Interview 1846 – Israhell and the Hannibal Directive – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: October 7 Testimonies Reveal Israel’s Military “Shelling” Israeli Citizens

Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th & 53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed

Search: “Hannibal Directive”

Wikipedia: Hannibal Directive

McDonald’s Donating Thousands Of Free Meals To IDF, Citizens After Hamas Attacks

#MorningMonarchy: Kosher Klown’s ‘Super Sized Semitic Combo Meal’

Watch: Pro-Palestinian Activists Throw Box Of Live Rats Into British McDonald’s

How Telegram Became a Terrifying Weapon in the Israel-Hamas War

Netanyahu May Not Last, Biden and Aides Increasingly Believe

Latin America’s Leftist Leaders Recall Israel Ambassadors Over Its War With Hamas

Czech DM Calls To Exit UN For Supporting Hamas, Warns Holocaust Is Back

Members of Israel’s Knesset Left ‘In Tears And Shock’ After Viewing IDF Video Of Hamas Atrocities

Netanyahu’s Two Genocides

Story #2: 200+ Health Journals Call On UN/WHO To Recognize ‘Climate Change’ As ‘Global Health Emergency’

The Weather Channel: World’s Biggest Journals Join Forces, Demand Climate Crisis Be Declared Global Public Health Emergency

Weather Channel Co-Founder Dies; Doubted Climate Science

How to Make a Lobbyist Squirm

PDF: “Proposal for negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement”

Describing WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations Amendments, Identifying Specific Problems

Story #3: Johnson & Johnson Mulls Third Bankruptcy Filing As They Face 50,000+ Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Examining the Third Circuit’s Decision in LTL Management: Where Does J&J Go from Here? (Feb. 8, 2023)

Bayer-Monsanto Hit With $175M Verdict Against Roundup

Everything Is Super Swell At Johnson & Johnson, Folks! Just Don’t Mention The Baby Powder Cancer (Apr. 13, 2016)

NWNW Flashback: Johnson & Johnson Pulls Sale of Talc-Based Baby Powder In North America (May 21, 2020)

NWNW Flashback: J&J aka LTL Uses Sneaky Bankruptcy Maneuver to Block Lawsuits Over Cancer Claims (Oct. 29, 2021)

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  1. Soon enough, we will ALL be Palestinians, but unlike the Palestinians, we have a bit more responsibility for our plight, than they do with theirs.

    How many times have we swallowed obvious LIES in the push for wars based on “Israeli intelligence reports”? We have, in one way or another, waged war on Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria…and in its pre-Israel manifestation, the list is MUCH longer.

    Protocols of Zion anyone, it is so easy to forget they are just “conspiracy theory delusions”, considering so much of their predictions have come to pass.

    • Rabbi Reichhorn’s Protocols

      “Funeral Oration”
      The Fatal Discourse of Rabbi Reichhorn

      [“(In its issue of 21 October, 1920 (No. 195) La Vieille France published an extremely important Russian document in which the following passage occurs:

      ” ‘There is a striking analogy between the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the discourse of the Rabbi Reichhorn, pronounced in Prague in 1869 over the tomb of the Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben-Ihuda, and published by Readcliffe, who paid with his life for the divulgation. Sonol, who had taken Readcliffe to hear Reichhorn, was killed in a duel some time afterwards. The general ideas formulated by the Rabbi are found fully developed in the Protocols,’ (which were published about 35 years later).

      “In its issue of 10 March, 1921, (No. 214) La Vieille France gives the version of this funeral oration which was published in La Russie Juive. It is perfectly clear that the funeral oration and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion come from one and the same mint. Both are prophetic; and the power which made the prophecies has been able to bring about their fulfillment. There can no longer be any doubt as to whose is the power which is disturbing the world, creating World Unrest, and at the same time reaping all of the profits. Jewry is enslaving all Christian peoples of the earth. There IS a Jew World Plot and it now stands finally and completely unmasked).]

      “1. Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy, Christianity.

      “2. This year, united over the tomb of our reverend Simeonben-Ihuda, we can state with pride that the past century has brought us very near to our goal, and that this goal will be very soon attained.”

      “3. Gold always has been and always will be the irresistible power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences, can fix the rate of all values, the current prices of all products, can subsidize all State loans, and thereafter hold the states at our mercy.”

      “4. Already the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all governments, are in our hands.”

      “5. The other great power is THE PRESS. By repeating without cessation certain ideas, the Press succeeds in the end in having them accepted as actualities. The Theatre renders us analogous services. Everywhere the Press and the Theatre obey our orders.”

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • The only aspect I find HIGHLY questionable is the idea that Christians are the enemy of the Jews, pretty preposterous, considering without Christianity we would not even know what a Jew is.

        Jews do NOT hate Christianity, that is ludicrous. In movies and literature, Christ is always portrayed and good and honest, dying for “our sins” (Look up Scape-Goat and Jewish religion), how many evils are stopped just by carrying a cross? Who do you think made those movies and published those books. If Jews Truly hated Christ, he would be seen more like Hitler, not like Mother Terisa. It is so true that people see just what they want to see, to hell with the truth.

        Christianity is Jewish-lite, a way to introduce the goy to Jewish religion and to destroy Paganism in the process.

        Christians accept the Jewish God, a god that “chose them”, but not any more…Paganism was accepted in Rome, until Christianity came, then it was outlawed. But here is the thing, Paganism was initially only hated by the Jews, then we see Christianity come along and now they hate the Pagans too. Not only is Christianity a tool to destroy polytheism, it also accepts all, proselytizes, all others, destroying religions and cultures along the way. Christianity could not be more destructive to humanity if they tried, and they most certainly did try.

        Funny thing about both the Christian and Muslim religions, they both require Jews to rule over Israel “before they are saved”, how convenient.

        Sorry, thanks to my own sense of seeing a distinct Jewish pattern here, and the work of Adam Green, pretty confident the Abrahamic religions are a scam, like EVERYTHING ELSE!

        • The very idea that Jews were once “chosen”, knowing their questionable history, and the fact that THEY were the freaking authors of the Bible, you have to have at least SOME skepticism.

          Just going on the laws of probability, is it more likely Christianity is yet another in a LONG lines of scams from these people, OR do we believe in something that is all about blind faith?

          At this point I think people just want to believe, to hell with the truth.

          I once watched a debate between Adam Green and EM Jones, it was a joke, EM Jones’ main argument was pure circular logic: the Bible is true because the Bible says so.

          • Rexleo

            “…Jews do NOT hate Christianity, that is ludicrous. In movies and literature, Christ is always portrayed and good and honest,….”

            Which movies are you thinking of?

            Here Devon Stack “Blackpilled” shows the progression of the Anti-Christian propaganda thru the lense of “The Simpsons”

            You do know that the Talmud actually teaches Jesus is boiling in shit in hell?
            And that he was a Roman soldiers bastard child?

            Most of the stuff the jewish folks over in Hollywood produce is (the older stuff) subtlety mocking Christians and the assumptions of the religion or (newer stuff) actively hostile.

            “… If Jews Truly hated Christ, he would be seen more like Hitler….”

            Horses for courses….you can say what you like about some guy in Germany that no one knows or cares about. They had to be a lot more careful about Christianity.

            “….Just going on the laws of probability, is it more likely Christianity is yet another in a LONG lines of scams…”

            LOLOL….. if jews really were able to think that long they would not be fking themselves over by going too far every couple of generations. There is a reason that they get kicked out of peoples countries so often.

            You never told me what your own choice of religion is?

            • “Which movies are you thinking of?
              (…) You do know that the Talmud actually teaches Jesus is boiling in shit in hell? And that he was a Roman soldiers bastard child?”

              – Must say I wondered about the same when reading that comment.

              As jewish academics point out as well, f.ex. Professor of Hebrew University
              Israel Shahak ( in his (in) famous work:
              “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”


              Or Ariel Toaff, professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval Studies at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv and the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome in his (even more infamous) academic study “Blood passover”


              (If interested both books summarized also in short form in this recent study by Ron Unz- also he jewish-
              Also freely available as audio version:

              Purely factual and without straying into any socalled Anti-semitism (and given that all authors cited are infact jewish, not sure how that should be possible), there seem to be very problematic aspects to at least parts of traditional Judaism, jewish self-image and attitude/relation to people (and their religion) they live among or besides, which at least must perhaps also be considered as one important part of the present day (and long ongoing) violent conflict in Israel/Palestine?

              Besides those by you mentioned highly derogatory descriptions of Christ and his followers as “idol-worshippers” and thereby worthy of being spat upon (still a popular tradition it seems today as reported by the Jerusalem Post:, there is the very strange general derogatory term/attitude of calling/seeing non-jewish people (as) “Goyim”, hardly more than animals in human form, as f.ex. this sympathetic Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi explained recently:


              That most of the public still is usually completely unaware of all these facts of Judaism once more seems to proof that the majority of it simply does not ever study things more deeply than History Channel/ 5 minute news/Youtube clip…?

              • Regarding:

                “you can say what you like about some guy in Germany that no one knows or cares about. They had to be a lot more careful about Christianity.”

                Isn`t it though actually maybe the other way round in reality?

                Could you name one (1) country in the world where ANYTHING you say/write/publish (however deranged, blasphemous or vile, see f.ex. Charlie Hebdo-magazines regular pornogaphic blasphemies) about Jesus/Christians will be censored, societally shunned/defamed and lend you in jail?

