Interview 1865 – Palantir is Coming For Your Supermarket – NWNW 544

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Interviews, Videos | 34 comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Grocery Chain Coles Inks Deal With CIA-Linked Intel Firm Palantir

Solving The Supermarket: Why Coles Just Hired US Defence Contractor Palantir

Tech Companies Turned Ukraine Into An AI War Lab

How Palantir Conquered the World

Chilling Video Shows Coffee Shop Management AI Tracking Barista Productivity

Story #2: Thanks, Associated Press, For Reporting On EU Farmers’ Victory Over Harmful Climate Regulations

#MorningMonarchy: EU Scraps Plans To Cut Pesticide Use In Half After Protests

AP: EU Scraps Pesticide Proposal In Another Concession To Protesting Farmers

BBC Asks “Are The Politics Of Climate Change Going Out Of Fashion?”

Climate Protesters Throw Soup At Monet Painting In Lyon Museum

Story #3: Bloodbath At Paramount Claims 800 Jobs Including CBS News Journalists Embroiled In Controversy

CBS Reporter Catherine Herridge Faces Contempt Charges For Refusing to Reveal Her Confidential Source

Is The Media Prepared For An Extinction-Level Event?

Rare Layoffs Hit The New Yorker – And A Unionized Staff Hits Back (Dec. 6, 2023)

#MorningMonarchy: Snapchat Owner To Cut More Than 500 Jobs; Private Email and Documents Company Skiff Is Shutting Down, After Notion Acquisition

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  1. I no longer shop at supermarkets or dine at restaurants. I have all my food delivered to me from small farms. i live in upper Midwest US.

    • zier, That is cool to hear!

      Who knows?…
      …there may come a day when the farmers’ co-op truck slowly hits the houses on each neigborhood block like the milkman (or diaper man) when I was a kid.

      Diaper Truck
      For those who weren’t around when baby boomers were popping circa 1950’s, cloth diapers were used. Large safety pins held them in place. There was a diaper pail (with lid) near the changing table. It kept the washing machine busy. Sometimes when Mom got overwhelmed and Dad could afford it, a diaper truck service was used (drop-off and pick-up.)

  2. Up here in the AZ White Mountains we the basic Safeway, Walmart, a few independent food stores and some “health food” stores. With some careful pickin’ and choosin’ organic and decent food is available but co$tly.

    From the increase in Chemtrails and VERY HIGH UV rate (12 and higher) our 1/4 acre garden now lays fallow the past few years. Can’t even grow Zucchini :-/

    Had an anaphylactic reaction to some Mexican grown Romaine lettuce at one store a few years ago and had to do an ER visit.

    The late pedo, Henry Kissinger in 1970:
    “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.”

    So many believe when Biden goes all Alzheimer’s or an Epstein thing goes on or some other event that it looks like the controllers are losing, they are not.

    Their sociopathic brilliance is amazing. Right out of the Art of War. Let the enemy (us) think they are weak. This take down of humanity world wide is war on MANY fronts…entertainment, education, religions, politics, health care, etc. All toxic and dangerous to society.

    I keep posting my “Solutions” essay to inspire others to understand it is no time for Rambo behavior. IMO, the ONLY way we can win is working together locally with common goals and cooperation.

    SOLUTIONS (essay)

  3. Hey JEP don’t forget your grocery store job man! I was diggin in the old archives and heard JC mention you used to work in the grocery store back in the day in this gem :

    I used to work in the grocery store when I was a kid and that job ended for me when I was not willing to go along with the fakery.

    The produce department manager was throwing out big boxes half filled with organic produce which he had sold half of already and marking them as having arrived damaged so he could scam the shipping/distributing company and farmers to make extra profits by submitting fraudulent paperwork. He would tell me throw huge 40 lb boxes half filled with nice organic cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, corn, broccoli etc in the dumpster and so said F-that and started stashing it around the back of the building for people to take home. I told some families I knew that were having challenging times putting food on the table to come by and pick them up later. He caught me not putting the produce in the dumpster and fired me for trying to give it away (citing some bs about potential law suits if they got sick). Anyways, thanks for the flash back there my friend and you touched on something else that is on my mind right now (front yard gardens! 😉 )

    I`ll be posting an article on covert front yard food and medicine gardens soon and recording a clip for the Mounsey Minute segment.

