans out of fear…”

          But how do you know that humans have “…sovereign spiritual expression..” to steal???

          Mega Sodomite Yuval Harari would call THAT as much a myth as he would call religion.

          • My mistake to think you might have changed since I have never had a decent reply from you on any other level but antagonistic.

    • This latest event could be in part an inside job too. Though I’m sure the extremist “Muslim” sects like Hamas etc. (likely assisted by intelligence communities) have no qualms about killing civilians. Also, there is little reporting on what the extremist “settlers” are doing to Palestinians. I know they’ve killed a lot of Palestinian civilians.

      When people start accepting this kind of thing, they lose any moral high ground they might have had. This is how propaganda works to inspire emotions in the population.

      But I have to ask, does brutal oppression against a group of people give someone the moral authority to take out their anger on someone just because they come from the ethnic group they claim responsible?

      If people say yes, I would have to ask why? And how does that really serve justice?

  3. These people instigating this are insane, “bat s*t crazy”. And, if anyone thinks these nut cases care a single iota for the Israeli population, you’re wrong. The Palestinians and Israelis will be sacrificed. But the Palestinians are stuck there, no where to go.

    And this issue can divide the freedom movement in the US. Some of the leftists who kept their mouth shut for Covid opened it to say that they are against turning Gaza to rubble, “mowing the lawn”

    What was done to civilians in Israel was disgusting and cruel and at the same time, the media doesn’t tell us what is done to the Palestinians.

    To be completely honest, I don’t really relate to most traditional Muslims or any “fundamentalist” groups. And there are a lot of Muslims who have come to the US recently. I see them in the ER and some of them don’t seem to thrilled to be here. They seem entitled to be honest.

    I know that sounds prejudiced and maybe it is but for people who don’t experience working with immigrants probably don’t understand. My point is that there is some nuance with cultural conflicts. But the bottom line is that there is right and wrong and killing civilians and genocide are evil and should be opposed.

    Most of the major presidential candidates have come out as hawks with this recent conflict and that is extremely disappointing. Because of this escalation, this could become a hot war and that is very scary.

    • >>These people instigating this are insane, “bat s*t crazy”>>

      Actually they are quite brilliant, but very damaged psychologically. As I offered here, the Sabatean Frankists have no religion, nation state, blood line, etc. but are rather connected with their madness for world control. They insinuate themselves into religions, governments, militaries, etc.

      To pull off all that they have is a tremendous feat:
      The so-called “Holocaust;” 9/11; Fukushima; toxic food and water; dumbing down our citizens; and on and on.

      The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.

      IMO one must not get caught up in what is the “current” Kabuki dramas but step back and see the bigger picture. There has been and is a very well organized effort to arrest the natural development of human evolution for very nefarious purposes.

      The only true social/political activism today is dealing with your local environment and citizens and getting off the electronic compliance, mind conditioning grid of madness.

      This song: GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

      is but a small sample of reliable, intelligent insight into our condition at my BitChute website.

  4. And here I thought that I could trust RFK jr. Let’s recall that a few short months ago, he caused a stir because he announced his full and total support of Israel. Funny how that works. It makes you wonder if he somehow knew beforehand this attack was to happen? He certainly gathered a lot of of surprising support around his campaign, and now, if he manages to get the Presidential seat, like the Pied Piper, all of his supporters will rally ’round him. Apologists: “Yeah, well, he says all the right things about Fauci, vaccines, anti-war, unifying the American people, etc. so, his support of Israel is inconsequential because all the other stuff sounds really good!” Damn, I must say, the directors of the political dog and pony show are, despite being the essence of evil, are rather brilliant nonetheless.

    • I don’t think so. He likely wants to capture votes from conservative Jews who may also be Zionists. They have a lot of money. He wants to win, perhaps thinks he can save the US this way.

      But he might not realize that the wealthy Zionist elite are probably down with the Covid scam too.

      What is troubling though is when you actually delve into what has been done to the Palestinians that is morally reprehensible and if a person cannot see the humanity in others, there is something wrong with them.

      • cu.h.j

        “…and if a person cannot see the humanity in others, there is something wrong with them….”

        You are looking thru WESTERN glasses….most of the world see’s things in Ethnic terms. Their own group is good, moral, clean, right,ect and other groups are dirty, evil, ect.