                Here the list of all the 20plus countries worldwide where fascinatingly even as little as merely publishing objective academic research on that “guy in Germany noone knows nor cares about” will do exactly that immediately (average number persons/cases prosecuted: 40 per day(!)in year 2022/23):


                So, seems here that little “guy” infact in this department scores against Jesus 20: 0 ?

                Regarding the “noone knows/cares about”, purely in numbers:

                A quick Google search for “Hitler” results in 560 million(!) hits, the related “Nazi” another 626 million.
                (To compare: “Churchill”- 372 000 000
                “Roosevelt”- 431 000 000
                “Stalin”- 169 000 000)

                Since “Jesus”- results in 2 050 000 000, the general equation seems to be:

                1 Hitler = 1/4 Jesus
                1 Hitler/Nazi = half a Jesus.

                Counting in the earlier 20:0 score would mean a modified Hitler Jesus score of at least 4:1 still in favor of the former?

                Continues below:

              • A very brief aside, the google hit count is just as fake as their search results. Just try going past page 40 in the search results.

            • I think that there has to be a distinction made between Jews and Zionists who claim to be Jews when in fact they do not follow the Old Testament (Jewish Bible/Word of God) nor can they recite the Ten Commandments. I have come to know many Jews that appear to be fine people, yet I see evil in nearly every Zionist.
              Good Jews appear to see Christ as a Profit, but not as the Savoir of the World.
              If nothing else, Jesus Christ was a great Philosopher who redefined what it meant to be among Gods Chosen ones. By including all who do Gods will as acceptable to him, and worthy of a spiritual life after death, I think he made the Jews of old insignificant. We know that Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem and the scattering the of Jews, which happened in 70 AD.
              If you ask me, these Zionists are still trying to kill the messenger that exposed how they are not “The Chosen Ones”, or perhaps they are just using the Jews and Christian Zionists as tools to help them rule over the world.
              In any case, Zionists are masters of lies and deception.

              • TruthSeeker, if you are truly seeking truth, then you’ll take what I’m saying in the spirit that I’m writing it.
                I feel like I really have to respond to what you wrote here.

                “If nothing else, Jesus Christ was a great Philosopher who redefined what it meant to be among Gods Chosen ones. By including all who do Gods will as acceptable to him, and worthy of a spiritual life after death,”

                This raises a few questions about what you believe.
                For instance, when you refer to “God’s Chosen ones”, I’m assuming that you believe that God chooses some people to be saved and condems others.
                You’re certainly welcome to believe that but it is not at all what the Bible teaches.

                You also seem to imply that its possible to achieve worthiness by doing certain things or behaving in a certain way by abiding by certain rules.
                Nothing could be less biblical.

                It makes me so sad that so many perish because they CHOOSE to avoid becoming acquainted with the One offering to save them.
                And how is it possible to come to faith in someone who you don’t spend time with?

              • Truthseeker

                “…I think that there has to be a distinction made between Jews and Zionists who claim to be Jews when in fact they do not follow the Old Testament……”

                Almost all Jews DO NOT follow the old Testament as such, they follow THE TALMUD, assembled by Babylonian Jews AFTER the expulsion from Israel.

                The Talmud is basically a book that justifies just about EVERY EVIL thing you can imagine (some you hopefully cant) and seeks to find ways to outsmart God and break His rules… the Bible colored European culture the Talmud colored jewish culture and leads to the behavior that makes jews so unpopular and disliked almost everywhere they go.

                “…. I have come to know many Jews that appear to be fine people, yet I see evil in nearly every Zionist….”

                Good luck finding ANY jew who is willing to REALLY call out almost any bad behavior of almost any jew- including zionism. .

                “….Good Jews appear to see Christ as a Profit, but not as the Savoir of the World….”

                THE TALMUD SAYS JESUS IS IN HELL BOILING IN SHIT….. I do wish people would get past the lie that jews have anything positivbe to say about Jesus.


                Bolshevism, Neo-cons, Zionists….. all jewish.

                Much time in western politics is spent watching jews argue over which of their philosophies should run the west.

          • Well good point. I must say you have to wonder why they needed to USE the Christians until they pulled off what the plan entitled.
            NUMBER one they hate everyone that is not one of them.
            We are the subhuman being to them. They are taught that we descended from Samael and Lilith.
            They believe they are each one a SPARK of god and collectively they are GOD. Their god is not a singular god like most believe of them. They Believe that Yahweh and Shekhinah are each one half of the ANDROGYNOUS god they serve. but that Shekhinah left Yahweh because of the Children of Samael and Liliith. US This brings them to the place where they think they are responsible for this separation because they have not destroyed us.

            Have you ever seen the weird tree of life?

            Do you know the truth about how they claim Solomon got his power?
            This is a book about the KEY of Solomon.

            There is much more and you will need to do much homework to find out about this.
            Any honest Jew (if that is possible) they will tell you. Maybe they are the real Hebrews that tell the truth? I dont know.

            The Book “BEWARE the WORLD to Come” explains it a little.
            Christopher John Bjerknes.

              • “To be honest I was a follower until I learned of all this.
                Now I am a lost soul.”

                A follower of what exactly?

              • @Steve Smith follower of the Bible.
                I actually was accepting with the faith of a child. Being taught it was the WORD of GOD from early in life.

              • “@Steve Smith follower of the Bible”

                That doesn’t mean anything.
                Are you saying that you were an observant Jew? A born again evangelical Christian? Something in between?
                Narrow it down for me.

                Did you choose to abandon your faith because you found out that He was the God of the Jews, because He was a Jew or something to do with the relationship that the Bible teaches they had with Him?

              • Steve I didnt say I followed the Tanak or the Special books Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar or the Book of the dead. I am not Chabad Libervich. I am not Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal Holiness movement. Not Baptist or Mormon. I have studied all of them.
                I actually read on my own and tried to be Righteous according to what the Entire Bible teaches.
                I kept myself separate from any sect of Religion because they all seem to have really twisted ideas about the Bible.

                I was following no mans IDEAS I thought.

                Micah 6:8 I still follow.
                He has told you, O man, what is good;

                and what does the Lord require of you

                but to do justice, and to love mercy,2

                and to walk humbly with your God.

                This is my sect.

              • Thank you for that sincere reply.
                Would you mind expanding on the following a little?

                “I actually read on my own and tried to be Righteous according to what the Entire Bible teaches.“

                Do you believe that the message of the Bible is that humans can ever be Righteous enough of ourselves?

                I agree with you that there are a lot of twisted ideas that people will say that they learned from the Bible.
                I’m finding so often, especially lately that there are a lot of people that are interpreting the main message that God’s word is attempting to communicate to people in ways that are antithetical to what the Bible actually teaches.
                But there is the problem. How many people actually teach what the Bible says rather than what their group’s traditions say?
                How many take what they need from the Bible to support their views and ignore the parts that contradict them.
                And really, how many average people are willing to actually study the Bible rather than simply reading it? I doubt many do even that regularly.

                I love the passage you quoted but I fear that many believe it is possible to do justice and have mercy without also walking with God. Which is the key to the whole thing.

              • @Steve Smith

                “Do you believe that the message of the Bible is that humans can ever be Righteous enough of ourselves?”

                I dont believe in original sin. Wickedness is learned not genetic.

                There are some who are a law unto themselves. They don’t need a sign from heaven.

                The blood of the innocent is not required to redeem the wicked.

                The wicked are not redeemable.

              • Valued Customer

                “……The blood of the innocent is not required to redeem the wicked.

                The wicked are not redeemable…….”

                I guess you dont beleive the Bible then.

                God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8


                All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Rom3:23

                None are rightious, not even one Romans 3;10

                If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
                If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
                If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. 1John ch1:8

              • @duck

                “I guess you dont beleive the Bible then”

                BINGO DUCK!

                I think it is the evil plan of some wicked to conquer the world.
                It has conquered most of you without one shot fired.

              • Again, thank you for the reply.
                It is clear though by what you wrote that either you are talking about a different Bible or else you were picking and choosing what you wanted to believe or follow.
                In other words you were a follower of a a religion of your own creation.
                That is definitely not unusual. Most people do that by plucking out the verses and passages they like, neglecting to interpret them in context and therefore misinterpreting the actual meaning.
                For example, you wrote “The blood of the innocent is not required to redeem the wicked.”
                The Bible is unequivocal in teaching the opposite.
                “Hebrews 9:22
                And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.”

                I would say that you made the right choice to stop following what you believed the Bible teaches. Because what you believed the Bible teaches was not what the Bible teaches.

                I hope that someday you will come to a true faith in the one who shed His innocent blood for you. And that you will come to understand that the faith you need does not originate in you. It is a gift from God and it grows as you spend time getting to know Him through His Word.

          • @rexleo
            “The very idea that Jews were once “chosen”, knowing their questionable history, and the fact that THEY were the freaking authors of the Bible, you have to have at least SOME skepticism.”

            I agree with you in this aspect but not that they love Christians.

            They hate everyone even their own
            Look at this
            Israeli Police Brutally Attack Anti-Zionist Jews IN ISRAEL

            Also there is a Clip of an older Israeli woman Cursing them and telling them they should have been burned in Hitler’s ovens!
            You cant make this up!

            These people are NAZIS!

  2. Zero Hedge has long been a hasbara outpost, not those who read it, necessarily, but its founder and many of its anonymous commenters (influencers).

    Years ago when the media was pushing ISIS and Syria nonsense, the vial anti- Muslim hate spewed on Zero Hedge was truly shocking, always from names like “Patriotic Texan” or “American Christian Soldier”…more likely Hasbara sock puppets.