    Thanks for the shout out to Regenerative and Organic Agriculture James JC! I agree that we should choose to engage in those things of our own free will, otherwise at best we will just get another version of Japan’s Edo period and more likely get a fake watered down one size fits all version of those things pushed on us by government subsidized corporate farming enterprises that prioritize profits and PR optics over really caring about the soil and the needs of local communities and their unique peoples/growing conditions.

    • Gavin,
      I liked reading that anecdote of you doing the sane action and hiding the “trash” out back.

      Many times, I take great pleasure when I hear that someone “breaks the rules”.

      • @HRS

        Cheers buddy!

        At the time my parents were running an orchard and selling ground crops to grocery stores all the way from Vancouver to Whistler BC, which is where that grocery store I was working part time was located. It was a 7 hour drive from their farm in the Okanagan so they could make a little bit more money than the corporate fruit packing operations were offering near their farm by cutting out the middle men and going directly to grocery stores and farmers markets. So having grown up tending to apple trees and picking fruit I knew the kind of hard work that went into growing that produce and I was not about to let it go to waste.

        I managed to help the produce find homes where it would be appreciated for a few months before that slimy manager guy busted me so I feel good about that. At one point before I was fired the butcher (who worked near me in the back room of that grocery store) noticed what I was doing and he told me he would let me know when big beef roasts and hams etc were approaching their best before date and mark them down to pennies on the dollar so I could buy them for 99 cents or whatever and send the families home with some meat too. He was a good guy. I used some of the organic sweet corn (and other veggies) with a few huge hams to throw a big bbq at a local park (Lost Lake Park) one time and I invited random tourist families and forest dwelling folks to come on down and enjoy some of the feast, good times.

        I think I shall replicate that kind of event some time in the future (albeit using my own homegrown crops this time) thanks for the more in depth flash back and inspiration 🙂

        Thanks for the comment.

  4. I just read “How Palantir Concurred the World” linked in the Show Notes above and it is creepy to think about the data collecting they are doing.
    After reading “Confessions of an Economic Hit man” 3rd Edition 2023 by John Perkins and seeing how the Deep State was able to collect info on him and thus manipulate him into one of their top Economic Hit Men, I can see how important it is to save guard ones personal data.
    I have a theory that the FBI and/ or the Deep State targets individuals that they know are on certain drugs, which lead to homicidal tenancies, so that they can get them to preform mass shootings which they use as a means to divert attention away from other issues, and divide the masses.
    Saran Saran is a good example of what the CIA was able to accomplish back in 1968. I can only imagine what they can do now.

  5. James, aussie is pronounced ozzy

    Just like the guy from Black Sabbath

    • Now I understand the themboob channel name “Ozzy man reviews”.

  6. Thanks NWNW for some light relief from Haphazard absurdity; a real bonza bit of graphic design on your cover page (is that a Broc effort – congratulations) plus some of of the best ‘link’ research ever.
    I guess I shall have to go watch the show now!

  7. 12:20 minute mark
    Corbett says: “There are definitely two narratives that are being layed out….

    Notice how Broc West toned the video images and contrasted the two narratives – Drab-gray and beautiful color.

    Corbett continues with, “…We are creating that NARRATIVE that will be the guiding, shaping way that people see and interact and go forward….”

    On all three stories, Corbett gives an excellent “summary low-down” of “what gives”.
    These messages are so important.

  8. I like the Palantir logo. .A large circle resting in the crouch of an open book.
    The world is an open book now. That’s a powerful image.It also says: the bid “O” plowing you under..
    The big “O” of Siri’s ship is cutting you , the waves, through and through. Like the bow of the ship peeling potatoes.. The navy never gets left out of it’s roll as dominating super villain. Sometimes confusing it’s self for a demi-god.