        The western way of thinking is historically unusual, I can not think of A SINGLE non western culture that looked at people beyond ethnicity and (to a lesser extent) religion

        I personally think Christianity is why we adopted this open outlook but others put it down to evolutionary psychology , like Mcdonald writes in “Culture of Critique’.

        Either way, judging people by themselves and not their group is THE NORMAL WAY THE WORLD WORKS outside of the safe bubble we have created in the west. Sadly I think that bubble is going to pop soon as we go back to history as usual .

        • Well, I think that’s the right way to look at things and I’m going to stay true to what I believe is honorable. I think that is a good evolutionary strategy.

          Cooperation and peace, respectful interactions with others is a way forward rather than total destruction.

          Perhaps I have had the unique opportunity to actually see human suffering with my own eyes working in the medical field and I can empathize with pain and want to alleviate it. If people have not felt compassion when they see others suffering with their own eyes, I can’t relate to it.

          If it’s true that that is a product of western culture or Christianity then so be it. It’s an improvement and a strength, not a weakness.

          • cu.h.j

            “… I think that is a good evolutionary strategy….”

            If you don’t have kids you do not have an evolutionary strategy.

            Westerners have not been reproducing themselves at replacement levels and will be replaced as majority populations much faster then people realize, with consequent loss of power for the ‘universalist’ outlook.

            Funny enough Israel will, unless it goes full Apartheid, become a majority Muslim nation within 50 years too- thus its in their interests to fight the big war now while they still can win

            • I think that conflict with neighbors though and antagonism is a poor strategy. Peaceful relations could allow both to flourish. Even if they segregate themselves and don’t mix much doesn’t mean they can’t cooperate and help each other.

              Some groups are very xenophobic and I think that as long as that doesn’t turn into hate and trying to kill others both groups can live as neighbors. They can get along.

              Also complete isolation and endogamy can lead to genetic defects over time. I do think that there is a natural balance that can be achieved without tyranny.

              • “… conflict with neighbors though and antagonism is a poor strategy…”

                And yet, in our fallen world, they appear to bring success.

                While I agree with your MORALLY, the factual evidence (of who owns what land today vs who owned it in the past) does not support your POV

                “Get off my Land”, has a discussion on the issue. Lol.
                4 1/2 min short film.

              • I think the material success is temporary though and creates animosity that persists. War and conflict are threats to the survival of all life on the planet at this point. We will go extinct before our sun goes nova if human conflict continues with more deadly weapons.

                But I do see that humans maybe aren’t looking at this long term and what it might mean for our survival. That is what happens when we are ruled by psychopaths IMO.

    • Vincognito

      “..nd here I thought that I could trust RFK jr,,”

      Since jewish groups (even ones with opposing political views) give something like 50% of ALL political donations, and Jewish folks run a preponderance of the mainstream press and media are going to come out with anything but glowing support for the Jewish Ethno-State.

      Then add in Epstein and his ilk gathering blackmail material on susceptible folks with power and whatever happens in politics is always going to be heading in one general direction, even if there are competing groups of jews fighting over who has the wheel.

      Considering that there are so many power bloc’s that would REALLY like war with Iran and/or Russia, each for their own reasons, I kinda think this conflict will escalate

    • There are two types of people: those who go balls deep into zionism (or is the the other way around questionmark) and those who do not.

      I like many of the messages RFK is spreading, but I have no false hope and am fully aware that this feller lives on a nice big compound. I guess they could be running their own postal service.

    • vincognito says:
      “And here I thought that I could trust RFK jr. Let’s recall that a few short months ago, he caused a stir because he announced his full and total support of Israel.”

      Here is my take on RFK, Jr. and Israel…
      I personally don’t agree with RFK’s Twitter statement.
      I personally think that RFK, Jr. is short sighted about the nation of Israel, and has some fixed ideas which overlooks the oppression of the Palestinian people.
      His friend and campaign manager is Dennis Kucinich who has long supported the plight of the Palestinians. I’m sure that the two have had discussions.