    Zero Hedge has a good following of truly aware people, but there is always a Zionist anonymous group who are ready when a well publicized terror attack would happen, to fan the flames of anti-Muslim propaganda. They are masters of divide and conquer, they created Christianity and the Muslim religions to fight each other and fulfill their apocopic genocidal prophesies.

  3. The Zionist Jews, are Sabatean Frankists who for 200 years have insinuated themselves through “doma” (pretending to be what what isn’t) into religions, governments, militaries, etc. world wide. Hence the common madness and mandates in every nation, taking way freedoms and sovereignty, etc.

    “Modern” Israeli ”Jews” were caravan robbers in Southern Russia, eventually with great $ucce$$ they decided to leave that “trade” and get into money lending. Since Jews allow usury (charging for loans) they became “Jews.”

    Sabatian Frankist, Lord Rothschild then head of the bank of England, wrote (SF) Alfred Balfour, the British Prime Minister, assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England would guarantee them a homeland in the middle East pretending they were the Chews of the bible. Thus the Pals lost their homeland :-/

    The Pals were invaded, murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on lies of the sociopathic SF/Zionist Israeli’s.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, [Israel] control[s] America, and the Americans know it.”
    – Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Israel controls the United States Senate.”
    – Sen. William Fulbright

    Why are they hated now? Because of their arrogance and murdering ways, genociding the true Semites of the region, the Palestinians and their involvement in 9/11, Fukushima, and more. They exercise control of world banking and finance, and here in America of Education, Politics, Medicine, Entertainment, and the Media. They have used the lie of the Holocaust to dominate free speech world wide and much, much more.

    Palestinian Rights
    1. Can’t live free of Israeli military presence.
    2. In Gaza they can’t control the flow of goods and supplies.
    3. Can’t control their access to water in the occupied territories.
    4. Can’t access certain life-saving health care.
    5. Can’t live in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.
    6. Most can’t enjoy the rights of citizenship.
    7. Don’t have the same due process and civil rights as Israelis.
    8. Can’t travel in, out and through occupied territories without restriction.
    9. Aren’t equally protected by labor laws.
    10. Can’t stay out late.

    • “They have used the lie of the Holocaust”.

      Can you elaborate?

      • Sure.
        No Jewish Holocaust happened as has been mythed…no ovens, no soap, no sex slaves, no lamp shades, no mass graves, no death from the pest fumigant Zyclon B, no “Grand Plan,” etc. All attempts by unbiased researchers seeking the truth has been thwarted by the Zionists. Deep ground penetrating radar has shown no burials, bones, etc. around the sites.

        During WWII the International Red Cross had monthly unrestricted access to every German prison camp and contact with inside men who reported to them in detail the activities at the camps.

        In an 11/22/44 letter to U.S. State Department officials, the Red Cross said: “We had not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources …”

        Dr. Charles Larson headed a team of forensic pathologists sent into the camps at the war’s end to document war crimes. They conducted hundreds of autopsies at more than 20 camps and did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisoning. None have been found since, at any camp.

        There were 2.4 million Jews in all of German-occupied Europe. After the war, 3.8 million Jews claimed “survivor” benefits from the German government. The World Almanac: 800,000 more Jews were alive in 1950 than in 1940.

        The Red Cross, officially reported less than 300,000 prisoners of all nationalities in the German camps died of all causes, including old age, and barely more than half were Jews. Most died in several severe typhoid epidemics caused by allied wartime conditions from bombing supply shipments, which claimed many lives throughout Germany.

        Just facts, not hate.

        • What about those shrunk heads? Those surely must have been real.

          • mkey
            “…What about those shrunk heads? Those surely must have been real…”

            Lol….yes, everyone knows about the German export trade in shrunken heads….surely??? 😉

        • Hi,may I please ask for the source/link for the 11/22/44 letter from the Red Cross to the U.S. State Department
          I attended the Majdanek trials in Düsseldorf every day as a schoolgirl in the 1970s. We had to take part in them as part of our history lessons. They were incredibly dramatic performances by survivors and a huge media spectacle. The guilt we were indoctrinated with back then was unbelievable and simply terrible.

          • Please just use the internet. I have had this info in my folder for years and don’t recall its source.

          • Su-Wonka

            “…The guilt we were indoctrinated with back then was unbelievable and simply terrible….”

            Yes… Dr E M Jones writes extensively about the psychological warfare waged on Germans after WW2.

            If you can get people to watch some folks cry or see a movie (like “the boy in the striped pajamas”) where they emotionally FEEL like they were there they never ask questions like ……how exactly do you burn a pile of corpses in the open air? Or why did they change the number of people killed at Auschwitz (and change the plaque) but 6 million jews STILL died, in defiance of the laws of math?

            Dont get me wrong…Germans DID do massacres of civilians and shoot a ton of jews BUT THEY LEFT WRITTEN RECORDS OF DOING IT where as the whole Death Camp thing is just propaganda- like how they blamed teh nazis for for ding the polish officers at Katyn

            Dr Jones just wrote a book The Holocaust Narrative (not got it yet) that looks pretty good

            • Hi Duck,
              ” Dont get me wrong…Germans DID do massacres of civilians and shoot a ton…. ”
              Thank you for your elaboration.?
              I will dig through your links. Don’t get me wrong, of course I know there was murder on a grand scale, but not just by the Germans. I was just wondering what the Red Cross reports say about HOW people died. War is always a dirty business and as the saying goes the end justifies the means. And what dies first: the truth! And whether 4 or 6 million people died, one is already too many!All because of power and greed, humanity has learned nothing from history, it’s like in the movie: “Groundhog Day”, everything repeats itself.
              Unfortunately, it’s no different here in so-called neutral Switzerland, the propaganda machine is the same.

              • “I attended the Majdanek trials in Düsseldorf every day as a schoolgirl in the 1970s”

                Would be very interest to hear a bit more about your experience of that, was the atmosphere back then in the court one you experienced as judicially “fair” or more that of “kangaroo” proceedings ?

                Regarding Red Cross records, other primary documentation and a constantly updated library of academic research can be found on the website of the Committee For The Open Debate On The Holocaust, CODOH:


                Regarding: ” Dont get me wrong…Germans DID do massacres of civilians and shoot a ton…. ” “but not just by the Germans”

                Indeed what is the most fascinating aspect of mainstream WW2 narratives is the seemingly ubiquitous emphasising of what (alleged or true) the German Forces did, while letting out what the other side did.

                One of the most popular narratives being the mentioned german “massacres/shooting of civilians”, meaning the Occupied Eastern Territories of the Soviet Union in 1942-44.

                As evidence the (in)famous “Einsatzgruppen-reports” are cited, which state about 1 million persons executed.

                What is interestingly left out is, if interested:

                1. That even mainstream expert scholars (H.H. Wilhelm, H.Krausnik, P. Longerich, etc..) admit that the numbers of these reports are highly dubious/exaggerated (to “polish the success record”-P.Longerich, 1998), f.ex. a british lawyer Reginald Paget after cross-checking the alleged number of 10 000 for Ukraine (Simferopol) found that the actual number was no more than ca 300 (!) (book: Manstein, Collins, London 1951, p. 170f.) and that none of these have been forensically verified.

                2. The way the Soviet Union waged war on the Eastern Front was in violation of all international rules of war, despite repeated german offers, they rejected reciprocally applying the Geneva conventions and amongst many things forced their own population to constantly engage in illegal anti-german partisan terror-warfare and boasting themselves that this guerilla army of more than 500 000 had killed half a million german soldiers and around 1 million civilians.
                The scope/frequency of these terror attacks was so high that in one polish district alone (Lublin) in 1942/43 27.250 (!) were recorded, within 2-3 months alone 254 trains blown up/derailed and 116 train stations bombed/attacked.

                – And since back in those days under international law it was actually fully legal to retaliate against unlawful partisan-warfare with harsh reprisals/executions against the populus, the documented “german massacres” even if -dubiously- assuming the mentioned report figures to be correct, were ironically legal and merely within the scope of the killing the other side had afflicted on them.

                (The evidence cited above can be found on the mentioned website and also the by far most detailed and scholarly work about the overall subject by Carlo Mattogno:
                “The Einsatzgruppen in the occupied eastern territories”, freely downloadable here:


          • Heres the change of Auswitz death count from The Jewish Telegraph Agency, 1992

            “…The estimate of 4 million people initially believed to have died at the camps has been revised by scholars of the Holocaust, who say that the number is actually about 1.5 million…..”


            Amazing how the Kabbalistic 6 million number remains unchanged….defying maths, LOL.

            (the reported killing or danger of death for ‘6 million’ jews goes back to pogroms and other events in Russia)

      • No thanks for elaborating? 🙂

        • thanks for elaborating. Is it agreed upon between corbett report members that it’s a hoax?

          For my part, i took a deep dive a couple of years back, and my personal conclusion was that i’m not convinced of either stance, there were historian battles goin on online, and each side had valid points (recently i think everybody just gave up further researching the matter).

          • >>thanks for elaborating.>>

            >>Is it agreed upon between Corbett report members that it’s a hoax?>>
            I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

            >>For my part, i took a deep dive a couple of years back, and my personal conclusion was that i’m not convinced of either stance…>>

            There are so many issues today as to overwhelm those who don’t do much reading or “taking a deep dive” into reality that indeed they just stop thinking.

            I had a good and rare exchange today with a Brit about the lack of attention span in most people and the bad journalism at “alt” sites…His POV:

            “In general people don’t spend time reading long informed thoughts and opinions, nor do they follow links when provided. Post and run is often the norm. It’s similar to other sites.