  9. “The Most Dangerous Superstition” (Larken Rose) focuses on the individuals who believe in the initiation of deadly threats, fraud, secrecy as if this was the ONLY politics that works. “Order” for authoritarians means control by a few over the many, using fear, propaganda, collectivism.
    What about the “order” found in the private sector where no violence is present, just voluntary cooperation? What about the absence of authority in early pioneer life that resulted in the creation of towns, cities, infrastructure? What happened to world famous “Yankee ingenuity”, i.e., the “can do it alone” spirit, no subsidies wanted/needed?
    Were they replaced with public school programing in authoritarian/collectivist/dependence? Is this how the sacrifice of individuals to achieve “the common good” became acceptable? Has the “common good” and “consensus” replaced “divine will”, religion? Are these new superstitions irrational, emotion based, anti-reason? Can our species survive without reason, rights, personal choice?

    • My post below was a reply to your message. I clicked the wrong button.

  10. The Kathryn Herridge story seems suspicious. How would you fool an adult in giving up their 1st amendment rights.?
    Have a reporter protect a source that truly is despicable and of information that is so egregious and repugnant to our way of life . Then that common guy would say let’s suspend that 1st amendment thingy to gain something greater for our way of life, for just this one time. Game over . TPTSB never count on the” just this one time “thing.
    Herridge smells fishy . Or the dying dinosaur media putrefying caricus is making a last ditch effort to further damage our freedoms before going extinct. I can’t rub two brain cells together but I smell “sumpthin” rotten about this stories basis or it’s intended outcome.

    • From the New York Post commenter Clem Bartos asked a question in the .section. After reading over two hundred comments I came across this question. I didn’t see one comment directly stating the CIAs roll in the ‘mockingbird’ press. As though people generally didn’t know how infiltrated there news was. Maybe they are aware it’s tainted ,propaganda, but they don’t understand where it’s coming from.
      It’s a good question and applicable to the Corbett Report.
      I’ve been looking for some background of Kathryn Herridge and her journalistic integrity. She seems to be credible as a reporter. However the
      ‘ mockingbird’ editorial staff seem to be where the medicine and all the secret ingredients are baked into the cake.
      To the power of the comment section.

      Question: Why doesn’t the CBS News website have a comments section like this one and Fox News? Because the public commentary there would soon be the rough equivalent of what it is HERE. The art of Mainstream Media is to sell 25% minority views as “The Mainstream” and create the fiction that the actual mainstream is some kind of “lunatic fringe”. A comment’s section would sort of destroy that, wouldn’t it?”,sort%20of%20destroy%20that%2C%20wouldn%27t%20it%3F

  11. The common denominator in every failed endeavor of mankind’s quest for betterment is mankind’s own natural, self serving behavior. Ie his nature. The natural man seeks the path of least resistance and least responsibly. It is motivated by a host of emotions and ambitions. The most noble ones seem to be the rarest.

    I don’t see much of a difference between government or corporate tyranny. Both abuses are enabled by the victims.
    Mankind plays whack a mole with the symptoms of it’s own moral illness instead of treating the underlying disease.

    I don’t know that religion is the cure. But I know that God is. The disease is hubris, pride. Shutting God out of our lives. Thinking that we aren’t created to love and honor Him. If even only for the incredible miracle of existence itself.
    There is a reason that Jesus Christ is described as the King in the Bible. In the Old Testament prophetically and the New Testament literally, Kings were what people associated with fealty, fidelity, reverence, loyalty. All things that God deserves but no human ever has except Jesus.

    If all mankind were in love with their creator and wanted nothing more than to please Him, we could create a paradise on earth. Neither government or private corruption could exist.
    But I don’t think that we’re likely to achieve that state ourselves. Too many people scarcely acknowledge God’s existence much less reverence Him. And sadly most of us are too full of ourselves to ask God to reveal Himself to us.

    History seems to be proof that man is doing something wrong. Every great civilization has failed. All the great religious and secular philosophies have been inadequate for the task of reestablishing the Edenic creation God designed for us.

    God has revealed His plan to put things right again and we’re simply going to have to wait until He’s ready.
    He has given us ample opportunity to prove that we can do it without Him and we’ve proven the opposite.
    While the human race has advanced in many areas and has thrived in many ways, evil has kept pace.

