Interview 1854 – Players Cyberpunked By PlayStation – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: World At War Updates – Israel Bombs Areas of Southern Gaza Where It Told Palestinians To Flee

Right Before Hamas Attacked Someone Shorted Israeli Stocks And Funds

Kyiv Mayor Says Zelensky Is An Authoritarian, Lying About War

White House Tells Congress It’s Running Out of Money to Fund Ukraine War

Senate To Vote On Biden’s $106 Billion Military Aid Bill On Wednesday

Senate Set For Wednesday Test Vote On Biden’s $106B Foreign Aid Plan

Senate Democrats Foreign Aid Plan Could Put Taxpayer Dollars In Terrorists’ Pockets

US, UK Sabotaged Potential Peace Deal Between Ukraine and Russia, Says Former UN Assistant Secretary General

Story #2: Bayer, BASF Lobby Pushed to Scrap Safety Rules On New GM Crops – Even If They Increase Pesticide Use

Toxic Effects of Glyphosate on the Nervous System: A Systematic Review

Glyphosate, The Active Ingredient In the Weedkiller Roundup, Is Showing Up In Pregnant Women Living Near Farm Fields – That Raises Health Concerns

The Silver Bullet That Wasn’t: Glyphosate’s Declining Weed Control Over 25 Years

Story #3: Playstation To Remove Access To Hundreds Of Shows – Even If Customers Already Paid For Them

‘Hoaxed’ Again: Amazon Sued For Misleading You Into Believing You Own a Copy Of Digital Movies You Purchase

Guillermo Del Toro Says Physical Media Owners Are Preserving Film History

Amazon Kindle Users Surprised By ‘Big Brother’ Move (Jul. 17, 2009)

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  1. Below is a link to an interview Mike Adams recently did with David Sorensen of “”.

    In the interview they talk about David’s recent Documentary “The mystery of Israel” which gives the history of Zionism. You can watch this documentary at;

    I think that these Zionists have been taking the world down the wrong road for a long time. (Note that Kissinger was one of them, as is the PM of Israel)

  2. I know virtually nothing about stock trading and this is probably a stupid question but isn’t it possible to determine who did the selling or at least where the stock trades originated?
    I’m assuming that the answer is no since it hasn’t been reported.

    Knowing that there were some people who benefited by shorting stocks of Israeli companies based on foreknowledge of the Hamas attack is interesting but what good does it do if it can’t be determined who had the information? Both sides will simply accuse the other.

  3. The ‘word’ Jew has been demonized by a race of people from ancient Southern Russia called the Ashkenazi’s who were originally thieves and murderers of the caravan travelers to and from the Middle East and Europe.

    After a prolonged history of this behavior they had acquired wealth and a large population and decided to take up banking as their choice of making money. Since the Christians and Muslims among their population did not allow usury (the charging of money to borrow money) they embraced being Jews.

    It is these identity thieves, these so-called Jews who have been kicked out of over 100 countries because of their lust for wealth and power.

    They are also the people who, in exchange for their help in financing the war against Germany they cut a deal with England in the 40’s to get their nose under the Palestinian tent falsely claiming Biblical identity with the Hebrew’s of old.

    Why are they hated now? Because of their arrogance and murdering ways, decimating the true Semites of the region, the Palestinians and their envolvment in 9/11, Fukushima, and more.

    They exercise control of world banking and finance, and here in America of Education, Politics, Medicine, Entertainment, and the Media. They have used the lie of the Holocaust to dominate free speech world wide and much, much more.

    The Palestinians, the true “Semites” of the area were invaded, murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on lies of the sociopathic Sabatian Frankist/Zionist Israeli’s.