            …The media bias is surprising, journalism seems to have died a death…
            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
            James has offered what most, practically all sites don’t…freedom of speech within reason and length of comment of course.

            My difficulty in posting is I have so many FACTS that I get wordy simply out of desire for others to grow from them. Sort of like a PhD in a 4th grade class that still believes in Santa Claus 🙂

            And of course people get into comment cop posture because I post links to my music, as if that is a bad thing. There’s nothing like it on the web. Check it out…

            • I checked out the first two songs, nice style, i could listen to that every now and then.

              Cheers, keep it up!

              • Thanks

          • “Is it agreed upon between corbett report members that it’s a hoax?”

            Also I can of course only speak for myself. Personally I think firstly “hoax” is to loaded a term to be of use and secondly in the end it is a simple matter of exactness (which then by default leads to either provable correct-or falseness of a particular specific claim).

            Starting with the very first term “the holocaust” (which I presume you mean by “it”?) already is a term far too lose and unspecific to be exactly adressed and where already people immediately talk past each other, f.ex. does this mean generally any unfavourable treatment Jews suffered (losing of jobs, encouragment to emigrate…) 1933-45 or the specific claim of an alleged intentional mass- murder program through mainly socalled “death camps” and gas chambers by Nazi Germany?

            If the latter, then the answer to whether that claim is correct again is merely a matter of exact scientific/criminological investigation into the specific sub-claims it consists of, each of which to be proven or disproven with fair judicial methods until “without reasonable doubt”. Like in most science proving that something is 100 % correct can be difficult/impractical, but that something is 100% wrong is a workable technique.

            Noticable also that in any fair criminal case it is always the prosecuting sites task to proof guilt “beyond doubt”, never the defendants to proof innocence, the other way round being an abomination of justice.

            To be specific:
            the camp of Auschwitz is world wide known as more or less synonomous with the “Holocaust”, with -as mentioned- an original death toll of 4 million that was revised to around 1 million in 1990.

            The specific prosecutions claim is around 900 000 people having been gassed there (in the morgues of Krema 1-5) with Zyklon B and incinerated in the 46 muffles of said crematoria and open air pyres during 1941-45.

            As proof for this were/are brought forth around 50 specific evidence points, of which about 5 percent are forensic, the rest documentary and- by far the majority- witness testimony.

            They were presented by the mainstream “Holocaust expert” Robert Van Pelt during the (in)famous David Irving- Deb.Lippstadt trial in 2000 (depicted in movie “Denial”) and published in book form subsequently with “The case for Auschwitz” in 2002.

            When reading that book and the specific points I personally was very surprised as to their overall weakness and unscientific nature.

            If interested in specifics, Italian revisionist scholar Carlo Mattoggno`s (2003) 692 page academic detailed study and investigation of Van Pelts book and each evidentiary point made therein, “The real case for Auschwitz”, is freely readable here:


            You mention “each side had valid points”, could you maybe link to those of the mainstream side you found convincing?
            Would personally be very interested to compare/learn more in detail.

            Sorry, long answer.

            • Hey there, well as it were, Mattogno was part of these internet debates i mentioned, i’ll try to find some links for you.

              • Ok, thanks, while waiting (and to use efforts effectively) I get the impression that you may be are refering to the Blog-website “Holocaustcontroversies” by Terry, Muehlenkamp, Harrison and Romanov and their 2012 online publication “Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard”, which was meant as a joint critique/challenge of earlier 3 revisionist books published by the prominent revisionist authors Graf, Mattogno and Kues, called “Belzec”, “Treblinka”, “Sobibor” in 2009/10/11, is that correct?

                If anyone interested the mentioned 2010/11 revisionist books are freely readable here:

                The 4 blog-authors 2012 critique-publication here:

                In 2013 Graf, Mattogno and Kues published their 1500-page point for point answer to the blog-author`s challenge and critique of their claims, called “The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt”: An Analysis and Refutation of Factitious “Evidence,” Deceptions and Flawed Argumentation of the “Holocaust Controversies” Bloggers”:


                I have not found any official scholarly answer/publication by the “Holocaust Controversies”- authors to that critique to date, if you have, could you link to it please?
                (Muehlenkamp seems to have published short articles on the blog dealing with “body volume in grave sites” meant as answering a few points Mattogno raised, but no thorough point for point nor any joint answer seems to have been published?)

                The last publication in this “debate” seems to be a 2021 book by Mattogno called “The “Operation Reinhardt” Camps Treblinka, Sobibór, Bełżec—Black Propaganda, Archeological Research, Expected Material Evidence”, is that correct?

                If this was the debate you were refering to, could you maybe give an example of a specific argument/data point from the “HolocaustControversies”-authors that you found particularly convincing?

    • I watched an old documentary by Edward Said where he showed the new highways built across the territories that only Jews may use – they have yellow number plates to distinguish them from the animals

      • Indeed. If the Holocaust, and other “victim: narratives, etc. were really true one would imagine there would be some heart felt empathy for others. Instead they run the slave market of European girls; the porn industry; etc.

        Last two days I had 2 comments removed from Brietbart and today they just simply banned me from posting, no explanation.

        My posts like here are ALWAYS facts, no swearing, etc. Ironically the last post removed had the Voltaire quote:

        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”
        – Voltaire

        The comment freedom that James allows here is rare these days. Most of the popular “alt” sites are Zionist sympathizers and controlled opposition.

  4. Just imagine what Nethanayahu’s replacement is going to have to be like. This one is crazy, the new guy/gal will have to go overboard certified insane.

  5. May I suggest you do an interview with David DuByne of Mini Ice Age Conversations on “climate change”.

  6. Hat Tip to Broc West !

    QUEUE to 10:12 thru 10:16
    In 9 ways to voice harmony, Pilato says: “This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy.”

    Broc slid in that classic grin like a true clip artist.

    Many times I notice the little creative tidbits which Broc inserts.
    Sometimes the humor is sly.

    Take a gander at this cover image…
    Interview 1838 – Please Register Your Podcast With the Government – #NewWorldNextWeek

    If I was Canadian, I would hang that image on the living room wall.

    • I would say that the graphics for this Episode were very well done and added a great deal to what is being communicated here.
      My hat is off the Broc as well!

  7. Read the shownotes, looked into some articles, did not watch.

    Possibility of IDF fire killing israeli citizens, new to me and new info. is always welcome especially about events I want to know about. I have not been able to verify some of the actual sources in hebrew because the newspaper in questions asks for money, and I refuse on principle to pay to see mainstream news. For years now and do not intend to break this.

    I personally do not rush to judge, not for good not for bad. We are talking about a huge amount of terrorists causing a hell in a civilian population and soldiers having to make decisions on the spot to stop the massacre. Probably in extreme trauma over how the border has been cut apart and conquered. And knowing much more could happen.

    I do know of plenty of Israelis who hid in shelters and testify being saved by IDF soldiers after hearing ”kill the jew” shouts for hours and having their shelters shot at and bombarded by Hamas. (In some cases Hamas managed to break through the obligatory shelters in Israeli homes and kill.)

    I note some of the sources seem to suggest there is no evidence for beheading and rape. This as I know is not true. I have seen accounts of survivor testimonies and heard an Israeli who analyzed corpse testifying for all sorts of things. Actually also for torturing of old men.

    Here are two links I found now. I do not feel like scrolling and scrolling over facebook to find actual posts I read.

    The IDF may not provide evidence they have also for reasons of not wanting to widespread Hamas horrors unless obliged. At least some voices here ask for this, and claim any viral video of atrocities helps Hamas in their terror aim.

    By the way, Hamas used a kind of drug produced in Arab countires. This was done in the past to ”help” suicide bombers accomplish their mission.

    So in all honestly I think a brutal cruel terrorist group is an accurate description. Bare in mind the instructions for brutality were given from the top. And the drugs to aid it.

    I realise the are true conspiracies involving zionists and or the Israeli gov. as I mentioned many times. I also realise there is Israeli propaganda. But as I see it that does not mean one should underestimate the brutality and cruelty of Hamas.

    More likely than not, treating a hostage in a decent manner is simply done to keep them alive and well and or for PR once the whole thing is over. It is not indicative of the groups morality standards at all as I understand things. And at any time extreme cruelty could theoraticaly be unleased towards the hostages.

    • P.S. do not remember if the issue with the rape and beheading were not happening suggestion was in the direct sources here or in one of the sources they lead too or even somewhere else. Gets confusing at time following link after link, but in any case seems something worth mentioning as there are may claims around the web in this direction.

      • “ …..Unlike the real victims of October 7 and unlike the hundreds of Palestinian babies who have been slaughtered by the Israelis, whose shattered bodies we’ve actually seen, these 40 fictive infants survived the attack and will be boxed up, ready for repackaging next time a monstrous lie is needed to justify war crimes.

        Haaretz, Israel’s leading newspaper, which has been filled with war cries since the attack, has published details of over 930 named dead from the October 7 attack. As of the time of writing, not one baby aged 0 to three years old has been publicly identified. Not one. Let alone a beheaded one. Let alone 40….

        ….. The Americans and Israelis have two comparative advantages over any of their adversaries. Unrivalled ability to kill people. And storytelling. Nobody does it better.

        So beware of dead babies. They can kill millions.”

    • “…. First and foremost, there is no real war between Israel and Palestine, there is only war against Palestine. There is no war against Hamas, at least not in any conventional sense, because Hamas was created, built, funded, and supported by the Zionist Israeli government and Mossad, with the assistance of the U.S. government and the CIA. This is also true of groups like ISIS and al Qaeda. The Palestinian people have no military, no navy, no tanks, no rockets, and no arms. They are virtually helpless civilians, mostly children, locked inside a completely walled concentration camp, that is heavily guarded by the Israeli military and Mossad…..