      CONTROVERSY – July 2023 –
      Robert F Kennedy, Jr at a private dinner mentions that Covid-19 least targets Ashkenazi Jews as opposed to other races like African Americans. The video was leaked. Many Jews were pissed, and loud about it. (RFK, Jr cites the science study in a video)
      There is a lot of info here…
      SUB-THREAD (circa July) – RFK & Israel – Jimmy Dore – Scott Horton – Max Blumenthal – Dov Hikind Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

      I will also say that I don’t agree on all the things which RFK, Jr says, or that many individuals say.
      But that doesn’t necessarily negate the other things with which I agree.
      There are concepts which RFK, Jr (and others) have voiced with which I hold as very important and as common ground.

      • I have also really liked a lot of what he has said as well and it has been very inspiring and compelling.

        I also liked some of what Trump has said, but we know what happened there.

        But if they end up killing most of the people in Gaza, the little children too, this will not be good for his image. What was done in Israel was sickening and I think there were probably extremist killers who came over from Gaza but that does not justify murder of innocent children. Nothing justifies that on either side and it is evil, no matter who does it.

        There are probably terrorist cells in America and I fear that there will be some type of “response” if this escalates. Also, our economy is teetering on collapse and we don’t have the capacity to fight wars in Ukraine and in the middle east. They are stealing our taxes for this that has resulted in substantial loss of life. I have not seen war up close, but people who have knows that it is hell on earth.

        The numbers in Ukraine are maybe half a million by now? Or something in the 100K range and I’ve read they are conscripting women now.

        A presidential candidate who is concerned about Americans should want to get us out of these conflicts or voice that. People aren’t thinking about the long term consequences.

        He was too quick to make that statement. But I do like a lot of what he has said on other matters and I understand your point.

      • UPDATE – Sunday October 15, 2023
        On my north post, HRS said:
        “His friend and campaign manager is Dennis Kucinich who has long supported the plight of the Palestinians. I’m sure that the two have had discussions.”

        RELEVANT: RFK’s Twitter statement here at NWNW
        See it also at Interview 1841 – Israel, Propaganda and Apocalypse on The Truth Expedition

        Team Kennedy sent out this emailed message October 15, 2023
        Yesterday, the Kennedy Campaign announced a new campaign manager, Amaryllis Kennedy. Amaryllis, previously the Kennedy campaign’s co-manager, will take on the role of Campaign Manager beginning today…

        …Mr. Kennedy said of the change, “The campaign benefited enormously from the political insight of Dennis Kucinich. Dennis has been a moral center in American politics for more than five decades. This campaign would never have enjoyed such tremendous success during the past six months except for the leadership, wisdom, and experience he brought. We will continue to profit from his advice and judgment as we go forward.”

        “He is now handing off the baton to the team he did so much to cultivate, headed by my daughter-in-law, Amaryllis Kennedy,” he continued. “Amaryllis is a woman of extraordinary intelligence and drive who I am confident will take this campaign to the next level.”

        Formerly founder and CEO of natural language processing startup Mulu and Head of Product for Twitter’s consumer commerce division, Amaryllis brings immense experience ​​growing and optimizing dynamic teams, leveraging cutting-edge digital engagement, and building energized communities at scale.

        Amaryllis holds a law degree from Oxford University and a Master’s Degree in International Security from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Prior to her work in technology, Amaryllis spent a decade working on counterproliferation efforts on behalf of the United States Government. She has written two books about the pitfalls of the forever wars and produced and presented the Netflix documentary series “Business of Drugs,” detailing the militarism and corruption driving America’s failed War on Drugs.

        Over the last year, Amaryllis has worked closely with Dennis, campaign leadership, national staff, and volunteers. She has spearheaded our campaign’s digital strategy, breaking through legacy media embargoes to spread Mr. Kennedy’s message to every corner of the country….

        • What wasn’t said in that press release speaks volumes.

          Kennedy will be limping for a long time from that self inflicted gunshot wound to his foot.

    • If they’re on TV, even if sidelined, or partially blacklisted, they cannot be trusted.

      No humans are coming to save us.

  5. Regarding DNA testing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use these services personally. If any relatives have, they can obtain links to you.

    • Cu.h.j

      Hence the importance of teaching your kids and family to stay of the grid as much as possible.

      The more data we leak the easier it is to box us in or to personalize the propaganda. Its getting to be that the only way to retain control of our own thoughts is to maintain privacy…I think Rob Braxman said as much in one of his many videos.

