Interview 1855 – The Unification of Church and State – #NewWorldNextWeek

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: COP In Trouble, Searches For Teeth As Climate Campaigners Freaking Out

Fury As COP28 Head Questions ‘Science’ Of Cutting Fossil Fuels

COP28 President Denies He Doesn’t Respect Climate Science

We Need Power To Prescribe Climate Policy, IPCC Scientists Say

Video: ‘The Climate Crisis Is a Health Crisis,’ WHO’s Vanessa Kerry

Pope Francis Canceled COP28 Visit Over Illness

“Outcome of the first global stocktake. Draft decision -/CMA.5. Proposal by the President”

Nations Strike Deal At COP28 To Transition Away From Fossil Fuels

Good Cop, Bad Cop: What The Cop28 Agreement Says And What It Means

Your Quick Guide To The Outcomes Of COP28

IMF Head Wants World Wide Carbon Taxes

Story #2: Consortium News Sues Media Watchdog Org Run By Spooks

Media Matters Sues Texas AG Over Investigation Into Its Demonetization Pressure

House Passes Non-Binding, GOP-Written Resolution That States ‘Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism’

Washington Post Op-Ed Calls To Eliminate First Amendment To ‘Fight Antisemitism’

Ready To Rumble: Lawsuits Against Censorship-Industrial Complex Heat Up After Musk Kicks Open The Floodgates

Episode 427 – Remembering Tim Ball

Story #3: Japan PM Kishida Resigns As Ruling Party Faction Head Amid Funds Scandal

Photo Shows Japan PM Kishida Met Leaders Of Controversial Religious Group

Japan Asks Court To Dissolve ‘Moonies’ Church Over Shinzo Abe Killing

NWNW Flashback: Unification Church Ties Cited In 40% of Senior Admin. Positions In Japan (Aug. 18, 2022)

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    Oil was first a lubricant and the 2nd most prevalent liquid on Earth

    In 1892 oil Barron Rockefeller sent his scientists to a convention in Switzerland. And because everything Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, they got the convention to name Oil a “fossil fuel.”

    Oil is unlimited, abiotic, and in constant renewal from deep in the earth. A gillion years ago the Large Animals did NOT have a convention to decide where to die.

    The US has enough oil in the “Bakkan” field under Dakota/Montana/Saskatchewan to last hundreds of years. With the oil of Gull Island, Alaska included, oil should be 10 dollars a barrel and gas, .50 a gallon.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    THERE IS NO SIGNIFICANT MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. Not one piece of scientific evidence is available supporting the theory. It is an attempt to create a global tax and global governance.

    Basically…in one hundred years of study, world temp has warmed up 9/10ths of ONE DEGREE.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Opening remarks offered by Maurice Strong, who organized the first U.N. Earth Climate Summit (1992) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, revealed the real goal:

    “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Former Senator Timothy Wirth (D-CO), representing the Clinton-Gore admin as U.S Undersecretary of State for global issues, addressing the same Rio Climate Summit audience:

    “We have got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”

    (Wirth now heads the UN Foundation which lobbies for hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to help underdeveloped countries fight climate change.)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    • Ty, ejdoyle, but this is the corbett report, so we already know all of this. 😉

      • Stop trying to be a word cop. Your assumption is because you hang out here that no new people come here?? And what is “Ty”?? Some sort of text talk?

        I’ve been coming to James’ site for over a decade and it has changed a lot. Far too many butt kissers of James spouting all their opinions and less offering of FACTS and SOLUTIONS, hiding behind Internet anonymity.

        A PSYCHIC EPIDEMIC (song)

    • Fletcher Prouty had the same thing to say about the “peak oil” scam. Search the Corbettreport for background on Prouty.

      I’m not sure which is worse. Japan being a one party state or the US pretending to be a two party state? Just kidding, crypto-fascism rules both places.

      • @G.Jingping:
        >>Just kidding, crypto-fascism rules both places.>>

        So very true.

        One of the biggest lies out of so many is the propaganda set up of the us/them paradigm. The leaders of the majority of the powerful nations are all part of the bigger plan to take down free thought, behavior, travel, etc. to be replaced by the one world government, religion, new world order.

        [“Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order.”
        — Mikhail Gorbachev, in an address at the United Nations December 1988]

        A perfect example is the recent COVID scam. What are the odds of the sales of:

        2017 – Top exporters of “CV-19” Test Kits: Switzerland, Germany, European Union, US, and Ireland Covid-19 Test kits (300215) exports by country.

        3 years before the event. And just what sort of co-incidence that the same restrictions and forced injections appeared in all those powerful countries??

        It is almost hopeless to attempt to get the bigger picture of the depth of the collusive goal of all the “bad” guys and us from the lack of a trustworthy media/government.

        Far too many are propagandized into the us/them paradigm, thinking they are “awake” or being “righteous” in some way from harvesting their “truths” from the bought out majority of “alternative” media. True cognitive dissonance when ganging up on others who attempt to offer contradictory information.