      ….. The bottom line is this: We are witnessing the unrelenting genocide of a people at the hands of the world powers. It is being sold as a defensive effort due to aggressive terrorism by Hamas, an Israeli created organization, used as a patsy, whether accepted or not by the casual observer, to allow for the long-planned and final elimination of all Palestinians from their homelands. …..

      …..How can any accept this horror? How can any not speak against it, and refuse to support any factions and nation-states, instead of embracing the plight of all innocent victims, regardless of sides? Condemn all who harm the innocent. Condemn the governments and rulers, and their murderous armies, who stoke and perpetuate this violent assault on civilians. People have the ability to live together in harmony, but governments have no ability to live in peace, because the only mission of ‘authority’ is to attain power and control by any means necessary in its rule based only on the dominance of others. Reclaim the higher ground as individuals, and completely eliminate and destroy all forms of government and rule, as war is their health, fear, violence, and killing are their tools, and elimination of dissent is their only means of survival.”

      • Thank you for posting Barnett’s editorial. It’s nice and concise. Just perfect for handing out printed copies to friends and family who call us anti-you-know-whats for bringing up the reality of Israel and it’s brutal, inhuman treatment of the very people they unjustly stole the land from.

        I’ve never taken an interest in what goes on in the Middle East. It was all to complicated for me to keep track of. But these past few years have opened my eyes to the truth, and I can’t look away any longer. I’m trying to gather as much info a possible as I’m sure these videos, articles and books will be scrubbed from the internet eventually.

        If Trump gets in in 2025 (I’m sure he will), we will stand the risk of being thrown in prison (or just have our bank accounts frozen) for our views, even though it’s a political movement we’re against and not a religion. He never drained the swamp, but he sure as heck is going to take care of those wicked anti-Zionist, anti-Semite haters!

        From the Jerusalem Post….”Yes, anti-Zionism is antisemitism – editorial
        The fact that there is a small minority of Jews who identify as anti-Zionist does not make Zionism any less legitimate or opposition thereto any less antisemitic.”

        Someone recommended this video to me on Rumble, so I’ll share it here:

      • Steve Smith

        First of, I agree about gov. At least those involved in conspiracies which seems like the vast majority of them unfortunately. I am not fundamentally against the idea of a gov., if only it were with moral trust worthy people, and not part of local or international conspiracies.

        I do may best to try and talk about the Israeli gov, being involved in conspiracies including aiding Hamas and I believe allowing 7 october. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but so far at least occasionally I keep trying. Not easy but probably it is a similar challenge world wide.

        The vast majority of Israelis do not understand the conspiracy reality of things.

        They feel Hamas is not someone you could negotiate with, and I agree. They despise Hamas using civilians as human shields, and educating little children to want to wipe out Israel. And again I agree.

        Many feel Hamas gives the IDF no choice but to act as they do, some do not feel so. You get a variety of perspectives. Many hate Netanyahu but somehow can not comprehend the true conspiracy horrors he is part of. (I presume not acting alone).

        I saw an article about how many died in the attrocity. It says these are the names of those confirmed dead and allowed to be publicized. So I do not know if they include all of the dead. Perhaps yes. At a glance some are just pictures of a candle with a name, just a few but still. So I can not know everyones age. Have seen some 4, 5, 6 year olds in the list. Did not try to cover it all or to count. But I doubt Hamas morally avoided killing 0 to 3 year olds yet killed 4 year olds.

        For sure they did kidnap little babies, in fact a family I know, a man, a lady and two little children are held hostage. Sounds totally immoral to me to hold hostage a little baby or child. Completely off.

        Anyways I appreciate the honesty. I actually dared to mention I think 7 october was allowed to happen to help create choas in the region and got slammed at by one guy I know and get along with quit well. Makes one unsure how far to push things.

        Interesting info about the babies. I am open to the idea there was porpaganda, yet am not sure all horrors can be easily backed by evidence.

        Here is an article with a soldier claiming they found a decapitated baby, True? Propoaganda? I do not know, but certainly can see the argument of not taking a photo. In fact I presume many horrors are left to eye witness accounts with no further evidence. But still there is evidence as I have shown in one of the links I gave a Hamas member himself says the were given a green light to behead, rape, and I also know they were given a special drug that enchances violence or at least could.

        Anyways I do not necessarily know all info., just sharing stuff I hear and read or have researched. living here in Israel although the web is available to all.

            • Sunny

              Why cares if its true?

              Israel murders Palestinians, including kids, at a massive rate.

              Israel has was created out of a campaign of terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

              Neither side is worth a single dollar or a the lives of western troops.

              • I care and perhaps there are others who do – From the standpoint of being well informed. (Actually that very question is one I once heard from a friend about conspiracies – but why should we care if they are true? Although perhaps the context is different)
                To my mind being well informed can help make wise decisions.
                Ultimately, it is a personal choice what to care for.
                I care for knowing in issues I want to or feel I have to be involved in.
                I care for trying to help even if I can only do so in small amounts. Although with no obligation to help in every single opportunity or subject.
                I care for not stereotyping whole nations or at the very least believing people can change, and believing good may prevail.

                Perhaps you care for all these things as well, not saying you don’t.
                And it is a personal choice what to get involved with and how. I am not saying anyone has to care.

              • Editing – I care for not stereotyping whole nations, believing people can change, and believing good may prevail. (Decides to take of the ‘or at the very least’)

            • Sunny

              WHY do you care?

              Why are you talking about the crimes that Hamas has committed? Because , at the end of the day you DO sterotype nations and you DO have an interest in Israel ultimately winning their war against them and against the Palestinians in general .

              However much you may dislike your government….like a white person in the ‘Jim Crow’ south you still have AN INTEREST in them being successful. You will be better off/safer AFTER they genocide / expel the Palestinians.

              Thats why you care…. but the only reason stupid white people have to care is atrocity propaganda and the heresy of Christian Zionism.

              “… I care for not stereotyping whole nations, believing people can change, and believing good may prevail…..”

              • I disagree with your criticism and ”analysis” of me but do not feel the need to elaborate why and respond with a lengthy answer.

              • Will add this short note – Certainly I never stereotyped all Palestinians. At best I stereotyped Hamas, but it is an organisation with top down commands and declarations and actions I think back my statements.

          • Thanks for sharing the links, I personally fwiw think as well, that evidence/facts matter “for the point of being well informed” as you put it or simply because truth/reality is the highest value there is.

            Unfortunately this is why it -as the famous saying goes- seems always also the very first casualty in any war/conflict where sober investigation/presentation is replaced by propaganda.

            The exact definition of the difference between those two being
            (according to Wiki), the latter
            “is primarily used to influence(..) an audience to further an agenda, (…)selectively presenting facts (…) using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response(..)”

            Which is why in every fair criminal/forensic/judiciary case there seem to be certain obligatory established rules to investigation to detect these characteristics and weed them out, would you agree?

            a) Hierarchy of evidence, witness testimony is lowest, then comes documentary, then forensic and mandatory scientific exactness/impartiality of all.
            b) Mandatory independant third party investigation/corroboration.
            c) Extensive cross-examination of all evidence, most of all witness testimony, which without b) is judicially inadmissable.

            Hope I am not being too critical (and appreciate your modesty stating “do not have all information/may be true/untrue”), but if I/one may look at the linked articles with these rules in mind:

            The only factual primary evidence presented is the lowest form of evidence according to a) namely merely a reported eyewitness testimony of 55 year old Zaka volunteer Yossi Landau who stated in one house (apparently in Sderot) he saw a dead woman:
            “Her stomach was ripped open, a baby was there, still connected with the cord, and stabbed”
            “multiple civilians, including around 20 children, who had their hands tied behind their backs before being shot and torched”
            “We saw some victims positioned that they were sexually abused”

            Which are violations of rule
            a) Total lack of scientific exactness (f.x. exact location, Id of victims, forensic protocolls of time/cause and verified circumstance of death, explanation/photograpic evidence what “positioned” specifically means etc..).
            Total lack of any higher grade evidence than the lowest, no photographic or forensic documentation at all.
            b) No independant third party investigation or corroboration.
            c) No cross examination of the witness at all.

            2., 3. and 4. below:

            • 2.
              Again strangely the sole evidence presented for the entire claim of “They shot a baby” is the witness testimony by one person, Adi Efrat, 51 year old woman from Be`eri kibbutz and not only that but infact she is merely citing what allegedly again another (unnamed) woman said to her, which makes the whole claim hear-say and fully unacceptable judicially.

              And again all abovementioned violations of rules a), b) and c):
              total lack of any independant investigation, any admissable higher grade evidence and even cross-examination?

              Additionally not sure how this article can be regarded as proof since this witness herself states that “she was (…)moved between houses-under gunfire-” (i.e. under crossfire from both Hamas and IDF) and several other eyewitnesses exactly from Be`eri have actually come forth reporting the IDF following the “Hannibal directive” indiscriminitely shot and even tank-shelled both Hamas and their captives, killing many of the latter themselves (?):


              Again all a),b) and c) rules are violated, the only evidence presented is the photographic one showing one dead infant, total lack of any scientific exactness (who was it, where and how it provably died -see 2. above), forensic protocolls, let alone any independant investigation or cross checking?

              And seen in the greater context that Israeli forces seem to have (if the Gaza Health authority records prove to be correct:
              at this point actually killed/burned/mutilated themselves 133 palestinian babies (below age 1) and 482 toddlers aged 1-3 years, exactly the way they denounce Hamas for, how can this emphasis on 1 dead israeli baby be justified ?