  6. Excellent episode gentlemen – thank you.
    ‘Pentagram’ always cracks me up. ?

  7. Great show James’! Not keen on the distracting background drumbeat though!

  8. What pls is the obsession with Iran? Deep dive anyone?

    • Iran historically has had a large jewish population. 250k Iranians Jews live in Israel. Alot also live in the U.S. They came after the Islamic (Shia) Revolution. Shia Islam has mingled with Judaism and FreeMasonry along with alot of deviant Islamic sects. The Dajjal (AntiChrist) most likely will be an Iranian Jew. In short, like hatred for Russia the Jews have a hatred for Iran.

      Allah forgive me if I have made an error in this explanation.

      Hope this helpful and is not meant to be disparaging. Its just my understanding.

      • There are some dot connecting to do, but that is how I see it. You could start by researching Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khomeini’s connection to British Intelligence and his origin story.

        • Can’t you just eli5?:):)

    • World Jewry wants to topple The West, Russia, and Iran. They aren’t loyal to the nations they reside in just to Israel. Its not uncommon for Iranians to have hatred for Palestinians although their government support their cause. What I find interesting is this common interest in toppling/weakening Iran held by Saudi Arabia and Israel. I think the end game is eschatological as to why.

      The West has to complete the Greater Israel Project before it can be completely undermined. The slow demolition started on 911

    • Among Americans, particularly “Christian” Zionists, Iran’s historical name, Persia, fits within their dishonest eschatology. For Israelis, they see Iran as a competitor/threat, and Iran’s anti-Zionist statements haven’t helped that perception.

    • “…the obsession with Iran?”

      if what goes around comes around: I read it was an Egyptian missionary who was based in a castle (Alamut), in what we call “Iran”, who is responsible for refining the tactics of surprise attacks by those who had been convinced to do someone else’s dirty. From these misguided idiots and theri diabolical puppet master actions, sprung the term “assassin”,

      one of many links available that discuss this:

      Not saying that the “middle eastern” region wrote the book on skullduggery, there have been reports of danger magic assault from so many disparate places.

      Has it ever changed?

      some people want to control others. why? try a deep dive on why are a few humans like that and see how bottomless you can go.

      A few (are they people, or hungry ghosts posing as people, sprung from trauma’s loins?), have a strong grip on the threat mechanism. They hold the biggest gun + the element of surprise. Most humans can be bludgeoned with only an emotional charge (TV kontrol).

      Yet these FEW thrive by taking and breaking individual will-power or sovereignty or ownership, of their child or their partner or neighbor (a forensics student told me the vast majority of assault, incl murder, is perpetrated within families or by the neighbor,,).

      These proud few have been mucking things up for the majority since days of yor, there’s likely not a place in the planet, over our species history, that scourge hasnt settled in for a feed.

      dot connectors may be thorough enough someday to tease out what those gunslingers (those that throw the critical domino which then unleashes wrath) intents are based on
      IMO their intents, known or not, have no real power here, in the long run of life on this planet. and it most likely will fade or at least diminish to dust specks when we all stop housing & feeding it.

  9. Small Comment: The Dome of the Rock is not Masjid Al Aqsa. Its in the same complex. It’s just more beautiful that’s why its shown all the time.

  10. Please stop letting people call this a war! 1957, 1967, unprepared civilians massacred and genocidal homelands stolen. This is no different .

  11. This is only the beginning. I believe the powers that shouldn’t be were locked & loaded (world wide) in the spring of 2020, licking their lips, waiting for us to “lose it” and fight back against the insanity they launched upon “us”. They want a fight against humanity and are determined to have us go at them. That failed with peaceful protests world wide. Now they are setting us up to go after each other. We have to stand down and ignore this stuff. After all, if one thing learned for sure in past 3 years, DONT LET THE MEDIA SUCK YOU IN!

    • No doubt G. But be prepared!

  12. 15:45
    James Corbett nails it:
    “What exactly was the military strategic objective of this massive invasion force that swept in on their paragliders?…
    …The only possible response that you would expect from some military strategy like this is: exactly what we are about to see…ethnic cleansing of 2 million people in Gaza.”

    • This Hamas attack on Israel is kinda of like the Taliban attacking the Pentagon. It provides an excuse for evoking Emergency Powers for War, thus giving the illegitimate so called “leaders” a way of silencing all who oppose them.
      Nut-Head-Yayoo (the president of Israel) was being investigated by his own people for crimes, now he has declared a “National Emergency” and can silence those who speak ill of him.
      When all else fails, they take you to War, where the Truth is the first casualty.
      Good luck nailing that bastard for his crimes now, eh!