        James, while conservative (not politically but socially) has been a REAL gift to so many of us for well over a dozen years allowing the choice of free expression. My music, books, blogging is my choice to help bring light to the current darkness.


        CAUGHT IN THE DREAM (song)

        • @ejdoyle
          For those of you who want a larger picture of the COVID scam. 2 years ago I put up a FREE pdf download of months of research on the scam:

          LINE IN THE SAND (essay)

          It covers/covered a lot of aspects of responsibility and lies, many of which have been recently explored and revealed.

          It is an excellent refresher and perfect “gift” to people you know who still think it was real and unfortunately took the shot.

    • TOUCHE!!

      one reply to your poignant comment says, “but this is the corbett report, so we already know this”

      oh reallY??

      do all the viewers, let alone james himself, REALLY understand the young-in-cheek buffoonery of leaders crying foul over the cop28 summit being held in an “opec nation”??
      the nudge-nudge-snicker-snicker of all of the drama the members and leaders are posturing with??

      when, in fact:
      other then, of course, in the minds of the brainwashed peoples.

      it’s one of the biggest gags of all time: oil = energy=wealth/power.

      the modern world is running on etheric energy.
      go examine the latest electric “power station” in your area.
      see any fuel burning?
      any nuclear towers?
      or is it just a simple collection of antenna and other protruding devices.
      (and what did they put down below when they dug the site all out, pre-instalation.)

      I have not seen any evidence that the oh-so-discerning and capable j.corbett is aware of the depth of the petroleum

    • To me, oil is a symbol of blood we keep draining from our mother Earth. It is ready to sustain us as long as it conceivably can, but we are not ready to recieve the lesson.

      We indeed have to transition from oil, but not to bloodbath, starvation and gratuity, but oppulence, plenty and gratefulness.

    • hanky,
      this link/discussion you posted is a purposeful cover up of the one thing that no 911 researcher except dr judy wood nailed: evidence of directed energy weapons.

      notice in this discussion they constantly talk “collapse” and avoid pointing out that the evidence resembles nothing of a collapse and everything of molecular disassociation.

      iows, the buildings did NOT collapse, they were turned into nano dust.

      not tenacious engineers.
      duped engineers.
      or worse, gatekeeping engineers.

      • That the towers were turned into dust is not direct proof of an energy weapon. I am no demolotions expert, but even to me it seems obvious that the pile of rubble was just not tall enough.

        Testimonies regarding a foot thick layers of dust in a few miles wide area seem to solidify the conclusion of dustification.

        However, dust does not mean energy weapons had to be used. Nor would I agree that towers were disintegrated. There are far simpler explanations.

        Could be quite possible there is an advanced vessel in Earth’s orbit with massive energy weapons (example the recently released movie The Creator) but I would oot for simpler conclusions when they are available.

      • @jamesdk57

        …”the evidence resembles nothing of a collapse and everything of molecular disassociation”

        What evidence are you referring too? The towers literally fall to the ground in every video I’ve ever seen. Thats what the word “collapse” means. Maybe you can argue there was some kind of energy weapon involved sure, but you can’t say they didn’t collapse. Watch 20 videos on controlled demolition and it is obvious thats exactly how they came down. The demolition causes the building to collapse. Thats literally what you can see happen. Unless you’re arguing the video footage is fake, which I guess it possible, I can’t see how you claim the towers didn’t collapse.

        As far as molecular disassociation goes, my understanding is this is something that happens when combining substances in a solution typically when in a chemistry lab setting. As far as applying this to an entire sky scrapper using an “energy weapon”.. sounds widely speculative. Seems much more plausible they just rigged the building with demolition in the weeks prior.

        • JCH129, in response to
          @ JamesDK57
          I must agree whole heartedly. I say this from a ” propaganda watch” perspective
          JamesDK57 appeares to be guilty of the accusations leveled at the Engineers. ” cover-up of the one thing…”. What????
          Fear of consequences or Truth of consequences. Fear and Truth are interchangable at this point. Now think about this. WHEN FACTS ARE INSUFFICIENT…
          Theorizing is ridiculous at best, misleading at worst.
          [Thank you Poal Anderson, from ‘The Queen of the Air and Darkness’]
          From a HomeRemedySupply (thoughts) comment some time back on
          Where’s the bullshit? Can it be a perspective matter?
          1.) The shit of a bull?, or
          2.) The bull of the shit?
          Which one are we dealing with when the propaganda is so prevalent?
          I’ve learned ” don’t theorize in advance of the facts, let’s say no more than that about the PTSB, if they exist, are alien to us.
          Again thanks to Poal Anderson,Nebula Award winning author.

  2. Pivotal issue. Still, yes really.

    • Hanky,[knaws] eats at me everyday.
      Thanks for the reminder.