              The paragraph in the article following your quote specifies:

              “Asked if they were decapitated, Kugel answered yes. Although he admits that, given the circumstances, it’s difficult to ascertain whether they were decapitated before or after death, as well as how they were beheaded, “whether cut off by knife or blown off by RPG,” he explained. ”

              And before:
              “Many have gunshot wounds in their hands, showing they put their hands up to their faces in defense. Many were burned alive in their homes. …”

              Since we have Israeli survivor testimony (cited in 2.) reporting it actually being the IDF forces` shelling and crossfire that killed the hostages and set the houses on fire and Dr Kugel`s testimony that the alleged “decapitation” of babies/people simply could have also been the accidental result of heavy ammunition/artillery during crossfire between Hamas and IDF and no conclusive evidence as to fired by which, how do you see this article as proof ?

              Sorry as said, don`t mean to be too critical, just interested -as you it seems- in valid information/truth and could of ourse be I missed something.

              • 1.grav,
                Being a general I must say,
                “Excellent observation.” We can see why the ol’ adage goes, round up the lawyers before rounding up the generals.
                I’ve known a few remarkable lawyers in my life.

              • Even their bible tells them by at least two witnesses is a thing established.

                Deuteronomy 17: 6 At the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall he that is worthy of death be put to death; but at the mouth of one witness he shall not be put to death. 7 The hands of the witnesses shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterward the hands of all the people. So thou shalt put the evil away from among you.

                Wicked people with a wicked god.

              • To l.grav says:
                11/07/2023 at 7:34 am
                “Would be very interest to hear a bit more about your experience of that, was the atmosphere back then in the court one you experienced as judicially “fair” or more that of “kangaroo” proceedings ?”

                It was a long time ago, but I still remember that the public prosecutor sometimes rolling his eyes when the witnesses couldn’t calm down because they were crying so much. I was sitting in the front row. From my perspective today, it could have been more like a “kangaroo proceedings” and in any case a forced show trial, but far from accepted legal norms? I can’t judge that.

        • Hi Valuedcustomer,

          I mentioned several times I think atrocities have being and are sometimes done by both sides. I also tend to think there are extremist everywhere. There are many different voices and perspectives in Israel. And many different people who act in different ways.
          About Eichmann, he was a prominent Nazi. Maybe he should have being hanged or imprisoned for life.

          • Can tell you from my living hear, I heard testimonies of police brutality, and also of police decency. I met some very nice policeman I highly presume would not take part in such brutality. But also heard testimonies of all sort of brutality by policeman.

            • The entire world is under this fake justice system where only the rich and powerful get any sort of Justice.

              Hopeful some day the people of Israel will realize we are all humans and we need each other.

              Will stop with this we are Chosen you are not crap.

              Because right now it only looks like you are chosen to steal kill and destroy at will.

              It is not Edom/Amalek and Israel in war.

      • Hi lilac dragonfly, thanks for writing!

        • Sunny, I just added a comment to this thread down at the bottom, which you may find interesting. Since this episode was listed, I have also discovered a man with a YouTube channel called Traveling Israel. He has interesting videos posted. Some are tourist related, but the ones I have watched have to do with history and current events.

          I’ve also discovered some other organizations. Some are in Israel. One organizes work trips to israel. Five cowboys just spent three months there helping build a horse rehab center for people dealing with trauma. Maybe you’ve heard of it(?). It looks really nice.

          If you ever want to be in touch with me, I think you can click my name to go to my website where you can find my e-mail.

  8. Hate to be flooding the comments, but have to mention I just saw an article showing Hamas did have plenty of ammunition on them including explosives for burning people alive. So, firstly, casting my questions as too how much damage was actually done by Israeli forces in the Kibbutzim as suggested in some of the links. (But also have to say I do not know.)

    But perhaps more importantly I do think that over all, it seems there is indeed evidence Hamas did the following: (Although counter claims have been made, yet the evidence seems to be there as I have partly shown in previous comments)

    Rape, including dead bodies
    Behead, including, yes, babies
    Burn people alive
    Torture old men
    And of course kill, babies, children, women, men, elderly

    I am not trying to say that is the only important thing about what is going on. I get it, IDF should be open to scrutiny and criticism and the Israeli gov. was and is invovled in conspircies and Israeli propaganda does exist. But I do feel people get carried away, although with good intentions, to assuming any Israeli claim about Hamas brutality must be propaganda if there was not immediate evidence for it and surely Hamas are no where near as bad as they are portrayed, and I think people may be missing an important part of understanding what is actually going on.

    And sure there is probably a lot I do not know. I am trying to be mindful of that as well, not claiming to know it all or have a simple solution at hand other than perhaps trying to wake up people to conspiracy reality and trying to allow open questions and debates and different perspectives. Checking ones own sanity as much as possible along the way.

    Here is an article in Hebrew mentioning plenty of ammunition including explosives to burn people alive. I presume it can be translated:

    • “…Rape, including dead bodies
      Behead, including, yes, babies
      Burn people alive
      Torture old men
      And of course kill, babies, children, women, men, elderly ….”

      Its not like the terrorists who created Israel acted any differently- either against the British or the locals.

      For what its worth I’m sure that Palestinians have no issue acting as viciously. Both sides are disgusting.

    • And there is evidence that Hamas was supported by the state of Israel. The Zionist government supported this group. Also, the government sold the people to Pfizer for the jabs and forced this on it’s own citizens.

      The government does not care about the citizens, thus are just as evil as Hamas.

      And does this justify murder of innocent Palestinians, “mowing the lawn”?

      • cu.h.j.

        I very much stand against my gov. Both left and right, at least Bennet, Gantz Lapid and Netanyahu. (The opposition some how always reuniting with Netanyahu, which seems very suspicious to me). And try to pass on information as I best understand it regarding certain conspiracies.
        Some Israelis want to destroy Hamas, I can understand that sentiment.
        Perhaps reading through my previous comments would better clarify what I am saying.
        And I do think there was and is a conspiracy to keep extreme brutal cruel Islamic factions running Gaza and even Iran. To create endless choas and ultimately lead to a new world order (Hope they fail). Although perhaps some zionists conspirators are only invovled thinking of a local conspiracy. To displace Palestinians and disable them as a nation.

      • cu.h.j

        Not that I like muslim terrorists either but people forget that Israel waged a LITERAL TERRORISM WAR to drive out the British army and to expel the people who lived in the land before they came from Europe to take it.

        All this push for war is because they ended up biting off more then they could chew and there is almost zero chance the Israel will exist another 70 years unless they can get stupid white people in the west to fight the muslims for them (as happened after 9/11)

      • You might find some interviews with “Son of Hamas” interesting. He is also called The Green Prince. I’ve watched several and find them very interesting and revealing about the history of Hamas. (His father was one of the founders of Hamas.)

    • Do some lives have more value than others? Even if Islamic terrorists had been responsible for 9/11 and the government had not been complicit (which they were) does this justify the bombing and killing of almost 1 million people in Iraq (or more)? Or does it justify the waste of the lives of soldiers who fought in the war?

      No I don’t think so because an innocent life is just as valuable as another one. These are natural laws and violating these causes perpetuating death and destruction and I think the end result is total annihilation of the human race.

      The war in the middle east now could result in escalation to WW3 that may cause many many more innocent deaths and the end of civilization as we know it. And our psychopathic leaders probably have a very upscale bunker they can go live in while the rest of us die or starve.

      It isn’t worth it. The war and violence needs to stop IMO.

      • Just read this additional comment.
        I also think there is danger of WW3.
        I do not personally think military force should never be used, especially when there is a real terror threat, and at the same time when psychos are running them (I say this based on say 9 11 being an inside job, but not only) there is much danger the military will be misused. With no true vision or willingness for peace. I presume the whole point of aiding Hamas and allowing 7.10 to happen (Which I think was the case) was to then create a national trauma to have a reason for reaction to eliminate Hamas.
        Anyways, thanks for the perspective. I certainly feel the current climate here in Israel after 7.10 is not helpful for being alert and awake and not rushing to support any gov. action. Too much ”Unite against the evil enemy”. Little place for questions and introspection.

        • “But I do feel people get carried away, although with good intentions, to assuming any Israeli claim about Hamas brutality must be propaganda if there was not immediate evidence for it and surely Hamas are no where near as bad as they are portrayed, and I think people may be missing an important part of understanding what is actually going on.”

          Sunny, there are very good reasons to distrust ALL claims made by EVERYONE involved in matters that states are involved with. It has been adequately demonstrated to me that photographic evidence, video footage, audio are easily manipulated and often fabricated to promote whatever narrative that is desired.

          That said, one can be fairly confident that a fairly accurate picture of events can be obtained from the massive overall coverage and the testimony of many individuals who presumably have little or nothing to gain by prevarication. Such as your own first hand experience.

          I don’t claim that the statements by Hamas are any more credible than those of Israel’s government. And I certainly don’t believe that either entity occupies a higher moral ground.
          What I maintain is simply this. The mass violent targeting of civilians of whatever ethnicity, race, nationality or religion is morally reprehensible and should be adamantly and vociferously condemned universally.

          Every individual, and by extension every community has the inalienable right of self defense. That is a given. How “self defense” is defined then becomes the issue.
          If someone comes onto my private property and threatens or engages in violence against me and my family, I have the right, maybe even an obligation to oppose them to whatever extent necessary to end the threat. But does that give me the right to track down his family or community and attack them? Even if they might agree with and ideologically support what the person did or attempted to do to me, shouldn’t my “self defense” be limited to retaliation against those who perpetrated the original offense?
          If I’m unjustly accosted in public by a man with his family I certainly have the right to defend myself and attempt to neutralize the aggressor. But do I then have the right to also neutralize his wife and kids who had no choice in being present to observe the altercation?