      • The extra bonus is that silencing gives the impression of lack of any opposing voices and thus secures people in their bubble of unqestionable support.

        They and their actions may not be questioned because if there was something questionable they would have already been questioned.

        You couldn’t make this up.

  13. We are in the age of Revelation. The Revealing. All is being revealed to those with eyes to see.

    The rage-based fanaticism of Israel and its idolator-worshipers is revealing that most of the “anti-Semitic canards” were true. Honest observers can see the Nazi tactics being used by the IDF in Gaza. We’re about to witness what the Germans did to the Warsaw Ghetto, only on a much larger scale. Gaza has over 2 million residents, over 1 million who have just been ordered to “leave” (to where?) by the IDF.

    God help us all as to where this is going.

    • High-profile, emotion-based statements such as this will do “wonders” for the Israeli/Jewish public image:

      “What about those Palestinians in hospital who are on life support and babies in incubators whose life support and incubator will have to be turned off because the Israelis have cut the power to Gaza?” asked the network’s Kamali Melbourne.

      “Are you seriously keep on asking me about Palestinian civilians? What’s wrong with you?”

      • Yeah, it will be interesting also to see how the Zionist Christians respond. They make America look wonderful too. And these crazy people who want the apocalypse. They want a nuclear holocaust. This does not give me hope for some of humanity and I really don’t think they are on the side of truth and honor. It is disgraceful like the people who wanted to starve people because they didn’t take the jab. They sicken me and make me want to vomit.

    • This a good infographic. But it leaves me confused after being told by the MSM that Palestine, along with the people, does not actually exist nor have they ever existed. It was just Israeli settlements from 0 A.D.

  14. Although here in Israel it is a high stress situation, I still find myself occasionally giving a quick glance to the corbett report.

    I have not seen this episode, worried it may be too much to take on at this time for me. But think I got the general sense of what is pictured through the description, shownotes and come comments.

    Now although I disagree with some of james views on the conflict, I think it is a sign of maturity to accept people having a different perspective than you. Even if it is hard at times. Maybe there is at least some truth to them. And giving people your sources is something I highly appreciate.

    Having said that, I have an issue with this israeli crude propaganda statement. I think it is poor journalism to give it without mentiong that, in all honesty, even if some fake news were distributed by Israelis, more likely than not they are not as horrific as the true news from what happened.

    To my best knowledge, the horrors are simply documentable because hamas themselves videoed them. At least some of them, and sent them out with pride. According to a post I saw hamas now started pulling them of the web, presumably realising not everyone in the world sees them as fitting the ”freedom fighter” description. Actually the post is by a horrified Israeli who spent all night trying to capture what he can before some of the truth may be lost.

    To my best knowledge, these things happened. Can not prove it all, but we are not talking about a post or two on social media, which yes may be fake news. I do not wish to see the actual hamas vidoes available. and some info is also according to testimonies:

    civilians killed – we all now that.

    once parents are a killed and there is a baby crying alone, for no military need what so ever, babies are killed.

    near bodies of dead men, women are raped. And in general women are raped.

    kindapping of little children, actually a whole family i know which includes two little children has been kidnapped. Hope you trust me this is real though i am with a nickname and no identifiable profile.

    As i know all of the above is the hamas general way of how to act. It is not about some members being more extreme some not, which frankly I think is the case with the idf. with some soldiers doing much to maintain high moral values. And yes, i do not think the idf should be beyond critiscm or israel, and i am all for the bigger conspiratorial picture being known.

    Also, i doubt the reason for allowing this to happen, is to do with hurting gaza (Saw a commment suggesting this) and think it is more for going in the direction of creating a global war. possibly along the way hurting gaza.

    again off the war atmosphere figuring out lots of stuff, do not know when will be back so nothing personal if i do not reply back.

  15. Oh and just read there was also rape of little girls. And it is videoed on camera.

    • On vidoes of testimonies of survivors. Though I find it very unlikely to be a fake.

      • Sunny

        As horrible as the atrocity propaganda is- mainly because its probably REAL- I cant say that it moves-or ought to move- anyone in the west to send money or troops.

        Islam has a long history of rape- IIRC mohamed is said to have raped one woman in the pooled blood of her husband.