    • it’s not a pivotal issue unless it is examined correctly.
      otherwise it’s just like any other psyop with endless exploited and unfounded tangents.

      good place to start:
      if you throw a steel framed building 500 mph at a (hypothetically) fixed aluminum airplane, would the airplane:
      a.) slice through the steel – wing tip to wing tip – and spit it’s engine out through to the other side of the building, or would it,
      b.) crush like a soda can.

      whether you “throw” the steel building at the thinly clad aluminum plane, or “throw” the thinly clad aluminum plane at the steel building (at ANY imaginable speed) the plane would, as any astute high school physics student could tell you – crush like a soda can.

      good place to end:
      xcept for the few trophy pieces of steel framing left upright for the photo ops, the entirety of the twin towers – as well as a few of the lesser known towers (#6 and others, I forget) – were ALL turned into dust.
      not chunks, not rubble, DUST. (#7 was apparently demolished with standard “controlled demolition” – to, of course, add to the confusion/distract from the dustification of the others.)

      NOW we can have a “tenacious” engineer discussion.

      • Airplanes seem pretty strong to me, being able to handle high winds, turbulence, rapidly changing altitudes, huge accelerations/deceleration at takeoff and landing, and incredibly high speeds. Aluminum is also a very strong material. I work with it a lot. I don’t think there’s legitimacy comparing an airplane to a soda can. Seems like a ridiculous comparison tbh.

        • Have you seen examples of large passenger planes damaged post collision with birds?

      • While were adding up force vectors, there may be a kinetic factor missing? I agree that a jet’s aluminium structure would not be able to punch entirely and cleanly through that “exo-skeleton” (which was substantial steel section), but then my 5% skeptic angel taps my shoulder and asks, “how do you then explain straw piercing a tree trunk, having been flung by a tornado? (I’ve witnessed similar). indeed, a tiny stream of water can slice easily through a foot of solid steel…

        whatever hit the pentagon clearly didnt have wings though “observers” claimed they “saw the jet pass low overhead just before it hit” (if only the 80 security cameras,,), the wings dissapeared? and the one wiley coyote photo that seems to be a jet’s sillouette may have been the Kraftwerk of the art students renting those floors at the time?

        whomever owns that tech is, I think, probably the ones calling the big picture shots.

  3. The Japanese nonchalance towards politics reminds me of my home country Wales, where we have been prodded, poked and taxed by one party, Labour, for as long as most can remember. Where only a minority of us even bother to cast a vote anymore. Expectations from politicians (of virtually all political parties) couldn’t sink much lower.

    Ditto Scotland and Ireland. Only the English seem to hold out hope for a political solution. Soon to be disappointed yet again I suspect.

    • james did a great job of dismantling the american “hopium” around the trump/white hat/”cleaning the swamp” illusion.

      if it makes any difference, cymro, I am finding it a most opportune time to appeal directly to the, uh…Great Chief of Command.
      seems like a lot of love and energy and consciousness is now available that was not before.
      sitting quietly (preferable without rubber soles) in the sun has been infusing me with some profound downloads.

      vote for yourself!
      to become empowered beyond your wildest dreams!

  4. great episode James and James.
    14 years indeed!!

    so proud to be a member.
    and feeling so fortunate to have access to your work.
    it’s not lost on me!

  5. Thank you for such an amazing gift. Feels great to be part of the Corbett Report family! Truly honored to be here with you fine folks😁

  6. Where’s the info on that 50% discount? I can’t find it anywhere.

  7. House Passes Non-Binding, GOP-Written Resolution That States ‘Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism’

    If you had any doubts about the Zionist State of Israel controlling U.S. Congress the above Resolution should remove those doubts. The U.S. Government clearly does not serve the American People and has not done so for perhaps a hundred years. Since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 the Bankers have controlled the Money supply and have thus controlled the Federal Government. Over time the Bankers have removed all limits that tied the Money Supply to Gold and Silver so that they can create unlimited amounts of it. They used this power over the Money Supply to bribe and corrupt State Governments, which took some time but they got it done.

    What kind of Deal would you make with a crazy psychopath (President of the United States) that has the power to launch a Nuclear War? Given that he may be inclined to do anything rather than be prosecuted for his crimes of Treason, I might offer him a Pardon like Gerry Ford did for Nixon. Indeed, it ain’t right, but the sleazy bastard has his finger on the button.

    • TS
      “his finger on the button”


      he operates habitually, a culmination of decades of swamp juice flavored ice cream, but every day wondering, “why am I not lovable?”. He likely has, and will continue to carry that question through countless lives.

      the penultimate moment of a species, finger on button, standing on some grand stage, suddenly, his wife embraced him, and finally gave him her unconditionally caring gaze, then a soft kiss, that she actually meant, and in that instant, the other misleaders, who were all screen sharing & button pushing frothin’, did decide. the way a pin can decide for a balloon,,

      anyhow planetary suicide is so 100 million years ago. its already been done,

      surely we can drop in to this “cosmic giggle” (t.mckenna) without stacking.

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