          Even assuming that the nearly 4000 children were in full support of the actions of Hamas and would have voted for Hamas to represent them if they had been alive or old enough to vote in the last election held there, isn’t the idea of holding them responsible for the actions of their rulers antithetical to the very concept of autonomy and freedom?
          Are thought crimes something that the world should consider legitimate?

          • No one should ever have to qualify their opinion that targeting and killing civilians, especially children is unjustifiable by stating that it doesn’t matter who the victims are. But it seems like we do nowadays.
            I don’t care if the civilian victims are Jews, Palestinian, Japanese, American or Martian. They are not guilty of the crimes of those who rule them. Period.
            By the same token, any government or individual who carries out violence against civilians are guilty of crimes against humanity. Period.

            We aren’t living in ancient times when God was said to interact with people directly and in some cases directed people to carry out genocide. And until God resumes speaking directly to humans rather than through His inspired Word, those who use religion and the Bible to justify or excuse what is happening today are either extremely ignorant of theology or they are simply being disingenuous.

            Its too easy to fall into the trap of using what we learn from the “news” to justify whatever ideological position we might favor. I find myself succumbing to that temptation.
            However when that which we’re seeking to justify is unjustifiable for any reason, it simply doesn’t matter how credible or convincing the propaganda is.

            Wrong is simply wrong. Evil is simply evil. Vengeance is simply not self defense.

            • > We aren’t living in ancient times when God was said to interact with people directly

              But we do live in times when people believe that “majority” can bestow upon someone (usually the worst amont us) the right to do whatever they want.

              Democracy is essentially one to one replacement of monarchy. I wonder what will they replace democracy with when people (several hundred years down the line, at this rate) grow wiser on this relatively transparent scam.

              • “I wonder what will they replace democracy with when people (several hundred years down the line, at this rate) grow wiser on this relatively transparent scam.”

                If, as you so optimistically put it, people actually do grow wiser in the future, (and I’m not at all convinced that is a realistic conjecture), then democracy will be abandoned and not replaced with anything.

              • It is not conjecture, it’s a prediction based on past data.

              • Depends on how you define wisdom I suppose. No argument that we’re getting smarter in many ways. But wiser? I’m not so sure.

                “ Luke Chapter 16
                10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
                11 If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?
                12 And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own?”

              • Mkey

                “…Democracy is essentially one to one replacement of monarchy. …”

                No, its actually usually good deal WORSE, since if The King starts doing bad stuff The People KNOW WHO DID IT and who to blame.

                Democracy can ONLY work with an educated and virtuous people (now gone from the USA and Europe) and these days is GENERALLY just a good way to cover up WHO ACTUALLY is running things- I mean, does anyone actually think Biden is running the White House?

              • I was not saying that democracy is equal to monarchy.

                I was saying that the basic concepts behind a monarchy (belief in a divine right to rule) have been reshaped and encrypted into an equivalent form in democracy (belief in the majority having rights individuals do not).

                Monarchy had a king with the divine right to rule. Democracy has a president or a prime minister with rights bestowed by “majority”. The “election” process is especially insidious.

                Monarchy had the king’s entourage. Democracy has the party which then goes on to form the government. In some places the difference between the two is almost not worth pointing out.

                Democracy is far far worse if for no other reason but because it is not just a matter of the past record but we are embroiled in it.

            • Steve Smith
              Thanks for the honest reply
              Perhaps out of all suffering in the middle east, people in Gaza suffer the most. Not denying that. And it is terrible.
              And not saying I have an answer. Maybe there is truth or some truth in your perspective.
              Currently, many Israelis I know, some honestly at least previously very peaceful ones that were also anti Netanyahu, feel maybe they were wrong, maybe there is no one to try and do peace with, maybe there is no way other than destroying Hamas which means bombing and invading northern Gaza. Not saying they are right, just sharing. And you do still get different perspectives, and I am glad there are.
              In captivity, Hamas also holds little children and babies, I think around 30 overall. Apparently in underground tunnels. Many people feel part of the world is unfair towards us and should at least demand the immediate release of the children and babies because that is too much. With no swap or demands. Adults and soldiers, maybe that is different. One small baby or child (Do not remember the age now) had both his parents murdered. And they still keep him their all alone.
              Personally I think the gov. had intel. that they will kidnap many citizens and that is part of the mind control operation. I can see why it is hard to keep wanting peace when you know little children and babies are kept in underground tunnels.
              Some claim Hamas is using civilians as human shields and shoots those who seek to leave northern Gaza, leaving no choice but to harm civilians attacking its bases. I am no military expert, and I understand one side may claim this and another something else.
              Many are still anti Netanyahu.
              Hope somehow things will eventually, hopefully sooner, start getting a turn for the better.

        • @Sunny

          I agree with Steve when he said: “there are very good reasons to distrust ALL claims made by EVERYONE involved in matters that states are involved with.”

          If you think that having a military is a good idea in some specific contexts (a group of people trained to kill humans, funded by money stolen from the people of a given region under threat of violence aka via “taxation”, which have entire corporate industries that build up around said groups of organized murder specialists) then you are creating a situation that becomes self-propelling and eventually, when that group (and the industries built up around it) run out of people to kill elsewhere (for profit) that group will be turned on you (one way or another).

          Having large groups of humans being trained for years or decades in how to be obedient in following orders to kill people and investing their lives in that skillset (funded by money extracted via the threat of violence) is a recipe for endless death, destruction and chaos on planet Earth.

          For more info:

  9. Man oh man, not only are you two bubba’s brilliant in your own unique journalistic styles, y’alls humor is sublime, hoaky, sometimes childlike all at once, but always informative and timely. I chuckle along with you when the humor punctuates the “news” reporting, which let’s face it, is often dark and bleak. Yet another reason I’m a paid sub for you two. Please please please never change the NWNW format, because it works so well for the informed audiences you both have built over nearly two decades.

  10. Thanks for the important journalism on that mess in the ‘holy land’ JC and JEP. Very disturbing stuff, but unfortunately, not surprising to me at all.

    Does anyone reading this know who the dominant War Racketeers are in this particular instance of humans behaving like deranged rabid murderous primates (as in what is their equivalent to Raytheon/Lockheed Martin? or are some of them literally acquiring weapons from such corporations)?

  11. Regarding the other aspect of this episode focusing on the so called “indivisible climate and nature crisis”.

    I think it is important to point out that firstly biodiversity loss is real ( and not just another BS invented talking point part of some “propaganda parcel” intended to herd us into a global totalitarian one world government digital transhumanist gulag). Whether you want to call it a “nature crisis” or describe it more unambiguously as the industrialized decimation of mature forests, marshlands, desert ecosystems, soil ecology and ocean ecosystems (resulting in massive die off of their non–human inhabitants) it is happening and needs to be acknowledged.

    Biodiversity loss is occurring widespread globally but it is important to also point out here that the so called “climate change” is clearly divisible from biodiversity loss (since one is a buzz term that is mostly fraud and then also some literal and intentional ‘climate change’ via weaponized geoengineering, and not mostly carbon emissions as advertised) and the other is something that is occurring due to our collective purchasing choices, our lack of motivation to boycott the corporations and involuntary government structures doing the ecological/biodiversity decimating, our apathy, our urban city-dwelling digital/high tech addiction tunnel vision and our ignorance about how intrinsically our own health and well being is connected to the health and well being of intact ecosystems.

    The plutocrats and their propagandists may be commenting on the biodiversity loss (and trying to wrap it into their ‘climate change’ scams/psyops) just as they are attempting to do with Regenerative Agriculture, but we should not allow this to dissuade us from paying close attention and heeding the importance of these realities and issues.

    Do not allow the oligarch’s propaganda to encourage you to turn your back on our Mother Earth, she loves you and needs you now more than ever. Caring for her does not require depopulation, it requires taking decisive action to choose to live in a way that serves as as a medicine for her instead of just taking and giving nothing back.

    Each of our choices and perspectives in the here and now either lead to stumbling down the jagged, desolate and charred path into the Ecumenopolis or choosing instead choosing a soft and green path towards a future of humility, abundance and symbiosis with our fellow beings.

  12. A more pointed, and needed, documentary to be made may be a re-working of some of the “false flag” docs into something specific to Israel attacks self and allies to promote war and genocide.

    Maybe start with detailed reasons to never trust the ‘suicide bomber’ lies for all those suicide bombers who drove into cafes and businesses to let their cars explode. Think there is ample reason to question, or maybe make that the crowning point at the end, once all the obvious self-destruction is addressed and shone the light of day.

    Forget “false flag” and say it straight: isreal attacks jews and their allies.

    Jump up and down on that third rail.

  13. I will give a thumbs up for a Corbett Report deep dive documentary on Hamas.
    It should be exposed as to how Hamas came to “Represent” Gaza and the Palestinian people.
    It is not easy for most people to follow the deliberately deceptive practices of master manipulators, but James can explain it in easy terms, if anybody can.

  14. Had a look at the WHO pandemic treaty.
    It works just kike NATO, but civil authorities and private persons/organizations can have a say. Philantropy is expressedly considered.
    The governing body will be the “Conference of Parties”.
    There will also be an executive branch including procurement, logistics, enforcement and a secretariat.
    Nations are the subjects of these bodies.