        Horrible- but no side elicits enough sympathy for any sane person to want to help either side.

        Aside from the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (see BBC doc “dead in the water”) zionist terrorists were just as much of a menace as Islamic ones are now…. There

        In “The sargents affair” zionist terrorists murdered some British troops and booby trapped their hanging bodies…its been a long time since I watched the “Jewish war” episode of the BBC doc “Empire Warriors” but IIRC that campaign was followed up with a letter bomb attack on a British officer and his family in the UK.

        I did find this too.


            I could swear I read a wikipedia on this at one time but its not there now. Terrorism is a way of life for BOTH sides

            “….A new book has revealed the astonishing story of how an ex-Spitfire pilot from Birmingham foiled an international plot to firebomb London.

            The year was 1947 – and in war-weary Britain the rubble from years of Nazi air raids and rocket attacks was still being cleared away.

            But across the English Channel a group of fanatical terrorists were planning a new aerial blitz on the capital.

            Members of the radical Zionist terror group the Stern Gang had decided to drop improvised bombs on the Foreign Office in Whitehall as part of their fight for a homeland.

            The full details of the extraordinary plot and the heroic Spitfire pilot from Birmingham who helped foil it have now been revealed by American Middle East expert Alison Weir in her new book about the tangled history of US-Israeli political relations, Against Our Better Judgment.

            “When Britain failed to accede to Zionist demands, an American rabbi named Baruch Korff fomented a plan to drop incendiary bombs on London,” she revealed.

            In the summer of 1947 Ukrainian-born Korff, a passionate supporter of the creation of a Jewish State, travelled from his home in Boston and made contact with members of the Stern Gang in Paris.

            The Jewish militant group was at the time waging a brutal terrorist campaign against British forces which were in control in Palestine, in an attempt to force the Government to pull out of the territory……”


              “……The Lavon affair was a failed Israeli covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. As part of a false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian-, American-, and British-owned civilian targets: cinemas, libraries, and American educational centers. ….”

              NEITHER side in this conflict is humane or moral….they have both been waging a disgusting campaign of ethnic cleansing for nearly a century

              • Perhaps it would have been best to talk face to face as written communication can get messy.
                I agree both sides did inhumane and cruel actions, and i also agree there were and are conspiracies involving israelis (this one was both an inside and outside job to my mind). I wish more israelis could know, it is hard passing on information.
                I do not think all idf soldiers believe in a fanatical extreme ideology or somewhere near, but that really some do and some don’t and some actually try to act with a high morality. That is my sense of things living here. In that sense i find the idf likely more moral than hamas. (Which probably was established and supported as part of a conspiracy to create choas)
                But having said that I met some muslims i appreciate, regardless of their stance on the conflict as i do not care for different perspectives if the person is someone i apperciate as a person. Honestly often i do not even ask.
                So this is not about stereotyping muslims, but I do think hamas is a true extreme brutal terror organisation with many members in it and most or all of them with that ideology.

              • Sunny,
                I like reading your comments.
                Again, thanks for the input.

      • I dont know any IDF guys… I’m sure most are just normal people, with all the good and bad that holds.

        My point was just that NEITHER side has anything good to offer the West, and neither side is actually moral, and both sides are willing to use immoral terrorism to further their own ethnic interests.

        I feel about the attacks about the same as I’d expect a Frenchman in France to care about a bunch of savage Indians killing a load of whites who took their lands….sad but its THEIR issue not anyone elses

  16. Hi James and James, well I say this in all sincerity (humour coming) you guys have great faces for radio! An old joke oft heard on UK radio.It is amusing that a comment focuses on your looks and mannerisms rather than the dire situations you report on. Anyhow thanks again for an always interesting and humorous show.Ray

    • That moment was a great way to end the episode and an exceptional way to start my day!

      Pilato is the perfect spark to Corbett’s calm collectedness

  17. Great show.

    I must say the response to the lady that has problems with the wild hair and marionette like gyrational style of *one of the hosts* was epic! Lmao

    Started my day in the best way.

    Keep it up Thunderbird James Evan Pilato!

  18. What happened to James Evan Pilato? His last publication was October 13 and in this episode of New World Next Week James Corbett stated “I’ll see you next week” and he seems to have disappeared without a trace.

    • Yes, I was wondering the same. Thank you for bringing this up.


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