    AGAIN…these are not truly “religious” people, Jews, they are imposters whose goal is world domination

    “Jewish racism is a belief that Jews have a higher soul than non-Jews and that non-Jews have satanic souls. This means that all religious Jews regardless of their color and country of origin look at non-Jews as “inferior” simply because they have satanic souls.”
    Henry Makow 8/14/21

  4. 🙂 Great humor from Pilato’s other half…

    Prelude: I often try to throw some gratuity in the direction of MediaMonarchy because they have to handle transfers to Corbett and take time to read my boring note.
    By the way, I sent all cash in the mail, and tipped $5 for the “mail girl”.

    “Hey HRS, thanks for the continued support of Media Monarchy
    – special thanks for the $5 tip for the “mail girl” – not to be confused with the male girl. lol

  5. Below is a video of interview Ukrainian tv made with Davyd Arakhamia, parliamentary leader of Zelensky’s ”Servant of the People” party. He led the Ukrainian delegation at peace talks with the Russians in Belarus and Türkiye in 2022, a few weeks into the war.

    He indirectly confirms the war could be ended quickly but then satan’s emissary came….

  6. RE: Story #2
    ”Low Level Exposures” are worse than you think.
    Societal behaviors have radically changed in three decades.

    Professor Bruce Lanphear ranks among the top 1% of most-cited scientists globally!
    His studies led the World Health Organization, the EPA and CDC to conclude that NO AMOUNT OF LEAD is safe for children.
    Circa 2016
    QUOTES from beginning of this video:
    ”…We begin our career with the belief that if science emerged, the risk assessments were done; — things would happen, policies would be made, people would be happy. But it isn’t that easy, is it?

    The first 10 to 15 years of my career really focused on science. I believed that if we knew how to protect people, children in particular, from lead that we would do it.
    Of course there’s always the question of whether it’s cost beneficial, but even when it’s cost beneficial we do too little.

    So the last 10 years I have been trying to understand why and I don’t obviously have all the answers.
    But I do want to help to start a dialogue about this.
    I’d like to start a dialogue about why we failed to translate science into policy, and ways to communicate the importance of our research so that it gains traction.
    And the videos in particular — I made them along with a lot of other people — that helped to reach out to the broader public.

    Because it’s not enough to talk to the policymakers, it’s not enough to talk to the physicians or the nurses.
    In the end, I think the target is MOMs.
    So today, I’m going to do it in the context of little things matter, little people matter, children matter — or they should.
    And I’m also going to do it in the context of low-level exposures to toxins which for a long time have been dismissed as inconsequential from the standpoint of children and toxins and the development of brain based disorders.
    These brain based disorders are now epidemic.
    About one in six children are affected by one or more brain based conditions: from anxiety to conduct disorder, ADHD, autism, depression.
    And we’re beginning to recognize that environmental toxins or toxic chemicals play an important role….”

    Little Things Matter – The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain – Bruce Lanphear
    (7 minutes)

    • Fluoride/IQ Studies “Shouldn’t Be Dismissed” – Dr. Bruce Lanphear, Expert On Lead Neurotoxicity
      (7:27 minutes)

      Professor Bruce Lanphear spoke to a Committee of Dallas City Council Members on November 7, 2023.
      He was asked no questions.
      In fact, no council member asked about potential adverse health effects from water fluoridation.

      **Please pardon the video quality, we had to enlarge his Zoom screen from an event where Dr. Lanphear was invited by City Council members in Dallas, Texas in November 2023 to present on the topic of fluoride neurotoxicity.

  7. I think the GM “revolution” is probably worse than you imagine. They expect that over time we will accept GM not just for farmed plants but as the go to solution for any problem in the future.
    The environment is being decimated by agro chemicals, then why not GM wild plants and animals to create the oxymoron – a managed wilderness.
    People are getting cancer, we can GM them to make them better and cancer free.
    Fertility is down, we can GM embryos and grow them in tanks.

    If we accept GM we’re accepting the first step towards a Brave New World, but then we all know this. How can we stop it?

    • Please stay at your current location, we’ll have a cleanup crew ready to mop up your wrong think in under 15 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation.

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