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  16. Author: Rexleo
    I have learned long ago arguing religion is foolish, just like telling someone “global warming” is a lie, there is no proving truth to those who wish to remain ignorant.

    You bring up what the Bible says, ignoring the fact that Jews wrote the Bible, and because they are critical of Christ, that proves they must hate him. 

    Just like “global warming”, their ability to trick the goy is beyond demonstrable. 

    I always remember early on during the global warming hoax, there was a report saying global warming was not real, only to discover that report was funded by “Big Oil”. 

    That of course was a set up, all to make any report saying global warming was not real, “must be a scam by Big Oil”. 

    Believe as you will, but without Christianity, there would be NO Zionism, and empires like Rome and Greece would have come again, instead of one Zionist controlled death cult after another.

    • Author: Steve Smith
      “I have learned long ago arguing religion is foolish”

      Yet you cannot seem to stop arguing religion.
      Does that make you a fool in your own estimation then?

      Psalms 14:1
      The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

  17. Author: Rexleo
    Spoken like a true Christian, take heed, soon enough we will all be Palestinians, yet we are far more deserving of this abuse because of our ignorance and fealty to of the Abrahamic trickery, than the true Palestinians, whose only crime isbeing where the Zionist want to be.

  18. Author: Rexleo
    Just to be clear, for the hard of thinking, the Jewish religion is every bit as controlled as Christian.

    Anti-Semitism is a DESIRED aspect of Christianity! Anti-Semitism is carefully orchestrated and cultivated by those in control to insure Jewish cohesiveness. Th greatest fear of the cabal at the top is Jewish assimilation into the nations which they reside, thus you see ant-Semitism woven into their fairytales and mythology. You have to stop projecting your infantile level of what constitutes manipulation, and understand we are dealing with brilliantly malevolent forces. They understand they needed to put some anti-sematic crap in their Bible so it would be digestible to the polytheist masses. 

    Did Trump, Obama, Global Warming, Covid, Central Banking, Polio, Nazis, ISIS…teach you nothing, these people are masters of manipulation, stop trying to pass their defend their lies as fact. If you wish to believe in the nonsense, go for it, but don’t push nonsense arguments, you are doing their job for them. 

    Interesting how both Christianity and Muslims need Jews to return to Israel for their prophesies to come to pass, how convenient for the Zionists…almost like it was written to give them control of Israel, because it most certainly was.

    • Author: Duck

      “….Just to be clear, for the hard of thinking, the Jewish religion is every bit as controlled as Christian….”

      Aside from being a rather silly idea IF IT WERE TRUE (its not) then you may as well give up…..for real since if any one group ever actually had THAT MUCH power over SO LONG a time nothing you or anyone else can do will stop them.

      To make such a sweeping a statement about “Christianity” you need to define exactly what your talking about and then show the mechanism of control.

      “….Interesting how both Christianity and Muslims need Jews to return to Israel for their prophesies to come to pass,….”

      Uhh….THAT idea had zero place in mainline, (or AFAIK ANY) Christian doctrines before about a hundred or 150 years ago.

      There is ZERO biblical need for jews to go anywhere to fulfill any prophecy.

      But that said….you do realize that the polytheism of the classical world was already in shambles by the time Christianity arrived? Thats why there were so many mystery cults popping up (like mushrooms…bonus points if you get the joke) at that time. 

       how convenient for the Zionists…almost like it was written to give them control of Israel, because it most certainly was.

  19. Author: Truth seeker
    You think Israel cares about their people so much? They dont. Why did they push the bioweapon injections so hard there?

  20. Author: Truth seeker
    Gregory Mannarino who is a stock trader explains why this is happening NOW. They need to keep the system liquid so wars are the perfect way to keep it liquid–to prevent locking down of our financial system. Our debt market is melting down.

    So Israeli prez is doing this war by the directions of the central banks. They need war! He is purposedly being brutal to get a reaction so to draw other countries in such as Iran (lots of oil)–to expand this war. No reason to be this brutal.

    Armstrong Economics predicts based on their models, WW3 will start in 2025. www So the war will take blame for our failing financial (debt based fiat system) system and not central banks. Also wars are very profitable. “All wars are banker wars.”

  21. Author: non_prophet
    I have asked James P and James C to cover Dr.Shiva. Please mention Dr. Shiva…..Please….

    • Author: non_prophet

  22. I think this was James E. P.’s best ‘Michael Moore look-alike’ attempt so far! 🙂

    I got news for you.
    Climate change isn’t just a ‘global public health emergency’.

    It’s also a ‘global fiat currency emergency’ requiring CBDC as a remedy!

    Oh and it’s also a ‘global ID emergency’, requiring immediate Digital ID as a remedy!

    • It will also require large global fenced open area forced work camp like encampments for housing and nudging those pesky refuseniks and other terrorist type reprehensibles.

  23. The title of this episode has troubled me for months. I kept it open to some day say something about it, but I still don’t know exactly what to say to fully express how serious and sobering it is to me.

    To use the name of the nation G-d chose to reveal Himself to humanity and whose men (prophets) He chose to write down His messages which people around the world claim to believe are words from G-d Himself and to turn it into the place many of us believe is a place of everlasting punishment to those who reject this same G-d …. Well, to say the least, it shows to me a serious lack of respect and regard for the G-d of Israel (this is how He describes Himself many, many times throughout Tanach) and the people He chose to be a set-apart people for Himself and His inheritance.

    The word “Israel” means “a prince with G-d.” It saddens me deeply to read the distortion of the name G-d gave to Ya’akov (Jacob) and by which Ya’akov’s descendants came to be known in the title of this episode. Very troubling indeed.

    I just watched this interview at the following link which I post here, although since this episode is three months old, probably few will ever see, and fewer will bother to listen.

    • “The title of this episode has troubled me for months”

      I understand how you can feel that way. But to me that sentiment is reminiscent of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees that Jesus Christ so forcefully addresses and condemns in Matthew 23.

      To decry the insult of a secular website perverting the name of Godless modern state Israel while you simultaneously support the state of Israel in it’s ungodliness smacks of hypocrisy.

    • @the lilac dragonfly

      How about the places that are holy and sacred to non-Christian people which represent a focal point of their Creation stories, spiritual leaders or connection to their ancestors?

      Should we give them the same consideration? Or is that consideration only reserved for Christians/Israelis?

      Should we walk on egg shells in the same way for speaking about the sacred lands of the indigenous people’s of Turtle Island?

      If so, we have a lot of linguistic studying to catch up on, as very few modern people in Canada or the US know the languages of those who lived here before we did, so that would be a pre-requisite in order to speak with respect for the sacred places of their cultures if we are going by your emphasis on the importance of the original meaning of words and ancient names for sacred places.

      If we are to place the same emphasis on being respectful of the ancient words for places that are sacred to people’s spiritual beliefs and Creation stories, than surely we should refuse to call the region I live in Canada and the region you live in “United States of America” as those words are imposed by colonists who knew nothing about the spiritual significance of the land they were stealing.

      In fact, the continent as a whole (as well as “South America”) are named in English in a disrespectful, immoral and idiotic manner. The namesake of America is a man named Amerigo Vespucci, whose historical title lists him as a prominent merchant. A capitalist of sorts. What the mainstream texts and social engineering internet sources will not tell you is that he was also a brutal slave trader.

      Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Amerigo Vespucci (eponym for the Americas) describing his encounter with some indigenous peoples on one of his voyages:

      “..we put in to shore; and they did not oppose our landing, through fear of the mortars, I think … And after a long battle, having slain many of them, we put them to flight … We burned the town and returned victorious and with 250 prisoners to the ships, leaving many of them dead and wounded; and on our side only one died, and 22 were wounded, all of whom recovered, praise be to God … and we set sail for Spain, with 222 slave prisoners; and we reached the port of Cadiz on the 15th day of October, 1498, where we were well received and sold our slaves.” ( source:,slaves%3A%20and%20reached%20the%20port )

      Amerigo Vespucci went on a number of other voyages to what we now call “South America” which involved even more malicious, grewsome and insidious tactics in luring the indigenous peoples onto boats in order to sell them as slaves.

      Given all of this, and your concerns about being respectful of the words and language we choose to use, do you still think we should be using the word “America” ?

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment.

      • I can’t believe you even asked that question! Of course no one else deserves consideration. We should all just keep quiet and censor ourselves and look up to the state of Israel who is setting the trends for the technocracy. They are even developing stuff to spray into the atmosphere to dim the sun and keep us nice and cool.

        I’m just so shocked you actually mentioned something outside the echo chamber. We must all praise the state of Israel and never ever criticize what it does, even when it force jabs their population and “mows the lawn” from time to time. How dare you!

        (my attempt at sarcasm)

        • @cu.h.j

          : )

          Thanks for that.

          Yes, sorry for my disobedience to the dominant statist “politically correct” and “inclusive” narrative, i shall commence self-censoring immediately!

          In all seriousness though, can you imagine if everyone had to tip toe when describing any place that has spiritual significance to anyone else and use “proper pronouns”?!

          We would barely be able to get out a sentence without offending someone who used to pray on what ever ground we currently stand on at some time or another.

      • For anyone that is curious about the origin/Creation story that the title “Turtle Island” (as the term some indigenous peoples use to refer to the landmass now commonly known as “north america”) came from (which James mentioned in his recent Questions For Corbett episode).

        One culture that uses that term are the Potawatomi and this term “Turtle Island” is derived from their creation story called “Skywoman Falling”

        You can read one interpretation of that story as expressed by Robin Wall Kimmerer in the description section of this image linked below:

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