    Bottom line is that we allow what we get. We deserve what we allow.
    Corporately speaking. 😉

    • “…we’re simply have to wait until He’s ready.” While you wait, I’m living my life as I choose, making mistakes, learning, getting better at living. I don’t accept “commandments” backed by threats of “eternal damnation” as evidence of “love”. Maybe you do. I consider that a big mistake, a waste of time.
      I reject all superstition. I respect reason, logic, science. I respect those who do the same without the initiation of force, threats, fraud. I can disagree without malice or anger. I want/need to understand others. That is how our species thrives, over the ages, learning from those long gone, but who left their thoughts. We all profit from the progress achieved eons ago. I want to leave that legacy.
      Humanity needs no supernatural savior. We can/must save ourselves, or become extinct. It’s only logical.

      • “While you wait, I’m living my life as I choose, making mistakes, learning, getting better at living.”

        We’re all waiting. We’re all living our lives as we choose. We’ve no choice.

        “I don’t accept “commandments” backed by threats of “eternal damnation” as evidence of “love”. Maybe you do. I consider that a big mistake, a waste of time.”

        Yes, I would expect that. I consider your philosophy a big mistake and a waste of one’s life. As well as an illogical refusal to learn from history.
        Man has been attempting to save himself with his Godless logic for eons.
        How’s that working out?

        “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

        God’s commandments are backed by the promise of life. Its your human logic that infers threats of damnation.

        Is the loving parent threatening the child with grievous injury by their warning to not play with fire and sharp objects? Or is the warning motivated by love?

        If a man chooses eternal damnation rather than eternal life, how can God be blamed for His warning and for providing man with the information that he needs to make the correct choices?
        That is simply not logical. 🙂

  12. The “dinosaur media” is dying, and we rejoice, just as Hollywood and the “woke” entertainment industry looses billions and we rejoice?

    This reminds me of the auto industry circa 1980, when the stars aligned to take down what was the envy of the world, America’s famed Detroit. America started making garbage, and instead of asking questions, we were told to blame the labor unions. We built up Germany and Japan all to take our place making automobiles.

    This is what happens when you give full control over to the ZioComs who once used America’s vast industry and resources to be the world police (NEVER TO POLICE OUR OWN BORDERS), to build up CCCP (Lend Lease Program) and most recently, thanks to untold Trillions stolen from the US tax payer (Catherine Austin Fitts) we built up China from a nothing to the world’s manufacturer.

    This all all about taking America down, destroying every income source in America, we are being set up for a mighty fall, thanks in large part to our dear Zionist global masters who are moving to close down America, welcome to Weimar 2.0, now all we need is another Hitler, can’t imagine who they have lined up for that role…

    • What you are writing about Germany, Japan and China is correct, but their economies are currently in derelict state. Not sure about Japan, but the other two are in a bad way. Germany was gutted in just a few years. The people there are brainwashed like there is no tomorrow.

      China economic fakery is amazing.

      The way you write it makes it seem like there is some replacement going on, which I don’t think is the case. They just want to destroy everything.

      • Mkey,
        Not so much Japan. They seem to be kicking ass.HomeRemedySupply had a burp a couple months ago about this. Can’t remember which month though.
        Japan inflation low,2.6-2.9%
        unemployment low 2.3%
        My question, QFC,’ is the top of Japans old wealth considered Zionist?’
        Certainly the Atomic Cartell could be

  13. JEP, David was the second king of Israel. Saul, David, Solomon, then the divided kingdom.

  14. I live in Australia. Coles is one of the big two supermarkets – Woolworth’s being the other.

    I won’t shop at Coles any longer.

  15. Regarding farmers…..yeah, narrative and two choices for you, supposedly. Who cares for nuances, that’s so passe.

    I thought staunch libertarians will notice that farmers in Europe wanted to retain subsidized fuel (ok, less taxed), therefore no laissez-faire if you take truckers into consideration. You must also be aware that farmers in Europe are heavily subsidized in other ways too. To be clear, I’m not totally against subsidizing agriculture because it is not about ordinary economy, they have many risks that cannot be mitigated, capital turnover is very low – max two crops per year in Europe.

    It is of utmost importance to be principled and even a good attempt from birocrates to reduce the use of chemical poisons must be utterly rejected, farmers must be given a choice how they farm. Yeah, the Holy Choice, even if most of them don’t really have a choice….. but in post-truth world, who cares.
    Let me tell you a story elucidating the problem of pesticides from farmers perspective.

    Monsantos have made gmo corn that itself produces insecticide with the aim to reduce damage from corn louse. Damage from this pest is normally in a range of 5%.
    Farmers got a choice: to pocket 5% and produce insecticide laden corn, or not. Many choose to pocket, free-market pressure is no joke, might also be about to be or not to be.
    But some farmers decided to produce real corn, not gmo crap. Since living space for pests has been reduced by gmo corn, good-farmers sustained considerably bigger damage. I guess you know what was good-farmers choice for next year if they wanted to stay in corn business.

    I’m like a wolf when watching lambs, mmmm. Well, most of meat is today produced by feeding gmo soy beans. Production time is reduced by half this way, beef can be slaughtered after year and a half. Actually, they must be slaughtered because their gastrointestinals are so manhandled by improper food, that beside all the antibiotics, they would die anyway. Watch King Corn documentary.
    Are you ready/able to pay twice as much for a proper grass-fed beef? Of course, that would necessarily mean reduced production.

    Another story about pesticides:
    What for they are using chlormequat chloride, the pesticide in question:
    “All this chemical is used for is to make the stems of small grains a little bit stronger, so fewer of them bend or break. A slightly bigger harvest isn’t worth the risk to our health”.
    I wonder what would be a farmer’s choice.

    If it were about Holy Choice we might still be using DDT. What a great insecticide it was.

    • – chlormequat chloride –
      Thanks mik !

      It is worth noting that in recent years, the U.S. government changed the regulations so as to allow more of that chlormequat chloride pesticide to be sprayed on crops.

      I think that the pro-GMO-Pesticide corporate contingent have been hiring more trolls and sock-puppets.
      I was amazed at the comment section attacks on this recent OpEd in The Dallas Express…

      Monday Feb 12, 2024 – By (Sam) Samantha Honse
      Opinion: Does Genetically Modified Equate to Safe?
      [Many anchor text links to sources]

      Sam is a young Texas Womens University (TWU) student. The comments showed up before she even knew that her OpEd was published. In fact, the only reason that she knew it was published is because I had emailed her with a “thanks”.

      Earlier in February, the NEWS headlines ran like this… (NPR)
      Gardeners can now grow a genetically modified purple tomato made with snapdragon DNA
      …This nightshade is purple because its creators at Norfolk Plant Sciences worked for about 20 years to hack color genes from a snapdragon flower into the plant. The genes not only provide pigment, but high levels of anthocyanin, a health-promoting compound.
      This dusky fruit, named the Purple Tomato, is the first genetically modified food crop to be directly marketed to home gardeners – the seeds went on sale Saturday. Last year, a handful of small farmers started growing and selling the tomatoes, but until now, genetically modified foods were generally only available to commercial producers in the U.S….

      • I checked a bit what she wrote. She has very high opinion on EU, unduly very much.

        ” Their goal is to make things safer and better for their countrymen. Their values are to ensure good quality of life and to boost their country’s economy.”
        Not boost, but bust, with carbon and russian paranoia.

        Thanks god, gmo-s are still not grown here enlarge, but I’m not entirely sure because there had been some talk about allowing few varieties.

  16. The other entry level job JEP didn’t mention is fast food, and CA is leading the way in eliminating those jobs with an eye popping $20/hr minimum wage. The idiotic left has convinced the mindless public that there really is no such thing as an entry level job, all incomes must support a family of four.

    • People used to dress nicely when working in the fields, even. And you could tell their gender just by looking at them.

      • Your comment made me think of this video

        The Chinese ladies in that project doing hardcore manual labor seemed to be wearing what one might consider as nice office job cloths while working… perhaps they spontaneously quit their office jobs cuz the world bank was paying better for that job than their city jobs and they rushed there without changing first? or maybe that is just how they roll.. either way I found it interesting.

  17. Man, your new website is hard to navigate.
    But… I’ll comply as always. And I understand that most people have these little electronic masturbation machines with them 24/7 and you wanne adapt to that.
    It’s feels like the electronic version of soma nowadays.

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